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Chicago's #1 Life+Style Publication
In Print & Online, since year 2000.
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Efficient Use of Downtime
High Quality Downtime

Your downtime is very important to pleaser. Self-love is essential and needed
accomplishing your goals because it gives to stay on your path which allows you the
you the opportunity for self-care and for energy to serve others. • Create downtime
reflection. The secret to getting more doing what you enjoy. • Exercise your body,
downtime is to create more downtime! In do something to improve yourself or a
other words, schedule your downtime in skill, start a new project. • Delegate and
and make it a habit. empower others or pay people to do the
jobs you don’t want to do.
Plan your Downtime
Downtime for Your Brain
Be proactive when it comes to planning
your downtime. Tired and overworked Use downtime for self-examination and to
people don’t perform well. Yes, planning clear out the mental clutter to bring back
takes a little time, but with a plan in place a sense of calm and peace. We all have our
it allows the rest and recuperation needed moments of constant mind chatter that
to perform at your peak. • Create a running brings on stress and anxiety, but you are
list of ideas, events, ways to volunteer, trips, not the thoughts in your head. You are the
books and places that inspire you to use witness, the one who sees that you are not
when you have downtime to plan. • Set your thoughts.
specific times for tasks, rest, family, friends, Let go of these thoughts and the
appointments and keep to the schedule. physiological symptoms they bring on and
Make Family Time a Positive Priority get into the powerful present moment. Life
The stronger you build your relationships is now. Relax the mind
within your family, the more you’ll be able Trusted news sources, self-improvement
to look to them for support. It’s not about books and high-quality blogs are great
spending huge amounts of time with them, reading material to engage your mind.
it’s making the delegated time really count Don’t reach for your phone or a device
with intentional positive involvement whenever you’re bored, schedule breaks
and true emotional connection. • Find a from electronics to help you relax or focus
common interest you share and create on things you crave to do when your busy.
ongoing activities you can build on. • If You need this precious mental downtime.
you’ve been meaning to reach out to a The key to starting any new habit is to get
family member, plan a fun date night, started, start small, just get into the routine
activity or a family trip, this is the time to do of doing it. Time is precious and how you
so. use that time is so importance. Don’t waste
Surround Yourself with People you Enjoy your life following other people and doing
Build your social scene with friends you unnecessary things. Have clarity and grasp
actually want to be with. Friendships the overall direction of your life. You must
help you celebrate life, support you know where you’re going and why. Make
through difficult times, introduce you to the downtime space in your calendar. It will
new hobbies, and open you up to new renew you, your strength and your mindset.
opportunities. • Let go of toxic friends that As you go along you can mold and prefect
drain you. • Make use of your downtime the plan. You will find yourself spending
with friends that want to see you succeed. more time enjoying your life rather than
The ones that see the greatness within you waiting to figure out what you should be
even when you don’t, energize you and doing.
encourage you to keep moving forward. Om Shanti. Om Peace.
Parvati Terra Reedy
You Time Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Know the difference of healthy vs
unhealthy people pleasing behaviors. Don’t
sacrifice your downtime to be a people


HELPFUL WAYS TO Get Rid of Belly Fat

There are a lot of suggested methods Drink Tea with an Herbal Laxative
surrounding belly fat and how to get rid of A quick and easy way to get a flatter stomach
it. De-bloating often congers up thoughts of is to have a tea with a herbal laxative. It can
strict diets and grueling fitness regimens. For help clear out the system for a flatter belly. It’s
most, these routines are incredibly difficult important to note, though, that herbal laxatives
to stick with having a nine-to-five schedule, aren’t recommended for weight loss but may
and fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be about only be used occasionally to stimulate the
punishing yourself. Here are a few tips to digestive system.
consider. Lower Your Sodium and Dairy Intake
Avoid Drinking Liquid with Meals All experts agree that cutting back on certain
This strategy may seem odd, but it’s said to foods is essential to beating belly fat, including
greatly improve the state of your stomach. salty foods which cause the body to hold on
The idea behind this is by drinking water with to water. This is not easy for most, but simply
meals, you are diluting your digestive juices being conscious that high-sodium foods
and slowing down digestion that is cutting cause bloating can help persuade you to make
into your energy. Though it’s important to keep healthier decisions. Try swapping out salt for
hydrated throughout the day, ease off during seasoned herbs to enhance flavor. The second
mealtime to keep digestion clear. food to be wary of is dairy. You can simply
Eat Protein When You Wake Up replace dairy items with almond milk, almond
Just as you should end your day with protein cheese, coconut yogurt, and the whole range of
to help your body repair itself overnight, kick- dairy-free items that are readily available.
starting your day in the same manner. A high- Eat Protein Just Before Bed
protein breakfast can turn your metabolism When one imagines strategies for eliminating
up even more and give you a nice energy belly fat, eating isn’t at the top of the list.
boost. Protein has long been proven to be However, so much of how you can reset your
thermogenic, meaning it makes you burn fat. stomach starts with what you put in it. Try
Turning on your fat-burning engine first thing getting a healthy dose of protein right before
in the morning should keep your metabolism you go to sleep for the night. Filling up on a
going for the rest of the day. meal of protein and leafy greens will ensure
Add Fiber and Healthy Fat to Your High- your body doesn’t hold on to water when you
Protein Breakfast wake up the next morning.
In addition to protein, you may want to Protein before bed has shown clinically to boost
incorporate fiber and healthy fats into your your metabolism the next morning. Plus, it
breakfast. This will improve your digestion helps your body repair itself more effectively
and make you feel fuller and lighter on your while you sleep, so you wake up feeling fresher.
feet for the rest of the day. After a few days Try a half of grilled chicken breast or a scoop of
of doing this, you should find yourself eating protein powder.
less for lunch and dinner than you normally Get More Sleep
would. When crafting a healthy energy- Last but not least is the belly fat reducing habit
boosting breakfast, one ingredient to definitely that’s one of the easiest. Getting more sleep.
steer clear of is sugar, because it will spike One overlooked and easily fixable reason you’re
your cravings and ruin the benefits of your not losing belly fat is simply that you are not
breakfast. getting enough sleep. Research has found that
Incorporate Probiotics into Your Diet sleep deprivation messes with your metabolism,
Simply upping your intake of probiotic-rich thus making it difficult to burn fat cells. Get
foods can help to reduce the bloat around some quality shut-eye to allow your body to get
your midsection, which is often confused with to work on itself while you catch some Zzzzzzzs.
belly fat. While you can get a healthy serving According to the National Sleep Foundation,
via yogurt, kombucha, and other fermented adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per
foods, you can also easily get a daily dose night.
taking a probiotic supplement. In addition Medical Disclaimer
to resetting your stomach and leading to Consult your physician for personal medical
long-term weight loss, especially around the advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or
midsection, probiotics are one of the keys other qualified health provider with any questions
to ultimate nutrient absorption, energy, and you may have regarding a medical condition.
having awesome, youthful skin.

boiMAG 15

We recommend calling the restaurants below Bombay Wraps – 3149 N. Broadway
first before using 3rd party delivery services. • (773) 799-8989
11 Degree North – 824 W. Belmont Brazilian Bowl – 3204 N. Broadway
• (773) 904-7284 • (773) 857-2002
• Monday – Thursday: 8am-4pm Buena Vista – 3147 N. Broadway
• Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8am-6pm • (773) 871-5782
5411 Empanadas – 2850 N. Clark Byron’s Hot Dogs – 1017 W. Irving Park
• (773) 755-5411 • (773) 281-7474
Al’s Beef – 3420 N. Clark Cesar’s Killer Margaritas
• (773) 935-2333 2924 N. Broadway and 3166 N. Clark
AJ Hudson’s Public House - 3801 N Ashland • (773) 296-9097 (Broadway)
• 773-248-2767 • (773) 248-2835 (Clark)
• Daily delivery and pickup: 1am-9pm Cheesie’s Pub & Grub – 958 W. Belmont
• Available: GrubHub and UberEats • (773) 388-1574
Aloha Poke – 843 W. Belmont Chengdu Aroma – 3227 N. Clark
• (872) 817-7300 • (773) 698-8822
Andy’s Thai Kitchen – 950 W. Diversey Chicago Diner – 3411 N. Halsted
• (773) 549-7821 • (773) 935-6696
Ann Sather – 909 W. Belmont Chilam Balam – 3023 N. Broadway
• (773) 348-2378 • Take Out available Beginning 3/17
Artemio’s Bakery – 3904 N. Sheridan  • (773) 296-6901
• (773) 525-0445 Clark Street Dog – 3040 N. Clark
Barangaroos Aussie Pies – 3208 N. Sheffield • (773) 281-6690
• (773) 770-3510 Cozy Noodles n’ Rice -3456 N. Sheffield
Big Star Wrigleyville – 3640 N. Clark • (773) 327-0100
• (773) 857-7120 Crisp – 2940 N. Broadway
Bite’s Asian Kitchen & Bar – 3313 N. Clark • (773) 697-7610
• (773) 270-5972 Cubby Bear – 1059 W. Addison
Bittersweet Pastry Shop – 1114 W. Belmont • (773) 327-1662
• (773) 929-1100 D.S. Fajita Factory – 3445 N. Halsted
Black & Caspian – 2908 N. Broadway • (773) 770-4618
• (312) 975-0609 • 11am-9pm daily
Bluebird – 2863 N. Clark Dimo’s Pizza – 3463 N. Clark
• (773) 661-1531 • (773) 525-4580
Bolivar & Lincoln – 3349 N. Sheffield DMK Burger Bar – 2954 N. Sheffield
• (773) 360-8203 • (773) 360-8686
Drew’s on Halsted – 3201 N. Halsted
16 boiMAG • Beginning Wednesday 3/17
• (773) 244-9191
DryHop – 3155 N. Broadway
• (773) 857-3155
D.S. Tequila – 3352 N. Halsted
• (773) 697-9127
• 11am-9pm daily

El Mariachi Tequila Bar and Restaurant Houndstooth Saloon – 3369 N. Clark
3906 and 3420 N. Broadway • (773) 244-1166
• (773) 549-2932
• M-F from 4pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm Hutch American Bistro – 3301 N. Clark
• Free chips and salsa with all orders over $10 • (773) 248-1155
• GrubHub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Caviar and
Jaiyen – 3736 N. Broadway
In House deliveries. Credit Cards only • (773) 404-0555
Eggsperience – 3233 N. Broadway
• (773) 904-8802 Joy’s Noodles & Rice – 3257 N. Broadway
El Jardin - 3335 N. Clark • (773) 327-8330
• (773) 528-6775
• Open at 11am daily Kitchen 17 – 3132 N. Broadway
Esencia Urban Kitchen – 3351 N. Broadway • (312) 391-8654
• (773) 472-8553
Flub a Dub Chub’s – 3021 N. Broadway Klein’s Bakery & Cafe – 426 W. Diversey
• (773) 857-6500 • Beginning 3/17
F. O’Mahony’s – 3701 N. Broadway • (773) 904-8292
• (773) 549-0226
Krung Thep Thai Cuisine – 3205 N. Halsted
Full Shilling – 3724 N. Clark • (773) 296-2178
• (773) 248-3330
Furious Spoon – 800 W. Belmont Kubo Chicago – 1232 W. Belmont
• (773) 697-9085 • (773) 857-1408
George Street Pub – 2858 N. Halsted
• (773) 661-6635 Little Wok – 3144 N. Broadway
Glaze Teriyaki – 3112 N. Broadway • (773) 525-8111
• (773) 697-3580
Graystone Tavern – 3441 N. Sheffield Lowcountry – 3343 N. Clark
• (773) 666-5450 • (888) 883-8375
• 11am-9pm daily
Happy Camper Wrigley – 3458 N. Clark Matisse Tavern & Grill – 674 W. Diversey
• (312) 872-5959 • (773) 528-6670
Harold’s Chicken – 3933 N. Broadway
Mediterranean Express – 905 W. Belmont
• (313) 338-4165

Mia Francesca – 3311 N. Clark
• (773) 281-3310

Mild2Spicy – 714 W. Diversey
• (773) 661-6778

Milt’s BBQ – 3411 N. Broadway
• (773) 661-6384
• 12PM-7PM Sun-Thurs, & 12-1 Friday

Mixteco Mexican Grill – 847 W. Belmont 
• (773) 472-3434

Modern Grill – 3172 N. Halsted
• (773) 528-0705

Nando’s Peri-Peri – 670 W. Diversey
• (773) 634-7153

Nola Bar & Kitchen – 3481 N. Clark
• 773-661-1873

Nori Lakeview – 954 W. Diversey
• (773) 904-1000

Nori & Wasabi – 3109 N. Halsted boiMAG 17
• (773) 799-8500

(continued on a following page)

Sports Corner Bar & Grill – 956 W. Addison
• (773) 929-1441

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee –
3300 N. Broadway and 2800 N. Clark
• (773) 883-4764 (Broadway)
• (773) 868-0173 (Clark)
Oasis Fresh – 500 W. Diversey
• (773) 666-5090 Strings Ramen – 919 W. Belmont
•  (773) 661-6442
Original Pancake House – 616 W. Diversey
• (773) 929-8130 Tac Quick – 1011 W. Irving Park
• M-F from 6:30am-2pm, Sat-Sun 6:30am-3pm • (773) 327-5253
• Available: GrubHub, UberEats & Carry Out Tanuki Sushi – 3006 N. Sheffield
Panes Bread Cafe – 3002 N. Sheffield • (773) 360-1950
• (773) 665-0972
Taste of New York Bagels & Deli – 3268 N. Clark
Philly’s Best – 907 W. Belmont • (773) 904-7934
• (773) 525-7900
The Crepe Shop – 2934 N. Broadway
Potbelly – 924 W. Belmont • (773) 857-0018
• (773) 348-5204 • Open 8am-9pm for pickups and deliveries.  
• Deliveries through Grubhub and Postmates
Red Pig Asian Kitchen – 2932 N. Broadway
• (773) 472-9999 The Gundis Kurdish Kitchen – 2909 N. Clark 
• (773) 904-8120
Rise Up Nutrition – 2909 N. Broadway
• (224) 585-7791 Turkitch – 565 W. Diversey
• (773) 453-3323
Roadhouse 66 Gas N’ Grill – 3478 N. Sheffield
• (872) 206-5309 Wake N’ Bakery – 3508 N. Broadway
• (231) 638-5877
ROCKS Lakeview – 3463 N. Broadway • Carry out only
• (773) 472-0493
• 7 days a week from 11am-9pm Well’s Street Popcorn – 2804 N. Clark 
• (888) 576-7267
Roebuck – 3159 N. Broadway
• (773) 857-2229 Wilde Bar & Restaurant – 3130 N. Broadway
• Wednesday-Sunday, 4pm-9pm • (773) 244-0404
• Closed Mondays & Tuesdays • 11:30am – 8pm

Select Cut Steakhouse – 2808 N. Halsted Windy City Sweets – 3308 N. Broadway
• (773) 244-1500 • (773) 477-6100

Shake Shack – 3519 N. Clark Wrigley BBQ – 3555 N. Broadway
• (312) 766-5882 • (773) 472-1227

Shiawase – 3422 N. Broadway Yango’s Grill - 2845 N. Broadway
• (773) 883-8888 • (773) 922-1273

Si-Pie Pizzeria – 3477 N. Broadway Yummy Yummy Asian Cuisine
• (773) 360-1862 • (773) 525-6677

Slice of Cheesie’s – 964 W. Belmont Yoshi’s Cafe – 3257 N. Halsted
• (773) 697-8941 • Carry-out only
Smoke Daddy Wrigleyville - 3636 N. Clark • (773) 248-6160
• (773) 227-2583 Zam Zam Middle Eastern Grill – 3461 N. Clark
• 11am – 8pm daily • (872) 802-3601

Soupbox – 2943 N. Broadway Zizi’s Cafe – 2825 N. Sheffield
• (773) 935-9800 • (773) 697-9228

18 boiMAG

20 boiMAG

Meet Geno Bahena

Director of Operations and Chef De Cuisine of Mis Moles Restaurant

Get ready for the much anticipated After graduating from St. Augustine
grand opening of Mis Moles restaurant, College in 1986, Chef Bahena came to
coming soon to 3661 N. Elston Ave in the attention of Chef Rick Bayless of
Chicago, just north of Addison St. Mis the acclaimed Frontera Grill. Under Chef
Moles promises to be a vibrantly new Bayless’ tutelage, Chef Bahena rose from
Mexican restaurant and tequila bar led line cook to managing Chef. He then
by renowned Chef Geno Bahena as went on to open a number of restaurants,
Culinary Director and as Chef de Cuisine. including Ixcapuzalco & Chilpancingo
Mis Moles plans to be open within the Restaurant, Real Tenochtitlan Restaurant
next few weeks and will offer authentic, and Dos Diablos Restaurant in Chicago,
contemporary Mexican food and craft along with La Costa Mission Restaurant in
cocktails prepared with market fresh Malibu, CA and Mojado Grill in Ventura, CA.
ingredients. Chef Bahena is also a founding member of
No stranger to the Chicago market, Chef Chef Collaborative 2000, an organization
Geno Bahena grew up on a cattle ranch made up of hundreds of like-minded U.S.
in the middle of two orchards growing all chefs and food professionals who are doing
kinds of legumes, vegetables and exotic their part to create a better food system.
fruits, making cheese and dairy products
in the state of Guerrero in Mexico, Chef Bahena returned to academia,
however, it was cooking and not ranching receiving a second culinary degree from
that captured his imagination. Years Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in
spent in the kitchen helping his mother Pasadena, CA in 2015.
and grandmother prepare meals for the
field hands led to a move to the United Over the course of his career, Chef Bahena
States to pursue a culinary degree at St. has cooked for presidents including
Augustine College in Chicago Vicente Fox from Mexico and George W.
Chef Bahena was hand-picked by Branko Bush at the White House. He is excited to
to lead the day-to-day kitchen at Mis begin this next chapter of his career as
Moles, which is scheduled to open in Director operations and Chef De Cuisine
Jun 2020. At Mis Moles, Chef Bahena at Mis Moles Mexican Restaurant & Tequila
will execute a menu that features Bar where he will be turning wonderful
contemporary takes on authentic regional products from the local market into stellar
cuisine, while celebrating market-fresh, dishes for customers.
seasonal ingredients that are enhanced
by an extensive tequila collection. When not in the kitchen, Chef Bahena can
“My passion is the cuisine from my native be found traveling to different parts of
Mexico,” said Chef Bahena. “I juggle a bit Mexico for his culinary research, at home
in the kitchen, on one hand preserving old in Chicago spending quality time with
culinary customs from my home, while his family, and processing recipes for his
always finding a way to innovate, preparing feature cook book “A Taste of Elegance
food that departs from the mainstream from the Heart of Mexico.” He is also
Mexican cuisine found in the United States.” passionate about teaching the art of real
Mexican cooking and how to achieve truly
authentic and delicious meals with bold
flavors with tradition, love and inspiration.

boiMAG 21

22 boiMAG

boiMAG 23

24 boiMAG

boiMAG 25

Responsible Recreational Use

By Tom Reynolds

Long before legalization in Illinois Only a matter of weeks into Illinois’s
was even a “pipe dream,” I was Jamaican haze honeymoon, the
returning home on a 9-hour sobering reality of a global pandemic
flight from Amsterdam, a slow hits home, compromising our
descend back to my conservative health, daily freedoms, employment,
midwestern homeland after a life- education, and our pent-up need
changing semester abroad in The to socialize after the long Chicago
Netherlands, the “OG” of Cannabis winter. Yes, the honeymoon is
legalization. rightfully taking a back seat in our
The night before the flight was one new reality however, the dispensaries
last hurrah of hashish and Heineken, are still operating due to their
causing me to oversleep and rush medicinal designation.
to the airport, disheveled and For those of legal age and free
wreaking of weed! I was sweating of any occupational obligations
like a Bikram yogi when I arrived and are considering a visit to the
at US Customs to the sight of drug dispensary, here’s a practical guide to
sniffing dogs. I must have checked recreational use without the abuse:
my pockets a dozen times to make Getting Started:
sure I wasn’t carrying anything Where to Buy: As medicinal and
more than the fragrance of a night recreational use has spread, you can
in Amsterdam. Thankfully, the dog get consistent, quality forms through
took no interest in me as I was dispensaries. Don’t hesitate to tell
corralled back into the “Land of the the “Budistas” if you are a first timer
Free.” Ironic, huh? or have been on hiatus. They’ll make
Fast-forward to Jan. 1st, 2020, suggestions accordingly. Check out
the day the land of Lincoln dispensary locations and make sure
emancipated cannabis and freed they explicitly state “recreational” as
thousands of prisoners, doing some are still medicinal only https://
time for non-violent crimes and
disproportionately from minority united-states/illinois
communities. It’s a day I thought What to Buy: In the current
would never happen in my lifetime environment where health is a high
and it’s nice to have the option to priority for most people, edibles are
relive a special chapter of my youth, the way to go so that you’re keeping
minus the transatlantic flight and your lungs healthy. Plus, you’ll know
drug sniffing dogs. exactly how much you are ingesting
Even if recreational use is not for and can avoid taking too much and
you, I hope you can appreciate the not enjoying the experience. Err on
social progress made in criminal the side of caution and start slow.
justice reform, individual liberties,
and the economic benefit to our (continued on a following page)
cash strapped state.
boiMAG 27

Responsible Recreational Use


Have a Plan: Allow a window experience. Bonus points if your
of 4-6 hours where you have no friend is knowledgeable with the
major obligations so that you can effects of pot and can act as your
enjoy yourself and avoid stressful, coach and perhaps join you in a
awkward, or unsafe situation. With coordinated effort.
edibles, effects won’t kick in right Household Chores: Turn mundane
away so be patient. Expect to peak activities into a productive “me-
around 90-120 minutes in, then time” escape. Stick with the low
effects will gradually taper off. THC skill activities like yard work,
can effect people in different ways cleaning, organizing, etc. and avoid
and like anything, it takes a few tries major projects that require deep
to build a comfort level. focus and concentration.
Effects: Active High: Your immediate
How will it Feel?: THC can effect surroundings can be very
people differently yet a common stimulating. If you have access to
thread is usually rooted in the walking trails or natural scenery
individual’s mood at the time of where social distancing is not
using. Ex: If you’re watching a a challenge, go for it! If you are
comedy movie, you might laugh an active person, low impact
harder. If you’re stressed, you may activities of stretching, yoga,
end up in a rough spot dwelling on jogging, shooting hoops, and golf
your problems. In my experience, are just the right tempo for an
my mind shifts from “left-brain” enjoyable body high. Stick with
logic dominant to a “right-brain” what is familiar. Avoid strenuous
creative, so I seek settings that feed or dangerous activities where a
my heightened senses with music, mental lapse could be harmful
nature, or other creative outlets. to you or others such as driving,
Activities: swimming, cycling, and contact
Movies/Television: A reliably safe sports.
option for beginners and old pros  
alike. Let entertainment feed your Overall, be a responsible user
brain and you’ll pick up on details for your own safety and to show
your un-high self would miss. You the world that we pragmatic
were going to binge watch Netflix Midwesterners can handle our
anyway so why not add a twist? individual freedoms and still
Phone a Friend: Following social keep it together. Remember that
distancing, let a trusted friend know moderation is key and widespread
what you are up to so you can have abuse puts everyone at risk
someone to chat with during your of returning to the dark days
of prohibition and drug dogs.
28 boiMAG Afterall, the dogs are much happier
now in their new role in stoner
frisbee fetching.

Hyper-automation The democratization of technology means
Hyper-automation elevates task providing people with easy access to
automation to the next level. It is the technical or business expertise without
application of advanced technologies extensive or expensive training. This is
like Artificial intelligence (AI) and already widely recognized with the rise
Machine learning (ML) to automate of the citizen developer. Historically,
processes (not just tasks) in ways that are automation was managed and deployed
significantly more impactful than that of by IT, but the emergence of robotic
traditional automation capabilities. It’s the process automation has changed that
combination of multiple machine learning, with the emergence of digital workers.
packaged software and automation tools We are now seeing a new generation
to deliver work. Hyper-automation requires of citizen developers, such as business
a combination of tools to help support analysts, who are closer to business
replicating pieces of where the human challenges and can program and
is involved in a task. This trend kicked off automate digital workers to help them
with robotic process automation (RPA) but do their work.This trend will focus on four
will see growth with the combination of key areas: application development, data
process intelligence, content intelligence, and analytics, design, and knowledge.
AI, OCR and other innovative technology. According to Gartner, these may be tools
Multi-experience designed “to generate synthetic training
Multi-experience deals with the massive data, which helps address a substantial
shift from a two-dimensional screen barrier to ML model development.”
and keyboard interface to a much more New technologies and improved user
dynamic, multi-modal kind of interface experiences will empower those outside
world where we’re immersed in the of the technical industry to access and use
interactive technology and it surrounds technological products and services.
us. Multi-experience currently focuses on Human Augmentation
immersive experiences that use augmented Human augmentation explores how
reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, multi- technology can be used to deliver
channel human-machine interfaces and cognitive and physical improvements as
sensing technologies. an integral part of the human experience.
AI enabled conversational platforms This augmentation is leveraging
have changed the way in which people technology to increase human capabilities
interact with the digital world. Beyond both physically and cognitively.
conversations, virtual reality (VR), Companies like Boston Dynamics have
augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality already developed a wide variety of
(MR) are changing how people perceive human augmenting devices that can be
the digital world. This combined shift in used in factories or on the battlefield.
both perception and interaction will result We have already seen the proliferation
in the future multi-sensory and multi- of smart devices, and smart wearables.
modal experience. Over the next decade, New applications include the use of these
this trend will become what is known as wearables to improve worker safety in the
ambient experience. mining industry. In other industries, such
Democratization of Technology as retail and travel, wearables could be
Democratization of technology refers to used to increase worker productivity and
the process by which access to technology increase human ability.
rapidly continues to become more
accessible to more people. boiMAG 31

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