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Lilac is having a bad day. She is late for work, and her boss will be VERY angry. But when she goes to work, she realizes that getting fired can´t be that bad. So when Lilac thought she´d have a bad day, it was a great day!

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Published by Alison Soden, 2019-05-17 13:18:13

The Best Worst Day Ever

Lilac is having a bad day. She is late for work, and her boss will be VERY angry. But when she goes to work, she realizes that getting fired can´t be that bad. So when Lilac thought she´d have a bad day, it was a great day!

Worst Day Ever

Written and illustrated by Allie Soden Grade 6

BOOM! CRASH! T​ he thunder roared outside Lilac Smudge’s house. It was a

cloudy, gloomy, stormy day. She lived about 20 minutes from Mabelville, and had a
job at the Mabelville post office. Her family, that is, her husband Bob, and her kids
Billy, Lilly and Philly were not even awake. Lilly and Billy were twins, both 8, and Philly
was 3 years old. It was 6:00AM and Lilac was trying to wait out the storm. Only Lilac
and the pets were awake. The cat, Sparky, meowed and rubbed her face on Lilac’s
legs, urging her to give her breakfast. The dog, Lenny, barked and streaked into
the kitchen as thunder boomed in the distance. Only for a second did she
consider not going to work, but thinking of her boss, Mr. Crank, immediately
decided for her. He was old, mean, and cranky. He didn’t like anyone to be late.
Most of the time, the punishment was being fired, unless they got really lucky.

Lilac checked her watch. She sighed. She was ten minutes late already. Mr.
Crank Was going to fire her for sure.

“Oh well. I might as well show up and explain why I’m late. Maybe he’ll

B​ ut she knew that was quite unrealistic. She grabbed her umbrella and ran
out to her brand new Mercedes car which she had gotten only yesterday. Lilac
knew this was going to be a very bad day.

This was the first time Lilac had used this car. She tried to turn on the
engine, but nothing happened! It’s gas tank was full, and it appeared to be fine, but
it wasn’t. Lilac sighed. Her temper did not usually act up, for she had gotten used
to stressful situations(she has twins and a toddler).

“​Now I’ll n​ ever ​ get to work. I am definitely fired.”

S​ he knew that Mr. Crank would fire her. She had seen many people getting
fired. Once, her friend Mel was only five minutes late because of traffic, and she had
been instantly fired. Mr. Crank didn’t even need to think it over.

Mr. Crank seemed eager to fire anyone that made the slightest mistake.
Now Lilac needed to get to work more than ever. She tried to call her friend, but
there was no internet. She sighed again. She knew it was far too much to walk,
with a car it was 20 minutes. She would have to wake Bob up.

Bob was not happy to be woken up.
“ Drive me to work and get my new car towed, or else NO PIE!!!!”
This seemed to work very well because Bob leapt out of bed and grabbed
his keys, not even noticing that he was still in his pajamas.

Once they got to the post office, Lilac prepared herself to be yelled at and

As Lilac gathered her courage outside the post office door, she realized that
it would not be such a big deal to get fired. There were plenty of other jobs in
Mabelville, and working at the post office was probably one of the worst. So she
decided that she would confidently walk in and explain to Mr. Crank why she was
so late. She opened the door and confidently walked in.

The first thing Lilac saw was everyone getting yelled at, except for Mark and
Meg, who were twins, the kind that did everything together, who were always at
least 10 minutes e​ arly​ to work, and were the best employees, and Mr. Crank had
not once even considered firing them, not even today, though today they were
not early, but right on time. She took a deep breath. ​You’re next. L​ ilac told herself.
Mr. Crank saw her and glared.

He walked up to her with his angry face(the kind of face that looks like a

deep dish pizza that had not had cheese put on yet).

“Why are you late?”
He asked with his angry voice( the kind that sounds like a lion when you
take away it’s cub).
“Well, you see, Mr. Crank,” Lilac began. “The weather was very bad, and my
new car didn’t work. And before I went out to my car, I tried to wait out the storm,
but it kept on going, so when my car didn’t work, I had my husband drive me in his
old, slow minivan. But now I am here, better late than never.”
Mr. Crank’s face grew red with anger.
“You have so many packages to load and deliver!” He shouted. “So many
people will be unhappy because of your being late! I am NOT pleased!”
“Y​ ep, he is definitely not pleased. Just as I predicted.” L​ ilac thought.
“You are FIRED!!! In fact, you’re ​ALL​ fired!! Now get out of here!”
Everyone ran, except Lilac, who actually felt relieved. Now she didn’t have to
work at the gloomy post office in her gloomy uniform, but she calmly walked away.
Mark and Meg stopped.
“Are we fired?”
Meg asked.
“No.” Said Mr. Crank.

Lilac got a taxi to take her home. The taxi dropped her off at her driveway
and she walked down it. The weather was starting to improve. It had stopped
downpouring, but thunder still boomed quietly in the distance, and it was
sprinkling lightly. Her Mercedes car was gone, Bob must have gotten it towed.

Lilac thought.
She went on the front deck, where the twins were about to leave for school.
“Hey Mom!” They said together. “Why aren’t you at work?”
“Well kids, Mommy isn’t going to work at the post office anymore, I’m going
to find a better job.”
Lilac told them. “Oh! Okay!” They said. “Bye! See you after school!”
Then BIlly and Lilly left for school. The Mabelville school bus would pick them
up at their driveway soon.
“Bye! Have fun at school!”
As soon as they were gone, she went inside to Bob, who was, as always,
eating pie. Lilac sighed.
“I need to stop making so many pies, don’t I?”
“No!” Bob protested. “ I mean, please don’t!”
Bob tried to look calm, but his face was bad at hiding his nervousness. Lilac
sighed again and shook her head.
“Anyway… “ Bob changed the subject. “How was work?”
“Well, I got fired.”
Bob was focusing on his pie.
“That’s nice dear,” he said.
​ L​ ilac shook her head.
”​What a day.”
She thought. She decided to start looking for another job, and found that
the Mabelville Bakery needed some help. She posted that she was an excellent
baker, known for her famous banana cream pie.
The next day, she got a call saying that she needed to come at 1:00 for an

The interview went great. Lilac turned out to be the best baker in the
bakery, perhaps Mabelville. Her best customer was even Mr. Crank! (Not Bob, Lilac
forbid Bob to buy her pies because he could get them free.)

She and Mr. Crank became good friends. As for her car, lets just say that the
company put in the wrong transmission, so Lilac sued them and got a different
brand of car.

So really, when Lilac thought it was going to be a bad day, it turned out to
be a great day! Plus, Bob was really enjoying Lilac’s new job!

For Those of You Wondering What Bob Does at Night Besides 
Sleeping in His Purple Polka Dot PJs: 


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