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Bears Paw


Clubhouse & Fitness Center
Improvement Plan 2017

Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Members,
Two years ago, we celebrated the thirty- fifth anniversary of Bear’s Paw Country Club. It was a terrific gathering, highlighting the strong sense of community
which exists at our club. The event was based on the reopening of our Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course after renovation and we were privileged to have
Jack and Barbara Nicklaus join us.
The renovation of our golf course was testament to our commitment to continuous progress, driven by thoughtful and comprehensive strategic planning. Our
goal as a Board of Governors is to keep our focus on improving our community for current members while at the same time recognizing the need to address
the interests of prospective members in a competitive world. We do this all with an eye on the costs and benefits to our members.
The Board of Governors presents to you the next initiative to continue to make Bear’s Paw the unmatched gem it is through our 20/20 project. This initiative
includes a new and renewed clubhouse, a modern kitchen, enhanced indoor and outdoor dining, improved meeting spaces and private dining opportunities
as well as improved fitness facilities and continued work on community and golf course landscaping.
This proposal is the consequence of hard work by your fellow members who serve on the Strategic Planning Committee, the Finance Committee and the
Board of Governors. To arrive at this proposal, we have had member- wide surveys, focus groups, assessments of our competitive position, and careful anal-
ysis of our financial strength. The proposal contained here is a consequence of what we have heard from the members as well as a thorough analysis of our
competitive position in Southwest Florida.
As the humorist Will Rogers once said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”.
In order to present a comprehensive proposal to you, the Board and committees hired an architectural firm, engaged a members’
representative to assure prudent financial and construction plans, and developed strong financial models. As we have noted in our town hall meetings, this
proposal requires no special assessment of our members and the debt service is well within our financial capabilities.
As we did with the golf course renovation, we have offered members the opportunity to assist this project by prepaying dues. To date, we have over one mil-
lion dollars pledged, enabling us to begin the project a year earlier than originally planned and saving the club meaningful dollars on interest rates as well as
lowering construction costs.
The Board of Governors urges you to read this proposal carefully and ask whatever questions you might have regarding this project.We will have a compre-
hensive Town Hall meeting in early November and provide you with an opportunity to vote on this project over the course of the month of November.We
hope everyone will participate by thinking through this project and supporting it with your vote. This will enable Bear’s Paw Country Club to remain one of
the most attractive and best values in South Florida.

Gordon A. Haaland


Letter from the President Table of Content
20/20 Vision Mission Statement
Why is the Board proposing Capital Improvements? VI
Fitness Center Conceptual Floor Plan 2
Clubhouse Conceptual Site Plan & Front Elevation 3
Clubhouse Conceptual Floor Plan 4
Clubhouse Area Comparison 5
Lobby/ Bar/ Dining Conceptual Plans 6
Rear Elevation Conceptual Plans 7
Funding Approach 8
Construction Timeline & Transition Plan 10
Voting Process 11
Million Dollar Challenge 20/20 12
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 13


20/20 Vision Mission Statement

To meet the needs of the current and future members who increasingly are looking for the clubhouse to be their home away from home, and to broaden
the appeal to the non-golfer, building a clubhouse and fitness center with the space to meet diverse interests is imperative. To quote Bear’s Paw Country
Club’s Mission Statement:
“Bear’s Paw will maintain a standard of excellence through continuous improvement of our Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, grounds, facilities, and
services providing value and enjoyment for current and future Members.”

20/20 Vision: Setting Our Sights on the Future
“Truly a masterpiece of planning and design, Bear’s Paw Country Club will stand out as one of the finest condominium communities in Southwest Florida!”
Taken from a late 1970s advertisement, this bold proclamation says a lot about our history and inspires us to plan the next chapter.
From the late 19th century to the 1950s to the late 1970s and beyond, visionaries have seen great possibilities for southwest Florida, Naples and Bear’s
Paw. Those visions are brought to life daily on this 245-acre site. From wild life to golf life to social life, Mother Nature has provided a unique, intentionally
understated place for our enjoyment and one worthy of our investment.
So, we look ahead, guided by our mission statement, vision for the future, feedback from our Members, industry trends, the economic climate and an
assessment of our site and facilities to restore and renew our clubhouse.
Entitled 20/20 Vision: Setting Our Sights on the Future, this investment represents our collective commitment to assure a bright future for our community.
If we set our sights on the future together, we will preserve and advance Bear’s Paw Country Club’s status as a masterpiece of planning and design.


Why is the Board proposing Capital Improvements?

The long-term success of Bear’s Paw will be dependent upon our ability to retain our members and attract future members with fairly significant wealth.
Less than 1% of the population can afford a club like Bear’s Paw and this very small group of potential members will demand high quality facilities and ame-
nities that provide a complete lifestyle experience.

Here are few important facts to consider:
• Almost 600 private clubs have closed and gone out of business since 2010.
• The current forecast is for an additional 500 or more “mid-level” clubs will go out of business or merge with another club over the next five years.
• There is not enough wealth available in the country today to support all the clubs that are currently in this business.

Industry experts say: Clubs that promote change while keeping their culture will have the best opportunity to recruit the next generation of members.

The McMahon Group – Premier consultant to Private Country Club industry makes it clear - we must make our clubhouse attractive to future Members.
Here is what they say:
• Clubs must serve two communities - current members and potential members. Being relevant to both is crucial to success.
• Private clubs must be willing to admit that new dining preferences will increase the demand for casual space. Therefore, a range of choices must
be offered such as casual dining and outdoor dining.

A recent survey of the private clubs in the Naples area shows that 12 clubs are currently going through a complete clubhouse renovation or have completed
one in the last 3 years. To name a few: Country Club of Naples, Shadow Wood, The Classics, Vanderbilt, Naples Grande, Bay Colony, Mediterra, Stonebridge,
Quail West, Pelican Isle Yacht Club, The Moorings, The Club at Pelican Bay. Royal Poinciana’s renovation will begin in April 2018.

Our existing clubhouse does not meet our needs. Our members, through our survey and focus groups of last year, put a high premium on changes to the
clubhouse. We need more space, an improved kitchen, increased informal and outdoor dining, and an open floor plan, all to increase members’ satisfaction.
While not everyone may agree, a strong majority of our members do think that a renewed clubhouse is in order.
In addition, our existing clubhouse is not competitive in today’s club world. The potential new members, who will be the future of this club, expect more.
Clubs throughout our region and nationally are upgrading facilities to continue to attract new members.  And just to remind you, our current clubhouse
does not meet the safety codes currently in force in our area. Even to upgrade our kitchen would require that we bring the entire building up to code at
substantial expense. After extensive research including input from our consultants, the Board has determined the cost to renovate with applicable contin-
gency is more than the cost to rebuild, largely due to the significant costs related to code and safety compliance.


Why is the Board proposing Capital Improvements?

Why is it important to expand the fitness center?  
Based upon the 2016 Member Satisfaction Survey, about 2/3 of the respondents use the fitness facility and half of them use it at least weekly.  Of the Mem-
bers who use the fitness center, half of them are dissatisfied with the current facility and less than 10% are completely satisfied with the facility. In the
2017 Member Satisfaction Survey, the percentage of respondents who are dissatisfied with the fitness facility has doubled from last year. Members are not
completely satisfied with the variety and availability of equipment, neither of which can be addressed within the confines of the current 1,160 square foot
facility.  In fact, industry standards suggest 3,500 square feet as optimum for a community our size. If Bear’s Paw were to build a new fitness facility, two-
thirds of respondents expect to use a new fitness facility weekly or more often. This percentage is twice the number who claim to use the current facility at
least weekly.

Clubs in our competitive bracket have fitness centers ranging in size from 2,600 to 6,200 square feet.  And one of them is already planning a second renova-
tion to their current 3,400 square foot facility to accommodate the increased usage of the new, improved fitness center.
While one could argue that our survey data isn’t representative of the vast majority of Bear’s Paw Members, the Board must also consider the opportunity
cost of potential members lost to other clubs in our competitive bracket.  A recent Wall Street Journal article reported the important role fitness centers play
in private country clubs with aging members who golf less and by appealing to one golfer households.  A Palm Beach Gardens Club that was cited is typical
in that the fitness center is their number one selling point by enhancing the appeal of the club to one or non-golfer households.  According to the National
Golf Foundation, 25% of America’s golfers are women, but women make up half of the health club members nationally.  The Palm Beach Gardens Club
COO said, “golf is an anchor, but fitness and spa is the future.”  

In a recent “Club Trends” report by premier private country club industry consultant the McMahon Group, fitness and wellness were cited as emerging
trends among country club members nationally.  While golf was the original identity of country clubs, the new generation club must focus on health, fitness
and wellness.  People are wearing FitBits to track everything from their steps to heart rate to sleep cycles to glucose levels and caloric intake.  
Evidence is overwhelming that people who exercise and monitor their health live longer and have more positive lifestyles.  There are actually 3 local clubs
currently offering health and wellness programs in conjunction with their fitness facilities.  They are The Club at Pelican Bay, The Bonita Bay Club and Grey
Oaks.  Grey Oaks and Bonita Bay recently opened Lifestyle Centers with a focus on healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Tying in with the Bear’s Paw Vision fitness is a key factor in the vitality, prosperity, quality and marketability of Bear’s Paw.


Fitness Center Conceptual Floor Plan


Clubhouse Conceptual Floor Plan


Clubhouse Conceptual Plan


Clubhouse Area Comparison

To meet the needs of the current and future members who increasingly are looking for the clubhouse to be their home away from home, and to broaden the
appeal to the non-golfer, building a clubhouse and fitness center with the space to meet diverse interests is imperative.  To quote our Mission Statement,

“Bear’s Paw will maintain a standard of excellence through continuous improvement of our
Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, grounds, facilities, and services providing value
and enjoyment for current and future Members.”

Keeping the mission statement in mind enjoy the window into the proposed new clubhouse through that lens.


Lobby/Bar/Dining Conceptual Plans


DINING ROOM CONCEPT A spacious, welcoming lobby will allow Bear’s Paw to have a dedicated, immediately visible
reception area.  Additional space for greeting and serving Members, guests and visitors will eliminate
the bottlenecks in our current administrative space.  Having a space to display our growing collection
of trophies and memorabilia enhances Club pride and first impressions!

Dining Area and Private Dining Rooms
More a redesign with respect to the main dining area than an expansion, a new and improved infor-
mal dining space will allow for open vistas inside and out. The private dining rooms would double in
number and triple in square footage from the current plan to create dedicated space ... as needed ...
for formal dining, more flexibility for the many popular private gatherings, luncheons, dinners, cock-
tail receptions and meetings, special interest clubs that are growing in size and scope, better acoustics,
the potential for revenue-generating events and more!


Lobby/Bar/Dining Conceptual Plans

Administrative Offices and Conference Room
Any visit to the current administrative space makes the case for an expansion.  The lack of privacy, whether staff are meeting with Members, prospective members, other
staff or vendors, interferes with concentration and productivity.  Staff meet with grieving family members in the reception area.  New members stand at the reception
desk to review information.  Offices are cluttered with storage.  Passageways are too narrow for more than one person.  Doubling the administrative space will not only
remedy these inadequacies but also segregate noisy workspace from office space, create a distinct staff entrance, and provide a conference room equipped with ap-
propriate technology and furnishings for optimal productivity.  Segregating the busy reception area from offices will also enhance staff concentration and productivity. 
Right-sizing and reconfiguring this space will provide the proper stage for the professionalism and productivity of the Bear’s Paw administrative team.
Locker Rooms and Bathrooms
More than 35 years ago, our locker rooms were created for use exclusively by on-site Members and their guests.  While the bylaws always allowed for the addition of
Members who would reside off-site, that prospect did not realize itself until 4 years ago when the first non-resident memberships were sold.  Non-resident members, in-
cluding experienced, loyal Emeritus members who obviously didn’t exist at the Club’s inception, are adding new engaged Members, dues income, dining minimums and
capital for the Club.  Creating space for these important Members to call home will add value and help us keep this important prospective member pipeline full.  Simi-
larly, creating lounge spaces not only supports the needs of non-resident members, but also provides space for the growing golf leagues to have impromptu meetings or
conduct organizational activities.
Golf Shop and Offices
Along with a growing membership and expanding golf programs comes the need for additional golf shop and office space to have a sufficient quantity and variety of
merchandise, additional attractive displays, inventory and workspace for golf program staff.  The golf instructional program is growing and golf events are added to the
calendar every year.  Planning and implementing these programs is a key and growing part of our Club.
An expansion and improvement of the kitchen is long overdue.  New equipment, additional space/equipment to support a diverse menu, plating space for so many pop-
ular, sold-out Member events, and staging the service ware required to assure that presentation is on point cannot be accomplished in the current kitchen.  In addition,
constant repair of outdated equipment that has been depreciated beyond its useful life is also an issue.  Retaining loyal, experienced staff and recruiting newly-trained
staff are important benefits of creating a state-of-the-art culinary facility.  A modest increase in square footage is necessary for the chef and his culinary team to meet the
Members’ expectations.  
Food & Beverage/Club Storage
Commensurate with a focus on informal dining, a new state-of-the-art kitchen and expanded outdoor dining space, and based upon the experience of other clubs in
our competitive group who have made similar improvements, we also expect growth in food and beverage volume.  Similarly, the addition of Emeritus and non-resident
members requires space to store Member golf clubs and equipment.  In addition to these drivers of the need for storage, providing staff with storage that is ample and in
proximity to their points of service will improve employee satisfaction, recruitment, retention and the quality and promptness of service to Members.
Outdoor Bar and Dining Terrace
Across the country, offering and/or expanding outdoor dining is a growing trend.  Country clubs and restaurants are setting outdoor dining spaces on sidewalks, rooftops
and even replacing their windows with the retractable variety to bring the outdoors IN to their dining establishments!  Nowhere is this more true than in the “every day
is summer” sunny Florida environs.  Our current primary outdoor dining space seats 24 and is woefully inadequate.  Creating a welcoming, serviceable outdoor dining
space for 155 will accommodate less than 40 parties of 4 and represents an appropriate, conservative step in the right direction.


Funding Approach

In all things, planning for the future is a necessary, albeit challenging, fact of life.  With the Bear’s Paw mission statement as its framework, the Finance Commit-
tee has developed a 20/20 Vision financial plan that:
• Considers the project in components
• Supports high level schedule development and project management due to seasonality
• Bases costs upon actual data and industry standards
• Assumes a spring 2018 commencement and fall of 2019 conclusion
• Addresses cost escalation over the course of the project         
• Provides for a robust transition plan to maximize Member satisfaction during construction
At its April 24th meeting, the Board officially accepted and approved the Strategic Planning Committee’s (SPC) recommendation for a newly constructed club-
house with the following budget, which is also the basis for the financial plan.

New Construction
Clubhouse Construction Costs including demolition $ 6,219,309
Design Fees, Insurance, Permitting, Temporary Facilities $ 767,700
Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment $ 1,083,500
Sitework $ 773,595
Clubhouse Total $ 8,844,104

Additional Fitness Center Total $ 595,797
Clubhouse & Fitness Center $ 9,439,901
Contingency 15% $ 1,415,985
Clubhouse & Fitness Center Total $ 10,855,886

• Building process to begin Spring 2018 and completed Fall 2019 • An increase in the joining fee from $35-40,000 as of May 2019
• An additional $400,000 in transition costs • An increase in the joining fee from $40-45,000 as of January 2020
• Per the financial guidelines there is a 15% contingency • 327 golf memberships, the maximum allowed in the bylaws
• Monthly capital charge of $200 • A 10-year bank loan of $10 million at 5.5%
• 15 home sales per year (last 6 year average was 19 per year)


Funding Approach

Furthermore, so that other important Member amenities are not neglected over the 11-year loan period, supplemental reserve funds of an additional $100,000
per year will be available for SPC recommended projects approved by the Board, including the following:

Bear’s Paw Country Club To protect against unforeseen capital needs or economic forces, the follow-
Projected 10yr New Capital Projects by Area ing chart depicts year-end cash balances:

Golf Course Annual cash flow by year in 000’s
Landscape Improvements $ 200,000 2018 $510
Drainage Plan $ 300,000 2019 $976
2020 $775
Common Areas $ 200,000 2021 $1,516
Security towers for property perimeter(2/yr) $ 450,000 2022 $897
Clearing exotics and landscaping improvements 2023 $983
2024 $1,028
Fitness & Recreation $ 5,000 2025 $1,078
Additional Bocce Courts (2) lighted $ 55,000 2026 $1,177
Pickleball Courts (2) lighted 2027 $1,235
2028 $1,301
Waterfront 2029 $1,412
Expansion of docks with viewing deck $ 200,000

Subtotal $1,410,000
15% Contingency $ 211,500

Total $1,621,500

As with all Club matters, Member input and feedback has guided the financial planning process. The result is a plan that:

• Provides a fitness center and clubhouse that will meet the needs of Members, 95% of whom, when last surveyed, reported that it was vital to update the club
house to remain competitive in the Naples market.

• Avoids an upfront assessment that Members do not want and that prospective Members would avoid.
• Provides a state-of-the-art facility that is code compliant for safety and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a responsibility of the Board to its Members.
• Expands the clubhouse footprint to accommodate diverse interests and appeals to the large prospective member market that increasingly includes non-golfers,

a market imperative that benefits all Members.
• Preserves sufficient reserves for other improvements that are also important to Members.
• Funds a robust transition plan, articulated by Members, including regular food and beverage service, with ZERO dining minimum fee during construction.


Transition Plan

Transition Plan

If the Clubhouse improvement program is approved by the membership, the following transition plan is included in the costs of the project. The goal of the plan
is to accommodate the membership needs as much as possible during construction.
Summary of operations:
• The golf course will remain open the entire time
• Temporary trailers will be used for:

– golf shop operations
– administrative offices
– member restrooms
– kitchen
– storage
• A tent(s) will be used to create a “19th Hole” for dining and bar service with extended hours every day the course is open.
• The fitness center will be constructed first which will accommodate card groups, meetings, etc. during the clubhouse construction.
• The food minimum will be waived when the club is not available.
• Onsite dining and bar service:
– Lunch and beverages will be served daily when the golf course is open.
– There will be extended lunch service until 5:00pm daily.
– There will be limited dinner service available and at least one social event each month during season.

Food & Beverage Operations Schedule:

May: Lunch daily, dinner once per week. August – October: Lunch daily. Closed every Monday
June: Lunch daily. Closed every Monday November – Dec: Lunch daily, dinner twice per week.
July: Course and tent closed for the month January – April: Lunch daily, dinner three times per week

• Offsite dining and socializing:
– Extensive reciprocal dining list of local clubs in Naples.
– Special arrangements with local restaurants
– Social Committee will arrange several offsite excursions

• Employee retention during construction:
– There will be no layoffs in any of the departments due to the construction other than Food & Beverage.
– All salaried F&B personnel will be retained.
– Key hourly F&B personnel will be retained. If applicable, they will be offered hours in other departments where they have been cross-trained.
– Any F&B personnel that are not retained, that management would welcome back, will be offered a return package.


Construction Timeline / Voting Process

Construction Timeline

Voting Process
Bear’s Paw members will vote for the new capital improvements commencing at the Town Hall meeting on November 6th and the polls closing on December 4th.
• We seek a minimum of 151 votes in favor of the 2017 Capital Improvements Project for it to proceed as proposed. We want to hear from every household, and

the only way for your voice to be heard is by voting.
• The Board has engaged Vote-Now, a national firm that specializes in conducting secure balloting, to conduct the Member Vote and report the results to the

Board. As an independent firm, they will ensure confidentiality, transparency, and assurance to the Members on the conduct of the Member Vote.
• Balloting will be conducted Electronically, by Paper Ballot, or by Limited Proxy based on the individual member preference. All ballots, will go to Vote-Now,

which will track, count and maintain security of balloting using Bear’s Paw member numbers. Only one vote per general member number will be counted.
• Detailed voting instructions will be provided in November prior to the vote.
Privacy Statement:
The Board of Governors of Bear’s Paw Country Club has requested Vote-Now, LLC, give no person, member, employee or Governor any information about the
ballots or the number of ballots cast (less the quorum number reached to hold the vote), or the identity of those who voted and how they voted.



Rear Elevation
Conceptual Plan

The renderings in this brochure are considered artist representations, for illustrative purposes only and
while the intent is to depict the actual solutions, the final design may be subject to minor
adjustments during the design development and permitting phase.

2500 Golden Gate Parkway | Naples, FL 34105 | 239-263-3007

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