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NewsletterDECEMBER 2018 | NewsleDttEeCrEMBER 2018

““EEqquuiippppiinngg ssttuuddeennttlleeaaddeerrss
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‣ Every Student, Seen

}and Heard (Luis Acosta, p.2

Principal, Math/Art Instructor)


Freedom through
constraints (Moses

DeHart, Welding Instructor)

ATTENTION! }‣ Vocatio on the Map p.3
Called to our community
As I considered how to encapsulate all the activity at Vocatio in ‣ Works in progress:
recent months, this theme caught my attention. In every aspect of
Vocatio’s work of educating young people, we are guiding their Constructing workshops
minds, bodies, energies, and passions in a focused direction to and classrooms
empower them to navigate God’s good creation in ways yet
unfamiliar to them. Whether it comes in the form of grasping the }‣ Photo Collage p.4
meaning of words in English class, a rod of steel in the welding shop,
or a new way of seeing in art class, gaining mastery of any discipline ‣ Ignite the Flame
requires the mentorship of patient instructors who can show the way Campaign: Consider
to understand, see, notice, observe. Ways to Partner

The spiritual dimension of this call to pay attention, of course, UPDATE
permeates all we do as the steady undercurrent. The scriptures enjoin
us to carefully steward our attention towards awareness of God: On September 4, 2018,

“Behold! The Lamb of God, who takes away the world’s sin!” (Jn 1:29)
“Look, I am renewing everything!” (Rev. 21:5) Be attentive! Stand firm

in the faith” (1 Cor. 16:13).

With our focus recently being absorbed in launching the high school, VOCATIO CAREER PREP

the holidays will provide an occasion for us to take a moment to HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIALLY
zoom out to deliberately notice how God has been at work in our LAUNCHED!
midst. Reflect with us on Jesus’ faithfulness to Vocatio, our youth, and

our neighborhood, and join us in giving thanks! - Jeremy Chen, Editor Our doors were opened

to an inaugural class of

Contact us!
fourteen 9th graders from our
We’d love to
hear from you. ol
Join us in praising God
633 W. Hunting Park Ave., Phila, PA 1914 0
for his provision!
PAGE 1 | 215-821-882 3

 Every studentE, vseereynsatunddehnet,asreden and heard
Moses DeHart & Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta | Principal, Math and Art Instructor

Even though some of our 14 Vocatio 9th graders have had rough experiences
with school in the past, there is something consistent with them here: they
are thirsty for a different academic experience. As we walk alongside each
student, seeking to understand their challenges and empower them to reach
their potential, we also recognize the need to be sensitive to students’
spiritual needs and to show them Jesus.
Recent encouraging moments:
‣ Seeing one student open up about his family, and having an opportunity

to build relationship with him and his family as an adult who cares about
him and his future.
‣ Another student, who is very bright, is beginning to find motivation in
our environment to overcome hurdles.
‣ One student has helped tutor his peer in math; both get really excited
when they complete the review game together.

Watch out! Freedom through Constraints

Moses DeHart | Welding Instructor

As students take their 12- I had a turning point of my Welding in our newly-built booths!
week intro to welding, our own in my view of work. With
focus has been on my dad out of work due to an “It is not the critic who counts; not the man
professionalism and the basics accident, I took up a who points out how the strong man stumbles,
of a solid work ethic. These landscape business to help
constraints may feel too tough support my family. I hope that or where the doer of deeds could have done
at the beginning, but the 9th this year can be a time where them better. The credit belongs to the man who
graders are coming to the students can similarly gain is actually in the arena, whose face is marred
understand that leniency is no a deep appreciation for hard
favor to them in the work. As we push through by dust and sweat and blood; who strives
workshop. The more with building Vocatio to valiantly; who errs, who comes short again
disciplined we maintain in an become the school God and again, because there is no effort without
environment with sparks desires it to be, I pray the error and shortcoming; but who does actually
flying, the more we can move students recognize our grit
beyond only ensuring safety and desire to follow in Jesus’ strive to do the deeds; who knows great
towards productivity and footsteps. enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends
greater freedom to create
things through welding. I One way I’ve encouraged himself in a worthy cause; who at the best
constantly reinforce with my the students has been through knows in the end the triumph of high
students that coming to the sharing one of my own
welding shop is coming to favorite quotes, which I’ve achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails,
work. That’s what it means for committed to memory. When at least fails while daring greatly, so that his
us to be about career prep. we’re in need of motivation, place shall never be with those cold and timid
we often turn to this quote, souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
It was when I was my which speaks to the courage
students’ current age that I and focus we all need:
- President Theodore Roosevelt, in a speech
delivered at the Sorbonne on 23 April, 1910.



Vocatio on the Map

Our building locations in the
Hunting Park neighborhood
reflect our commitment to
embody our core value of



1 Main School Building 2 Workshops (Media, Carpentry, Welding) 3 Ministry house

633 W Hunting Park Ave. 4455 N 6th St. 4216 N Marshall St.

Works in Progress { Constructing Vocatio’s Classrooms and Workshops }

As Vocatio has scaled from an outside-of-school program into a high school, our spaces have grown simultaneously. In
the last six months, we drastically enlarged our carpentry and welding workshops, built a digital media lab and
studio, and constructed two classrooms from scratch. Previous Vocatio student Jade recently came by our renovated
spaces for community service. When she saw the progress in developing our spaces, her jaw dropped in wonder: “You
all actually did it! There was nothing here in May. WOW!” It has been a blessing to see students inspired to grow
through seeing the growth of our spaces. - Anita MacBain, Executive Director

Welding workshop: expansion & development Media Lab

2017 Spring 2018 September 2018 October 2018 June 2018

Classrooms: Built in 3 days; finished right in time for school! October 2018
Before During After

Vocatio Career Prep High School Art Museum Visit

633 W. Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140


In Progress: DECEMBER 2018
Future Community
Concession Stand!


Ways to Partner 1ST MONDAYS
‣ Friend us: Will you be a Friend of Vocatio? Our goal: 100 monthly
donors by Feb. 2019.
‣ Smile: Ask how to make Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar. 4 ,
us your Amazon Smile Be a Friend of Vocatio! Apr. 1, May 6 @ 6PM
non-profit to receive 0.5%
of your purchases! ✓ Checks may be sent to: at 633 W. Hunting Park Ave.
Vocatio Career Prep High School
‣ The gift of time: Would 633 W Hunting Park Ave.,
you like to volunteer as a Philadelphia, PA 19140 Health
tutor, sports coach, or to ✓ Or give online (1x or monthly):
share your vocational

PAGjEo4urney? Let us know! [ We are a 501c3; All gifts are tax-deductible.

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