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The Magazine for alumni, parents, and friends of Bishop Moore Catholic High School WINTER 2016

Magazine is published bi-
annually by the Bishop Moore Undoubtedly, Bishop Moore Catholic is a wonderful community
Catholic Advancement Office. and we have much to celebrate. Our community is indeed made
up of many wonderful parts. These parts form the structure and
MARVIN SNYDER identity of a sizeable campus on which the needs of the whole are
EDITOR served. As within most entities, there are those whose role is to
not only make the entity function but also give care as custodians
GENEVIEVE FABLE of our inherited legacy.
For 17 years, Mr. Wilfredo Rey (“Mr. Fred”) served as the head of maintenance of Bishop
Address correspondence to: Moore Catholic until his retirement last semester. Mr. Rey epitomized the very spirited hallmark
Bishop Moore Catholic of dedication of our staff. Mr. Rey put in countless hours making sure everything ran as efficiently
Advancement Office as possible.
3901 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL 32804 Although Mr. Rey is not physically on our campus anymore, he has left his caretaker’s mark on
the breadth of this campus and his affection for Bishop Moore Catholic in the hearts of us who
Articles are expressly the opinions of the had the opportunity to work with him.
author. We reserve the right to edit all
content for accuracy and length. We As a token of our appreciation for Mr. Rey and to ensure his name will forever be a part of the
gladly submit photos received but due campus, we have named the back road leading to the maintenance shed on which he traveled
to the volume submitted and quality, to begin and end each day in his honor…FRED REY WAY.
we may not be able to display them all.
I thank God for Mr. Rey’s dedication to Bishop Moore
THOMAS DOYLE Catholic as well as the committed witness of all the
PRESIDENT members of our staff who selflessly serve the needs
Virtus et Scientia.


















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2. Letter from Principal
4. The Legacy Gala
6. Campus Ministry
8. Alumni Patriots
10. The Arts at BMC
12. Girls’ Volleyball
14. Football 5A State Champs
16. Fall Sports Updates
20. Alumni Spotlights
22. Alumni Updates
28. Calendar
30. Memorials


On November 14, 2015, over 750 members of the Bishop Msgr. William Ennis began the night reflecting on his role as
Moore Catholic community gathered together to honor
the commitment of Cesar Calvet ‘64, Norma Coto, and a priest in the Diocese of Orlando, spending many years at
Msgr. William Ennis to Catholic education in Central
Florida. The Legacy Gala, sponsored by the Whitney Lee parishes with schools full of
DeCarlo Foundation, was a wonderful night!
rosy-cheeked children. As a
In his acceptance speech, Cesar Calvet painted a poignant
picture of the warm home he found at Bishop Moore Catholic servant to our community, he

as a Cuban refugee. has made a commitment that
With the Hornet com-
munity, Cesar found any of these children will be
a safe place which
helped him to grow, able to receive a Catholic
serve, and become
a leader in Central education, no matter of their
Florida. It is from these
seeds of faith that he has financial capacity. To that end,
continued to give back.
he has given financial support
Honoree Cesar Calvet and his wife Olga
to countless children who have
Former faculty member, Norma Coto is still beloved by her
students today. This was evident in the many alumni who came Honoree Msgr. William Ennis graduated from BMC, thanks
to the Legacy Gala to cheer on their former Spanish teacher. and parent Steve Hingtgen in part to his generosity.
With tears in her
eyes, Norma re- In addition to these touching speeches from each honoree,
flected on her years the evening included a lively silent and live auction, student
in the classroom, performances, dinner, and dancing. The generosity of our
thanking God for the community exceeded our expectations as we netted over
opportunity to help $160,000 to transform the Demetree Media Center into a
mold his children. vibrant, cutting edge student center with a cafe. Funds generated
She later reflected will also subsidize our ever growing Campus Ministry program.
that how she felt at We are sincerely grateful to each of our sponsors, especially the
the Gala is how she Whitney Lee DeCarlo Foundation, for their financial support.
thinks her heart will
feel in heaven. So The planning of the Gala Gala Chairs from left to right:
much love! took place for a year, led Lynn Conte, Donna Fritz & Jennifer Etscorn
by our fabulous Chairs:
Honoree Señora Norma Coto Lynn Conte, Jennifer
Etscorn, and Donna Fritz.
They were supported
by many committee
members who inspired
great ideas and shared
their many gifts. Without
them none of this would
have been possible.

We would also like to thank our emcees for the evening,
alumni Niki Little ‘14, and current Junior, Garrett E. Seeing our
students on stage reminds us all of the true benefactors of the
generosity, our students.




BMC Leadership Students helping to Bob and Kathy Walker ‘75
Build-A-Legacy, Brick-By-Brick

Fr. Paul Henry

Linda & Kevin

2014 Honoree Dave Powers ‘74 and Presenting Sponsors - The Whitney Lee DeCarlo Foundation
Fr. Ralph DuWell, Pastor of BMC Dennis & Stacey DeCarlo with President Thomas Doyle.

From left to right: Eric Rey ‘98, Eddie Fernandez ‘00, Tony Rey ‘95, Carmen Gomez Pickering ‘94, Maureen Daly
Señora Coto, Ivy Gato-Gomez ‘91, Cathryn Mae Cavanaugh ‘97, Cristina Calvet Harrold ‘97, Branham ‘81
Juan Carlos Gomez ‘98, Alex Rey ‘00




We have a new addition to our campus, on the Pines side of her grown son, Jesus, after he has been taken down from the
of our Chapel. This marble replica of Michelangelo's Pieta was cross. Michelangelo wanted the Pieta to be a depiction of the
donated by the King family in memory of their child, Dominic communion between God and his people through the sanctification
Andrew King, who died at 3 months old. Two of the King's of Jesus Christ.
children currently attend Bishop Moore Catholic: Catherine ‘17
and Benjamin ‘19. The Kings realized that they will have children We hope to continue adding sacred art around the Bishop Moore
attending Bishop Moore Catholic for the next 18 years and Catholic campus. If you are interested in making a donation to
wanted to give them a place to remember their brother. enhance our campus with sacred art, please contact Amanda
Livermore: [email protected] 407-293-7561, ext. 233.
Father Ralph DuWell, pastor of Bishop Moore Catholic, blessed
the statue with the King family and students from a senior religion
class. After a beautiful prayer in remembrance of Dominic Andrew,
members of the King family were invited to sprinkle holy water on
the statue.

In addition to being special to the King family, the statue is a
sacred reminder for our entire Hornet community. "Pieta" is an
Italian word meaning pity, compassion, and sorrow. Michelangelo’s
Virgin is a young woman of heroic stature holding the lifeless body


Father Anthony Aarons, TOR, our campus Chaplain, has been During this sacred time in the Church, Father Anthony will give
given a great honor and responsibility for our diocese and the missions or facilitate specific initiatives organized for the Jubilee,
Bishop Moore Catholic campus, and the
honor was given by the Vatican! with a particular attention given to the
The Pontifical Council for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is
Promotion of the New Evangelization something already near and dear to
has selected our own Father Anthony Father Anthony's heart as he can often
as a local Missionary of Mercy. be seen sitting on the dock at Bishop
Moore Catholic, hearing the confes-
Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee sions of our students. With his special
Year of Mercy which began on honor, the Holy Father has given
December 8, 2015 and will end on Father Anthony the authority to
November 20, 2016. pardon even those sins reserved to
the Holy See.



Since its inception, Bishop Moore Catholic's mascot has extremely difficult to deal with and remove. God had a solution
been the Hornet. We proudly wear our black for them…He would send in His special army, the hornets.
and gold as athletes in a variety of sports,
shouting "Let's Go Hornets" as we rally for our Again in Joshua the Lord tells us, "And I sent the
teams. As we focus on our Catholic identity hornets ahead of you which drove them—the
here on campus and within the community, it lead Amorites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hittites, Girgash-
us to ask the question, "Why Hornets?" ites, Hivites, and Jebusites—out of your way; it was
not your sword or your bow." This verse reminds us
Recently, on a Boy's Golf Team retreat, Father Anthony Aarons, that our successes are not by our own doing alone, but victory is
TOR, inspired the players with an explanation of only achieved with the help of God. As our football team prayed
the Hornet in scripture. They are actually mentioned on their retreat, "One Moore for the Glory of God."
three times throughout scripture: Exodus 23:28;
Deuteronomy 7:20; and Joshua 24:12. All three In Exodus, the Hornets are also sent out to clear the way. The
references are to the miraculous interposition of translation of "Hornet" comes from the Hebrew
'sir’ah' which, according to ancient interpreters,
God in driving out the enemy to clear the way for God's chosen refers to hornets that were unleashed against
ones to reach the promised land. the enemy to sting them and cause panic.

In Deuteronomy, God tells the Jews that He will remove Next time you shout, "Let's Go, Hornets," you'll know the
those enemies that, “hide themselves from thee.” power of that whom God chose to clear the way of obstacles
After the major wars had been fought, pockets of so his people could reach their goal!
resistance to God's chosen ones remained in the promised
land. The enemy was hidden and entrenched, and

What does it mean to be a daughter of the KING?

We are each daughters of God the greatest King, priceless planning team developed the theme of "Daughters of the King,"
and dignified. A small group of girls from 9th -12th grade had coming up with talk themes, activities, and prayers for the two-day
an opportunity to reflect on that very theme on the Bishop Moore retreat. Bishop John Noonan stopped by for a surprise visit and
Catholic Girls' overnight retreat in the fall. was encouraged to see these young women taking their faith so

At the beginning of the school year, seriously. He even shared some of his
Mary Kate ‘17, approached Amanda own memories of high school, when
Livermore, Director of Mission he did not yet know he was called to
Effectiveness, to discuss ideas for an the priesthood.
all-girls' retreat. Each year, students
have an opportunity to attend one As the retreat came to a close, the
retreat with their entire class, but girls discussed the highlights. Many
some, like Mary Kate, wanted were impacted by their small group
opportunities for more. discussions, facilitated by the student
leaders who had planned the retreat.
"Listening to Mary Kate and hearing These leaders each shared witness
her desire for a more meaningful talks, telling part of their own faith
relationship with Jesus was inspiring journeys.
to me," said Mrs. Livermore. "I was
happy to help her bring this idea to life." At the next meeting, Mary Other girls mentioned the powerful
Kate was accompanied by five other young women, eager to experience of praying for one another in adoration of the Blessed
plan a meaningful retreat for their classmates. Joined by Mrs. Livermore Sacrament. During this time of prayer, the girls shared their fears
and Lisa Sojourner, Coordinator of Pastoral Care, the retreat and hopes with one another, then receiving support through the
prayers of their friends.


Jack will be choosing AND SENIOR MILITARY
his major in the COLLEGES
spring and is leaning
towards computer Jonathan Belinski 14
science. He had an
opportunity to visit the Jonny is in his 2nd year at
NSA headquarters Colorado Springs and currently
with the computer is in the process of upgrading
science department to become a glider instructor
in the fall. pilot. Recently made the honor
roll and was selected to study
abroad this summer.

Di Yan i McDonough 15 Matthew Salmon 14

Di Yan Zi was one of two Matthew is halfway through his
walk-ons to make the sophomore year. He has
West Point Division I successfully completed glider
Women’s Lacrosse Team. pilot training, survival school,
freefall skydiving school, and
basic training. Upon graduation,
he will be commissioned as a
Second Lieutenant in the United
States Air Force.

atrick McMahan 14 Samuel Mahoney 15 Joyce abala 1

Patrick is in his 2nd year, majoring Sam is in his first year at Joyce is majoring in Psychology and Computer
in Ocean Engineering. Last summer the US Naval Academy
he spent a month on a glacier in and plans to major in Sciences and made the Dean’s List for her Fall
Alaska, learning mountaineering Cyber Operations.
and survival skills. He plays defen- Semester. She plays for the VMI Water Polo team.
sive back on the Sprint Football
team, teaches PREP, and volunteers
to introduce STEM to inner city
middle school students.


Congressman Webster came to present Jack M., class of 2016, Sam S., class of 016,
with his of cial appointment to the nited States Naval Academy. tendered an appointment as a Cadet in the
nited States Coast Guard Academy and signed
van Buddendorff 15 to play football for them.

Evan is majoring in Biology/ Jack oche 15 and
Pre-Med and believes the structure, Sam Mahoney 15
discipline, and comraderie within the meeting up at the
corps of cadets is reinforcing the Army - Navy Game.
foundation of Christian values and
leadership skills he learned at BMC.
His goal is to become a Navy physician.

Alumni Spotlight U.S. Navy - from Seaman Recruit to Navy time”, Gary has managed to co-author
Gary yan 63 Captain to Senior Staff Officer focusing on two textbooks and have been referenced
the Middle East. After completing service in over 50 articles on system implementation,
In August of 2015, Gary finally retired to the Navy, Gary formed his own consulting pedagogy, curriculum development, com-
for the third and final time. During his company firm which provides support puter applications in education,
career, he served thirty nine years in the to corporate, federal, non-governmental and distributed learning.
agencies, the Department of Defense,
and various institutions of higher education. Gary is blessed to have had a second
chance at love after his wife’s passing.
Since graduating from Bishop Moore, He was happily re-married
his love for education found Gary serving in 2008 and is busy
over 25 years in higher education as a with his family: two
university administrator and educator. sons, one daughter,
It was an honor when the University of and four
Rhode Island, one of Gary’s alma maters, grandchildren.
cited him as “an innovator in the area of
computer assisted instruction.” Additionally,
there is a scholarship named after him at
the University of Texas at Arlington where
he is a former faculty member. In his “free


award-winning 2015 District 5 Garrett E. & Taylor R. for
Thespian Competitors!
Duet Musical
BEST IN SHOW DUET MUSICAL Annabella T. for Monologue
Taylor R. and Garrett E. with Taylor R. for Solo Musical
Phantom of the Opera Garrett E. for Solo Musical
Ben V. for Publicity Design
Lauren M. for Playwriting

Nina O. & Jonathon D. for

Duet Acting
Amelia B. for Monologue
Kelsey C. for Monologue
Mackenzie M. for Solo Musical

Mandell Studio Ale E. for Monologue
At The Orlando Anna M. for Monologue

CONGRATULATIONS to Colton P. and Alex M. for being
accepted into the 2015-2016 All-State Concert Choir!

These students went through three rounds of auditions
which included a written music theory exam, a sight-singing
test where they read music that they were seeing for the first
time in front of two judges, and a vocal quality test where
they prepared 8 pieces of music which they sang for a panel
of judges. They competed against thousands of singers from
across the state to earn their seat in the choir.

BMC Choir performing at Light Up UCF All State takes place in January in Tampa where Alex
and Colton will rehearse and sing a concert with 200 other
10 talented high school musicians as part of the Florida Music
Educators Association annual conference.


The Black & Gold Brigade continues to grow represent Bishop Moore Catholic at many Results from the Space
and excel as ambassadors of the Bishop Moore community events throughout Central Florida from Coast Island Classic
Catholic Community. the Veterans’ Day Parade, the Martin Luther Regional FMBC in
King Jr. Parade, Good Shepherd’s Mardi Gras Merritt Island.
The Brigade brings their enthusiastic support Festival, St. Andrew’s Catholic School,
and Hornet pride to every football game, St. James Cathedral School Golf Tournament, 1ST PLACE IN:
home and away. From Memorial Stadium to The Legacy Gala, and more. • Best Music Performance
The Citrus Bowl, their participation is valuable • Best Visual Performance
and unwavering. Halftime brings the sights and A Brand new Conn 20K Sousaphone was • Best General Effect
sounds of their dedication to excellence and a purchased through the generous donations of • Best Percussion
testament to the why they have been called the our alumni, grandparents, and current parents.
“biggest little band” in Central Florida. This year We will take that shiny, gold horn to Savannah, RUNNER–UP
their show was a presentation of the classic rock GA for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March. • Auxiliary (Color Guard)
band Styx. It was so good they took it on the
road and entered two Regional Florida March- DIVISION 1A CHAMPIONS
ing Band Competitions (FMBC), bringing home
multiple Division Championship trophies in both Results from the
1A and 2A. Colonial Grenadier
Invitation Regional
One week after Parker B. conducted the Alma FMBC
Mater in the Citrus Bowl for the Football 5A
State Championship, the Band performed in 1ST PLACE IN:
the Amway Center for the Orlando Magic. • Superior Music
The Black & Gold Brigade continues to • Superior Visuals
• Superior Percussion
• Superior Auxiliary (Color Guard)





You want to surround yourself with girls and coaches who
want the very best for you, and who will do anything to help
you achieve your goals and rise to the next level. You make
a sacrifice from the heart and dedicate yourself to becoming
a person and a player far better than you could've ever

At the beginning of each season,
Coach Jarvis asks the girls to think
about a few goals they would like
to achieve, and to agree on a team
quote that will define their work
ethic. This year the team chose
a Bible verse from Proverbs 27
which states, "As iron sharpens
iron, so one person sharpens another." Bishop Moore
volleyball dedicates itself to player development and emphasizes
the importance of team growth. If you are working as hard
as or harder than the girl next to you, you are destined for
success. Respect is instilled between ourselves and each
other. "When you put on those jerseys," says Coach Jarvis,
"you're playing for something much greater than yourself.
You're playing for your family, friends, community, and all of
the girls who wore your numbers before you."

After a five set defeat to state power PK Young, the Hornets
took it upon themselves to work harder than they had all
season. The energy and the focus at practice went to the next
level as they focused their eyes on the penultimate goal of
bringing home gold medals as state tournament champions.



Berkeley Prep Invitational huge wins that came from total team-
The Hornets finished third in the Berkeley work. The real winner of the event was (Career record 210-38)
Prep Invitational this year against one of the publicity and funds raised for cancer
the toughest fields of teams from all over research. 2015 Season 28-4
the nation. This tournament is always · 5A Coach of the Year
a great time for the team to bond both Post Season · 5A State Champions
on the court and off the court through The fairytale season came to a close · 5A Player of the Year -
traveling together. It was a great way with an undefeated post-season in Shannon C.
for the team to strengthen team which every win towards the state
chemistry for the rest of the season. championship was a 3-0 sweep. 2014 Season 21-9
The state championship against Bishop · Orange County Player of Year –
Dig Pink Tournament Kenny was almost like a home match Gray Malias ‘15
Each year Bishop Moore Catholic as the event was held at UCF. There · 4A District 7 Champions
volleyball hosts the Swing for a Cure was no better feeling than holding up
tournament along with Winter Park the trophy for our school and having the 2013 Season 28-4
High School. In one of the strongest gold medals placed around our necks. · 5A State Champions
fields in the state all season, the Hornets What an amazing way to end such an · 5A Player of the Year –
emerged victorious. Some of our best incredible year! Allie Monserez ‘14
volleyball was played and the team had · MaxPreps All American
First Team – Allie Monserez ‘14

2012 Season 32-0
· 4A State Champions
· Max Preps National
Coach of the Year
· Max Preps National
Team of the Year
· Player of the Year
(MaxPreps, Gatorade,, Orlando
Sentinel, and State 4A) –
Lindsey Owens ‘13

2011 Season 29-2
· 4A State Runner-Up
· 4A Coach of the Year Runner-Up

2010 Season 26-5
· 3A State Final Four

2009 Season 23-6
· 3A District 7 Champions

2008 Season 23-8
· 3A District 7 Champions




AND FAITH BMC football was coming off their best
record (13-1) in school history that ended
The faith aspect with “1 Moore for the Honor and Glory of in a heartbreaking loss to American
has always been God”, two things that they would “do” or Heritage on a last minute field goal. The
part of not just “abstain” from for the honor and glory of outlook for the season was very positive,
the football God along with one thing that they would even with a challenging schedule
program, but do for their “team”. These cards were including Edgewater, South Sumter,
all athletic then placed in a box that traveled with the Bartow, and Lake Brantley.
programs. team all year. At the conclusion of Mass,
each player/coach went to the altar The season opener against Edgewater
This year it began at team camp in and selected a rock. They were to keep started off with the annual pre-game tail-
August. Coach Matt Hedrick coordinated the rock in their locker and pray for that gate at Dubsdread sponsored by
with Amanda Livermore, Director of Mis- person during the season. Additionally, Dave Powers ’74 and United Legacy
sion Effectiveness, and Fr. Leo.Hodges, before each home game, the tradition of Bank. For the third year in a row, the
pastor of St. Andrew’s and former chap- the “rock walk” was started. The players Hornets packed the stadium and cheered
lain at Bishop Moore Catholic. Fr Leo walked together from the locker room in the team on to victory. The 35-7 final
came to team camp in Umatilla (Florida the gym with their rocks, and placed them score returned the Battle of College Park
Elks Youth Camp). at the foot of the three crosses at the east trophy to campus.
end of the stadium.
Fr. Leo brought 60+ large rocks. As part The Hornets continued their success with
of the homily, he asked the players to take The tradition of benediction was brought wins over Lyman, 24-7 and The First
a few minutes and then join the group of back this season. It was something that Academy, 33-6 before beginning district
one of the prayer leaders he brought with was always done back in the 60’s and play. The Hornets went 4-0 in district
him that day. Fr. Leo then had each player 70’s. Each week the team would gather play to extend their winning streak to
put their name on the rock along with the at St. Charles Borromeo Church with 31 consecutive wins and 7 consecutive
words “1 Moore for the Glory of God”. Fr. Ralph DuWell. 15 minutes of silent district championships.
1 Moore has been the motto for this meditation and prayer before the Blessed
year’s team since last spring. The rocks Sacrament followed by group prayer South Sumter came to Harry Nelson Field
were placed at the base of the altar. Each and singing of Holy God We Praise Thy on October 8th for a Brighthouse game
athlete then wrote on a card imprinted Name. of the week and sporting a 39 game
winning streak. The mighty Hornets
prevailed with a 33-14 win.

The Hornet’s success continued as they
made their way to Bartow, a team they
had not played ironically since the 1970

2015 CLASS 5A ST


playoffs. This game was expected to be a “I had no idea how amazing this would

big test for the Hornets. It was highlighted feel,” said Zander, a senior, who was

by a pre-game pep talk given by former in on two sacks and seven tackles –

NFL player and current parent Ray Lewis. including one for a safety. He also

Bishop Moore Catholic flexed its muscle blocked a punt. “I’ve always dreamed

and defeated Bartow 44-6. 1 about it but I’ve never felt like this before.”

The season finale against Lake Brantley “We played better in the second half,”
was a highly anticipated showdown of BMC coach Matt Hedrick said. “Our
undefeated highly ranked teams. A guys knew we were close, and it was the
packed house at Lake Brantley cheered team that wanted it most, that was going

on both teams. Unfortunately on this to find a way to win.”
night, the Hornets came up
short (42-6) and ended hope MOORE QB Collin H. finished 13-of-16
of an undefeated season. passing for 128 yards with two

Coach Matt Hedrick now had FOR THE touchdowns to Rayshad L. and
to regroup and prepare for added 59 yards rushing.
the 2nd season. Their motto Rayshad L. did it all for the

since last spring of “1 Moore” Hornets offensively as he caught
which signified many things – 1 seven passes for 94 yards, returned
three kicks for 112 yards, and rushed
GLORYMoore sprint, 1 Moore lift, 1 Moore
win, 1 Moore whatever it took was OF four times for 33 yards. He added two
made very clear to the team.
GOD solo tackles as a defensive back.
With a renewed spirit and “To play football and make it to a state

commitment to the team, the Hornets championship, and win it, is a kid’s

withstood tough opponents before making CHAMPIONSHIP dream,” Rayshad L. said. “The fact that
it to the state title game. In front of a home- GAME HIGHLIGHTS we did it is unbelievable.”
town crowd of 4,457, the team prepared

itself for “1 Moore” battle. It was a back Trey P. had an 18 yard rush down the It was even more pleasing to BMC athletic
and forth battle with Crawfordville Wakul- Bishop Moore sideline for the go-ahead director, Mike Malatesta, QB of the 1970
la. When time expired, the team gathered score with 70 seconds remaining. team that last won the state championship,
and shouted “1 Moore for the glory of as he placed the championship medallions

God!” The Hornets had emerged with a Jason T. and Zander Z. combined for a around the necks of this year’s team.
dramatic 37-34 victory. The drought was sack with 27 seconds left and Wakulla “Every Bishop Moore Catholic alum is
finally over as Bishop Moore won its first QB and kicker Franks was unable to extremely proud of the accomplishment of
football championship since 1970. connect on the game-tying field goal try this team as was shown by their presence
five plays later. here today.”




It was an incredible year for the Boys’ Varsity Golf team as
they placed 5th at the FHSAA Class 2A State Championship at
Mission Inn Resort & Club, Howey-in-the-Hills, FL on October 30 &
31, 2015. Additionally the team claimed the FHSAA 2A District
10 and Regional 4 Championship titles for the first time in the
school’s 62-year history.

In District play at Dubsdread Golf Course (par 70) on October
12th, Bishop Moore Catholics’s team score of 307 was 20
strokes better than the 2nd place team. Under ideal conditions,
BMC was led by medalist Ignacio A. (73) and runner-up Davis H.
(74). This was the second District title for BMC.

On October 19th, Walkabout Golf Club (par 72), Mims, FL, hosted the Regional Tournament where Bishop Moore Catholic
captured their first ever Regional title by posting a 313 under very blustery conditions. BMC was led by co-medalists Ignacio A.
and Nicholas D. (76). BMC outpaced the 2nd place team by 21 strokes.

At the state tournament, the Hornets got off to a rough start on Day 1, posting a team score of 339; good enough for 9th position
out of a field of 16 team finalists. But the resilient Hornets bounced back strong on Day 2 with a score of 307, the 3rd best
team score of the two day event. The Hornets 32-point score reduction was the largest turnaround among all 16 teams. Palmer L.
(158 - T14th) edged out Davis H. (159 – T20th) for team medalist honors.

Fourth year Head Coach Marvin Snyder stated, “165 teams entered the Class 2A tournament and I couldn’t be more proud of a
Top 5 finish. That was our goal all season long; even after the boys struggled on Day 1, we all knew they could do it!”


The 2015 Girls’ Golf season was one of rebuilding coupled with
some great milestones. The team was comprised of several newcomers
this season. This young squad placed 2nd at the District championships
for the second consecutive year. At the Regional tournament, the Lady
Hornets placed 3rd to barely miss out on qualifying for a return trip to
the FHSAA State Championship.

Sophomore Erin B. dominated all season long and anchored the
team at the number one position. She posted low scores to earn
medalist honors at the Regional Championship at Walkabout which
qualified her to play in the state finals where she placed tied for 36th.

Junior Mandy M. was the outstanding newcomer of the year.
Sophomore Jessica S. was recognized as the most improved golfer
while Junior Caroline C. earned honors with the Coaches Award.



It was another wonderful season for the Bishop Moore Catholic Cross Country Program! This year both the Boys’ and Girls’ teams
advanced to the FHSAA State Finals in Tallahassee, Florida!

The teams began their season in the mountains of Brevard, North Carolina at a national running camp, where they improved their
cardiovascular abilities and learned important race day strategies and techniques. The students ran more than 50 miles in one week!

The Girls’ team won two meets this year at the Trinity Prep Invitational, Embry Riddle Asics
Classic (3rd year in a row), and placed runner-up at The Savanna Mohney Invitational and Lady
Hawk Invite. The girls fought hard for their bid to the State finals, and for Ashley M., her senior
year was capped off with her fourth trip to the State Finals.

The Boys’ Cross Country team was led by stand out
sophomore, James R., and in his first season with the
Cross Country program won both the Most Valuable
Runner and Rookie of the Year awards. He also
was the only Hornet to advance to the FHSAA


The bowling program continues to roll! The program consists of a Boys’ team that finished as a team with a 7 wins and
2 loss record. While the Girls’ team finished with a 5 wins and 4 loss record. The Boys’ Varsity Program advanced in the District
Tournament and eventually lost to the state champions in the District Playoffs. The Girls’ team fell just short of advancing in District
play by 100 pins, finishing 5th overall in the district (Top 4 Advance).

In District play at Wekiva Lanes, Bishop Moore Catholic’s
team finished in 4th place to advance in the afternoon
playoffs. BMC was led by Daniel B. (Class of 2017),
and senior leader, Carson K. (Class of 2016). The overall
team scores were the highest posted scores all year.

The Girls’ team was lead by a strong senior class,
Kallee T. was the most consistent player with her pin
count and anchored the Girls’ team as their overall leader.

Tenth year Head Coach Dave Manchon appreciated the
type of sportsmanship and leadership our Boys’ and Girls’
programs exemplified on and off the lanes.



Bishop Moore Catholic Swimming had 18 boys and 22 girls for the 2015-2016 season. All levels of swimmers were
swimming at least 4,000 yds per practice, with the highest swimming nearly 6,000.

The venue for the Catholic Invitational changed this year to the Lake Highland
Aquatics facility where we hosted 11 teams inclusive. Bishop Verot won the
girls’ competition while St. Thomas Aquinas won the boys’. Bishop Moore
Catholic placed 3rd and 4th respectively. With it happening later in the
season, almost as a Districts warm-up, a number of athletes had stand-out
swims achieving season-best times, if not personal bests.

At Regionals, held at the YMCA Aquatic Center here in Orlando, 6 individuals
and 2 relays placed in the Top 8. Congratulations to Daniel W. for winning
Regionals in the 100 breaststroke.

To qualify for the State meet, swimmers must
be Top 2 in their Region or be in the Top 24
across all Regions. Bishop Moore Catholic
had three swimmers move on to the State
meet: Seniors Emily O. (3rd in the 500),
Senior Fernan A. (5th in the 100 fly),
and Freshman Daniel W. (1st in the 100

This year was Emily's second state qualification in the 500 freestyle where she finished
23rd. It was also Fernan's second state qualification in the 100 butterfly where he finished
12th. Through his State Series swims (Districts, Regionals, State), he broke the school record
4 times with his best being 53.80.

Daniel, in his first state appearance, placed 17th.


Katie K. Sarah L. Mike G.
Volleyball Lacrosse Baseball

Joe S. Rigsby M. Domanik S.
Baseball Baseball Volleyball

Gabe S. Caroline T.
Baseball Basketball


ATHLETIC Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do,
do from the heart,
as for the Lord and

not for others.

Our athletes offer many gifts, utilizing their strengths both in our For the girls’ varsity soccer it was Mark 9:23: shortened to “I believe”
community and the collegiate level. Some even commit to college as they carried the prayer partner tokens of soccer octagons.
programs several years before their own high school graduation.
These successes are made even more significant because of the Boys’ golf chose Deuteronomy 31:6: and carried ball markers to
foundation on which we play, the Gospel message. remind then to pray for one another.

Students take ownership of the spiritual Girls’ varsity volleyball chose Proverbs
life of their team by planning they own 21:27: with each girl wearing an iron
retreats with the guidance of Amanda colored bracelet inscribed with the words.
Livermore, our Director of Mission
Effectiveness. She emphasizes that Teams were supported in these retreats
“the students are the ones who know by numerous clergy and religious in our
who they are and for what they are community. Fr. Leo Hodges helped to
searching.” lead the overnight retreat for the football
team. Our campus chaplain, Fr. Anthony
In these planning meetings coaches Aarons, offered Mass for soccer, golf,
and team captains are asked to reflect and volleyball. Sr. Kathleen Powers ‘59
on a scripture which will serve as inspi- served as team chaplain for the girls
ration for their year. From this scripture varsity volleyball team, proudly wearing
comes the theme of the retreat, as well as prayer partner tokens the championship medal for weeks afterward.
that serve to help students pray for one another and remember the
faith on which we stand. Spring teams have also begun planning their retreats. The teams
have invited religious sisters or priests to be their chaplains. It is our
For the football team it was Ephesians 3:20-21: Each player was hope that this program of athletic team retreats and chaplains will
given a rock with “1 Moore for the Glory of God” and another continue to grow in the future as each player finds his or her
players name for whom they prayed all season. purpose and motivation in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


BMC joyfully celebrated our grandparents on Monday,
September 14, 2015. Hundreds of grandparents gathered
with their grandchildren to pray, enjoy breakfast, and tour the
campus. Students loved showing the school to their grand-
parents and showing off their beloved grandparents to their
friends. In a moving speech, BMC Senior Christen B. shared
the great influence her grandparents have had on her own
faith development. “Through my grandparents’ perfect exam-
ple of love, their immense influence on my prayer life, and
their willingness to always lend a helping hand, they have
guided and shaped my Catholic faith so that I may one day,
God willing, do the same for my children and grandchildren.”




President and CFO of Gotham

FOND MEMORIES BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS years before attending law school at
I arrived at Bishop Moore in 10th grade Christopher Jaskiewicz is the Chief St. John’s University in New York City.
as a transfer from Westridge and Oak Operating Officer of Gotham Organization, While at St. John’s, Chris met his wife
Ridge system. I have two favorite memories Inc., a 100 year old Manhattan-based Christine (Villanova ’93), and they now
- one is that on my first day I knew two company which develops, builds, owns have three children: Jacqueline (12),
people in the entire school – Paul Greco and operates distinctive real estate properties. Christopher Jr. (9) and Giselle (5).
and Mike Passilla. The other is my last day He is responsible for the operations of
of school – being surrounded by what felt Gotham’s portfolio of approximately three
like hundreds of great friends and having million square feet of residential and retail
such confidence knowing that this great properties.
institution taught us and was supporting us.
I still thank Paul and Mike for looking out Chris is also President of Gotham Hospitality,
for me in that first year. which develops and owns artisanal
restaurant and bar venues in NYC. He
HIGHLIGHTS was the executive in charge of developing
Soccer, I played one year and was goal Gotham West Market, a first-of-its-kind
keeper on junior varsity. Those guys were day-and-night market spanning a full city
genuine characters and athletes. block which has been named “one of
America’s best food halls” by Travel &
IMPACT OF YOUR CATHOLIC FAITH Leisure, Food & Wine, and more. Chris
As Catholics we are taught to help people is currently leading the development of
and to be kind. These values have absolutely Gotham’s next hospitality venue in
helped me professionally. It is true that if Brooklyn, and he is frequently called
a business does not make money it will upon as an expert source for The New
not be successful, but it is also true that the York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bon
best companies have “helping people” as Appetit and more.
part of their core values. This can manifest
itself in many ways, ranging from a company’s FROM BISHOP MOORE CATHOLIC
charitable contribution philosophy, to how TO TODAY
it manages its employees, to its customer At Bishop Moore, Chris played baseball
service and product decisions. and was elected senior class president.
After graduating in 1985, Chris attended
ADVICE FOR CLASS OF 2016 Florida State University where he became
My advice would be to try to get to know active in Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and
new people better every day. By doing student government. Then, Chris traveled
this you will help them, help yourself, and abroad to study at the American University
help your shared community. of Paris. Chris worked for PepsiCo for two



This year Fernando Varela signed
a global recording contract with
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
MBH, Universal Music.

He has performed alongside an incred- FERNANDO J. VARELA ‘98
ible list of super stars including David
Foster, Barbra Streisand, Lionel Richie, International Performer and Recording Artist
Babyface, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Ur-
ban,and Jewel. Before all this Fernando students. The one teacher that shines the it. But, regardless of what you end up
was a student here at BMC who didn’t brightest in my mind is Mrs. Coto. I had doing in life you will experience a lot of
start singing until his senior year. her for three years. She always pushed work, pain, and sacrifice. So why not do
me beyond my limits and really helped something that you love and devote your
Recently, Ana Crowe, Director of Alumni, in my growth as a person. She recently life to becoming the best you can be at
caught up with Fernando between came out to a concert of mine and it was it. Something that feeds your soul and
European trips to ask him how BMC had so wonderful to see her again. positively impacts people’s lives. You
impacted his life and career. have the foundation from your time at
AC: What was your favorite subject or BMC to do anything you want in life. I’ll
AC: How has your Catholic faith impact- club at Bishop Moore Catholic? never forget some advice that was given
ed your professional life? to me by David Foster (16 time Grammy
FV: My favorite subject was choir. I Award Winning Producer and Song-
FV: My faith has been a huge part of actually didn’t start singing until my senior writer) while I was touring with him. He
my life. It has given me strength in the year. I had no idea at the time that I said, “Good enough is Greatness’ worst
hardest times of my professional and would actually have a successful career enemy." Most people fail because they
personal life. Fighting through the initial in music. settle for mediocrity. Strive for greatness
career stages as an artist are difficult to always with humility and never lose sight
say the least, but I always clung to my AC: What piece of advice would you of where you came from nor the people
faith because I knew that this was what I impart on current students and the senior that helped you get there.
was called to do. I’ll never forget Father class of 2016?
Charlie’s homily to us at Confirmation, he
told us “Be the light in the world for all to FV: My advice to current students and
see. Don’t ever be ashamed to let your the senior class: Firstly, CONGRATU-
light shine as brightly as possible. The LATIONS on bringing home the state
brighter your light shines, the brighter all football championship! That’s been a
will see the power of Jesus Christ.” long time coming. I was in Germany
when I heard the news and yelled out a
AC: What is your favorite memory of big "Go Hornets" - people looked at me
your time at BMC? strange but it was worth it. In all serious-
ness, I challenge you to chase after your
FV: It would have to be all of the friends dreams. I meet so many people that
I made. I have great memories of sitting despise their jobs. I love what I do. It’s
on the dock by the lake, cheering on our not always glamorous. There’s a lot of
sports teams, and having some of the work, pain, and sacrifice that goes into
greatest teachers I’ve ever met.

AC: Which teacher had the greatest
impact on you?

FV: I had several amazing teachers that
really went above and beyond for their



1950s Dr. William Delaporte ‘62 John Peileke ‘65
Retired in 2013 from his Veterinary practice. Married to Chris for 48 years, are
Bernard Baumann ‘57 Son William “Beau” Delaporte ‘ 90 has spending their retirement building from
Has been officiating high school sports taken over the practice. Celebrated his scratch a log home in the foothills
for 43 years. 48th wedding anniversary this past June of the Smokies.
to Ruthie.
Frances McColl Stewart ‘58 Ken Soistman ‘65
Semi-retired, freelance writer, continues Ernie Kluft ‘61 President of All Saints Catholic in Richmond,
to fill her days with embroidery, family Happily retired since 1999. Has one Virginia. Celebrating 20 years at All
happenings, Bible study, and a new grandson age 2, with another on the Saints, 17 years as Principal and 3 years
interest in archaeology. She has also way. Sons attended Jesuit Dallas and as President.
published several books available via played college football at Hanover
Amazon: “Nee McColl”, “Mac and the College in Indiana. Both have now John Bowen ‘67
Princess”, and “Search Engines, The graduated and are working. Semi-retired Naval architect, has 7
Right Way”. Her latest book “Vignettes” grandchildren ranging from 2 years old
is poetry. Patricia Joyce ‘62 to 6th grade. They live in Maine and
In her 44th year of teaching English New York.
Sr. Kathleen Powers ‘59 at Broward College, Trish centers her
Became the chaplain for BMC’s State composition instruction on sustainability Robert “Brian” Skadowski ‘68
Championship Girls’ Volleyball team. themes, involving students in service Retired in August after 35 years of being an
learning. She recently facilitated a series auditor in private firms, federal agencies,
of professional development workshops for defense contracting and healthcare. Lived
faculty at the American College of Dubai. in New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC,
Washington State and Hawaii.
Michael Toolen ‘62
Recently became a great-grandpa on Teresa Barry Plage ‘69
October 24th to Michael Patrick Toolen IV. Is enjoying retirement with her husband


1960s Mary Ann Kruskamp O’Malley ‘73
Celebrating the birth of her granddaughter
born on June 10, 2015 in Durham,
North Carolina.

Anne Heidrich Diebel-Lane ‘60 Robert Winters ‘62 Phil Love ‘74
Retired Clinical Psychologist, married to Is now re-retired to his penultimate home. Retired at the end of 2015, after 35+
Jim Lane ’58 for 23 years. 3 children: years with Amtrak. Is looking forward to
Christine Diebel Hempsted; N. Donald Sandra Nielsen Grimaldi ‘63 spending his free time with family, friends
Diebel, Jr. (deceased); Peter Heidrich Is announcing the birth of her 8th grand- and his photography.
Diebel ’92. Seven grandsons: Ryan, child, a girl named Carina, born to their
Sean, and Aiden Hempsted; Conor, Liam oldest son Nick and wife Dianne. FOLLOW HO N S ON SOC AL M D A!
and Nicolas Diebel ’18; Reilly Diebel.
How’s it going?
Gloria Cavanaugh Gray ‘65 @letsgohornets #BishopMoore
Submit your class notes at Married to Leon Gray ‘60, they welcomed their first grandchild, Hailey Gray.


Dave Powers ‘74 Roger Masterson ‘86 Jay Magee ‘93
Enjoyed the BMC football playoff game Is the PGA Director of Instruction and Recently earned a promotion to Client
vs. Tampa Jesuit with daughters Amanda Program Director for Core Golf and Integ- Services Manager for Community Hos-
‘09 and Angie ‘13. rity Golf Academies. You can reach him pice of Northeast Florida where he has
[email protected] or www. been employed for 14 years. He also
core completed his tenure as the Chair of the
Public Relations Advisory Council at the
Stanley Mikalonis, III, PhD ‘86 University of Florida’s College of Journal-
Is the Vice President of Sales for Mack ism and Communications.
Trucks, Inc. in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Marguerite Smith Sum ‘75 1990s Abigail Calalang Nguyen ‘00
Daughter Christine married Greg, son of Big sister Penelope is very excited to
Mike Hoblick ‘75 in March 2015. They Dr. William “Beau” Delaporte ‘90 welcome her baby sister Everly Jane on
are expecting their first child in February. Is currently running his family’s Veterinary November 4, 2015.
Is this a first that children of fellow alumni practice Mount Dora Vet Hospital. His
meet and marry? Marguerite is retiring wife Casey is the Office Manager and Elizabeth Laur ‘01
from the Orlando Police Department after they have 6 children. Delaney (15), Will Became an EMT
36.5 years and will be living in Debary. (13), Ever (12), Aiden (9), Elle (9) and 2 years ago.
She has 2 other grandchildren. Brady born July 2013. In August she
1980s confirmation that
she was selected
Laura DiVilio ‘81 to be part of the
Is an early education teacher with 35+ volunteer staff of
years of experience. She is the mother of EMT’s assigned
4 and the grandmother to 9 with one on to Pope Francis’
the way. visit in September.

Erin Breuel Cook ‘85 Sean Slack ‘91 Erika Del Pozo Brown ‘03
Married to Andrew Cook from Toronto, Has been developing a tourism business Currently working as a REMAX Agent
Canada. They have two sons Andy, 10 for retailers in Central Florida for the servicing all of the Space Coast. Married
and Bailey, 8. last 20 years. Sean publishes his own since June 7, 2008, has 2 children ages
magazine “Orlazil Magazine” which 12 and 4.
Jude Kiah, PhD ‘86 is published in Portugese, Spanish and
Returned to Catholic education as Assis- English.
tant Vice President for Auxiliary Services
at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Completed his PhD in Business Adminis-
tration (Management) in September.

New job? New baby?
Newly married?

Submit your class notes at


Taryn Rivera Buckley, PhD ‘03 Sarah Thomas ‘09 Brittany Rembert ‘12
Currently working as the Director of the Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree Is a senior at Villanova University. She
North Florida AIDS Education & Training from the University of Central Florida and plays intercollegiate volleyball for the
Center. Married to Dante Rivera Buckley, is working as a neonatal ICU nurse in Wildcats and at the
PhD ‘01 welcomed their second son Orlando. She is engaged to John Clore. end of her junior
Quintin William Buckley. The couple will be getting married on year was named to
September 3, 2016. the Big East All-
Elizabeth Kent ‘03 Academic team for
Engaged to Sean Collins and is getting 2010s the 3rd consecutive
married on April 16, 2016 at St. Mary year. She is majoring
Magdalen Catholic Church in Altamonte Sarah Higgins ‘10 in Communication
Springs. Graduated cum laude from Florida State with a minor in
University. She now resides in Cleveland, Economics. She
Ohio were she is in her first year of law also serves on the
school. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Advisory
Committee and as Treasurer of the Public
Aubrey Dunn ‘11 Relations Student Society of America.
Graduated from the University of Central
Florida in 2015 with a degree in Event Michael Tessitore ‘12
Management with minors in Hospitality Graduated from University of Florida on
Management and Mass Communications. December 19, 2015 with honors (cum
laude). He landed a
Rachel Higgins ‘11 job in business in
Graduated from University of Central Gainesville and is
Florida in May. She recently relocated taking the LSAT in
to New York City to pursue her career in February.
professional writing.

Colin Osterndorf ‘11 Robert Ryan ‘13
Currently teaching Is studying abroad at the London School
abroad in Slovakia. of Economics. Has accepted an intern-
ship as an analyst in BP’s commodity
trading program in Chicago, IL.

Philip Camarano ‘05 Rosaly Lugaro ’12
Is celebrating his 3rd wedding anniversary
on January 5, 2016. First son Michael Graduated on Erin Johnson ‘13
was born on March 7th. December 19, 2015 Attending college
from the University in Ann Arbor,
Justine Cline ‘06 of Florida with a Michigan and has
In June of 2014, was diagnosed with Bachelor’s Degree been named the
stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. After in Business with a President of Optimize.
months of chemotherapy, radiation, minor in Entrepreneur- This organization
double mastectomy, and reconstructive ship. She is in the works to “change the
surgery, all scans have come back clear. process of decid- world, one idea at a time.”
Our God is an awesome God! ing which job offer For more information on optimize go to:
to take. She will be
Sara Ryan ‘08 starting her Master’s
Is a Public Relations and Events Coordi- degree soon.
nator for the City of Apopka.
Cesar Lugaro ‘15
Stacy Machuga ‘09 Is attending the University of Florida and
Graduated December 2015 from Nova studying Architecture.
Southeastern University with a Master’s
Degree in Forensic Psychology.


Weddings Benjamin McMahan ‘08
John Schmidt ‘76 Married Ashley Henriquez on Saturday, January 16th at
Married Gay Robinson Schmidt on March 8, 2014. Has a St. James Cathedral.
new job as Florida Market Leader for First Tennessee Bank.

Nick Powers ’05 & Taylor Bovich Powers ‘07
Were married on December 5, 2015

Brett Beardslee ‘06 & Alexandra Williamson Beardslee ‘07
Were married on July 11, 2015 at St. Mary Magdalen Church in
Altamonte Springs. They presently reside in Nashville, Tennessee
where they returned following a honeymoon in St. Thomas.

Kelly Branham Smith ‘08
Married Kevin Smith on August 8, 2015 at St. Dominic’s
Chapel at Providence College where they met.

Newly Ben and his best friends from BMC:
Married? Alex Mendez ‘08, Ultima Rogers ‘08,

Send us your and Lauren Broberg ‘08.
photo and



Mahassan Harb Rusnak ‘08 & Andrew Rusnak ‘08 Katherine Wojdan Thomas ‘13
Were married on March 21, 2015 at Holy Family Catholic Married Mike on December 3, 2015 in Orlando. Katie is an ER
Church. The wedding was presided over by Father William Ennis. nurse working on her master’s degree as a nurse practitioner.
The wedding party included fellow alumni: Scott Rusnak ‘99, Mike will be graduating from medical school this spring to begin
Christine Martin-Ettore ‘08, Matt Czarniak ‘08 and Clayton Gravely his career as an Air Force emergency physician.
‘08. Mahassan is a first grade teacher in Orange County.


Alumni Tailgate for State Championship Football Game

FSU Alumni Campus Visit Bishop Moore C
Class of 2005 Reunion
Faculty Member Paul O’Grady
juggling at his Alma Mater, FSU #
Class of 2005 Reunion Mass IN
...a Christ - centered environmen

Class of 1965 Alumni BBQ

26 Alumni Networking Tournament

UF Alumni Campus Visit


BEST Class of 1965 Reunion

nt stressing academic excellence Alumni Soccer Game
Class of 1985 Reunion Mass
Class of 1985 Reunion



WITH ANY QUESTIONS 407.276.2086 EXT. 261


03 15
09 16

Naples Alumni - Regional Reunion Phonathon Phonathon
D’Amico & Sons An opportunity to connect Hornet-to-Hornet. An opportunity to connect Hornet-to-Hornet.
Neopolitan Way Our students will be calling from Our students will be calling from
4691 9th Street North 6 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. 6 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Naples, FL 34103 Answer the Call! Answer the Call!
11:00 a.m.

NYC Alumni - Regional Reunion FASHION Living Every Day with
Gotham West Market S Hu Ou Wu Passion & Purpose
600 11th Avenue, NYC Strike a pose for a cause with Matthew Kelly
6:30 p.m. St. John Vianney Catholic Church
9th Annual Student Fashion Show 7:00 p.m.
28 Bishop Moore Catholic Gymnasium
7:00 p.m.

SDathvaeete NOVEMBER 12, 2016


14 24th Hornet Scramble Spring Art Show
15 Michael Scheve “Steeze” Open Demetree Media Center and Art Hall
16 Dubsdread Golf Course 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Shotgun start - 8:00 a.m.
Drama Spring Musical
“Jesus Christ Superstar”
Orlando Shakespeare Theatre
7:00 p.m.


Baccalaureate Mass 22 Alumni Christmas Party
Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, 23 The Taproom at Dubsdread
Queen of the Universe 6:30 p.m.
9:00 a.m. ALIMNI WEEKEND $10 to attend, delicious appetizers will be served
Graduation Oct. 21 - All Alumni BBQ 5:30
UCF Arena Homecoming Game - 7:00 29
2:00 p.m. Oct. 22 - Class Parties
Oct. 23 - All Alumni Mass
12:00 p.m. Mass under the pines and Tours

MEMORIALS Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual
light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

David S. Ailes Czeslawa Kielar Patrick Edward Perrott
Parent of Jennifer ‘88 Grandparent of Kimberly ‘05 and John Grandparent of Patrick ‘99
Paul Tarczynski ‘12
James “Jim” David Bozeman Judith Anne Reilly ‘61
Parent of Ryan Charles Bozeman ‘95 Lynda Lane ‘82
and Claire Lydy Bozeman ‘01 Daughter of James Lane ‘58, Sister of Lisa Lane
Hardy ‘85, Step-daughter of Anne Diebel-Lane
Patricia R. Brennan ‘61, and aunt to Nicholas D. ‘18.
Parent of Peter ‘71, Daniel ‘72,
Susan ‘73, Kathryn ’74, and
Richard ‘74 (deceased)

Daniel Breslin ‘85

Paul W. MacDermott Arlene Rintelman,
Parent of Sean ‘04 Parent of Kristen ‘99

Alina Martin ‘85 Dale W. Syvertson
Parent of James ‘84

Denise Tansy ‘85

Mary Ann Buckley Lawrence R Martiny John M. Troilo ‘81
Parent of Dante ‘01 and Dominic ’03 Parent of Lawrence ‘76 Brother of Mark ‘80 and Mary Ellen ‘84,
Mary Billeter Masel ‘63 and Denise Troilo-Waite ‘84
Bernard Dempsey, Jr., Trustee
Anthony Narushka ‘74 Bob Waggoner
Joan Ann Frankenberger Grandparent of Luke M. ‘19
Mother-in-law of Kathleen ‘81 John A. “Jack” White
Great-grandparent of John T. ‘04
Sylvia May Garbett Barbara E. Young
Grandparent of Brandon ‘11, Grandparent of Emma K. ‘17 and Jake K. ‘19
Shelby ‘12, and Courtney ‘14

Dr. Albert H. Gleason
Parent of Barbara Gleason-Taggart ’61,
Jennifer Gleason Brinner ‘68, and
Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Gleason ‘70

Donald Ray Hampton
Parent of Lynn Kelly ‘75, Leo ‘79,
Mary Ellen Ronghagen ‘81,
Steve ‘86, Patricia Sue Breateale ‘87,
and Jill ‘81 and brother-in-law to
Don Smyths ‘71

David George Heidrich
Brother of Anne Diebel-Lane ‘61, Francis ’61,
Patty ‘63, Lynn Harper ’66 (deceased),
Dorie Hardrick ‘70, Beth Rich ’72, and
Mary ‘79 and brother-in-law to James
Lane ‘58, great uncle to Nicholas D. ‘18


It’s impossible to walk across campus with-
Each year we invite you to out seeing evidence of the impact Bishop
make an Annual Fund gift. Moore Catholic’s donors make.

These gifts are You can see it in the number of students on
immediately available campus, many of whom rely on financial
assistance. Enrollment is up once again
to support all that makes and, this fall, Bishop Moore Catholic
Bishop Moore Catholic the welcomed its largest freshman class ever.
vibrant learning community
it is today. You can see it in classrooms and during campus club meetings.
And on bulletin boards filled with fliers promoting upcoming speakers,
If you haven’t done events, and opportunities. And in the faces of our students on the
so already, we hope athletic fields and performance venues.
you will consider
making an Annual Thanks to the generosity of many, Bishop Moore Catholic continues
Fund gift. to offer an outstanding student experience.

To give online, go to: THOMAS DOYLE PRESIDENT
You can also contact Jeany MISSION
Vasquez at (407) 293-7561
extension 226 or To provide the highest quality, affordable,
[email protected] secondary education based upon the
Gospel message and Roman Catholic
teachings. This is accomplished in a
Christ - centered environment stressing
academic excellence, spiritual growth,
personal integrity, community
involvement, athletic development,
and cultural appreciation.


3901 edgewater drive orlando, fl 32804


Bricks can be personalized with a student’s name,
family name, special anniversary, and/or a message.

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