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Published by m.alimomin, 2018-12-14 19:14:58

Happy Birthday car1

Happy Birthday car1


Try not to get

carried away!


October 13,2018. The day Zainab sent me a
picture of her for the first time. I had seen her pictures
a lot before. But this one was special. She sent me this
one. Herself. I remember staring at this picture for
almost an hour before going to bed that night. She’d
say its weird so I never told her


October Six days
19,2018. proff. I
from liked
never lekin
this filter cuteness
itni its my
dekh kar filter
now lol. the
Probably she’s
cutest looked.
ever but its
Its silly always
okay. It’s when
special sends
someone snap,
you a one has
but this
my heart. Commented [MM1]: Aww


October 21,2018. Lunch time. Blue is my favourite
colour and I just told her. And confirmed hers. She
must be thinking koi likes dislikes ki list bana raha This picture is close to me. And Zainab has
such a genuine smile here. I would like to complement
the kid also if it doesn’t make me more girlish.


30th 2018. ENT paper ke bad. Jitna paper se pehlay
parshaan thi utna hi paper ke baad khush. This picture is
the proof of that. Iss Khushi ki wajah paper ka achaa hona
hai ya kuch aur. Maloom nahin. But iss chotay se dimagh
mai aik wajah hai aur wou usi kou manna chahay ga.


Novermber 6,2018. Maine kaha ke ruk jao ghar but
kisi kou family gatherings bohat pasand hai. Khair aik
aqalmand ke mashwaray ke khilaaf chalo gay tou
pachtawa he hoga. Magar pachtawa agar har baar itni
dilkash hi hona hai tou hamain koi aitraz nahin agar
hamaray mashware ke khilaf chaltay hain.


November 13th,2018. Ajtak dou hi chimish aisi hain
jinhoun ne is naa cheez kay dil kou dauraya hai. Pehli
ka bhi pata hai tumhain aur dusri ka bhi. Waisay bhi
dil ki baat agar itni khul kar keh di tou taufaaaaan ajae
gha. Dunya mai bhi.


November 19th,2018. Kirans nikkah. I don’t know shit
about her but still kirans nikkah. Aur shayad ye meri
khushfehmi hou ya shayad soch hou but this picture
talksme. I get a feeling she’s staring right into my eyes.
Pyaar se, iqraar, yaa khabardaar. Ye tou ab khuda hi


November 30th,2018.

It should’ve been a romantic evening. Rahats concert.

Aaj din chadeyaa. Din tou charh kar dhal bhi gayaa par

mera bichra yaar na mila mjhayy. Khair iss baat ki

Khushi hi sahi ki wou thi wahan, jab wou saray gaanay

chal rahe thay jou mai bhejna chahta thay, jou yaad

dilatay thay. Kehnay kou tou wo apni dostoun ke

kehnay par aaayi thi wahan par mera maana kuch aur

hay aur mai usi par qaim rehta chahta hu


December 8th,2018. Badshahi mosque Lahore. This
place has a unique spirituality stealth inside. But the
best part is that Zainab felt that. And I believe you
have to carry a really virtuous heart to let these things
storm you. The dupatta is supposed to produce a desi,
naik larki waali look. It does. What else it does, adds
to the glamour lol. Anyways this picture is really nice.
I’m glad I saved it.



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