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10 Foods to Boost
Testosterone Levels


10 Foods to Boost
Testosterone Levels

“So what can we eat to help boost testosterone

What man doesn't want to increases 2. Whole Eggs
testosterone levels?
When it comes to improving your health and
There are a lot of benefits to increasing your increasing testosterone, you do not want to ditch
testosterone levels. The obvious is improved the egg yolk. Egg yolks actually have a lot of
libido, higher sperm count, more muscle nutritional benefits. Egg yolks are a good source of
development, lower levels of body fat, have your vitamin D which helps in regulating calcium
heart function, improve brain function, stronger levels, enhances proper immune function.
and an improve sense of well-being.
According to the reports published in Hormone
Both women and men can benefit from and Metabolic Research journal, increased intake
improved testosterone production. of vitamin D will lead to higher levels of
testosterone hormone.
So what can we eat to help boost
testosterone levels? 3. Cruciferous Vegetables

1. Whey Protein Broccoli and cauliflower and other cruciferous
vegetables have shown to increase the amount of
Whether you eat it through high-quality cheese, or testosterone available to cells.
if you opt for a very high-quality way protein
powder, both are ways to help improve your Broccoli and cauliflower help with the body's
testosterone levels naturally. excretion of excess estrogen. How? Cruciferous
vegetables contain high levels of
How? Whey protein is an anti-catabolic quick Indole-3-carbinol, which can increase the
acting protein that can lower the cortisol levels excretion of estradiol (one estrogen hormone) in
within the body. With your cortisol levels lowered, some men by up to 50 percent, thus increasing the
your body can more effectively and efficiently use amount of testosterone available.
the testosterone that is produced Whey protein
may also help boost testosterone production. 4. Olive Oil

My choice is Boss Moussawi's ProFight Extra virgin olive oil has shown to be very
Supplements Whey Protein. The reason I use this effective in increasing testosterone levels. It is also
product is I know it's high-quality and a product extremely heart healthy. In research, participants
that I have used for many years and have had who consumed olive oil daily experienced an
great results using. increase in testosterone levels between 17 percent
and 19 percent over a three-week period.

One important warning however, is that much of Weight control is another natural way of
the extra virgin olive oil on the market today is improving your testosterone production.
actually fake, or at least of low-quality.
7. Eat Oysters
To ensure that you get your extra virgin olive oil,
my advice is to buy straight from a grower, and do It is widely known that it is said that eating
not feel safe or comfortable buying from your local oysters can improve make you horny). But did you
grocery store, or even the big chains like Costco. ever wonder why? It is because oysters are high in
The counterfeit extra virgin all of her trade is real. zinc, which can boost testosterone production,
Even some of the biggest reputable stores have your libido and your sperm count! Other foods
been tricked and I carry counterfeit extra virgin packed with zinc include sardines, anchovies,
olive oil. If you want to know more about this just cashews and wild-caught salmon.
google "counterfeit Olive oil”.
8. Eat Meat
5. Garlic
Consider eating high quality meats a couple times
Garlic contains allicin, a compound that lowers a week in addition to your other protein sources.
the levels of cortisol in your body. Lower cortisol Why? Research shows that meat-free diet may
levels allow your body to produce and use the lower your testosterone production by as much as
testosterone that is produced more effectively. 14 percent.

6. Coconut 9. Pomegranate

Your body requires healthy saturated fats to Pomegranates contain high levels of antioxidants,
produce most hormones, testosterone included. vitamins A, C, E and iron.
Coconut will help your body's ability to produce
cholesterol, necessary for optimal health, help
reduce body fat and maintain your weight.

Researchers have found one glass of pomegranate
juice a day can increase testosterone levels
between 16 percent and 30 percent, and improve
mood and libido. While many of the research
studies have looked into pomegranate juice, I
strongly suggest consuming the fruit as well since
the whole fruit will provide added fiber (which is
found in the edible seeds), but it will also ensure
that you're not overdoing it on fructose, which is
found in high levels in all types of fruit juice.

10. Bananas

Bananas have long been said to possess libido-
boosting effects. Bananas are rich in B vitamins
which, have been suggested in some studies, to
produce and release testosterone in your body.

6 Supplements you shouldn't be Skipping!

by James DeMedeiros

These science-approved supplements could 6. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
help you lose fat and build lean muscle
mass—so don't forget your daily dose. Do you find yourself experiencing muscle soreness
and fatigue, but still not seeing the fat loss results
LET'S SAY YOU ARE looking to lose a little fat you expect? If so, consider taking BCAAs.
and pack on some muscle. You've already got a Researchers at the University of Birmingham in
healthy diet, a steady cardio routine, and some the UK recently found that study participants who
reliable weight-training workouts, so you head took BCAAs before and after exercise had a
down to the nutrition store to pick up some new significant reduction in muscle soreness. A
supplements—only to be stopped in your tracks by Brazilian study took it a step further and revealed
aisles and aisles of unpronounceable tubs filled that BCAA supplementation helped reduce fatigue
with who knows what. How's a guy supposed to and burn more fat in glycogen-depleted
know where to start? participants.

No worries, dude: Here are six research-backed 5. Creatine
supplements you should strongly consider on your
quest to reach physical perfection. Want to build strength and lean muscle mass?
Try creatine. A group of Canadian researchers

conducted an eight-week study and found that Linoleic Acid (CLA) has omega fatty acids, also
insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I), which is known as “good fat.” Researchers at the University
known to produce anabolic effects in adults, of Wisconsin found that CLA could help you lose
increased by more than 20% among participants fat and help preserve your muscle tissue,
who supplemented with creatine and performed according to a study originally published in the
resistance-training exercises. Just be sure not to Journal of Nutrition. In the study, 71 participants
take excessive amounts, as various side effects who consumed CLA lost an average of six pounds.
have been reported. According to the European Be sure to get omega fatty acids through your diet
Food Safety Authority, creatine supplementation or supplements.
of three grams per day is a safe amount.
2. Glutamine
4. Protein Bars and Powders
Is all that training making you feel all run-down
Ask any expert and they’ll tell you the importance or even sick? If so, glutamine could help reduce
of consuming protein before and after workouts to inflammation and the risk of infection, according
stimulate muscle growth. Unfortunately, few guys to research from the University of Trieste in Italy.
can schedule meals around workouts—and that’s Glutamine might also help stimulate muscle
where protein supplements, like powders and growth by regulating glycogen within your body,
nutrition bars, come in handy. Need to eat and thereby boosting enhancing performance and
run? Forget the unhealthy, greasy fast food and muscle growth, according to research conducted
grab a nutrition bar that’s high in quality protein at the University of Dundee in Scotland.
and also provides you with essential fats and
carbs. Have a little more time on your hands? Mix 1. Multivitamins
yourself a refreshing protein shake.
Can you hear your body talk? Presumably
3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid not—but if you could, it would probably tell you
that working out takes a lot out of you, including
Think all fat is bad? Think again. Conjugated the loss of vitamins that you need to sustain

Unfortunately, research indicates that many who
train hard while desperately trying to maintain a
specific body weight are often vitamin-deficient.
Multivitamins should help remedy that loss. Start
your day off with this supplement and be sure to
take only the recommended amount.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)
vs. Essential Amino Acids (EAA's):
Which should you be taking? by Jeff Behr

When it comes to maximizing your physique you've heard of amino acids. You probably
even heard of branch chain amino acids. But have you heard of essential amino acids?

“Do you know the differences? Do you know which one of
these products you should be taking and when? ”

Amino Acids
Amino acids can be called the “building blocks” of protein and are an important part of every human
body. There are 20 different amino acids – nine of which are called “essential” and 11 of which are
labeled as “non-essential.” The human body needs all 20 of these amino acids, in varying degrees, to
be healthy and fully functional. All 20 have distinct chemical structures and are used for different
roles – such as forming neurotransmitters, forming hormones and producing energy. But their
primary role is to build proteins.
From only 9 essential and 11 non-essential amino acids, the body is able to generate many thousands
of unique proteins with different functions.
Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)
BCAA's are comprised of essential amino acids (specifically, valine, leucine and isoleucine). BCAA’s
are needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue and preserve muscle glycogen stores and even may
even help to prevent muscle protein breakdown during exercise.
It's well established that branched-chain amino acids (particularly leucine) stimulate protein
synthesis, and might do so to a greater extent than a normal protein on its own.
BCAA's also increase synthesis of the cellular machinery, responsible for carrying out the process of
protein synthesis. Thus, BCAAs not only increase the rate of protein synthesis, but they also increase
the cell's capacity for protein synthesis!
Studies have shown that BCAA supplementation taken at the right time can increase the amount of
nitrogen stored in the muscle, which can help minimize catabolism (the loss of muscle tissue) after
intense exercise and when dieting.
BCAAs also work in your favor by reducing the rate of protein breakdown by decreasing the activity
of the components of the protein breakdown pathway, and also by decreasing the expression of
several complexes involved in protein breakdown, such as decreasing the amount of mRNA produced
from the gene that codes for these components.

Studies have also have show that BCAA's may help Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s)
reduce recovery time and aid in muscle repair and
muscle growth. Essential amino acids (EAA's) are the nine amino
acids that your body cannot create on its own, and
BCAA's have also shown to improve workout that you must obtain by eating various foods,
intensity giving the perception of more energy where consuming them through supplementation.
when taken before intense workouts. How?
BCAA's compete with the amino acid tryptophan The main essential amino acids required by the
for entry into the brain, where tryptophan can be body (some of which are included in the BCAA’s)
converted to the neurotransmitter serotonin. are L Leucine, L Isoleucine, L Valine, L Lysine, L
Phenylalanine, L Threonine, L Histidine, L
During exercise, serotonin levels rise and can Methionine, L Tryptophan.
(among other things) increase the perception of
fatigue. BCAA supplementation reduces the EAA's are required in order to help build new
amount of tryptophan that enters the brain, and muscle tissue and help with cell repair which
therefore reduces the amount of serotonin occurs when muscles are recovering. They are
produced. Therefore reduces the feeling of fatigue. “essential” because your body cannot produce
This can allow you to work harder, longer. them. EAA’s must then in turn come from your
diet or supplementation.

“Ain't all the same? - Nope”

Opt for free form BCAA's in liquid or powder Here is a little bit more information about
form, which require no digestion, and are rapidly what each essential amino acid does:
absorbed into the bloodstream. They spike blood
amino acid levels to a much greater and faster Isoleucine, which is important for blood sugar
extent than peptide-bound aminos. Even a few regulation, muscle development and repair and
grams of free-form BCAAs will spike BCAA energy regulation.
plasma levels to a much greater extent than 30
grams of whey protein, thereby having a more Leucine, which stimulates muscle protein
immediate impact on protein synthesis and synthesis and may be the major fuel involved in
protein degradation. anabolic (tissue building) reactions.

Additionally, since BCAAs bypass the liver and gut Lysine, which, if deficient, can result in a
and go directly into your blood stream, they can deficiency in niacin as well as slow connective
be used as an immediate energy source during tissue repair.
your workouts. Valine and isoleucine are
considered glucogenic amino acids, meaning they Methionine, to supply sulphur and other
can be converted to glucose and serve as an compounds required by your body for optimum
important energy source during exercise to help metabolism and growth.
fight off fatigue during your workouts.
Phenylalanine, which stimulate the release of
neurotransmitters and hormones such adrenaline
and noradrenaline, which are necessary
substances for optimum activity of your central
and peripheral nervous systems.

Threonine, which is important for antibody
production, immune system activity, and can be
converted into glycine and serine.

Tryptophan encourages the release of important
neurotransmitters and hormones for mood and
sleep, such as serotonin and melatonin.

Valine, which is needed for muscle fiber firing,
tissue repair, and for the maintenance of proper
nitrogen balance in the body.

So what is the difference between BCAA's
and EAA's and which should I consume?

Well the answer is it depends. Both products have
their place for those looking to perform optimally
from their workouts and look the best that they
can run their diet and training.

-BCAA's only consist of 3 of the 8 essential amino
acids, which are used primarily for growth, repair
of muscle and thus recover optimally from
exercise, however they are NOT a complete
protein like an EAA is.

-EAA's are required for complete protein synthesis
and actually also contain BCAA's as well but
typically have a smaller quantity.

-Studies have shown that EAA's are better utilized
by the body pre-training and a high requirement
for BCAA's is needed post-workout to help speed
up the recovery process.

The Bottom Line

So to sum up, if you are serious about your
workouts, and especially for those who train
intensely, it would be beneficial to invest in both
BCAA's and EAA's.

Take 10 - 20 grams of EAA’s before training. This
will ensure you have enough branch chain amino
acids to get the benefits previously described.

Take BCAA’s after your workout. 5-10 g should
suffice. Another option is a high-quality whey
protein drink which if consumed with a 30 - 40 G
protein serving you're most likely going to get at
least 5 to 10 g of branch chain amino acids if it's a
good product. You need to read the label of your
protein product to validate how many grams of
branch chain amino acids you will be getting in
each serving size on the label.

Branko Teodorovic

Branko Teodorovic
IBFF Pro athlete by Branko

Personal: 2017 Season:

Branko Teodorovic: 36 years old. 6’3’’ (190cm) - Started 2017 Season in mid-April at NPC Big Sky
209lbs (95kg) competition weight for the IBFF Championships in Missoula, MT where I won
Athletic Division. Classic Physique Division (I was 24lbs
underweight). My first Pro IBFF Competition of
I am currently at 240lbs and preparing for the Pro the year followed 2 weeks later in Tenerife, Canary
Bodybuilding stage. Living and training in New Islands (Spain). I battled IBFF Pro Bodybuilders
York City. and took 2nd. I was 212lbs in Tenerife at
6’3’’batteling competitors who were 230lbs + and
I am a Professional bodybuilder, training expert 5’6’’-5’8’’. I had to keep my weight low since I was
and model. I was born in Belgrade, Serbia. Moved prepping for WFF Balkan Championships where
to USA in 2001 and majored in Finance at Idaho my cut off weight was 209lbs or 95kg. Two weeks
State University in 2006. later, I won the Overall Title and WFF Pro Card
and decided to spend next 5 months in training
Training and working with Kacy Duke, fitness icon for WFF and IBFF Pro Stage (since there is only
and celebrity fitness trainer. Coached by Sasa one Class - no limit Pro Body Building). Currently,
Dimitrijevic, president of IBFF Serbia, the man I am 240lbs (108.8kg) prepping for IBFF Pro Mr.
who introduced me to the sport and whose Universe (October 14th in Italy) and WFF Pro
mentorship is casted into every trophy that we World Championships (November 4th in
won together over the years. Cypress).

Daughter: Ella Teodorovic, 13.


After winning WFF Pro Card, I will
be competing Pro only, meaning
that there is no weight limit. My
philosophy is that body building
should be about aesthetics and not
about pure size. Still, 209lbs on
stage was just simply not enough so
I decided to grow until I reach that
perfect balance point between size
and my conditioning that I am
known for. This fall, I will be about
225-230 lbs on stage and next
season, I am planning to step on
stage at around 240-245lbs where I
believe I will achieve that perfectly
balanced point.

I see bodybuilding as an art form, not a I train extra heavy, usually in 175% - 200% +
demonstration of freaky size with pregnant range on upper body compared to my body
looking guts on stage. I have proven that it is not weight. I like to do 2-3 super heavy working sets
all about size by defeating much bigger opponents per targeted muscle group and then do another
over the years. My goal is to shift thinking back to 10-12 moderate to moderate heavy sets for the
aesthetics and the beauty of the human body. same muscle group that I use for shaping. I use
Targeted Muscle Density Training Approach that
My training has definitely shifted when I met my consists out of HIT (High Intensity Training)
fitness soul mate Kacy Duke. She brought grace to portion and up tempo Shaping portion.
my movements and definitely created a balance
between my extremely heavy lifting and I will share an example of my Chest training
aesthetics. It was a piece that I was missing and I session:
feel 100% confident going forward that my
training is exactly on the right path. 1. Reverse Peck Deck Flies 4x 20-16-12-10

My goal is to start winning major Pro WFF and 2. Incline Barbell Bench Press Warm Up + 3
IBFF events with ideally balanced body, always Working Sets: 6x 375lbs 6x 405lbs 4x450lbs
superiorly conditioned against bigger opponents
in order to prove that our sport is art and that 3. DB Flat Bench Press with a Twist 3x 10
aesthetics is far more important than pure size. 90-100-110 lbs DB’s
My goal is to bring Frank Zane days back. 4. Cable Straight Flies 3x 12

My training philosophy is quite simple. I train for 5. Single Arm 45degree Chest Press 3x 10 (short
density since I believe that well build, super dense range motion)
muscles with long, sharp lines looks far superior
then what carb (insulin) loaded, watered up 6. Standing Cable Peck Deck (straight arms, long
rounded look, look. motion) 3x 12

7. Laying DB Chest Extensions (with big stretch
on the bottom) 3x 12 superset with Elevated Push
Ups (feet in the air) 3x 20+

Career Highlights:

IBFF Pro Card Awarded 2015
WFF Pro Card Awarded 2017
IBFF Serbia Vice President
2x IBFF Overall World Champion 2015 & 2016
IBFF Overall European Champion 2015 (Athletic)
IBFF Mr. Universe Champion 2014 (Athletic)
WFF Overall Balkan Champion 2017 (Super Body)
NABBA U.S. National Champion 2016 (Body
NPC Overall Utah Cup Champion 2016 (Classic
2x NPC Overall Big Sky Champion 2016 & 2017
(Classic Physique)
NPC Zogo Sports Championships Champion 2014
NPC Warrior Fuel Classic Champion 2014
NPC Atlantis Cup Champion 2015 (Body

I compete in diffirent federations, just way it
should be.

Extreme Shoulder Training
Complete High-Intensity Superset

Extreme Shoulder Training – Complete High- So for Superset #1 (aka The 1st Wave) , you
Intensity Superset Workout is so effective because are doing:
you push yourself to your limits and beyond every
time you train, regardless of how much weight you Exercise #1 3 times and you drop the weight by
are moving. 30% each set

The focus here is not weight, but rather fully Exercise #2 3 times and you drop the weight by
fatiguing the muscles and creating the biggest 30% each set
possible pump.
Exercise #3 3 times and you drop the weight by
By doing so, you are training like a bodybuilder, 30% each set
not a power lifter, creating as much trauma in the
muscles and stimulating hypertrophy as a Then you rest 1 minute and move to Superset #2
response. repeating the 3 exercise 30% weight drop for each
Weight Selection:
This is a total of 9 sets and 3 exercises per Wave
Choose a weight you can just barely reach, do 10 for a total of 27 sets!
to 12 reps x 3 sets. Move down in weight in 30%
increments. If you aren’t failing in 12 reps; The Workout Plan
increase reps to 15 or weight. Rest times – 60
seconds between each superset. Superset #1

Do each Exercise 3 sets; reduce weight by 30% • Exercise #1: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press –
after each set. Reset weight at the start of each 3 Sets, 30% Drop in weight per set.
• Exercise #2: Seated Side Lateral Raises – 3 Sets,
30% Drop in weight per set.

• Exercise #3: Standing Dumbbell Front Raises – • Exercise #2: Dumbbell Upright Rows – 3 Sets,
3 Sets, 30% Drop in weight per set 30% Drop in weight per set

• Rest time: 60 seconds • Exercise #3: Standing Barbell Underhand Front
Raises – 3 Sets, 30% Drop in weight per set.
Superset #2
• Rest time: 60 seconds.
• Exercise #1: Overhead Barbell Shoulder Press –
3 Sets, 30% Drop in weight per set. Superset #3

• Exercise #1: Seated Arnold Shoulder Press – 3
Sets, 30% Drop in weight per set.

• Exercise #2: Wide Grip Upright Rows – 3 Sets,
30% Drop in weight per set.

• Exercise #3: Plate Steering Wheel (30,24,20


*Superset – the pairing of two or more exercises.

*Drop Set – Working to failure with 2 or more
increments of weight.

Tennis Elbow: A Bodybuilder’s
Nightmare by Matt Weik

If some of you read an earlier article I wrote about Lateral Epicondylitis
training through injuries, then you would know
that for several weeks I have had pain in my upper No, I’m not speaking a different language; the
forearm which I thought was my brachioradialis. medical term for tennis elbow is lateral
Well, that wasn’t the case. I come to find out its epicondylitis. What causes this are the small
tennis elbow. Now, some of you might not be muscles of the forearm towards the elbow become
familiar with tennis elbow, and while I was a irritated. This can be due to overuse, repetitive
competitive tennis player all the way through movements, trauma to the area, and overworking
college, this injury has nothing to do with it as it’s due to a heavy weight just to name a few.
my left arm. All of this pain and discomfort
stemmed from a set of reverse curls when mid-set In my case, it was literally the first time doing
I felt a sharp pain. I finished my workout and reverse curls in months and in my opinion of the
chalked it up that I must have pulled something situation, I probably went a little too heavy to start
and I’d be fine in a couple days. That’s wasn’t the off my working sets of reverse curls which caused
case. the injury.

“Tennis Elbow: A Bodybuilder’s

Now, some people might think, “it’s basically just depending on the movement, I can feel pain both
tendonitis, I can work through it.” Trust me, you in my forearm as well as all the way down to my
won’t want to work through it. Simply clenching hand.
your fist without any weight in your hand is
enough to irritate the area and cause mild to Is Tennis Elbow Treatable?
severe pain. What you also might not have known,
is that many hardcore bodybuilders and elite I wish there was a solid answer for this, but it’s yes
athletes suffer from or have suffered from lateral and no—it ultimately comes down to how bad it is
epicondylitis during their career—not just tennis and the steps you are willing to take to correct the
players. issue. For starters, you should go to the doctor in
order to get a proper diagnosis. From there,
In the early stages of tennis elbow, you may have options will be presented to allow you to choose
some soreness and possibly some minor the direction you wish to go in terms of
inflammation. Many would assume it’s muscle treatments. The doctor might not even give you an
soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle answer and might refer you to go see a physical
soreness) setting in from a previous workouts. therapist for their opinion. Either way, you will
However, many will soon find that things as have laid out in front of you a few different
simple as picking up a cup of coffee or turning a options.
doorknob is enough to shoot pain into the affected
area and cause you to think twice about if it’s truly Worst case scenario, you are going to need
muscle soreness or DOMS. surgery. However, this is a last resort if other
options provide no relief. And you will also find
The pain you feel generally starts right at the many surgeons saying NOT to go through with the
elbow and can travel all the way down to the hand surgery it, itself, could have complications that
or can simply stop at the forearm. In my case, might limit your range of motion as well as create
other problems.

The second to last line of defense
would be cortisone injections. This
method is where a steroid is
injected into the area to help with
the inflammation. You hear this
most commonly used in
professional sports where athletes
get injured and rather than resting,
they get cortisone shots to get back
in the game.

I, personally, think going this route
is a poor choice. It’s a temporary fix
that has no guarantee that it won’t
come right back. Some people say
they had relief for around six
months and then the pain came
back with a vengeance.

You’re really hiding the problem here rather than Now would also be a great time to check your ego
trying to fix it. In fact, if you’re anything like me, if at the door. Your ego could cause you to re-injure
something feels better, you’re going to get right the area. Progress slowly and make sure you are
back after the weights and piling the plates on. using proper form on all exercises.
Doing this is a sure way to further injure the area
and possibly cause even more damage that could The last thing you might want to consider when
require surgery. you are looking to cure nagging tennis elbow
would be through the use of a supportive device
For those who aren’t into needles and surgery, such as a counter force strap or tennis elbow
there are some things you can do at home. Again, brace. These can be purchased online at websites
don’t simply skip going to the doctor and utilize such as Amazon or at a local retail store such as
these suggestions as your injury might require a Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, or Target.
different action than what I’m about to get into. When you start exercising again, you might even
For starters, stop doing reverse curls and upright want to consider utilizing a neoprene elbow wrap/
rows. These two exercises are known for brace and possibly some wrist straps to take the
exacerbating tennis elbow. Also, if you are doing pressure off of your forearms. Obviously, it would
an exercise that causes pain in the affected area, then be wise to do exercises specific to the
discontinue that exercise. forearms, only with a lighter than usual weight.

Train Smaller Muscles to Prevent Injuries

We all seem to enjoy hitting the larger muscle
groups to impress the ladies and build a muscular

“Train Smart and Lift Longer”

Stretches should be your friend during the day. physique. People want to hit their upper body as
Your doctor or physical therapist will give you often as possible. However, injuries can creep in
exact stretches you should be performing and will such as tennis elbow as well as rotator cuff
probably ask you to complete them around five injuries if you aren’t strengthening those smaller
times each day. Stretches should be completed muscles as well. I’m sure if I had a room full of
without taking it to the point of pain. You should bodybuilders from beginners to advanced, and
also feel some relief almost immediately after asked them how many worked their rotator cuff
completing the stretches. specifically that a small portion of them would
raise their hand. This is a problem. We are too
A doctor or physical therapist will also give you concerned with the larger muscles when in
some strengthening exercises to complete. This actuality the smaller ones are generally the
can be anywhere from two or more exercises to muscles that when injured can royally screw us all
strengthen the wrist extensors of the forearm. in the gym and with day to day activities. Don’t
These exercises will be done using a light weight lose sight of the big picture; be sure to train your
and can generally be done at home. It’s important smaller accessory and stabilizing muscles as well
to follow the guidance laid out by your doctor or during your training sessions for stability and
physical therapist to ensure proper recovery from longevity.
tennis elbow.

It’s recommended to stop weight training for a
little until you can get your tennis elbow under
control so you don’t do further damage. Taking
some time off will also allow the rest of your body
adequate time to rest and completely recover as
well. Once you start getting back into lifting, it is
wise to take it easy and slowly work your way back
up in weight. Don’t simply throw three wheels on
each side of the bar and start going to town.

Colostrum packed with IGF-1,
WADA advises against use.

We didn't know about it, but stumbled gave 19 track and field athletes 20 g colostrum
across this by accident: the international every day for two weeks. A control group of 11
anti-doping agency WADA discourages athletes was given 20 g maltodextrin every day.
athletes from using protein supplements
that contain colostrum. [] Results
Colostrum contains IGF-1, and that's a
substance on the doping list. This Supplementation with colostrum resulted in a
prompted us to re-read carefully a study on statistically significant rise in IGF-1 levels of 17
the hormonal effect of colostrum, which percent.
Finnish sports scientists published in 2002
in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Colostrum does indeed contain IGF-1. Milk also
contains IGF-1, but the concentration of IGF-1 in
Colostrum colostrum is easily 100-200 times higher. In the
preparation that the Finns used 20 g colostrum
The milk that cows produce immediately after contained 74 micrograms of IGF-1. But does IGF-1
calving is called colostrum. Colostrum is intended enter the bloodstream after being administered
to stimulate the growth of the calves and it orally?
contains, among other things, growth factors -
such as IGF-1 - which are popular in injectable The Finns observed in a different experiment that,
form in doping circles, and which the WADA has after giving participants synthetic IGF-1 [rh-
put on its doping list. IGF-1] orally with breakfast, their IGF-1 levels
rose moderately but significantly throughout the
Study course of the day, as you can see in the figure
At the beginning of the 21st century, Finnish
researchers at the University of Jyvaskyla The researchers did a series of other experiments

that part of the 'extra' IGF-1 was
biologically active. We're talking
about several percent, but anyway.
There was an effect.

"The increased concentration of IGF-I may have
positive effects on protein synthesis," the Finns
Source: J Appl Physiol (1985). 2002

MSM Benefits

MSM Benefits for Bodybuilding and Athletes

by The Pumping Station Staff

“ MSM? Yes I'll bet some of you are saying to yourself, what the
hell is MSM? Well MSM could be a worthy supplement for
bodybuilders and athletes.”

Methylsulphonylmethane ((CH3)2SO2) a.k.a. throughout the human body. MSM is the
DMSO2 is a naturally occurring form of organic transport molecule for elemental sulfur that is
sulphur found in all living things. MSM is a required for proper assimilation of the amino
metabolite of DMSO, that is, the DMSO molecule acids metionine and cysteine. In addition, the
with an additional oxygen atom. A wide range of peptide hormone insulin requires sulfur in its
primary pharmacological actions of dimethyl molecular structure and numerous other proteins,
sulfoxide (DMSO) have been documented in catalysts, and enzymes incorporate sulfur into
laboratory studies: membrane transport, effects their molecular framework.
on connective tissue, anti-inflammation, nerve
blockade (analgesia), bacteriostasis, diuresis, MSM could allow us to heal faster and decrease
enhancements or reduction of the effectiveness of the amount of time between training sessions.
other drugs, cholinesterase inhibition, nonspecific Because there are few nerves in the bones, our
enhancement of resistance to infection, pain comes from the soft tissue. Aspirin shuts off
vasodilation, muscle relaxation, antagonism to the nerves, but the muscles are still damaged.
platelet aggregation, and influence on serum MSM takes out the inflammation, permits the
cholesterol in emperimental muscles to heal, and prevents them from being
hypercholesterolemia. (1986 Academic Press, sore.
Inc.) DMSO treats altered cellular function or
damaged cells. The cells become healed and MSM is present in low concentrations in our body
restored by changing and stabilizing the "water fluids and tissues. It is found in a variety of fresh
structure" within the cell. It exerts its effects on foods, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and
biological systems by changing the liquid milk. However, unless your diet is composed of
structure of water. Therefore, changes occur in primarily raw foods, it is unlikely that you are
protein and other molecules. These changes are receiving enough MSM to make use of its
physical-chemical in nature and difficult to accelerated healing properties.
understand without a degree in physics. MSM
possesses bio-medical properties similar to Many world class athletes, bodybuilders, and
DMSO. marathon runners who have begun
supplementing with MSMS have reported that
The possibilities of MSM supplementation are when they take MSM before and after exercise,
promising. As any bodybuilder knows, protein is noticed few instances of cramps and muscle
essential for proper cellular metabolism and soft soreness and most importantly noticed decreased
tissue syntheses (muscle building). Proper protein recovery time!
synthesis can only be achieved with amino acid
monomers that maintain the correct molecular According to the foremost expert on MSM,
framework for soft and connective tissue Stanley W. Jacob, M.D., of the DMSO Clinic at

“MSM & Athletes”

Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, So there you have it! The low down on this
MSM, exerts potent anti-inflammatory activity, relatively unknown, but very promising
stops pain impulses and muscle spasm, and supplement. It's not expensive either, which
improves blood supply to muscles. Jacob has been makes it even more attractive. Give it a try and
using MSM clinically for twenty years - longer please forward any results on to us for a further
than any other physician. Over the years in his installment.
clinic, Jacob has used both DMSO and MSM for
athletic injuries, strained or cramped muscles, References:
and over-extended joints. 1. Szmant, H. Harry. Physical properties of
dimethyl sulfoxide and its function in biological
A very effective method of supplementing MSM is systems, Biological Actions of Dimethyl Sulfoxide
to take 6 grams (6,000 milligrams) of MSM before ed. by Stanley W. Jacob and Robert Herschler.
and after a workout. Some increase this level to 8 (New York: New York Academy of Sciences, 1975),
grams before and after, on days of particularly pp. 20-23.
heavy leg training, and drops down to 4 or 5 2. Herschler, R.J., "Methylsulphonylmethane and
grams on lighter days for smaller muscles. On methods of use" United States Patent 4296130:
days when you are not training I recommend you 1981
take 5 grams in the morning and 5 again at night. 3. Herschler, R.J., "Dietary and pharmaceutical
This is only what some top athletes are reporting uses of Methylsulphonylmethane and
works for decreases muscle soreness and compositions comprising it" United States Patent
improved performance. As with all individuals, 4514421: 1985
results may vary. 4. Lawrence, Sanchez, Grosman "MSM in the
treatment of acute athletic injuries, a placebo-
controlled double blind clinical trial" 1999

5. Richmond "Incorporation of
methylsulphonylmethane into
guinea pig proteins" Life Sciences
6. Richmond "MSM contributes to
biosynthesis of methionine and
cysteine" J Nutrition: 116 (6),
1986Rizzo et al, J Experimental
Zoology: 273(1), 1995

D'Wayne Bright
Fitness Model

M y name is D'Wayne Bright age: 29 I'm originally from Cleveland,
Ohio. I have been living on the west-coast for 11 years now in Utah,
pumping. Nevada, Oregon & California... I have studied for my Bachelors in
communications at Grand Canyon University online. I am a former
college basketball player that loves to work out in the Gym whether it
is lifting weights, running on the treadmill and/or playing basketball
of course. I also enjoy the great outdoors, the beach, hiking in the
mountains, swimming and various activities that get the heart

Some of my personal hobbies include playing chess, reading motivational and non-fiction books and
taking memorable photos. I engaged in fitness related model over the last 8 years working with
companies like Icon fitness, Strength Tape, and Gold's gym. Being behind the camera is a walk in the
park for me and where I find myself being most creative.

"My personal mission is to inspire those around me to get out of their own way. Through self
development and dedication to becoming the best person I can be, leading from the front."I enjoy
reading auto biographies of successful individuals who came from nothing beating the odds and
making something great out of nothing.

I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, I've been to Canada and Mexico numerous times...

After returning home to Cleveland, Ohio for a year in 2013-14 I graduated from personal training
school (NPTI) while working for my father fulltime. I decided to move back to Las Vegas, to start
building my brand through health & fitness aka (LOSJUDAH fitness). It's been a struggle building
and networking my business, I'm finally starting to gain solid clients who are consistent. Just last
year I landed an opportunity to program exercises for a well known company Blossom Bariatrics.
Here I gained more knowledge and experience working with pre and post operation bariatric
patients. This experience so far has been amazing and the business relationships being built in the
process are priceless.

Coming from a broken home with no direct guidance I've made quite a few mistakes along the way. I
am working hard to achieve greatness through beating the odds and turning an unsuccessful
beginning into a successful end.

My insperations is to be the best I can be, and to
help people to become the healty persons they
need to be.
Contact Info:

Build Muscle On A Budget:
Example $50, $75 & $100
Grocery Lists With Meal

Learn how to maximize your bulking budget
using as little as $50 per week. This feature
includes grocery lists and specific meal plans

that will help you save and grow.

How many times have you heard the following These two locations are typically willing to cut
phrases? - “I want to eat healthy but it’s too deals with you if you’re willing to purchase large
expensive” and “I want to bulk up but I enough quantities.
don’t want to eat ‘un-clean’ food” The
purpose of this article is to show that it’s possible • Avoid name brands – Purchase generic/store
to both eat healthy foods and eat in a caloric brand products instead of their name brand
surplus without breaking the bank. counterparts. For a fraction of the cost, you can
purchase a nearly identical product. Furthermore,
Strategies for Stretching Your Dollar at the I’ve found generic brands from places like Trader
Grocery Store Joe’s and Aldi that are both cheaper and offer a
larger quantity - a double savings!
• Buy in bulk – Although the upfront cost of
membership may seem daunting, club stores like • Stock up during sales – The prices discussed
Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are excellent places in this article will be U.S. national averages, but
to stock up on grocery and non-grocery goods. those prices don’t reflect sales. If you see a sale for
These stores are built around the concept of bulk staple products in your diet, consider the desired
quantities to minimize packaging and shipping quantity, savings, and expiration date of these
cost. I typically buy my cooking oils, spices, and goods – if sale offers all three then stock up! For
sauces from these locations are shelf stable for a example, the chicken breast prices used in this
long period of time. These stores are also excellent article are $3.43 per pound, but even in big cities
places to buy meat and vegetables in bulk if you you can find it on sale for as low as $1.99 per
don’t mind eating the same meat and vegetables pound.
for an entire week (such as myself). For non-
traditional bulk-buying locations, consider local • Freeze for later – An ample supply of fresh
ethnic markets for grains, fruits, vegetables and vegetables can be expensive. With the advances in
local farms for meats. food preservation technology, companies now

offer vegetables that are flash-
frozen at their peak freshness,
which helps to retain the vitamin,
mineral, and anti-oxidant content.
These frozen vegetables are nearly
identical to their fresh counterpart
but offered at a fraction of the cost
- $1 to $2 per bag, with each bag
offering up to six servings of

• Spice it up – In my opinion,
spices are worth their weight in
gold, especially for the cost-
conscious fitness enthusiast.
Having a variety of spices on hand
such as cayenne, salt, black pepper,
garlic, and oregano can add variety
to the meats and vegetables you
buy in bulk.

Key Assumptions 3000 Calorie Sample Meal Plan

The key assumption we are going to make in this • 07:00 – Wake Up
article is that you already have spices, vitamins, • 07:30 – 1 serving multivitamin, 5g creatine
and mineral supplements. These items typically monohydrate, 2-3g EPA/DHA from fish oil
are not purchased on a weekly basis so they will be • 08:00 – Meal #1 – 5 whole large eggs and 3.5
excluded from the weekly cost calculation. ounces of dry-measured oatmeal. Nutrition – 720
calories, 44g protein, 70g carbs, 31g fat, 10g fiber,
Furthermore, the supplement recommendations 210mg calcium
are based on the assumption that you’re an active • 12:00 – Meal #2 – 9.25 ounces raw measure
individual who is not experiencing the common potato, 4.75 ounces of romaine lettuce, 5 ounces of
deficiencies found from eating the typical ground beef, 1.75 ounces dry measure black beans.
American diet – iron, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty Nutrition – 730 calories, 41g protein, 75g carbs,
acids, calcium, and magnesium. 29g fat, 17g fiber, 170mg calcium.
• 16:00 – Meal #3 –9 ounces of whole milk, 32
For food prices, I took an average of the past three grams of peanut butter (~2 tablespoons), 7 ounces
months of data (March, April, and May 2014) of banana (about 2 small bananas, 6 to 7 inches
provided by the United States Department of long). Nutrition – 535 calories, 18g protein, 66g
Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics, which I found carbs, 26g fat, 7g fiber, 390mg calcium
here. • 18:00-19:30 – Workout of Choice

Budgets and Meal Plans

This section provides a grocery list and a 3000 • 20:00 – Meal #4 – 4.5 ounces dry-measured
calorie sample meal plan for three different long grain white rice, 1.75 ounces dry measure
weekly grocery budgets - $50, $75, and $100 per black beans, 1 bag of frozen vegetables, 8 ounces
week. The 3000 calorie meal plans below are raw-measure boneless chicken breast. Nutrition –
designed around a 180lb male aiming to eat at 1,030 calories, 79g protein, 150g carbs, 8g fat, 18g
least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, fiber, 230mg calcium
0.5 grams of fat per pound of bodyweight, and • 23:00 – Bed – 1 serving of ZMA • Nutrition for
roughly 2 grams of carbohydrates per pound of the Day – 3,015 calories, 182g Protein, 360g
bodyweight. Carbs, 94g Fats, 50g Fiber, 1000mg calcium,
160% daily value of iron.
Goal – less than $50 per week
Goal – less than $75 per week
Grocery List for 7 days of meals:
• 2lbs of uncooked long grain white rice - $1.46 Grocery List for 7 days of meals:
• 2.2lbs of 100% ground beef (80% lean/20% fat) - • 3lbs uncooked spaghetti - $3.91
$7.32 • 3lbs whole wheat bread - $6.18
• 3.5lbs raw chicken breast – $12.01 • 3lbs USDA Choice steak round - $15.96
• 3 dozen large grade A eggs - $5.99 • 2lbs raw chicken breast - $6.86
• 0.5 gallon whole milk - $1.81 • 2.25 dozen large Grade A eggs - $4.49
• 3lbs fresh bananas - $1.80 • 0.5 gallon whole milk - $1.81
• 4lbs uncooked white potatoes - $2.65 • 3lbs red delicious apples - $4.16
• 2lbs romaine lettuce - $3.08 • 3lbs navel oranges - $3.65
• 1.5lbs uncooked black beans - $2.16 • 2lbs seedless grapes - $6.15
• 0.5lb peanut butter - $1.30 • 3lbs romaine lettuce - $4.63
• 7 bags of frozen vegetables (e.g. broccoli, • 2lbs field grown tomatoes - $3.14
cauliflower, spinach, carrots, mixture) - $7.00 • 3lbs uncooked broccoli - $5.17
• 1.5lbs uncooked oatmeal - $2.25
Total Cost - $49.56

Bodybuilding on a Budget

• 7 bags of frozen vegetables (e.g. broccoli, • 16:00 – Meal #3 – 9 ounces of whole milk, 7
cauliflower, spinach, carrots, mixture) - $7.00 ounces of red delicious apples, 1.5 tablespoons of
• 0.5lb butter - $1.06 peanut butter. Nutrition – 411 calories, 14g
• 0.33lb peanut butter - $0.85 protein, 46g carbs, 20g fat, 5g fiber, 338mg
Total Cost – $75.00 • 18:00-19:30 – Workout of Choice
• 20:00 – Meal #4 – 7 ounces uncooked measure
3000 Calorie Sample Meal Plan of USDA Choice steak round, 7 ounces dry
measure of spaghetti, 7 ounces raw broccoli.
• 07:00 – Wake Up Nutrition – 1,079 calories, 75g protein, 158g carbs,
• 07:30 – 1 serving multivitamin, 5g creatine 16g fat, 142mg calcium
monohydrate, 2-3g EPA/DHA from fish oil • 23:00 – Bed – 1 serving of ZMA • Nutrition for
• 08:00 – Meal #1 – 4 whole large eggs, 4 ounces the Day – 3,004 calories, 181g protein, 365g carbs,
of bread (~4 slices), 32g butter (~2 tablespoons), 1 93g fat, 42 fiber, 1012mg calcium, 140% daily
bag of frozen vegetables. Nutrition – 908 calories, value of iron.
46g protein, 66g carbs, 49g fat, 20g fiber, 295mg
calcium Goal – less than $100 per week
• 12:00 – Meal #2 – 5 ounces raw chicken breast,
7 ounces of romaine lettuce, 4.5 ounces of tomato, Grocery List for 7 days of meals:
3 ounces of whole wheat bread (~3 slices), 4.5oz of
seedless grapes, 7 ounces of navel orange. • 3.5lbs uncooked spaghetti - $4.57
Nutrition – 606 calories, 46g protein, 96g carbs, • 1.75lbs whole wheat bread - $3.60
8g fat, 16g fiber, 237mg calcium. • 1.75lbs raw sirloin steak - $10.52
• 1.75lbs uncooked, sliced bacon - $7.46
• 3.5lbs raw chicken breast - $12.01

• 3 dozen large Grade A eggs -
• 0.5 gallon whole milk - $1.81
• 5lbs red delicious apples - $6.93
• 3.5lbs fresh strawberries - $8.17
• 3.5lbs romaine lettuce - $5.40
• 3.5lbs field grown tomatoes -
• 3.5lbs uncooked broccoli - $6.04
• 3.5lbs uncooked sweet peppers
(e.g. red, green, yellow) - $8.64
• 1lb ground coffee - $5.35
• 3.5lbs tomato sauce - $7.00

Total Cost – $98.96

Building Muscle on a Budget

3000 Calorie Sample Meal Plan • 07:30 – 1 to 2 cups of coffee (~2.5 ounces of
coffee grounds), 1 serving multivitamin, 5g
Grocery List for 7 days of meals: creatine monohydrate, 2-3g EPA/DHA from fish
• 3.5lbs uncooked spaghetti - $4.57 • 08:00 – Meal #1 – 5 whole large eggs, 3 ounces
• 1.75lbs whole wheat bread - $3.60 of uncooked, sliced bacon, 8 ounces of uncooked
• 1.75lbs raw sirloin steak - $10.52 sweet peppers, 8 ounces of fresh strawberries.
• 1.75lbs uncooked, sliced bacon - $7.46 Nutrition – 836 calories, 47g protein, 30g carbs,
• 3.5lbs raw chicken breast - $12.01 59g fat, 8g fiber, 206mg calcium
• 3 dozen large Grade A eggs - $5.99 • 12:00 – Meal #2 – 9 ounces of whole milk, 4
• 0.5 gallon whole milk - $1.81 ounces raw chicken breast, 4 ounces uncooked
• 5lbs red delicious apples - $6.93 spaghetti, 4 ounces of tomato sauce. Nutrition –
• 3.5lbs fresh strawberries - $8.17 754 calories, 51g protein, 104g carbs, 14g fat, 5g
• 3.5lbs romaine lettuce - $5.40 fiber, 359mg calcium
• 3.5lbs field grown tomatoes - $5.49 • 16:00 – Meal #3 – 4 ounces of whole wheat
• 3.5lbs uncooked broccoli - $6.04 bread (~4 slices), 4 ounces of raw sirloin steak, 8
• 3.5lbs uncooked sweet peppers (e.g. red, green, ounces of romaine lettuce, 8 ounces of field grown
yellow) - $8.64 tomatoes. Nutrition – 580 calories, 42g protein,
• 1lb ground coffee - $5.35 66g carbs, 18g fat, 14g fiber, 307mg calcium
• 3.5lbs tomato sauce - $7.00 • 18:00-19:30 – Workout of Choice
• 20:00 – Meal #4 – 4 ounces of uncooked
Total Cost – $98.96 spaghetti, 4 ounces of raw chicken breast, 4
ounces of tomato sauce, 8 ounces of broccoli, 3
3000 Calorie Sample Meal Plan cups sliced red delicious apples. Nutrition – 852
calories, 49g protein, 151g carbs, 6g fat, 19g fiber,
• 07:00 – Wake Up 170mg calcium

• 23:00 – Bed – 1 serving of ZMA
• Nutrition for the Day – 3,022
calories, 189g Protein, 352g Carbs,
97g Fats, 47g Fiber, 1043mg
calcium, 150% daily value of iron.

Author’s Notes

The timings, food pairings, and
supplementation schedules are not
set in stone. I encourage you to
adjust meal frequency and
macronutrient composition based
on your lifestyle, goals, and
activity. This is merely a framework
to save you time and increase your
chances of success. The
information above is not meant to
replace the information provided
by your general practitioner or

Keto and

The Ketogenic Diet and
Bodybuilding by TheKetogenicDiet.Org

I f you are, or are interested in becoming, a bodybuilder, then you may
have seen resources suggesting that a ketogenic diet and
bodybuilding can complement each other really well. Whether your
interest in bodybuilding is at a competitive level or you simply want
to look ripped, a ketogenic diet can really help you achieve your goals
by stripping off body fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

There are few champion bodybuilders who don’t incorporate a low carb eating plan at some times,
even if only just before a competition to really highlight their muscles.

Why do some bodybuilders choose a Ketogenic Diet?

So why are a ketogenic diet and bodybuilding such a good combination? Well, a ketogenic diet is one
that is high in fat, with good protein levels, but very low in carbohydrate. The absence of carbs means
that the body has to use fat stores as a source of fuel, in a reaction called ketosis. This means you lose
body fat quickly while still being able to get the calories you need – a low calorie diet would make you
lose fat too, but you risk losing muscle mass, which you definitely don’t want.

Another benefit of the ketogenic diet in bodybuilding is that it has a strong diuretic effect, meaning
you won’t be holding excess water. Many bodybuilders actually dehydrate themselves before
competitions using diuretic pills or alcohol, to further define the appearance of their muscles. While
this works, you wouldn’t want to be dehydrated all the time because your performance would suffer
and you’d feel terrible. The gentle diuretic effect of the low carb diet will help you look good all the
time without going to competition level extremes.

Can I compete at the same level as bodybuilders that eat carbs?

The one concern many people have around the ketogenic diet and bodybuilding is that the lack of
glycogen in your muscles can impede you in your workouts. This can be the case for some people,
however this doesn’t mean they can’t get the benefits of the low carb diet. If you want to ensure you
can perform when you work out while still cutting fat, consider adopting a cyclical ketogenic diet.
This involves following the standard ketogenic diet from Monday through Friday, then eating a high
carb, low fat diet at weekends (this is how most people do it, you can use any cycle of five days keto,
two days carb loading to fit around your weekly schedule). This allows you to replenish your carb
stores at the weekend, giving you something to help you through the week’s workouts, while still
allowing you to spend a reasonable proportion of the time in ketosis.

“A True Testament to 30 years a
Lion or 70 years a Lamb... ”

by Jason Huh IFBB Pro

A true testament to 30 years a lion or 70 a We ride the fine lines of life, death, health,
lamb... prosperity, happiness, sadness, insecurity,
confidence, financial ruin, financial gain, family
Before I get a barrage of ignorant know all please and friends to obtain an elusive ideology of
refrain from speaking on a level you don't quite happiness through our extreme ways that become
swallow, save your breath and fingers my a religion to us. It’s a vicious cycle.
keyboard warriors. Rich at heart and soul was a
good man and meant good. He inspired so many, Many seek it in the form of plastic trophies while
by giving an energy, confidence, voice and face to most seek acceptance through a physical
so many that needed him most. presentation of dominance to obtain a level of
instinctual human/animalistic alpha male
To so many that may not understand, assertion. Many unknowingly believe that these
bodybuilders are driven in ways unparalleled to extremes will all amount to happiness when in
most. We are truly a cult of extremists if you will. reality it needs to be treated as a stepping stone of
We do what it takes and some. Much of these therapy into another chapter of well rounded
motivational factors stem from deep and usually abundance and happiness as we leave those
dark subconscious closets haunting us from extremes in the rear view... The biggest piece to
childhood. Many can point the finger and ridicule this is knowing when to turn the page, before it's
as to how others choose to live but few will ever too late. It brings me to tears knowing so many
live as they truly desire. Rich's 5% mentality was don't...
of that lonely few to stand tall and proud and to do
whatever it takes as they made the best of what I still battle and work on cleaning my closet of
was dealt in the rear view mirror of a haunted skeletons and demons within my subconscious. In
past.. my career watching so many fall to an early
demise it’s a constant reminder to maintain a
continuous re-evaluation of my efforts,

it’s a never ending war. But I can
assure you there is hope so long as
you are ready and willing to turn
the page. Now not to turn this into
anything about me, I'm merely
wanting to express I'm no better
then you, Rich or anyone for that
matter and that I and we are only
but human. We should all seek to
be empathetic of others no matter
their beliefs and ways.

You do not know where they've
been and what they've been

You do not know how many others
may love them unconditionally. All
you're actually seeing is how their
doing their very best to deal with
their past experiences.

Take this into consideration before passing
judgment on anyone for the rest of your days...
Rich and family, my deepest condolences and
Rich, I wish you nothing but freedom and
happiness from this sometimes ugly world
May the ugliness and pain lay to rest as the wind
at your back carry you away to an easier place with
the sun in your face my friend...
Rest easy big guy... Much respect, much love.
Jason Huh IFBB Pro

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