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A U T U M Nol/ssoWnjenIseNn.cTomE R 2 0 2 0 1

TOGETHER even with distance

We are experiencing a very strange time right now and with that a
different kind of living.

Nature, long walks and fixing in and around the house has become essential to us
this year. We are all together in this reality but still far apart, all of us trying new
ways to cope with a very different world and an unknown near future. On a positive
note we are very good at finding new ways of working and living along the way.
This summer/fall most fairs are cancelled as you already know.
We will have our own in-house fair week 35. Would be fantastic to see you then.
With this catalogue we keep in touch and let’s hope for a better next year.

2 3


Sophisticated and edgy our hand painted stoneware


HI010620 Yuki salad plate HI010720 Yuki dinner plate
HI011120 Yuki jug HI010920 Yuki mug
HI011020 Yuki salad bowl

Zucchini Pasta for 4

Heat olive oil and garlic in a frying pan (as much garlic as you like).
Grate 4-6 zucchini and parmesan cheese into a deep frying pan and let simmer.
Add vegetable stock and a little bit of water, simmer until the zucchini is soft.
Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with spaghetti and top it of with more cheese.

6 7

Swedish Cardamom Cake

Preheat oven to 200 °C. Grease a non-stick springform pan with butter. Mix together 3 dl flour, 1,5 dl sugar,
1,5 tsp baking powder and 17 g cardamom in a bowl. Add 150 g room temperature butter and use your
hands to evenly mix with the dry ingredients. Add 1,5 dl yoghurt and continue mixing with your hands or a
spatula. Transfer the mixture to the spring form and gently even it out with a spatula. Sprinkle 1 tsp pearl
sugar over the mixture and place in the middle of the oven for approximately 20 minutes. Enjoy!


NHT011552 Rick table cloth 150x300 cm grey NHT011420 Kitty kitchen towel 50x70 black
NHT011515 Rick table cloth 150x300 cm beige NHT011414 Kitty kitchen towel 50x70 brown
NHT011514 Rick table cloth 150x300 cm brown NHT011413 Kitty kitchen towel 50x70 natural
NHT011511 Rick table cloth 150x300 cm natur NHT011452 Kitty kitchen towel 50x70 grey 9


Muddle 4 cl vodka and 1/2 cucumber together.
Add 2 cl sugar syrup and 2 cl lemon juice.
Shake the ingredients with ice.
Strain into the glass and garnish with a thin slice of cucumber.

10 SA0113o3ls0s onMjeinmsoesna.ccoomcktail glass

E012430 Grape glass fat 11
E012530 Grape glass thin
E012330 Carlos glass

AG011230 Rimini jug
AG011130 Rimini glass
SB010930 Clear water glass on foot
SB010730 Clear wine glass tall
SB010830 Clear wine glass low

12 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

E012630 Knut glass bowl
E012230 Karl-Erik carafe big
E012030 Karl-Erik carafe thin
E012130 Karl-Erik carafe medium 13


or are you sticking with the grey?

14 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

HH79319 Cup green crackeled HH79361 Cup pink crackeled
HH79419 Mug green crackeled HH79461 Mug pink crackeled
HH79519 Bowl green crackeled HH79561 Bowl pink crackeled
HH79619 Salad plate green crackeled HH79661 Salad plate pink crackeled
HH79719 Dinner plate green crackeled HH79761 Dinner plate pink crackeled
HH79919 Soup/pasta plate green crackeled HH79961 Soup/pasta plate pink crackeled
HH80019 Salad bowl green crackeled HH80061 Salad bowl pink crackeled 15


Hand painted stoneware with a classic twist

16 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m 17

HI010010 Yolanda salad plate
HI010510 Yolanda jug
HI010110 Yolanda dinner plate
HI010310 Yolanda mug
HI010410 Yolanda salad bowl
HI010210 Yolanda soup/pasta plate

18 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

AL010037 Signe cutlery set 24 pieces 19
TH010620 Queens throw/cloth 130x220


Handmade glass that works wonders with all our dinnerware

20 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

Clear Brown Grey
AG010830 glass AG010814 glass AG010822 glass
AG010914 glass on foot
AG010930 glass on foot AG011014 jug AG010922 glass on foot

AG011030 jug AG011022 jug



Iris is finally back with her new friends

22 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

CZ012020 Doris mug 23
CZ012120 Doris cup
CZ012220 Doris bowl
CZ012320 Doris plate

CZ012420 Vigdis mug
CZ012520 Vigdis cup
CZ012620 Vigdis bowl
CZ012720 Vigdis plate

CZ010420 Iris mug
CZ010520 Iris cup
CZ010620 Iris bowl
CZ010720 Iris plate

24 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

PH013710 Bojan vase PH013720 Bojan vase

PH013010 Marielle pot large PH013110 Marielle pot small 25

PH013910 Dana candleholder PH014010 Dis candleholder PH014110 Ditte candleholder

PH014610 Bitte pot PH013610 Boel pot

PH014210 Brita vase PH013810 Blenda vase

26 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

PH013210 Maj plate 27

PH013323 Muskot vase
PH013440 Mynta vase
PH013540 Timjan vase
All handmade

28 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

We are proud of our vintage pieces, all hand picked Painting by: Mirja Ilkka 29

KC010020 Ridley vase black 26 cm
KC010120 Ridley vase black 32 cm

30 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

KC010110 Ridley vase white 32 cm
KC010010 Ridley vase white 26 cm 31

all handmade

Top to bottom, left to right:
GG010014 Alfons kruka
GG010314 Morgan pot
GG010114 Ben pot
GG010214 Chris pot


KC010212 Kobe vase high set of 2 33
KC010312 Kobe vase low set of 2

34 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

PH014320 Aina vase
PH014420 Aino vase
PH014520 Aldis vase 35

LIGHTS mix & match

36 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

GA010720 Agra table lamp GA010620 Chennai table lamp BA011713 Hailey table lamp
LA010420 Lakrits cylinder BA011813 Ada lampshade

GA010220 Jodhpur table lamp GA010520 Udaipur table lamp
LA010020 Lakrits oval LA010320 Lakrits square

GA010020 Delhi table lamp GA010420 Jaipur table lamp GA010120 Mumbai floor lamp
LA010220 Lakrits empire LA010520 Lakrits big cylinder LA010120 Lakrits square 37

BG011413 Kajsa bench BG011320 Ester bench

BG01113 Lotta rattan chair BG011013 Ellis rattan chair

BG011213 Måns rattan chair BG010920 Mona wicker chair black

38 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

AT010120 Lance side table 48,5 cm FL010213 Cloud ceiling lamp
AT010220 Lance side table 58,5 cm BG011213 Måns rattan chair 39

DI010513 Inca cushion cover 60x60 ET010020 Ace cushion cover 50x50

DI010620 Inca cushion cover black 40x70 ET010150 Morse cushion cover 50x50

DI010613 Inca cushion cover natural 40x70 ET010250 Clubs cushion cover 40x70
100 % silk

40 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

ET010020 Ace cushion cover
ET010150 Morse cushion cover
ET010250 Clubs cushion cover silk
ET010350 Spade throw 130x170 41

100 %

42 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

GD011122 Ripa cushion cover 40x70 GD011213 Trast cushion cover 40x70
GD011320 Vipa cushion cover 50x50 GD011420 VipaL cushion cover 50x90
TH010610 Manhattan cushion cover 50x50 TH010620 Manhattan cushion cover 50x50
TH010813 Soho throw 130x170 TH010213 Brooklyn throw natur 140x200 43

NHT011314 Faye cushion cover 50x90 brown
NHT011352 Faye cushion cover 50x90 light grey

44 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

NHT011220 Safari tablecloth 150x300 45
NHT114961 Cushion cover linen 50x60 light pink
NHT114959 Cushion cover linen 50x60 coral


Baskets in all shapes and sizes made of jute and seagrass

DI010320 Inca basket set of 3

46 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

DI010723 Inca basket black/natural 38x35 47
DI010023 Inca basket striped 30x30

DI010123 Inca bread basket
DI010423 Inca small basket
DI010223 Inca tray


DI010823 Inca basket white/yellow 30x20 49


Votives in many colurs

50 o l s s o n j e n s e n . c o m

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