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March 2020

March 2020

March 2020
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new books
Paulines Publications Africa
Price Vol.1 ISBN 9966-60-148-3, Pages 847,size 170*260mm
Vol.2 ISBN 9966-60-149-0, Pages 1175,size 170*260mm
$3.50 Vol.3 ISBN 9966-60-150-6, Pages 1240,size 170*260mm
This new chapel edition of the Lectionary in English is for the celebration of
Price Mass and the other Sacraments. The set is made up of three volumes which
are printed in large font, strongly bound and have unique green covers. The
$3.50 text is in harmony with the biblical text and psalms found in The Daily Missal.

Price Beloved Amazon

$2.50 Holy Father Francis
ISBN 9966-60-178-0, Pages 58
In this post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Pope Francis offers a response to
the Synod of Bishops for theAmazon held in Rome in October 2019 and its final
document The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology.

Teach Me, LORD, Your Way!

Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew
Ordinary Time (Weeks 10-21)
Richard Baawobr, M. Afr.
ISBN 9966-60-171-1, Pages 88
The weeks of Ordinary Time form a very important time of the Liturgical Year.
During this time we are given the opportunity to deepen our understanding
of the Mystery of Christ and to live it in our daily lives. We are invited to live
basic dimensions of our Christian lives namely: faith, hope and charity.


Teach Me, LORD, Your Way!

Lent and Easter
Richard Baawobr, M. Afr.
ISBN 9966-60-026-4, Pages 112
The Word of God during Lent invites all to discover that God’s forgiveness
once truly experienced, can not leave us indifferent because we come to
realise that we are loved not because of our goodness but because we
are God’s children.

More Joy in Heaven

Meeting Jesus and His Forgiveness
Andrea Mardegan
ISBN 9966-08-458-4, Pages 144
In this book, Jesus reveals the secrets of God’s heart, the mysteries of
sin, conversion and forgiveness for both penitent and confessor in the
four Gospels. This book is recommended to all who wish to deepen their
reconciliation with neighbours and God.

A Lenten Journey to Conversion Price Price

On the Road to Nineveh $10.00 $9.00
Robert Cardinal Sarah
ISBN 9966-08-652-4, Pages 216 Price Price
The People of God are called to a radical conversion, that is, to a true
understanding of what the Lord expects of them. On the same note, $2.00 $4.00
we are called to be witnesses of his covenant, fidelity, and mercy.
Price Price
Jesus of Nazareth – Part II
$1.50 $1.50
Pope Benedict XVI
ISBN 9966-08-574-2, Pages 264
What happened in the final week of Jesus of Nazareth’s earthly life?
In this book, Pope Benedict takes on that and many other crucial
questions. The book is meant for Christians and other readers who wish
to find the meaning of Jesus’ life, teaching, death, and resurrection.

Your Word is my Path

Daily Meditations
Captain Simon Singh
ISBN 9966-08-643-9, Pages 392, Price $ 4.00
The devotional thoughts presented in this book reflect insights that God
has shared with the author over the years. It is meant to serve as a
foundation for the reader’s faith and daily walk with Christ.

The Paschal Mystery and Christian Living

Blessed James Alberione
ISBN 9966-08-717-9, Pages 103
Blessed James Alberione presents the Paschal Mystery in the light of the
scriptural texts, deriving practical applications which urge us on to enter
into the mystery and make it our own. This book is meant for religious as
well as laity in their quest to stimulate spiritual growth and holiness.

Speak to Me - Lent

A Guide to Doing Mental Prayer Using the
Daily Gospel Texts of the Holy Mass
K. de Souza
ISBN 9966-08-927-6, Pages 72
This booklet contains short reflections on excerpts of the Gospel passages
used at the Holy Mass during Lent. These reflections address Jesus in the
second person. They are an aid to doing mental prayer, which is in the
form of personal dialogue with Jesus Christ.

Speak to Me - Eastertide

A Guide to Doing Mental Prayer Using the
Daily Gospel Texts of the Holy Mass
K. de Souza
ISBN 9966-08-928-4, Pages 72
This booklet contains short reflections on excerpts of the Gospel passages
used at the Holy Mass during Easter Time. These reflections will help us to
discover and better understand God’s love for us.

Price Price The Way of the Cross

$1.50 $0.50 Bullen Ajak Alier and Commentary by Christopher
Owczarek, SDB
Price ISBN 9966-21-868-8, Pages 40
The Way of the Cross, is a journey made in the Holy Spirit, that divine
$1.00 fire which burned in the heart of Jesus and brought him to Calvary.
This journey is well esteemed by the Church since it has retained a
living memory of the words and the gestures of his final days.

The Stations of The Cross

Anthony Bellagamba, IMC
ISBN 9966-21-155-1, Pages 64
This booklet presents in a vivid manner the historical suffering
of Christ. It inspires the faithful to take action in the present situation
of his suffering Mystical Body.

My Name is.....

A Way of the Cross Narrated by Eyewitnesses
Valentino Salvodi
ISBN 9966-08-887-3, Pages 40
This is a very touching way to meditate and pray the Way of the Cross
making the “Actors” speak for themselves.

Price Price Audiovisuals

$4.00 $3.00 A Meditation on the Way of the Cross

Price Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-352-9 Duration: 75 min
$3.00 This DVD vividly presents the passion of Christ in an African context.
It helps us to contemplate both the past redemptive sufferings
of Jesus, his agony and desolation in the world today.

Romero - DVD

The True Story of a Heroic Priest

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-04-150-0, Duration: 101 min
Romero is a compelling and deeply moving film on the life of
Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the
ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice
and oppression in his country. He was killed while celebrating the Holy

The Return - DVD

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-21-330-9, Duration: 60 min

This is the story of Michael, a young man who goes astray while at
university.Through the assistance of a priest, Michael is reformed and
eventually reunited with his family.

The Way of the Cross - CD Price Price

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa $2.50 $2.50
ISBN 9966-08-229-8
This Way of the Cross is a 15 - step Catholic devotion that celebrates Price Price
Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man. The 15 stations focus on
specific events of His last day, beginning with His condemnation. $2.50 $2.50

Njia Ya Msalaba - CD

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-701-x Duration: 50 min
The Way of the Cross in Swahili.

Bwana ni Tegemeo Langu - CD

Nyimbo Za Kwaresima (Swahili Lent Songs)
Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-700-1
This CD contains 15 Swahili songs most approriate for Lent.

Mtazame Mkombozi Msalabani - CD

Nyimbo Za Kwaresima (Swahili Lent Songs)
Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-702-8, Duration: 60 min
This CD contains 13 Lenten Swahili songs.

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