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Bishop McGuinness Memorial High School

1730 Link Road Winston-Salem, N.C. 27103

The Key 1994 Volume 34

S lu d c n tL if

P eopi

VI \ ^ 7 i


S tu d e n t Life p .6
P e o p le p .3 6

O rg a n iz a tio n s p . 72

A cad emics

S p o rts p.94

A cadem ics p. 1 2 2

A d ve rtise m e n ts p. 142

l.muh Hunch Caiy Golt looks on as Kara Marlin gives Hilly Korlesis a friendly hug. Cafeteria work is so conducive to comraderie.


Making the Rounds The jolly
Vice Principal, Mr. Belcher,
roams the halls searching for the
next demerit victim. Watch out.
dress code violators!
Practice Makes Perfect
Assistant coach Mr. Hines waits
anxiously for practice to begin.
Crack that whip. Mr. Hines!

4 ) Opening Spread

Welcome to the Jungle Mr. Streich does not appear to be very pleased, trapped the throng of students. Don't spill that coffee!

True Fans A group of spirited Freshmen arrive early at the soccer game to offer
their support. With fans like these, the team can't lose!

Pride, Excellence, school pride and community. Some here are leadership,
and Values —these spirit. Our excellence students not only cooperation, and a
are the three prin­ and values are re­ concentrate on their respect for authority.
ciples that Bishop flected in our strong school work, but take It is in this regard
McGuinness Memo­ academic pursuits on a demanding work that we differ from
rial High School was and the support given schedule also.It is public schools, and
founded on. Unlike to us by parents, effective time man­ therefore give stu­
many other schools, teachers, and friends. agement skills that dents an edge over
these qualities have allows them to ac­ the competition in
continued throughout Bishop McGuin­ complish this chal­ college and in the
the years. This con­ ness students take lenging work load. work force.
tinuance of our pride not only in their These and other skills
school's prosperity academics but also in are taught here at The student body
lies in our ability to their extracurricular Bishop McGuinness, of Bishop McGuin­
recognize and prac­ activities. Many allowing the school ness is sure to do
students also devote a to stand out as a great things in this
tice these traditions. great deal of time to reputable learning '93-'94 school year.
their individual en­ institution. It will not be difficult
Our school colors, deavors as well as with all the support
blue and white, serve their school and Other skills taught given to them.
to remind us of our

Sometimes you get the


Those drivin' days All is still in the student parking lot. Minutes later, students will flock to their cars, desperate to be home.
Where's iny ride? Marc Schimier, our German exchange student, waits patiently for a ride home. Bishop's international student exchange program is a valuable
part of our community.
Balance that budget Mr. Beegle's consumer Math class works diligently on their problems. If only all classes could be so studious.

Student Life


While the challenging Whatever the case, it is
academic courses at clearly evident that the
Bishop McGuinness students spend a great
provide students with an deal of time on their
excellent basis for schoolwork. Rather than
college and later life, being enbarrassed by
there is a great deal of making good grades,
hard work involved. This students at Bishop
can be witnessed at actually strive to have
almost any time of the the best possible grades
day, whether it is a junior that they can have. Since
doing last minute home­ so much emphasis is
work during their lunch placed on college, it is
period or a freshman understandable. But with
studying at a soccer so much help and en­
game. couragement, it is hard
not to succeed.
Servin' in the pit Jenny Moser prepares for a killer
serve. With JV players like her competition has no chance.
Never a dull moment Nick Moeller-Jorgen.sen and Kara Martin appear to be very
studious. Wonder what they are really talking about?

Student Life

Sitting Pretty Lindsey Roscanu. Taylor Ebert, Stephanie Gavilan take a seat after a long night of dancing. Keep smiling, girls!






I W hat's Going On'.’ Kara Martin looks astonished at the awesome ability of
the incredible DJ. Play something from the 9l)'s, please!
May We Flelp '\’ou? Megan Kenney and Jeannine Johnston take
orders from the greedy upperclassmen. Don't spill anything!

! The 1993 King and Queen Andrew Barreto and I Need Another Purple One! Matthew Bosworth was one of the many volunteers that helped decorate
Kasia Prybylo glow with excitement after being for the prom. Obviously, they did a great job.
crowned prom king and queen. Take that victory

The prom is a magical night that prom-goers. Often the only diffi­ The climax of the evening was
everyone anticipates throughout culty was finding a spare table in the crowning of the prom king and
the year. The excitement of buying these popular restaurants. queen. Andrew Barreto was
dresses, renting tuxes, and prepar­ crowned king of the 1993 prom,
ing for the one big night of the The theme of the 1993 prom, and Kasia Prybylo was crowned
year is unequaled by any other "Unforgettable", clearly reflected queen.
school activity. the importance of this event.
Several junior class members Like many from the past and
Many people's prom evening spent long hours decorating the more to come, this prom night will
began with the traditional lavish Elk's club, and the results were be embedded in the minds of all
dinner. Restaurants suh as Ryan's impressively evident. The colors, who attended as an "unforget­
in Winston-Salem could be seen violet, teal, and gold, served to table" evening.
crowded with many enthusiastic add to the magic night.

And (he winner is...Sophomore
attendant Kristin Reilly is
congratulated by her friends.
With a smile like that, how could
she lose?

Sophomore representative
Kristine Soriano, looking
excited over the idea of being
on the homecoming court.
Good luck, Kristine!
20 ) Homecoming

"It's all about attitude," were elected by their class, Maryland. Although we
said Farae Strickland. We were senior Erin were not victorious, the
all got a taste of Farae's McFarland, juniors Anna game kept everyone on the
attitude as she vogued her Beth King and Stephanie edge of their seats.
way across the gym floor Schneck, sophomores
before being crowned the Eugenia Asconape and Probably the most
1993 Homecoming Queen. Kristin Reilly, and fresh­ interesting highlight of the
Her unique strut added a man Carolina Asconape. night came in the second
flair that had never been half, when some fans
seen before in the Bishop The court and all the returned dressed in their
homecoming court. Bishop fans got to see a shower attire. Sometimes
great game as the Boy's Bishop spirit can be a little
The members of the Varsity Basketball team overwhelming.
homecoming court, who battled Good Counsel from

Winning smiles Eugenia Asconape, Mollie Frail, Emily Abt, and Burnadette Burton take a momentary
break from the dance floor. How beautiful they all look!

Hom ecoming 1 21

My Favorite Martin Javier Canas takes his stroll down the gym floor, escorted
by Kristin Martin. Don't be nervous, it's only homecoming!
(iQ! Sean Kinney strike.s a pose with escort Mollie Dolan. Who will be the
next wearer of the crown'.'
Doug digs it Doug Crets, our 1994 Homecoming King, accepts his crown from
Brooke Cobbs. Homecoming is such a noble tradition.


22 ) Backward.s Court

Backwards Homecoming Court

Backwards homecoming was once again a
spectacular event with Bishop's favorite young
men all dressed up and ready to turn heads.
The handsome participants displayed their all-
important attitude during halftime of the
Varsity basketball game, and Doug Crets was
crowned 1994 Homecoming King.

Attendants from other classes were Fresh­
man Danny Joyner, Sophomores Javier Canas
and Denard Mickens, Junior Scott Mendat, and
Senior Phil Lopina.

The students all looked great and displayed
their ever present Villain pride at the game.
Congratulations and best wishes to all who

Is this how the pros do it? Danny Joyner, escorted by Erin
Sandler enjoys his big moment in front of the camera.
Congratulations Danny!
Turn Right ? No, no, no - Left! Joe Ruggieri and Carolina
Asconape are not quite sure which way to turn. Just follow
the yellow brick road.
Weren't we supposed to wear our shirts backwards? Pete
Bobotsiares escorted by Brittany Wilson, who literally makes
it a backwards homecoming.


Backwards Court ( 23

Whoomp, there it is! Many sophomores enjoyed the lovely dance
music at homecoming. You go, girls!

Do the wave! Jim Kennedy and Paul Hollenack demonstrate a new
dance for the camera. Must be a male bonding thing.

A S t a PPL)

December third was a Rose's gourmet at the dessert
"starry night" to remember buffet. All that attended got a
for all those that attended the chance to experience all forms
Homecotning Dance. Dress of dancing. Senior Brooke
attire ranged from jeans to cobbs said, "Zane Sharpe is
formals, but all agreed the the next John Travolta."
night was unforgettable. Senior Paul Hollenack said,
"Doug Crets is a wild and
Many Bishop students crazy guy."
gathered at the Bishop Begley
Center. The decorations The night was best
which were coordinated by summed up by Senior Danny
the Junior class, provided a Rossi who said, " It was an
great atmosphere to dance the experience of a lifetime." Oh,
night away. Everyone was one more note. A word of
able to sample a taste of advice from Sarah Girard:
"Never wear strapless bras."

24 ) Homecoming

Time out Pete Bobotsiares and Sammy Balias take a breather from
the dance floor to pose. Break's up guys —now hit the dance floor!
Cool like that Stephen Clapp, Joey Dickson, Denard Mickens, and
Chuck White obviously are interested in doing the electric slide.
C'mon guys, get moving - it's homecoming!



Sav -‘ hat a lovely couple! Aaron Harper and Nicole Doub were Taking a break Jean Odette, Denard Mickens, Chuck White, and Will
amc '1®many couples who attended the homecoming dance. Get Heaton lean on each other for support after a night on the dance floor.
rg;i : dance the night away! Look at those bunny ears!

The final year of high the many that attended of the college application a life time. Many stud­
school consists of many had a wonderful time. process, and senior year ents have part-time jobs
things - comraderie, new Another event planned becomes almost to much to help with the financial
experiences, old friends, strictly for the students to bear. Nothing deprevitiy that seems to
stress, joy, laughter, and was the senior pre­ compares however to the plague all high school
sometimes tears. The retreat and retreat. These feeling of receiving that and college students.
good and bad experi­ social events provided acceptance letter from
ences that seniors share an opportunity for the any school. The relief Although the stud­
often shapes their seniors not only to enjoy at that point seems to ents look forward to at­
memory of the class for a peaceful setting, but make it all worth while tending college the fol­
years to come. also to spend time get­ lowing year but generally
ting to know their peers Once this is all students tend to become
Many activities were and their true selves. accomplished this leaves sentimental about the
planned this year for the seniors with the time that they have left
seniors that served to Stress is another key remainder of their senior at home and with their
bring them even closer factor in the life of a year to focus on other friends.
together. The senior senior. The regular important aspects of life.
picnic for parents and schedule of school is For example, All in all the seniors
students was the first enough to wear anyone concentrating on understand that the time
event planned, and out, but add the burden friendships that will last here at Bishop
McGuinness is limited.

What are you guys doing? Andrea
Barreto finds humor in Greg Tinsley's
and Richard Noga's bantering. Very
funny, guys!

Coke is it! Amy Lawler enjoys a soda
during her lunch period. Got a
sandwich to go with that?

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-o^t.'^tanciicle^afei -^££na aoii. ■U-Yaio

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