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EUROSPAR One Pan Roast Dinner



One Pan Roast Dinner

Cream of the O£1N.3LY9
Crop Supreme
Garden Peas  2£A3FN.O5YR0
907g  £2.09 
Save 1/3

The Kitchen Green Vegetable Medley / Sweet Potato
Chilli Fries/ Potato & Cheese Bake / Carrot Pea

and Sweetcorn Medley  290/300/400g  £1.99 each

£3ONLY Only £3 wcoituhptohnis

with coupon SPAR enjoy local Whole Chicken  1.3Kg  £4

To the Customer: Terms & Conditions - Cut out this coupon to redeem in-store. Offer is only available with coupon in EUROSPAR stores only.
Only available in EUROSPAR stores in Northern Ireland. Only 1 coupon per customer per transaction. No photocopies will be accepted.
Offer available from 25/09/2017 – 15/10/2017. To the Retailer: Collect coupons at the till point. All coupons are to be returned to:
Fresh Trading Admin Dept, Henderson Wholesale Ltd, 9 Hightown Avenue, Mallusk, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, BT36 4RT by 22/10/2017.

Offers available 25.09.2017 – 15.10.2017 while stocks last

1 £3 New deal every week

EACH Offers available 9/10/2017–15/10/2017

Pa12ck Coca-Cola/Diet/Zero, 330ml x 12
7.6p per 100ml
Less Than 1/2 Price Max 6 per transaction.
£6.15 Varieties as stocked.
Subject to availability,
while stocks last.

All offers subject to availability from 25.09.2017 – 15.10.2017.

All prices and offer messages are correct at the time of going to print but may be subject to change. Offers are subject to availability at participating stores only.
Photography used shows serving suggestions. Customer quotas may apply, see in-store for details. Ranges are as stocked in stores. Please recycle this leaflet.


O£1N.4LY9 O£1N.8LY9 £1 £32AFNOYR


Clover Spread Dromona Mature Innocent Strawberry & Banana / Tropicana Original Orange /
500g  1/2 Price  £2.99 350g  1/2 Price  £3.89 Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie Smooth Orange / Orange & Mango /

£1 250ml  1/2 Price  £2 Tropical 850ml £2 each

EACH O£1N.0LY9 £1


Dale Farm Goodness Peach + £1 Denny Pork Sausages 8’s Munch Bunch Double Up Vanilla
Apricot / Strawberry / Raspberry + 454g  1/2 Price  £2.19 Strawberry / Strawberry Raspberry
Blueberry  4 Pack  1/2 Price  £2 EACH
O£1N.3LY4 4 Pack  Save Over 1/3  £1.79

Cookstown Smoked / Unsmoked Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Shaws Crumbed Ham 4 Pack Rustlers Cheeseburger
Thick Cut Back Bacon Turkey Ham / American Chicken 130g  1/2 Price  £2.69 162g  Everyday Value
250g  1/2 Price  £2.89
100/140g  Everyday Value £2 £1


McColgan’s Giant Sausage Rolls McColgan’s Mince & Onion / Steak Moy Park Cheese & Bacon / Fresh Food Kitchen Coleslaw /
300g  1/2 Price  £2.59 & Gravy / Chicken & Ham Pie Piri Piri Chicken Sensations Potato Salad  400g 
500g  1/2 Price  £4 330g  Special Offer  £2.49
2 Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.29



Fox’s Triple Twix Kellogg’s Cornflakes Quaker Oat So Simple
9 Pack  Less Than 1/2 Price  £1.69 9 Pack  Save Over 1/3  £1.80 790g  Special Offer  £2.49 9/10/12 Pack  1/2 Price  £2.45

£2 New deal every week 1 £3 E£A1.C10H

EACH EACH Robinsons Double Concentrate
1 Litre  Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.25
Robinsons Fruit Shoot 200ml Pa12ck
8 Pack  Save Over 1/3  £3.49 Less Than 1/2 Price £2ONLY


Offers available 9/10/17–15/10/17. Coca-Cola/Diet/Zero, 330ml x12
Max 6 per transaction. Varieties as stocked. 7.6p per 100ml
Subject to availability, while stocks last.

O£2N.L4Y5 £4ONLY O£N1.3LY5

Tetley Teabags  160 Pack  Nescafé Original Crisp ‘N Dry McCoy’s 14 For 12 Pack
Less Than 1/2 Price  £5.19 200g  Special Offer  £5.69 1 Litre  Special Offer  £2 14 Pack  1/2 Price  £4

O£1N.3LY0 99p £1 £12AFNOYR


Branston Baked Beans 410g Princes Tuna Chunks Ragu 454/500g  Batchelors Pasta ‘N’ Sauce
4 Pack  Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.65 160g  Special Offer  £1.50 Save Over 1/3  £1.85/£1.99 108/110g  99p each


Tuck into something
tasty this Autumn!

Versatile Serves: 4
Vegetable Prep Time: 10 mins
Soup Cooking Time: 20 mins

Ingredients Method

• 200g prepared Chopped 1 Fry the chopped raw vegetables
Soup Vegetables with the potatoes, peeled and
cubed, in a little oil for a few mins
• 300g potato until beginning to soften.
• 1 tbsp oil
• 700ml stock 2 Cover with the stock and simmer
• Crème fraiche and for 10-15 mins until the veg is tender.
Blend until smooth, then season.
fresh herbs to serve
3 Serve with a dollop of crème fraiche
and some fresh herbs. This soup
will freeze for up to 1 month.

Pear and Serves: 12
Toffee Prep Time: 10 mins
Muffins Cooking Time: 30 mins

Ingredients Method 4 Divide the mixture between the cases,
then sprinkle with the remaining toffee
• 300g self-raising flour 1 Heat oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/ and the flaked almonds.
• 1 tsp baking powder gas 6. Line a 12-hole deep muffin
• 2 tsp ground cinnamon tin with paper cases. 5 Bake for 25-30 mins until the muffins are
• 85g golden caster sugar risen, golden and feel firm when pressed
• 250ml milk 2 Tip the flour, baking powder, cinnamon (the molten toffee will be extremely hot
• 2 eggs (beaten) and a pinch of salt into a large bowl, then so be careful not to touch it).
• 100g butter (melted) stir in the sugar.
• 2 ripe pears (peeled and 6 Remove from the tin to a wire rack to cool.
3 Mix together the milk, eggs and melted
cut into small pieces) butter and pour into the dry mix all at once,
• 100g soft toffee along with the pears and a third of the
toffee pieces. Stir briefly until just beginning
(chopped into small pieces) to combine – the batter should still be
• 25g flaked almond quite lumpy and have streaks of flour.

Cooking times may vary. The ingredients listed in the recipe ideas are subject to availability in selected stores. Photography used shows serving suggestions.

4 Cupboard essentials such as stock, seasoning etc. may be required to complete recipes in addition to ingredients listed.



Cadbury Triple Chocolate Roll Howell’s Plain Fairy Cakes Hovis White / Wholemeal / Sunblest Veda
Single  Special Offer  £2.49 9 Pack  Save Over 1/3  £1.70 Granary Live Good 400g  Save Over 1/3  £1.09

O7N9LpY £1ONLY 525g  Special Offer  £1.19 O7N9LpY



Ormo Muffins Irwin’s Better For You Wholemeal SPAR enjoy local New Season prepared Chopped Soup Vegetables
4 Pack  Special Offer  £1 600g  Special Offer  £1.29 Potatoes 2kg Save 1/3  £1.49 350g  Save 1/3  £1.19


fresh Conference Pears fresh Savoy Cabbage Mash Direct Carrot & Parsnip / Carrot, Simply Fruit Pineapple Chunks /
750g  Special Offer  £1.29 each  Save 1/3  99p Parsnip & Turnip / Champ / Colcannon Mango Chunks / Melon & Grape /
/ Mashed Turnip / Green Cabbage /
Watermelon Fan
Potato Rosti / Potato Cakes 145-300g  £1.79 each
250-400g  £1.39-£1.69 each


Offers available fresh Vine Ripened Tomatoes fresh Cripps Pink Apples fresh Mixed Peppers
25th September-1st October 450g  Save Over 1/3  £1.89 4 pack  Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.20 3 Pack  Save Over 1/3  £1.89

Check out more produce 5

deals in store each week!



£E1A.C29H £E2A.C0H5 E£A1.C75H £1


Dove Shampoo / Brylcreem Styling Gel Sure Antiperspirant Right Guard Xtreme Shower Gel
Conditioner 250/200ml  150ml  Less Than 1/2 Price  £4.15 250ml  1/2 Price  £3.50 250ml  Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.19
Less Than 1/2 Price  £3.15

£2 £4ONLY

Regina Thirst Pockets Comfort Concentrate 85 Wash £1 Regina Impressions
2 Roll  Save 1/3  £3 3 Litre  Save 1/3  £6 9 Roll  Save Over 1/3  £3.99
£3 £1 O£1N.4LY5


Persil Gems 12 Wash Cif Floor Cleaner  1 Litre  Cif Wipes  30’s  ParoZone Original  2 Litre 
384g  1/2 Price  £6 Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.30 Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.25 Less Than 1/2 Price  £2.95



£2 £E1A.C50H £1ONLY


Goodfella’s Takeaway Meat Feast / Fajita Chicken / Pepperoni  Birds Eye Steamfresh Rice Green Isle Skinny Cut Chips
553/596/607g  Less Than 1/2 Price  £4.19 380g  Special Offer  £2 800g  Save Over 1/3  £1.69

E£A1.C19H O£1N.9LY9 O£1N.5LY0 £E1A.9C9H

Birds Eye Chicken Chargrills Big Al’s Chicken Dippers Donegal Catch Gluten Free Fish Mullins Ice-Cream
2’s  1/2 Price  £2.39 378g  1/2 Price  £3.99 Fingers 10’s 1/2 Price  £3 900ml  1/2 Price  £3.99

BABY 99p PET £3

50p EACH £3 EACH


Cow & Gate Jars Farley’s Rusks Butchers Dog Food 400g Felix Cat Food 100g
125g  Special Offer 65p 150g  Save 1/3  £1.49 6 Pack  Special Offer  £4/3.62 12 Pack  Special Offer  £4.55

Great Taste Awards Winners...

O£NL5Y 50p £ON1.L1Y0


SPAR enjoy local SPAR Natural / Strawberry / Toffee / SPAR enjoy local 7
Peppered Rump Steak  Blueberry Yoghurt Creamy Mashed Potatoes 

290g  Everyday Value 150g  Everyday Value 400g  Save 1/3  £1.65

stock up O£2N.L5Y9
early for

McVitie’s Family Circle 
670g  Special Offer  £3

Offers available 25.09.2017 – 15.10.2017 while stocks last


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