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Published by PHILIP COLON, 2017-12-11 15:04:06

Spongebob's Constitution Adventure

Spongebob and the Constitution

Philip Colon

Chapter One: Declaration of Independence.

It was a warm sunny day in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob was cooking up Krabby
Patties when everyone gasped. He looked out his window to see Benjamin

Declaration of Independence

“You wanna learn some stuff about history?” asked Benjamin. Spongebob nodded. “Why not,” he said. ”We’ll start with the
Declaration of Independence,” Benjamin said. “The what?” Squidward asked. “Basically it’s the formal statement
announcing the independence of the United States of America from the British Empire” Benjamin said. “But why did we
need independence from the British Empire?” Mr. Krabs asked. “The british king treated us very poorly back in the day”
Benjamin said smiling. “Today the Declaration of independence is celebrated on July 4th as a national holiday because it
was published on July 4th, 1776,” Benjamin said. “Wait a moment aren't we supposed to be off work on July 4th then?”
Squidward asked. Mr. Krabs smiled. “Uhh-NEXT?” he shouted.

Legislative Branch

“There are three branches for the government,” Hamilton said. “One of those is the legislative branch,”
Benjamin added. “What is the legislative branch?” Spongebob asked. “The legislative branch is in charge
of making laws,” Benjamin Plankton said says. “Sounds pretty simple,” Patrick says smiling. Benjamin
Plankton laughed. “Oh that isn’t all, there is MUCH more to the legislative branch, It is made up of two
parts...The house of Representative and the Senate,” he continued. “What do both of the parts do?”
Squidward asked.

Legislative Branch Continued

“Well..”Benjamin Waterton started. “ A senator's job is to represent the people living in his or her state in
the United States,”Benjamin said.”The House was to represent the popular will, and its members were to
be directly elected by the people,” Benjamin said “So you have to vote to get into these things?” Mr Krabs
asked. “Correct,” Clamiton said. “Now i'm going to teach you a few things about the executive branch,”.


“The executive branch consists of the President, his or her advisors and various departments and
agencies. This branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the land,” Benjamin said. “What's a
president?” Patrick asked. Everyone exchanged looks and laughed. “The president is like the head man of
the country,” Benjamin said. “I'm going to be the president,” Mr. Krabs said. Squidward laughed. “You wish
Krabs,” “The president sees that the government runs smoothly and that the laws of the land are enforced
and obeyed. He promises to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution,”Benjamin said.


The third and final branch is the Judicial Branch. It is part of the Government, which is made up of Federal
Courts and the Supreme Court, that have powers directly vested to it in the Constitution. “What is the
supreme court?” Spongebob asked. “It's where people make the final call in big court cases through
congress, they also are run by the justices,” Franklin said.

BIll of rights

“So we are hitting our last stop,” Benjamin said. “The bill of rights,” he continued. “The bill of rights are the
first 10 amendments on the constitution,” Benjamin said. “What's an amendment?” Patrick asked. “A rule
pretty much,” Benjamin said . “To sum it up the first rule is the freedom of any religion you would like to
practice, the second is anyone can buy legal weapons, the third states that troops need permission to stay
in anyone's home,” said Alexander. “The 4th prevents government officials to do unreasonable searches,
the 5th gives the opportunity for people to testify or not testify in court, and t

Bill of Rights continued

The 6th is guarantees a speedy trial by a jury of one's peers,”Benjamin said finally. “Alas the 7th provides
civil cases are tried by jury, the 8th prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, the 9th states that all people
have rights that are not listed in the constitution, and Finally the 10th gives power to everyone in the
United States,” Benjamin said. Benjamin gasped for air.


“Hey!” Spongebob yelled. Everyone turned. Spongebob held plankton in his fingers.
“Let me go!” Plankton yelled. Mr. Krabs laughed. “Failed at stealing me formula
and now you go after the U.S Constitution, not smart Plankton,” he said. Plankton
grunted. “Well thanks for everything!” Spongebob said smiling. The gang waved
and walked away. THE END

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