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Interactive SyllabusCOI Summer 2017

Interactive SyllabusCOI Summer 2017

muS 101 Summer 2017

m ausic ppreciation
Dr. Kevin Mobbs

Meet Your Learning
Professor Outcomes




Table of Cont

tents Summer 2017

4 Meet Your Professor
5 Contact Information
6 Learning Outcomes
6 General Competencies
7 Required Materials
8 Course Requirements
10 Policies

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Meet Your Professor

Hello MUS 101 students. I am Kevin Mobbs. I live
in Jacksonville, AL and own a cat named Poppy-
seed. I enjoy hiking and I am always looking for a
new trail to hike. I am learning to play bagpipes but
my instrument of choice is trombone. I have been
playing for over
50 years. This is This summer class is 100
my fourth time online; however, we wi

teaching this have a final exam that me
class. I have cre-
ated interactive activities to accommo- in person.

date many learning styles. Please take some time to peruse this syllabus.
This summer class is 100% online; however, we will have a final exam that
meets in person. I have included contact information for you to reach out
to me and I encourage you to ask questions throughout this summer class
if you need more clarification on topics presented. I also encourage you to
get to know your classmates, as they can be a valuable resource. If you find
this passage in the syllabus within the first week of class send me an email
and I will award you extra credit. I am excited to introduce you to Music


0% Contact Information
eets Instructor: Dr. Kevin Mobbs
Office Location: Self Hall Room 207
Phone Number: 555-555-2100
Office Hours: As Posted Online and by appointment
College Website:


Catalog Course Description of Music Appreciation
Prerequisite: None
An introduction to the appreciation of music which
relates the development of music to general histo-
ry and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the
present and develops students’ ability to listen per-
ceptively. Ex-tensive critical listening to representa-
tive works forms a major portion of the course con-


CLGo&eemnapOrenreuatinetlcngocmiesesSummer 2017 uative terms related to
the study of music.
3. Using those terms,
analyze and intelligent-
ly critique particular
musical works
4. Demonstrate aware-
ness of a variety of
historically significant
musical works.
5. State why those
works are considered
to be important.

The 7 Habbits of Highly

Effective Teachers who By the end of the 6. Demonstrate aware-
use Technology course, the student ness of the chrono-
will be able to: logical progression of
1. They Always Start with the 1. Identify and un- the music from west-
Why derstand the basic ern and non-western
elements of music
2. THey are Malleable and can
easily adapt

3. They Embrace Change including Rhythm,

4. They Share, Share, and then Pitch, Melody, Vo-
cal and In-strumental
Share some more

5. THey think win-win-win-win Tone Color, and Har-

6. They are extremely thorough

and think two steps ahead 2. Develop a set of
descriptive and eval-
67. They Actively Care

- Required
and their values as ence and consistent Pen, Robert. Intro-
expressed in various use of perspective duction to Music.
musical forms. Global McGraw-Hill.1992.
6.1 Describe how cul-
7. Develop, critique, tural diversity affects Technology
and defend theories ideas and behaviors of Computer, high
about musical struc- individuals and groups speed Internet
ture in isolation and 6.2 Identify major aes- connection, head-
- within an historical thetic ideas and theo- phones/ear buds
with a long cord;
con-text. ries in varying social Blackboard access.
General Competencies contexts See Technology
Critical Thinking Policy below for
Identify, summarize, more information.
and analyze data, The 7 Music Time
Periods Spotify- create a
Spotify account us-
ideas, or concepts. Antiquity-c. 400-800 ing your Jacksonville
Apply formula, pro- Medieval-800-1400 State University
cedures, principles, or Student Email Ac-
themes Renaissance- 1400-1600 count at https://
Communication Baroque- 1600-1750
2.2 Demonstrate Classical- 1750-1820
awareness of audi- Romantic- 1820-1900 7
Contemporary- 1900-

mU Course Requirements

S Methods of Evaluation/Weighting
I of Components of Course:

Unit Fact Quizzes 10 @ 20 pts each 200 pts
Unit Assignments 10 @ 50 pts each 500 pts
Live Online Classes (TBA) 2 @ 50 pts each 100 pts
1 Final Exam (face-face) 200 pts

C Total Course Points 1000 pts



Grading Scale-
Letter grade is based on total points awarded


1000-900 A

899-800 B

799-700 C

699-600 D

599-500 F

Withdraw W

Incomplete I


both Bb and your JSU email. ule is due on the last day of
You are responsible for check- the Module. There is a 3 day
ing both. automatic grace. There is no
Syllabus Changes need to request an extension
Revisions and additions to the or let me know why you are
syllabus may be made through- turning it in late. There is no
out the semester, provided stu- point reduction for using the
dents are apprised of changes grace period. After 3 days,
in writing. late assignments will not be
Due Dates/Making up work accepted and will receive a

Dr. Mobbs Age 19 Life happens- do not procrastinate.

Each Module will start on a Tuesday

General and end on Monday evening at mid-

This class is 100% online with night. All work for each module is
one face-face final exam. To be
successful in this online course, due on the last day of the Module.

you will need to have excellent
self motivation skills. The course
will consist of readings, listening As this is an online course, grade of zero (0). If there
to music, fact quizzes, and spe- there is little room for makeup. are serious extenuating
cial projects. The most important From the design of the course, cir-cumstances (debilitating
thing to do is remain connected you have a lot of flexibility for illness, death in the immedi-
and engaged in the course. Com- turning in assignments as well ate family, etc.) causing you
municate with your professor and as a built-in grace period. Ad- to miss a deadline, contact
other students. ditionally, an online class allows me before the deadline to
Communication you to complete work even if discuss your special circum-
Blackboard email is the main you need to travel, are ill, or stance for possible allow-
method for communication. have other life issues. To this ance. If you notify me after
Please do not send emails to my end, in most cases, work is due the deadline, the regular late except in by the end of the grace peri- assignment policy is in ef-
emergencies. Generally, I will use od with no further extensions fect.
Bbfor email as well, but for very allowed. Life happens- do not Textbook
important messages, I may use procrastinate. Each Module The textbook is required.
will start on a Tuesday and end Students are expected to
10 on Monday evening at mid- purchase the book immedi-
night. All work for each mod- ately. Failure to purchase the

book and other materials is not an excuse College Catalog
for missing assignments or receiving poor Students found in violation of this policy will
marks. The proper text-book is available at not receive points for the assignment in ques-
the CCGA Bookstore (http://www.ccga- tion or may be failed for the semester depend- It is your right to shop around, ing on the severity of the issue.
but you are responsible for purchasing the
correct materials. Special Assistance
Technology If you have a special need or accommodation
Students will be responsible for accessing or have difficulty accessing materials in this
course material on Desire- course, you must
2Learn. It is neither reasonable nor no-tify the instruc-

It is the student's respon- acceptable for you to ask for tor in writing prior
sibility to ensure they have to the end of drop/
the equipment, Internet or expect help and accommoda- add.

access, and necessary skills tions at the last minute. We
to in-teract in a technology
rich environment. Failure all procrastinate, but you do
of technology, loss of In- so at your own risk.
ternet access, or insufficient
technolo-gy skills will not be accepted as an Course Evaluations
excuse to miss or turn in late work. Allow Course evaluations are completed by the stu-
time in your schedule to learn nec-essary dent during the specified time period before
technology skills and to buffer in potential final exams. Evaluation Kit is the company
technology failure. If your computer crashes, used for sending out materials to students. If
find a substi-tute- ask a friend or use one of you find this sentence in the syllabus within
the many computers on campus. the first week, please send me and email so I
can award you extra credit.
It is reasonable and expected for you to ask
for help with sufficient lead time for a given
assignment. It is nei-ther reasonable nor ac-
ceptable to for you to ask for or expect help
and accommodations at the last minute. We
all procrastinate, but you do so at your own
Computers are available on campus for stu-
dent use.

Technology Help Dr. Mobbs Age 20 11
Blackboard Help 365/24/7-
Academic Honesty
Review the academic honesty policy in the

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