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You now have no excuse to blow your diet on doughnuts! These protein donuts have a
rich spiced-gingerbread flavor and that classic cake-doughnut texture (great for dunking

in your coffee). These also have fantastic macros. And the glaze is just perfection!

GROUND CINNAMON 1/2 TSP 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Whisk together
GROUND GINGER 1/8 TSP dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then mix in wet
GROUND CLOVES 1/4 TSP ingredients.
BUTTERNUT SQUASH, BAKED 3/4 CUP 2. Spoon batter into a sealable baggie and cut off
EGG WHITES 1/4 CUP (2 LARGE) one corner to make a piping bag. Use piping bag
UNSWEETENED APPLESAUCE 1/4 CUP to squeeze batter into doughnut wells.
BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES 2 TBSP 3. Bake for 8-12 minutes until firm.
ICING INGREDIENTS 4. While doughnuts cool, mix up your icing.
UNSWEETENED CASHEW MILK (OR MILK OF Spread icing over cooled doughnuts and enjoy!

Amount per serving

Calories 140

Total Fat 5.9 g

Total CarbS 9g

Protein 13 g

Natural Prescription for Cravings

By Mike Koskiniemi PhD – Motions Fitness

When the Cravings Hit The Glutamine Effect

It happens to almost everyone. You’ve eaten a I first learned about using Glutamine from Dr.
good dinner, you’re not really hungry but all of a Robert Atkins, M.D., who learned about it from
sudden you need something bad and you need it Dr. Roger Williams, M.D. Williams, a pioneer in
now! You feel the cravings for foods that are off nutritional medicine. Over sixty years ago Dr.
limits. Williams at the University of Texas pointed out
the settling effect glutamine, has on sugar
Next time that snacking urges hits, reach for this cravings. He was one of the first to recognize the
magic potion. deep and intimate connection between sugar
cravings and glutamine.
Take 30g of Glutamine powder with 12 fluid
ounces of heavy cream or coconut milk and just a When it comes to these cravings, Glutamine is
touch of non-sugar sweetener. Mix it all together pure magic. L-glutamine (also known as
in a shaker bottle. Take a shot glass and pour Glutamine) is the most abundant amino acid in
yourself a shot and take it. The immediate desire the human body. The majority of it is stored in the
to eat something sweet will pass! If it doesn’t, just muscles and depleted performing heavy exercise
take another dose. You can have as many as you or during serious injury or illness, especially
need to curb your snacking urge. According to the gastrointestinal problems. The power comes into
research, it could take up to a month to wean off play as glutamine easily converts to glucose that
snacking temptations. decreases physiological cravings. Also, it is one of
the two primary energy providers that burn
It’s that simple, and it works every time! glycogen to provide fuel to the brain and
stimulates many neuro-functions. It also helps in
improving insulin sensitivity.

Glutamine deficiency plays an
important part in appetite, taste
perception, learning ability, and
the integrity of the immune system.

Cravings and Emotional Patterns an emphasis on biochemical techniques such as
this concoction may be effective in reversing many
Here’s the pattern. You get a blast of glucose from previously unmanaged symptoms such as sugar
a chemically infused, high-carbohydrate piece of cravings.
junk-food that hits the blood stream triggering a
sudden spike in glucose levels. The pancreas Several studies have demonstrated that
responds to this sudden glucose shift by releasing hypoglycemia can disrupt amino acid uptake. To
insulin to restore blood sugar levels back to a begin, hypoglycemia impairs an amino acids
normal range. transport (tryptophan) to the brain, affecting
serotonin levels that play a key role in appetite,
depression, restlessness, and other “mood” states.
Another amino acid, tyrosine, a precursor to nor-
epinephrine, and tryptophan the precursor to
serotonin, is also affected. Glutamine provides a
ready source of brain fuel for hypoglycemia and
helps stave off sugar cravings … that develop when
blood sugar levels drop too low.

Similarly, hypoglycemia impairs low level
thiamine transport, affecting irritability,
aggressiveness, and impulse control, as well as
memory loss and lack of concentration.
Hypoadrenocorticalism increases magnesium,
calcium and zinc compartmental displacement. It
is important to recognize that these and other
minerals play a role in health symptoms labeled
“emotional”. Correcting these nutritional
deficiencies or imbalances, may be an essential
component of overeating and binge eating

Give Glutamine a Try

When you experience a craving, it’s because your
brain wants sugar—now! Glutamine is an
alternate source of glucose available to the brain,

“Curb your Cravings”

Repeated challenges to the pancreas with glucose- plus it gets there quickly! You can take a shot of
spiking foods stimulates an over-response of too the glutamine concoction and you’ll feel the crave-
much insulin, which drives blood sugar levels reducing effect within minutes. Abram Hoffer,
below normal ranges (hypoglycemia), M.D., Ph.D., a Canadian psychiatrist and one of
Furthermore, this persistent pattern weakens the the pioneers in the practice of orthomolecular
adrenal glands ability to restore glucose levels medicine calls Glutamine “an amazing amino acid
back to a normal range, leaving you in a prolonged that can help individuals overcome the
symptomatic hypoglycemic state physiological cravings for junk foods.”
(hypoadrenocorticalism). The glucose-deficient
brain automatically sends a signal for more Dr. Michael Koskiniemi practices out of
glucose. Michigan at his Marquette, MI-based Motions
Fitness facility where he applies the expertise he
The decision to eat more junk food is developed during his Ph.D in psychology and his
spontaneous. S&C coaching with Charles R. Poliquin to help
clients transform their lives, lose fat and keep it
A number of recent findings linking emotional off… for good!
symptoms such as sugar cravings to nutrient
deficiency and altered neurochemistry state that

Strength Training Improves
Quality of Life for People with


By Mikel Theobald
Medically Reviewed by Pat F. Bass, III, MD,


“Gone are the days of doctor-placed restrictions on physical activity.
New research shows that adding strength training to your exercise
program can bolster your independence and improve your quality of life.”

Denise Pisciotta was diagnosed with MS in 1989. Pisciotta says her exercise program also helps
Her initial treatment plan included steroid drugs, fight MS-related fatigue. "I work a flex schedule,
which were commonly prescribed at the time but four 10-hour days," she says. "I couldn't maintain
had the side effect of making her bones brittle. that stamina without my exercise program. It
She had always been a relatively active person takes time, but it's worth it."
—tennis, running, and golf were some of her
favorite activities. In 1993, one awkward step off a New Outlook on Exercise
curb resulted in a broken femur. Her bones had
been weakened so badly from the steroids that the As recently as the 1980s, exercise, much less
break meant she would need to begin using a weight training, was discouraged for people with
wheelchair. MS. There were several reasons for this thought-
process, explains Nicholas G. LaRocca, PhD, vice
Determined to remain independent, Pisciotta president of health care delivery and policy
found her way to a local gym. At the time, they research at the National Multiple Sclerosis
didn't have a staff trained about MS, but she says Society. "First, the understanding of what triggers
the personal trainers were willing to learn what MS and MS attacks was much sketchier at that
they could to help her develop a workout plan that time," he notes. "Second, it was felt that exercise
fit her abilities. She focused on developing her would worsen the fatigue that is so common in
upper-body strength so that she wouldn’t have to MS. Third, there was the fear that people with MS
rely on others to help her get in and out of her would get overheated, and their MS would get
chair. She was able to maintain her upper-body worse. And fourth, many doctors felt that exercise
strength, but her bone density continued to was a waste of time — people with MS could not
deteriorate and her posture was suffering from the benefit from exercise and, even if they did, their
time spent in the wheelchair. MS would eventually get worse anyway, and the
time spent exercising would be wasted."
Things took a turn for the better when the gym
hired a physical therapist who had experience Time and experience have disproved those
with MS. The therapist helped broaden Denise’s theories. It's now known that exercise provides
focus from upper-body work and stretching to vast benefits."Exercise for a person with MS can
include strength training for her entire body. Over assist with achieving the highest independence
time, her posture and balance improved, and possible, improve energy levels, lessen fatigue,
during a routine bone density scan her doctor was help control spasticity, improve mood, improve
surprised to see that not only was there no further the muscles that control the bowel and bladder,
deterioration, but there was actually just to name a few,” says Nancy Dollenmeyer,
improvement. MPT, MSCS, a physical therapist at Mercy
Therapy Services in St. Louis, Mo.

LaRocca cites two reasons for the shift in attitude. "Together, these findings suggest that physical
Many people with MS, some of whom had been function may improve with program participation
very athletic before their diagnosis, decided not to and suggest that deficits in physical function due
listen to the naysayers, followed an exercise to MS may be partially reversible." Along with
regimen, and found it helpful for their quality of walking, many participants found that they could
life."However, the real turning point came with stand for longer periods, had better muscle
the publication of an article by Jack Petajan and endurance to do more and not tire as quickly,
colleagues at the University of Utah that examined better balance with more confidence climbing
the impact of aerobic exercise on people with MS," stairs, and added strength for tasks like outdoor
he says. "The study, funded by the National MS chores and getting in and out of the car. “Some
Society and published in the Annals of Neurology, also mentioned that being able to do more gave
them more confidence," White adds.

Getting Started

It's important to maximize every intact nerve and
muscle fiber available to achieve the best physical
functioning possible. Dollenmeyer encourages the
patients she works with to find an exercise routine
that allows them to train in a moderate-to-
somewhat-hard range for at least 15 to 20 minutes
each day, exercising in 5- to 10-minute increments
to lessen fatigue, if that's an issue. She likes
modified circuit training because it enables you to
work all parts of the body with breaks between

"Since MS is so unique to every person, I feel it is
important that a person be evaluated by a physical
therapist that specializes in MS prior to beginning
or quitting an exercise program," she
says. "Physical therapists are trained to look for
potential areas that could pose challenges for a
person with MS, such as spasticity, fatigue,
abnormal blood pressure or heart rate changes,
skin and joint integrity, and fall risk."

“Do not let MS define you, keep fighting MS!”

found that aerobic exercise could not only Having the support and guidance of a physical
improve cardiovascular fitness in people with MS, therapist may be the tool you need to find and
but could also improve quality of life in a variety maintain a successful workout routine. "Many
of ways." That opened a floodgate of research that people with MS who immediately try mainstream
extended beyond aerobic activity to explore the fitness programs become frustrated and often
benefits of other types of exercise. over-worked," she says, but adds that "with some
simple modifications, I believe any person with
Weight Training: More Promising Results MS can achieve and find a successful fitness
A recent study, published in the Adaptive Physical
Activity Quarterly, found that resistance training Before you begin any new exercise program,
in particular improved the walking ability of however, be sure to talk with your health care
people with MS and their overall quality of life. provider to see if there are health concerns that
"When participants were interviewed, most might influence the type of program you pick.
indicated improvements in walking endurance
and performance during daily living," says study
author Lesley J. White, PhD, FACSM.

“I can’t say I don’t love to run into
someone with MS who is a
bodybuilder! ” by David Lyons

Jim Nolan is a personal trainer for over 20 my diagnosis; forgetting things like people's
years who has had MS for over 10 of those names, basic math, directions and my emotions
years and who has changed his life in the were all over the place. Physically I was losing
gym. He is a nutrition coach and now an feeling in the left side of my body, had a bad limp,
Ambassador for our MS Fitness Challenge experienced extreme fatigue, I was always off
in New England. When you talk to Jim you balance and suddenly falling to the side and then
cannot help but feel his enthusiasm for the speaking became very difficult as well. Holding a
sport of bodybuilding but even more so for job was almost impossible at the time and most
his desire to help motivate and educate people thought I was an alcoholic.
others with MS on why exercise, fitness,
nutrition and the proper mindset will put DL: What are your symptoms currently,
you on a path to success in battling our and have they improved since starting a
disease. Jim proves that every day at the workout routine?
Total Fitness Clubs in Swansea, MA where
he is changing lives. I know Jim and you JN: My current symptoms are pretty light as they
should too. come and go minimally; slight numbness when
exposed to heat, pain in my left side at times and I
David Lyons: When were you diagnosed still get some lassitude. However since I started
with multiple sclerosis, and what were training my mind and body correctly, allowing for
your symptoms? rest when needed, these symptoms are merely a
nuisance now and have NOT dropped me in a
Jim Nolan: I was diagnosed with MS back in while, though it takes consistency and great effort.
August of 2007 after about 2 years of tests
following an abnormal MRI from a fall I had DL: How did you get started on an exercise
which resulted in a head injury. I felt like I was program?
losing my mind for those first few years leading to

JN: As a little kid we moved a lot
due to my father's job. I have two
younger sisters so I was bullied
often, usually due to protecting my
sisters and opening my big mouth
to even bigger bullies. I turned to
weight training to help, as per my
father's instruction, and as soon as
that first dumbbell hit my hand I
fell in love with body building. At
an early age I noticed and loved the
way Steve Reeves and Arnold
Schwarzenegger were built with
small waists and big broad
shoulders, though my technique
and understanding of the body was
horrible at the time, I promised
myself I would be like them some

Fast forward to my teen years; I focused on sports, I find that if I feel really off balance one day I just
competition and training. It always drove me to switch to Smith Machine or Hammer Strength
train harder than the next guy, hell I even made it machine work to assist with my stabilization or
a goal to train harder than myself from the simply drop to the ground for body weight and
previous day. This drive led me to better stabilization movements. Often you will find me
understand my body and I taught myself how to using the sissy squat bench in the squat rack with
“feel it out” when I trained, slowing my a loaded barbell as a modification to the classic
movements down and “listening” to my body. back squat. When I feel tired (that deep MS
When I was 16 years old I gained about 20lbs of fatigue known as lassitude) I may switch my set
muscle in one summer due to my effort in both methodology from high volume to slow controlled
physical training, including boxing, and study. I reps. Regardless I never, ever give in. I always find
would lock myself in the garage with some free a way to modify and keep on moving.
weights, a pull up bar and some of my dad's old
equipment for hours. That was also the year I DL: Were there any times when you
started training my friends, then their friends and wanted to quit or give up?
without knowing it, I had already begun my
journey as a personal trainer. JN: People ask me often, “Do you ever want to
give up or quit?”, I can say without a shadow of a
Jump to 2007, and right into a rocky first doubt, never. When I feel weak, tired, anxious,
marriage to my high school sweetheart, I was emotional or any negative feeling it always fires
weighing almost 290lbs and was experiencing my me up, makes me angry and I use it. I look at my
first round of MS meds. MS as another person trying to bring me down
and stop me; an enemy at times that I will never

“MS Fitness Challenge”

Long story short, I ended up in a hospital for two let beat me. Then I put my head down, dig deep
weeks, lost two organs (appendix & gallbladder) and move some weights.
and died for 21 seconds during my third surgery,
good times. After some hard work, old school DL: How did you stay motivated to
head down stubborn will power, good nutrition continue the program?
and a lot of digging deep, I lost 107lbs in 10
months and felt amazing. JN: I honestly do not see any other choice in the
matter but to keep training and to stay motivated
DL: What’s your current exercise routine? to do so. I feel very strongly that when I stop
moving I stay not moving. MS is sneaky as it
JN: Currently I'm utilizing a traditional body works that way, with me at least. The moment I
building style of training to prep for an upcoming feel weak, mentally, emotionally or physically
photo shoot at the gym I work at as a personal something triggers inside me, a deep well of
trainer and group instructor. High volume sets stubborn pride I suppose that will not allow me to
mixed with slow controlled negative sets primarily do anything but challenge myself and just keep
make up my program with a consistent increase in moving.
cardio, both steady state and HIIT. I also utilize
resistance bands, foam rollers and some Yoga in DL: Have you altered your diet and
my training to keep myself limber and my joints nutrition regimen?
strong. The key for me is variety and consistency
in movement. JN: I have completely altered my nutrition,
mostly to a plant based diet with the occasional
DL: What was the biggest challenge in your seafood meal and plain Greek yogurt, but no meat,
workouts? dairy or eggs of any kind and most of my protein
source comes from nuts and beans, though I'm
JN: My biggest challenges are still balance and careful of legumes and how they affect my
fatigue, they tend to creep up pretty often but I digestive tract and inflammation.
never stop, ever.

DL: How has working out changed your life DL: Do you have any advice for those who
and helped with your MS? want to conquer MS through fitness?

JN: Working out and changing my nutrition has JN: The best advice I can give is this; stop
completely redefined my life in every as-pect. I'm thinking about it, get up and move as much as you
healthier, stronger and able to be there for my can. When I came out of the hospital my first
wife and my daughter in every way. I used to carry exercise was simply dragging my body from my
such guilt when I had severe symptoms or during bed, sliding along my hallway wall and dropping
a relapse, but not anymore, now I know how to onto my couch where I passed out, then I got up
fight it. I feel strongly that my MS is both a curse and did it all over again. After a while I could do it
and a blessing, it beats me up, but any fighter will more and more as the feeling came back in my
tell you it's the getting up that make you stronger. body, mixed with excruciating pain of course, then
So I feel that having MS has made me a stronger I tackled the stairs as I lived on the 3rd floor of an
person and a much better trainer. apartment building without an elevator. Again,
slow and steady and a little at a time while
DL: What fitness goals do you have set for respecting my body's need to rest. This was the
the future? beginning of my 10 month 107 lbs weight loss
journey and, while I didn't know it then, my path
JN: As far as fitness goals, I have a photo shoot to becoming a much better and intuitive personal
coming up shortly to promote our gym and my trainer. Define your personal limits, create goals
story, my next goal is an obstacle course race and and surpass them.
possibly a male physique competition at age 40,
next year. I am also working closely with the MS I use David Lyons; book, Everyday Health &
Fitness Challenge as their Ambassador in the Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis, as a guide to
Massachusetts area to help as many with MS live a fitness and anyone who wants to change their life
lifestyle of fitness. should as well. Much love to my MS brothers and
sisters, keep fighting and keep on moving.

IBFF Womans Posing

by Bernadine Du Pisanie IBFF
Womans Pro

Every federation has its rules L adies in every division will first
and regulations when it present themselves in evening wear. It
comes to posing in the is essential that you wear a beautiful
different divisions. To make evening dress that shows your best
it easier to understand what assets and curves.
is expected from you, by the
judging panel, I have Most of the ladies wear short dresses to show their
compiled a brief explanation legs. Don’t wear something that hides your beautiful
and some photographs to back, shoulders or arms. In this line-up, you will
make it a little easier. exude femininity and you have the opportunity to
show off your beauty. You are being judged on a
combination of your dress, make-up, body and stage
presentation – smile and have fun! Quarter turns will
be completed and a T-walk.

The divisions are as follows:

• Miss Teen Model 14-19 years
• Miss Fitness Model Under 165
• Miss Fitness Model Over 165
• Miss Fitness Over 40
• Miss Figure

Ladies will return to the stage in their bikinis and T-Walk
will once again be requested to perform their
quarter turns and a T-walk. If the judges are Athletes will walk to the centre front of the stage,
having difficulty deciding any placements, they individually. Stop and pose (showing your
can request athletes to step forward and a pose- muscles in each pose). Walk to one end of the
down may be necessary. At this point, you should stage and stop to pose. Walk to the opposite end
be giving your best! This is the last chance that of the stage and strike another pose. Return to the
you will be given to show your best. These poses centre, before returning to the back line-up.
can include your best bicep, side tricep, back (you
may lift your hands) make sure you are showing
your quadriceps when facing the judges and when
facing the rear (glutes and hamstrings best pose).

Head judge will announce the requested
pose in the following order

• Face the judges

• Quarter turn to the right

• Quarter turn to the right – face the rear

• Quarter turn to the right

• Quarter turn to the right – face the judges

Pose Routine

Miss Figure will need to prepare a
posing routine.


Powerlifting Legend -
Bill Kazmaier

The Pros and Cons of
Powerlifting Training by Ben Bruno

“Here's what you need to know...”

1. Powerlifters know their stuff. But sometimes I'm surprised I haven't read someone claim that
non-powerlifters follow their advice to their the "Big 3" can cure cancer! Listen, powerlifters
detriment. certainly have a lot to offer the lifting community.
2. Powerlifters teach us to focus first on strength, I've learned a ton from powerlifters.
emphasize good form, and narrow our focus. All
good. But for the non-powerlifter looking to get bigger,
3. Good technique for powerlifting is not always burn fat, or improve their sports performance,
good technique for physique or performance powerlifting isn't the be-all-end-all.
training purposes.
4. The powerlifting emphasis on maximal strength It's like Bruce Lee said: Absorb what is useful and
above all else isn't ideal for most lifters. Most are discard what is useless. With that in mind, let's
better off getting really strong at a moderate rep examine the pros and cons of powerlifting for the
range. non-powerlifter.
5. Unless you're a competitive powerlifter, the
"Big 3" lifts are not the end-all, be-all exercises. The Pros
There are other options just as effective.
1 – Primary Focus on Strength
Powerlifting for the Non-Powerlifter
The biggest thing that non-powerlifters can take
Today, a lot of strength training advice comes from powerlifters? Building a solid foundation of
from powerlifters and is based on powerlifting strength above all else. Getting stronger is
principles. beneficial to any fitness-related goal, from
building muscle to burning fat.
Want to get bigger? Focus on the squat, bench,
and deadlift and throw in some assistance work to You can't go wrong with strong.
improve those lifts and you'll be good. Want to
burn fat? For the powerlifter, everything starts and ends
with strength because that's obviously the primary
Focus on the squat, bench, and deadlift and throw goal. Different goals usually require focusing on
in some assistance work to improve those lifts and other qualities in addition to strength, but
you'll be good. building a good base of strength should be a big
part of your focus – the biggest, in fact – and
Want to get stronger for sports? Focus on the should help form the foundation of your program.
squat, bench, and deadlift and throw in some
assistance work to improve those lifts and you'll
be good.

“You Wanna be a PowerLifter!!”

Far too often I see people abandon basic heavy They've already paid their dues building a
strength training when their goals are more foundation of strength. And they're chasing that
physique-related, using the rationale that "I don't pump with heavier weights than most skinny guys
care how much I lift, I just want to look good." use for their strength work!

If they're chasing fat loss they'll abandon heavy If your max bench press is 200 pounds and you're
lifting altogether and instead focus on higher rep desperate to build a bigger chest, don't look at the
circuit-type stuff combined with a hefty dose of bodybuilder doing 80 pound flyes and think that
"gerbil cardio." Both have a place in a fat loss you should be doing flyes too.
program, but they should be used to augment a
basic strength-training program, not supplant it. Doing 80 pound flyes will definitely build muscle,
but realize that to build up to the point where you
Those looking to build muscle often look to pro can do 80 pound flyes, you must first put in the
bodybuilders, who do more isolation work and work building your pressing strength. Otherwise
"pump" training. They reason that this approach you'll be doing 25 pound flyes and well, that's just
must be more effective for building muscle mass. embarrassing.
There's no problem with doing some isolation
work and chasing a pump. Both have value when 2 – Emphasis on Good Form
you're looking to add muscle mass.
Another positive: Powerlifters emphasize good
But here's the thing that too many people form. And good form in powerlifting means using
overlook: Those bodybuilders doing pump-type a full range of motion – another plus.
training are almost invariably strong as shit.
A lot of people spend their time searching for the
latest-and-greatest program to jumpstart their

The real problem? Their form
sucks and they do everything with a
partial range of motion, either due
to too much ego, lack of mobility,
or both.

While good programming is
important, the best thing a trainer
can do to help his clients is teach
good technique. Any idiot trainer
can copy someone else's program.
What separates good trainers from
bad trainers is the ability to get
clients to execute the program well.

Powerlifters take the time in the
beginning to hammer home good
technique to the point where it
becomes automatic before they
worry about anything else.

They know that good technique is more effective In fact, my clients rarely go under five reps on
and safer. Take notes and do the same. anything, and most spend the majority of the time
focusing on getting as strong as possible in the
3 – A Narrow, Defined Focus 6-12 rep range on most exercises. Training in
more moderate rep ranges is far safer and also
The goals of powerlifting are ultra clear, more effective for hypertrophy purposes.
defined, and focused: to increase the squat,
bench, and deadlift. And the goal never changes. Maximal strength matters for powerlifting and for
It's the same month after month and year after being able to brag to your buddies, but other than
year. that, the rest of us are far better served getting
strong in moderate rep ranges.
Successful powerlifters do a great job of making
sure that everything in their program contributes By the way, if you really think anything over five
to that goal. They don't sabotage themselves by reps is cardio, it's time to get in shape!
doing extraneous things to hurt their performance
on those exercises. 2 – Good Form Is Based on Lifting As Much As
Contrast that with the average gym goer who
continually spins his wheels year after year I love the emphasis that powerlifters place on
because he either tries to pursue too many goals at technique, but good technique for powerlifting
once or, even worse, doesn't have any goals and purposes is not always good technique for
just wings it on a daily basis. physique or performance training purposes.

“Squat, Deadlift & Bench”

One day they'll be hell-bent on increasing their There's certainly a lot of overlap, but it's
pull-ups, then the next squat workout they'll get important to realize that in powerlifting the goal is
excited and want to do a leg specialization simply to move as much weight as possible,
program only to realize two workouts later that it's whereas most non-powerlifters perform exercises
hard and it sucks, at which point they'll want to with the goal of optimally working certain parts of
try the cool circuit-based routine they read in a the body.
For example, it's one thing for a powerlifter to use
Whatever the case may be, the most successful an excessive arch on the bench press to shorten
people are those with clear and defined goals that the range of motion as much as possible, but I
stick to the same goal for an extended period of wouldn't advise someone to do that who's
time. benching for their pecs or doing close-grip bench
to build triceps.
The Cons
Similarly, a lot of powerlifters assume a wide
1 – Focused Too Heavily on Maximal Strength stance for squatting and try to make the
movement as hip dominant as possible. But if
Powerlifters spend a lot of time training in the 1-5 you're squatting for quad development it makes
rep range. They'll even joke that anything over five more sense to assume a more narrow stance and
reps is "cardio." try to remain as upright as possible.

That obviously makes sense for powerlifting Finally, powerlifters try to make their form as
where maximal strength is the goal. But for the efficient as possible. But for physique purposes it
non-powerlifter, it's not wise to spend all your can be beneficial at times to try to lift more
time training in very low rep ranges. inefficientlyand really "feel" the weight.

3 – Too Focused on the "Big 3" The key then becomes to find a few compound
movements that feel good to you – meaning you
Powerlifters are dogmatic about the Big 3 lifts, feel them working the areas you're looking to work
even for non-powerlifters. Those three exercises and they don't cause pain – and make them your
are put on a pedestal and everything else is bitch.
marginalized to "assistance" or "accessory" lifts.
Don't worry if the exercises you like are deemed to
Again, this makes sense if you're a powerlifter, but be "assistance" exercises by the powerlifting
for everyone else it's absurd. community. Powerlifters like to judge exercises
based on their carryover to the squat, bench, and
Having a few key lifts that you focus on and use as deadlift.
a barometer to measure progress is great, but for
the non-powerlifter, there's nothing magical about But who cares about carryover if you aren't being
the squat, bench, and deadlift. tested in those lifts, or any lifts for that matter? An
assistance exercise is just an exercise that brings
There's nothing wrong with them either. I like all you closer to your goal, whatever that might be.
three and use them if the situation calls for it, but
they're certainly not absolutely essential like a If your goal is to build a bigger chest but you've
powerlifters would lead you to believe. never felt the bench press much in your pecs or
benching gives you shoulder pain, you'd be much
What's more, many people simply shouldn't be better off switching to an incline press or a low-
doing the three powerlifts, either for injury incline dumbbell press.
reasons or because their body structure just
doesn't lend itself well to the exercise. If conventional deadlifts bug your lower back,
rather than stubbornly continue to do them, try
That's blasphemy to a lot of powerlifters, who will trap bar deadlifts, rack pulls, or RDLs.
call you a pussy for even suggesting something
other than the Big 3, but if you're not competing
there are no mandatory exercises.

If squats bug your knees or lower back, or if you
always seem to turn your squats into something
that more closely resembling a good morning
despite working on your form, try front squats,
Bulgarian split squats, or low-handle trap bar
In short, non-powerlifters can learn a lot from
powerlifters. But if you're not competing, keep an
open mind. Listen to Bruce Lee.

So, you want to be a
Powerlifter? | Tips for
Your First
Powerlifting Meet.

by Kyle Hunt

So, you want to be a
Powerlifter? | Tips for Your
First Powerlifting Meet.

“Powerlifting is going mainstream…well, not mainstream but
mainstream within the fitness industry”

Over the past few years powerlifting, more The Perfect Time
specifically raw powerlifting, has seen a huge
influx of people getting involved in the sport. If Like waiting until you are strong enough, if you
lifting big weights is something you enjoy, I’m wait until the perfect time chances are you will
sure you have at least thought about entering a never compete. This is what has always held me
meet. You may have even talked about it amongst back. I always had an excuse as to why it wasn’t
your training buddies. Well, it’s time to stop the right time to do a meet…and they all were
talking about it and start being about it. bullshit. All you have to do is pick a meet and sign
Here are some tips to help you along the
way towards your first powerlifting meet. We all live busy lives. With all the things you have
going on it is easy to push something like a
Are You Strong Enough? powerlifting meet until a later date when things
“calm down”. It’s all about priorities. It doesn’t
This is the big question which I assume holds matter how busy you are, if you really want to do a
people back the most. If you wait until you are powerlifting meet you will find the time to get
“strong enough” most likely you will never ready.
compete. Nobody ever feels they are strong
enough. But how much extra time will you really
It’s easy to say, “I want to wait until I hit a 300lb
bench and a 400lb squat” But then it is a 315lbs Aside from the actual day of the meet (plan for all
bench and 425lbs squat. See what I mean? Don’t day), not much else should require additional
make the mistake of waiting until you are more time. Most likely you are already training as much
competitive. as needed.

It doesn’t make much difference how much weight Set Realistic Expectations
you lift at a meet. No one is going to laugh at you.
Quite frankly, no one is even going to care how This all comes down to being honest with yourself.
much weight you lift. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people
post their “maxes” on Facebook or Instagram that
Everyone will be too concerned with their own would not even be close to passing at a meet.
lifts to worry about you. No matter how strong That’s fine if you want to test yourself from time
you currently are, it’s strong enough. to time but just realize that means nothing when it
comes to a powerlifting meet.

You must squat at or below parallel. When Some Things You Should Know
benching the bar has to touch your chest and you
need to hold it there until you hear the press – The Federation Rules –
command. Full range of motion is obviously
required as well – full lockout to start and finish Every powerlifting federation will have slightly
the lift. You can’t “hitch” when deadlifting. different rules.
Hitching is when the bar gets stuck on your thighs
and you re-bend the knee while nudging the bar For example, some will allow knee sleeves in the
up along the thigh. If your best squat is 500lbs, squat, some will allow knee wraps, some will allow
but it’s a mile high prepare to be humbled. Same both and some will allow none.
goes for bench, if you have hit 315lbs but you
bounced it off your chest or only came down half It’s important to know the rules of your
way…again, prepare to be humbled. federation. Go to the federations’ website and
actually read through the rules. This way you will
This is a big issue with your average gym goers. have a basic idea of what is expected. There will
People (who don’t compete) try to compare their also be a rules meeting for all competitors before
shitty form gym lifts with competitor’s the meet starts where you will get a rundown of
competition lifts. There just is no comparison. the rules as well. Make sure you pay attention!
Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Set your You may find out you read the rules wrong…I did
goals for the meet based on lifts that you have lol!
done that would meet the specific requirements.
Also don’t expect to hit 50lbs more than you have When I was going through the rule book for the
ever done before. Shoot to hit PR’s but make sure IPA I thought it said you can ONLY wear knee
they are within the reach. wraps when squatting – no knee sleeves. This was
a big deal for me because I had never worn knee
wraps before and have always worn knee sleeves.
As it turns out I read the rules wrong and you can
wear either wraps or sleeves in the IPA.

“So, you want to be a Powerlifter? | Tips for
Your First Powerlifting Meet.”

– Weight Class – – Be Conservative with Your Opener –

Powerlifting is a weight class sport. It’s important There should be no chance you miss your opener.
to not only know what the weight classes are but You should be able to hit your opener, on your
know how much you weigh and what weight class worst day, sick, tired and half dead. Don’t take
you plan to enter. I do not recommend cutting a that too literal but, for real, your opener should be
bunch of weight for your first powerlifting meet, easy. A good recommendation is to pick a weight
especially if you have never wrestled or cut weight you can do for a triple. My first meet I even went a
before. Weight cutting can be pretty easy for the little more conservative than that. Just remember
experienced but if you don’t know what you are you can always go heavier. Get one lift on the
doing it can be a nightmare. books and go from there!

However, with that being said if you are within a Meet Checklist
couple pounds of a weight class it would make a
lot of sense to drop the couple pounds. You don’t Here are some things you will need to bring with
want to be that guy (or girl) who is two or three you the day of the meet.
pounds over the weight class and has to bump up Large bag: You will need something big enough
15+ pounds to compete in the next one higher. to fit all of the stuff on this list. You may even
Most powerlifting meets have a 24 hour weigh-in, need two large bags. One for your lifting
which is great. If you are within a couple pounds equipment and one for everything else.
of a weight class just cut back on food and water Singlet: Can’t forget this!
intake the day before and you will nail it. Don’t Belt: If you have a lever belt if possible bring a
worry about losing any strength. When you have back up. Those levers have been known to break
24 hours to rehydrate and refuel, a couple pounds on occasion.
is really nothing.

Knee Sleeves/Wraps: Essential to hitting raw
squat PR’s!
Chalk: The meet will probably have chalk but it’s
a good idea to have your own for warming up or if
by chance the meet runs out.
Squat Shoes: Self explanatory
Deadlift Shoes/Slippers: Self explanatory
Deadlift Socks: These are actually required in
some federations. Either way you will want these
for deadlifting.
Foam Roller / Lacrosse Ball: If you use it
during training use it at the meet.
Water / Gatorade: Stay hydrated!
Pre Workout: Get hyped up!
Food: You will be at the meet all day, bring
Extra T-Shirts, Socks, Underwear: You can
never be too prepared in this area.
Shorts: You will want something to slip over your
singlet in between lifts.
Sweatshirt: Wear this while warming up and in
between lifts to stay warm.
Baby Powder: Have someone put baby powder
on your thighs before deadlifting. This will help
the bar slide up your legs easier. Don’t get it on
your hands or shoes.
Towels: You might want to dry your hands/body
Ibuprofen / Aspirin: It might come in handy.
Deodorant: Don’t be the smelliest one there.
Music / Head Phones: Chances are something
heavy will be playing during the meet. Bring
something to listen to in between lifts to help you
relax. I don’t recommend being pumped up all
day. You will never make it to deadlifts if that is
the case.
Camera: Video or it didn’t happen, brah!
Last but not least, Federation Card: If you
wanna play, ya gotta pay!

Bottom Line

If you have been thinking about doing a
powerlifting meet, I recommend finding one in
your area and signing up. There is no better time
than now!

The Power of Cluster Sets for
Relative Strength by Coach Charles R.


C luster sets are probably one of the best methods to get
strong without putting on too much size.

Training with cluster sets is also very effective for improving speed and power. In that respect, it
typically targets the athletic population. Yet it can be of interest to physique athletes on a strength

This type of workout is extremely demanding but its effectiveness leave no doubt.

I was first introduced to this method in the 70s by Carl Miller of the Sport of Olympic-Style
Weightlifting, Training for the Connoisseur fame. I readily proceeded to apply it to my own training
and that of my athletes, with great success.

The general agreement amongst the successful strength coaches is that to achieve strength gains 70%
of the 1RM represents the threshold.

The Method behind the Madness

A time-proven classic of relative strength consists of performing 5 sets of 3-5 reps. And, quite
unsurprisingly, it fits the above formula since during such a workout a total of 15 to 25 reps are
performed at 85% of 1RM. With cluster training 15 to 25 reps are performed as well but at 90% of
1RM. The devil is in the details.

How is that possible? The key is the strategic use of rest intervals. In fact, 15 seconds rest periods are
interspersed between reps. basically; cluster training consists of performing 3-5 sets of 5 times 1 rep
with 10-15 seconds rest in between reps and 3-5 mins between sets. Since the athlete is using higher
loads this method prevents the expression of maximal velocity. This ensures maximal strength
development. Additionally this method allows increased TUT on the HTMU. Hence the training
effect is compartmented within selected muscle fibers and strength improves without size becoming
an issue for the athlete. It is also a very time efficient method. Here workout density is a remarkable
feature indeed.

To recapitulate, the main benefits are: maximal strength development, greater neurological
adaptations as well as selective recruitment of fast twitch fibers.

Let’s look at a 3 week leg routine as an example

Week 1

A1- Front Squat, 3 x (5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest 120 seconds
A2- Lying leg curl, Plantar Flex, Feet Neutral, 3 x (5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest 120 seconds

B1- Back Squat, 4×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest A- 2 sets of 1 rep at 2-3 RM, rest 180 seconds
120 seconds B- 2 sets of 2 reps at 3-4RM, rest 180 seconds
B2- GHR, 4×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest 120 C- 2 sets of 3 reps at 4-5 RM, rest 180 seconds
If muscle mass gain is not an option pay close
Add 1- 3% weight on A1& A2 only if all reps all sets attention to diet, this will ensure limited gains in
are completed. size and still leave room for neural adaptations
while training with cluster sets.
Week 2:
Enjoy the process!
A1- Front Squat, 4 x (5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest
120 seconds
A2- Lying leg curl, Plantar Flex, Feet Neutral, 4 x
(5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest 120 seconds
B1- Back Squat, 4×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest
120 seconds
B2- GHR, 4×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest 120

Add 1- 3% weight on A1& A2 only if all reps all sets
are completed

“The Power of Cluster Sets for Relative
Strength ”

Week 3:

A1- Front Squat, 5 x (5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest
120 seconds
A2- Lying leg curl, Plantar Flex, Feet Neutral, 5 x
(5×1), on a 40X0 tempo, rest 120 seconds

B1- Back Squat, 3×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest
120 seconds
B2- GHR, 3×5-7 reps, on a 3010 tempo, rest 120

Wait 12 weeks before doing this method again.

After 3 weeks of cluster sets and it is time to move
on to another routine that will pose a lesser strain
on the central nervous system. A good option
would be the stage system. The law of repeated
efforts governs the progression. Since all reps are
performed 95% short of concentric failure and
progression relies on incremental improvements
that are success based. Thus, it translates into
relative rest for the CNS.

For instance:



4 Tips For Success In Your First
Strongman Competition

by Bill DeLongis

I remember watching ESPN’s World’s Strongest Keep in mind these numbers are lower for the
Man as a child. As a teenager, I got to see the novice class.
Arnold Strongman Classic and even met some of
the competitors. But it wasn’t until I was a • If you compete under 200lbs, you need to be
senior in college when I started working at able to press around 200 pounds.
a facility with large tractor tire that I truly
got interested in the sport of strongman. • If you compete in the 200-231 weight class, you
will see weights around 230 pounds.
After the thrill I felt from flipping that tire, I
decided to try more events. Shortly thereafter, I • If you are in the over 231 class, then you are
started competing. I have since competed nine looking at approximately 270 pounds.
times over the past three and half years.Many of
you may be wondering how to get started These weights can vary depending on the level of
in this sport, as well. Here are my tips to you. competition and/or on the implement used, but
these are good roundabout numbers to work
1. Get Strong in the Lifts That Matter Most toward.

Overhead Press: I’ve never seen a competition "If you can deadlift 2.25 times your
that didn’t start with an overhead press exercise, bodyweight, then I say you would have no
so it needs to become your top upper-body problem in any deadlift event you will see."
exercise. Get strong in standing military presses,
push presses, and jerks. Deadlift: Out of the nine events in which I
competed, eight of them had a deadlift event. In
To decide if you are overhead press ready, I’ll addition, the majority had at least one other event
give you a typical body weight-to-weight related to the deadlift, such as the farmer’s walk,
pressed scenario. frame carry, or Atlas stones.

The conventional deadlift is where
you will want to spend most of your
training time due to the sumo
stance being disallowed in
strongman. But be sure to get
strong in all the different
conventional variations. Because
most deadlift events are
elevated, I think the top
variation is the rack pull or
block pull. The trap bar deadlift is
another variation to rotate into
your training because it is just like
the pickup in the farmer’s and
frame carry.

"If you can deadlift 2.25 times your
bodyweight, then I say you would have
no problem in any deadlift event you will

RELATED: The Sumo Deadlift: Is It For You? then your lower body is most likely strong
enough to handle any event.
You won’t ever pull sumo in competition,
but there’s no need to eliminate the stance RELATED: The 6 Main Types of Strongman
from your program. In fact, I program sumo Events (and How to Train For Them)
deadlifts regularly because they help build your
conventional and they translate well to loading 2. Pick a Competition
Atlas stones.
There are two amateur strongman organizations
If you can deadlift 2.25 times your in the United States. They are North American
bodyweight, then I say you would have no Strongman (NAS) and United States Strongman
problem in any deadlift event you will see. (USS). Every competition I’ve completed has
Even if you can’t do that, you may still be able to been an NAS-sanctioned event. They were all
hang due to most of the events being elevated. well run, so I recommend checking them out. USS
just started last year and seems to be growing
Squat: It’s rare to see a true squat event in a quickly, so be sure to check out their calendar, too.
competition, but a strong squat will help every
event. The vast majority of my squat training is Once you pick a competition, then you have
comprised of the back squat, but the front squat is to pick either the open or novice division. To
one of my top assistance exercises. determine if you need to compete in novice, just
look at the competition weights for the open class
In events like Atlas stones, clean and presses, and and ask yourself, “Will I be able to do at least
certain carrying events, you will have the load in three or four of the five event weights?” If your
front of you so it makes a lot of sense to build the answer is “no,” then novice is the better choice
front squat. If you can hit a double- until you get stronger.
bodyweight back squat or are close to that,

Just don’t be those guys who
clearly should be in the open class
but instead opted to dominate the
novice class. Not scoring in one
event isn’t the end of the
world and it happens often to
everyone, so if you can handle
four of the events, then move
up to open class.

"Ask yourself, 'Will I be able
to do at least three or four of
the five event weights?' If your
answer is “no,” then novice is
the better choice until you get

For your first outing, try to pick a competition that Also worth noting: make a nutrition plan if
you have access to all the equipment needed to you need to lose or gain weight. Gaining
train for the events. Your first competition weight shouldn’t be hard but cutting weight for
will be nerve-racking enough without strongman can be risky, especially if you wait too
worrying about an event you’ve never long to cut.
actually experienced.
I made that mistake last year. I didn’t plan out my
In addition, pick a competition you have enough nutrition and found myself only six days out from
time to prepare for. Pick an event at least twelve competition and twelve pounds overweight. In
weeks away in order to give yourself ample time. order to make weight, I had to dehydrate myself
Since it is your first competition, you will and fast the day before the event, which hurt my
need a lot of time learning and training the strength levels immensely. Try and stay within
specific events you will face. Once you have five pounds of your weight class all year
learned most of the events and have a strong round, so you can train near competition
foundation, you will not need that long to prepare weight and not have to cut calories right
for future competitions. before the big day.

4. What to Do on Game Day

You’ve prepared, you’ve trained, and all the work
has been done. Now make sure you arrive with the
essentials to go out and kill some weights.

"Try and stay within five pounds of your weight class all year
round, so you can train near competition weight and not have to
cut calories right before the big day."

3. Find a Partner and Make a Plan Below is a list of things you need to bring to
the competition:
Having a partner or crew to push you and
coach you is vital for your success. I’ve been • Lifting equipment: belt, straps, wraps, chalk,
fortunate to have my best friend join me in this foam roller, or anything else you use when you lift.
strongman journey, and I probably wouldn’t have • Lots of food: I did a competition that lasted
had the same success without him. (And by the eight hours, so pack more food than you think you
way, your training partner also comes in handy for need. Pack food you’re used to and that is easy on
splitting expenses on training equipment or travel the stomach.
to a competition.) • Cooler: filled with ice, drinks, and your food.
• Chair: gotta be comfortable during downtime.
Aimlessly lifting works for beginners, but if • Good toilet paper or baby wipes: nature
you’re reading this, then you are most seems to always call at competitions and you don’t
likely not a beginner to some sort of want the single ply in that porta-potty.
strength training. There are a lot of programs • Weather gear: leave it to the ginger to remind
out there to help prepare you. To prepare for you to pack that SPF 50 if it is summer or warm
competitions I have used 5/3/1 and a modified clothes if winter
Cube method. Currently, I am using Triphasic • Pre-workout: Sip it all day
Training. • Atlas Stone materials: tack, baby oil, and a
change of clothes you don’t mind ruining with
Whatever you do, whether it’s creating your own tack. Bring a tight shirt and shorts when doing
program or following someone else’s, make sure it stones so the stone doesn’t pull your shirt with it.
is big on the lifts that matter, is specific to the Don’t bother taping your forearms - man up and
competition you are training for, and has a focus go bare skin.
on your personal weaknesses. • Change of clothes: for during the competition
if you sweat a lot, possibly for an Atlas stone
event, and definitely for celebrating after.
• Camera: So you can review your performance
and for memories.

Show up an hour and a half before the rules
meeting. This will give you time to set up camp,
warm up, and try out the implements. Aside
from that, the best advice I can give is to
have fun and learn from your own
performance and from other competitors.

Strongmen Are Friendly
Strongman competitors can look mean, but I
assure you they are some of the friendliest
humans on planet earth. So don’t be surprised
when your competition is cheering you on
and giving you tips. Don’t be afraid to ask
questions or to shoot the shit with some of the
more experienced competitors.
I hope this article has given you some insight on
beginning your strongman career.

How to lift heavy: 6 strongman
tips by Terry Hollands

“Want to be strong? build serious

Lifting weights is one thing. Lifting gigantic rocks, Here’s Hollands’s advice to enable you to fit
pulling vans and pushing cars takes a different training for super-strength into your busy
sort of strength entirely. But it isn’t just gigantic schedule.
men who can do it, and strongman-style training
can see you reap all sorts of benefits. Hit the big lifts

Terry Hollands is a man who knows about ‘The main lifts I focus on in the gym are the
strength. With two third-place finishes at the overhead press, deadlift and squat,’ says Hollands.
World’s Strongest Man competition under his ‘I’ll usually have a day for each.’ You should do the
ample belt after a nearly decade-long career, he’s same – doing one big lift each day enables you to
made an excellent case for claiming the title of the focus all your attention on it. You could substitute
greatest British strongman of all time. Even more the bench for the overhead press but the latter will
impressive is that although he practiced judo and give your core a tougher workout.
rugby in his youth, he’s only been training
seriously since 2004. How does he do it? By Add Events
training like a maniac.
‘For events, I focus on the things that come up
‘I do three gym sessions a week, and three “event frequently – farmer’s walk, some sort of sled push
practice” sessions,’ says Hollands, who is or pull and a loaded carry,’ says Hollands. You can
appearing at BodyPower Expo in Birmingham in manage most of these in a gym. For the farmer’s
May. Mercifully, you don’t need to hit the gym six walk or carries, simply pick up the heaviest
times a week to reap the benefits of this sort of dumbbells you can handle and walk with them for
training. five sets of 30m. For the sled push, a weight plate
on a towel can work well if you have the floor

Change your reps

Doing the same rep scheme every
week won’t get you the best results.
‘My program is 12 weeks long,’ says
Hollands. ‘I’ll start doing three sets
of 12 for my main move, then bring
the reps down and the weights up
until I’m doing three sets of two in
my final week.’ This builds both
strength and endurance.

Be Adaptable Double Up

At any level of training you’ll have off days, Once you’ve got the hang of the moves, try
whether it’s because of illness, stress or a combining them in a single workout. ‘I often do
hangover. ‘Don’t beat yourself up,’ says Hollands. light events training as part of a weights session,
‘Be ready to have a lighter day if you’re in bad so I might do Atlas stones on the same day as my
shape. One bad workout isn’t the end of the deadlifting because it all works my back and legs,’
world.’ says Hollands.

Try DIY Caution: don’t overdo it.

Your gym doesn’t have Atlas stones? No problem. Happy lifting and get your strong on!
‘An easy way to make your own training kit is to
get a duffel bag from an army surplus shop and fill
it with sand,’ says Hollands. ‘This can mimic a
loaded carry or even a stone.’

Asad Jan
Natural Bodybuilder
(Amateur) - Pakistan

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