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Cleveland Wins The World Series 5-2!!!

By Joshua Eastburn

October 12, 1920: The Cleveland Indians beat the series were won by the team that scored first. The
Brooklyn Dodgers in their nine game series 5-2! Indians had a pretty solid season finishing with a
cool 98-56 (.636) record. Brooklyn finished off their
Game seven ended with a score of 3-0. The Dodgers season with a record of 93-61 (.604).
didn’t score in the final two games of the series.

This was one of the most exciting World Series yet.
This World Series witnessed the first unassisted

triple play by Bill Wambsganss. All the games this

The Coupe: $520 “Easy

to Handle, Safe to Drive

The handling of the New
Ford Model T is topnotch
and the comfort is
stupendous. This Ford
will always be
dependable for whatever
your day consists of. You
will feel powerful with this
2.9 L V4 3 speed,
producing 20 horsepower
and a top speed of 45

The Outcome

The Fight for Our Rights The resulting outcome of the many
years of fighting was a success for the
By Morgan Goodrich
women's suffrage groups. On January 9th,
19th Amendment, The Reason For it 1918 President Wilson announced his support
For years women have been fighting for
for the cause, thus leading to a speech given
their rights in our country, they have had to be by the President to congress persuading them
slaves to men and follow whatever direction
was given from the man. They had no rights to pass the law. It was passed on June 4th,
and were seen only as men's property. There 1919 and was ratified on August 18th, 1920.
was no fairness between the genders, having
woman be seen as powerless and treated as The law took effect on August 26th, 1920
so. Their many years of trying to bring equality finally allowing woman to have full rights in
to our country was seen as useless, until the
19th amendment was submitted to the states nineteen states and partial rights in fourteen
on June 4th, 1919. The amendment would others.
simply give all women in the United States an
equal right to vote in US elections. Authors Opinion
Protesting For The Cause As a woman of this country i think that
The women's suffrage group formed shortly
after the Civil War resulting in multiple different gaining the right to be able to vote is life
strikes and protests. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns changing. We as woman, I feel, have gained
were the pushing force to this, being the ones
to start up a union for women's suffrage that some respect that we well deserve. Although
consisted of about two million women. Some we are not seen as equal to men i hope that
protests took place in front of the white house
gates, woman would chain themselves to somewhere in the future we will have that
railings. Many were arrested for this act, but in equality and be able to be on an equal
prison they still tried to fight and multiple
women went on hunger strikes and were then standpoint with men. We deserve to be treated
forced to eat. A lot became very sick because the same, weather it be in the workplace or at
of this condition, these woman being known as
suffragists and many had been fighting for the home, woman need to be able to be an equal
cause since 1850’s. person to anyone else in this country.

The 1919 World Series; A commissioner. The lack of an official to oversee the
Baseball Scandal league provided gamblers with the perfect
opportunity to fix the championship. As the series
By Taiyo Galli grew closer, fans grew anxious to watch the chaos
For over a century, baseball has brought fans
quality entertainment in the United States. Every 1919 World Series: White Sox vs Reds
year people gather to watch the much anticipated
Word Series, an annual matchup between two of the Fixing The World Series:
best teams in the Major League. In hopes to profit, The scandal began when a group of
many gamblers use this as an opportunity to bet on
the final outcome. Back-end agreements are made, gamblers approached several White Sox players and
and gamblers sit back and watch eagerly as the fate offered to pay them thousands to throw the series.
of their money is decided. Those who place bets Since baseball during the early 20th century was far
rarely have any control over what actually happens. less lucrative, many players agreed. Throughout the
Instead, most rely on their gut feeling or even 8 games take took place, players for the White Sox
analytics to determine their choice. However for a proceeded to play poorly. Ultimately, the White Sox
group of gamblers in 1919, this was not the case. lost the series in a 5 to 3 game defeat. In August
Instead of patiently waiting like the rest of their 1920, 8 players from the Chicago White Sox were
cohorts, this group took the series into their own banned from the organization after being exposed
hands. Even today, the fixing of the 1919 world for participating in the scandal. Only 5 gamblers
series lives on to be a memorable moment is were caught, the most notorious of which was
baseball history. Arnold Rothstein, the kingpin of the Jewish mob in
New York City. Overall, baseball fans everywhere
Team Picture of the Chicago White Sox were outraged. As a result, Kenesaw Landis was
installed as commissioner to prevent any future
The Match Up: scandals from happening.

In 1919, the Chicago White Sox and the Kenshaw Lands: The league’s first commissioner
Cincinnati Reds were the two best teams in the
league. The Cincinnati Reds finished the regular
season with a record of 96-44, a win percentage of
0.684. The White Sox finished the season with a
record of 88-52, giving them a win percentage of
0.629. Prior to the gambling rumors, the odds were
5-1 in favor of the Chicago White Socks. Soon
afterwards, the odds shifted to 8-5 in favor of the
Cincinnati Reds. Word seemed to spread very
quickly and more gamblers were encouraged to
place their bets on Cincinnati. Throughout the 1919
MLB season, the league operated without a
Commissioner of Baseball to oversee the league.
After the series, several franchise owners installed
Kenesaw Mountain Landis as the league’s first

A Brighter Future:

Since the scandal in 1919, the league has
successfully prevented further fixings from taking
place. This is in part due to the tremendous increase
in earnings players have experienced over the years.
With a commissioner, the MLB is far less
susceptible to to criminal activity. Although certain
scandals such as steroid usage continue to take
place, the league is far more regulated than it was
100 years ago. The same enthusiasm that
surrounded baseball in the past is still present today.
Fans continue to cheer on and cherish the moments
they share with their favorite teams. If the league
continues to regulate their games and refrain from
disappointing their fans, baseball will continue to

What's happening at Alcatraz? population of The Rock went from under 100 to
over 450 prisoners and became a holding pen
By Alex Gritsavage
for Spanish prisoners brought from the
The history of Alcatraz is pretty complex Philippines. Alcatraz became a barracks for
but interesting. It all started in 1847 when the
United states military due to the rocks strategic military prisoners once again. It also became a
value. By 1853 a military fortress was started place for soldiers who came back with tropical
to be constructed, a year later the first
lighthouse on the Pacific Coast was built to diseases. By 1902 Alcatraz was housing on
guide boats through the Golden Gate. A few average about 500 prisoners per year. In 1904
years later a military fort was built on the island
in 1859 Alcatraz received its first prisoners. construction began to modernize the prison,
Then in 1861 the island started receiving prisoner work crews did a majority of the work.
Confederate prisoners due to the isolation
created by the water. The conditions for these Construction of theses new buildings was
prisoners was very poor. They were confined finished 1909. Recently Alcatraz has been
to a guard house basement and had to sleep
side to side, there were no latrines, and falling into disuse a lighthouse keeper, a few
disease spread man to man. After the war it military personnel and hardened military
was determined that the fort was no longer
needed despite that the prison was still in use, prisoners are the only ones believed to remain
and more cell houses were added. In 1898 the on the island, the empty buildings are

beginning to crumble but some believe a
change is coming. Could the prison come back

as it had in the past? Could they be upping the
security and planning in future use? Or are

they just going to abandon it once the few
prisoners are gone?

The Big Cheese

-Al Capone By Caleb Roseberry

Birth of a Legend

In 1899, Alphonse Capone was and friend Johnny Torrio
born. Famously known as Al
Capone. His parents are Gabriele was Albert’s godfather.
and Teresina Capone. Starting out
as a poor child, his parents had the Now a husband and a
jobs as a tailor and his father was a
barber. While he was in sixth grade, father, Capone wanted
he started falling behind in school, causing him to have
to redo sixth grade. After that, his face would become to do right by his family,
more common around the Brooklyn docks. He would skip
school to go down there. One time Capone’s teacher hit so he moved to
him, causing him to retaliate and hit back. The principal
then beat him, causing him to never go back to school. Baltimore where he took
Mr. and Mrs. Capone then decided that it was time to
move. They moved to a better region of the city, Park an honest job as a
Slope. It was here where Capone met Johnny Torrio.
bookkeeper for a
Capone started running small errands for Torrio until he
started working a hardworking job in a munitions factory. construction company.
He even spent time being a paper cutter. Mr. Torrio
introduced Capone to Mr. Frankie Yale; Yale then However, when
employed Capone as a bartender at the Harvard Inn.
Capone’s father died of a
heart attack in 1920,
It was there that Capone earned his nickname
“Scarface.” One night, he made an indecent remark to a Torrio invited him to
woman at the bar. Her brother punched Capone, and
then slashed him across the face, leaving three indelible come to Chicago.
scars that inspired his enduring nickname.
Capone jumped at the opportunity.
Start of a Gangster
A few weeks after Albert Francis was born (Their child)
Capone at age 19 married Mae Coughlin. His former boss Torrio was originally in the gambling and
prostitution business, but with the outlaw of
alcohol he saw the jump on a brand new business
type, bootlegging. Capone had street smarts as a
minor thug and bookkeeper. Capone impressed
Torrio with his skills and was promoted to partner.
Capone was a major drunk that was arrested his
first time for hitting a parked taxi. Torrio got him
out easily using his connections.

St. Valentine’s Massacre

By 1929, Capone was the king of the bootlegging
business. Other’s like Bugs Moran despised him.
Bugs attempted on Capone and Torrio’s lives
before. Moran now wanted to kill Capone’s best
hitman; McGurn. After finding out about this,
Capone and McGurn decided to kill Moran.
February 14, 1929, McGurn had his men pose as
police officers and kill seven of Moran’s men at

North side garage. Bugs Moran was alerted of the tried to have him assassinated and had seven of his
immense danger at the time and escaped before men killed in cold blood, Al Capone will be known
harm came to him. We now know that Capone as “Public enemy number one” from now on.

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