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Full File TWBSanFran2014DirectoryFinal_lores

Full File TWBSanFran2014DirectoryFinal_lores

The Power of Networks

Local resources | Inspiration | Advice

2014-2015 San Francisco Bay Area Edition

Celebrating women San Francisco Bay Area

We are proud to celebrate all the achievements of women past, present, and future. When The Women’s Book (TWB) is a woman-owned multimedia company that connects
women succeed everybody wins. businesswomen to resources to advance their careers, communities and lifestyles.
Wells Fargo is proud to celebrate The Women's Book 2014 San Francisco Bay Area. Ultimately, our work fosters a centralized network of women’s networks and information
focused on advancing businesswomen.

Our multimedia platform includes printed and digital publications, a growing network of
micro websites, social media and great events that bring our publications to life. We also
serve as a promoter and covenor of women’s organizations to help them share information
and collaborate.

Our goal is to contribute to social and economic growth by meeting the information needs
of businesswomen and organizations that support their individual and collective success.
Women who have greater access to information, resources and supportive networks are
more likely to be aware of the possibilities for their careers, communities and lives, and to be
inspired to rise to their greatest potential. Mugsy Clicks

© 2014 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 3
All rights reserved.
Member FDIC. 480114 03/14

Table of

Introductions Leader Profiles

About The Women’s Book | 3 Institute for Women’s Leadership, Inc.

Welcome | 6 Rayona Sharpnack | 22
from TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney,
Founder & CEO Dress for Success San Francisco/San Jose

Meet the Team | 7 RenÉe Surcouf | 25

San Francisco Women by the Numbers | 8 Women of Color Action Network

Leader Profiles | 21
Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
Guys Who Get It | 52 and East Bay Women’s Conference
Mike Kaufmann & Mike Billeci
Resource Directory | 55 COLLEEN BENATAR | 31
Nonprofits, Professional Associations
& University Programs Women Presidents’ Organization

Advertisers, Organizations & Juli Betwee & JOANNE BREM | 34
University Programs
Professional BusinessWomen
Corporate Spotlights of California


Wells Fargo | 16 Women’s Startup Lab

4 Watermark


YWCA San Francisco & Marin


National Association of Women Business
Owners, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter



WelcomeLetter from the Founder & CEO Meet the Team ®

Netžwork — a group of people who TWb THE WOMEN’S BOOK LLC
exchange information, contacts, and experience 5195 Hampsted Village Center Way,
for professional or social purposes. Founder & CEO Unit 186
TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney New Albany, OH 43054
Welcome to the first San Francisco Bay Area Edition of The Women’s Book. 614-289-3756
CFO & Vice President of Operations
One of Tony Bennett’s signature songs, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” comes to mind when I TaLisa Sheppard
think about how I felt after first visiting the region a few years ago. (It might sound corny, but it’s Copyright ©2014
true.) I was intrigued by the success of the Bay Area’s entrepreneurial and technology sectors and Administrative Assistant & The Women’s Book LLC
the collective global economic impact of its corporations. I fell in love with its beautiful landscape Customer Service Manager
and the diversity of cultures and ethnicities I saw among residents. The Women’s Book name and logo are
Alexis Atchley trademarks of The Women’s Book LLC.
Since my first trip, I have become more familiar with women’s networks including nonprofits, All rights reserved. Printed in the United
professional associations and corporate programs in the San Francisco Bay Area that are focused Research Intern States of America. No part of this
on helping women to advance their careers and overall lives. Our team has also taken note of the Ran Bi publication may be used or reproduced
recognition San Francisco has received for being one of the best cities for female entrepreneurs, in any manner without expressed
and as having the highest median annual full-time earnings for females among the 50 largest Photography Director written permission from the publisher.
cities in the U.S. according to Census data. Shellee Fisher Please direct any questions to the
address listed.
In thinking about markets outside of our headquarters in Central Ohio to develop a printed edition Creative Director,
of The Women’s Book for, the San Francisco Bay Area stood out as a great candidate. I discussed The Women’s Book Directory & VISIT US ONLINE AT
the possibility of developing a book for the region with one of our existing corporate partners, The Women’s Book Magazine WWW.THEWOMENSBOOK.COM
Cardinal Health. It signed on as a sponsor and introduced us to the Institute for Women’s
Leadership that is based in the region and provides leadership-training programs for executive women. The Institute allowed us to release our Halle M. Malcomb Purchase additional copies online at
first book in conjunction with its first women’s conference in March of 2014. We then reached out to other women’s networks about including
them in the book, and developed a dedicated section of our website for the region where visitors can find local women’s news and resources. Managing Editor Shipping and handling fees apply.
Rae Reed
I am thankful for the hard work of our incredible team and special support provided by advisors such as Aida Sabo and Linda Lockyer of PHOTO CREDITS:
Cardinal Health; Rayona Sharpnack of the Institute for Women’s Leadership; Billy Goldberg of The Buckeye Group; Allison Tabor of the Women Business Development Manager Shellee Fisher Photography
Presidents’ Organization; and Peggy Walker who provided early business development and publishing support. Marcia Snively Mugsy Clicks

Our team and community partners are excited to increase awareness about a diverse range of women’s organizations and corporate programs Writer/Editor Find The Women’s Book On:
that are making a positive difference in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have benefited from being a part of these types of networks and want Kelly Tomkies
others to benefit in the same ways. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any feedback or recommendations that you may have at Special Notes: We look forward to staying connected. Creative Design (Not Pictured) PR & Events Intern
Kathryn Seitz Leah Franklin On the Cover: Nicole Soluri, Kathryn Larson,
Sincerely, Editorial Intern & Deepti Srivastava, Professional
Digital Media Intern Diamond Vickers Editorial Intern BusinessWomen of California
TaKeysha S. Cheney Elizabeth Hackett Kaitlin Bradley
Founder & CEO Digital Media Intern Special Acknowledgements:
The Women's Book Bri’ana Jackson Business Development and
Event Planning Support: Peggy Walker
Community Partner and Release Luncheon
Host:: Institute for Women’s Leadership

Release Luncheon Keynote Speaker:
Arianna Huffington

Styling and Makeup Services:
Elissya Bar-El, Fresh Face Makeup


fulltime working women:
San Francisco
the average working woman
$WOMEN By the Numbers
makes $54,411 annually

(earning $0.85 for every $1 earned by men)

POPULATION: business ownership:
Most recent data for firms where women are the
Women and girls make up 51% majority owner (51% or more)

of the total population # 148,700 FIRMS

BY THE Age 55+, women are 57% 114,300 EMPLOYEES

of the senior population $ $24 BILLION IN REVENUE

educational attainment: GROWTH BETWEEN 2005 - 2013

12% 16% 27% 45% # 17% GROWTH IN FIRMS

LEss than high school some college/ bachelor’s $ 14% GROWTH IN REVENUES

high school graduate associate’s or higher SOURCES: U.S. CENSUS BUREAU, 2012 AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY, 1-YEAR ESTIMATES & Data compiled by:



Fostering Corporations
Making a Difference
Creating an environment of Gender Partnership

Gender Partnership occurs when a gender-balanced group of men and women share a
common vision and set of values with a commitment to maximizing the skills, innate
talents and synergy of the group in order to make a di erence in the world around them.
Cardinal Health understands the value of Gender Partnership and connects employees
with educational programs such as Partners Leading Change, Women Leading Change
and our Women’s Initiative Network (WIN).

These programs demonstrate the power of men and women working together to
build a culture of gender partnership, inclusion and innovation at Cardinal Health. These companies are making great strides in creating
innovative products and services. They are also providing
exemplary leadership in helping women advance as leaders
alongside men within and outside of their companies. We
are grateful for their partnership and incredible impact on
businesswomen in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

© 2013 Cardinal Health. All rights reserved. CARDINAL HEALTH, the Cardinal Health LOGO and ESSENTIAL TO CARE are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Cardinal Health. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Lit. No. 5DI12660 (10/2013)

Essential to Care™

Cardinal Health is breaking new ground when it comes to diversity and gender partnership as occurring when a gender-balanced group of men
inclusion. One of the most exciting innovations, the company’s Women’s and women share a common vision and set of values, and commits to
Initiative Network (WIN), has led to some stunning results that have maximizing the skills, innate talents, and synergy of the group. “All of this
garnered national attention and accolades. then shows up in an improved bottom line,” Sabo added.

“WIN has been transformational. There is so much excitement at the WIN is composed of four field-based networks, including field sales
company, and people are fully engaged as a result of the efforts of WIN,” and operations. Each network has a steering team with two co-chairs,
said Aida Sabo, vice president of Diversity and Inclusion. “We’re excited that a program chair, a leadership development and mentoring chair and
we’re receiving considerable press coverage, along with recognition from a membership chair. The field chapters interface with the two major
national women’s groups. It is truly humbling.” location chapters and the national steering committee.

“Networks allow connections with leaders who help us raise our profile
and gain exposure to new opportunities.” — Aida Sabo

WIN is about networking, but on two levels. First, it connects women “We have programs that are broadcast nationally and we also have field- Members of the WIN Executive Steering Committee include senior
within the company and encourages them to support and mentor based networking events quarterly,” Lockyer said. “We are inclusive in leaders from the business segments and corporate functions.
each other. Second—and here’s where it differs from most other such our groups and reach out nationwide to all of our employees.”
networks—it engages men to create gender partnerships and champion
women as leaders. Personal and Professional Results
Sabo has found that Cardinal Health and its WIN program have allowed
Linda Lockyer, vice president of Health Systems, describes WIN: “Our her to develop her network and extend it beyond the company. “My
Women’s Initiative Network was the first employee resource group our organization has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual
corporation embraced. Now it drives change in our HR policies, including and as a professional,” she said. “Cardinal Health has given me the
slating of candidates and work/life programs. It spans the country and the opportunity to make great connections, both internally and externally. In
globe, and we’re particularly excited that it includes operations and sales,” the area of diversity and inclusion, I have received so much support that I
Lockyer said. am energized to continue to move the bar in my space. Sometimes I feel
like I am getting a PhD at Cardinal Health.”
WIN is succeeding so spectacularly, Sabo believes, because it includes
men in the network. “We have been engaging men as advocates to support What Sabo loves most about WIN and Cardinal Health is the opportunity
women’s advancement,” she said. “We had been working with women for to launch innovative programs at the company. “My organization
years, but experienced nowhere near the success with advancement as grants me tremendous access internally and externally to grow and
we have with what we call ‘engaging men as full partners.’” She defines innovate,” Sabo said. “I am making connections with key organizations

12 13

What I Love About San Francisco “I love that my community is diverse in
so many ways. I live a life in which my
“I love the personal support and true friendship I have found in the community. I am a member of our neighborhood community extends: it includes the east
association and am the events chair for our annual literary event, music event, and garden tour. This has given coast, NYC, Boston, Dublin, Ohio and
Silicon Valley, and it’s pretty exciting.
me the opportunity to give back to the community and continue to welcome new people to our neighborhood in In these areas I have friends, family and
D/I networks that enrich and bring much
San Francisco.” — Linda Lockyer joy to my life. The community in Dublin,
Ohio, where my company has its corporate
Linda that are creating valuable research and programs in the area I work in, so Aida
Lockyer I am constantly gaining fresh, insightful information that I can leverage to offices, is one that unites academia, Sabo
accelerate the company’s journey in diversity and inclusion.”
Vice President, Health Systems businesses and community groups to build Vice President,
Lockyer agrees that Cardinal Health and WIN have allowed her to Diversity and Inclusion
14 expand her network and serve others. “This organization has given programs that have an enriching impact on
me the opportunity to grow and support others through mentoring and
networking,” she said. “I have expanded my reach outside the organization the overall community. NYC, Boston and
by serving on several boards as well as participating in other professional Silicon Valley extend my networks so
healthcare organizations.” Lockyer finds supporting other woman a that I can further innovate.”
rewarding experience. “I enjoy mentoring other women and providing the
sponsorship and support that can help both their personal and professional — Aida Sabo
development,” Lockyer said.
Hospital Supply and moved into regional account management at Baxter
Networking Advice Healthcare and Allegiance Healthcare. Lockyer has spent the second half
When it comes to networking, Lockyer believes what you get back of her career in corporate and executive sales at Cardinal Health. She
equals or surpasses the effort you put into it. “Networking has given me has been a member of the board for the Seton Institute, an Ascension
the opportunity to meet others in my industry, my profession and my Health nonprofit serving the healthcare needs of underprivileged women
community,” she said. “The support we can give others comes back many and children in third world countries. She chairs the board for Pharmacy
times when you engage others.” Health and Sciences Foundation in Sacramento California. Lockyer is
also active in her community of Noe Valley in San Francisco and serves
Sabo advises women to network in order to build their skills and increase on the board as the events chair for her neighborhood association.
their visibility in their field. “Through networking and building great Lockyer is an active member and the executive sponsor for West WIN
business relationships, you have access to so much: targeted skill-building and is also an advisory board member for The Women’s Book.
sessions delivered by experts or business leaders on various areas, like
executive presence and leadership development,” she said. “Networks As vice president of Diversity and Inclusion for Cardinal Health, Sabo
allow connections with leaders who help us raise our profile and gain oversees the company’s efforts to maintain and foster a diverse and
exposure to additional opportunities. You can leverage this networking both inclusive work environment that drives innovation and reflects the
to build developmental networks, and garner advocacy and support—or marketplace and communities where it operates. Prior to joining Cardinal
‘sponsorship’—both internally and externally.” Health, Sabo led the corporate diversity function at EMC in Boston and
at Agilent Technologies in Palo Alto. Sabo serves on the advisory boards
As vice president of Health Systems, Lockyer is responsible for working with of Partnership Inc., the Howard Pharmacy School Board of Advisors, the
key national health care providers and their group purchasing organizations. Harvard JFK’s Women’s Leadership Board, and The Women’s Book. •
Lockyer has been in health care sales and management for the past
35 years. She started her career in the laboratory business at American

Together we’ll go far.®

Wells Fargo has a long history of supporting small businesses, especially “Wells Fargo has afforded me many opportunities for professional “Just last year,
women-owned businesses, including financial support. “Just last year, growth and to pursue my passions related to the empowerment of Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo announced a commitment to lend $55 billion to women- women business owners,” Goldkrand said. “The culture of Wells Fargo
owned businesses in the United States by the year 2020,” said Judith values people as a competitive advantage. As such, the organization announced a
Goldkrand, senior vice president, business banking manager at Wells is focused on training and professional development and believes in commitment to
Fargo. “This builds on a commitment Wells Fargo first made 18 years promoting from within the team. Diversity and inclusion are at the lend $55 billion to
ago. Since 1995, we have loaned $38 billion dollars to women-owned foundation of this company’s culture. As a corporate sponsor and women-owned
businesses across the country. We want to do everything we can to incoming board member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, I am businesses in the
support our women entrepreneurs.” privileged to learn and be inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and United States by
genius of hundreds of women business owners.” the year 2020.”
Wendy Haller, senior vice president and Peninsula Market president for
Wells Fargo, said the network of women she works with are primarily in Haller said being part of the Wells Fargo network has benefited her - Judith Goldkrand
managerial roles. “This means they automatically take on the position of in personal and professional aspects of her life. “Professionally, this

“I encourage women to proudly network, partner and support men. We

live in a world where gender diversity in the workplace and in the

business community is now the norm. It is vital to everyone’s success

that we work hard to be inclusive and understanding and uplifting to

both men and women.” — Wendy Haller

role model for other aspiring women who hope to follow in their footsteps network has allowed me to reach new heights as a manager by Judith
of leadership,” she said. “We also make it a practice to ensure that each cultivating and promoting a team of women leaders to do great things
female manager makes it a priority to mentor and cultivate women on for Wells Fargo and our community,” Haller said. “Developing talent is Goldkrand
their own teams toward leadership roles at Wells Fargo and within the one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. Personally, I have learned so
communities we serve.” much by watching, listening and working closely with my team. They Senior Vice President,
have taught me about balance, about loyalty and about how women Business Banking Manager
Wells Fargo Senior Vice President and Western Region Manager of manage to take on dual roles and find a way to make it work.”
Community Relations Brenda Wright believes the Wells Fargo network is
successful because of its diversity. “It is comprised of people from diverse Being part of this network has had an even more profound impact on
backgrounds, both men and women of all ages,” she said. “The diversity Wright. “The biggest impact is knowing people care and they are willing
of the group, their life experiences and their desire to help and save others to work hard for the things they believe in, which causes me to have
helps me be more successful.” faith in humankind,” she said.

Personal and Professional Results Networking Advice
Wells Fargo’s diverse and supportive network has enabled its employees to When it comes to networking, Goldkrand said you can’t underestimate
grow and succeed. the value of relationships. “Relationships and networks are critical

16 17

What I Love About San Francisco Brenda
“I am a Peninsula native born and raised in San Mateo County. It gives me an even greater sense of satisfaction
that my role at the bank is to serve the community at so many levels. I have served with and currently support Senior Vice President &
the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Samaritan House and InnVision Shelter Network. And now to be able to Western Region Manager
of Community Relations
raise a family in this community and cultivate a team of brilliant women leaders who will support this community

and beyond makes me feel honored to have been given this amazing opportunity to serve.” — Wendy Haller

Wendy to success in the business world,” Goldkrand said. “Make the choice to she has held a number of positions, including district manager, store “I love the rich culture
Haller participate with other women who as peers will provide support, guidance manager, assistant manager, service manager and personal banker.
and will share your passions. Women challenge and support each other in a and diversity of the people
Senior Vice President unique way that is indispensable.” Wright oversees philanthropy and the design and implementation of
& Peninsula community development strategies and programs that support economic who make up my community,
Market President Haller said the concept of inclusion can be taught at home. “We live in development for housing, workforce development, small business and
a world where gender diversity in the workplace and in the business human services. She is an active leader and founding member of many and provide a positive
18 community is now the norm,” Haller said. “It is vital to everyone’s success community-based organizations and committees throughout the San environment for families
that we work hard to be inclusive and understanding and uplifting to Francisco Bay Area. She serves on the Asian Art Museum Commission,
both men and women. And we can do this in a variety of ways but most the Board of the Women’s Foundation of California, is an Emeritus to raise their children
importantly as parents to our sons. We need to teach our sons to respect Board Member and Advisor for the Museum of the African Diaspora and and teach them about the
girls and to expect that they can and will perform as equals. What we teach governor-appointed member of the California for the Humanities Council. diversity and differences of
in our homes is the first step to making a difference in the world. And I am
so excited to know that in June I will become the proud mother of a son and Wright has received numerous recognition awards throughout her others without prejudice.”
I so look forward to teaching him to respect himself and to respect everyone career. On October 23, 2013 she received a United States Certificate
he encounters no matter their gender!” of Commendation from U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein in honor and — Brenda Wright
recognition of her participation and service to the community and to
Wright advises women to be persistent when it comes to networking. “Just the Principles of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination 19
because someone says no now, doesn’t mean they will not say yes in the of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and for her work for
future,” she said. economic empowerment, leadership and commitment to positively
impact the community. •
Goldkrand manages the business banking team in Palo Alto, California.
She has more than 20 years of experience in banking including corporate
finance, private banking and business banking. Goldkrand leads the
women’s initiative for the West Coast business banking team, promoting
women-owned businesses and creating strategies that address the unique
needs of this rapidly growing market segment. She is an incoming board
member of the Women Presidents’ Organization on behalf of Wells Fargo
and is also a board member of National Women’s Philanthropy of the Jewish
Federations of North America and a past president of Women’s Philanthropy
of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco. She has served on
many nonprofit boards in California and New York.

In her role as senior vice president and Peninsula Market president, Haller
is responsible for 43 stores and more than 800 team members. She began
her career at Wells Fargo as a teller. Throughout her career at the bank,

Visit Leaders of Women’s Networks This book celebrates the power and impact of women’s networks. The following pages
feature profiles of women who are leading some of the most successful networks in the
for Resources and Inspiration: region. These women share networking advice, an inside peek of their organization and
Career & Job Board what they love most about the San Francisco Bay Area.
Local and National News
& More! 21



Rayona Sharpnack’s commitment to advancing women in business and enrollment format for its annual award-winning women’s leadership
nonprofits is highly visible in the work she does on a daily basis. As founder training program in Northern California to women who not only work in
and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL), she has been able corporations but also as entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders.
to become part of a much wider network of women who feel the same way. “IWL has been a pioneer in the design and implementation of solutions
for advancing women leaders for the past 20-plus years,” she said.
“The heart of my networking organization is the roughly 3,000 women and “We offer world-class services in consulting, training and coaching for
men alumni of the leadership training programs I have conducted over the individuals and entire organizations to leverage the full contribution
past 25 years,” Sharpnack said. “These people, along with their colleagues of women in driving business success. We are thought leaders in
in the companies that have engaged the Institute for Women’s Leadership, distinguishing the critical success factors that successfully move women
form a network that is invaluable to each other both internally and externally. into higher leadership positions while delivering significant return on
We have graduates across Australia, Canada and the United States. investment to the company.”
Most recently, we are partnering with to grow the women’s
empowerment movement globally.” IWL has created its own proprietary methodology called Contextual
Leadership as part of its package of solutions. “They [our solutions] are

“Together we are more powerful than any one of us in bringing about the
full contribution of women to society. Belonging to this network allows
me to make a bigger difference through others.” — Rayona Sharpnack

Sharpnack founded IWL in 1991, drawing on her career experience designed to give women access to new, powerful and effective ways of Shellee Fisher Photography Institute for
in education, professional sports and business. In her role as founder thinking, taking action, creating breakthrough results, practicing work- Women’s Leadership, Inc.
and CEO, Sharpnack works as a leadership consultant to executives in life harmony to support their organizations and their personal lives,”
multinational companies, government agencies, emerging businesses and Sharpnack said. Rayona
nonprofit organizations. Sharpnack
Personally, networking has been an important factor of Sharpnack’s
IWL offers its clients groundbreaking solutions for optimizing the full success in business. “For my part, I love being in connection with and
partnership of women and men. They provide leadership consulting, an inspiration to professional women leaders who are advancing their
coaching and training services to many Fortune 500 companies in the Bay careers while having an impact on their organizations and communities,”
Area. Renowned for its fresh approach to developing leadership excellence, she said. “Together we are more powerful than any one of us in bringing
IWL has enabled executive women in these corporations to create about the full contribution of women to society.”
extraordinary, sustainable leadership success.
She advises others interested in becoming part of a network to seize
“IWL has also had success in teaching companies how to remove the every opportunity to make connections with others. “They shouldn’t
institutional blind spots and barriers to women’s empowerment as hesitate to make connections at every opportunity available to them and
well as engaging men to advance women,” she said. It offers an open-


What I Love About San Francisco Shellee Fisher Photography Dress for Success
San Francisco/San Jose
“The San Francisco Bay Area is the most diverse and innovative place in the world for women leaders who are
committed to making a difference with their lives. I am honored to be called a pioneer in forging opportunities Renee
for women leaders to learn, grow and lead in ways they only dreamed possible. I’m also so proud of my daughter Surcouf

who has chosen education as her career and is an inspiring example of what this younger generation is doing to

improve the quality of life for others while designing life on their own terms!”

then continue to nurture those relationships in every way they can,” Sharpnack
said. “What you can accomplish is directly proportional to the foundation
of relationships that you build and maintain. Take time to nourish those
relationships every week. This practice will prove to be invaluable to you as
you navigate your way through professional challenges and opportunities. Put
more time into being ‘interested’ versus ‘interesting.’”
In addition to founding IWL, Sharpnack published a very successful book,
Trade Up! 5 Steps for Redesigning Your Leadership & Life from the Inside Out,
and she is also a contributing author to Enlightened Power: How Women Are
Transforming the Practice of Leadership and Goddess Shift: Women Leading
for Change. Previously, she was chairwoman of leadership development for
the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women’s Leadership Board. Sharpnack recently
co-founded GenderAllies, an organization whose focus is engaging men to
advance women. •


What I Love About San Francisco Photographs courtesy of Mark Andrews

“The San Francisco Bay Area is such a wonderful community that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity and Surcouf believes in the power of mentorship. “Seek mentors to help “Mentorship
opportunity for advancement. The Bay Area supports women entrepreneurs and promotes women leaders in the along your career journey, ask for guidance and don’t be afraid to push is a powerful
workforce. It is only through the generosity of the community that Dress for Success San Francisco/San Jose yourself to new areas of growth. Provide mentorship to others as way to tool for career
sustains its programs to improve the lives of women in our local communities.” give back and help other women advance their careers,” Surcouf said.
growth.” Originally from New Orleans, Surcouf joined the Dress for Success San Francisco start-up committee in March of 2005, becoming one of the — Renée Surcouf
organization’s founding members. Surcouf is a licensed clinical social
Executive Director of Dress for Success San Francisco /San Jose Renée worker in the state of California and has broad range of experience
Surcouf helps women achieve their career goals and progress forward working with diverse populations. She received her master’s degree from
along their career journey. the University of Denver and her Bachelors of Social Work from Texas
Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She is proud to be a part of the
Dress for Success San Francisco /San Jose helps women identify and global network of Dress for Success and has a true passion for working
tackle barriers to employment by providing comprehensive career services, with women and helping them transform their lives. •
including clothing, skill training, a network of support, employment retention,
mentorship and job placement programming. The mission of Dress for 27
Success San Francisco /San Jose is to promote the economic independence
of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of
support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and
in life.

Dress for Success San Francisco/San Jose addresses and fulfills the
needs of low-income women who have left welfare or are emerging from
unemployment and are met with the challenge of entering the workforce. Its
multifaceted approach meets women where they are, helps them see the
future and delivers a strong, smart solution to the complex issues of poverty.

The organization provides the necessary tools for women to become self-
sufficient through employment retention and career development services.
Low-income women and their families may obtain social and economic
security, giving them power to permanently improve their lives.

“Dress for Success San Francisco /San Jose provides a full spectrum of
career services to help women secure successful employment, maintain
their jobs and advance their careers, which directly impacts their quality
of life and their entire families. I am privileged to be a part of a global
community that impacts the lives of women and their families so deeply,”
Surcouf said.


One group of women is discovering the power of its numbers and business owners, life coaches, engineers, etc.,” Brogdon continued, “and
networking: the Women of Color Action Network (WCAN). Its members have we are also varied in age, from those just graduating from college to
learned that despite their diverse backgrounds, they share many of the those that have retired and are working on the next chapter of their
same experiences and goals. work lives. The varying ages, occupations and ethnic backgrounds
provide a diversity of ideas and knowledge that you won’t find in any
“The Women of Color Action Network is a very unique organization other organization.”
because we specifically focus on meeting the needs of women from all
ethnic minorities- Latinos, Asians, Blacks, and many others,” said Charisse With leaders ensuring that events are fresh, relevant, convenient and
Brogdon, a Systems Engineer at Black Box Network Services and co- available for all members to take advantage of, WCAN’s programming

“We aren’t alone in facing these challenges, there’s an abundance of support
networks around us to explore and/or to build.” — Minchene Tang

chairwoman of WCAN. “Even though women of color come from different is unique. “I enjoy learning about the latest social science research that Shellee Fisher Photography Women of Color Action Network
backgrounds, they often have the very same challenges when it comes is applicable to professional women of color and infusing those findings
to advancement in the workplace. WCAN allows these women to come into programs developed and targeted to WCAN’s membership base,” Melissa Slaughter,
together to share their experiences and to also help offer solutions to Slaughter said. Charisse BroGDon, &
overcome those challenges.”
“WCAN fosters a positive atmosphere virtually or onsite to exchange Minchene Tang
Founded in March 2000, WCAN invests in women of color, helping them ideas and to share learning our members can use to enrich their
realize their greatest potential in the workplace. For more than 10 years, personal and professional growth,” said Minchene Tang, a member of
WCAN has built amazing partnerships with many companies in Silicon the WCAN leadership team who stewards software releases at Juniper
Valley and has produced robust programs for its membership. WCAN Networks. “Recently, at our last event in the fall, some participants
provides ethnic minority women a place to convene for networking, support, expressed interest from friends across state lines to partake in our
guidance and professional development through events, mentoring, Mocktail ‘How to Network’ program!”
coaching and conferences, offering its members the opportunity to form
important and meaningful relationships. Personal and Professional Results
For Slaughter, Brogdon and Tang, being part of WCAN has made
“WCAN has demonstrated its powerful impact and leadership among Bay significant impacts on their lives, both personally and professionally.
Area organizations through its ability to create a forum for professional “My dedication to WCAN’s mission has personally enabled me to further
women of color to come together to build their personal networks, to learn connect with my community and fulfill my long-standing commitment to
from one another and to grow personally and professionally in a supportive public service through volunteerism,” Slaughter said.
environment,” said Melissa Slaughter, co-chairwoman of WCAN, and a
leader in the International Group at Wells Fargo Bank. What Brogdon has learned from WCAN has directly impacted her career.
“WCAN has taught me skills that have directly helped in the workplace,”
WCAN is composed of a very positive group of women who are all she said. “Starting out, I thought that as long as I worked hard and put
supporting each other to reach their common goals. “The wealth of in enough hours that my work would be recognized. I learned the hard
knowledge and wisdom that our members have—we have so many women way this was not the case. In WCAN I learned what it takes to really
from different backgrounds, from corporate directors, to consultants, to succeed in the corporate world, such as understanding the importance


What I Love About San Francisco “It’s a city with wonderful history and beauty and
the ‘coolness factor’ of having awesome start-ups
“San Francisco has a unique blend of new ideas,
that often launch their products here first for the
social activism and culture with a plethora of
locals to test out.”
gastronomically diverse restaurants.” — Charisse Brogdon
— Minchene Tang

of ‘visibility’ and why a person needs to get a sponsor and not just a mentor. If competitive open water swimming in the San Francisco Bay and hiking with her
I had known these concepts when I was starting my career, my progression in pup, Pinkerton, in the Sierras.
the workplace would have been far easier.”
Brogdon is a part of a very small group of black women who have had the
“We’re grateful receiving the support from our network trusting there’s accomplishment of earning an engineering degree in Computer Science from
genuine interest to succeed and the recipe to growth includes focus, synergy, Stanford University. She started out her career from Stanford as a Systems
navigating new domains and being able to take risks and to make mistakes,” Engineer at Cisco, designing voice and data networking solutions. Currently, she
Tang said. is a Senior Systems Engineer at Black Box Network Services. She has a special
passion for not only helping women of color but to help increase the number of
Networking Advice girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
When it comes to networking, these professionals agree it’s important not
to underestimate what it can do for your career. Tang said networking also Before Tang joined Juniper Networks, she managed next generation enterprise
helps us remember that we’re not alone; there are many women facing the software programs at Cisco and at NetApp. She enjoys connecting people through
same challenges and seeking the same answers. “Connecting people behind food and language. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree in
common goals and interests is very empowering and opens more doors than Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. •
we can imagine,” Tang said.

Brogdon believes it’s never too soon to start networking. “Especially at the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce
beginning of your career, definitely try to keep in touch with those that you and East Bay Women’s Conference
graduated from school with or started out working with, as they provide
a strong networking base you can use for the rest of your life,” she said. Francene Anderson,
“LinkedIn and Facebook are great ways to stay in touch and it doesn’t Marcie Hochhauser,
hurt to have lunch with people every once in a while to keep those connections & Colleen Benatar
alive. If your job happens to send you somewhere on a work trip, look at
LinkedIn and see who you can meet up with for lunch in that area to catch up.”

Slaughter reminds, however, that networking is a two-way street; it’s important
to give to your network as much as you receive. “It is critically important to
pursue the development of each relationship in a manner that is both authentic
and empathetic,” Slaughter said.

Prior to Slaughter joining Wells Fargo, she worked at the Federal Reserve Bank “My dedication to WCAN’s mission has personally Shellee Fisher Photography
of San Francisco in the cash product office, supporting system-level policy
related to global cash and coin usage, and for the United States Treasury enabled me to further connect with my community
Department in both the Office of Domestic Finance and the Office of the
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Budget. For fun she enjoys and fulfill my long-standing commitment to public
service through volunteerism”
30 — Melissa Slaughter

What I Love About San Francisco accomplishments of women, to be inspired with a renewed sense of energy, includes a prominent women’s organization in your community that enables the
and to hear from extraordinary women who through their passion and enhancement and development of both personal and professional aspirations.”
“Walnut Creek is known for its ideal Mediterranean climate and picture perfect setting at the foot of Mt. Diablo. perseverance have made a difference in the world we share,” Benatar said.
It is the perfect spot for shopping, dining, the arts and the great outdoors. I am so fortunate to be able to call it “We exchange ideas, network and meet women of all ages and walks of life As senior vice president for the Walnut Creek Chamber and Visitors Bureau,
home.” — Marcie Hochhauser in order grow both personally and professionally.” Hochhauser oversees the chamber’s successful Art & Wine Festival, Trade
Faires, Education Committee and is the coordinator of Leadership Contra Additionally, the event attracts well-known speakers such as Gloria Steinem, Costa, a program designed to develop future community leadership. She
Marlo Thomas, Eve Ensler, Madame Jehan Sadat, Lisa Ling, Alice Walters, resides in Walnut Creek with her husband, Harvey, and Golden Retriever, Bailey.
Isabelle Allende, Linda Ellerbee and Gail Sheehy. The 2014 speakers were She has two daughters, Nikki and Jackie.
Cokie Roberts and Rita Moreno.
Nine years ago, the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce and Visitors
“Becoming Bureau’s members came up with the idea of hosting a women’s conference “The success of the EBWC never ceases to amaze me,” Hochhauser said. “The East Bay Women’s Conference provides
involved with that would offer participants resources and networking they could use in “What began simply as an idea nine years ago has exceeded far beyond
a variety of their professional lives. Today, the event, the East Bay Women’s Conference our wildest dreams and expectations. Personally, it has been extremely a forum to celebrate the accomplishments of
organizations is (EBWC), attracts more than 500 women annually from around the San rewarding to have helped create a forum that has had such an impact on so
key to building a Francisco Bay Area. many women.” women, to be inspired with a renewed sense of
strong network energy, and to hear from extraordinary women
of contacts.” “The East Bay Women’s Conference is the only conference of its kind in San Since its inception, Francene Anderson has been a member of the EBWC
Francisco’s East Bay that provides women opportunities to come together planning committee, and said doing so has offered her unique opportunities. who through their passion and perseverance
— Marcie Hochhauser and participate in programs of personal and professional enrichment and “I have loved the opportunity to assist with the planning of the East Bay
development, and expands horizons by sharing the stories of others who Women’s Conference for the last nine years,” Anderson said. “I have had have made a difference in the world we share.”
32 live across the street, around the country and on the other side of the the opportunity to not only work with a committee composed of some of — Colleen Benatar
world,” said Colleen Benatar, vice president and relationship banker at Scott the sharpest women in the Walnut Creek community, but also to have had
Valley Bank and conference chair of the EBWC. “The EBWC is recognized the opportunity to meet and talk with women who have shaped our world Benatar has worked in the financial services industry for more than 30 years,
by the community for programming excellence and has enjoyed sold out and our lives, like Madame Sadat and Gloria Steinem. As a small business holding a variety of positions primarily in commercial lending, retail banking
attendance of 550-plus since its 2006 inaugural event.” owner, I would not normally have the opportunity to experience what this and branch management. She has been a vice president with Scott Valley
project has allowed me. For that, I am so very grateful.” Bank, a community business bank in Walnut Creek, for the past eight years,
Marcie Hochhauser, senior vice president of the Walnut Creek Chamber managing the credit and deposit relationships of small to middle market
of Commerce and Visitors Bureau and founder of the EBWC, said Since 1926, the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau business clients. In her capacity as a relationship manager she has had the
the EBWC addresses many key issues and challenges professional has been the area’s business advocate. It is a membership organization great fortune to work with many wonderful local businesses and community
women face in their careers and personal lives. “The East Bay Women’s accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and dedicated to creating organizations. Benatar is a graduate of the University of California, Santa
Conference provides women the tools they need on their journey to a strong local economy, aggressively promoting Walnut Creek, providing Barbara with a degree in Economics-Mathematics and lives in San Ramon
achieve their personal bests as individuals, team members and leaders effective business networking opportunities, and advocating business with her husband, Jay.
in family, community, political and business arenas,” she said. “The interests with government.
distinctive conference blends premier keynote and featured speaker
presentations; breakout sessions focused on contemporary issues; Networking Advice Anderson began her Mary Kay business and became a sales director in 1980.
exhibitor booths; and a fully stocked bookstore and author signings. These professionals have seen firsthand the power of networking—they She coaches and mentors her organization of more than 200 consultants
Industry experts present interactive seminars on topics of critical know its ability to open doors and advance careers. throughout the United States. She has earned the use of 16 career cars from
importance and keen interest, including personal growth, professional Mary Kay, most of those being the famed Pink Cadillacs, and has lead her
development, business leadership, health and nutrition, financial “Involvement in the business community is key to developing great business organization to the Half Million Dollar level of achievement. Anderson holds
matters, and nonprofits volunteerism and philanthropy.” relationships. We encourage women to seek out and become involved a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She has a passion for personal
with professional and community based organizations to expand their growth and women’s issues. •
In less than a decade, the EBWC has impacted participants in a significant professional development. Becoming involved with a variety of organizations
way. “The East Bay Women’s Conference provides a forum to celebrate the is key to building a strong network of contacts. Ensure your involvement 33

Women presidents, CEOs and business owners face unique challenges women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses, contribute
and being a member of a network like the Women Presidents’ Organization to others businesses and are open to learning from other women
(WPO) can make all the difference. business owners.”

“There is no other global organization specifically serving women CEOs Personal and Professional Results
and owners of companies in their second stage of entrepreneurial growth. The results for members, both personally and professionally, have been
WPO offers a peer-to-peer advisory roundtable format dedicated to significant, said Allison Tabor, owner of Coppia Communications and
helping women grow their businesses,” said Joanne Brem, principal of a WPO facilitator for the Diablo Valley and Greater Bay Chapters (San
Joanne Brem & Company and chapter facilitator of the WPO’s Golden Francisco Bay Area).
Gate chapter. “Many members join WPO coming from participating
in peer advisory roundtables consisting of both men and women. “WPO provides a much needed opportunity for women presidents and
The consistent feedback received by WPO is how much more open, CEOs to collaborate in a highly confidential and supportive setting,” Tabor
understood and fully expressed our members experience being amidst a said. “They are able to access invaluable resources and further develop
women-only roundtable environment.” their leadership skills, while they grow their companies with the support

“Choose events or organizations that present opportunities for greatest
leverage given your objectives.” — Joanne Brem

Nancy Geenen is an attorney and instructor with Suann Ingle Associates of other women through the peer advisory process. The impact extends Shellee Fisher Photography Women Presidents’ Organization
and chapter chair of the Silicon Valley WPO. She believes WPO brings well beyond the members and their companies. It also reaches into the
out “the genius” in their groups of members. “Each chapter serves as a economy and community, making a difference, as a byproduct of their Linda Graebner, Nancy Geenen,
peer advisory group based on the four Cs of WPO,” Geenen said. “The increased success.” Allison Tabor, Juli Betwee & Joanne Brem
four Cs are collaboration, confidentiality, commitment and connections.
WPO members address both strategic and operational issues focusing on “The biggest impact is the success and positive impact of our members’
financial concerns, organizational development, strategic growth and other companies,” Brem said. “This impact is in terms of the environments
issues identified by chapter members, to drive their businesses to the next they create for their employees as well as in the communities and
level. Through global, confidential and collaborative peer learning, the WPO customers they serve.”
accelerates business growth, enhances member’s competitiveness in the
marketplace, and promotes economic growth.” “The WPO is supported by a dedicated group of national sponsors who
recognize the role women presidents play in business and financial
Linda Graebner, CEO of Chef’n Corporation and chapter chair of the WPO communities, and who are active partners in growing the organization,”
East San Francisco Bay Area chapter, said she’s heard members express Geenen said. “Corporate sponsors include American Airlines, American
their appreciation for the valuable services WPO provides its members. Express OPEN, Avis, BMO Financial, Chubb, Edward Lowe Foundation,
Foley & Lardner, IBM, Intuit, KeyBank, PNC Wealth Management,
“Members credit WPO as an important resource in managing their business Prudential, Sam’s Club, UPS, and Wells Fargo.”
concerns and fostering ideas to accelerate their growth and enhance
competitiveness,” Graebner said. “As a CEO myself, I know the value of Geenen’s relationship with WPO helped her to discover her
a confidential ‘board of advisors’ who are available to help you navigate entrepreneurship potential. “I left my leadership roles in an American
both business and personal challenges. WPO is the ultimate destination for Law 100 firm to start a new business venture and now have a thriving


Ari Horie has never let being a woman deter her from pursuing her Hito Rule, inspired by the Japanese character meaning “human,” to
dreams. “Growing up in Hiroshima, I wore a pink backpack when all lean in, lean on and lean up to your community to build world class
the other children wore red ones. As a business leader and former IBM business leaders.
employee navigating international marketing and product management in
Silicon Valley, I’ve recognized that ‘the pink backpack,’ or being a woman, WSLab benefits its members by giving them the opportunity to learn
is a major factor when leading a company,” Horie said. from other women entrepreneurs who’ve already encountered and
overcome the hurdles high-tech companies can face.
Horie recognized that cultural shifts take too long to wait for. “I like to
focus on what women can do right now to kick butt and leverage the “Women’s Startup Lab began as a passion project for me,” said Horie.
innovation and free thinking of the technology industry to build leading “In short, there’s nothing like finding strength and accountability
business tools and solutions,” she said. in a community that you’ve helped build. In a high stakes startup
development program, understanding what a fellow founder is going

“Networking isn’t about quantity, but quality. Aim high to meet trusted
and well-respected advisors and partners.” — Ari Horie

To that end, she founded Women’s Startup Lab (WSLab), a technology through is invaluable, and Women’s Startup Lab has been critical in Shellee Fisher Photography Women’s
accelerator designed for female founders looking to accelerate business delivering measurable business growth because of that exchange.” Startup Lab
growth through insider knowledge from the valley’s most successful
tech leaders. Through collective intelligence, executive focus and group Another benefit of WSLab, according to Horie, is that it approaches the Ari
solutions, WSLab yields great results for its members to efficiently needs of its founders as people, not just business owners. “Women’s Horie
innovate and propel a company’s roadmap. Startup Lab has shown me the value of collective business intelligence
to inspire innovation and business growth,” she said. “It’s important
Uniquely developed to respond to the needs of female founders, to think of founders as the full person, rather than only through the
WSLab helps these founders along what Horie calls “the lonely road of business-minded lens. Professionally, Women’s Startup Lab has built
entrepreneurship,” navigating obstacles, such as fundraising, establishing a community that yields real business results with some of the best
a market base and business acumen, and working with investors, advisors, coaches and entrepreneurs who understand how to build
customers and colleagues who address business differently. and run successful technology startups. Personally, I’ve realized
committing to a strong network allows women founders to work and
According to Horie, WSLab’s philosophy rifts off of Sheryl Sandberg’s learn in an environment that leverages their instinctual collaborative
idea of businesswomen “leaning in.” Horie believes WSLab, and its and interpersonal skills, compared to other accelerator models.”
ecosystem of seasoned startup tech advisors and coaches, follow the


What I Love About San Francisco Watermark

“To me, San Francisco is a sophisticated and open city with people who are ready to learn and experiment with Marilyn
new ideas. I’ve found the people to be socially responsible, invested in such civic duties like recycling and going Nagel
organic. My favorite thing about The City by the Bay is that there’s a large consensus to try to do ‘the right
thing.’ It’s a perfect place to build community, and that’s why I think Silicon Valley tech also thrives in San Mugsy Clicks
Francisco because it’s a place to build community amongst its business leaders.”

Horie believes women need to carefully consider which networks they join
to make the most of their time and effort. She believes networking isn’t
about quantity, but quality.

“Face time is invaluable and strong connections are made by engaging
with the same people more than once. Remember to be tactical with the
events you attend. Don’t go to a free event because it’s free. Spend your
time at specific events. For example, instead of going to a general tech
startup event, attend a specific gathering like a speakers’ panel for angel
investors in the gaming industry. By narrowing your scope, you’ll meet the
right niche of people and begin to cement strong relationships,” Horie said.

Horie came to the United States as an exchange student and, at first,
didn’t know the language. As she continued school and began a career in
the consumer marketing world, Horie saw how her different background
was an opportunity to provide a distinctive value and perspective in her
career. Before launching WSLab, Horie worked at companies like IBM,
Amity International Trade, and Appiant Technologies. She’s a mother of two
sons, ages 7 and 11. •

“Don’t go to a free event because
it’s free. Spend your time at specific
events. For example, instead of going

to a general tech startup event,

attend a specific gathering like a

speakers’ panel for angel investors
in the gaming industry. By narrowing

your scope, you’ll meet the right

niche of people and begin to cement

strong relationships.” — Arie Horie


What I Love About San Francisco Watermark’s small groups, such as Women of the C-Suite Networks, the founder of the Silicon Valley CDO group and the former co-chair of the
Women Like Us Networks, and Emerging Executives, give its members the Conference Board Global Diversity group.
“I love living and working in the Bay Area. San Francisco offers the vitality and cultural opportunities of a opportunity to get to know each other on a more intimate level. These small
big city with a contextual overlay of the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative attitude of being part of Silicon groups are what Nagel finds most enjoyable about the organization. “While In 2012, Nagel received the Women of Influence award from the San Jose
Valley. Add to that the beauty of nearby wine country, the foundation of the food-to-table movement and Watermark is growing in number and diversity every day, we understand Business Journal, as well as the 2011 YWCA Women Leading the Way TWIN
numerous amazing outdoor activities—they all make this a great place to be.” that sometimes it’s most helpful to meet in smaller groups to have a more award, the 2010 Women Worth Watching award from the Diversity Journal,
intimate experience with fellow members,” Nagel said. “I personally enjoy Black Enterprise Top Executives in Diversity 2011 and the 2009 Diversity the multiple smaller communities based on shared interests, company roles Officer Leadership award. •
or geographies. These small groups make it easy for me to connect with
Marilyn Nagel is dedicated to creating diverse workplaces, a goal she women who understand my needs and challenges, and ultimately, know “I wish I had learned earlier
works toward as CEO of Watermark. A community of executive women who how to help me be my best.” in my career the tremendous
have risen to the top of their fields, members of Watermark come together
to connect, develop and advocate for the advancement of women in the Nagel recognizes the importance of networking and advises busy women importance of building a
workforce. By empowering women to make their mark in and for their to make time for it. “I used to think that networking was something I did strong, diverse network to
companies, careers, and communities, Watermark aims to increase the not have time to do, and I did not realize its impact on my ability to be
representation of women in leadership roles. successful in my current role, support my team or achieve my career support me and provide
goals,” she said. “I wish I had learned earlier in my career the tremendous a forum to enable me to
“Watermark women are a unique force, and are redefining what it means importance of building a strong, diverse network to support me and provide
to be a woman in the workplace,” Nagel said. “We hold influential positions a forum to enable me to support others.” support others.”
at innovative and successful companies and together impact our individual
and collective success. We are the Greater Bay Area’s foremost senior Prior to joining Watermark, Nagel was chief diversity officer at Cisco. Prior — Marilyn Nagel
executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in our fields. We like to think of to joining Cisco, she worked in academia, leadership development and
our community as a tapestry, women from across multiple industries and organizational development for nearly 30 years, in both private nonprofit 45
backgrounds, weaving together to create one beautiful whole.” sectors and for Fortune 100 companies. Nagel holds a bachelor’s and
master’s degree in public administration, and has an additional master’s
This tapestry is being noticed, attracting talented women executives to degree in social and systemic studies.
become part of the organization. “We have the highest quality, most diverse
and most connected membership that a networking organization can Nagel served on the board of directors of Professional BusinessWomen of
offer,” Nagel said. “Through our organization, meaningful connections are California (PBWC), National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc.
made, continuous growth and development opportunities occur and our (NACME) and is currently on the Watermark board as well as the advisory
advocacy work is helping women make their marks in their companies, their board of Big Pink Ribbon and the Center for Talent and Innovation. She is
communities and their careers.”

Being part of Watermark has enabled Nagel to learn and grow, personally
and professionally. “I continuously learn from our members, as well as from
our speakers and conferences,” she said. “For me, Watermark provides
a community and environment where I can develop relationships with
women who have become my personal trusted board of advisors. I have
seen countless women grow their businesses, or become more successful
in their careers, and I love that through the connections we make, new
jobs are found and teams are built. I am proud of the work we do around
advocacy, and know that we are making a difference in the corporate
community’s support and inclusion of women at the top and on boards.”

Before any other women’s network was initiated in San Francisco, one and staff in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to urge
organization was already working to advance and empower women: the immigration reform in this vital economic and human issue.”
YWCA San Francisco & Marin.
The YWCA’s impact goes beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s
“The YWCA San Francisco & Marin is dedicated to eliminating racism, a worldwide organization whose programs have supported and
empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for inspired the women it serves, including Winter herself. “The YWCA
all, and we have been in operation continuously since 1878,” said Jane is a marvelous organization and part of a worldwide movement to
Winter, the organization’s executive director. “As one of the oldest women- empower women and eliminate racism,” Winter said. “With over 225
service organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, we take great pride in associations, there is much to share between CEOs and executive
both our history of advocating for women and families as well as our current directors on the best ways to accomplish our mission. YWCA USA is a
work in economic empowerment for women.” great source for support and professional development. The women of
the YWCA inspire and mentor me!”
One of the YWCA’s signature programs is the FiftyPlus Employment Support
Program for Women, the only San Francisco Bay Area program focused on Winter finds her job and her association with the YWCA network of
job readiness and job placement support for women over 50 years old. women to be rewarding. “It is incredible to be part of a worldwide
movement to eliminate racism and empower women,” she said. “I

“Networking opens up doors that might otherwise be closed to you, whether YWCA
you are job hunting, looking to change fields or trying to move up.” San Francisco
— Jane Winter & Marin

“We continue to serve our community by providing services and programs enjoy the camaraderie and expertise of this network. YWCA women are Shellee Fisher Photography Jane
that enable individuals to live their lives to their fullest potential and be part extremely generous with their time and support of others. I also enjoy Winter
of the YWCA tradition in making a positive difference in the lives of women, the emphasis on engaging girls and young women in the movement. I
girls and families,” Winter said. am not aware of another organization that encourages board service for
women under 30 to the degree that is common in YWCAs. Service at
The YWCA recognizes women who have impacted the community, as well this age is great for professional development, and these young women
as raises awareness about issues that impact women. “As stewards of the bring much talent and passion to the table.”
Marin Women’s Hall of Fame, established in 1987, we identify, recognize
and record for posterity the lives and contributions of Marin women of Board service is one way to network, and Winter emphasizes how
accomplishment,” Winter said. “Our advocacy work focuses on eliminating important all forms of networking are to professionals. “Networking is
the gender wage gap, establishing a living wage for all, and passing one of the most important ways to progress in your career,” she said.
comprehensive immigration reform. We recently met with elected officials “Networking opens up doors that might otherwise be closed to you,


What I Love About San Francisco Shellee Fisher Photography National Association of Women Business
Owners, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
“I live and work in paradise. I reside in Marin County, where over 85 percent of the land is public, and I enjoy
the weather, landscape and people in the county. I work in San Francisco, and I never tire of seeing the city, M. Kay
sometimes enveloped in fog, as I cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Diversity and creativity drive the passions of this Robinson
unique American city, whether we are celebrating Gay Pride Day, enjoying world-class performing arts, working
on a startup, experimenting with local cuisine or listening to the languages of the world.”

whether you are job hunting, looking to change fields or trying to move
up. Many men and women enjoy mentoring younger colleagues—take
advantage of that help!”
Winter is a seasoned executive, leading companies and nonprofit
organizations throughout her career. In 1987, she co-founded one of the
first companies of its kind, LesConcierges, Inc., and spent the next fourteen
years building the company into a premier concierge service company. After
owning four companies, Winter chose to move into the nonprofit sector,
serving first as associate vice president of advancement at Dominican
University of California, and next as vice president of philanthropy with
Women’s Initiative for Self Employment. •


What I Love About San Francisco A group of women business owners who volunteer their time to establish “Women business owners are
access to people of influence, create business opportunities, and make unique because we thrive in the
“I love that San Francisco and the Bay Area offers great resources for a growing business and a great connections for their members, NAWBO opens doors to strengthen its
environment for families. This community is a great community to attract talent who consider both career and members’ wealth-creating capacity. In addition, the organization educates presence of other women. We
family a priority.” and informs its members on topics, trends and issues that are essential raise each other up, share what
for growing a successful business and advocates and informs members is possible, mentor one another on public policy issues. It supports the collective power of women.
and problem solve together.”
Business owner M. Kay Robinson realized in 2006 that it was time for her Women business owners in the area can benefit from NAWBO in
to be part of something outside her own companies. Robinson owns two several ways. “NAWBO SFBA chapter provides opportunities for — M. Kay Robinson
businesses, InSight Intuitive Consulting, a business coaching company, women business owners to connect and benefit from the relationships
and GRANTAVE Productions & Casting, a digital arts and video production they create and the strategic alliances created with corporations and
and principal casting company. When she decided to join an organization, organizations,” Robinson said. “Programs are developed to educate
she chose the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Association and inform our members. Opportunities are created for members and
of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She found the membership their companies to increase their visibility. We influence public policy
rewarding, and soon found herself taking on leadership roles. Today, she’s and opinion makers in ways that benefit women business owners. It is
the chapter’s president. our goal to strengthen the wealth creating capacity of our members,
develop an entrepreneurial community, and effect change in the culture
“Meeting women from every industry, revenue level and part of the of business that aligns with our values as women.”
country has been very rewarding,” Robinson said. “Reaching out to
corporations and organizations to develop relationships that give mutual In addition to these important benefits, NAWBO promotes its members’
benefit fits my passion as a collaborator and desire to connect people for businesses by connecting with other organizations and corporations that
a common vision.” offer benefit to our members. “We develop programs that promote the
success of our members, for example, Leaders’ Circle, a facilitated peer
NAWBO impacted both Robinson’s career and character. “I joined NAWBO support group for multi-million dollar companies, networking forums,
in 2006 to expand my business coaching company,” she said. “As a educational speaker series and dinner, and other special events designed
longtime advocate for women, joining NAWBO was a perfect fit because to educate women as they grow their businesses,” Robinson said.
of its focus on public policy. I joined the board of directors in 2007. Since
that time, I have had the opportunity to expand my circle of influence, But most importantly, NAWBO offers the opportunity for women to grow as
connect with men and women who offer benefit to my business and me leaders participating on the board or committees.
and learn how to become successful from my connections with other
successful women. Most of all I have grown as a leader.” Prior to owning her businesses, Robinson was director of planning for
the Regional Center of the East Bay, the largest nonprofit organization in
Robinson also said she has experienced the incredible power of the Bay Area. She’s worked with Peace X Peace, a global community of
networking firsthand. “Women business owners are unique because women, connecting women in the Middle East and developing countries
we thrive in the presence of other women. One male speaker observed with American women to foster better understanding and promote peace. •
at our meeting how unselfish women were in sharing their ideas
with each other. There was no competition or fear about sharing. 51
To network effectively, you must be willing to share, to give and to
receive. Networking is about creating relationships. In NAWBO, these
relationships often last a lifetime.”


Mike Kaufmann

Chief Executive Officer “My involvement in
Pharmaceutical Segment diversity and inclusion also

GUYS touches me personally
WHO through my daughter.”
— Mike Kaufmann
Some guys get it—the need to support women’s advancement socially and
economically. They understand that it’s the right thing to do and a wise investment Q. What role(s) have you played in helping women to progress How has a woman positively impacted you in your career?
that has a far-reaching impact across entire communities and businesses. For Mike in their careers? What are some of the results of this In 1993, after three years of being a financial controller with Cardinal Health, I
Kaufmann of Cardinal Health and Mike Billeci of Wells Fargo, these are values they engagement that you are especially proud of? came to a realization I wasn’t passionate about it. What I truly wanted was to be a
champion by leading company-wide initiatives that provide women opportunities to general manager.
advance and contribute at higher levels to the overall success of their enterprises. A. Throughout my career, I have had a great passion for coaching,
mentoring and sponsoring women to help them individually progress in To do that, I felt the best next step was to move into sales. My manager at the
52 their careers. However, as the executive sponsor of the Cardinal Health time told me he didn’t see sales as a fit for my career. I mentioned my interest
Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) I have the opportunity to raise the awareness of to another senior leader who ran a different Cardinal Health business. She took
engaging and supporting women to a higher level within Cardinal Health. a chance on me and hired me as her director of sales. She later let me run
operations, and then moved me to general manager. If not for her, I would not be
In 2010, we sponsored a women’s leadership development program called where I am today.
Women Leading Change (WLC) to empower women with different strategies for
leading in the workplace. In addition to leadership development, each participant What keeps you inspired to help enhance diversity and inclusion at
takes on a project that brings a value of 10X in financial return or savings to the your company?
company and uses her new leadership strategies to execute her project. This has I simply look around. Our country’s demographics are changing rapidly and a
proven that focusing on women’s leadership is not only the right thing to do but it global economy is becoming increasingly more important. The profile of our
is also great for business. customers and suppliers is now more female and ethnically diverse. To win with our
employees, our customers, our partners and our shareholders we need to have the
In 2013, we expanded the program and began Partners Leading Change (PLC), a best ideas from the best talent. Diversity advances the best ideas. The full power
development program for our male leaders that encourages them to play an active of ALL talent unleashes remarkable passion and expertise to help us compete.
role in advocating for gender partnership in the workplace.
My involvement in diversity and inclusion also touches me personally through my
What is amazing about these programs is the awakening that happens for the daughter. Like any parent, I want my daughter to have every opportunity to be
participants. Both women and men come out of the program with a greatly heard, to follow her dreams with no limits, and to be CEO one day if she wants.
heightened view as to how important the partnership of men and women is to Through my journey of learning about gender partnership, I’ve changed the way
the future of our company and our economy. They also come out with leadership I talk to my daughter and have witnessed a remarkable shift in how she views
qualities and ways of working together that not only impact their work life but also herself and her potential. That’s what inspires me. •
their personal life. WLC and PLC are dramatically changing how people think about
gender partnership which has a positive effect within and beyond the workplace. 53

Mike Women • Resources for Women • Resources forWomen • Resources for
ResourceWomen • Resources for

“My team Executive Vice President & Directory
inspires me to President of San Francisco Bay Area Region
help enhance Of Women’s
diversity and Q. What roles have you played in helping How has a woman positively impacted you in Organizations
inclusion at women to progress in their careers? What your career?
our company.” are some of the results of this engagement My mother owned her own business before it became
that you are especially proud of? fashionable. Her first employee was my father. The rest is history.
— Mike Billeci
A. As the president of the San Francisco Bay Area The fact that my mother was a small business owner had a
Region at Wells Fargo, I have the privilege and profound and lasting impact on me. From a very early age, I This directory provides a list of San Francisco Bay Area
responsibility of leading approximately 2,300 knew that women had an important role to play in business. professional associations and community organizations that
team members. Women represent an important part of my have programs focused on advancing women. These networks
team, especially my direct leadership team. Wells Fargo What keeps you inspired to help enhance diversity and have a profound collective impact on the careers and lives of the
has a rich legacy of celebrating diversity and has a robust inclusion at your?
network of powerful women in banking. I have the privilege of leading one of the most dynamic and individuals they serve and on the region at large.
diverse markets in the nation. My team members are a direct
One of the priorities I am focused on is helping advance reflection of the diversity of the communities and customer Please Note: Although we conduct research to include many organizations serving women, this list is not
the careers of female team members. This past year, we we serve. exhaustive. We strive to ensure accuracy, however, we cannot guarantee that all information is correct.
created a specific leadership development program aimed Please contact the organization for more information. Being featured in this directory does not constitute a
at creating more female banking store managers. We are My team inspires me to help enhance diversity and inclusion at
also creating part-time banker positions to help women our company. We focus on diversity not only because it is the recommendation or endorsement of an organization’s services or products by The Women’s Book.
who are raising families or juggling school. These programs “right thing to do;” we focus on inclusion because we know
were created as a result of listening to the feedback of that it is a business imperative to be relevant and competitive in
female team members. today’s market place. •

I am especially proud of this engagement as it represents 55
the power of listening and responding to the needs of our
team members.

Resource Directory Women•Resourcesfor Women • Resources for Women • Resources for Economic & achievement. The IWF brings together an leadership, personal and professional
Leadership unprecedented global membership to exchange growth. They target women entrepreneurs
Women • Resources for Development ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote as well as professional women in a variety
better leadership for a changing world. of fields including finance, accounting,
Business Networking social, economic, and political training and Walnut Creek Chamber Center for Young consulting, banking, communications,
& Development mentoring to help them build strategic of Commerce, East Bay Women’s Development medical, real estate and engineering.
business alliances and affiliations, influence Women’s Conference Lean In
Astra Women’s Business opinion makers and strengthen the wealth- Marlene Sanchez, Executive Director
Alliance of Northern California building capacity of their businesses. Marcie Hochhauser, Senior Vice President 832 Folsom St. Rachel Thomas, Founder & President Stanford Professional Women 1280 Civic Drive, Suite 100 Suite 700 955 Alma St.
Sandy Hunter, Co-Chair Walnut Creek, CA 94596 San Francisco, CA 94107 Suite C Connie Lin, President
5 Centerpointe Drive NAWBO San Francisco (925) 934.2007 (415) 703.8800 Palo Alto, CA 94301
Lake Oswego, OR 97035 Stanford Professional Women of the San
(971) 204.0220 Kay Robinson, President East Bay Women’s Conference is the only The goal of the Center for Young Women’s Lean In is committed to offering women the Francisco Bay Area is a diverse group of 333 Hayze Road conference of its kind in San Francisco’s East Development was to create a city-wide ongoing inspiration and support to help them professional women sharing a common Stanford
The Astra Women’s Business Alliance of Suite 2203 Bay that provides women opportunities to come environment where young women achieve their goals. By talking openly about bond, open to Stanford alumnae, students,
Northern California works proactively and San Francisco, CA 94102 together and participate in programs of personal were involved in all major decisions that the challenges women face, and working faculty and staff, and mothers, daughters
cooperatively toward the elimination of (415) 333.2140 and professional enrichment and development. impact their lives — using their ideas to together, the trajectory of women can change, and spouses of alumni and students.
marketplace barriers, such that women- find new solutions to old problems. creating a better world for everyone.
owned businesses receive access to NAWBO SF Bay Area is a powerful and
and fair consideration of programs and influential organization that by 2015 will be Watermark Women of Color Action Network
projects that fund business growth. the inclusive voice of 500 women business Dress for Success Professional BusinessWomen owner members and the go-to resource for Marilyn Nagel, CEO San Francisco/San Jose of California Charisse Brogdon, Co-Chairwoman
education, inspiration, political advocacy, 3612 Holly Ridge Drive Melissa Slaughter, Co-Chairwoman
eWomenNetwork partnerships, networking and community for Santa Rosa, CA 95409 Renée Surcouf, Executive Director Nicole Soluri, President & Board Chair Minchene Tang, Co-Chairwoman
women that want to grow their businesses, (408) 421.9033 500 Sutter St. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Road P.O. Box 192706
Mary Liu, Executive Managing Director be more successful and empower others. Suite 218 Suite 179 San Francisco, CA 94105
14900 Landmark Blvd. The nonprofit organization Watermark is a San Francisco, CA 94915 Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Suite 540 community of executive women who have (415) 362.0034 (415) 857.2923 WCAN engages a professional community
Dallas, TX 75254 NAWBO Silicon Valley risen to the top of their fields—coming together of women of color in relationship-building
(415) 378.5625 to connect, develop and advocate for the The mission of Dress for Success is to promote The PBWC exists to promote career momentum and networking, access to opportunities Jennifer Dizon, President advancement of women in the workforce. the economic independence of disadvantaged and open access to a large network of leading and transformational learning, provides
eWomenNetwork focuses on helping PO Box 2696 women by providing professional attire, a business professionals in California and beyond. an inclusive environment where women of
members acquire more clients and customers, Santa Clara, CA 95055 network of support and the career development color can receive support and ideas for their
market and promote who they are and what (408) 998.8400 Women Presidents’ Organization tools to help women thrive in work and in life. professional and personal lives, is a recognized
they offer, and gain access to important Professional Women’s Network name for women of color searching for career
resources, influential business leaders, game- NAWBO Silicon Valley creates wealth, Facilitators: Juli Betwee, development advice and strategies for success,
changing ideas and unique opportunities. produces leaders, and influences the Joanne Brem, Nancy Geenen, Institute for Soo Somerset, President and serves as a catalyst for designing best global community through technology, Linda Graebner & Allison Tabor Women’s Leadership PO Box 20195 practices that are utilized by organizations to
education, networking, and peer support. 155 E. 55th St. Piedmont, CA 94620 attract, retain and advance women of color.
Floodgate Suite 4H Rayona Sharpnack, Founder & CEO
New York, NY 10022 P.O. Box 150150 The Professional Women’s Network (PWN)
Ann Miura-ko, Co-founder Network of Executive (212) 688.4114 San Rafael, CA 94915 is a networking organization for women, Government Programs
820 Ramona St., Suite 200 Women Northern California The WPO is a non-profit membership (415) 331.3222 based on a diversity in industries. Combining
Palo Alto, CA 94301 organization for women presidents of networking with friendship, socializing and Commission on
(650) 204.7990 Debbie Rookstool, Co-Chair multimillion-dollar companies. The members IWL focuses on developing women leaders, monthly luncheons, the PWN is open to all the Status of Women 161 N. Clark St. of the WPO take part in professionally- believing this vector leads to exponential interested women inside corporations, in
FLOODGATE helps today’s most ambitious Chicago, IL 60601 facilitated peer advisory groups in order increases in organizational innovation, small businesses or out on their own. Julie Soo, President
entrepreneurs develop tomorrow’s (925) 226.5803 to bring the ‘genius out of the group’ and collaboration and performance. 25 Van Ness Ave.
great business success stories. accelerate the growth of their businesses. Suite 240 NEW Northern California is part of the Network SFERA - Russian-American San Francisco, CA 94102
of Executive Women, a national women’s International Women’s Forum Business and Professional (415) 252.2570
NAWBO Sacramento leadership community serving the retail and Women’s Startup Lab Women Association
consumer goods industry. The mission is Rebecca Barfknecht, President The Commission on the Status of Women
Anne Staines, President to advance women’s leadership in the retail Ari Horie, Founder & CEO 4136 Calaveras Drive Nadia Brannon, President & Co-founder (COSW) is a commission of the City and
P.O. Box 189222 and consumer goods industry in the Bay 1020 Marsh Ave. Concord, CA 94251 2600 EI Camino Real County of San Francisco whose purpose
Sacramento, CA 95818 Area through learning events, leadership Menlo Park, CA 94025 (925) 969.1663 Suite 505 is to ensure women and girls equal
(916) 538.4249 opportunities and business development. (650) 434.3184 Palo Alto, CA 94306 economic, social, political and educational The International Women’s Forum advances (650) 291.1514 opportunities throughout the city.
NAWBOA Sacramento is the Sacramento Through collaboration and innovation, leadership across careers, cultures and
Valley region’s premier organization and Women’s Startup Lab unleashes the power continents by connecting the world’s most SFERA’s mission is to provide a forum
voice for women business owners, providing of women to become world-class leaders. preeminent women of significant and diverse for Russian-speaking business and 57
women business owners with educational, professional women to promote education,


The Junior League of San Francisco, Inc. meaningful change in the Bay Area through Golden Gate University potential of women pursuing degrees She++ AWE hosts various academic, social, and
(JLSF) is an organization of women committed philanthropy, advocacy and volunteerism. in the Charles W. Davison College of outreach events throughout the academic year.
to promoting voluntarism, developing 536 Mission St. Engineering at San Jose State University. She++ is a Stanford-based community
the potential of women, and improving San Francisco, CA 94105 for innovative women in technology.
communities through the effective action and Women’s Philanthropy: Jewish (415) 442.7000 The Women’s Faculty Club
leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose Community Federation Women’s Resource Center
is exclusively educational and charitable. Society of Women Engineers Judith Goldkrand, President The mission of the Women’s Resource
121 Steuart St. Women’s Law Association Center is to support women and feminist The SWE provides career and Women in Science and Engineering
The Women’s Building San Francisco, CA 94105 students at San José State University. academic development opportunities The Women in Science and Engineering began
(415) 777.0411 WLA is dedicated to educating and fostering for collegiate members. as a place for women to explore their interest
Teresa Mejia, Executive Director dialogue on issues that impact women’s rights, in math, science, and engineering alongside
3543 18th St. Women’s Philanthropy (WP) is an empowered especially in the legal field. It sponsors social Stanford University
#8 and socially conscious community of inter- and educational activities for the entire student Stanford Women In Business
San Francisco, CA 94110 generational women who are inspired and body as well as events primarily of interest 450 Serra Mall University of California, engaged through the Jewish traditions of to women. In the past, WLA has provided Stanford, CA 94305 Stanford Women in Business provides the Hastings College of the Law
The Women’s Building is a women-led tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah a mentor program for first-year students. (650) 723.2300 women of Stanford University an opportunity
community space that advocates self- (doing justice) while building community. to build a foundation in business and join 200 McAllister St.
determination, gender equality and social justice. Cap and Gown: Women Leaders at Stanford an encouraging community of aspiring San Francisco, CA 94102 San Francisco State University and successful businesswomen. (415) 565.4600
YWCA of San Francisco & Marin Stanford Cap and Gown connects women
The Women’s 1600 Holloway Ave. to leaders committed to contributing to their Hastings Women’s Law Journal
Foundation of California Jane Winter, Executive Director San Francisco, CA 94132 communities and to Stanford University through The Mechanical
940 Powell St. (415) 338.1111 meaningful service and networking events. Engineering Women’s Group The Hastings Women’s Law Journal is a
Nikole Collins-Puri, Director of Programs San Francisco, CA 94108 student run publication on topics of feminism,
340 Pine St., Suite 302 (415) 397.6886 Feminism in Action The ME Women’s group of graduate students race theory, multiculturalism, animal rights,
San Francisco, CA 94104 Chemistry Women’s commenced to foster a sense of community disability rights, language rights, international
(415) 321.2055 The YWCA of San Francisco & Marin has FIA is a student organization that raises Committee on Graduate Life and environment of support among graduate human rights, criminal defendants’ rights drawn together members of the community awareness about intersectional gender women in engineering at Stanford University. and pioneers’ rights, among others.
With decades of momentum and sixteen to empower women, families and individuals issues and provides a supportive and In order to address the under-representation of
legislative wins to date, the Foundation is in order to obtain a common vision: peace, safe environment for students to discuss women in scientific professions, the Stanford
known as an early funder of human trafficking justice, freedom and dignity for all people. and organize around these issues. Chemistry Women’s Committee on Graduate Women’s Community Center University of San Francisco
intervention and prevention, lesbian and Life aims to improve the experience of graduate
transgender rights, environmental health, students and postdoctoral scholars. The Women’s Community Center exists to 2130 Fulton St.
criminal justice work and campaigns to University Resources, Society of Women Engineers facilitate the success of women students at San Francisco, CA 94117
build women’s economic security. by College Stanford by providing innovative opportunities (415) 422.5555 The Society of Women Engineers stimulates Counterpoint for scholarship, leadership, and activism.
City College of San Francisco women to achieve full potential in careers Global Women’s Rights Forum
Women’s Initiative as engineers and leaders, expands the Counterpoint is Stanford’s second-
50 Phelan Ave. image of the engineering profession as a oldest a cappella group, and its first Women’s Wellness Network The Global Women’s Rights Forum at the
Joan Day, Chief Volunteer Officer San Francisco, CA 94112 positive force in improving the quality of life all-female group. Counterpoint is a group University of San Francisco is a multicultural
1398 Valencia St. (415) 239.3000 and demonstrates the value of diversity. of 8-14 college women with a deep and The Stanford Women’s Wellness Network and interdisciplinary forum for educating
San Francisco, CA 94110 abiding love for all things musical. was established in the summer quarter of members of our complex global communities.
(415) 641.3460 Project Survive 2001. This group emerged in a grassroots Women in Business style in direct response to the needs of
Since 1988, Women’s Initiative has been Project SURVIVE is a peer education program The Women in Business at SF State student Graduate Women’s Network graduate women in general, but also Sister Connection
assisting high-potential low-income women of the Women’s Studies department at group seeks to advance the professional graduate women of color specifically.
who dream of business ownership. City College of San Francisco which trains and personal development of women The Graduate Women’s Network is a Addresses the needs of women of color on students to make classrooms presentations undergraduate and graduate business and forum for graduate women to build a the USF campus through meetings, social
on promoting healthy relationships. non-business students through affiliation and community—meet, share experiences, University of California, Berkeley programs and community service. The goals
Women’s Leadership Council, networking with other business organizations. exchange information and advice. are to inspire, empower and connect with
United Way of Bay Area University of California, Berkeley the women on campus and beyond.
Women’s Resource Center Berkeley, CA 94720
Susan Sutherland, San Jose State University Inter-Sorority Council (ISC) (510) 642.6000
Senior Vice President & Director The Women’s Resource Center is a student Women in Science
550 Kearny St. initiated and student run organization, 1 Washington Square The ISC is the local governing body and Association of Women in EECS
Suite 1000 offering support groups, workshops, San Jose, CA 95112 unifying forum for the seven Stanford NPC Women in Science strives to support
San Francisco, CA 94108 lectures and films to women students. (408) 924.1000 chapters, made up of delegates and executive AWE is a student organization in UC Berkeley and encourage female students in
(415) 808.4338 members from each member chapter. that supports fellow undergraduate women their pursuit of the sciences. Women in Engineering interested in CS or EE to succeed in all aspects.
By taking an active stance toward reducing
poverty, the WLC creates opportunities to The SJSU Women in Engineering (WiE) 61
connect with like-minded women and to support program aims to increase the number,
ensure the success, and grow the leadership

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