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E-MAGAZINE for subject Management of Business Records (IMR 652) from class BAE 6B.

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IMR 652 E-MAGAZINE (27/NOV/19)

E-MAGAZINE for subject Management of Business Records (IMR 652) from class BAE 6B.

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RM 30.90




information MANAGEMENT FBM

 Articles (Choose only The on November 1, 2015 with the • Programmed that offered
5 articles) appointment of the first Rector, YBhg. in UiTM Puncak Alam
Professor Dr. Haji Zaini Abdullah have 15 courses.
 Reflection
2016, UiTM Puncak Alam Campus has • Before this FBM Fculty
 3 international and 3 expanded with the addition of six (6) was in UiTM Shah Alam
national policies on more faculty. UiTM Selangor Branch was and then after that they
Records Management officially formed transfer the faculty of
and Electronic FBM at UiTM Puncak
Records Management Alam.

 Glossary – Records

 Others

List of Figure Page
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i. Figure 1 18
ii. Figure 2 19
iii. Figure 3
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2 1YE A R O LD -S P M ( S M K W A N G S A

11FEB 1998 -STP M ( SM K TIN G G I









(BA 243 3C)





Name: Muhammad Iqmal Bin

Matric No: 2019322173

Course: BA244

Hobby: Reading news in the
internet, building computers,
reading books, playing games,
window shopping and playing


EMAIL:[email protected]
HOBBY: I love gardening with my lovely mom
WHAT I LIKE: I like to travel with my best friend (Ecah)
WHAT I DISLIKE: I hate coffee because of the bad smell
HOW DO I HANDLE MY STRESS: Eat something sweet
because the researcher said when you stress you eat dessert
LAST WORD: Time is free but priceless. Do appreciate
every single second


AGE: 21









Industry Analysis - The First Step In Business Management
Scholarly Research.
Records Management
Dr. P.S. Aithal

“Industry Analysis – The First Step In Turning to analysis of several different industry It is important to understand that
Business Management Scholarly Research” analysis, the author walks an extra mile to illustrate Aithal does not try to persuade a
article by Dr. P.S. Aithal, published in 2017 the types of industry analysis that can be use as reader that industry analysis is a
in International Journal of Case Studies in business research methodology. While the subject superior solution or an only way to
Business, IT and Education (IJCSBE), is an may appear to be industrially to general audiences, deal with business management
example of innovative study of industry Aithal approaches industry analysis as a general case studies. Finally, it provides
analysis in business management scholarly practitioner, which makes her opinion less biased additional flexibility and allows a
research. While majority of business from practical perspective. The research article person to look for creative solution
management are analyzed through the lens studies the different types of industry analysis by in business management case
of facts, the author takes a different provide various examples. It allow the audience to studies by using industry analysis.
approach where the industry analysis plays see diverse circumstances and apply their thought The article makes an important call
a key role in analysis and strategic thinking. in the practice. An important role is given to for every professional in the field of
In other words, the author tries to make it motivation because industry analysis belief to be business management to look
clear to the audience that industry analysis the most powerful ways to study and learn new beyond usual solutions used to
is a powerful tool in developing both lessons. Analyzing business cases of industries force teach the students with a better
research case study and teaching case readers to grapple with exactly the kinds of ways such as industry analysis.
study in business management subject. situations, decisions and dilemmas managers
Considering emotional and moral elements confront every day. The article helps a reader to
of an equation, Aithal turn industry analysis understand decency and professionalism through
as a framework that focuses on the several different types of industry analysis that can
procedure of writing case studies. be used on different case studies.

ELECTRONIC Overall for this article it has an Legislation and standards are
RECORDS author which is Hakan Demirtel being set forth for regulating
and Özlem Gökkurt Bayram which intra- and inter-institutional
MANAGEMENT has been written on year 2014. electronic communications
Efficiency of The content that has in the article such as official correspondence
is totally organize from the abstract
Electronic then go to introduction, the reason regulations of Turkey,
Records of the research and the problem, institutional e-mail web
how does they find the solution services, e-correspondence
Management through methodology like in the package, etc. Besides, activities
Systems: figure ,which must be performed for
Turkey and the purpose of realizing
In this article the author said it is necessary to business yield enhancing
Example of produce, file, index, use and archive records of an properties of ERM systems,
Ministry of institution by evaluating, disposing or transferring shall be evaluated in this paper.
Development them in order to enable the institution to fulfil its An electronic records
management (ERM) application
obligations regarding its administrative and of an institution shall provide
operational processes. optimal benefit to the extent
that it serves to enhance
business efficiency, rather than
monitoring inbound and
outbound records traffic of that


In the first part of the study, the variables were In the second part of the study, a survey work on the
determined for the purpose of the comparison ERM institution executives and archive personnel was also
application of the Ministry of Development with the conducted. The following compilation of data, being
previous RTS in terms of performance. Which they
know what are the tools that they will used in order measurable, previously focused by the literature,
were targeted with the survey work. This part when
to find all the information about ERM.
the author want to categorized from different
Method in finding material: perspective.

1. Numbers of Writing  Individual effectiveness supplied by ERM
2. Number of Transfer (Assignment) Application.
3. Average Transfer Time
4. Number of Signature  Institutional effectiveness
5. Average Time of Signature  Social effectiveness

This how they able to find the result in searching the It show how does the information that have been
efficiency of Electronic Records Management collected which is good because we know what are
Systems. the data that we might need to know.

- Records Tracking System (RTS) used with registration notebook

For the Case of the Ministry of Development, The Survey on Figure 1: ERDMS Methodology
the Electronic Records Management System (MD-er) is too
simple and not precise when the author talk about the system.
They should specific it so that people who read it they able to
see whether the cases is solved or if there any other solution

that could solved the problem

E-Correspondence package
The author also classified project package definition, e-
correspondence package with . eyp extension has been

produced for every outgoing text.
This package, in the scope of pilot study, has been sent to the

other institutions that are ready, and could be opened
without having any problem.

Simplifications at bureaucratic process

 It shows that the result has been reduced
 With some processes it could help in order to

achieve the efficiency

SURVEY RESULTS AND ANALYSIS Evaluation of the system efficiency
ABOUT THE IMPACT OF PRODUCTIVITY according to the records

This situation was interpreted as that the Figure 2: Information relating to the incoming external correspondence
transfer time was accelerated and a
contribution was made to the effectivity
with ERM.
At this part it shows how the author
organize it very well and structured.

Under the survey result and analysis we The language that be used by the author
can conclude that all the information is a can be understand a little bit only is
bit lack. This is because we as reader we
because we as people who not familiar
always wanted to know the whole with the terms of Electronic Records
explanation even though we have the table
to show the result is increase or decrease. Management

For the conclusion we can said that if Turkey wanted to have an excellent of ERMS in the systems they
need to make sure that all of the organization and also the progress is working effectively. By doing it
Turkey could improve their electronic records system and also it can be used for longevity. There’s so
many things that already done by Turkey in Electronic Records Systems in order to find out what are the
problems, solution, the current percentage every survey, how does method that they used it is really

works or not and etc.

“By means of this, the document
processes in which more efficient
and totally paperless environment is

functioned nationwide will be


“IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE BY Moving on, the purpose of the technique is to help focusing on
USING THE TECHNIQUE OF MYSTERY SHOPPING”– was an article the attention of business management on customer service
written by Ludvik Eger that was published in 2015 that tells you improvement where by providing information regarding the
more about how an organization can improve their quality of operation and the quality of service that is provided. It is a
customer service by using the technique called ‘Mystery technique that simulates and checks sale process and
shopping’. communication with customers. The research method and
tools used is a combination of observation and interview.
According to Ludvik Eger the Mystery shopping technique is used
to help an organization to analyze their service experience, with According to the author, the Mystery shoppers programme are
the feedback gained from the customers that is understandable typical for organization where the communication between
by the frontline people in retailing. The technique is useful to the customers is important. By analyzing the result of the
map out and to evaluate the interaction between the sales mystery shopping over time will enable the firm to determine
person and the customers. The author stressed that Mystery whether or not the customer service quality is improving.
shopping technique is effective in assessing the employee
friendliness and helpfulness.

The author provides the factors that an organization need to Going to the details about the factors mentioned, the
consider in order to improved their customer service. One of first one is to provide good customer service. The ability to
the factors mentioned is to provide good customer service, to respond to the question such as the knowledge about the product
be friendly, to listen to the wishes of customers, to be that they are selling, how do they responds to the question about
courteous and respectful, to thank the customers, to learn the product that they are selling, and how do they evaluate the
from feedback, to develop negotiation with customers and to answer. The author also mentioned they need to be friendly,
improve staff training and staff support. where the customer service need to have a smile in their face and
greet the customers. Moving on to the next factors is to listen to
the wishes of customers. Firms need to listen to the customers
demand and communicate with them. Other factors mentioned is
to be courteous and respectful where the customer service are
able to understand other people’s feeling and know how to give
respect to them. They also need to thank the customers every
time after the transaction between them and the customers.
Furthermore, to learn from feedback. The information received
between the customer service and the customer during their
engagement can be use as a tool to improved the service quality.
The next one is to develop negotiation with customers. According
to the author, by able to negotiate with the customers can
contribute the success and the growth of the organization sales.
The last point mentioned is to improve staff training and staff
support. The author tells that an organization need to provide
their employees adequate training to help develop good customer
service and thus leading to improvement of customer experience.

STUDY THE Study the Effect of
EFFECT OF Customer Service and
SERVICE AND Product Quality on
PRODUCT Customer Satisfaction
QUALITY ON and Loyalty by Asghar
CUSTOMER Afshar Jahanshahi as
SATISFACTION corresponding author.
AND LOYALTY The article published in

June 2011 in
International Journal of
Humanities and Social


The article actually Introduction
explain about the
Conclusion Theoretical Figure 3: Summary of the article
effect to the customer Framework
service from of the study

customer satisfaction Testing SUMMARY Statistical
and loyalty in hypotheses OF population
organization of the study
especially for ARTICLE and
automotive using statistical
Regression samples
industries. Here I Analysis and
summaries what are ANOVA
the content explain
Statistical Methodolog
about: population y of the
statistical Data
samples collection &

Reliability analysis
and validity tools
of the study

But in this E- 1.Identify the Defines • There are more than six terms that author
Magazine, I would issue use to define
like to described
about: In this article “Study of • For example, in Theoretical framework
o Issue effect of customer service of the study the author defines quality,
o Supporting details and product quality on customer service, Tata Motors Limited
o Evaluate the customer satisfaction and and customer satisfaction
loyalty” deals with the issue
relevance, of increasingly important to Research • Almost of the content in the article, the
objective and manager in automotive authors use research to prove what they
credibility industries. In this context is wrote on customer service satisfaction.
o Author’s tone it there a relationship
between customer service • For example, in figure 3: research
“When it comes to and product quality with conceptual model. This figure explain
customer satisfaction and about hyphotheses of conceptual model.
customer service, loyalty? When it comes to
definitely customer customer service, definitely Step • The authers use only one step to
customer satisfaction and describes the loyalty and purchase cycle.
satisfaction and loyalty are important to
loyalty are important organisation reputation. • Foe example, under customer loyalty
issue the authors figure out the loyalty
to organisation’s and purchase cycle.

reputation” Figure 4: Types of supporting details

2. Types of supporting

3. Evaluate the Relevance, “The 4. Author’s Tone
Objective and Credibility
author’s • The author’s use objective tone when they
• The author began with the relevance between describes about studies. This author’s
the issues and also ANOVA (Analysis of use impersonal tone inspires a serious atmosphere,
Variance) has voiced his study on how to typical of nonfiction for example report and
analyse the population by using this tools. This objective news. The mood is explain about fact and
is show how the relevance with this article that studies. This article mentioned about study the
population can lead to the satisfaction and tone when effect of customer service and product quality
loyalty for customer service. on customer satisfaction and loyalty for
they automotive industry in India.
• The objective that this author wanted to share is
how customer satisfaction and loyalty could describes
effected the customer service and product
quality. Such as example, when satisfaction about
increased purchase loyalty went up rapidly but
when satisfaction decreased purchase also studies”
dropped equally.

• The authors also took references from (Newby
& McManus 2000) that shows the key features
of excellent customer service. This key features
as a guide to customer service how to be
excellent to the customer for satisfaction and

Business Continuity Planning In
Malaysia Universities

This article is about “Business continuity planning I found that abstract for this article is clearly
in Malaysia Universities”. This article was written statement which is made for access the
by Nor Azilah Husin Mokhtar Abdullah and Ameer “Business continuity planning in Malaysia
Haider Ali, published in 2018 in International Universities”. This article is describe about
Journal of Management and Applied Science. building a knowledge-based economy and
becoming more reliant on information
technology nowadays, the need to ensure
business continuity in the event of crisis or
disaster has become more paramount than ever.
This is very important to prepare their business
continuity Planning (BCP) to ensure that
operations continue smoothly after the
unwanted catastrophe.

This article also explains about investigate the factors that
contribute to the success of business continuity planning in
Malaysian universities, identify the relevance and
significance of the relationship of the chosen variables. The
authors also said both public and private organizations are
strongly advised to prepare their business continuity
Planning (BCP) to ensure that operations continue smoothly
after the unwanted catastrophe.

For introduction of these article, I found this article have lack
information about definition business continuity planning
from expert opinion and example of business continuity
planning. However this introduction has stated about old
regulation which is Private Higher Educational Institutions
Act 1996. This regulation as support statement for this
business continuity plans. Besides that, I found that this
introduction give clearly statement about the element of the
business continuity plan which is risk management and
contingency approach.

There are begins with introduction of most universities
are now seeking to renew their financial balance
through contract resources, educational services,
consulting and commercialisation of research results
because currently, both Malaysian universities face a
serious problem. Public universities are having
underfunding issues. They suffer in using human
resource and non-human resource inputs. So,
Universities are now necessary to have Business
continuity planning (BCP) to sustain the existence of
their universities. BCP deals with an operation running
after it has sustained damage as a result of a disaster.
Having a plan early to protect important data and
systems is crucial. The universities should think
through all processes, manpower, and procedures to
guarantee that their organisations are prepared.

I agree with the researcher which is his mentions clearly and
give more focus on about the risk management. Risk
management becomes a crucial factor of any sustainable
business management as gives opportunity for better and more
reliable business operations. The one important element that
influence the business continuity planning is risk management
because nowadays, it is impossible to assume that a company
management without risk management. Meanwhile, the authors
explore the risks have to be identified in all parts of the system
like a classified the external factors of risk are social, cultural,
political, legal, economical, technological, natural, and
competitive surroundings. Whereas, the internal factors are
organizational structure, policies, culture, information system,
data flow and process of decision making, standards, regulations
adopted in the organization, form and level of communication,
and, goals and strategy. I also found that the authors formulate a
hypothesis and state the right ISO standard in his explanation
about there is a relationship between risk management and
business continuity planning in Malaysian universities because

the standard ISO 31000:2009 formulates principles and general
instructions for risk management makes it possible for the
organizations to achieve its goals. Suggest that by implementing
the risk management as a new concept to understand and manage
the risks associated with those activities and making new
opportunities, is challenging and paramount to safeguarding
universities’ reputation and resources. In this part of article, I
found that the authors propose clear statement about hypothesis
that there is a relationship between contingency approach and
business continuity planning in Malaysian universities. This is
because their finding suggests the implications of the strategy
map approach in transforming the internal governance model in
universities and achieving better university strategic planning and
management. This proved that by developing a holistic strategy
for risk management and contingency approach and evolved into
an institutional culture that is attuned to risk-related challenges.

I agree with the article which is business continuity
planning can help a reader to understand and know the
more reason for Malaysian universities to have BCP for
implementing a BCP-centric business environment in
Malaysian universities is crucial for attainment of the
stated time-line objectives; to be a high-income country
and to be a fully developed economy and it is also one of
the its initiatives to decrease its financial deficit caused
by a slowing economy.

In conclusion, I think that this article have explain very clear and detail with a good data for business
continuity planning (BCP).this article show that the author highlight that business continuity plan is very
important not to be ignored as it is a process of developing necessary arrangement and preparation to
enable organisations like universities to be alert to an event in such a manner that is basic business
operations usual within the carefully planned level of disruption or catastrophe. I hope that in future that
this research can be improve by recommending all parties in all departments or faculties should work hand
in hand in considering and accounting risk management practice, and contingencies approach in their
strategic management agenda and should be serious about it.



If I talk about knowledge that I gained I gained many new skills while study at One of the most unforgettable experience was
UITM Puncak Alam. when I went to
by learn here, it so many to talk. For One of them was using canva to do
presentation slide. Canva is one web Naim Daniel concert. Since I enter UITM
example, management subject which I that Puncak Alam, I never when to the
provided free design for presentation,
le a rn how t o c ommunic a t ion a nd poster and other more. By using canva, concert that was organized by the student
I because I was busy with the
understanding o t hepre ople ’s ne e d. I can make my presentation slide more
interesting and colorful. It increasing assignment. One night, me and my
c a nnot j ust foc us on myse lf my skill in create things creative. roommates decided to go to Naim Daniel
concert. When I arrived there, it was crowded by
t hing s t he c o ns e q ue nc e s t o o t hout
many students but I was so
The next example was when I learn happy because I feel like the bond between

Finance subject. During high school, I the students was created. We all
sing together, laugh together. It was a night that I
was a
sc ie nc e st ude nt whic h me a ns I do not never forget.
have any experience on finance. As I

enter UITM, I find it interesting to learn

in finance subject since I good at math.

In semester 3, I took Management of Business Records Experience is one thing you
(IMR652) as my elective subject. There are many can’t get for nothing.
things I learn in this subject. One of them was how -Oscar Wilde-
important records are. I, as Human Resource student
have to deal with many records that provide plenty NOR SYURA ATIQAH BINTIMOHAMMAD
information about the company and the employees. So
by knowing the important of the records, I learn how
to organize the records.

• I gain some knowledge on IMR subject which help me
in order to know what kind of records that I’ll face in
the future.


• I able to edit and finding on IMR topics and design on
all of subject which before this I could not doing it
because I’m do not know how it works.


• For this subject actually very new to me and I’m not
good in handling records and so on but after I learned
it from this class it was so amazing to learned it within
6 month only. Now I love jogging in the evening.

In this 3 semester I found that I capable in study subject that I never thought in my mind such
as finance, law and so on. Even though it’s hard to study for certain subject but there’s always
someone that give me encouragement. This semester is a bit harder because the subject also
getting harder. My background I’m from STPM so I don’t have any experienced like diploma’s

student were.

After 11 weeks of attending this class, I have Muhammad Iqmal - Reflection
gained a lot of knowledge about business
records management. At first, I only a little I also learned about financial where I gained knowledge about financial ratios,
about the meaning of a records, but now I cash flows, capital budgeting and short- and long-term financing obligations.
am able to describe the definition of a Furthermore, I have learned about managing human resource, where managing
records especially in business prospective the workforce in an organization is important in order to achieve an
together with the process of managing the organizational objective as well as the challenge that current HR managers face
records systematically. today. Courses such as principles and practice of management have equipped
me with the knowledge to understand the process of management, working
First of all, from what I have learned from with people in order to achieve the organizational goals, how to motivate
business records management is that it employees, as well as distinguish between what are vision, mission, goals and
important for an organization to manage objectives.
their records systematically throughout the
records lifecycle from the creation of the
records until the disposition of the records.
Because if an organization doesn’t have a
systematic records management, they will
face many problems such as determining
whether or not a record still need to be kept
or otherwise, slow in retrieving records, and
probably the security of the records is
compromised. Other knowledge that I gained
from other courses is business law, where I
learned about the basic law of a contract, the
legislation process of a country, agency and
many more.

• I have acquired a lot of skills during my • The experience that I surely can’t forget in UiTM
studies here in UiTM Puncak. From the is attending National Kesatria curriculum in
courses such as the End user application, semester 1. As long as I attend the curriculum
some of the skills that I have acquired is which lead by Encik Afiz for one semester, there
to be able to use software such as are a lot of experience that I went through. We
Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel need to wake up at 7 a.m. every Saturday
better and more professional. I am able morning, trim our hair and beard, dressed neatly
to create business letter, resumes, and be ready at the marching field sharp at 8
attractive slides and using the excel to a.m. We will need to march for each class, and
create tables and graph the correct and Encik Afiz will guide and teach us new steps for
effective way. Other than that, from the each next class. And then at the end of the
accounting course, I am able to do an semester, there is a final test for National
accounting ledger, creating a company Kesatria. During that day, Encik Afiz is not in a
statement of profit or loss, balancing the very good mood. There is one group of students
figures, and know how to categorize who make a mistake during the last marching
assets, liabilities and capital in their practice before the test begins, and Encik Afiz is
correct category. Other than that, I am very angry and he threw away his stick up on
able to speaks third language which is one of the trees near him. We were all very
Arabic, marching skills from curriculum afraid. But after the final test finished, we were
class which is National Kesatria and doing all very grateful since Encik Afiz remain calm
some online business which I acquired during the test. We were all very satisfied with
the skills from learning marketing course. our result. This should be one of the experiences
that I can never forget in my life.

Fatin Nur Afrina Collage- I knew how to manage time wisely. There are a
REFLECTION lot of activities that I should contributed to booked the
collage. So I should divide my time for class and also

collage’s activity
Subject- I learned a lot of knowledge from this subject
especially when doing the handbook and e-Magazine. I
never know that National Archive Malaysia is exist. So

from this subject I knew it.

Skills that I learned were how to interact with new
people and new environment. I also gained skills
on how to manage my money wisely. Before this,

I cannot manage my money and lead me to be

I gained experienced on playing futsal with my
classmate. Even though we not won, but at least I
gained experience on playing futsal. I never had

playing futsal with anyone. So I took the
opportunity to play.

My name Badrul Al- Amin Bin Mazalan from BA 236 3A class. I want to give my opinion in

group assignment and subject of IMR 652 that I have learned for this semester. I am very

grateful that my lecturer Dr Nurussobah Binti Husain have giving many benefit information and

knowledge about this subject based her expertise.

In this subject IMR 652, I learned many of new and useful knowledge that I have never known
before. For example, I can find out about what the records, the record types, the record
characteristics, the differences in records, the record-keeping methods, the process of record, the
effect of record, the types of suitable system for managing record others knowledge. I am always
grateful that my lecturers always encourage me so that we learn this subject not only in the
classroom but also need to be applied in our daily lives such as when we study, when we work
or other daily life activity. My lecturer always tells us about current issues about record
management such as the national archive function and how we as users wants to use the
country's archive website efficiently such as systematic record arrangements and the simpler sort
of arrangement I learned from this subject. I will use the knowledge that I gained from the class
in my business or my company.

My name Badrul Al- Amin Bin Mazalan from BA 236 3A class. I want to give my opinion in

group assignment and subject of IMR 652 that I have learned for this semester. I am very

grateful that my lecturer Dr Nurussobah Binti Husain have giving many benefit information and

knowledge about this subject based her expertise.

In this subject IMR 652, I learned many of new and useful knowledge that I have never known
before. For example, I can find out about what the records, the record types, the record
characteristics, the differences in records, the record-keeping methods, the process of record, the
effect of record, the types of suitable system for managing record others knowledge. I am always
grateful that my lecturers always encourage me so that we learn this subject not only in the
classroom but also need to be applied in our daily lives such as when we study, when we work
or other daily life activity. My lecturer always tells us about current issues about record
management such as the national archive function and how we as users wants to use the
country's archive website efficiently such as systematic record arrangements and the simpler sort
of arrangement I learned from this subject. I will use the knowledge that I gained from the class
in my business or my company.

I feel the most interesting part of this group assignment is that I need to make a review of the
article that I choose, and I will update whether the article my group found can be accepted by
my lecturer or not.

Among my suggestions for improvement in this project is this project can be enhanced from
searching the article to the creation of interesting and more creative articles by the students.
This is because students can be exposed to longer-term use of the competition with more
efficiently, thinking power to a higher level and having greater general knowledge. This project
can be improved by giving student make this project based on them on understanding about
what they learned from this subject with their own creativity. Beside magazine online, the
students can learn how to make their own website and blog that given by lecturer, so, it very
gives student many positive impacts not only in learning environment but also their own
benefit in the future.

Lastly, in my experience at Universities Teknologi Mara is I’m playing sepak takraw for the
Sukan Antara Fakulti (SAF). My team defeated in semi-finals. I hope next year my team will
be winners in this game.


NATIONAL POLICES OF Electronic Records 2012 Functional Procurement Policy
RECORDS MANAGEMENT Management Records Disposal and Evaluation Public
Guidelines Schedule Preparation Records
The policies are used as to This policy told about how to
These policies are used as a perform a record
formulate policies, standards guidelines to explains the evaluation to maintain a public
procedure for preparing a record of national or historical
and practices, technical functional record disposal value and as a
schedule can be used by public source of evidence to the
specifications and training offices throughout Malaysia. country. (Akrib,2019)
(Arkib,2019) w w w. a r k i b . g o v. m y / e n / w e b / g u e s
plans to enabler the w w w. a r k i b . g o v. m y / e n / w e b / g u e s t
t /konvensional
government to manage records /konvensional

In electronic form. If also

include a strategic plan,

outlining roles and

responsibilities. (Arkib,2019)

w w w. a r k i b . g o v. m y / e n / w e b / g u

e st/elekronik

INTERNATIONAL POLICES ISO 15489-1:2016 Information and documentation – ISO/TR 13028:2010
OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT Records management – Information and
Part: Concepts and principles. documentation –
ISO 15489-1:2016 defines the concepts and principles from which guidelines for
approaches to the creation, capture and management of records are digitization of records.
developed. These policies are used to assigned responsibilities,
monitoring and training supporting the effective management of records. ISO/TR 13028:2010:
(ISO,2016) establishes guidelines for
h t t p s : / / w w w. i s o . o rg / s t a n d a r d / 5 5 7 9 0 . h t m l creating and maintaining
records in digital format only,
ISO 16175-1:2010 Information and documentation – where the original
Principles and functional requirements for records in paper, or other non-digital
e l e c t r o n ic o f f i c e e n v i r o n m e n t s – P a r t 1: O v e r v i e w and source record, has been
statement of principles. (ISO,2010) copied by digitizing.(ISO,

ISO 16175-1 was created fundamental principles and 2010)
functional requirements for software used to create and manage h t t p s : / / w w w. i s o . o r g / s t a n d a r d / 5 2 3 9
digital records in office environments. (ISO,2010) 1
h t t p s : / / w w w. i s o . o r g / s t a n d a r d / 6 2 5 4 2 . h

Satisfaction-The act of satisfying, or the state of being satisfied; gratification of desire; contentment in possession and
enjoyment; repose of mind resulting from compliance with its desires or demands.

Sensitization-the process of becoming easily hurt or affected by exposure to or the possibility of being exposed to a
hazardous substance.

Promptness-Cheerful willingness; alacrity.


Disposition: The final state in a record’s life cycle, involving either:

* destruction
* transfer to inactive storage with destruction at a specified later date
* transfer to the University Archives for permanent preservation

Filing System: A planned arrangement of records designed to satisfy the reference needs of the people who use them.
The classification scheme which structures records so that they are readily accessible and complete

Sunset Requirement: By Statute, Records Retention/Disposition Authorizations (RDAs) expire after a period of 10 years
from the date of their original approval by the Public Records and Forms Board. The purpose of the sunset requirement
is to force periodic re-evaluation of records, and to reflect changed administrative needs, improved filing practices,
and amended laws.

(Libraries University of Wisconsin-Madison) *

Metadata - A description or profile of a document i.e. data about the data. The description may contain data relating to the
context, form or content of the document and its management through time. With electronic records metadata are attached to,
or form part of, each record. Examples of metadata include: information about the author, title and subject of a document.

Transitory records - Records that are only useful for a short period of time and will not be required again once they are
superseded by the records to which they contribute.

Information security management system - The part of the overall management system based on a business risk approach to
establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security. The management include
organizational structure, policies, planning activities, management responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and

Information governance - The framework of accountability, processes and controls to support effective management of
information throughout its lifecycle to meet the organization's business needs and legal and stakeholder obligations. It
incorporates the creation, management and destruction of information, security, privacy, access rights and legal discovery.

File plan - Folder structure that classifies and groups documents and records with the same characteristics together (physical or
electronic). Documents and records should be grouped together according to the functions, activities and tasks that they

(Records Management: Terminology and definitions – Heriot Watt University)



BY CHRISTINE DELL'AMORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC early 1980s I started working on dog behavior. [Later] I
very quickly became fascinated with cats, and what their
• PUBLISHED JANUARY 28, 2014 idea of the world is compared to the one we have.

• Since cats first got their adorable claws into us about • What do you do in your research?
9,500 years ago, humans have had a love affair with •
felines. A lot of observation—watching groups of cats to see how
they interact with one another and deducing their social
• Today more than 80 million cats reside in U.S. homes, with structure. [I watch] cats in colonies that are free-ranging,
and in animal shelters where quite a number will be
an estimated three cats for every dog on the planet. housed together—you get interesting dynamics [when new
cats are introduced].
(Watch a video about the secret lives of cats.) Yet there's
still a lot we don't know about our feline friends—including

what they think of their owners.

• John Bradshaw is a cat-behavior expert at the University

of Bristol and the author of the new book Cat Sense. After

observing pet cats for several years, he's come to an

intriguing conclusion: They don't really understand us the

way dogs do.

• Bradshaw recently shared some of his insights with

National Geographic.

• How did you get into cat behavior?

• For the first 20 years of my career I studied olfactory

[smell] behavior in invertebrates. I've always been
fascinated by this other world that animals live in—

primarily of odor, which is dogs' primary sense. So in the

• I've also done slightly more manipulative things, Grew to Love Each Other.")

such as studying the way cats play with toys, or • I've read articles where you've said cats think
testing cat [behaviors] at different times of the
of us as big, stupid cats. Is that accurate?
day. [I also observe] relationships with owners,
interviewing them and giving them • No. In the book [I say] that cats behave toward
us in a way that's indistinguishable from [how]
questionnaires to find out how they perceive their they would act toward other cats. They do think
we're clumsy: Not many cats trip over people,
cats. but we trip over cats.

• Why did you conclude that cats don't "get

us" the way dogs do? • But I don't think they think of us as being dumb
• There's been a lot of research with dogs and and stupid, since cats don't rub on another cat

how dogs interact with people. [It's] become very that's inferior to them. (See "Cats Use
clear that dogs perceive us as being different
'Irresistible' Purr-Whine to Get Their Way.")
than themselves: As soon as they see a human,
they change their behavior. The way a dog plays • Can we discover what cats really think about
with a human is completely different from [the •
way it plays] with a dog. More research needs to be done. [It's] not an

• We've yet to discover anything about cat area that's received sufficient attention. [Cats
are] not wild animals, so ecologists [might think],
behavior that suggests they have a separate box 'Well they're not really animals at all.'

they put us in when they're socializing with us. • What has been most surprising to you in
They obviously know we're bigger than them, but
your research?
they don't seem to have adapted their social
behavior much. Putting their tails up in the air, • How stressed a lot of pet cats can be without

rubbing around our legs, and sitting beside us their owners realizing it, and how much it affects

and grooming us are exactly what cats do to the quality of their

each other. (Also see "How Cats and People

• mental lives and their health. Cats don't [always] get on them some treats.

with other cats, [and people don't realize] how much that • Why do cats knead us?
can stress them out. Other than routine visits, the most
common reason cats are taken to vets is because of a • They are using behavior that they would use toward their
wound sustained in a fight with another cat. mother—all the behavior they show toward us is derived in
some way from the mother-kitten relationship. The kitten
• [More cats are mysteriously getting] dermatitis and cystitis learns to raise its tail, rub on its mother, and knead and

[inflammation of the bladder] and it's becoming abundantly purr. Grooming is what mothers do back to kittens.
clear that these medical problems are made worse by
psychological stress. [For instance], inflammation of the • So they're using bits of behavior already in their repertoire
to communicate with us. There aren't very many
bladder wall is linked to stress hormones in the blood. behaviors—maybe half a dozen. (See National
Geographic readers' pictures of cats.)
• One solution is to examine the cat's social lifestyle, instead

of pumping it full of drugs. [For example, that could mean

making sure] two cats that [don't get along] live at opposite

ends of the house. Quite often the whole problem goes


• I have a few questions from cat owners on Facebook.

First, why might a cat yowl when it's by itself in a


• Cats learn specifically how their owners react when they

make particular noises. So if the cat thinks, 'I want to get

my owner from the other room,' it works to vocalize. They

use straightforward learning. (Learn about National

Geographic's Little Kitties for Big Cats initiative.)

• Why do some cats treat one human member of the

household differently?

• They're much smarter than we give them credit for: They

learn what works with what person. They know if [one

member of the family] is prone to get up at 4 a.m. and give

• Can you train cats? • What do you want owners to

• Yes. Cats can learn what they're not know about their cats?
• Acknowledge that cats are sociable
supposed to do. If your cat has

developed a habit [of jumping up on animals to a point, but not sociable

the kitchen table], there are limited to the extent that dogs are. A lot of

ways to prevent it. people who have one cat decide

• You could use a spring-loaded toy, they would like to have another cat,
thinking two cats are twice as much
so when a cat jumps up on
fun. But the cats may not see it that
something, the toy goes bang and
up in the air—the cat doesn't like way.

that and jumps down. Another • The simple message I would like to

reasonably benign [strategy] is to get across is if you do want to have

use a child's water pistol. But make more than one cat, go about it in a
careful way—and be prepared to
sure the cat doesn't realize you've

got it. Cats don't forgive, and once give up on it if it doesn't work.

they realize a person is causing
them anxiety or hurt, they keep s/2014/1/140127-cats-pets-animals-
away. nation-dogs-people-science/

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