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eBee Apr 2018 Edition

EBee 0418

District 4 North in Prince George

As logging is a major industry in the North, and with the Lumberjack theme
being the focus for Grand Lodge 2018, the Grand Master modelled the latest

Lumberjack wear at his recent visit to District 4 North in Prince George.
The toque and beard top off the lumberjack ensemble.

99th Founding Anniversary March 16-18, 2018

This Crest was auctioned off for $200 and given to Beaver Chapter

Mystery Item

Greetings All.
This Item was found in Revelstoke BC in a Masonic Hall with this request.
"This mystery object was found in the local Masonic Lodge. None of the current members
knows what it is. It is made of brass, and has a tripod with an extendable post. The height can
be adjusted from 74 cm to 98 cm. The brass trough is 6 cm wide, 18 cm long, and 14 cm high. It
appears to be hand-made. There are no makers marks.
I would appreciate any guesses, both educated and wild.
Cathy English
Revelstoke Museum & Archives

Rainbow Lodge No.180

Grand Master visiting District 22 at Rainbow
Lodge No.180 in Port McNeil

Vancouver Firefighters

Dear George –I hope this email finds you well and that you are ready to sit back, put your feet
up & enjoy a glass of wine over the holidays.
I would have sent this earlier but the snow has fallen today & we have had no power here on
the North Shore.
We are very grateful for the support shown by the BC Masonic Foundation & we couldn’t
have helped half the kids in the City of Vancouver without donors like yourselves.
The attached is from the Vancouver Firefighters & as you can see, they have been busy putting
together grocery bags to be sent home with the kids to enjoy over the Christmas holidays.
We wish you all the best of health, prosperity and laughter in 2018.
Merry Christmas & we will see you in the New Year ☺
Cheers !!
Vancouver Firefighters – Snacks for Kids program

First tour of the new 508 Agnus St Lodge Hall New Westminster

Board of Directors of the Westminster Masonic Holding Company, on their first official tour of
our new Lodge Hall. The roof is on and the exterior structure is basically complete. The
complex, Lodge Hall and the “Beverley” apartment building, is scheduled to be substantially
completed by October 2018 and ready for occupancy April 2019.
We will be releasing more pictures and invitations to possible tenants and guests as we
progress with our project.
C. Terry Campbell
President, WMHC


I started writing this paper in June 2012; some recent activity prompted me to return to it. I
finished it in March 2015. It may be considered controversial by some of you but I assure you
that it is not meant to be; it simply reflects my personal observations within my own jurisdiction.
I hope you find it to be of interest.

The Element

“Silent until Stirred”
It has come to my attention that within Freemasonry today, there seems to be a group of men
who harbour deep bitter feelings. Feelings of being more knowledgeable, or more important
than the masses. This group, which I will refer to as 'The Element', seem ever ready to engage
others in battle.

I trust you are aware of this Element, having heard it raise its voice in lodges throughout the
jurisdiction and regularly at the Grand Lodge Communication. The Element generally lies
dormant, however when stirred, there is no mistaking the sharp tone of voice and bitter edge
to their collective attitude. The messages being conveyed are along the lines of: "you are not
going to get away with that; not while I'm here" or "you tried that 25 years ago; we stopped
you then and we'll stop you now". The Element probably feels like it is doing the right thing and
most likely doesn't realize the negative impact it is having on Freemasonry today.

The Element is difficult to identify. Although it is not one particular group, the majority of its
members do seem to be in the upper segment of our demographic. In my experience, younger
men have not shown the same degree of impatience or public display of anger. We have no
way of knowing what percentage of our upper segment is part of The Element as we only hear
from those who are the most vocal. I suspect that there is a larger segment that remains 'silent
until stirred', perhaps choosing to vent their anger mostly amongst their peers.

It is said that first and foremost a Freemason is a Gentleman, and gentlemen are not bullies, yet
bullying exists within our craft. The Element seems to embrace bullying as an appropriate way
to vent its anger. While not alone in this practice, the Element seems to be more vocal than
most. It will often disregard the feelings of others and both privately and publicly, will
embarrass, humiliate, torment, threaten, and harass. Bullying is prominent in our society today
and presents itself in many different forms. It can hurt deeply and scar for life. It is contrary to
the teachings of Freemasonry and has no place in our fraternity. We need to be ever conscious
of its existence, have a policy for educating those who are ignorant, and be quick to comfort
those who have suffered from its wrath. Education, instruction and enlightenment are the
most certain means by which bullying can be rendered powerless. You see, we are not born
bullies, it is a learned behaviour and as such it can be changed.

The question I keep asking myself about The Element is... What motivates it? Did something
happen in the past that makes it feel the need to react the way it does? What has influenced
the lives and the Masonic careers of its members, to have skewed their vision and ignited their
emotions? Do they realize how angry they sound to others? The Element sometimes has good
points to make, however, too often these points are overshadowed by emotion and the
message is lost. Could it be that its members are a generation of warriors who have
subconsciously been unable to let go? Could it be that this is how it was done by an immediate
prior generation and that this behaviour is learned? I myself have witnessed some
questionable behaviour of those with higher rank. If this is what has offended these brethren I
can understand it, and would support their feelings, but not their actions.

Of course this is all speculation. I have no idea of the root cause of The Element's discontent,
nor of its motivation today. I suspect that the root of the problem no longer exists within our
fraternity, and that The Element has failed to change with the times.

The Grand Secretary’s Office has had an “open door” policy for the past eight years; inviting in
all who wish to talk. It is a place to express concerns, obtain information, put forth new ideas,
report irregularities and receive the latest information about our Craft. Many have entered
this open door and with just one exception, a common ground was found upon which all could
move forward. No member of The Element has ever knocked on this door. I really wish that
someone would, because I’m awfully curious to learn about that part of our history and to have
an opportunity to “put it right” or have it explained to the brethren at large.

We are now embarking on a new endeavour to restore civility to our society. Could there be a
better place to start than with the elimination of bullying?

The Civility movement states that “The journey begins wherever you are". Is there a better
place to start than in our lodge rooms?

It is said that if enough people care, they can change the world, one step at a time. I ask that
you help me to bring The Element to a place of comfort within our fraternity, where their fears
are allayed and their anger is calmed. I ask that you help me to eradicate bullying from our
fraternity so that we may be a proud example to others and meet the high standards that we
expect of ourselves. Brethren, I ask you to remember that each of us is a representative of
each other and of Freemasonry. Let’s show the world what Masons are made of.

In seeking editorial advice on this piece it was suggested that a better title might be “Grumpy
Old Men”. I mention this lest others embrace a similar assumption and make it clear that these
are men of honour, brothers in Freemasonry and of whom I have the utmost respect. The
purpose of my paper is not to cast blame but to identify the cause, those affected by it, and to

seek out a solution that would result in happiness for all. I believe the history and future
wellbeing of Freemasonry demands it.
George Moore

Grand Secretary
June 30, 2012

eBee Apr 2018 Edition

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