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TR-Tea Vendor

TR-Tea Vendor

Basic skill needed for: TEA VENDOR

Task for Tea ❑ to arrange to deliver tea ❑ to follow hygiene ❑ to ensure that the
Vendor and other required rules/expiry dates beverages -most
beverages during office of goods and be commonly tea- is in
hours to the correct people careful with hot proper conditions
as accurately and safely as liquids and tasteful


On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to check if anyone needs to drink something
❑ to check supply and demand
❑ to ask if anyone needs refill
❑ to identify the number of the consumed glasses of tea
❑ to read information about the total number of glasses of tea he delivers
❑ to read messages or logs from previous shift
❑ to read symbols and messages on the digital/non-digital order chart
❑ to clean the items he uses for preparing tea

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to check the notes on order charts
❑ to collect empty glasses and bottles
❑ to make a list for what goods is needed

Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to count the number of items he has for his tea house
❑ to check the rules and regulations in the company for tea vendors
❑ to read information about how to do better tea
❑ familiarize themselves with new recipies or brands
❑ to refer technical manuals
❑ to read safety instructions and procedures for safe preperation
❑ to readwork-related information
❑ to read regulations on delivering and rest periods


On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to log his own shift
❑ to register the number of glasses of tea
❑ to register payment

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to log technical problems and faults with samovar/tea-urn
❑ to report on events to superiors
❑ to write information tags for Commodity Directorate

Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to report and document damage to equipment or people
❑ to report and document vandalism and theft
❑ to forward complaints from tea drinkers
❑ to report samovar/tea-urn problems to the Commodity Directorate
❑ to write notes and assignments in connection with training

Oral skills

On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to greet tea drinkers pleasantly
❑ to ask for the payment
❑ to announce opportunities for fresh tea
❑ to give instructions and explanations to tea drinkers face to face
❑ to answer questions from tea drinkers
❑ to communicate with other tea vendors using internal communication equipments

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to report on problems while delivering tea and ask for help
❑ to resolve conflicts with tea drinkers
❑ to deal with unforeseen situations such as running out of tea
❑ constructively handle criticism
❑ to respond to special requests such as darker or lighter tea
❑ to receive messages and instructions from superiors

Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to communicate with superiors regarding need for information or assistance
❑ to deal with emergencies such as burns
❑ to listen to training sessions on new procedures and rules
❑ to cooperate with and talk with other collegues in the training
❑ to attend and participate in the training


On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to check that glasses of tea and other equipments are valid for the specified time for usage
❑ to check the expiry dates for the suppliments
❑ to check payments and provide correct change
❑ to check cash versus the number of glasses f tea sold at the end of a shift
❑ to calculate discounts
❑ to calculate the price for per person or a bunch of people as a group
❑ to read and evaluate numerical information from the dashboard
❑ to ensure that the samovar keeps working and he is brewing the new tea

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to check his own salary
❑ to calculate when the tea will be ready to drink
❑ to check the right amounts of water and tea to brew the tea
❑ to measure the degree of maturity of the tea if it is drinkable
❑ to consider total capacity of samovar for arranging the right amount of tea to brew

Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to consider whether the number of tea drinkers exceed the daily limit for tea to brew
❑ to assess and report technical faults such as breaking glasses or any other equipment

Digital skills

On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to use digital equipments to read the instruments
❑ to use digital ordering/delivering system
❑ to use digital counter for how much tea or other beverages are consumed
❑ (if a digital system is adapted)

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to use his mobile phone to send messages to collegues or superiors
❑ to use his mobile phone to deliver messages from collegues or superiors

Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to document errors and accidents happened
❑ to take photos to document accidents
❑ to save accident photos to use later documentation
❑ to use digital learning resources for training
❑ to gain actual information about recent regulations

Critical thinking

On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to asses the behaviour of tea drinkers,
❑ to use logic and come up with reasonable solutions to the problems considering strenghts and

weaknesses of the situation
❑ to analyse information and to evaluate end results to choose the best solutions to terminate the

Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to search for the best solutions to be able to solve the problems
Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to happen to be obliged to choose right and wrong decisions

Media literacy

On a daily basis the Tea Vendor will
❑ to achieve the ability to reach the information via tv, books, newspaper, video, cinema,

advertisements, internet, etc.
❑ to analyse messages in written and non-written from small to large formats to identify what is

right, what is wrong, what is extra or what is missing and what he actually needs
Regularly the Tea Vendor will
❑ to evaluate the accuracy and reliablity of the message and transmite them
Occasionally Tea Vendor will
❑ to create his own messages to express himself in an effective way

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