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Our 10-Step Cremation Process

“We believe in our
cremation process
so much, that we
exclusively offer the
Cremation with


“We understand, due to national
scandals, that those who choose
cremation might have concerns

about the process
and procedures of
cremation. Our
10-step cremation
process guarantees
that your loved
one never leaves
our care and
that the cremated
remains returned to
you are those of your
loved one.
This brochure will
help answer any

questions you may
have about our 10-step
cremation process, and the
commitment we have to
every family we serve.”

Fernando Caballero,

Owner and Funeral Director


Your loved one
never leaves our care

Many other funeral homes hire third
party crematories. These funeral homes
transfer your loved one to outside
cremation facilities making it impossible
for the funeral home to manage and
supervise the cremation.

We have our own crematory, located
on-site in the privacy of our own funeral
home. All your services are handled and
managed by our certified staff to ensure
your loved one never leaves our care and
the integrity of the cremation is never


personal identity

To ensure security, a digital recording
of your loved one’s thumbprint is made
in advance or upon arrival to our
funeral home. Also, an identification
band with a unique assigned number is
placed on your loved one the moment
they are transferred in to our care.


Unique tracking system

Upon arrival your loved one is logged
into our tracking system with their
unique identification number. This
number is used to track every phase of
the cremation process. Our tracking
system includes date and time of
removal and name of the transfer
technician. Personal belongings are
noted and placed in a secure area for
their return to the family.


Family identification

The opportunity to identify your loved
one prior to the cremation process is
available to those families wishing to do
so. This identification is made possible
as we have an on-site refrigeration
unit and crematory to ensure your


Checks and balances

A licensed Funeral Director and
cremation technician will review all
cremation paperwork and permits.
This is to ensure authorizations
and permits have been received
and properly documented. Once
all documentation is verified, the
cremation process begins.


Cremation log book

Immediately prior to the cremation
process, your loved one is taken to the
cremation chamber and their personal
metal identification tag number is
assigned and noted in the cremation
log book. This log shows the name of
the individual, date and time of the
cremation, identification tag number
and crematory operator’s name. The
crematory log is dated and the start and
completion times are recorded by the
cremation technician.


Details during
the cremation

The crematory checklist and cremation
documents are placed on the outside
of the cremation chamber during
the cremation process. The metal
identification tag together with the
cremation documents are placed by the
chamber with the remains.


Details after
the cremation

After the cremation is complete, the
cremated remains are placed with
the identification tag into an urn or
temporary container. A copy of the
cremation certificate is placed in our
permanent files.


Return of the
cremated remains

Our staff will notify you to schedule
a date and time for receipt of the
cremated remains. A funeral director
will always be available to guide you
and answer any questions you may
have at that time regarding final
disposition of cremated remains.


Celebration of life

We will assist you in planning a
funeral or memorial service either
before or after the cremation, which
will appropriately celebrate the life
of your loved one. A meaningful
ceremony provides an opportunity
for family and friends to pay tribute
to your loved one and to share the
memories of a lifetime.

Call us today to ensure your

Cremationfamily receives the


2546 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL 33135

(305) 631-0001

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