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West Side Story school newspaper of Morristown-Hamblen High School West.

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Published by West Side Story, 2018-12-18 14:02:23

December 2018

West Side Story school newspaper of Morristown-Hamblen High School West.

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Morristown High Schools Join Together To
Help The Community


N ovember sparks
the fifteenth
annual Thanks-
giving food drive
in the Trojan Na-
tion. But this year
West High Schools
rival Morristown
East High School
came together to
help the communi-
ty for Thanksgiving.
The Thanks-
giving Food Drive
is hosted every year
by Future Business
Leaders of Ameri-
ca or (FBLA) led by
Amy Whaley and Morristown West volunteers help sort food at Morristown Central Services.

Kim Cook. From High School’s Mr. they were boxed and believe that they can lunch. An addition- of central services
Nov. 1 through Nov. Bradley decided to ship to Morristown learn to deal more al 15% were not el- client base was al-
16 students and get all of his stu- Central Services to effectively with the igible for SNAP, most equal to the
teachers were asked dents to collect food help them feed the adversities of life.” but were still eli- makeup of Ham-
to bring non perish- and filled 21 boxes! families who would Poverty Rates: gible for WIC and blen County as a
able food items and This year not have had a meal National aver- free school lunch. whole. This shows
place them in their was the first year over Thanksgiving. age: 14.1 (from Central Ser- that our services are
third block class. that Morristown Morristown Cen- 2012-2016) vices Statistics: not unfairly weight-
In each class there East High School tral Services Value Hamblen Coun- In 2017, the Food ed towards racial
were boxes that has participated in Statement is” Cen- ty: 18.5% (from Pantry served ap- and ethnic minori-
were here decorat- the Thanksgiving tral Services, Inc. 2012-2016) proximately 18,000 ty populations.
ed in festival deco- Food Drive. LeAnne believes that no one Hamblen chil- individuals in The impor-
rations and colors. Maness a former chooses a life of pov- dren under 5 in Hamblen County. tance of this food
Each teacher tried West High teacher erty and need. We poverty: 42.3% In 2017, 57% of cli- drive is to help those
to gather as much now teaches at East believe that many National chil- ent population re- in need, and that is
food as they could to with Based Learn- of our clients have dren under 5 in ported that they did exactly what is hap-
help those in need. ing and the CDC learned dysfunc- poverty: 24.5% not receive SNAP pening. Many peo-
Amy Whaley department. Ma- tional behaviors and Food benefits. This points ple do not choose
said, “The combined ness noticed that do not know how to Insecurity: to an overall food to be in poverty and
efforts allowed us East didn’t have improve their situ- According to Feed- insecurity issue that many children do
to collect 150 box- a food drive and ations. Our goal is ing America, 13.3% is not being met by not have the option
es and possibly fed suggested to Mrs. to teach, and mod- of Hamblen Coun- federal programs. to help their families
600 people”. This Whaley that the el positive living ty is considered In 2017, 13% of financially. Morris-
combined efforts al- two schools should and coping skills, Food Insecure, our clients were town High Schools
lowed a new record partner together. in hope that we can which is about new to Central Ser- are dedicated to
to be set. Last year Both schools agreed change some of the 8400 individuals. vices. This shows help as many people
only 111 boxes and to this partnership habits that lead to An estimated 68% that food insecuri- as they possibly can.
to help as many unhealthy behav- ty is a dynamic is-
this year 150 boxes people in the com- iors. By treating are eligible for Fed- sue that consistent-
were filled! Many munity as possible. people with hones- eral Nutrition As-
classes collected After all the ty, respect and gen- sistance, which in- ly affects the area.
more than one box. boxes were gathered, uine concern, we cludes SNAP, WIC, In 2017, the racial
For example, West and free school and ethnic makeup

West High Math Students Challenge
Engineering Math Competition

BY AMANDA Kathy Dallemagne and Morales created a sus-
MILLER Linda Sedlack, math pension box named
STAFF WRITER teachers at West High. “The Downey Jr.”
Macy Noe, Morales stated, “The
The West High Mu Nathan Sia, Kristof outcome of this was
Alpha Theta & Lotivio, and Hugo successful with the egg
CTE students had the Morales competed in not breaking, but with
opportunity to par- the first competition, horrible accuracy.” The
ticipate in the Engi- Quiz Bowl, making it egg had survived the
neering Math Com- to the second round drop. Back Row L-R: Emmie Barnett, Jacob Seals, Macy Noe, Teagan Bur-
petition Oct. 25 at the leading West High to The last com- roughs, Marcus Thompson, Logan Davis, Kristof Lotivo, Sean Lam,
University of Tennes- the top eight of the quiz petition was the Hugo Morales, Austin Odom, Kasey Munsey, and Melanie Garcia.
see in Knoxville. bowl. Penny Boat Chal- Front Row L-R: Ignacio Rodriguez, Shawn Burr, and Paulina Ramires.
This event
was sponsored by the The next competi- lenge concluding
National Math Orga- tion was the Egg Drop. the Engineering
nization along with Melanie Garcia, Ka- Math Competition.
cie Munsey, and Hugo

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FCCLA Helps Community Get Cozy For Winter


Mo r r i s - Front Row L-R: Sarah Norrod and Trinity Williams vided with socks.”
t o w n - We s t Back Row L-R: Nicole Butler, Tristan Lindsey, Chloe’ Howze, Tia Mills, and Ms. Bekah Adams. She also loved the
FCCLA club was Adams, a leader of warm socks.” Ad- there has current- those in her com- fact that she was
inspired by “Kid the FCCLA club, ams also goes on ly been no oth- munity.” She said able to be involved
President” who spoke about the by talking about er organization that her favorite in ‘Socktober’ and
came up with the benefits this would there being “drives to collect socks.” part about being that the socks
national drive that bring to the com- to collect coats and Nicole But- able to be a part of were going to be
takes place ev- munity. She said, food for those less ler, a freshman this donation was giving for a good
ery October. This “It would help the fortunate, so she FCCLA student at that “she was able cause, for those in
event is known residents of Ham- thought it would West High, ex- to be a reason as to Hamblen County.
as “Socktober,” in blen County who be a great idea to presses that “she why the communi-
which socks are don’t have clean, collect socks since had wanted to help ty was being pro-
gathered at West
High by students
and staff, and are
donated to those
in the commu-
nity who do not
have anything to
keep them warm.
The mem-
bers of the FCCLA
club had the op-
portunity to gath-
er new socks of
all sizes and send
them to All Saints’
Episcopal Church,
a local church,
to be distribut-
ed to shelters
in Morristown.
Ms. Bekah

Morristown West Welcomes FFA Poinsettias

State of the Art BY TYLER CONNELL Return
Advanced Electronic Sign
FARIAS High School West
STAFF WRITER Future Farmers of
America club is
The West High selling poinsettias
Trojans wel- for the holiday
come the new up- season once again.
dated sign on the David Tri-
side of Sulphur puka the spon-
Springs road. The sor of the Mor-
sign contains ad- ristown Hamblen
vancements such High School West
as: it is now able F FA , p u r c h a s e d
to run live foot- the rooted cutting
age, live streams, of the poinsettia
change the time plant from Rakers.
and weather, as The poin-
well as update any settia is a short These poinsettias are available in the school
day plant that
announcements or grows and chang- greenhouse for $5. originally found
es between three week of Decem- in Mexico. J. R.
upcoming events. and four months. ber to possibly Poinsettia was
Another im- The Agriculture after the Christ- the founder of
West High thanks the Hamblen County Board science class has mas holiday. the plant after
been tending to The poin- bringing it to
provement, is that of Education and Morristown Signs for the the poinsettias. settias are being America in 1828.
The poin- sold so that the These plants
the sign can now new electronic sign at the road. settias will be sold raised money can are normally sold
for $5 anywhere either be used for around Christmas
be updated from better communi- any issues with this between the first the next year’s time for their red
anywhere on any cate with the stu- sign the company poinsettia crops and white colors.
mobile device. dents and also can easily come to or FFA activities.
Tim Landefeld, with the parents.” the school and fix The poin-
an assistant prin- Morristown it. settia is a plant
cipal at Morris- Signs, the company The sign was fund-
town-West, spoke who made the sign, ed by the Ham-
on the benefits is locally owned. blen County Board
of the sign as “an This means that of Education.
opportunity to if there were to be

Master Stylist
[email protected]

4327 West Andrew Johnson
Morristown, Tennessee 37814
Philippians 4:13 I can do all
things through Christ which
strengthen me.

Opinions EOdpitinoiro:nCshEadriltieorN: eill Opinions A3SDeepctember 20183

White Elephant: The Game of Betrayal
BY HANNAH game has three rounds. stolen once per round. ly, white elephants were
LAKINS The first person Seniors, Devin Wilson and Janin Hernandez, Personally, I considered sacred or
will pick a gift from the have played this game “holy.” However, keeping
TSTAFF WRITER pile, but will not unwrap battle for this gift during a White Elephant with my family for years and taking care of a white
he White Ele- it, leaving the gift a mys- on end and it always elephant was very costly.
phant Exchange, tery. Next, the person Christmas game. but it can be stolen again. causes laughs in between Now, when a
also known as Dirty with the number two a gift and someone de- Although you us all and if you have king in Asia didn’t like
Santa or Yankee Swap, on the paper can either cides to take it from your may steal someone’s gift, that one joker in your somebody, he would give
is a family Christmas steal the first person’s gift possession, you can get it the same gift can only be family like I do, he or them a white elephant.
game involving logic, or pick his, or her, own. back in another round, she will put a small box You would think giving
strategy and can cause Then, the third person with the actual gift in a someone a “holy” crea-
some tension between can steal any of the pres- larger box completely en- ture would be a generous
you and your friends ents or pick their own. closed in duct tape, mak- gift, but usually the cost
or family members. Some families ing it near impossible of keeping the elephant
The game begins will choose to unwrap to get to the actual gift . would eventually put
by all participants bring- the gifts as soon as they According to the recipient in finan-
ing one wrapped gift that are picked, but keeping, “The cial ruin. It was like pas-
is a complete secret to the the surprise builds sus- origin is debatable, but sive-aggressiveness tak-
other players. Each play- pense between friends according to Wacky en to a new level.”
er will draw a number and/or family members. White Elephant, it orig-
and get a gift from the If you choose to unwrap inated in Asia. Basical-
pile in that order. This

Meet the Staff: Who is West Side Story
December Edition: Brooklynn Collins, Trevor Lovell, and Joanna Cardenas
he West Side Story newspaper comes out every month for the halls of the Trojan Nation to read. The paper consists of
EDITOR the latest news thats going on in and out of the building, fun pages and many more interesting and exciting articles. The
paper does not write itself though. It consists of many staff members apart of West High who come out with a paper each
Bmonth. Every month, staff members will be featured.
rooklynn Collins, Junior, is a new member of the
West Side Story newspaper staff. Collins moved
here mid semester from another high school where she
was involved in the newspaper class there. She enjoyed
it and wanted to still be involved, so she joined our staff.
She hopes to gain business and communication skills
from this class. Collins has a dog, her favorite animal,
and a cat. She enjoys eating pizza and reading. In fif-
teen years, Collins hopes to be practicing medicine.

Trevor Lovell, Junior, is enjoying his second year on Joanna Cardenas, Senior, is really enjoying her second
the staff, and he is eager to learn more about jour- year writing for the West Side Story newspaper here at
nalism. He joined the class because he was looking for West High. Cardenas decided to join because she wanted
a fun and interesting class for him and his friend to to try out something new. Her creativity and craftiness
take. Lovell has enjoyed his time here at West High. In brings a lot of fun to our newspaper. Besides coming up
his spare time he enjoys taking pictures and drawing. with fun DIY projects, she enjoys reading and watching
Lovell likes to make people feel welcomed and happy. He Netflix. One of her favorite movies is “Me Before You”
has a puppy named Geo, and he enjoys spending time while chowing down on some Chicken Alfredo, a favor-
with him. Lovell hopes to own his own repair shop or ite food of hers. In 15 years, Cardenas hopes to be work-
he hopes to become an editor fifteen years from now. ing at a hospital in the ICU, as a nurse, or as a doctor.

BY JOANNA Students share Gift Experiences

D1.a“iSsoycAkrs”cos, senior. 1. What is the worst gift you’ve Martin Barajas, senior.
2.“Xbox one” received? 1.“Spider man underwear”
3.“Rubix cube” 2. What is the best gift you’ve received? 2. “Margarini” (fish)
3. What is the funniest gift you have 3.“Toilet paper”
given to someone?

Mark Cervantes, senior. Haleigh Cornwell, junior.
1.“Socks” 1.“A pillow... yes a pillow.”
2.“Win Chun Suit” 2.“The gift of life.”
3.“A box inside a box inside an- 3.“I gave my sister bear poop for
other box with a ring.” Christmas.” (They sell it Gatlinburg)

For the Record Volume VI
OPINIONS EDITOR For the Record is an ar- and a good pair of you will not be going
ticle that provides the crocs because with anywhere for a while.
Hello, missed me? ever so alluring play- these months top picks
I’m sure you did lists for each month.
otherwise you would December is 1. “Merry Xmas Everybody,” By Slade
not have come back. here, Father Christmas 2 “Why ,Oh Why, Oh Why ( Oh Oh Oh Oh),”
Minor aban- is near, so like all pes-
donment issues aside, simists, it’s not Christ- By Bomb The Music Industry
welcome to the sixth mas until I say it is. On 3. “Star Man,”By David Bowie
issue of For the Re- another note, grab a 4. “Impossible to Place,”By Antartigo Vespucci
cord. If you have not cup of hot tea, a limited 5. “Holiday,”By Green Day
noticed this series edition Buckaroo Ban- 6. “The Trash the Trash the Trash,”By Jeff Ro-
within your friendly zai comic, your favor- senstock
neighborhood media, ite pair of headphones, 7. “Take Me Out,” By Franz Ferdinand
8. “ To Be a Ghost...,”By Jeff Rosenstock

Photo by Tim Rice Photography

Editor: Features Editor: Staff Writers: Tyler Webber
Jenni Diaz Tyler Connell Zachary Barnette Dawson Wood

Justin Call

News Editor: Sports Editor: Michelle Farias Photographer:

Shauna Honaker Trevor Lovell Irving Flores Chyna Jorden One Trojan Trail, Morristown, TN 37813
A&E Editor: Opinions Editor: Oswaldo Guzman Advisor: Phone: (423) 581-1600
Hannah Lakins Fax: (423)585-3791
Joanna Cardenas Charlie Neill Joshua McBee Amy Whaley

Amanda Miller

Addison Pennington

West Side Story is a student publication that reflects the views of individual students instead of Hamblen County
Schools or Morristown Hamblen High School West.

A4 December 2018 Features Features Editor:Tyler Connell

Christmas Traditions Vary in North America

BY ADDISON tend church rins, nuts ceive a lot of gifts from
PENNINGTON masses (Misa and but- their parents and other
de Gallo) ter tarts relatives and the myth-
CSTAFF WRITER and come or short- ical figure Santa Claus.
hristmas tradi- home to bread. This has led
tions can vary family din- to Christmas Day be-
from country ners. Typical DislcSataomppvarcaf aa mcadsoovtesurieteooannfnsOoeonrnaaeeuoct-lroarkrnhloyrrrdddmseethmfakvLnt.CyCrhteirkasfgrroieenoeGyseuamsmehcaohgglAayfC.dntipcaaoameddrferr,InhtfLfvrarffsahaitiaKoioDStgetasgspyoyteubsvnomehrerptiotonopebHprrotylniuoormrvmdeuldmohsdfebyeasietanrcermtleanratrecsesamFtariimhndtaeaakaegtekonseirgchssveRuoalirnnfsd,sgrfehgealinoeetatsDlaeyrsydplsaOaeash.glegfeaitssqcalruodncoa whedaftp,l,sdMwkrust,rheyddtmflgasesmepooriuoastar.aaipsuwvdatDoeiotvuldbtnThunP,nuoue afrhintaepeeesanllaanhhccctanokrEcmaerenrealsiyyhhhdlgyaaaeeeeersss----tttX.,,. EwiwoiawMtSwcmcofwt wCuphtfwwbiLnnloorrhhnlirfyoeo-Soehaiiiewwwwnrgeeattansodmeyump/roahhine-neooptwwwwsrcsiolatrdafevyesrrg.,lhhafrc....hltr.egseaettstwiamtmeIreetnpnohgfahhiatgsuriIrxsoconwhmeeddsntipeeaiiruclifatoefmritupwsfhecysittk htzmsnelelntcepmacsariasedi,ehesas.sdenoe.odDsslnrey,teaonehuIlC-t,.fcCt mCrisdeknanvCsoraCtavghcaoacemiobeh-dsdiy:cenerehtanohtPhhacgslhelnfir,ereuhiyfitnetinasomadasirideabrt/erfcrplsoemssbmmdrtnio-imUcdnnooetatstfiiimedeafdcrgoosooDmahfrtryocensasapceSaioaeiaeiemmmarndelohstrnnnaifindattnxyaotrlenxAtartteinssnnyyyreeeecr-ssssss------taila,,..icyddsactianmfmttsacNSswi pcstlccChcAiltatnoairhpcoioooeaolocanehoriamehgeperannsemmmtmbhlgegtrntahhlioscegillewyidriilvo.eimieoselosdsnsncinaiavi.ittaousp,oelpoticptlecymugehsntarypshcpgns,aiol,mrrMmnaug.dohrooiroayemcvgnwihocdtmsedfupj/vtaaaaeaihesgulbiletfineit/es/itonpepacmrtustptocene.aryhpssdsfpatatlehCmrforrsnastlelnadoelceahtsaantuhhaor/ancohamfr.dhsiiyocayaonSrornnmtlomprdeties,lirogiirurmihnrc,altseTsoirntaoocfdaarrnrtlegcapciohnphnimgennteit-aamtndozeeioeuiasainncenenngaooozsasood/srteeydddgy/aaeeerrs------ff....
to country. Some can meals in- PHOTO BY GEORGE
have very similar tradi- clude Christ- special church service.
tions while others can mas Eve sal- However, some
differ greatly. North ad, wrapped people, particularly
America, mostly com- cornmeal in Quebec, do some
prised of the USA, dumplings or all of these things
Canada, and Mexico, is (tamales), and on Christmas Eve as
a great example of how dried salt- well as, or instead of,
traditions differ from ed codfish (bacalao). on Christmas Day.
country to country. Children re- The traditions
Christmas in Mexico ceive presents from centered on Christmas
From Dec. 16 baby Jesus, which gifts in Canada vary a
until Christmas Eve, is similar to receiv- lot between families.
children across Mexico ing Christmas gifts In some families, a
take part in the posa- from Santa Claus, mythical figure called
da processions. The on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus brings
term “posada” refers Christmas Day gifts. He travels on a
to an inn or hospitali- is often spent as a day sleigh pulled by rein-
ty lodge. During these to rest after festivi- deer, enters homes via
processions children, ties. People wish each the chimney and leaves
are dressed in costumes other Merry Christ- presents and candy in
to re-enact the story of mas (Feliz Navidad). Christmas stockings
Jesus’ parents, Joseph It is common to relax, or in a pile under the
and Mary, looking for catch up with fami- Christmas tree.
a place to stay before ly and friends and eat In other fami-
his birth. leftovers (recalentado) lies, individual mem-
Parties are held after from Christmas Eve bers exchange carefully
the processions, where (Noche Buena) dinner. selected gifts. Popular
children aim at hit- gifts are toys, games
ting piñatas, which are Christmas in Can- and candy for children
paper-mâché decora- ada and clothes, music.
tions filled with candy. Many Cana- Canadians
Poinsettias, or Christ- dians have a day off may open their pres- served, including can- usa.htm
mas Eve flowers work on Dec. 25 and ents on Christmas Eve dy, oranges, manda-
(Noche Buena), are dis- many spend the day
played in many homes. with close relatives or
They come in differ- friends. It is customary
ent colors, including to exchange gifts, enjoy
red, white, and yellow. a special festive meal
Most Mexicans at- and, perhaps, attend a

Boys and Girls Club Gets Teens

Engaged In Community
BY AMANDA ecutive Director, states, club, fill out some pa-
MILLER “The club is commu- perwork and pay a Many activities are available for teens at the Boys and Girls
STAFF WRITER nity based and family 15 dollar fee (covers Club.
centered. It provides one year). They also
Local Boys and a safe and affordable have extended hours
Girls Club gets place for young peo- just for the teens
teens involved in the ple during non-school three nights a week.
community in many home and summer. HOURS:
different ways. Some The club is like a sec- After School (Ages
programs that are ond home to many 7-18)
available through- of our members.” 3:00pm - 7:00pm
out the year include: The club offers a dai- Monday-Friday.
tutoring, leadership ly after school snack, Closed Saturday &
clubs, swim team, bas- meals two nights a Sunday.
ketball league, career week and meals ev- TEENsupreme(Ages
exploration, classes, eryday in the summer. 13-18 only)
weight lifting, sports Teens can get Summer(Ages 7-18)
and fitness activi- involved in the Boys 9:00am-4:00pm Mon-
ties and much more. and Girls Club by day-Friday.
John Seals, Ex- simply going to the

Features EOdpiitnoiro:nTsylEedriCtoorn: nell Features SDeepcteemmbbeerr 22001183 A5

BY TREVOR LOVELL ORNL Scientist Visits West High graduated from Ten-
SPORTS EDITOR scale custom addi- nessee Technical In-
JUSTIN CALL Dr. Nokes, a robotic specialist at Oak Ridge National visited West Highs’ tive manufacturers stitute, University of
engineering classes. or 3D printing man- Tennessee, and Ten-
DSTAFF WRITER ufacturers and solves nessee State College
r. Mark Nokes seemingly impossi- ending with a PhD
visited the En- ble and extremely in mechanical engi-
gineering class to tell complex mathematic neering. Noke said,
the purpose of his equations that no- “The stressful part
job and the impor- one has answered of my job is solving
tance of his job. Dr. yet. He is fueled by problems that have
Nokes is a robotics people saying how not been solved yet.”
specialist and a se- difficult or impossi- He continued, “Even
nior R&D staff mem- ble the math prob- though it is stress-
ber in the manufac- lems are, and that ful and tough, it’s so
turing facility. has not stopped him much more fulfill-
His job at the yet. ing.”
Oak Ridge National Dr. Nokes is
Laboratory is to ap- an alumni of West
ply robotics to large High 1974, and also

B2 December 2018 A&E A&E Editor: Joanna Cardenas

December Horoscopes:

Happy Birthday Sagittarius and Capricorn
June 21)

Aries (March 21- April 19) Taurus (April 20- May 20) Communication
You will have lots of energy with your signifi-
and good fortune, but do not Finding a new way to ex- cant other will not
lose perspective on the things press yourself will help you be as good as you
that are important. be more relaxed. hoped, however
Lucky Days: 1, 17 Lucky Days: 2, 13 just speak from the
Lucky Days: 11, 20

Cancer (June 22- Leo (July Virgo (August 23- Septem-
July 22) 23-August ber 22)
22) You may like order and struc-
This month ture, but this is a great time to
will be about Expand your be spontaneous.
romance and thinking. Take Lucky Days: 3, 10
relationships time to think
for you. release your Sagittarius
Lucky mind. (November
Days: 7, Lucky Days: 16, 23-Decem-
12 25 ber 21)

Libra (September 23- October 23 Scorpio (October This is the time
Some problems from 24- November 22) for you to put
the past will need to be yourself out
resolved in order to give You will learn there and meet
you peace. a lesson in new people.
Lucky Days: 5, 14 understanding Lucky Days: 27,
and tolerance. 31

Lucky Pisces (February
Days: 8, 19- March 20)

Capricorn (December 22- Aquarius (January 20- February 18) Do not worry
January 19) about the things
Do not put any restrictions You are starting to find new you can not
on yourself or your aspira- talents and interests. Be open control, like
tions. Go the extra mile! to new things. what others
Lucky Days: 4, 18 think.
Lucky Days: 15, 21
Days: 22,

A&E Editor: Joanna Cardenas A&E December 2018 B3

Tasty, Christmas Recipes

BY IRVING Elf Donuts
• Cheerios • Wrapping paper
• Sprinkles • 2 Candy Canes
• Powdered Sugar • 1 Standard size Kit Kat Bar
• Cocoa powder • 10 mini Hershey Bars
• Damp paper towel • Ribbon & a bow
• Water
• Toothpicks

For the chocolate 1. Wrap all of the candy bars
sprinkled donuts: Candy Sleigh
1. Mix cocoa powder in holiday wrapping paper 2. Lay the two candy canes
and a little bit of wa-
ter until it become a next to each other
thick consistency. 3. Put the Kit Kat bar across
2. Dip a Cheerio into
the cocoa powder the candy and glue dots to
mixture. secure them down
3. Dip the Cheerio 4. Take the Hershey bars and
into sprinkles. stack them 4 across the bot-
4. Use a toothpick to tom, 3 on top of that, 2 on
clear the center of top of that, 1 on the tippy
the “donuts.” top
5. Let it Dry. 5. Wrap with the ribbon and
top with the bow

DIY Hot Cocoa

Christmas Ornament Makes

Thoughtful Gift

hristmas is the
time for gift
giving and spread-
ing cheer. Most
gifts can be ex-
pensive, but there
are many inexpen-
sive gifts that one
can make at home
with things that
he or she already
has lying around
the house. One
of these gifts that
can be made from
home is an orna-
ment with a sweet Finished product after completing the DIY.

treat on the inside. tops of the orna- 1 tablespoon of
ments and place crushed candy
them to the side. canes then, re-
Ingredients: Place the orna- move the funnel.
• Clear round ment into a small •Then, drop 10
o r n a m e n t bowl to keep it mini marshmal-
• Milk choco- from tipping over lows into the or-
late hot co- and place the nament then put
coa power spout of the funnel the top back onto
• Mini marsh- into the opening the ornament.
m a l l o w s of the ornament. • O p t i o n a l :
• Candy canes • Pour 5-6 Glue one piece of
( c r u s h e d ) tablespoons of ribbon around the
• Ribbon (op- the cocoa pow- top and use anoth-
t i o n a l ) er into the funnel er piece of ribbon
• Small funnel and shake gently (about 6-8 inch-
to transfer all of es long) to tie a
the product into bow onto the top
Instructions: the ornament. of the ornament.
• Remove the • After, add

B4 SportsDecember 2018 Sports Editor:Trevor Lovell

Trojans Topple Highlanders


T he West High
Trojans have
showed their de-
termination this
season with even
a possibility of go-
ing on to state this
year. This year, the
Varsity B oys are
4-1, adding the
victory of the Gat-
linburg Pittman
Johnathan Smith,
West High’s head
coach said, “We
are on to a good
start, and that they
are learning to-
gether forming a
new identity.” Jeremiah Anderson drives the ball down the middle to score against Gatlinburg Pittman.
The start of
the Pittman game
was a rough one
until Jerimiah An-
derson and Makai
Olden pushed
the game to new
heights, helping
the Trojans to pull
away out of a tie
into a lead during
the first half.
“We had a
strenuous presea-
son workout pro-
gram that got our
guys into shape.
Hopefully we can
lean on the work
we did in the pre-
season to propel
us to the place
we want at the en
of the year.” said
Smith. He con-
tinued, “We have
9 seniors so I ex-
pect all of them to Makai Olden goes for a lay up to add two points Point Guard, Zach Young, takes the ball to the Tro-
be a valuable part to the board. jan hoop.
to our team... the
“ u n d e r c l a s s m e n”
will all compete
for playing time.”
A l t h o u g h
first half was a
rumble for the ball
in the first and
second quarters,
the second half
showed how adap-
tive the Trojans
are, with the play- a gap that has got
ers knowing how widened by each
the other team movement down
plays, West High court. Ending the
became unstoppa- score with the
ble on defense and Trojans 73, and the
offense, beginning Highlanders 43. Anderson rushes through the court to pass off the ball.

Sports Editor:Trevor Lovell Sports B5December 2018

West Freshmen Boys Dominate West Greene

T he freshmen West Freshman PJ Reyes prepares a Brady Cornett scores for the Trojans.
boys’ game lay up against West Greene.
versus West Greene
was a great win for Joey Hancock, freshman, goes for the rebound vs. West Greene.
West High. The
game started slow, The score so far more points in the
but later in the was 50-15. There second half of the
game, West star ted were two minutes game. They have
to pick it up. The left in the game good defense and
first team to score and West High was they work hard.”
was West High. in the lead and West High fresh-
L ater West Greene West Greene tried men won and West
shot a as well. So their best to stop Greene lost.
far the game was West High f rom
tied four to four, scoring any more Jack Goan dribbing down the court for the Trojans
but then again points. West High
West High scored won with 56 and
another shot. Then West Greene lost
West Greene score with 22.
a three-pointer, Coach Aar-
and that was the on Jones said,
first quarter of the “The game start-
game. The first ed slow, and they
quarter score was started shooting
8-5 West.
In the sec-
ond quarter, the
game was going
great for West High
but not so much
for West Greene
because West High
had scored 32 and
West Greene with
11 points. The
game is was going
awesome as was
West Greene was
behind points and
West High was in
the lead.
In the third
quarter, both teams
swapped sides. The
game was still go-
ing strong with
West High in the
lead and West
Greene behind.
Later in the game,
the teams took a
break to talk with
their coaches. Af-
ter the cheerlead-
ers performed their
routine, the game
was back on. The
game was going un-
pleasant for West
Greene because
they only had 14
and West High had
37 points. That was
the third quarter
of the game.

It was the last
quarter of West
High against West
Greene. West was
in the lead, but half
way through the fi-
nal quar ter, West
High was winning
the game so far and
West Greene was
far behind them.

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