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Published by Osseo Area Schools ECFE, 2020-02-27 14:07:29

Summer superstars 2020



Parents and Children Classes Birth to 5
Preschool & PreK Classes 3 to 5
Early Childhood Screening 3 to 5 | 763-585-7330

En Español, Lus Hmoob, Bằng Tiếng Việt: 855-938-0586


Location: 7020 Perry Avenue N., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Register now until June 5, 2020 | Space is limited

WELCOME Classes for Children 3 to 5
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)
Separating Classes for Parents and Lessons learned in our summer programs align with the
Children Birth to 5 district’s kindergarten curriculum preparing your child for
kindergarten and beyond!
Children and their parents shine during parent and child
interaction time, guided play for children and parent 3 to 5 STEAM
discussion time. Classes are for all children in the family,
ages birth to 5 years old. Learning through PLAY!

EC-F4-3300WL Tues July 7-July 28 9:00am-10:30am Children must be 3 or older by September 1, 2019.
EC-F4-3301WL Tues July 7-July 28 11:00am-12:30pm STEAM is hands-on learning in Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art and Math. STEAM learning happens
EC-F4-3302WL Wed July 8- July 29 9:00am-10:30am naturally as children explore, play and try new things.
In this class children will have learning opportunities
EC-F4-3303WL Wed July 8-July 29 11:00am-12:30pm and materials that support exploration and discovery.
STEAM activities are interactive and inspire children
EC-F4-3304WL Thurs July 9-July 30 9:00am-10:30am to ask questions and explore the world around them.
This approach to learning allows all children- including
EC-F4-3305WL Thurs July 9-July 30 11:00am-12:30pm Multilingual Learners, to be actively involved in the class.

ECFE Class Fee P3-3300 WL
July 7-July 30
Household Income 4-week class T/W/Th 9:00am-12pm

$115,000+ $35 On My Way To Kindergarten
$90 - $114,999 $31
$75 - $89,999 $27 Children must be 4 or older by September 1, 2019
$50 - $74,999 $23 and eligible for Kindergarten.
$35 - $49,999 $19
$20 - $34,999 $15 Give your child a jump start to kindergarten this fall
$00 - $19,999 $0 with this fun and exciting four-week class! Our licensed
teachers develop weekly themes that work on literacy,
All families are welcome. mathematics and social/emotional learning through play.
No one will be denied participation due to inability to pay. Children will explore, ask questions, discover new things
The fee for the class is a one-time payment per family. and work on problem solving through hands-on and
child-led experiences. Daily activities include: outside/gym,
art, sensory experiences, snack, songs, books and so much
more. Come and discover the ‘fun’ in learning!

K4-4300 WL
July 7-July 30

T/W/Th 9:00am-12pm

3 to 5 Class Fee

The fee for the class is a one-time payment per child.

Household Income Class

2 Full Fee $185
$75 - $89,999 $162
$50 - $74,999 $135
$30,876 - $49,999 $83
$26,430 - $30,875 $52
$21,984 - $26,429 $20
$0 - $21,983

EC&FE Registration Form Date Received:

Complete a separate form for each child.

Child Attending Class Behavior & Photo Agreements

First Name Middle Name Behavior Plan for Preschool & PreK classes
Last Name q Male q Female
Having a foundation of basic social and emotional skills
Birth Date is critical to school readiness. At EC&FE we use positive
behavior strategies to help children learn and practice
Address Apt appropriate behaviors, and we are committed to working
with your child while they learn these skills.
City Zip
1. Parent/Guardian First Name Last Name If your child needs more support, we will partner with you
to develop a guidance plan. In addition to teaching and
Birth Date Phone Number learning, our role is to ensure a safe, secure classroom for
all children and staff. If we are not able to agree on a plan
Address Apt your child may be dismissed from the program.

E-mail Address q I have read and agree to the terms of
the Behavior Plan Agreement.
q Male q Female Relationship to child
Parent/Guardian Photo Agreement
2. Parent/Guardian First Name Last Name
I understand my and/or my child’s photo may be used by
Address Apt the program. If I wish to deny this I will follow the School
Board Policy and Procedure 515 found at the district
Birth Date Phone Number website,

E-mail Address q I have read and agree to the terms of
q Male q Female Relationship to child the Photo Agreement.

Name of Adult attending with child


City Zip

How did you learn about our program? q No ECFE Class
Has your child completed Early Childhood Screening? q Yes
Are you interested in Volunteering? q Yes q No Class number Fee
Do you need Interpreter Assistance? q Yes q No
Registration Requirements:

Does your child have any health or physical concerns that we need to be q Class Fee
q Child Immunizations
aware of?
Does your child have any food allergies? q Yes q No 3 to 5 Class

If Yes, please list Class number Fee

Is your child receiving, or has your child in the past received, any Registration Requirements:
Special Education services? q Yes q No
q Class Fee
If yes, please list staff who have worked with your child: q Child Immunizations
q Child Certificate of Birth
The questions below are optional, however answers are strongly encouraged. q Household Proof of Income (if not Full Fee)
The information from this data will help the Minnesota Department of Education.
Data will be handled and protected by state and federal education data privacy laws.

Please indicate whether you are the child’s q On My Way To Kindergarten- Transportation

___ Mother ___Father ___Grandmother ___Grandfather Address:

___ Foster Mother ___ Foster Father ___ Guardian ___ Other Relative Payment

Your highest level of school completed (Mark only one) Cash, Check, Discover, MasterCard, VISA,
__ Eighth grade __ 12th grade __ HS Diploma __ Some college-no degree or electronic bank payments are accepted.
__ Associate’s Degree __ Bachelor’s Degree __ Master’s Degree __ Ph.D Checks payable to ISD 279.

Number of people in household (circle one): 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

What is your current job status? Credit Card Payment Information
___ Employed more than 25 hours per week
___ Employed less than 25 hours per week Discover MasterCard VISA
___ Unemployed, seeking employment
___ Unemployed, not seeking employment Charge will appear as Osseo Area Schools

What was your household’s total yearly income, before taxes last year? Card # __ __ __ __-__ __ __ __-__ __ __ __-__ __ __ __
Expiration Date__________ 3-Digit Code ___ ___ ___
$ Name on card________________________________________
What is the primary language spoken by the child? (Circle all that apply) Billing address if different______________________________
English Spanish Hmong Somali Vietnamese Karen Arabic Russian ____________________________________________________

Mandarin Laotian Oromo Cambodian Other:

What is the race/ethnicity of your child(ren)? (Circle all that apply) Office Use: Date _________ Amount _________
White Black/African/African American Hispanic or Latino Asian Cash _________ Check _________
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander American Indian/Alaskan Native
Other, single race Other, two or more races

Osseo Early Childhood & Family Education (EC&FE) Register now until June 5, 2020 | Space is limited.


Phone 763-585-7330 | En Español, Lus Hmoob, Bằng Tiếng Việt: 855-938-0586

SUMMER SCHOOL Financial Assistance- How We Can Help
Eligible families may qualify for a reduced tuition. If for any reason a family
July 7 to July 30, 2020 situation is limiting the possibility of your child participating in our program,
please contact Jill at 763-585-7330.

On My Way to Kindergarten- Transportation

Transportation is provided to eligible students (age 4 and older by September
1, 2019), based on district transportation guidelines and home address within
school attendance areas of: Crest View, Fair Oaks, Garden City, Park Brook,
Palmer Lake or Zanewood. The deadline to request transportation is June 5,

l Parents and Children Classes Birth to 5 Willow Lane Early Childhood Center Nonprofit Org.
l Preschool & PreK Classes 3 to 5 7020 Perry Avenue N U.S. Postage Paid
l Early Childhood Screening 3 to 5 Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Permit # 3
Location: Willow Lane Early Childhood Center Osseo, MN 55369
7020 Perry Avenue N.,
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

Phone: 763-585-7330

Save the Date!

Community Open House - FREE EVENT
Tuesday, July 28, 2020 from 6-7:30pm
Willow Lane Early Childhood Center
All families with children birth to 5 are welcome!

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