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TonkaNAUTS Issue #1

TonkaNAUTS Issue #1

Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018


In This Issue: Minnetonka Power Squadron Minnesota D-10
• Commander’s At the Helm

• Facebook Pages

• Administrative Officer’s Report

• Education Officer’s Report

• Fire Extinguisher Recall

• Nominations Notice

• Classified Ads

• Bulletin Board

2017 Bridge Officers: At the Helm

Cmdr: Cdr Kevin Wehrmann, S Cdr Kevin Wehrmann, S
612-209-5540 I hope that each of you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season! It’s
hard to believe that the 2018 Minneapolis Boat Show is just around
Executive: Lt/C John Raby, JN-ACN the corner and we are preparing for another year with squadron activ- ities. As a squadron we are finishing strong for 2017. Some of the
952-470-6266 highlights for me as Commander were achieving our membership goal
of 37 new members; ten of which earned a merit mark this year!
Admin: Lt/C Andrew Lalim, AP “Finishing Strong - Looking Ahead to 2018”
One way we can measure success is the number of merit marks earned by our squad-
Educational: Lt/C Kevin Shutes, AP ron. A total of 124 merit marks were awarded this year by National which represents about 50 percent of our total membership! Thank you Russ Straate our Membership
847-450-4611 Chair and our Administrative Officer Andy Lalim for working to achieve that goal.

Secretary: Lt/C Eric Schmidt, S After an eighteen year drought our Education Dream Team lead by Kevin Shutes brings home the coveted Prince Henry Award! This award represents the hard work that our
squadron does teaching the many classes and seminars throughout the season.
Treas: D/Lt/C Tracy Gustafson,

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Page 2 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Commander’s Report

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Coming up on Monday January 8th John Raby is teaching a double seminar from 7pm - 10pm at Peace Church: Introduc-
tion to Navigation and How to use a Chart. The seminar is available for purchase online, great value for $49.00, and it
also counts toward your Inland Navigator requirements. Let’s get out and support our Education team!

Another highlight was the introduction of the (Square) credit card reader. After years of struggling with cash and check
payments for events and education activities Kevin Shutes, Andy Lalim and Tracy Gustafson introduced Square to the
squadron. This technology increased sales dramatically through the ships store, fraternal events and increased our
attendance for the education department! Not only did Square increase revenue but it simplified the way we do busi-
ness on and off the island.

Hope Kids, the 6th annual, our biggest most visible Civic event was again very rewarding for those who volunteered.
Thank You Steve Camp, Eric and Denise Schmidt, Greg and Connie Korstad and John Raby for making the Event safe and
Fun for all those involved! Two Conservation officers from the DNR were present as well; thank you Steve Leighton for
building a relationship with the officers! Between 2016 and 2017 the Minnetonka Power Squadron raised and donated
over ten thousand dollars to the Hope Kids organization! My favorite quote of the day came from Don Duncan, “I only
issued one Band-Aid”

A quote from Greg Korstad, “Welcome to the Best Restaurant on Lake Minnetonka”. Greg was referring to our meals
served during events at Streater Cove. Italian Night, Shrimp Fest, Steak and Movie Night and Chili Cook-off to name a
few. My hat goes off to Karen Christenson and her team of volunteers that make our island events the envy of all boat-
ers passing through the channel.

At my first General Membership meeting back in March I spoke about reaching out to the community and promoting
the Squadron. The goal is to create awareness and increase membership through America’s Boating Club and our local
squadron from Minnetonka. In the last couple months we created a power point that I used and presented to the Ex-
celsior Rotary Club which was very well received by the Rotary. The presentation is a half hour in length and covers the
USPS or America’s Boating Club on a National and District level. On a local perspective the power point focuses on the
three sides of our triangle and our Island home at Streater Cove, Big Island. I want to thank Katy Ullsperger for organiz-
ing the event with the club in Excelsior. In the coming months we have scheduled three more presentations; Rotary in
Chaska, the Antique Boat Club and a presentation to the Inland Sea Kayaking group at the REI Bloomington in April. We
are living the Logo – Americas’ Boating Club!

Please mark your calendars and join me at my last General Membership meeting as Commander. We will be electing
our 2018 officers as well as conducting the business at hand. Following the meeting we celebrate at the hotel bar with

Change of Watch or COW is a formal annual event, again being held at the Embassy Suites in Bloomington on Saturday
March 3rd. Come and support the installment of our 2018 Bridge and the incoming Commander, John Raby. As you may
remember the room at Embassy Suites last year was a little tight, this year the room will be double the square footage
we had last year! Come and celebrate with us as we reward those members that do the great work for our organiza-
tion and have earned the recognition they deserve at Change of Watch.

As my last TonkaNAUTS article as Commander of the Minnetonka Power Squadron it has been fun to look back and re-
flect on all the great things we accomplished as a team during my watch. I want everyone to know that it has been an
honor and a pleasure to be your Commander and I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you for making my watch
year fun and exciting! I’m looking forward to working with John Raby in 2018 along with next year’s bridge.

On behalf of your Executive Committee and all of the officers of the Squadron I would like to thank you for another
eventful year with the Minnetonka Power Squadron. Thank you all for “Stepping Up and Giving Back” in 2017.

“With a boat and a little imagination you can go anywhere!” - In the meantime, Lets Cramalotinn!

Page 3 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Join Us On facebook — Both Pages!

Lt Holly Raby, AP

Did you know we have a "Members Only" facebook group? Whereas our public facebook
page is centered around general USPS and Lake Minnetonka information, the private
group is where we post reminders, share info about squadron events and share photos
without them being seen by the general public.

You will get different information from each of the pages, so be sure to connect to both of

Public Page:

Members Only Page:
Login to your Facebook account, then enter this URL:
groups/1837502039905387 You'll need to ask to join the group, but once you've been
accepted, you'll receive a notice and will then have access to the page.

2018 Elections / General Membership Meeting

When: 1900hr - Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Where: The Sheraton Minneapolis West Hotel

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this important annual event.
We will be electing our 2018 officers as well as conducting other business at hand.
We need your attendance to insure that a quorum of members is present. See You There!

Page 4 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Administrative Officer’s Report Fall 2017 Survey

Lt/C Andy Lalim, AP

Thank you, members, for sharing your feedback on the MPS Fall Survey. We had over 100 re-
spondents and received great feedback as it relates to what you love, what we should continue
doing and most importantly where we can improve. The survey was conducted using a methodol-
ogy called Net Promoter Score, which has been gaining popularity across many industries and is
very applicable to non-profit organizations such as the Minnetonka Power Squadron.


Net Promoter Score measures customer “member” experience and predicts general health and overall perception of
an organization. It does that through this important question, “How likely is it that you would recommend the MPS to
a friend or colleague.” Responses fall on a scale of 0-10, and are grouped into 3 categories:

Promoters (score of 9-10) – loyal enthusiasts

Passives (score 7-8) – satisfied but unenthusiastic

Detractors (score 0-6) – unhappy, may contribute to negative word of mouth

THE RESULTS: what you told us

Overall the MPS squadron scored a 39, derived from 58% of the respondents considered promoters, 23% passives, and
19% detractors for Fall 2017. Anything over zero is considered good with above 50 being excellent and 70 plus consid-
ered world class.

What our members love about Minnetonka Power Squadron?
camaraderie, community, friendships, Streater Cove, education and events

What could we improve?
more welcoming, cater better to kids, more involvement, less commitment

From a communication perspective 94% of the respondents identified that email/eBeacon was their preferred method
of communication. Below are some percentages related to the website.

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Page 5 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Administrative Officer’s Report Fall 2017 Survey

Continued from Page 4


Leading response was, more events catered to kids, followed by more events off the island. Overall the numbers of
events were largely adequate, but the cost of events should be addressed.

Membership Renewal Intention


The 2018 bridge slate has already begun constructing goals and action items to address your feedback. The end goal
will center on how do we enhance what is working, stop what isn’t, while evolving to meet the future needs of our
members. Your feedback is the first step, but we can’t do it alone. We will be looking to you to get involved and help
bring measurable change to the organization.

Page 6 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Education Officer’s Report

Lt/C Kevin Shutes, AP

Rebranding to AMERICA’S

On December 8th National released a new Marketing Guidebook that provides a roadmap for how we will transition
from the United States Power Squadrons® to America’s Boating Club®. As Eileen Rickard noted in one of the articles,
“How many times have you talked about the United States Power Squadrons® to boating friends and gotten a blank
look?” Well now we have a way to talk about our organization that helps us connect better to the boating public. USPS
has trademarked an alternate brand – “America’s Boating Club®.”

Updating our brand is more than adopting a new logo or modernizing our website—it requires us to think about our
culture in a different way. We will still focus on education, fraternal and civic events, but “our rituals, dress, approach
to the public, cultural priorities and treatment of each other” will need to evolve. A more modern and inclusive way to
describe our organization could read:

“America’s Boating Club is a nation-wide boating organization. We learn together, boat together and help each other
and other boaters on the water and on land. Our members learn boating skills, engage with boating friends and connect
with the boating community.”

The new Marketing Guidebook provides a lot of detail and supporting data around why we are working to modernize
our brand and appeal to the next generation of boaters. We know from Minnetonka’s own survey results that we need
to find new and better ways to engage families and that we need to market to the “outdoors enthusiasts” in their 40s
and 50s who prefer smaller, trailer-able boats if we want to keep our membership levels sustainable.

At the district level, Greg Korstad and Dale Perry have created a committee with members from each D10 squadron
that will identify ways we can “Live the Logo” and over the course of the next twelve months you will likely start to see
some of our branding formally transition to America’s Boating Club®.

Moving forward, Minnetonka’s Executive Committee will create a work group tasked with implementing recommenda-
tions from both National and District 10. This team will build a detailed Marketing Plan that preserves Lake Minneton-
ka Power Squadron’s special culture and history, while ensuring compliance to the new standards. With our talent
pool and resources and the focus this year’s National Governing Board Meeting will bring, we are in a unique position
to not only comply but to lead.

This is a period of change, but also of opportunity. If you have a marketing background and are willing to help, please
email me at and I will add you to our team.

Minnetonka Power Squadron

Page 7 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall


The Kidde fire extinguisher company has issued a recall on their plastic handle fire extinguishers due to fail-
ure to discharge and/or the spray nozzle detaching. The fire extinguishers can become clogged or require
excessive force to discharge and can fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, the nozzle can de-
tach with enough force to pose an impact hazard.

This recall involves two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers; plastic handle fire extinguishers and push-button
Pindicator fire extinguishers. The recall involves 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured be-
tween January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017, including models that were previously recalled in March
2009 and February 2015.

The extinguishers were sold in red, white and silver and are either ABC- or BC-rated. The model number is
printed on the fire extinguisher label. For units produced in 2007 and beyond, the date of manufacture is a
10-digit date code printed on the side of the cylinder near the bottom. Digits five through nine represent the
day and year of manufacture in DDDYY format. Date codes for recalled models manufactured from January
2, 2012 through August 15, 2017 are 00212 through 22717. For units produced before 2007, a date code is
not printed on the fire extinguisher.

Contact Kidde toll-free at 855-271-0773 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
ET Saturday and Sunday, or online at and click on “Product Safety Recall” for more infor-
mation. Reference Recall # 18-022.

Page 8 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Nominating Committee Report

Per section 6.9 of the Minnetonka Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is submitting this report of our recommended

candidates for the 2018-2019 watch year.

Bridge 2017-2018 Proposed Nominations Committee – Slate of Candidates

Commander Lt/C John Raby, JN-ACN Cmdr Kevin Wehrmann, S

Executive Officer Lt/C Andrew Lalim, AP It is the time of year where we start the process
Administrative Officer 1st/Lt Brad Penrith, AP to define the new leadership of our squadron
Education Officer Lt/C Kevin Shutes, AP for the next watch year 2018/2019. Please read
Secretary Lt/C Eric Schmidt, S on; you will find this process interesting!
Treasurer D/Lt/C Tracy Gustafson, AP-IN
Our Nominations Committee submitted their
Assistant Bridge Officers 2017-2018 Proposed slate of candidates to the Secretary by October
15th as required (per bylaw 6.9). The secretary
Assistant Administrative Officer Lt Ed Near, S in turn is required to publish this slate to our
Assistant Education Officer 1st/Lt Edward Lethert, AP-IN members no later than November 15th either in
Assistant Secretary 1st/Lt Lindsey Storm, S hardcopy or through our official squadron publi-
Assistant Treasurer 1st/Lt Donald Wilkinson, S cation which is the TonkaNAUTS (bylaw 6.5.8
and 15.1). That slate is provided for your review
Executive Committee 2017-2018 Proposed as part of this issue of the TonkaNauts. In addi-
Member at Large Lt Russell Straate, AP tion, we are required to send a notice of our an-
Member at Large Greg Tobin, S nual election meeting, along with the Nomi-
Member at Large Lt Katy Ullsperger, S nating Committee slate, no later than 30 days
Member at Large Lt Dan Saniti, S before the meeting either via hardcopy or the
TonkaNauts (bylaw 9.3.1 and 15.1). That
meeting has been scheduled for January 18th
2018 and the official notice is also contained in
this publication.

Member at Large Kirk Lau, AP (Year represents last year to serve.)
Member at Large Pat Laughlin, P

Endowment Committee Nominations Committee (* = nominated from floor)
R/C Mike Skelley, JN-IN 2020 Lt Rob Goltz, JN 2019
Lt LuAnne Opstedal, S, 2020 D/Lt/C Dave Fine, AP, 2019
Lt Ross Langhans, AP, 2019 P/R/C Gregory Korstad, AP-IN 2018
Arlan Opstedal, S, 2019 Lt Don Duncan, JN, 2018
Lt Steve Leighton, AP, 2018 * * These positions are nominated from the floor, but the
Lt Tim Levens, AP-IN 2018 * Nominating Committee recommends Cdr Kevin Wehr-

Rules Committee: mann, S, and Lt Tim Levens, AP-IN for this committee
Dave Velander, S, 2020
Butch Essig, 2020 Audit Committee: Planning Committee
1st/Lt Peter Onstad, S, 2019 Lt Bud Broekema, AP, 2020 (nominated by incoming Com-
Mark D. Hector, AP, 2019 Pat Spence, S, 2020
Lt Barry Blievernict, S 2019 mander)

Page 9 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Classified Adds 1995 Sea Ray 250 Sundancer - $17,500

This boat is in really good condition and comes with a very nice Eagle bunk trailer. 5.7L (350 ci) Mercruiser engine with
a Bravo III dual prop outdrive. Professionally maintained each year at winterization.

Features and Options:

• Sleeps 4 in the cabin with v-birth up front (converts to
dinette by raising table) and aft cabin.

• Built in AC/Heat (very rare on this boat model, requires
shore power or a portable generator)

• AC/DC refrigerator

• 2 sinks with 20 gallon pressure water system, water heater
(engine heated or shore power heated)

• Head with pump out holding tank

• Extended add-on swim platform (very nice option)

• Full camper canvas (in very good condition)

• Travel/mooring cover, complete heavy canvas storage
cover (very nice when storing in the winter as it covers the
entire boat and goes down over the sides)

• 3 battery system with switch and on-board two bank
battery charger

• Raymarine GPS plotter/depth/fish finder

• 2 cabin fans

• Bluetooth stereo (with remote) connected to Kicker
speakers in the cabin and cockpit

• Cockpit snap-in carpet

• Cockpit cooler

• Anchor

• Marine radio

• Shore power cord

• Cockpit table can be lowered with supplied pad converts
to a sun-lounge

• All manuals included

Boat has been stored inside in the winter. The Eagle trailer loads and unloads like a dream; just drive it on. New tires
(all four) on the trailer; wheel bearings just greased. This is the perfect trailerable cruiser (pulls easily with our Yukon)
and is very comfortable to sleep in. We have had no problems; it runs and operates as it should.

For additional information view
or contact Russ Straate at

Page 10 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Classified Adds 1999 Carver 350 Mariner

Many New Updates:
• New Refrigerator
• New Microwave
• New Coffee Maker
• New VH`F Radio
• New Battery Charger
• New TV/DVD & Stereo
• Overhauled Windlass
• 1 Yr-Old Bottom Paint
• Radar-Equipped

Squadron Boat


Page 11 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Bulletin Board Assistant Officers

For information on advertising on the “Bulletin Board” please contact the TonkaNAUTS Editor: Asst. Admin: Brad Penrith, AP
Jeff Hoffman, AP Asst. Education: Ed Lethert, AP
Asst. Secretary: Lindsey Storm, S
Nautical Humor Asst. Treasurer: Donald Wilkinson, S
Flag Lieutenant: Kathy Thyr

Exec. Committee

Member at Large: Russ Straate, AP
Member at Large: Don Duncan, JN
Member at Large: Katy Ullsperger, S
Member at Large: Tim Levens, AP
Member at Large: Dan Fesler, S
Member at Large: Ed Near, S
Past Commander:* Dave Fine, AP
Law Officer:* Greg Korstad, AP

(*Non-Voting Member)

Endowment Com.

P/C Dan Goldman, P
P/C Dennis Caslavka, P
Lt Tim Levens, AP
Lt Steve Leighton, AP
Lt Arlan Opstedal, S
Lt Ross Langhans, AP

Nominations Com.

P/R/C Greg Korstad, AP
Lt Eric Schmidt, S
Stf/C Mike Skelley, JN
Lt LuAnne Opstedal, S
Lt Don Duncan, JN
P/C Dave Fine, AP

Rules Committee

1st/Lt Peter Onstad, S
Lt Brad Penrith, AP
Lt Ross Langhans, AP
Lt Donald Wilkinson, S
Lt Gary Feblowitz, S
Mark Hector, AP

Audit Committee

Lt Steve Camp, S
Lt Rebecca Skelley, S
Lt Barry Blievernicht, S

Page 12 Issue #1 Jan - Feb 2018

Minnetonka Power Squadron (MPS)

Eligible members must complete and return this form to apply for a Streater Cove Island use (docking) sticker for 2018.
Each member household using Streater Cove shall be required to pay their own island use fee regardless of boat ownership.

Island use is subject to the Island Rules and is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


2) PASSED SEAMANSHIP (or other MPS recognized advance course)



Fee/Donation Unit Amount Total
Docking Fee: Includes restroom access
$160.00 $

Electrical Hook-up Fee: (Per Shore Power Cord) Receive power box combination from Island Mgr. $75.00 $

Wi-Fi Internet Fee: Contact Jud Champlin, 612.240.8100, $60.00 $

Late Fee: If form is received after May 1st, 2018 $25.00 $

Donation: Optional tax deductible donation

Total Fees and Donations:

Send completed form and check payable to “Minnetonka Power Squadron” to: PO Box 453 - Excelsior, MN 55331


I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Streater Cove policies and procedures and understand that it is a privilege to be able to
utilize the property and resources at Streater Cove. I further understand that failure to adhere to the policies and procedures could
result in termination of these privileges with or without a warning.

Printed Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________________


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