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HM Brochure v1 singles

HM Brochure v1 singles

Hydro Massage Baths
The only bath that you design
with your health in mind.

Tell us your needs and together, we’ll cre

No other bath on the market – whether it’s built in or freestanding – can offer a full range of design
options specifically tailored to your health needs. Hydro Massage Baths can. And no other bath on the
market can provide the soothing sensations of air and water jets, combined with our Stay Hot bath
experience to keep your bath at the temperature you want for the ultimate in relaxation.

eate the solution that works best for you!

wherever you need it most.

So what exactly is hydrotherapy? Put simply, it’s
the use of water to provide therapeutic effects and it’s
been around for centuries. The Greeks, Egyptians, Turks,
and the Japanese all enjoyed thermal/hot springs and hot
water baths as part of their social and spiritual culture.
With a Hydro Massage Bath, you can relax and revitalize
right in the comfort of your own bathroom, enjoying a

therapeutic air, jet or Revive Oxygen System bath
to bring focused energy and relief like you’ve
never experienced before.

Call now for a free bath design consultation.

It all begins with a call to one of our bath design consultants. You tell us what ails you, or what aches and
pains you’re hoping to have soothed. We’ll then discuss the type of bath you want, zeroing in on the size,
style and configuration that works best in your bathroom and then working with you to customize the design
options that will provide relief to your aches and pains. Once we know all your needs, we’ll recommend
the Hydro Massage Bath that works best for you, allowing you to turn your bathroom into a true, home spa

Design features that will put you in your h

Everything about Hydro Massage baths is MICROMASSAGE
designed with your comfort in mind from
head to toe. Start with our variable flow VARIABLE FLOW
neck massage pillow that allows you NECK MASSAGE PILLOW
to ease back and enjoy the experience.
Our Comfort Plus armrest provides the BACK MASSEUR
perfect space to rest your tired, achy HMT SYSTEM
arms while our exclusive Warm Back
Zone allows the heated water to slowly
penetrate your muscles, reminiscent of
a hot stone massage. Add our exclusive
Hydro Massage Therapy Back Masseur
system and tiny jets will slowly massage
your back, giving you relief from minor
aches and pains.

You’ll have the option of surrounding
yourself with our Ultraflow,
MicroMassage and Classic Air jets. Even
your feet get special attention thanks
to our exclusive Sole Soother Jet that
provides the benefits of a relaxing foot
massage. This jet works wonders as it
helps improve circulation, reduces the
effects of depression and anxiety, helps
prevent foot and ankle injuries, lowers
blood pressure, helps with headaches
and migraines, and helps alleviate
systems of PMS.


happy place.






The cleanest bath you’ll ever own.

Our ultra-clean plumbing on our jetted whirlpool baths is the newest in technology. With features
to keep your bath at it’s cleanest level, you can be sure our exclusive ultra clean will keep your bath
mold and mildew free with only a wipe down – no more deep scrubbing so you can relax in your
bath, not spend hours cleaning it.

Soothe your senses for the ultimate in re


The use of light and color to promote Hydro Sounds Music Therapy System will
a specific emotional response dates saturate your bathing experiencing in the
back to the Egyptians who built healing soothing sounds of your favorite music.
temples of light over four thousand Hook up your MP3 player or your sound
years ago. Now you can create your system into the bath fixtures so that you
ideal environment with low energy are literally enveloped in your own kind
consumption LED lighting designed of musical therapy The sound waves will
specifically for your Hydro Massage bath actually vibrate and travel through the
with either the Underwater Lighting Kit water and into your body’s inner core –
or the Chromatherapy Lighting System all controlled with the touch of a button.
that allows you to cycle through the full
spectrum of color.

The bath of your dreams awaits you.

With 108 models to choose from, featuring over 1350 packages and combinations, as well as four
different pump locations, your bathroom no longer stands in your way. We are experts at helping
you identify the ideal solution – one that is custom-made specifically for you. We are the only
company that offers such an incredible array of options. Now, what can we do for you?



With Hydro Massage baths, you can add Ease into the comfort of a bath that
the healing powers of aromatherapy invigorates every pore thanks to our all
to the mix. Available on all series of natural ReVive Oxygen Soak hydrotherapy
air baths and whirlpools, it features an system that offers the latest in oxygen
air canister that mounts on the deck of rich bathing. The oxygen-rich bubbles
the bath and automatically introduces will envelop your entire body, giving
fragrance into the water anytime the your skin a luxuriously silky feeling.
pump is operating. Your skin absorbs By moisturizing and cleansing at the
fragrant oils while the fragrance is same time, your skin pores lift away
inhaled, providing pharmacological, any impurities found in the skin, while
physiological and psychological healing plumping, hydrating, and reducing fine
powers. lines and wrinkles – all while relaxing in
the comfort of a bath that features built in
lumbar support, neck and foot massages.

A Hydro Massage bath will be
your ultimate healing, relaxing,
rejuvenating sanctuary.

Eco friendly and built to last, right here in America.

Every Hydro Massage bath is built with our environmentally
friendly eco bond green foam insulation that keeps your
bath warm and quiet. The eco bond green foam insulation
helps keep the water hot for up to 30 minutes,
while reducing energy costs and consumption by
maintaining water temperature without the use of
electric or natural gas heat sources.

We custom design and build every Hydro Massage
bath to last – and we back each one with a
lifetime-limited warranty. And we’re proud to say
that they’re all built right here in America at our
Colorado headquarters.

Start designing your Hydro Massage bath right now.

• Custom-designed to your specifications with all your needs in

• The only bath featuring air and water jets along with Stay Hot temperature controls
• Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, hydro sounds – Hydro Massage baths are the

ultimate in sensory relaxation
• Easy to clean, easy to maintain and built to provide years and years of soothing relaxation

Call Toll Free (888) 409-8860 to start your free bath consultation.

505 Nucla Way, Unit B, Aurora, CO 80011

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