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""O decembei

SEP^MBER OCTOBS novea^: ?C N 66!
UG L^Sl 50

158 C
B R 116 132



Breaking Through, senior
Sean Hammacher leads the
Varsity Football team as they |
split the banner before the
game. Getting the team in

Ithe zone before eaoh game

was important, and breaking |

Ithe banner was a tradition.

I Photo Credit: Robert Coon.

V. nf


1 3 3 6 1 5 6 4 -1 0 1 0 w w w .b m h s.u s

Perspectives are what make
life irnterestirng, The Bishop

McGuinness community has a
different outlook than other

schools. Being small, Catholic,
and private makes us look at

things from a different point of
view, It con be on eye opening

experience to understand
where som eone else is coming
from and to understand what it

m eans to walk in their shoes,
Even with o sm all number of
students in each d o ss, widely

different perspectives still
abound. Just os we each hove

different perspectives and our
own encounters, we ore also
faced with what others see
and think of us. To show how
unique we ore, students were
asked to shore something
funny, crazy, or any of the

adjectives seen on each page
of this book. Our perspectives
ore constantly changing os we
learn more and mature os
individuals. In everything we
do, it com es down to the

2 Test the water, junior Ian
Winters crouches down
Opening by the pond during the

photography and botany
field trip, The day

Included a climb to the
top of Hanging Rock

where the photo students
got panoramic views

while the botany students
Identified plants. Photo
Credit: Martha Garrett

The school year has just
begun, and students are getting
back in the normal groove ot
things. No longer is there excess
time to relax by the pool, curl up
with a book, or spend hours on
the couch watching TV and
playing Xbox, Instead there are
late nights filled with writing
papers and solving problems.
With the first school bell of year,
students and teachers alike had
to get back into the sohool
routine and fast. Whether it is a
freshman getting a locker for the
first time or a senior being
oriented to the new rotating
schedule, the start of the new
year is bound to bring a new
take on things.

"Everything we IS a perspective not the ttutK ^


Pictured from left to right:
Will Webster, 10 ; Zoch Fowler, 9:
Thomas LoMuroglio, 12; Sister
Anne; Ashley Sanchez, 11.

Photo credits from left to right:
Katie Wright: Alex Zhang: Robert
Coon: KW: KW.



Su m m e r From lounging around
to traveling abroad,


Sunnmer is the time of the year when there are by Flarrison Dearmin
no homework assignments, projects, stress, or at you might get kidnapped," said senior Brianna
least there are significantly fewer. From spending Eichhorn.
lazy days on the couch to sitting in the second row
at a Broadway show, students found a number of Of course there were trips taken which took much
ways to creatively enjoy summer. less travel time, Students spent time traveling to the
beach, the mountains, excursions to big cities and
"A family size bowl of humm us will last you two visits with family and friends,
weeks if you eat it non-stop," said Joe Book,
"There are two really necessary elements to a
Other students were fortunate enough to be great summer. Experiencing fun, new things and
able to travel abroad last summer, Mr, Seidel took chilling," said junior Joseph Farley,
less than twenty students to explore the cultures of
England and France, The students enjoyed The sum m er did have to com e to an end with
everything from local cuisine and theater to preparations for school. From standard shirt
historical landmarks and cathedrals. shopping to stocking up on pencils and pens, there
was much to get done. Even though not everyone
"Being able to travel to London and Paris was ready for the sum m er to end, there was
without my parents has to be one of the best something to look forward to in seeing friends and
experiences I've ever had, Meeting new people familiar faces once again. All in all, the summer was
and seeing the sights was amazing, but I did learn a good break from the normal routine of school.
to not be overly nice to strange French people or

Clinnbing to the

Going Swimming. MUSEUM SHOP
Junior Alex Best sits in
his lifeguard chair Sum m er trips were tilled with
though the pool was sightseeing, and both freshman
empty. It was part of Brady Johnson and senior
his job to make sure Maddison Staszkiewicz made it
that everyone stayed up hundreds of stairs to the top
safe. Phata Credit: of lighthouses. "I hod to push
Alex Best myself to go up oil the stairs. It
got really hot inside the
One lucky day, Senior lighthouse, but I knew that if I
Gwen Gies gets her kept going, I would be able to
pictures taken by the see a beautiful view of Flilton
poster of Wicked the Flead Island. I try to go inside
night she went to see lighthouses every place I go,
it, When she called and my Christmas tree is full of
the theater they had a ornaments from each individual
few second row seats lighthouse climb," said
left, so she decided to Maddison.
go, Photo Credit:
Gwen Gies



Lights Are Fun, Senior Katie (?uv\vvj.
Wright plays with her "Jack The
Ripper" tour guides lamp. The^'T "Whales have legs"
tour guide was her favorite )k -Jarrod Statler,' 11
part of the tour. Photo Credit:
Harrison" Dearmin Am I Interupting You? Mr. Seidel
waits for the group of students to
pass him while walking through the
pork. Mr, Seidel frequently finds
interesting destinations and
activities for students outside of
school. Photo Credit: Harrison
Zoom Zoom Zoom. Sophmore
Joey Essmo races karts in Indiana.
"I enjoy karting because it is so
competitive and challenging"
Joey said. Photo Credit: Joey
Take me out to the ball game,
Junior Ryan Uliiana plays baseball
at Greensboro College. He
enjoyed baseball camp because
he was able to meet college
baseball coaches who taught him
a lot about the sport. Photo Credit:
Ryan Uliiana


Bishop students were nnet with new experiences the first week of school

By: Katie Wright

The com mercials and sales have looked to those around them to help standard mode of dress. Peer support
ended: ifs time for the real thing, back to through the confusion. proved to be the best way to adapt and
school. As new Lands End Polos and overcome the changes.
school supplies filled the hallways at "I just wanted a new environment and
Bishop, so too did new students eager to my parents didn't really like my old "The biggest thing I had trouble with at
begin a new year. Rather than school, and my best friend went to first was figuring out what books and
encountering the banal routine of the Bishop, so it all kind of fell into place for binders I needed for each class and
school year, students were met with me to go to Bishop," said senior Jordan when I could go to my locker during the
excitement, confusion, and changes. Pring of transferring to Bishop as a senior. day because of the rotating schedule"
"The first thing I noticed was that the said senior Jonah Carmichael of his first
"I noticed that there were a lot more people at Bishop were a lot friendlier" week experience.
people at Bishop, and that students were said Jordan.
more responsible for having their books The first week proved an exciting
and getting to class on tim e," said The freshmen were not alone as they experience for teachers, upper and
freshman Ralph White, who attended Our faced the new system that Bishop had to underclassmen alike, but all overcame
Lady of Mercy from kindergarten to eighth offer. Many students, like Jordan, the confusion associated with it. Some
grade. "I didn't really get lost at all transferred into Bishop beginning this faced larger changes, like a new school
though," Ralph said, "I had a lot of help year. Although their transition was not as and becoming more self-sufficient, like
from upperclassmen." large as that of the freshman, they too those from public schools, others faced
looked to their peers to guide them only slight changes. The first week of
All of the freshmen were forced to through the first week. school was a foreshadowing of what was
adapt to a new system at Bishop during to unfold in the school year: trials and
the first week. It made no difference The upperclassmen faced minor tribulations, as well as interest and
whether they hailed from Catholic or changes due to the rotatiing schedule. excitement.
public schools, as no one could escape Aside from the new schedule, there were
the confusion that accompanied back to shortened classes and crazy schedules
school. Many reunited with old friends, to accommodate sum mer reading the
while many created new friendships and first few days, and alterations to the

sBq the Numbers

^^ procrastinated
on summer

went to the o n p ,
wrong class

were unaware of

5 0 rotating schedule

memorized the
end of day 1 5 0

"Cookies and Cream Looking, Listening. Junior McKenzie Rockford
Creos. They stuff Creos listens intently to the discussion of her sum m er
with crushed Creos so its reading book. Some students thought the
Creo flavored Creos." sum m er reading discussions were more
I -Ben Coon, 12 interesting and engaging when those who
represented different book were placed
^8 together to discuss universal issues. Photo
credit: Katie Wright
August Here You go! Junior Harrison Dearmin hands
a book to Freshman Tori Funke on their way
into school. Many underclassmen received
their books from older students rather than
purchasing them on-line. Photo credit:
Maddison Staszkiewicz

2 1Keep Calm and Cheer on. Junior Sierra Hodges helps

. energize the crowd during the first home football gome. The
efforts of the cheerleaders were som etim es overlooked, but
they played and important role in engaging the crowd and
supporting the team. Photo credit: Paige Anderholm.
2 Does This Make My Head Look Big? In anticipation of
graduation, senior Adam Sams has his head measured by
a Herff Jones representative for his graduation cap. Being
measured for caps and gowns on the first day of school got
seniors excited for the year with thoughts of graduation just
around the corner. Photo credit: Maddison Staszkiewicz.
3 I Hear You. Junior Elizabeth vyhelan listens as one of her
classmates speaks. The sum m er break shortened the
attention spans of many students and It was a struggle in

CJ the beginning to focus. Photo credit: Katie Wright.
4 Listen Up. Mr. Preudhomme addresses his class on the
first day of school. Mr. Preudhomme sent home a student
information sheet to learn more about his students.Photo
credit: Harrison Dearmin
5 Interactive Learning. Freshman Kathryn Vest struggles to
learn Mrs, Smith's cup routine. Freshmen learned this routine
to be introduced to a unique style of learning, while having
fun. Photo credit: Maddison Staszkiewicz,

First week of school

Preparation is Vital!
Sophomore Kyndal Cortes quickly
prepares her backhand stroke. Kyndal
was always a competitive player and
has been the number one seed for two
years in a row.
Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas

The Ladfes with their Eqes on
the Tennis Ball

The Queens Who Play On and Off the Courts

By: Kristen Bellas

It takes hours of practice, girls began competing against other. practiced so much and have
hundreds of tennis bolls, and each other. The competitions "You get close to people who been taking so many lessons
som e mistakes to moke o determined which of the over the years. After all that
tennis player. Day in and day fourteen piayers would make you wouldn't normally talk to," practice, I feel like I have a
out the Varsity Girls' Tennis team the top six. The underdog six said freshmen Rebekoh pretty good sense of the
played to their hearts content would play both competitive Barrett, Lauren Andrysick, game." The hours of practice
during practice, as well as at singles and doubles matches, another freshmen, said, "You paid oft too; as their skills
conference matches with six while the rest of the team get to moke friends before the improved, it made them
freshmen, three sophomores, developed and plays non­ first day." stronger than ever against
four juniors, and one senior, the competitive or exhibition their opponents.
varsity girls' tennis team showed matches. Every player worked Once everyone got warmed Whether they were playing
spirit in a close-knit fashion, their hardest and got a good up to each other within those singles or doubles , the varsity
both on and off the courts. feeling on what the next couple first few weeks, the team's tennis team performed with
of months were going to be like. foundation was set. an optimistic and upbeat
Being on the tennis team attitude. Whether they won or
meant knowing the basic, With foil sports tryouts beginning All players knew that no lost a match or during
fundamental strokes as well as the first week of August, the matter what grade they were practice after school, the
learning to work as a team. freshmen and new players on in, tennis required everyone's team always enjoyed their
Working as a team meant the team got the aid of meeting one hundred and ten percent time on the courts. They knew
leaving their comfort zones and students before the first official effort. While som e players what it truly meant to be a
opening up to the other day while in contrast oil of the were just starting out, others tennis team.
teammates. Right away the returning players knew each had been playing for as long
as they can remember. Senior
Megan McDowell said, "I've



1. Eyes on the ball! Freshman Morgan Auger .•3L
prepares her return shot during a practice match.
At practices, Morgan was always wearing very "My sweater is yellow."
colorful tennis-wear. -Rebecca Lassiter, 9
Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas
Coach's Corner
2. On the Move! Anna Owen, a sophomore, runs
to the ball as she prepares to make her shot. Anna
was always on her toes this season. She had
multiple comebacks and victories during the
Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas

3. Ready. Set. Serve! Junior Adaire Hudson
prepares her serve. Senior Megan McDowell, her
doubles partner, and Adaire loved to have fun on
the courts while playing.
Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas

4. All Eyes on the Court Melanie Vynalec and
Rebekah Barrett, both freshmen, watch the match
intently. Rebekah, Melanie, and other teammates
would migrate from game to game to make sure
every player was getting support from the team.
Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas

Coach Lassiter is always very supportive
of the teann's accomplishments, Win or
loss, there was always a congratulations
on how well the team played. They
always got an "A" for effort! An interesting
fact about Coach Lassiter is that she is
better at wall sits than the entire team.
Photo Credit; Jocelyn Ganzert

Goodbye to the team captain,

Megan McDowell. She was one

of the most experienced,

friendly, and interesting players

that the team got to know.

Megan said that she has been

playing tennis since she was

"five..maybe six years old" and

had been playing on the Bishop

team all four years. This past

season she played as the

number five seed on the team.

Being the only senior, Megan

got the honor of picking out the

team's uniforms; however, the

uniforms did not show up until

the middle of the tennis season.

Photo Credit; Kristen Bellas Q nl

Varsity Girls' Tennis


The Varsity Boys Soccer team became a close
family during the season.

by Katharine Komsa Photos: Katharine Komsa

Watching the pre-game complimented the skills of times, but worked through it to
prayer from the bleachers, the others. The age diversity grow together. They came
soccer team appeared as oreated an environment that together to celebrate after
one large unified group had the elements needed for wins and to improve after
dressed in blue and white. a strong team. The losses. Surprisingly, hard
There were no seniors, juniors, upperclassmen provided losses were the best way to
sophomores, or freshmen, but leadership to hold the team improve the teams
one united bunch of high together. The underclassmen relationship because it gave
school students working delivered a fresh viewpoint them a reason to become a
together to be the best team and a new enthusiastic spirit to stronger team. By learning
they could be in that moment. keep them going through the each other's strengths and
lengthy season. weaknesses, the team
"The team has all age became a close knit family,
groups from freshmen to "We are working on trying to
seniors," said senior player Alex be more like a family." "It doesn't matter that I'm a
Preudhomme, "it just matters sophomore Luke Vanore said. freshman," said goalie Ben
what you bring to the team." Chappelow, "I'm part of the
During the season the team."
Each age group brought players faced struggles at
unique skills to the game that

Bq the Mumbers, Great save! Freshman Ben ■1 ■'' .
Chappelow makes a save at the
] 7 players on the soccer game. Goalies have to be
team very brave because shots at goal
can be very fast paced.
underclassmen 6
Hit that soft spot, Sophomore Will
Webster makes a goal kick. Lots U.« -Ik
of soccer players like to wear
7 returning players bright colored cleats because
you get a feeling of kicking the
ball harder.

upperclassmen 1 1 d. *



Pass if here, Junior Sean Casper
and Senior Aiex Preudhonnme run
aiong the path of the bali waiting
for a pass from their teammate.
Working together to connect
passes is an important part of

Arm in arm, The team is praying
before the game starts. The pre­
game huddle is an important part
of each game because it makes
sure the team is on the same


V Boys Soccer

WOOOO! Mrs. Dolan screanns while making
her way out of obstacle course and down the
slide, Students pressed their homeroom
teachers to compete in this event for exfra spirit
points. Photo Credit: Alex Zhang

The ominous weather had no effect gathered together to comfort each ether

on the spirit of students on Field Day. after their loss.

Students covered in paint were Senior Anna Smith of Mrs, Kennedy's

chanting and screaming, while horns homeroom said, "It was a devastating

were blowing. Mr. Repass ended the blow, and unfairly judged."

morning announcements with "YOLO" to Dr,Ostasiewski's homeroom students

make the students even more pumped were filled with joy, running around,

and determined to win. jumping up and down, and screaming

For the last three their lungs out.

years, Mr. "We won the post three Senior Katie
Preudhomme's Burske of Dr.

homeroom earned years, and nobody Ostasiewski's
the title of the wants to see anyone homeroom said, "It
overall best felt amazing
homeroom. This sweep." because we really
year Mrs. Kennedy's bonded, and we

homeroom was worked hard for it

determined to win. and ta know that

"I think ifs because we were high this is our year as seniors, it just sealed the

profile because of our organization: our deal."

t-shirts and our banners. We won the As Field Day came to an end,

past three years and nobody wants to classrooms gathered together to end the

see anyone sweep," said Mr. day with a rally in the auditorium. As

Preudhomme. Mr.Repass signaled each grade to come

When the tally came back from to the gym, the Seniors held back in the

student council, everyone was in for a lobby in order to enter the gym as one,

shock. Dr. Ostasiewski's homeroom had unified, spirited group. At the rally, seniors

won. Field Day had a new Senior swarmed the court and ran circles

winner. Mrs. Kennedy's homeroom around the gym.

Heck o n d Neck An unexpected
victor emerges

on Field Day.

by Marina Black

C u K V v j..

"Why did the mushroom go
to the party"?
"Cause he was a Fungi"
-Madison Fly,9

Nice and easy, Freshmen Connor
Winters and Danielle CurrI are
playing corn hole during the rest
period of the day. Corn hole was
a popular game during the rest
time because it was a mellow
game that could be played while
chatting with friends. Photo Credit:
Katie Wright

Not the only ones, Sophomore Bryan Soltis is waving the Raise the winner. Senior Zach Bruns gets
senior flag on the rock after stealing it from Mr. lifted up by the senior class after winning the
Preudhomme's homeroom. "I knew I would get in final day games. Zach yelled "I am high on
trouble, but I just couldn't resist stealing it. I had the spiriti" throughout the day. Photo Credit: Alex
perfect opportunity to take the prized senior flag, and I Zhang
just had to steal it," Bryan said. Photo Credit: Martha

Field Day

"We don't actually run
across the country."
- Alex Errington,12

"Ifs not fun until your

- William Johnson,! 1

"We go on overnight trips
and they ore owesomel"

- Sarah Beth Bernard, 10

"Most people think that mm
running competitively is
stupid. But in reality ifs
awesome I"

- Zyven Sobkowski, 12

kv\<C)W t fc lc b u i YcbU '© A

I am part South- In it to Win It, Jurnior Sam Williarhi
American Indianl worked hard to stctfte front of his
- Miimi Lamuraglia, 11 competitiSn. Sam led the race
and finished first. Photo Credit: Be
i- J L :.. CoSfi



i Ractn9 to the TOD The Truth
by Bailey Seach ■ Behind the

To som e people, cross country is just Running

another name tor running. But to the "There is always a bunch of people A Mile to Go, Freshman Sam
Uliana turns the corner passing the
athletes that participated in the sport it was who either pass out or throw up in one mile mark in the race. The
second mile of the race is the time
a commitment that required much more races. Cross country is much more a runner needs to speed up their
pace. Photo Credit: Robert Coon
than just endurance. intense than people would expect,"

Brynna Tremblay, a senior who had run said Carly.
cross country for
No matter how

four seasons had "The majority of the race is much pain a runner
learned alot, mental. You can't psych experienced, they
yourself out or let things could always find a
"The majority of positive aspect to their
the race is mental sport. The team
You can't psych

yourself out or let get to your head during or considered themselves
things get to your a family because of all

head during or even before o race," the time they spent
even before a together.

race," said Brynna "In most sports you

Tremblay. Cross country involved more than can't talk during
just showing up to practice and doing a practice, but on a long run we can
workout. The runners had to focus on a just have an hour long conversation. It
clean diet and constantly making sure they feels like we're just hanging out with
stayed hydrated. Junior Carly Kreber friends, buf it helps us train harder and
learned this lesson the hard way, when she pass the time," said senior Zach Bruns.
passed out on the finish of a race because
she had not hydrated enough. Whether it was a sprint workout on
the track or a ten mile run around
Salem Lake the cross country team

always enjoyed their time together

and put all their efforts into improving

in their sport.

How Much Longer? Senior Sam
Sebastian and freshmen Andre
Gomez reach the two mile mark in
a race. Sam and Andre usually ran
similar times and ended up side by
side. Photo Credit: Robert Coon

Just Trying to Cool Ott, Senior Ben Coon hops Packin’ it Up, Sophmores Jack Brannon, Zach Finish Strong, As she approaches the finish,
into the bucket of ice after an intense race. Ben Jones, and senior Zach Bruns stay together in freshman Sarah Grace Johnson, picks up her
had shin splints throughout the year and icing the race. Running in packs is good for teams in pace. Finishing strong and passing people on
his shins was important to keep the swelling the scoring process. Photo Credit: Robert Coon the finish is an important part of every race.
down. Photo Credit: Robert Coon Photo Credit: Robert Coon

Cross Country


As everyone settles into the
routine of school, patterns
emerge, Students develop
habits os it becom es clear
which classes with require the
m ost focus throughout the
year, However, with all routines
there have to be exceptions to
prevent a hum drum pattern
from emerging. Sports teams
continue to practice with goals
of placing state-wide. Seeing
who can be the loudest in the
pit, perusing various clubs
(while devouring the enticing
treats offered to new
members], enjoying beautiful
days and a chance to eat
outside with friends give us all
opportunities for a new spin on

"Perspective is the most important thinq to have."

Pictured from left to right: Mor^sigr^or

West, Chancellor of Diocese and

Father Zuschmidt: Parker

Staszkiewicz, 9; Tia Preudhomme,

11; Ben Johnson, 10: Alex Bruno ' r~
and Will Richardson, 12.

] 10 Photo credits fronn left to right:
Sep te m b er Alex Zhang; Katie Wright; Martha
Garrett; Katharine Komsa; Will

Who Needs NormoH

Bishop students defy the ordinary when it comes to finding jobs.

by Amy Beckhann

r-ccll-cc,ul<!^us>.. There are several benefits to It is not unusual for Bishop
students to hold jobs. Many
'Whenever Wiil having a part-time job. worked at restaurants serving
Richardson and I food or got sum m er jobs as
drive Extra cash, new friends, "Balancing lifeguards or camp counselors.
somewhere, we and work experience are schaal, work, However, som e students had
always end up just a few of the jobs a little different from the
going through usual. These jobs had the added
the ghetto," advantages of working. and my social bonus of just being out of the
-Alex Bruno, 12 Senior Megan ordinary, which made it extra
fun. From dressing up as an ice
McDowell, who worked at life can be cream cone to treating patients'
the Aeropostale at Hanes feet. Bishop students definitely
had a good time at some of
Mall, said, "I really enjoy challenging," their unusual jobs.
having a job. Sometimes

balancing work, school,

and my social life can be

challenging, but in the end it is a

great experience that will definitely

help me later in life."



Logan Smith


Where do you work? Cornerstone Pediatric Association of Kernersviile
What do you do? i mainiy answer phones and make goodie bags for kids who had to get shots.
How did you get the job? My mom is a doctor there.
What are some of your favorite parts about the job? i like to see the little kids and see how happy they
are when they get stickers and lollipops,
Is there anything you dislike? Sometimes ifs really boring when ifs slow because there's nothing to do.
Does anything weird ever happen at work? Sometimes crazy parents call.

Alex Patton


Where do you work? Friendly Foot Center
What do you do? I am a medical assistant. I call people back and do ultrasounds and stuff.
How did you get the job? My dad is a client there so they ottered me a job.
What are some of your favorite parts about the job? I like to help people, and ifs okay if you screw
up because you're not going to kill someone,
What are some of your least favorite parts? Feet are kind of smelly and gross.
What is the grossest part about your job? Treating fungus and removing nails.

Nick Trego


Where do you work? Brustefs Ice Cream
What do you do? I scoop ice cream and dress up as the ice cream man.
How did you get the job? I just applied and had an interview and got the job.
What are some of your favorite parts about the job? We get to eat leftover ice cream at the end of the
What don't you like? I hate making sundaes.
W hafs the weirdest thing a customer has ever done? One guy wanted strawberry ice cream and
chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone so I gave him two scoops chocolate and one scoop strawberry
and he got mad because he wanted two scoops strawberry and one scoop chocolate, so he yelled
at me and then stormed off.

Gwen Gies


Where do you work? Putt-Puff Golf and Games

What do you do? I do basically everything. I work the cash register, make food, fix games, give out

golf clubs, clean, and host birthday parties.

How did you get the job? My friend's dad is the manager and asked if I wanted a job so i said sure!

What are some of your favorite things about working? When there are no customers I like being able

to talk to Alyssa Walker and Sarah Lucas because they work there too.

What don't you like? I hate messing up the register and having to call someone over to help while

the customer is waiting.

W hafs the weirdest thing thafs happened to you at work? I was working a birthday party for a little ■

02]Iboy and he kept saying "Ay yo girl, get over here!" and then later he had a temper tantrum.


Setting up the team. Senior Natalie Hardy Perfect form Freshmen Julia
sets up one ot her hitters. The setter is very Kane passes the ball up to her
important because she is responsible for setter. The pass is extremely
talking to the team and making sure that important because without it
everyone works together so the team can there is no set or hit. A good pass
get a good attack. leads to a good attack. Julia was
the only freshmen on the team.

U p p j... Blocking the view.
Julia Brown, Olivia
"Exploring" Bunemann, and
- Ralph White, 9
Julia Kane stand with
their hands up

waiting for a serve.
They stand like this so

that the opponent
cannot see their



Back to th e Basics Team! After every huddle they yell “team"
Everyone on the team was really good
friends this year which made the season

The Varsity Girls Volleyball team tries to perfect the

basics of the game in order to have a winning

season by Julia Brown

A very strong team makes the game game. Coach Brandewie challenged the girls

of volleyball seem easier than it is, To on a whole new level this ye a r with the intense

compete in this very demanding sport training workouts and extreme conditioning

athletes need speed, flexibility, the ability consequences if they were not focused that day

to anticipate where the next "The extra in practice. Coach always made sure
hit is going to come from conditioning that the girls started out with passing
and a willingness to dive on workouts drills because without a good pass
the floor. The game of were there is no set. She had the team
volleyball is all about who practice the basics of the game
can hit the ball the hardest, If repetitively so that they can do simple
a player can slam the ball aspects without even thinking. The
straight down over the net so team worked extra hard in the after
practice conditicning to get stronger so

that the other team cannot gruesome." they could piay better. "The extra
conditioning workouts were gruesome,
even touch it, it is a "kiir.
but, they were totally worth it,", said
Good passers have a lot of
Junior, Julie Dorosiewicz, With all of the
endurance and a high pain
fierce competition in the conference the extra
tolerance because digging up all of
workouts really helped the girls. Because the

those hard hits hurts. However, the setter competition is so intense the team usually plays to

may have the most demanding job of five games which can last up to two and a half

all. It is the setter's job to set up the hitters hours. Dorsey Bowers said, "I am actually glad that
so that their team can score. Volleyball is we did all of the extra training because the games
challenging but that it what makes it so last for so long that without it we would be dead.
fun. Playing for that long is extremely tiring.” Coach
Brandewie saw their potential for a winning season so
The Varsity girls volleyball team worked she whipped them into shape. "I liked how Varsity was
very hard to perfect the basics of the a challenge, working with all the talented girls was
game before moving on to any more great! It was a great experience and I can't wait to
complex aspects. They were expected to do it again next year!" said freshmen Julia Kane. All

try their hardest every practice and game the girls' extra training paid oft because in the end
and to focus in on the details of the they had a great season. Sometimes going back to
the basics is the best thing to do.

Gotcha Covered! Erin Redden gets down and

ready to cover Julia Brown as she passes the

Easy Points. ball up to her setter. The girls were taught to
Julia Brown tips cover one another just in case the ball
the ball right somehow passes through one of the girls hands.

over the

blocker for easy

points.This is the G i v i n g back-
element of the
game that

scores the most


The Varsity girls volleyball

team did a food drive for the

Guilford County Animal

shelter. The team usually

does at least one charity

even each season. People

coming to the games

brought in food for the

animals at the shelter.

Volunteers from the shelter

also brought dogs to

encourage people to


V Girls Volleyball

V ~ < ^ f \ / j'5 u r J l


Students make unique fashion statements with

the new dress code changes. by Annie Armstrong

From New York to London to Kernersviile, fashion week
was popuiar across the giobe. Peopie oeiebrated the worlds'
current fashion styles by making different fashion sfatemenfs
during New York's yearly fashion week. Since fhe new
"sfandard dress" changes wenf into effect, students had to
get creative by bringing their own personal style fo the
uniform. This year fashion week came to Bishop during the
month of September, A few students from each grade were
selected to show off their different styles and express how
they adjusted to the new "standard dress" in their own way.

"If I was given $ 2 0 , 1
would buy a lot ot
helpings of A.C.P
' during lunch."

John Voile, '10

"I really think that nails can make the "I like cardigans because they're
difference between a good outfit & a comfortable and I love color. I
great outfit. But the best part is that also like m y Tom s because they
even if i'm roughing it I'll always have a are also super comfy."
pop of color."
Jonathan Buechner, 11
Lizzy Reklau, 12




“My favorite shoes ore m y Sperrys “I really love how all the different “I like to wear v-necks sweaters. I "i love dressing comfy chic
because they're comfortable colors express the different like them because I can wear because it sets you up to have a
and classy. They add som e prep p e rso n a litie s.” them over my collared school good day if you feel and look
to your step," shirts," your best."
Anna Owen, 10
Tucker Crews, 12 Wili Bruns, 10 Ana Arroyo, 12


Getting in the ZONE

What it takes to get the "DUB' Huddle Up, The Villains crowd
around the head
By Kaite Burske Jones, as he pumps them up
during the game. Photo Credit:
Robert Coon

Winning takes a lot of courage and discipline. After gome and motivating the players to do well. "The Pit" gets the crowd
the Villains early winning streaks the boys stayed going, being loud, and cheering. The real question is does this actually
confident and stayed on track. Working hard in practice help out the football team, and get them excited to ploy?
every day after school really pays off at ganne time.
What the fans do not see is what the players go through "It is important that the pit and the cheer leaders ore there cheering
before the game, and what motivates them to "go our team on because it is nice to know that we hove awesome fans.
hard", After o good ploy was mode or we get o touch down I like to get the
crowd hyped, other than that I'm getting my head into gome and
"Before the game I like to get everyone exited for the paying attention," said defensive line-man Justin Lechner.
game. I also like to listen to my own music and
concentrate," said Villains kicker, Mitch Bullins Before the Villains go out onto the field they always get together
The fans don't see the team bonding before the game. before each gome and hove o team meal, whether it's home or away.
What goes on in their heads before they step out on to These meals ore provided by som e of the players moms. They do this
the field and make the first play? Before the game it may because it is their time to really come together os o team and get
be hard to concentrate and focus on the main goal. ready, and focus os they shore o meal,
Does everyone on the team have their own routine or do
they just go solo? "My favorite thing about team meal is that ifs time to joke with my
friends , get ready for the gome and talk about our opponent," Said
"Before the gome I like to meditate and run the ploys Senior quarter bock Sean Homocher.
through my head that we will be running in the gome, I
also like to pray and talk to God before getting out So to get the "DUB" otherwise know os "the win" or the "W', our Villains
there," said junior defensive end Reed Stahl. footboli team relies on hard work, dedication, ritual, and camaraderie.
With their fans behind them o 'DUB" or lose the Villains feel number one.
Also behind the scenes ore the people watching the



Taking a break, defensive back "I dressed up as a pirate
senior, Austin Cancro takes a sip one day and went to Krispy
of his water after playing a good Kream and got free
first haif. Photo credit: Katie Burske doughnuts" - Senior Will
Breaking through, some of the
cheerieaders hold up the Bishop f u K K j ...
McGuinness football tarp. The
team gets ready to bust through
to start the game. Photo credit:
Kaite Burske

staying strong Junior Kable Young
barges right through the Academy
defense with the ball to head one step
closer the the touchdown line. Photo
Credit: Robert Coon

Junior Greg Salomon, a line
backer, has been through some
pretty tough injuries in the past
year, "in the past year I have had
an ankle sprain, hamstring sprain,
and stitches to the face." Greg is
well known on the Bishop tootball
team for playing through his


Varsity Football

All the w ay to

by Alex Zhang

Pack up your bags. You're moving half way around world, have a dream,Whether they are from Brazil, China, Columbia,
where the people speak a different language and live a different or Japan, they left their homelands in hopes of gaining insight
lifestyle, Most people would say, "There is no way I'm leaving on what it means to an American high school student.
here," but that is not case for Bishop's exchange students, they

Name: Isabella Bedoya-Patiho
Grade: 11
What are you looking for in the US? What do you hope to learn?
I feel like like I have always belonged here since I was a child and as I grew
older I realized that all of my dreoms are to be aocomplished here.
What is the biggest difference between Columbia and USA?
The people.
If you have a chance what would you want to do at this time?
Play so e c e rll!!!lll!
What do you think is the best part of the school?
The teachers. They are really nice.
What do you think is the best part of the USA?
English, career opportunities, sports
What is your favorite food?
Pasta and pizza.
What is the most beautiful area in your country?
Cali, Amazon.
What you want to do after you graduate?
I want to go to law school and play soccer.
If you could change one thing in the US, what would you change?
Public transportation system.

Name: Chuck Ma
Grade: 11
What are you looking for in the US? What do you hope to learn?
I think they have high qualify life and people enjoy their life,
I want to study here because I want to prepare for college in America,
How did you choose your English name?
Because I really like the TV show Gossip Girl, in that show they have a guy
name Chuck, I think that name is awesome, so I chose that name.
What is the biggest difference between China and the USA?
There are different attitude about life between Chinese and American
If you have the chance to do anything here what would you want to
I want a real American people's life.
What do you usually do in your free time?
Sleeping and playing with Daisy.
What is your favorite class and why?
Religion, because there is a pretty girl in that class.

)28 Chuck's dog Daisy
Photo Credit:Chuck Ma

‘ .v':x.iLKH'nV^ Name: Flora Liu
r r PI' ,. Grade: 10
What are you looking for in the US? What do you hope to iearn?
p iin i^ i w r I want go to top collage in the world and learn English
How did you choose your Engiish name?
Flora. I got from my mom. She has a friend named Flora who is very smart
and successful. So my mom wanted to me to be like her friend.
What is biggest difference between China and USA?
The education system and culture.
What do you usualiy do in your free time?
Skype with my friends and review English vocabulary.
What is your favorite ciass and why?
H. Pre-Calculus. Because Mr. Koepf is very nice to me and I got 100 on my

first test.
What you want to do after your graduation?
I want go to England to work for Standard Chartered London Headquarters

Name: Lucas Las-Casas ^

Grade: 11

What are you iooking for in US? What do you hope to learn?

To learn about the America Culture.

What is the biggest difference between Brazii and USA?

Food and education system

If you had a chance to do any things in the US, What would you


Visit State of California

What is you usually do in your free time?

Read and watch TV

What is your favorite class and why?

Photography, because if s the most interesting class

What is your favorite food?

Meat loop

Tall me a most beautiful area in your country?

Rio de Janeiro

What you want to do after graduated?


Name: Yuta Enomoto
Grade: 11
What are you looking for in US? What do you hope to learn?
I'm interesting here.
What is most difference between Japan and USA?
Food and time
If you have chance what you want to do at this time?
What is you usually do in your free time?
Play with my host sisters
What is your favorite class and why?
What is your favorite food?
Tall me a most beautiful area in your country?
What you want to do after graduated?
Go collage and go to another countries


Foreign Exchange


The Official Games of

the Class of '16

This year's Freshmen Retreat by Kristen Bellas
was out of the ordinary, The Peer
Ministers deveioped a theme practice to win the gold, just like
based on this past sum mer's it takes a lot of time and effort
events in London: the to achieve full communion with
Oiympics. God. At the end of each
Olympic activity, freshmen
"I thought it was creative, i liked divided into country groups
it," Madeiine Sorreii said. and discussed how each
activity tied into communion
The games of the ciass of '16 with God, Each ninth grader
were somewhat different had to dig deep and reflect on
however. There were no goid, various topics such as the
silver, or bronze medals, Theological Virtues.
instead a spiritual message
awarded to the freshmen. They The Freshmen Retreat was a
were told to "Go for God", time
for ninth graders to get
Freshmen were put into groups refreshed and renewed while
that took on a specific country having a slight competitive
and they had three 'Olympic edge against the other
sports' to participate in: hurdies, freshmen nations. During some
voiieybaii, and triathion. Each down time, ninth graders got to
activity was mereiy a mini connect with one another. The
game of the actuai sport: the Peer Ministers separated the
hurdies were simpiy an freshmen for a boy/girl talk and
obstacie course; voiieybaii was spoke about the hurdles of high
piayed school.
with a beach bail: and the
triathlon was a modified version "It was relaxing and you got to
of red light, green light. connect with other people,"
Karina Sennati said.
"You had teamwork and got
to work together," Logan Bullins Overall the Olympic theme
said. was a success; it brought
together the circle of freshmen
All of the Olympic-themed known as the Class of 2016. The
activities required everyone's freshmen went somewhere
full participation. The games extraordinary where no
also tied into a special Olympiad had ever gone
message: it takes a lot of before.


I've got a lot of favorite
animals, and if I were to
list them I would take up
the entire page,
-Melissa Farmer, 10

Titanic Freshman Christopher Mahood helps We Ali Need Guidance Sometime! Aliki Dear Future Me... Tingxuan Zhang, a freshman,
demonstrate the command "Titanic" with Senior Peer Leonard helps Plindfolded Madison Zaphiris as
Minister Alyssa Walker for the game Ships and Sailors. they play the Cinderella Shoe Game. This writes a letter to himself fhaf he will nof get back
Most of the freshmen fhought that this command was game was the opening icebreaker of the
hysterical. Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas Freshmen Retreat and turned out to be until his senior year. Since he was a foreign
organized chaos. Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas
exchange student, Tingxuan wrote his letter in

Chinese. Photo Credit: Kristen Bellas Q 3 ]|

Freshmen Retreat

The Environmental Club fills

9 Blue recycling bins to the brim as
part of the Green Cup

Challenge. by Hamson Oearmln

The Environmental Club participates in twa competitions The Environmental Club has done a lot around our school

each year sponsored by the Green Schools Alliance. The community from planting trees, to gardening, to cleaning up

competitions include other schools in the region and nation as litter on Highway 66.

a way to collect data to see which schools do the best job with "Environmental Club does what they can to make our world

"green" initiatives. The Recycling Challenge was a a more beautiful place" said Jocelyn Ganzert.

four week endeavor where the Environmental Club The Environmental Club sought service outside

members counted how much trash and other non ...we save the walls of the school by partioipating in lake
recyclable items were in recycling bins around the the trees." clean ups through the Winston-Salem Big Sweep
school and many recyclables were in the trash and highway clean ups under the Adopt-a-

cans. Juniors Hayley Lineberry, Jocelyn Ganzert and Highway program. Students, whether in the club or

Elizabeth Hrycaj were the leaders of the not, were encouraged to participate in these and

Environmental Club and were responsible for compiling the other earth friendly activities which proved a great way to get

results and sending the information to the Green Cup service hours and make an impact on Mother Earth.

Challenge website where they were tallied and compared to "I find Environmental Club fun because we get to hang out

other schools. This quest helped raise awareness in the school with friends and we save the trees" said Junior Elizabeth Hrycaj.

and made us a step closer toward becoming a part of the Much of what the Environmental Club did this year went on

Green Schools Alliance. behind the scenes and often involved messy physical labor like

"I enjoyed the Recycling Challenge but people did look at sorting the recyoling or picking up litter. Nevertheless, the

me funny when I looked through their trash cans," said Hayley students involved in these ootivities found working on the

Lineberry when she was asked about the Recycling Challenge. "greening" of Bishop to be very rewarding.

"I conquered my Fun Times Juniors Elizabeth
bad grades!" Hrycaj and Hayley Lineberry play
a game at "paper toss".
-Sarah Reitzel, 9 Recycling is a normal part of the
school's Thursday routine. Photo
)32 Credit: Harrison Dearmin

'Si'fitem b er Now What? Junior Ben Jandzinski
wonders what to do with all of
the recycling. Ben is an avid
supporter of his environment and
the Earth. Photo Credit: Harrison

Mother Earth Shines Down Happiness Senior
Alex Mahood puts recycling into the big bins
outside. Alex took out recycling from other
homerooms os well os his own. Photo Credit:
Harrison Deormin

Take A Trip Senior Alex Mahood and Mrs.
Garrett take the Recycling on its journey to
the big bins. The recycling cart is sametimes
used to move the recycling instead at the
blue bins. Photo Credit: Harrison Dearmin


As the weather gets colder,
students only get busier.
Starting off the month with on
exciting Spirit Week in
preparation for the annual
Homecoming donee helps
students stay cheerful, Though

M the month is filled with testing
including the lost SAT for many
seniors and the first PSAT for
the freshmen, there is always
time for extrocurriculors. The

I quarter ends on o high note
with the foil ploy and o long
weekend. Regardless of how
fast the year seem s to be
flying by, there ore still three
quarters to endure. Getting
through it requires staying
focused only on what's directly

"It all deoends on how we look at thinos.

Pictured from left to right: Aaron
Kelly, 9: Performer at LEAF; Stuart
Spiers, 11; Sierra Hodges, Jocelyn
Domabyl, and Molly Fields, 11;
Evan Starks, 12.

Photo Credits from left to right:
Ashley Sanchez; Martha Garrett;
MG; Maddison Staszkiewicz; Aiex

October itieoie

'^ e n d id isolation, Sophomore Ian
'#31i1tland takes som e time out of the day

to be alone and to think to himself. The
retreat helped to make the students
more aware of their lives by giving them
time to think,

C L| < 3 O i...

Sophomores learn how to set a new course
and become closer to God. by Katharine Komsa

Photos: Katharine Komsa

The morning of the retreat, Twitter was preview of the day, the students broke small groups helped the sophomores t3
blowing up with tweets from sophomores away from som e of their fellow open up and become more personal IT
about reoalculating their lives. Everyone classmates and went with small groups with their peers. They listened and learned u
was ready for the retreat after the inspiring for more serious topics. During these from each other. The sophomores used
homily by Father at a special Mass held small sessions, they learned from older this time to pull together all of the ideas of
that morning for the sophomores. and wiser peer ministers how to deal with the retreat and think about how the retreat
Pumped and excited, the students got on the many distractions in the life of a high changed them.
the bus ready to spend the beautiful day school student and get back into a better
outside at Camp Weaver. Christian life using God's Plan for "The retreat helped me reestablish my
Salvation, otherwise known as GPS, relationship with God," sophomore Alex
"I enjoyed getting to spend most of my Sarmiento said.
day outside on a nice day talking with my "I learned that even though I may stray
friends," sophomare Jesse Russell said. away from God, I can always get back Overall, the retreat was a huge
on course," sophomore Mateo Morillo success. The sophomores spent the day
Jumping off the bus and out into the said. thinking about their lives away from the
world after the long bus ride to camp, the distractions of class. The sophomores got
students were ready to start the day off After a lunch break, the students broke on the buses to head back to Bishop with
right with fun icebreaker games like Ships up into even smaller groups to talk about a new mindset on how to recalculate their
and Sailors and "chain tag." After a quick how their day had gone. Being in the lives.


Small talk, Sophomore Will Bruns sm iles '//hat was the best part of the retreat?

while talking to his peers in the small group
discussions. The small group discussions
were meant for students to open up to their
peers and become closer to them,

"Riding the bus with "The games that "The ships and "When we played
Erin O'Rorke" we did." sailors game," chain tag,"

-Robert Furr -John Valle -Alejandra Leon -Troy Wolverton

Hit the deck, Sophomore Alex Putman falls to
the ground while playing ships and sailors. This
game was the favorite among most of the
Deep in thought. Sophomores Bobby Mason
and Ben Malinda reflect on the days activities
in the last group discussion. Being outside in
the nice weather helped calm the students
and give them a chance to enjoy nature.

Success, Sophomores Josh Goodman and
Daniel Gill rejoice after winning the blindfold
game. For this activity, students had to make
an assigned animal noise and try to find their
peers making the same noise while wearing a

Where did you go? Sophomore Emily Fiore tries to find her "I was in the school 037]
group that are making the same noises in the blindfold musical and I was sick
game. Some noises were easier to hear because some the day of the
animals make louder noises. performance, so when I
sang my solo my voice

-Taylor Finn, 9

Sophomore Retreat

Same Space, Different Uses

All Bishop students may receive a locker at the beginning of the

year; however, some students value their lockers more than others.

by Paige Anderholm

Name: Madison Fly
Grade: 9
Bottom Locker
How otten do you go to your locker? I go to my locker three
or four times a day depending on the schedule,

What is the most random thing you have in your locker right
now?l found hof pink duct tape in my locker.

What do you appreciate most about your locker? I
appreciate that my locker can hold all of my binders so that
my backpack does not look ginormous.

Do you prefer the top locker or the bottom locker? Why? I Name: Delaney Findling
prefer a top locker because then I do not have to get on my Grade: 10
knees. Top Locker
How often do you go to your locker? I go three times a day.
What did you do to remember your locker combination? I
try to find numbers fhaf have som e type of correlation with
each other or that rhyme when you say it.

How convenient is it for you to visit your locker during the What is the most random thing you have in your locker right
day? My locker is pretty easy to get to after classes like Biology now? A bottle of water
and English.
What do you appreciate most about your locker? I don't
How is your locker personalized? I have monogrammed Lilly have to carry all my books around.
Pulitzer prints taped up in my locker.
Do you prefer the top locker or the bottom locker? Why? The
top locker because well I had a bottom locker last year and I
had to wait forever to get to it and now I don't have to

What did you do to remember your locker combination? Ifs
my password on my IPod.

How convenient is it for you to visit your locker during the
day? It's not convenient at all.

How is your locker personalized? I have three pictures in my
locker. There is one of me with my cousins, one of the girls from
my club team, and one of my friends from last year.

Ye^ur (?^_v<!br-c-Ve Ve^-c,\<er...

!^ 7 m a d d i $o n St a s z k ie w ic z @ M a d d $.. "Mr. Ekiund is my
I A m so d y sle x ic a b o u t m y lo c k er favorite teacher
funny stories." -Seth
Conlon, 9



Name: Jessica Brandewie Name: Michael Tepedino
Grade: 11 Grade: 12
Top Locker Top Locker
How often do you go to your locker? Three times How often do you go to your locker? I usually go to my locker
between every other class.
What is the most random thing you have in your locker right
now? I have a wolf hat. What is the most random thing you have in your locker right
now? Right now, the most random thing in my locker is a
What do you appreciate most about your locker? The lack of pinhole camera, but last week I had a small alligator head
organization that I have created given to me as a gift from a friend.

Do you prefer the top locker or the bottom locker? Why? The What do you appreciate most about your locker? The thing I
top locker because I'm six feet tall and squatting isn't fun appreciate the most about my locker is that it is centrally
located in the school, so I don't carry many books around.
What did you do to remember your locker combination? I
had Cassidy Blancher remember it. I basically have the whole Do you prefer the top locker or the bottom locker? Why? I
school remember it, prefer the top locker because this year is the first time that I
have ever had one and it is more convenient.
How convenient is it for you to visit your locker during the
day? Ifs pretty convenient; ifs in-between all of my classes. Ifs What did you do to remember your locker combination?
better than freshmen year. After freshmen year, locker combinations were not hard for me
to remember, however, I did keep a note card in my backpack
How is your locker personalized? Ifs not just in case.

THE BATTLE OF THE LOCKERS How convenient is it for you to visit your locker during the
day? It is quite convenient for me to visit my locker because I
W H IC H LOCKER DO Y O U PREFER? pass it several times a day.

Top Locker How is your locker personalized? I guess the only
Preference personalization in my locker is my stuff. I don't decorate my
Bottom locker all fancy like some people,
Preference YO U KNOW Y o u 're A...
No Fre sh m a n when you think there is absolutely no
Preference time to go to your looker so you orom all of your
textbooks Into your baokpack,

Sop hom ore when you think its oool to sit by your
looker in the morning and biook the entire
ha Iiway.
Ju n /of when you try to convince yourself that your
locker will stay organized this year.

S e n io r when you don't bother going to your
locker anymore because you realize it's
completely unnecessary.


student Feature

D ressing I

o Students look strut y<^ stuft, senior
forward to the only
Leland j^ ^ m ste r walks down
week of the year the h o ilv U y ^ c k e d out for
without having to decades day. His shirt
actually belonged to his dad
follow dress code. back in the 80s.

by Anna Smith Salad Dressing Day
Photos: Alex Zhang
Classes dressed up in
Not o day goes by without someone complaining clothes inspired by different
about standard dress, There is only one week each year dressings. Freshmen were
where this isn't the cose. Students looked forward to Spirit Italian, sophomores were
Week os o break from the dress code routine and o ranch, juniors were Greek
chance to show oft som e personal expression, and seniors were Flawaiian.
Freshmen Victoria Gonzaiaz
"I put o lot of thought and time into picking out my and Madison Blancher wore
spirit week outfits," said freshmon Aliki Leonard. Italian inspired mustaches.

Some could soy that there was even o lot of pressure
to hove the best outfit each day. Students wore
everything from pizza suits to bird hots. Those who got
really into the doily themes were recognized at the pep
roily on Friday and competed against each other in o
crob-wolking race across the gym. While most of the
school gets really into dressing up and goofing off, there
ore those who get excited for other reasons.

"I didn't wont to conform. Instead I just decided to be
comfy," said senior Joe Book.

There were o few, not only in the senior class, who
chose to participate only marginally by wearing pajama
pants and hoodies each day. Even so, there was still
plenty of school spirit demonstrated throughout the week.
It was such o drastic change in the overall demeanor of
the school, and everyone was clearly o lot happier.

"I looked forward to seeing what everyone else wore,"
said sophomore Taylor Gentry.

Spirit week was full of excitement os it is every year.
Some could argue that it was more spirited than any
other school because everyone was so eager to get out
of dress code. No matter what attitude one has towards
dressing up. Spirit Week was o much needed break in

Monday Tuesday

|040 « Pajama Day

October Students rolled our of bed
and com e to school in
their pj's and slippers.
Juniors Mott Fortun and
Max Leftwich shared a
Snuggle during class.

1. No shorts! Mr. Repass stands at 2. Falling for football, the Varsity "When people steal my
the door of the cafeteria and cheerleaders end their pep rally food I"
makes sure that everyone is routine by falling to the floor. The
dressed modestiy. Even though team wanted to end in an -Cameron Smith, 9
the Greeks probabiy didn't wear unexpected way and were
ciothes under their togas, students rewarded with lots of bruised
stiil had to make sure they were knees.
dressed appropriately for school.
4. Lots of love, junior Reid Stahl
3. ’Merico, sophomore Ryan gives a "bro hug" to junior Tommy
Michaels rocks an American Flag Koesters during the pep rally. Reid
hat on wacky tacky day. "I enjoy made sure to give each of his
showing off my partiotism. I guess teammates a hug as they came
you oould call me Mr. America," down the bleachers to pump them
said Ryan. up.

Wednesda.V HiursdaV

Wacky Tacky Day Decades Day

Everyone came dressed Each classed dressed In
(1 In the craziest outfits they
p could come up with. the style of differenf
I# Seniors Brynna Tremblay
decades. Freshmen had
and Alex Errington mixed
90s, sophomores 60s,
many different prints and
juniors 70s, and seniors
wore mismatched
■0- earrings. 80s. Junior Alex Best

exemplified fhe 70s wifh a

huge afro. 041
Spirit Week

"I got my shoes in
Korea over the

-Chris K\wak, 12

Laughs and giggles. Freshmen Lissete Del Rio, Kallie Griffin, Annie Masks and mustaches. Freshman Makayla Sim m ons and senior Luke Justice
LoMuraglia.and Gina Koesfers have a fun fime taking pictures, Whether got the chance to have their pictures taken in the masquerade photo booth, it
pictures were taken at som eone's home or in an extra special location, was a fun activity to take memorable and som etim es goofy pictures with friends
parents had the duty of taking picture after picture of their student and during the dance. Photo Credit: Alex Zhang
possibly their date. Phota Credit: Annie LaMuraglia

Raven Sexton Brynna Trennblay

escorted by Christian Sexton escorted by Zoch Bruns

1Q42 Runners up: Kylie Boyle, Lindsay Nedriga,
Caroline Valitutto, and Miranda Wronecki

Homecoming LIVES O N Keeping the
Tradition Aiive
Blast from the Past, a group of students sit on the Villains bus before the Homecoming by Katie Burske
football game in 1970. "I think ifs really cool that there were Homecomings even when our
parents were in school. Ifs one of the things that connects us with previous generations," said Fall is the time of year when all grades and alumni
Maddison Staszkiewicz, come together to celebrate Homecoming. It is the
time for everyone to commemorate their high school
years, and dates back to the early 19th century.
Starting with the football game, presenting the
Homecoming court, and ending with a big dance
the student body came together. Ifs all about
celebrating school spirit, pride, and traditions.

"The cheerleading team has lots of fun
Homecoming traditions such as letting the JV squad
cheer with varsit/ at the football game and putting
together the pep roily every year. I couldn't imagine
not having a Homecoming," said senior Anna Smith.

Football was the start of all Homecoming traditions
dating back to 1911. After 20 years of the "Border War",
the Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers would
meet on Missouri's campus for a football game. To
make sure there was a good audience, the athletic
director invited all the alumni to "come home" to
watch the game and support the teams.

"The Homecoming game was a combination of
wild support by the pit and extreme effort by the
football players to kick off the weekend in a positive
and memorable fashion," said junior Kable Young.

Later, the subsequent dance became part of the
Homecoming traditions. The weekend including a pep
rally, football game, bon fire, and school dance was
one weekend which was heavily anticipated by
students of all grades.

"I was looking forward to the football game, but I
had no idea what to expect at the pep rally after the
one on Field Day," said freshman Parker Sfaszkiewicz.

Many of the traditions of homecoming are carried
on each year fhrough the freshmen who catch the
spirit and keep the traditions alive. Though the school
itself changes in little ways all the time, there will always
be the tradition of Homecoming.

I ^ IS '

Bit’' ,, Sophomore Attendant Freshman Attendant

r Junior Attendant Kally Softer Ally Dabar I
O 'H vjI
Grace DeMers escorted by Andrew Rowley escorted by Mr. Dobor

escorted by Nick Trego Runners up: Elizabeth Abram, Claire Runners up: Annie LaMuraglia, Tia
Brooks, and Caroline Rose Cappuccio, and Kaitlyn Stilson
■Runners up: Katie Wear, Elizabeth
A/helan, and Maria Kammire


1, Pick Me! Junior Stuart Spiers offers to answer one of Ms, Wailing's questions, Many of
the students in the class got involved during class,
2, Trying to concentrate, Juniar Matt Cook focuses on one of his worksheets. The class
was given a few warksheefs fo do a week,
3, Now Class, Mr, Opachan reviews a worksheef during fhe class, Mr, Opachan was in
charge of fhe English secfion, and offen gave the students grammar worksheets.
4, In the Zone, Junior Grace Demers studies the board. It was impartant for the
students to pay attention because they only attended the class once a week.



K < t > r'e W c s rW ,

O J Cl Students go to class outside of school to
roop their ROmUnGratiOn byBaileySeach Photos: MexZhang

"You have 25 minutes to complete this "My group was small, it only had seven
section." Students heard this phrase both people, so we got a lot of individual
in preparation for the SAT and on test day, attention and helped each other," said
Many students took the class in hopes of junior Ashley Sanchez,
learning tricks and ways to take the test
and achieve the highest possible scores. The class met once a week from 3:30
to 5:05 for six weeks. For many students,
"The main reason I took the class was this left little time to get to their lockers
because I wanted to get Information on and much less to socialize with friends at
the format ot the test and find what tricks the end of the day. This class was difficult
there were to taking it," said junior Natalie for many students because they were
Lassiter. restless and were looking forward to going
Ms, Walling and Mr, Opachan kept the
class very organized for the benefit of the "Some people didn't take the class
students and ran it the same way each seriously," said senior Paul Burske.
week. The class started off by splitting into
two groups to give the students an In the end, the class proved to be
opportunity to get more individual very helpful and beneficial to the
attention. One group went with Mr. students who took it. More and more
Opachan to study the verbal and writing students have signed up for classes each
sections, and the other went with Ms. time they were offered. They looked
Walling to work on math. After forty forward to learning anything to help
minutes, the groups took a five minute make the SAT seem less stressful and to
break then switched. make them feel like they were more
prepared on the big day.

1. What does this Mean? Sophomore Savannah Myers
toils over a math worksheet. Some of the problems on the
sheets were complex and required a lot of work,
2. Did you Get That? Ms, Walling introduces a math
concept to the class. The class often went through
powerpoints with multiple problems.
3 . How much longer? Junior Chris McAllister tries to focus at
the end of the class. Many people found it difficult to pay
attention after a long day of school.

"I got a pumpkin for free,
and I brought it to

-Carissa Ftughes, 10


But during the high-pressure test time, this might elude our memories.

The answers will go in order from smallest the largest. Start with answer choice (C).
In general, if your answer is too large, try plugging in (B) or (A). If your answer is too

045\small, try plugging in (D) or (E).

Academic Feature

In the zone, sophjfcnore Matthew
Hutchinson watches Itie game
from the sid ^ n e s. Despite all thg
cheering and noise in the .,

f, the footbail team
has to remain focused on the '
gam e and isri't allowed to pay
. attention to the crowd. Photo
I cretid: Perry Roach

Steps to Setting Q o q I S

1. Be specific
2. Make it measurable

3. Make sure it is within reach
4. It must be relevant to what
is going on

5. Give yourself a time-frame

046 ,S=.<MA\-eW.-cv\«5- r9 L \\Jl< M A \.. l _ _n. -

October "One time at cheer practice, I’m Ready! Sophomore Delaney
Carolyn and I were basing Findling is focused and ready for
and we decided to make up the ball to come her way. She
a little routine. Now, paid close attention to the game
everytime we stunt we do our to gain all possible points for her
routine for good luck." team. Photo credit: Katie Wright

-MaryLynn Kanir,9 Extreme Stunting, the JV
cheerleaders perform a dance
and stunt during halftime. During
cheer camp, the team learned a
routine known as the "extreme
routine" that is usually performed
at the first home game, Photo
credit: Perry Roach

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