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Visa Information, Schengen: Denmark

How to apply for your visa?

Keywords: Visa Information

Visa Information: Schengen - Denmark

Where to apply for your visa City Where to apply
Cape Town
Country Apply for a visa to Denmark at the Outsourcing office in Cape
South Africa Town
Please visit homepage for more
South Africa Pretoria
Helpline: [email protected]
Telephone: (0) 12 425 3001

Apply for a visa to Denmark at the Outsourcing Office in
Helpline: [email protected]
Telephone: (0) 12 425 3001

Visa fee
Schengen Visa (C Visit – Short Stay) – R900

Please Note:

 The applicable visa fee in South African Rand is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without
notice. The fee is non-refundable.

 There is a service charge of R400 (inclusive of VAT) applicable per application over and above the visa fees for all

 There is a R250 mandatory courier fee applicable per application if you submit your visa application at the Durban
branch and Cape Town branch

 The Special Courier facility for the return of processed applications is available at a fee of R150 (Inclusive of VAT)
per application. This is an optional service.

 Refunds: A fee will be refundable only if the application is withdrawn in writing prior to any processing of the

 The only acceptable modes of payment of Visa fees are by Electronic fund transfers (EFT), internet transfers, and
Credit/Debit Card (only at the Visa Application Centre) or in advance cash deposit into our bank account :-

Visa Account details:
Bank Name: Nedbank
Branch Name: Corporate Client Services
Branch Code: 145405
Account Name: VFS Visa Processing (SA) (Pty) Ltd
Account Number: 1454119535
Reference: Passport number

Location Visa Fee VFS Service Fee Total to be paid by the applicant

Visa Application Centers in R900 (to be prepaid directly R400 (to be prepaid directly R1300 for Pretoria applications and
Pretoria, Cape Town and into VFS Global account or into VFS Global account or R1550 for Cape Town and Durban
Durban to be paid by credit/debit to be paid by credit/debit applications (to be pre-paid into the
card and EFT at the time of card at the time of VFS Global account or to be paid by
submission) submission) There is a R250 credit/debit card at the time of
mandatory courier fee submission
applicable per application if
you submit your visa
application at the Durban
branch and Cape Town

How to submit your visa application - Step by step procedure
For applications submitted in person at the Visa Application Centre - it is mandatory to Schedule an appointment to submit
your Short Stay application. Please click on the link to make an appointment
First time users will need to create an account. After clicking on the link it will take you to the login/registration page. See
screenshot below

It is essential that you read all the information on this page in order to understand the application requirements and
procedure. A successful visa application is based on genuine intent, correct documentation and accurate forms. It will take
you less than 3 minutes to read through this page, and it will save you a lot of time.
Step 1 - Download the application checklist (already enclosed as an attachment to this email)
Step 2 - Collect supporting documents and application forms (Checklist already downloaded and enclosed as an attachment
to this email)
It is essential that you collect all of the checklist mentioned documents before presenting your application to the Danish Visa
Application Centre - VFS. If all supporting documents are not presented promptly, your application upon examination may
be delayed unnecessarily and a delay of more than 3 working days could result in your application being rejected.
Please note that the requested supporting documents, as a general rule, are the same at all Schengen Missions in South
Africa. Application forms have to be complete in block letters and signed by the applicant.
Step 3 - Submit your application
You can now submit your visa application in person at the Danish Visa Application Centre (VFS) in Pretoria, Cape Town or
Durban (see fee sections below for further information). You will receive a receipt, which you must bring back when you
collect your visa.

Step 4 - Collect your visa

If you have submitted a complete application package to the Visa Application Centre - VFS, the Embassy of Denmark will
normally process your application in less than 15 calendar days. You will be informed when your visa is ready for collection,
or alternatively it will be couriered to you if you have opted and paid for courier services.

In some cases, when the Embassy is not able to process the visa as bona fide, the application will be sent to the Danish
Immigration Service in Copenhagen for processing. Please note that this could take a further 30-60 days.

Service Delivery

Please note, the Embassy always require you to submit your application minimum 15 calendar days before your departure in
accordance with the EU Visa Codex. The Embassy is committed to process all visas as quickly as possible, however, the
Embassy cannot be held liable for late application received at the Embassy.


Visa applications can take an average of 15 days to process once received at the Embassy. An additional of two (2)
working days should be taken into consideration which is used to courier the application to and from the Embassy.
Passports can be collected on day 17 after submission. Applicants should allow four (4) extra days in delivery time for
applications submitted on Fridays.
Some applications may require further processing, which could take from 30-60 days.
Please note that all applications are processed individually. The Visa Officer may invite you for an interview or request
further documentation or information, which can prolong the processing time.

Is the visa valid for Denmark only?

The Embassy of Denmark issues visas for Denmark and for the other Schengen states. The Schengen visa
issued by the Embassy of Denmark gives access to 24 Schengen countries in total. However, Schengen Visa
applications will only be accepted by The Denmark Visa Application Centre if Denmark is the country of
maximum stay. Should the duration of the stay be the same in several Schengen States, Denmark must be the
first point of entry if making an application at the Denmark Visa Application Centre.

Visa supporting documents supplied by USB:

 Travel insurance letter if you did opt to book your flights via our office
 Proof of registration (***Only for FT students)
 Flight ticket if you did opt to book your flights via our office
 Hotel confirmation/reservation
 Host invitation letter
 USB sponsorship letter

Contact Details

 For more information on the visa application process please visit: http://www.vfsglobal-

 USB – Zelda Cottle – [email protected] or 0219184202/0832548822

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