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This newsletter contains articles written by Denny Dennis, and includes updates on events happening at Coe Church of Christ.

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Coe Church of Christ April 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter contains articles written by Denny Dennis, and includes updates on events happening at Coe Church of Christ.

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Staying in the Loop


“Winter will pass, the days will lengthen, the ice will melt in the pasture pond. The song sparrow will return
and sing, the frogs will wake, the warm wind will blow again. All these sights and sounds and smells will be

yours to enjoy Wilbur—this lovely world, these precious days.” (Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web)

I feel like Wilbur the pig from the Children’s book “Charlotte’s Web.” Will spring ever get here? this spring’s long-awaited arrival, one frustrating aspect of ministry is that noth-
ing happens as quickly as I’d like. The church is growing in spiritual maturity and size, but I
have the desire for things to move more swiftly. And like spring, my aspirations rarely coincide
with God’s time frame. This means that in church work, we always need to take the long view
of things. The best takes time; if God wants to build a cucumber, He takes 3 months. If He
wants to build an oak tree, He takes 100 years. So I, and all of us who work hard to advance the
Kingdom here at CCC needn’t be discouraged, but view each ministry like a long view act of
faith. We must always be planting seeds that may not bear fruit for years to come.

Have you ever heard of the British Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood? He was second in command
to the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson during the glory days of the
British navy in the early 19th century. He was a long view kind of guy.
I’m sure there are many grand and history-changing stories about his
courageous deeds and days at sea, but his deeds ashore perhaps pro-
vide the grandest and most influential. Whenever Collingwood went
ashore at a British port or territory around the world, he always carried
a pocket full of acorns.

WHY? He carried acorns because he knew that a shop like the HMS
Victory, the ship he commanded after Admiral Nelson’s death, required
3,000 100 year old oak trees to build. Keeping the British navy strong
required oak trees at an alarming rate. So, whenever he was on English
soil, Collingwood planted thousands of acorns in order to replenish the
many that were felled in the shipbuilding industry.

He was taking the long view! He knew he would be long dead before the trees he planted
would ever be mature enough for use in shipbuilding. Yet he cared enough about England’s fu-
ture that he would plant trees in every suitable spot, ensuring the military strength of his be-
loved navy for generations to come.

So here’s my point. We have to consider the long view in our ministry endeavors as well. Keeping Christ’s
church strong requires mature, committed Christians just as the British navy needed mature oak trees. Our
efforts today will have an effect on the generations to follow. The results may inevitably take longer than
we would like, but should never hinder our efforts to plant as many spiritual acorns as we can today to have
mature Christians at CCC tomorrow.

More about that later...So stay with me here…

The great trailblazer Daniel Boone at the age of 86, was asked if he ever got lost out there in the wilderness.

He thought for a moment, then said: “I can’t say I was ever lost, but I was once bewildered for 3 days!” I

would hate for any of us to be bewildered, so I thought I’d spend a few lines letting you know about all the

acorns getting planted around here (I also promised I would in last month’s “The Christians who did
newsletter). the most for the present

New Sound System Acorns! Thanks to a very generous donation from a CCC world were precisely
member, the technology ministry led by Barb Leonard has diligently researched those who thought most
updating our current sound system with a new digital mixing board, amplifier,
of the next.”

platform monitors and equipment to enhance our worship and improve the C.S. Lewis
sound quality in the auditorium. The new equipment has been ordered and will

soon be installed. Just a shameless plug here, but we are always looking for

new people to assist. If you are interested in becoming involved in this aspect of worship, contact Barb

Leonard or Bim Fowler.

Building Upkeep Acorns! Again, thanks to the same very, very generous donor, The elders accepted a bid
to repair and replace the roof, soffit, fascia, and gutters on the front carport of the church. Work is set to
begin on April 16th.

Building Lighting Acorns! Is the church so bright you have to wear shades? The majority of the interior
lighting (plus some exterior) has been replaced with new LED lighting. These new light fixtures are more
efficient, which saves the church money, longer lasting, and obviously much brighter!

New Fellowship Acorns! Have you sat at one of our new tables in the fellowship hall? These round tables
make it much easier to converse with our fellow members and get to know many of the new worshipers
that have joined us. Hopefully we will be acquiring enough to fill the hall in the near future. Of course, we
will always have our regular long tables for special events with large crowds.

Well, I hope I haven’t bewildered you, but back to my point of taking the long view of things. Perhaps you

believe that these updates are unnecessary. In last month’ newsletter, I said we need to remember that the

church doesn’t exist only for the benefit of those who got here first, but for those outside our doors. Thus,

we must look at our building through the eyes of a newcomer. Members don’t notice the

leaks in the carport roof, dim lighting, poor sound or paint schemes of a different generation.

Members are here for the people, the relationships, the fellowship, and the spiritual growth;

not the facilities. But for visitors with none of these reasons to attend, other things shape

their first impressions...and our building is one of them. Denny

10:00 AM/ 11:00AM
“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.”
5:30 (meal) 6:30 (study)
Brother and sister Kevin and Karen McCormack came forward for
MINISTER baptism on Sunday, March 25th during our morning worship service.
Donald (Denny) Dennis Russ Stowell came forward for baptism on Good Friday, March 30th.
Faith Best accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and came forward to
YOUTH MINISTER be baptized on Easter Sunday, April 1st.
Eric Sheldon
ELDERS Praise God for each of these new lives in Christ, and let us as a body
of believers come together in support and love for our new brothers
Phil Leonard (chairman) and sisters!
Dennis Fowler
Bob McCaul If you would like to know more about Christ’s call on your life and the
Dick Colbry role of baptism in salvation, please speak to ministers Denny, Eric, or
DEACONS one of our elders listed to the left on this page. You can also find an
Clyde Thatcher abundance of literature on our welcome table to help you in this life
Zach Rulapaugh changing decision.

“Coe Church of Christ exists to Back Page Puzzle Clues: 1. Exodus 3:1; 2. Judges 6:11; 3. 1Kings 19:16-19; 4. Acts
reach out to the lost, and to train 16:14; 5. Acts 18:3; 6. Luke 19; 7. Colossians 4:14; 8. Jeremiah 36:4; 9. Judges 4:4; 10.
Esther 2:17
people to maturity in Christ
through discipleship, worship, and
fellowship, completely following

God’s Word.”

One Sentence Sermon

Coming together is a beginning...keeping together is progress...working together is success!
“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works…”
Hebrews 10:24

Save the Date!

It’s time to bring Vacation Bible School back to Coe! This
summer we will be offering an adventure to our kiddos,
and hopefully to some new kids as well. Rather than a full
week, we will be holding our VBS on a weekend in Au-
gust. The dates are Friday, August 17th and Saturday,
August 18th from 6:00PM– 8:30PM. Then, after exploring
Jesus’ amazing love for us, the kids will be sharing what they’ve learned in a powerful “Sunday Cel-

Please mark your calendars, pray for this exciting outreach event, and think

about helping out. In the near future, I will be asking many of you to take part.

More information will be included in the May newsletter.

Co-Directors are Pat Frost and Glenda Taylor. Kathy


As more and more new faces appear around here, a pictorial church
directory has been requested and is in the works. But we can use some
help! If you are handy with a camera, we can use you. The plan is to
take “casual” photos over the course of a few Sundays until we get eve-
ryone that desires to be a part of it. Names (including our children),
and contact information will be included. See Denny with any ques-


Notice: To listen to One Duplain Church of Christ is hosting an
Call Now church related Outdoor Expo on April 21, from 9:00
messages, please call 866 AM—2:00PM.
-321-4255 and follow the
prompts. See Jan Fowler There is just TOO MANY exhibits and ac-
or Phil Leonard with any tivities to mention here, but…

questions. There’s a HOG ROAST … there’s DRAW-
INGS...there’s...well, EVERYTHING an
outdoor man could want!

The cost is $5.00/person. See David Gilpin for details, or call the Du-
plain church office @ 989-224-4878



Am I By popular demand, David Gilpin will be renewing his “Christianity
Growing? 101-201-301” Bible study. I greatly encourage our newest members
and attenders to join this great overview of what it means to be a
disciple of Jesus, why we “do what we do”, and how you (everyone)
has a place here to worship and serve. It will be starting on Sunday
April 22, and class material will be provided.

ALSO: Bim Fowler will be taking a break from his Harmony of the
Gospels class, and I will be leading a progressive study on the book of James. This is a great
class to be involved in if you are one who has just completed Christianity 101-201-301. The
study of James “fleshes out” the mission and the call of Christ. James is one of the most
practical books that teaches common sense wisdom and faithful action. This class will begin
April 22, and material will be provided as well.

You know… Scripture teaches us that “All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teach-
ing, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be
thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Might we all heed that
Divine advice and become involved and growing.


“When we who are aged run out of empathy, when we forget our own childhoods, when we neglect the spiritual
growth of those who follow, shame on us, for our work in this world is over.”

It’s easy! Just bring in your empty pop/soda cans and place them in the collection box in the
church foyer. These cans are turned in and the money is used to finance youth events and

Several times throughout the year, Coe Missions for Christ
participates in service projects. This month, the ladies
chose to make pillowcase dresses and sundresses for the
Pamoja Leo
school for most
vulnerable chil-
dren. This is a
school in Tanza-
nia, Africa that
our missionaries
Bill and Leah
DeLaughter work with. There are eighteen girls and eight
boys all between 3 and 5 years. The missions group decid-
ed to sew dresses for the girls and buy shirts/shorts for the
boys. Deb Barber also made 4 pair of shorts for the boys.

A few pattern variations of the pillowcase dress and sun-
dresses with sewn samples of each style were available to
view. Participants could choose which dress they would
make. Eleven ladies were present with seven sewing ma-
chines lined up on the east tables ready to go to work. For
some, it was a new experience making these types of

dresses but everyone
willingly helped each
other. Our goal was to
complete 18 dresses to
send to the chil-
dren. Our final count
was 23 dresses (some
not pictured). Lenora
Leonard also donated
18 pair of undergar-
ments for the little girls. Each little boy will have a new
shirt and shorts to wear.

It was fun to see the various
color schemes come to-
gether into final garments
for the children. Each dress
took on its own charac-
ter. A luncheon was shared
by the group at noon with a
missions meeting follow-
ing. The meeting focused
on the program for April’s
Secret Sister Reveal sched-
uled for April 12th at 6:30
p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. If you are participating in this
activity, please bring a dish to pass and a $10.00 gift for
your Secret Sister.



“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”
Proverbs 14:23

When God called the following people, they were busy working at something.
Match the person with what he or she did for a living.

1. Moses a. Farmer
2. Gideon b. Seller of purple cloth
3. Elisha c. Shepherd
4. Lydia d. Judge
5. Priscilla & Aquila e. Thresher
6. Zacchaeus f. Queen
7. Luke g. Scribe
8. Baruch h. Tentmakers

Comments, suggestions and contributions to CCC’s “Staying in the Loop”
newsletter are always welcome. The church office, Denny, and overseeing
elder do however reserve the right to edit, omit, or enhance any contribu-
tions or pictures to be published.

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