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Published by BRODIE STEARNS, 2019-05-28 15:14:30

multi genre

multi genre

Dear reader, 
This book is about guilt. Guilt is a very strong emotion that can seriously 

negatively impact a person's life, this is a collection of artists expressing their guilt or 
conveying good examples of guilt through their art medium.  
XXXTENTACION- Jocelyn Flores 
I know you so well, so well 
I mean, I can do anything that he can 
I've been pretty 
I know you're somewhere, somewhere 
I've been trapped in my mind girl, just holding on 
I don't wanna pretend there's something, we're nothing 
I've been stuck thinking 'bout her, I can't hold back 
I'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain 
I've been tripping 'bout some things, can't change 
Suicidal, same time I'm tame 
Picture this, in bed, get a phone call 
Girl that you f*cked with killed herself 
That was this summer and nobody helped 
And ever since then, man, I hate myself 
Wanna f*cking end it 
All wanna see me with no pot to piss in 
But niggas been excited 'bout the grave I'm digging 
Having conversations about my haste decisions 

F*cking sickening 

At the same time, memory surfaced through the grapevine 

'Bout my uncle playing with a slipknot 

Post traumatic stress got me f*cked up 

Been f*cked up since a couple months they had a nigga locked up 

I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on 

And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb 

I be feeling pain, I be feeling pain just to hold on 

And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb 

I know you so well, I know you well 
I mean, I can do anything that he can 
I've been pretty 
In this song X talks about the loss of his dear friend/girl he had been talking to that hung 
herself in a hotel closet while coming down to a modeling shoot for X. He felt like he or at 
least somebody could have helped her. He misses her every day and feels suicidal because 
he blames himself for not being there to help her.  










Blackout poem 


As if this perfect looked them over from time to time, one thought: not to, not to. Too 
skinny… too weak…. Good for the ovens...endless; I felt as weeping, weariness. Nothing.  
It shows the perspective of someone who could be in danger of losing his life, he feels 
weak and like there's nothing to live for. All while someone judges him and maybe holds 
his life in his hands. 














Guilt by Andrew Gable 





In this drawing Andrew shows how guilt can feel like a massive weight slowing you 
down that you take with you everywhere you go. How it can feel like it's literally a part 
you, impossible to get rid of.  


Book passages 



“And 3 days after he left, we forgot to say kaddish” Page 77 
“Since my father's death, nothing mattered to me anymore” Page 113 
“The taylor who begged to die before his sons were killed” Page 7 
“I shall never forgive myself” page 13 in preface 
“But i wanted to come back and warn you.” page 7 








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