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Good morning. Remember that motivation isn't something most of us just
wake up and have. To "be motivated" you need to wake up each day and
cultivate motivation. Develop daily habits that help you remain motivated,
and habits that focus you on your goals. Motivation is a disciple; it's not
something that is delivered from the magical helpful creatures of the sky.
Watch videos that motivate you. Read articles and books that motivate you.
Surround yourself with people that motivate you Everyday. No exceptions.

Steve Shaw


An association for bodybuilding and fitness –
one that puts the athletes first – has been formed

with the primary goal: the evolution of physical
culture. The PCA will continually move forward,

innovate and improve.

ABOUT THE PCA A committee-run PCA ensures an equal say and
important issues will be put to a vote; no
The PCA was formed in July 2015 with the ethos committee member will have more influence on
revolving around several crucial factors: any decision than other members.
1) Integrity & values: honesty, openness, ethics,
and fairness. The PCA has been shown to be a leader in the
2) Diversity: different ideas, strengths, and bodybuilding and fitness industry with a passion
interests are paramount with healthy debate for the sporting lifestyle, committed to
encouraged. continuously strengthening the brand, whilst
3) Dynamics & innovation: modernise fitness and improving the competitor and spectator
bodybuilding while adapting events to adhere to experience to exceed existing expectations. The
the constant flow of evolving technology and PCA is dedicated to rewarding the competitor and
continuously improving the quality, look and acknowledging their hard work and commitment
image of the Association. by giving them top class venues to showcase their
4) Passion: lies at the heart of the Association. efforts.

The PCA is open to all bodybuilding and fitness The PCA evolves as physical culture evolves.
competitors of varied experience and will be runs
numerous qualifying events each year with a
British Finals in June. 2017 sees the Association
expanding worldwide including a Pro Show at the
BodyPower Expo. Anyone will be eligible to
become a member as long as they adhere to some
basic and fair rules.

Ryan Alexander
Warren Dyson
James Collier
Simon Fan


One of my biggest dreams
has now become a reality.

By Kevin Swartz PCA South Africa

P CA SA is proud to announce South Africa's biggest development Body
Building & Fitness show in history, why is it the biggest, PCA SA is
here to grow the sport, we here to develop the sport and we here to
give every athlete the opportunity to step on stage and have that
amazing PCA experience. We are here to help companies find
prospective athletes as ambassadors for their brand as a developing

From your Ladies Beach Bikini to the Ladies Physique to Men's Cover Model to Men's Muscle Model
to our full blown Body Builders. PCA SA's aim is at growing the sport. At PCA SA we do not allow
bullying or manipulation of an amateur athlete. Athletes should experience all spectrums of the sport
without restrictions or "contracts".

PCA SA positively committed to growing the industry together. Our first official show for 2018 will
be held in Cape Town, South Africa. All athletes are welcome to attend. Free Tan and Free division
entry to every athlete in this amazing Novice show.

Time to shine!

We would like to challenge all supplement companies, fitness clothing companies and even gyms to
all get together in this amazing collaboration in growing the sport we love so much and let us see all
divisions taken by almost every conceivable product brand on the market. Be part of something

Let us make this sport great!

Contact: Kevin on 072 4477 520 or

PCA Championships
South Korea 2017

Bernadine Du Pisanie
IBFF Pro - South Africa


I have been living in Pretoria, South Africa since My coach, at the beginning of my journey helped
2005 and decided to embark on a new challenge me to prepare for my first 2 competitions and
at the end of 2015. then he became ill and could not assist me with
my preparation for the IBFF Universe
17th of October 2015, I attended a social media Competition, to be held in October 2016.
workshop presented by Andrew Carruthers from
the Fitness Magazine & Jenadine Havenga (WBFF After winning my category at the SA’s, Arnie
Competitor). Jenadine spoke about her Williams stepped in to prepare me for Italy and
experiences on stage, her highs and lows and the that’s when he started to coach me and our
reasons she chose to compete in the WBFF journey started.
competition. Andrew Carruthers helped with
guidance, when deciding to compete and When I decided to start competing last year, I said
explained some of the differences in the that my goals were:
federations and the necessary criteria. A week
later, after taking Jenadine’s advice, to go and 1. To win the SA’s, because I wanted to compete
watch a show, I was in the audience at the Body on an international stage.
Beautiful Competition, held at Carnival City in 2. To win on an International stage.
Johannesburg. I noticed the comradery between 3. To achieve my Pro status.
the athletes and liked what I was seeing. 4. Be on the front page of a Fitness Magazine.

The following day I set out to find a coach. By the
end of 2015, I had my first program and eating

My coach (Arnie Williams) new
how determined I was to win and
helped prepare me for the IBFF
Miss Universe competition, which
was held in Taranto, Italy in
October 2016. I had a very strict
diet and only 6 weeks to prepare
for the Universe competition but
believed in myself and gave it my
all. I won the Ms Fitness over 40
category and loved the taste of

In January 2017, my coach and I started planning
for the year ahead and made the decision to
compete at the IBFF Worlds, in June this year
with the hope of achieving my next goal. I set my
mind on winning the Ms Fitness over 40 category
and wanted my Pro Card.

Winning the overalls at the Worlds was never
expected and when I went onto that stage, I knew
I would have to give more than ever before. I
believe that because I never expected to win or
took it for granted that I would, I tried so much
harder to impress the judges. When the head
judge asked me to move to the centre of the stage I
knew I had a good chance but I still didn’t relax.
As the 9 judges watched us perform our quarter
turns one last time before we had a pose down, I
concentrated mostly on my breathing and
tightening every muscle I had to show. The
moment when my name was called as the overall
winner, I looked at my coach and smiled. The
thoughts that run through your mind and the
emotions at that moment are indescribable.

When Arnie congratulated me and a tear rolled
down his cheek, I knew that I had made him
proud. Seeing the emotion meant that he knew I
had given my everything and that he was as
excited for me, as I was about my achievements.

I have received my Pro Card from the IBFF, since MY FULL CONTEST HISTORY (YEAR,
winning the “Worlds” in Spain. PLACING, SHOW & AFFILIATION)

The future for me includes being a guest poser at I competed in my first Ladies Masters Fitness
the IBFF SA’s in September this year. I will be Bikini (over 35) in April 2016. My first
competing as a Pro in Koper, Slovenia in 2018. competition was the IFBB Gauteng North Novice
show held on the 9th of April 2016. The judges
I would also like to compete in the USA next year informed me that my shoulders and legs were too
and look forward to meeting some of the greatest developed for their fitness bikini line up and
athletes during my travels. suggested that I rather enter the Ladies Body
Fitness line up, in future. I did my research on the
I plan to be an ambassador for a couple of brands different line ups and decided that the Body
I believe in and will be furthering myself in the Fitness was not for me. I found the posing to be
fitness world, once I have completed my personal very masculine and I wanted to feel beautiful and
training certification with ACE (American Council feminine. posing. At that point I realized that if I
on Exercise). still wanted to compete, I would have to find a
federation, where I could represent beauty in
I intend making a positive impact in the fitness fitness.
industry and believe that my new-found passion
will help me to assist others that have dreams of I believe that you should find a place
living a long and healthy life. where you fit in and not change who you
are because of a federation.
I’m very fortunate to have a husband, Alex and 2
beautiful daughters, Sanché and Savannah, that My 2nd competition was an IBFF affiliated
are very proud and supportive of my achievements competition and I loved every moment of it!
and goals.


1) 9 APRIL 2016: No placing GAUTENG

2) 11 JUNE 2016: 2nd place MISS FITNESS

3) 4 SEPTEMBER 2016: 1st place FITNESS

4) 15 OCTOBER 2016 1st place MISS FITNESS

5) 17 JUNE 2017 1st place MISS FITNESS OVER


Facebook: Bernadine Du Pisanie
Instagram: bernadine_dupisanie_ibff_pro

The Legendary
Saxon Gym

“The Legendary Saxon Gym,
Wolverhampton, UK”

Is one of the UK’s most successful bodybuilding We have everything you need and more...
and fitness gyms. We opened in summer 2009,
since then the gym has won countless titles, with Equipment Facilities:
over 90 in the last 2 years alone.
• Free Weight Area
We specialise in contest preparation for • Multiple Smith Machines
experienced and non experienced competitors, • Cable Crossover
ranking as one of the industries leaders in • Range of Plate Loaded Hammer Strength
Bodybuilding and Fitness. Providing vast • Multiple Bench Presses
experience and a in depth knowledge base. • Squat Machine
• Dumbells up to 80kg
The gym has many 'Saxon Warrior' athletes • Chest Machines
currently representing the gym, not just locally • T-bar Row
but across the UK; all have played a massive part • Shoulder Press Machine
in helping build the Saxon Gym reputation and • Decline Bench
brand. • Leg Curls
• Barbells
Gym owner Ryan Alexander – PCA Committee • Deadlift Frame
Member and Bodybuilding Judge, has an excellent • Squat Machine
track record for helping competitors achieve • Tricep Machines
optimal results. This is why Saxon gym is known • Cardio Area
as “The Legendary” Saxon Gym isn’t just for the
“Hardcore” Fitness enthusiasts but for anyone
wanting to change their bodies and improve
fitness. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and
welcoming environment for you to work-out.

Saxon Gym has over 6 years
experience in prepping members
for competitive bodybuilding and
fitness shows.

Please waste no time and come down to
Saxon Gym.
We offer great coaching prices which all include
weekly posing lessons, nutritional and training
advice personally designed for you.
Unit 11a Brookfield Drive Cannock WS11 0JN
Monday 6am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 6am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
Contact number: 01543 520173

Leslie Franklin – Super League:

Final results are in from the SuperLeague comp in Vegas this past weekend and Leslie
Franklin placed 2nd only short of 1st by 2 points!! The girl who won is @steficohen who
competes in Olympic lifting on the National level and is a beast. The top 3 from this
weekend got selected to represent team USA ??against Brazil in September. Looks like
Leslie isn't done yet! Biomass Muscle want to say: GOOD LUCK LESLIE FRANKLIN!


There's something we can all relate to, yet - The successful diet coach who wants to write
something we overlook BIG TIME about a book but who just can’t seem to get it started or
being relentless. finished. You can’t just "make" yourself write a
book, you have to be PASSIONATE about the
You cannot be relentless with something process and enjoy it, not only will the book get
you are not passionate about 110%. It just done but it will also likely be very good.
won’t work.
- I'll use myself as an example here. I’m the
Here are some examples: guy who lost my passion for stepping on stage a
long time ago. It's impossible for me to diet down
- The person who is overweight who wants a to lean enough condition to get on stage because I
nice physique but quits every time after 3-4 am not PASSIONATE about competing
weeks. There is a reason those of us who train 6 anymore. Trust me I have tried, I got close in 2014
days a week and nail our nutrition day in and day but just wasn’t able to be relentless. Same thing
out can do it- it's our PASSION. with training, these days I just train to maintain,
there is no way I could train and be relentless to
- The person with a nice physique who put on more size because I am not PASSIONATE
wants to build a successful business as a trainer about that anymore.
but who never gets clients better than mediocre
results, they just can’t be relentless because I can use example after example here.
building a business isn’t their PASSION, and the Triple down on what you are passionate about and
gym is. That's why we have so many trainers who quit trying to be relentless at the stuff you are not.
suck at this, they are good at training and There's no way to force it, you have to love it you
nutrition for them and they don’t have the passion and you have to love the process to truly be able to
to build a real business. be relentless.

To contact John Gorman
please drop him an email at

John’s social media contacts

Instagram @team_gorman,
Periscope @teamgorman,
Snapchat @teamgorman

by Roy Fitzgerald

My story really isn’t that special in my eyes but to Why you ask, I'll give you 2 reasons. First reason,
those around me, they think so. I am 45 years old I really wanted to put on weight, I was only
and I have been working since I was 13 or 14 years weighing 165 in the off season, can't be Arnold
old. I had a dream to be the "next" Arnold being that light. Second reason is that for every
Schwarzenegger...didn't us all? Only one problem, contest I did, they always had to point out my
I have one leg amputated above the knee and disabilities and stuff like that. I am well aware of
cerebral palsy. Not exactly the makings of a my short comings, I don't need them pointed out
champion! But I am a person who never gives up or reminded. I'm not looking for your sympathy or
and I will always play to win. By the age of 19, I your sympathy votes; I was and still am trying to
entered my first local bodybuilding show and I be much more. Which brings us to today, I am still
took 2nd place, I was ecstatic but I wanted overall. killing it in the gym and must admit I look much
Fast forward a few years later. I entered an all better today than I did in my 20's. I would love to
natural bodybuilding show and won my class and give hope and inspiration to others.
the overall title. That was back in 1995 and was
my last show ever. Please allow me the platform to shine!

Instagram at roy_fitz14.

Thanks Roy Fitzgerald for tell us a bit about your
struggles, folks we will have many more stories to
tell in all our future editions, pleople like this is
what inspire us to keep going and count our

Old School Muscle

Old School Tribute! Thomas Steven Platz (born June 26, 1955 in Fort
Sill, Oklahoma) is an American retired professional bodybuilder. His
nicknames are "The Golden Eagle" and "The Quadfather".

Bodybuilders of
the Past

Manipulating Insulin
for Maximum Results

By Justin Williams

Carbs are the new generation’s easy target . Insulin then remains at a low, baseline level. This
to blame for stalled fat-loss, rapid weight cycle occurs every time you eat food, and thus
gain, and is portrayed as the enemy of the your body’s insulin levels are constantly rising and
body according to the media! falling throughout the day. Now, when explained
like that, insulin sounds like a blessing! We can’t
The reasoning goes as such: live without it. Why, then, are we told it makes us
fat and sick? Well, because one of its roles in the
Carbohydrates, while delicious, aid in fat storage body relates to fat storage and that makes it an
by spiking insulin levels, which provide our body easy target.
fat glucose to be stored! While at the same time,
carbohydrates are needed to feed and recover Specifically, insulin inhibits the breakdown of fat
muscles after strenuous activity! cells and stimulates the creation of body fat. That
is, it tells the body to…
Thus, an issue arises:
1. Stop burning fat and burn the energy readily
We need carbs if we want to build muscle and available from the food you ate instead.
strength as quickly as possible…but we have to
pay the price with not so lovely love handles. Or at 2. Store a portion of the energy that’s available as
least so they say… bodyfat.

“Insulin doesn’t make you fat. Carbs don’t make
you fat. Overeating does.”

One of the easiest ways to invent a fad diet is to And yes, that sounds bad, which is why it’s an easy
isolate some aspect of eating and hang everything target and scapegoat.
else on it. For the low-carb crowd, insulin is the The “logic” goes like this:
scariest word in the dictionary; it’s an evil
hormone designed to make us fat! And the High-carb diet = high insulin levels = burn less fat
carbohydrate, we’re told, is insulin’s partner in and store more = get fatter and fatter Low-carb
crime. We eat delicious carbs, and BAM! A wave diet = low insulin levels = burn more fat and store
of insulin floods our bloodstream! less = stay lean body fat.

Well, like much of the nonsense pass off on us by This sounds reasonable but is deeply flawed,
magazines, trainers, and “gurus,” the “insulin mainly because it violates the principles of energy
makes us fat” story is nothing but an urban legend balance. Energy balance is the relationship
used to scare us. Simply put; between how much energy you eat and how much
you burn. This relationship determines weight
Insulin doesn’t make you fat. Carbs don’t make change over time and takes precedence over
you fat. Overeating does. anything related to insulin or any other hormones.
Simply put, you can’t gain a significant amount of
Science Talk: fat without providing your body with a surplus of
energy to store as fat. The takeaway is simple: if
Insulin is a hormone that shuttles nutrients from there’s an adequate calorie deficit, carbohydrate
your blood to your cells. When you eat food, it gets intake and insulin levels have little bearing on fat
broken down into various substances like amino loss.
acids, glucose, and fatty acids. These all make
their way into your bloodstream, and are joined by As we just learned, insulin is produced and
insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. As the secreted by the pancreas, which is a small gland
nutrients make their way into cells, your body located behind the stomach.
gradually reduces insulin levels until everything is

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that Your skeletal muscles store about 400 grams or
allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from glycogen, the liver stores 90 to 110 grams of
carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy glycogen and your blood circulates roughly 25
or to store it as glycogen for future use. A simple grams as glucose. This means your body is capable
way to think about insulin is to think of it as a key; of storing about 2,000 calories of carbohydrates.
it unlocks the body’s cells so that glucose (blood
sugar) can get inside and be used for energy. Insulin isn’t selective though, with each meal we
are always going to store some body fat for energy,
the trick is remaining insulin sensitive so you
store maybe only 5-8% of the intake as fat energy
and 95% as glycogen for muscle tissue and
immediate energy use, but if you eat too many
carbs beyond the thresholds stated above or have
poor insulin sensitivity this ratio can change fast.

So what does it mean to be insulin

We’ve covered insulin resistance and have an
understanding of it and why it’s not desired. We
now know that with every meal you are storing
some body-fat, that’s how our body is built to
survive. So we can think of an insulin sensitive
person as having improved nutrient partitioning.
A normal healthy person is going to use around
85% of their carbs for brain function, stored in the
muscle, liver and some circulating in the
bloodstream with about 15% being converted to
triglycerides and stored as body fat for energy. But
as physique athletes, what if we can alter these
percentages and improve the nutrient
partitioning? We know we can through training
because it improves GLUT 4 translocation which
increases skeletal muscle’s ability to store
carbohydrates, but what else can be done to skew
those numbers?

“Carbs, Protein and Fats are all important to
transform your body”

When you eat carbohydrates, they are broken Wouldn’t 95%/5% be awesome or even 98%/2%?!
down into small sugar molecules in your stomach.
They then travel through your digestive system Optimizing Nutrient Partitioning:
and get converted to immediately usable glucose
for your muscles and brain via ATP synthesis. Any Carbohydrate timing can be a great tool for both
amount not used gets then converted into dieting down or growing as it can increase and
glycogen by the liver for storage. Beta cells in the preserve insulin sensitivity. Let’s look at specific
pancreas signal to release insulin, which then times in the day and cover what type of foods are
binds to the body’s cells and allows them to best!
absorb the glucose which has been converted to
glycogen by the liver. If you have more glycogen BREAKFAST: After a 12 hour fast, insulin
then you need, insulin helps store the glycogen in sensitivity is improved thus a great time to work
your liver for later use. If you have too much carbohydrates into your daily program.
glycogen in the liver, then the glycogen will be
converted to triglycerides and stored in fat cells,
which we don’t want.

INTRA WORKOUT: Another study that tested Meal 5: low/moderate glycemic carbs.
two groups; one that ingested carbs during their
workout and the other group that did not, showed Meal 6: low glycemic carbs.
that the carbohydrate-ingested group lost the
same amount of body-fat as the non-carbohydrate Supplements that help improve insulin
group, but also had positive muscular training sensitivity: Glucose Disposal Agents
adaptations. (GDA’s)

POST WORKOUT: In a recent scientific study, What are they? GDA’s or glucose disposal agents
it was shown that when cyclists were provided 25 are supplements ingested orally that help make
grams of carbohydrates post-exercise to one group the body more sensitive to its OWN insulin. Below
immediately afterwards and 2 hours later to are lists of 3 key ingredients in GDA’s that allow
another group, the group who was given the for optimized nutrient partitioning.
carbohydrates immediately stored them at a 45%
faster rate compared to that group given them 2 Berberine: Considered the king of over the
hours later. This suggests that delaying carb counter GDA’s. Berberine is, based on recent
intake post exercise will result in less muscle studies, to be as effective as the diabetic drug
glycogen storage. metformin. Both activate AMP-activated protein
kinase (AMPK) (A major regulator in cellular
energy metabolism) and increase GLUT 4
translocation to the cells.

“Hi, Coach if it carbs will I get fat?”

CARBS AT NIGHT: Further more scientists A recommended dosage would be 500mg with
found that those eating a lower glycemic carb meals per day, but up to 2000mg daily.
carbohydrate meal that is high in fiber as their last
meal of the evening had a better glucose tolerance NA R ALA: This is another GDA that activates
to their breakfast meal. AMPK, increasing cellular metabolism (without
exercising) and it also reduces triglyceride storage
Sample day for carbohydrates to maximize in the muscle cell, which leads to insulin
nutrient partitioning: resistance. A recommended dosage would
be100-200mg per carbohydrate containing meal.
Meal 1: low-glycemic carbohydrates or can skip
carbohydrates and have them on meal 2 to extend Vanadyl Sulfate: One study has shown that
the carb fasted state. when a daily dose of 100mg was administered to
humans with non-insulin dependent diabetics,
Meal 2: low-glycemic carbs here. after 3 weeks there was significant improvement
in hepatic and peripheral insulin sensitivity. A
Pre workout: low-glycemic carbs here if eating recommended dosage would be 10-20mg per
1-3 hours away from workout. carbohydrate containing meals, but no higher
than 40-80mg per day as it’s a metal.
Intra carbs: Can add as science shows it doesn’t
blunt fat loss compared to training fasted. With all GDA’s, I recommend using them with any
carbohydrate based meal that you ingest and to
Post workout: Highly recommended to have consume them 15-20 minutes prior to eating if
carbohydrates in this meal as we know GLUT 4 possible.
translocation is increased post-training, so serves
as a great time to ingest your carbs. High glycemic
carbs are preferred to help give a strong insulin

Note: The body is excellent at nutrition
partitioning after exercise as we mentioned with
increased GLUT 4 activity, but depending on the
quantity of ingested carbohydrates, taking a GDA
shortly after could provide benefit? Why? This will
allow your insulin to spike high (which is what we
want after a workout), and then by taking a GDAs
AFTER eating, you could more efficiently store
any remaining blood sugars after the spike

Note: For super hard gainers who consistently eat
extreme amounts of carbohydrates, GDAs AFTER
every meal could be very useful to protect insulin
sensitivity. This preserves the muscle cells
sensitivity for long bouts of time, but also gives
them in theory higher insulin spikes since they
aren’t taking them pre meal.

So there we have it; is insulin really an enemy to
our goals? Or is it simply a tool that we need to
learn how to use to optimally provide value to our
goals? If you ask me, I will continue to capitalize
on insulin to my benefit, but am smart with my
nutrient timing and utilize supplements like
GDA’s to help me partition nutrients efficiently
when needed.

The Definitive Guide to Whey
Protein By Michael Matthews

Protein powder is the #1 bestselling type It was later discovered that it contains an
of supplement, and whey protein leads the impressive array of complete proteins necessary
pack. Why? Is it worth it? for protein synthesis and hypertrophy, and thus,
the whey protein supplement was born.
Whey protein is a staple in most athletes’ diets for
a good reason: it’s digested quickly, absorbed But why is whey so big in the health and fitness
efficiently, and easy on the taste buds. world? Does it warrant all the attention and use?

Prices are all over the place, however, ranging Well, whey is especially popular with athletes and
from less than $10 per pound, to over $20 per bodybuilders because of its amino profile, which
pound, and marketing claims used to justify is high in leucine. Leucine is an essential amino
various price points range from sensible to acid that plays a key role in initiating
ludicrous. protein synthesis. Whey is particularly effective
when eaten after training, due to its rapid
So what gives? Well, let’s lift the veil of mystery on digestion and abundance of leucine.
whey so you can make an informed choice, and get
the right product for the right price. Simply put, the faster protein is digested and the
more leucine it has, the more muscle growth
What is Whey Protein, Anyway, and What it stimulates. This is why research has proven
is the Big Deal? that whey is a highly effective form of post-
workout protein.
Whey is a byproduct of cheese production. It’s a
relatively clear liquid left over after milk has been So yes, there’s a good reason why most protein
curdled and strained and it used to be disposed of supplements sold are whey. But not all whey
as waste. powders are equal.

Whey Concentrates, Isolates,
Hydrolysates, Oh My!

The three forms of whey protein
sold are whey concentrate, isolate,
and hydrolysate. Whey concentrate
is the least processed form and
cheapest to manufacture, and it
contains some fat and lactose.
Whey concentrates range from
35 – 80% protein by weight,
depending on quality.

Whey isolate is a form of whey
protein processed to remove the fat
and lactose. Isolates are 90%+
protein by weight, and as they’re
more expensive to manufacture
than whey concentrate, they’re
more expensive for consumers too.

Whey hydrolysate is a predigested form of whey High prices aren’t always indicative of high-
protein that’s very easily absorbed by the body quality, either. Disreputable supplement
and free of allergenic substances found in milk companies pull other tricks, such as starting with
pindicates that the hydrolysis process improves a low-quality concentrate, adding small amounts
solubility and digestibility. Whey hydrolysate is of isolate and hydrolysate to create a “blend,” and
the most expensive of the three options.roducts. then calling attention to the isolate and
Research also indicates that the hydrolysis process hydrolysate in their marketing and packaging.
improves solubility and digestibility. Whey
hydrolysate is the most expensive of the three To protect yourself as a consumer, always check
options. ingredient lists and serving sizes and amounts of
protein per serving before buying protein powder.
So which should you buy?
Specifically, you’re going to want to look at the
Well, when choosing a whey, you have a few order in which the ingredients are listed
things to consider: (ingredients are listed in descending order
according to predominance by weight), and the
While isolates and hydrolysates are pushed as amount of protein per scoop relative to the scoop
superior to concentrates due to purity and higher size.
protein concentrations per scoop, there’s
insufficient evidence to support claims that they For instance…
are superior to concentrates when used as a part
of a mixed diet. • If a product has maltodextrin (a filler), or any
other ingredient, listed before the protein powder,

“what Protein is the Question!!......”

That said, choosing the cheapest whey you can don’t buy it. That means there’s more
find, which will always be a concentrate, isn’t maltodextrin, creatine, or other fillers in it than
always a good idea, either. A quality whey protein powder.
concentrate is somewhere around 80% protein by
weight, but inferior concentrates can have as little • If a scoop is 40 grams but there is only 22 grams
as 30% protein by weight. of protein per serving, don’t buy it unless you
know that the other 18 grams are made up of stuff
If a low-quality whey concentrate is only 30% you want. Weight gainers have quite a few carbs
protein by weight, what else is in there? Well, per scoop, for instance.
unfortunately we can only wonder, as adulteration
(the addition of fillers like maltodextrin and flour) A high-quality whey protein is easy to spot:
is startlingly rampant in this industry.
• Whey concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate listed
Another significant benefit of a pure whey isolate as the first ingredients.
is the removal of the lactose, which means better
digestibility and less upset stomachs. (I hear this • A scoop size relatively close to the amount of
quite often from customers of mine that like my actual protein per scoop (it’ll never match because
100% whey protein isolate product.) there is at least sweetener and flavoring along
with the protein powder in every serving).
The general rule with whey protein is you’ll get
what you pay for–if the product costs a lot less Whey Protein Processing and Denaturing
than the going rate for whey, it’s probably because
it’s made with inferior ingredients. (And I can A very common method of processing whey
tell you firsthand that producing a high- protein is using a machine called an “ion
quality whey protein isn’t cheap!) exchange.” Whey concentrate is run through this
device to create an “ion exchange whey isolate,”
and this is often marketed like it’s something good
or special.

While this sounds fancy, it actually has significant The more muscular you are, the more protein
drawbacks. your body needs to maintain its lean mass, and
the larger the “reservoir” it has for storing surplus
Whey protein is a complex molecule made up of amino acids.
many smaller molecules called sub- fractions,
such as beta-lactoglobulin, immuno-globulins, • How physically active you are.
lactoferrin, lactoperoxidases, lysozyme, and
others. Each of these sub- fractions has its own The more you exercise, the more protein your
unique properties and functions in the body. The body needs.
ion exchange process selectively depletes many of
these sub fractions, thereby reducing the overall • Your age.
health value of the protein. This is known as
“denaturing” the protein. As our bodies age, they need more protein to
maintain lean mass. For example, research has
Superior (more expensive) processing methods shown that, in the elderly, 35 – 40 grams of post-
utilize technologies known as “cold-filtration” and workout protein stimulates more protein
“micro-filtration” to produce the protein powder synthesis than 20 grams.
while still maintaining the original undenatured
state of the protein. • Your hormonal profile.

How to Use Whey Protein Anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth
hormone, and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)
The ideal ratio between whole food and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

“What protein, what protein so many choices”

supplement protein is still an area of scientific If your body has high levels of these anabolic
ambiguity, but anecdotal evidence has led to the hormones, it will be able to make good use of
general advice of getting at least 50% of your daily higher amounts of protein than someone with
protein from whole food sources. lower levels.

Remember, protein supplements are meant to be On the other hand, elevated levels of cortisol
just that–supplements–and not primary sources reduces protein synthesis and accelerates the
of daily protein. Now, as you know, whey protein process whereby the body breaks down amino
is a particularly good source of post-workout acids into glucose (gluconeogenesis), thereby
protein. reducing the amount available for tissue
generation and repair. Some people have
How much should we have after a workout, chronically elevated cortisol levels, and this
though? impairs protein metabolism.

Well, according to one study, 20 grams of whey So, while 20 grams of protein might be enough to
protein eaten as a post-workout meal stimulates stimulate maximum protein synthesis under
maximum muscle protein synthesis. That is, certain conditions, this won’t hold true for
eating more than 20 grams of whey protein after a everyone.
workout will not increase muscle growth. While
that sounds neat and simple, it doesn’t apply to Whey protein can also be used as an effective pre-
everyone equally. workout supplement, as research has shown
protein ingested 30 minutes prior to training can
Protein metabolism and needs are affected reduce muscle damage and soreness.
by several things:
The Best Whey Protein Powder
• How much muscle you have.
I’ve always used 100% pure whey protein isolate
products because concentrates can bother my

stomach (research has shown that approximately Fortunately, I’ve been able to leverage my success
70% of the world’s population can’t properly as an author to launch my own line of naturally
digest lactose, and I guess I’m one of them). sweetened, filler-free workout supplements, and it
includes a 100% whey protein isolate product.
If dairy bothers your stomach at all or gives you
any symptoms of indigestion, I recommend you It’s called WHEY+, and it’s essentially the whey
stick with 100% whey protein isolate products too. protein powder I’ve always wanted.
I’m also picky when it comes to artificial
sweeteners and food dyes, MSG, and other • It’s 100% whey isolate, which means every
chemicals commonly found in whey protein serving is almost pure protein, with little to no
powders. carbohydrates and fat.
• It’s made from exceptionally high-quality milk
I like my workout supplements naturally from small dairy farms in Ireland.
sweetened and as free of artificial additives as • It’s created using cold microfiltration and ultra
possible, and recommend the same for my filtration technologies to produce 100% intact,
readers. undenatured protein.
• It tastes delicious and mixes great.
These requirements have really limited me in the • It’s naturally sweetened and flavored.
past, and the whey protein powders I used were • It contains no artificial food dyes or other junk
particularly expensive (upwards of $25 – 30 per additives or fillers.
The bottom line is if you want a clean, all-natural,
delicious tasting whey protein isolate that’s
naturally sweetened and flavored and free of
chemicals, GMOs, and hormones, then you want

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