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Jada Preacely - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT

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Published by Jada Preacely, 2019-05-08 10:14:45

The Worst Day of Ben's Life

Jada Preacely - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT

T​ he Worst Day of Ben’s Life ​By Jada Preacely

Ben woke up and jumped out of bed he was late for work. Ben went into his bathroom and got
ready to take a shower, the water trickled down his arm as he put his arm in the water to check
the temperature it made him shiver even though the water was hot. He took his shower and got

Ben could not get the water to stop dripping so he told his mom, she called jack's plumbing
the best plumbing service in town but also the most expensive and while the plumber was there
he twisted the pipes and then all a sudden there were a crack and a splash. The plumber was
soaked with water and had to go home and change then he went back to Ben's house. After ben
uses his mom and dad’s sink to brush his teeth ben found out he was turning the wrong knob
and the pipe was fixed.

Ben was on his way to work, it was a nice sunny hot day, kids were playing at the park and
eating ice cream. Then bens car broke down, he got out to find the problem his car had
overheated and it started to rain he got in his car and said I'll give the rain 20 minutes to stop if it
doesn't I'll just have to walk 15 miles in the rain to the work. The rain didn't stop so he started to
walk about 14 miles in the rain stopped, 1 more mile to go he said with a grin. Ben got to work
an hour late.

Ben's dad was in the hallway when he saw Ben he asked what happened. Ben told him what
happened and his dad started to laugh Ben was confused and asked why his dad was laughing
Ben's dad said he was laughing because he had told ben that the car needed to be worked on

and it was going to rain the night before and that he would pick ben up for work, so that ben
could prepare the night before.

Ben's dad told him he could go home. Ben got the keys to his dad's car and told his dad that
he would pick him up after work because Ben needed the car to get home. Ben got home and
called the tow truck company they told him they would pick up his car. The tow truck company
called ben back and told him that there was no car at the location Ben said ok I'll be right over.

When Ben got to the location there was no car just a tow truck and the drive ben knew he
was gonna be in so much trouble because that car was half a million dollars. Ben went home
got out a phone book and called every tow company in town and outside of town none of them
had his car, Ben knew he had to tell his dad because if his dad found out on his own he would
probably kill Ben.

Ben picked his dad up from work and took him home, Ben's dad asked did he get the car
home. Ben pulled over on the side of the road and told his dad that he lost his car. Ben's dad
was upset but he was glad ben told him, the punishment was that Ben's dad would never buy
him a car again and instead of having the butler and maid do things he would make ben do it
but still pay the maid and butler. Ben was sad but he knew it was to teach him to be more

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