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LM Mag (Le'Blanc Music Mag) celebrates it's 2nd year in business. As always we strive to bring you the best of the best in music, from artist all around the world. This issue we released a triple cover, featuring Hell RAZAH from Wu-Tang/Sunz Of Man, Kobby Stone Pressure Bois CEO, and Ghanaian model Gifty Washington. And interviews from Lasuria "Kandi" Allman of Kani Kane ENT, Marissa Savino from MJ's Hip Hop Connex, and the editor of London Le'Blanc Danielle "Danni Billions" Craig. Also be sure to check out the beautiful baddies this month because the models are turning up the heat for us this winter.

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Published by London Le'Blanc's Magazine Stand, 2018-02-01 01:21:02

Le'Blanc Music Mag Vol. 16-KobbyStone

LM Mag (Le'Blanc Music Mag) celebrates it's 2nd year in business. As always we strive to bring you the best of the best in music, from artist all around the world. This issue we released a triple cover, featuring Hell RAZAH from Wu-Tang/Sunz Of Man, Kobby Stone Pressure Bois CEO, and Ghanaian model Gifty Washington. And interviews from Lasuria "Kandi" Allman of Kani Kane ENT, Marissa Savino from MJ's Hip Hop Connex, and the editor of London Le'Blanc Danielle "Danni Billions" Craig. Also be sure to check out the beautiful baddies this month because the models are turning up the heat for us this winter.

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Va l er ia High

SA Mk r e w

Samuel KwabenaMarfo,better
recordingartist fromthe
East ernRegion. Hestart edhis
musical career inhighschool ,
andmanagedtoform2 record
l abel s.Currentlysignedtohis
ownl abel SAMkrewMUZIK,
he'srel easedanal bum"No
Regret" andseveral singl es
sincethen.Tocheckout some
of hismusiccl ickonthel ink
andenj oy.
- TeamLe'Bl anc

https:/ / so
ng/ samkrew/ samkrew- - - bl e


h t t p s:/ / sou n d clou d .com / su p er b e JK Th e Rea per
lem en t s/ set s/ h ar sh -r ealit ies
Dr op s A Di ss
Tr ack A gai n st /jkthereaper/fucktalibk
T al i b Kwel i weli


Dr op s A N ew Si n gl e Wh i n e Pon Me


h t t p :/ / gh on p oin t .com / 2018/ 01/ 17/ kin g DJ Fl a s h
-xzib it -t ake-in d u st r y-st or m -d on t /
h t t p :/ / w in d eu m r ad io.or g

Gif t y

Ph ot o Cr edit : Su cf r ed Ph ot ogr apgh y

Gh an a

Fl a me D a D a r k c h il d

Rap artist Flame Da Darkchild from
Religh, North Carolina releases his
official video for the hit single
?Money?off his latest EP ?Light From
The Darkside?. The EP is available on
all digital music platforms and is also
on CD.?Money?blazes a catchy and
inviting hook that is a sure win for a
club banger. Although flashing loot,
Flame isn?t rhyming about expensive
cars, a night filled of groupies, or
immoral behavior Rather, he is
rhyming about money as his
motivation and his destination both
personally and in his career. Every
penny and dollar earned through
persistence, travail, and authenticity
of his musical talent and
VIDEOh t t p s:/ / yo u t u .b e/ O
EPh t t p s:/ / sou n d clou d .com / u
ser -974710678/ set s/ ligh t -f r o m
-t h e-d ar ksid e

S o u r c e: M J S a v ino

Dani el l e Cr ai g
Chops I t Up
Wi t h Hel l
Wu- Tang Cl an/
Sunz Of Man

Danni- Hey what?s up w it h you, how have you

RAZAH- Peace QueenI?ve been busy wor k ing
on my document ar y movie coming soon about
my life st or y ?RISEN?AND MY TWO RECORD
IAPPARRELSTOREht t ps://iappar elst or e

.com/pr oduct -cat egor y/hell-r azah/
Danni- Soooo t ell me about your lat est pr oject
w it h KILLAH Pr iest .
Danni- I k now you r eleased your document ar y
last year, br ief ly t ell my r eader s about it .

Danni- A lot of people don?t k now you suf fer ed f r om
t hat aneur ism, and mor e impor t ant ly you f ully
r ecover ed. My quest ion t o you is did you EVER t hink
for one minut e t hat it was impossible?

Danni- I also r ead somewher e t hat you r ecent ly
launched a new r ecor d label, what a major POWER
move. Tell us what?s up w it h t hat and how can t hey
link up?
r ecor d label.FOR Inquir ies go
t oheavenr

Danni- I k now t his is way of f but , a Wu-Tang
wor ldw ide r eunion t our is loooooong over due. I also
believe you guys owe t o your fans t o gr ace us w it h
your st age pr esence as a whole at least one mor e t ime.
Not t o ment ion t he millions of dollar s t o be made
over seas alone. I k now you can?t speak for ever yone
else, but is t his somet hing you would like t o see
happen as well?
RAZAH- t hat is a dr eam come t r ue
I wanna see happen again
Danni- I k now you?r e ALWAYS wor k ing diligent ly on
one t hing or anot her, so what can we expect f r om you
t his year ?
Danni- I appr eciat e you sooooo much for chopping it
up w it h me, but befor e I let you go t ell my r eader s how
t hey can f ind your lat est pr oject s.
Hell Razah Music

S L R M u s i c G r o u p , C 75 L i v e , M Js H i p H o p C o n n e x & G o r i l l a G e a r P r e s e n t
#M y P h i l o s o p h y C h a l l e n g e

A re y o u r b ars d o p e en o u g h? A re y o u r freesty les ly r ical w ith su b stan ce? W an t th e
w o r l d to h ea r y o u? A l l y o u n eed to d o is su b m it a 60 sec o n d freesty l e v id eo to Sc o tt
L a R o c k ?s f a m o u s ? M y P h i l o s o p h y ? ( i n s t r u m e n t a l ) . T o b e c o n s i d e r e d f o r t h e c o n t e s t
p l e a s e s u b m i t v i d e o o n I n s t a g r a m a n d t a g @ S c o t t L a R o c k Jr , @ S L R M u s i c G r o u p ,
@ M Js H i p H o p C o n n e x , @ C 75 D e s i g n s , a n d @ O f f i c i a l G o r i l l a A r m y .

R e m e m b e r t o h a s h t a g #M y P h i l o s o p h y C h a l l e n g e

Co n test en d s o n M a rc h 2n d , b ir th d a y o f l eg en d a r y Sc o tt La Ro c k ! W in n er w il l
rec eiv e?

- 1 free m ix ta p e p l a c em en t o n Sp in r il l a
- N YC rad io in ter v iew
- Go r illa Gear m erch an d ise
- B l o g p l a c e m e n t i n 6 s i t e s i n c l u d i n g Th i s Is 50 , I A m Hi p H o p M a g a z i n e (Lo n d o n ),

N O M A D S St r e e t Te a m , a n d C75 Li v e

Residing in Al bany, New York is up and coming l ocal artist by the name of Cl ear Mind. With a l arge
grass root f an base, he is on his way to cl aim f ame outside of the Tri-State area as evidenced by mass
media f ootage, l ive events, showcases, and radio airpl ay. I was shockingl y impressed when I caught
wind to his newl y rel eased mixtape ?Swords, Metaphors, & Pressure Points?, which is predominatel y
sel f -produced by Cl ear Mind. I was al so astonished by his l evel of excel l ence and execution with
l yricism, versatil ity, and beat sel ection. Not one track is repetitive in f l ow, rhyme, sound, or message.
He gives l isteners something real to grasp, embrace and rel ate to especial l y with tracks ?Fire at my
Feet?, ?Legend?, ?Wal k with Me? and the most heartf el t track ?Freestyl in?Under Inf l uence?. This
mixtape al so il l uminates a f usion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul , and personal scriptures which def ine Cl ear
Mind as artist and man, f rom struggl es to conf idence, and with the certainty of becoming a l egend in
his own right. Cl ear Mind has the abil ity and conviction to create timel ess and extraordinary music.
https://soundcl earminded/sets/swords-metaphors-pressure-points
Management:rakiml emonier@gmail .comhttps://www.f ear/http
s:// ear/
Source:Fol l ow MJ @

Source_ MJ Savino


Lasuria music industry? What advice do you
Allman 10-15 years give to aspiring artists
I nt erviews who are trying to get in
JP a artist So your fans can follow the industry?
st raight you what social media Get your feet wet and
out of sites are you on? experience it
Det roit . Fb, Twitter, Instagram,
Rever b er at io n , What motivates and
SoundCloud drives you?
To Be The Best
Are you interested in
making movies? What advice do you
Yes, give young people of
today about the
What city and Where do you see importance of obtaining
state did you grow yourselffive years from a good education?
up in? now? The more you know
Detroit En t r ep r en eu r
If you could change
What was it like What advice would you your profession what
growing up in give to young men of would you be doing?
Detroit? today who are suffering Pro Football player
What you made of from injustices?
Favorite food
Tell us a few things Keep working hard let Lemon pepper chicken

about yourself nothing stop you Hobbies
Basket b all
Cool Is there a website

What inspired you where your music and be
to become a artist? viewed and purchased?
Obie Trice when I Spotify, ITunes

was ten Have you ever

How long have experienced stage fright?
you been in the Not Really

PC: Face Phot ogr aphy

KobbySt one

Da nni B il l io ns
Int er v iew s W it h
K o b b y St o ne (GH )

Danni - Heeeeeeeey Kobby, how are you young
m an?

Kobby- I'm doi ng good m am a

Danni - Fi rst and forem ost I?m li ke so proud of
you, you have no clue.

Kobby- honored to k now thi s m am a, You gi ve
m e so m uch m oti vati on.

Danni - So i t?s been proven i t AIN?T shi t you
can?t do. But w i thout telli ng all your busi ness
secrets w hat are you planni ng to do thi s year?

Kobby- Thi s year i m starti ng a m ulti purpose
soci al m edi a em pi re (nam e w i thheld) and i m
gona drop a couple of vi deos as w ell. Im
gonna lead up the Sugar Daddy CEO brand lol.

Danni - So last year w as explosi ve for the
Pressure Ki ng. You di d radi o, televi si on, and
the ulti m ate shi t you dropped your fi rst EP as
a solo arti st. Tell m e about the project.

Kobby- i t's called Fam e Before Fam e, the EP I
have planni ng si nce I w as boy. I di d i t to
share m y li fe w i th m y fans. I got i nternati onal
arti ste li ke Judah Pri est on i t and the publi c
response w as good. Its on m y soundcloud and
gonna be avai lable i n stores i n by sunday. I
actually Put i t on soundcloud to allow
everyone have a feel for free. Im gona focus
on selli ng m y fi rst studi o album soon.

Danni - You k now I have no fi lter so I?m gonna
gi ve i t to you strai ght, you m ade Ghanai an
arti sts step up thei r gam e because everyone
on m y ti m eli ne started droppi ng EP's i nstead
of just si ngles around the sam e ti m e. How
does i t feel to have that type of posi ti ve
i nfluence on your peers.

Kobby- haha feels good, m y i nfluence on the
i ndustry i s pretty obvi ous from onli ne to
brandi ng. I w ouldn't li ke to sound li ke a
braggart so I w i ll only express how speci al i t
m akes m e feel k now i ng people w atch m e.

Danni - You also di d the ulti m ate w i th a
feature from Judah Pri est of Wu-Tang Clan,
not to m enti on you?re also featured on hi s
album . What w as that li ke for you to
collaborate w i th a Hi p Hop legend?

Kobby- i t's one of the greatest feeli ngs ever.
Im so honored to be doi ng collaborati ons
w i th legends. I count m y self blessed.

Danni - Bei ng such a young successful
entrepreneur, w here do you get your
strength and i nspi rati on from ?

Kobby- I'm i nspi red by m y ci rcle. I keep
posi ti ve people around m e and these people
don't sleep so how the hell can you sleep
haha you take a look at Danni e Bi lli ons she
doesn't sleep haha i m just k i ddi ng w i th you
but you i nspi re m e so m uch alongsi de a
couple of go hard people I k now.

Danni - In addi ti on to m usi c and
entertai nm ent, you?re a m aster at Guerri lla
m edi a m arketi ng. I k now w hat the Pressure
Boi s team di d for m y com pany. Who taught
you all of that? You?re not that old and
you?ve been getti ng i t for years now.

Kobby- no one thought m e m y busi ness, i t
all started from curi osi ty then i t becam e
passi on then m oved to a busi ness then I
di dn't k now nun about busi ness so i t's li ke
the bli nd leadi ng the bli nd I di d lot of
m i stakes and then fi xed them and today
here w e are, bei ng a young CEO w i thout
di recti on i s a bi g ri sk but I found m y w ay
ou t .

Danni - Last but not least how can w e li sten
to the album , and see som e of your w ork ?

Kobby- i m avai lable on all stores w orldw i de.
Just google "Kobby stone" and you w i ll have
access to everythi ng you need. Im all over
from Deezer, i Tunes, soundcloud, Ti dal,
Google Play and over 250 m usi c stores i n the
w orld so ones you k now m y nam e i t ai n't
hard li steni ng to m e. I LOVE YOU ALL FROM

Fame-o us bar z

Lasuria So your fans can follow trying to get in the
Allman you what social media in d u st r y?
I nt erviews sites are you on? Learn the business, Stay
Facebook, Instagram, focus, Don't Believe The
Hype, Get Entertainment
Fame-ous Barz Twitter Lawyer

an What is your website? What was the most
underground Under construction funniest or strangest
artist from thing you ever seen while
Det roit . Have you ever f ilm in g?
experienced stage fright? A guy jumped on a table
Never and almost fell off

What city and state Are there any artists If you could change
did you grow up in? that you would like to your profession what
Detroit collaborate with? would you be doing?
Eminem, Dr Dre, Kendrick I really can't say music is
What was it like Lamar, 50, King Crooked my passion, my life.
growing up in
Det r o it ? Who do you think is the Zodiac
hottest female hip-hop Virgo
It was kind of hard ar t ist ?
Cardi B, Nicki, Remy Children
Tell us about No
yo u r self ? Where do you see
Chilled, Laid back, yourselfin five years? Favorite food
Cool Successful Artist, Soul Food
En t r ep r en eu r
What is your Hobbies
current single? What motivates and Studio, Collaborating,
" Let's Get To It" drives you? Act in g
My Family
Do you have any
showcases or What advice do you
releases coming up? give to aspiring artists
My Ambition

A ma r a Wa s h in g t o n

Model /Act r ess

LasuriaInterviewsMoneyMeeco MoneyMeeco

What city and state did you grow up in?
Colu m b u s

What was it like growing up in Columbus?
Diverse city ups and downs

What inspired you to become a artist?

What inspired you to become a Actor?
I'm always imitating Denzel Washington

Tell us about BREATHE THE HUSTLE Webseries?
It's a Hip hop drama series started in 2016. I play the lead
role Superstar Jay

Do you have any showcases coming up?
I'm nominated for 3 awards

So your fans can follow you what social media sites are you
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

What is Breathe The Hustle website YouTube

Are you working on any other films
Yes, Breathe The Hustle Movie, Billy Buried Dreams

Have you ever experienced stage fright?
Yes, my very first performance at a motorcycle club.

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Who do you think is the hottest female hip-hop artist?
Young MA

Where do you see yourselfin five years?
Acting mainstream

What motivates and drives you?
My brothers and cousin are doing football jersey numbers in
prison. My Grandmother passed in 2015 she supported me.

What advice do you give to aspiring artists?
Take your time be patient. Don't let your dreams shatter your
r ealit y.

What was the most funniest or strangest thing you ever seen
while filming?
When I was doing my Sex scene everyone was watching and
fell through the door.

If you could change your profession what would you be
I Wouldn't Change Anything

C hay C rews

PC: Shar de Ri char dson Phot ogr aphy

Rap RenegadeRon On ealaka Black Bottle Boy is a stand-up guy. He?s a good fella. He represents the L.E.S (Lower East Side of Manhattan, NYC). He?s one of
L.E.S??Made Men.?Confident and with a dope flow, Ron Oneal does everything in a colossal way. During All Star Weekend 2015 he amazed Maybach Music
generalRick Rosswith a relentless freestyle. The video clip went viral and that added to Ron Oneal?s street legend status. The freestyle video sent the Internet
into a frenzy. It received over 2 million views with over 1 million views on alone

Ron Oneal is building a worldwide movement with his long time rap partnerSv Skee(L.E.S BBB). SV Skee is Ron?s elementary school friend, brother from
another and right hand man who grew up with him making all of the music together. Ron Oneal?s style is a blend of reality rap and braggadocios lyricism. He
kicks sharp rhymes over bass-heavy tracks while sharply telling realistic stories about his life and his peers. His sound hearkens back to the days of hard body
beats and grimy rhymes delivered with authenticity. There is an undercurrent of realness in his voice. ?Everything I?ve seen, done, felt, heard, been through,
and witnessed I put in my music,?proclaims the rapper.

Equally important, every time Ron Oneal steps into the booth his goal is to create timeless music that resonates with the masses. Ron Oneal dropped the ?If
Not Me Who?mixtape which was hosted by Power 105.1FM?sDJSelf . The mixtape received kudos and acclaim from many DJ?s and fans alike. His second
mixtape "Son Of Rome" Hosted By Hot97'sDJM agicis still buzzing and receiving great reviews from bloggers, tastemakers & fans. Ron Oneal is riding high on
the release of his latest Single entitled ?Pull Up In Da Wraith?feat Sv Skee. The single is impacting mixshows around the country.

The dynamic rhyme slinger has music running through his veins. Moreover, the emcee is backed byTr ou bleM ak a Kat o TM NYC. Ron Oneal is a rapper, a
boss, and a business man. His hardcore lyrics, powerful stories and masterful delivery make him one of the most sought after emcees around. This magnetic
rapper exudes confidence and has the skills to back it up. At times brilliant and at times daring, Ron Oneal is thoroughly engaging. Respect the grind and join
the movement

Ron On eal Spit s For Rick Ross In Th e Pr oject s eG3jg

Shalong Hamilt on

PC: Face Ph ot ogr aph y

What cit y and st at e did you gr ow up in? Nic e Wa t er Air l in es
Det r oit , Dow nr iver

What was it like gr ow ing up in Det r oit ?
Like gr ow ing up in any ot her hood

Tell us a few t hings about your self ?
Laid back

What inspir ed you t o become a ar t ist ?
List ening t o Tupac, DMX, Wayne

So your fans can follow you what social media sit es ar e you
Fb, Tw it t er, SoundCloud Klut ch Jenk ins

What was like wor k ing on set of " What PeopleDo For
Money Movie ?
In enjoy f ilming it open up my mind on how easy it is

Have you ever exper ienced st age f r ight ?
No, a lit t le ner vous feeling

Ar e t her e any ar t ist s t hat you would like t o collabor at e
w i t h?
DZ, Sada Baby, Wayne

Who do you t hink is t he hot t est female hip-hop ar t ist ?
Lil Br it t any

Wher e do you see your self f ive year s f r om now ?
In Canada

What mot ivat es and dr ives you?
The St r uggle

What advice do you give t o aspir ing ar t ist s?
St ack or St ar ve

Ar e t her e any challenges you have faced and over came in
t he music indust r y?
Or iginal Beat s

If you could change your pr ofession what would you be
doi n g?
Cou n sel or

Zodi ac
Gem i n i

Childr en

Favor it e food
Ch i ck en

Hobbi es
Basket ball, Mak ing Beat s

In t er view ed By: Lasu r ia Allm an

Vee H u n t

Ricar do Gow e Recor ds
Releases Tomm y Lee?s ?,
New Cr ea t or?EP

Jamaican-based pr oducer Ricar do Gowe Recor ds
r ecent ly r eleased Tommy Lee?s debut EP t it led ?New
Cr eat or ?.

The EP compr ises 9t r ack s: ?Pon Di Roadside?, ?Slow
Dow n?, ?Happy Life?, ?Love You?, ?Bad Gyal Duppy?,
?Dest r uct ion of Man?, ?Ghost Bust er ?, ?We ar e Her oes?,
and t he t it le t r ack ?New Cr eat or ?.

?The EP was cr eat ed basically t o give list ener s a t ast e
of how ver sat ile t hear t ist eis and how t alent our
r ecor d label is?, said Ricar do Gowe.

Deliver ing some cour ageous, cat chy, joyous sounds,
t he t r ack s ar e absolut ely r eady for a r adio t ake-over.
In t his pr oject , t hear t ist eexpr esses a new ver sion
himself, a mor e well-r ounded, mor e mat ur e
ent er t ainer.

"We expect t he EP w ill help us t o get mor e at t ent ion in
t he music indust r y wor ldw ide. We want our fans t o
r ecognise, as well, t hat t he ar t ist e can do
dancehall/r eggae w it h a dif fer ent vibe f r om dif fer ent
views. We also expect t o show individuals t hat our
pr oduct ion sk ills ar en't just limit ed t o one genr e of
music," said Ricar do Gowe.

Thr ee videos wer e of f icially r eleased for t hese singles
feat ur ed on t he EP, ?Bad Gyal Duppy?, ?Happy Life?and
?Love You?. The videos wer e shot in Kingst on St
Andr ew and wer e dir ect ed by Heavy Film and Ricar do
Gowe Recor ds.

?New Cr eat or ?was r eleased on It unes and all major
digit al out let s Januar y 5, for sale. Dist r ibut ed by
Zojack Wor ldw ide t he EP hit s number 3 on iTunes
char t s hour s af t er r elease.

To keep up w it h Ricar do Rowe Recor ds, fans can
follow t hem on Inst agr am
@of f icialr icar dogower ecor ds,
@wank a_r icar dogower ecor ds, @r icar dogowe, and
t w it t er -@r icar dogowemusi.

Sour ce: MIA Pr oduct ion

K im ilist

Kimilist isdoinghisthang,and
intotheartist hedesiresto
withanaccent sonotonlydid
ARTISTdon't dothat andthen
get offendedwhenyousing
thewrongwords,well NOT
Kimilist hemadesurehe
nippedthat inbud.
Let'stalkabout hisnewtune
#PartyGodI'll tell yait'sall
kindsof dopeness.It could
Boombap,withbeat andhis
styleof rappingmixedwitha
- Danni Billions

t t p s:/ / you t u .b e/ IE2M XBCd 4m o Conf l ikt


Upandcomingartist Conflikt fromBronx,NYis
whenit comestomusic.Steeringawayfromthe
clubbanger andpoppingbottlehits,? Stay
Up? producedbyGummyBeatsandDJPain1
deliversaclear message.Eveninthe
darkness,intheself doubtandinthepain,
it? svital topoint your headtothesky.
? Higher thanyour word,I? mlikean

Confliktdeliversunequivocal andvivid
realizationthat ? Lifeisagamble,aknife
withnohandle? hedeclarestolivelifewith
Conflikt continuestobuilduphisfanbaseand
recognitionwithCoast 2Coast competitionsand
performancesacrosstheEast Coast,andfor
representingreal HipHop!.

Source- M J Savino

MJSavino Interviews MJ:It?s no secret that is double time work for a woman in the music
and entertainment industry. What keeps you motivated to keep
Earlii RedPromotions going? What is some advice you can give to other women who are
thinking about following your footsteps career wise?
MJ:First and foremost let?s take it back, as most often in this business we
are fans first. You have always been an enthusiast of music, specifically ER:My motivation everyday changes honestly, I set goals for myself
Hip Hop and R&B. How did that evolve from being a fan to starting a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and that keeps me going because
career in Entertainment? I?m always up for a challenge and like to do new things. Besides
having an Entertainment background and playing sports currently
ER:Firstly, I will always be a fan first every step along the way in my and most of my life, being productive and a ?go-getter?is very
career. It all started from when I was a kid, years ago and always had a important too if you?re looking to accomplish something. Yes, we all
special vision on music and helping people. It?s very important to keep go through trial and error or even failures but my advice to all
that ?musical ear ?going so with that said I decided to start my women would be to get back up and face all your challenges
Independent Company, Earlii_RedPromotions. With a mission to get the because STRONG women are hard to defeat. Women need to
upcoming artists and more advanced artists in getting the exposure they empower each other everyday and more in my opinion because it
need via promo, social media, marketing, bookings, etc.? since new always seems we have bigger burdens to fill and we all need to let
technologies are growing and building every day. I also act as a mentor people know the difference, and where we are coming from in our
to many because sometimes as we all know life can be hard and work ethics.
sometimes people just need to build and grow with the right people in
their life not always on a business level. That I believe separates me from MJ:In terms of the platforms you provide and the different hats you
m ost . wear do you have a favorite, such as cyphers, showcases, special
events, hosting?
MJ:You have and still presently work closely with independent artists as
well as major artists and mainstream labels. Talk about some ER:As far as choosing a favorite task or job I prefer to do it all. I like
differences between working with indie and major artists. Do you the many hats I wear and gives me a variety because it never
notice a difference in attitudes, or work ethics? What would you say are makes it boring or gets old. There is always room for improvements.
key elements an indie artist needs in order to cross over to that I love to help others so wherever I?m needed pertaining to an event
mainstream lane? I?m all for it! But, if I really had to choose working special events
and hosting would be one of my favorite choices because I like to
ER:The difference between Independent and Mainstream in my opinion engage people and crowds to have a good time!
all falls on the artists and what goals they might have in their music
careers. Attitude is very important to me when it comes to business and MJ:I?m curious, who is in your personal playlist? Also who have been
in my opinion Independent artists have a better attitude or work ethic top influences in the evolvement of Earlii_Red?
because they look at the outside world differently and are easier to
plan and build with. Sometimes a Mainstream artist will think since ER:Currently on my personal playlist would be my favorite tracks
they made it all the work will be done for them and that is not always from my Independent Hip Hop Artist Cashrac which I manage, 90?s
true. They still will have to keep a great rapport with the people and slow jams, and 80?s Freestyle music. My top influences would have
listeners. If an Independent artist is looking to go mainstream my to be my artist Cashrac for whom I expanded on my vision and
advice to them would be to get the proper support and team to have really started going hard for when I heard his lyrical content and it
with them every step of the way of their career. Not knowing the was like ?love at first sight?! He is so talented and gets his credit all
business side of things always worries me about all artists in general over the world in this industry. Lastly, I would like to shout out my
because that is key, and they will need to look at it as their own business partner Ed from StudioNYC and the rest of the SNYCTV
company to see growth. A lot has changed since the older era and more family as we have been building and working hard for years now
people need to be educated on it more than ever now, in my opinion. and they both have ALWAYS had my back. Building a strong team to
me is always the key to success!
MJ:You provide an incredible amount of platforms for artists to shine,
gain recognition, and to progress in their careers. Take a moment to MJ:Before we wrap up, tell everyone what is coming up this year for
share a little bit about those specific platforms. ERP. Will ERP be expanding?

ER:Yes! I?m all about artists and people that know me will vouch for that ER:So far coming up this year in 2018, ERP will be involved with
because I like to always see every angle of situations but most many special events, political events, festivals, distribution
importantly what is the best interest of that particular artist. With that opportunities, deals for artists, and of course more showcases and
said, I offer shows/ concerts, and I power myself or work with my concerts. Also, I will be hosting and bringing back out a new and
affiliated partners to get their hard work out there and noticed by the approved segment on RedTV called ?Fire Dept?that will feature
right people. Whether it?s various Independent or Mainstream artists rap freestyles and cyphers. I encourage people to follow me
companies/ labels like Def Jam, Universal, Sony, and ASCAP to name a because my schedule is always changing and we are always
few. I also started my own TV Show a few months ago (2017) RedTV on expanding? At the time all dates are TBA.
SNYCTV?s Manhattan TV Network located in Midtown Manhattan, NY. I
interview artists and entrepreneurs, and air their music videos or MJ:Thank you for taking time out, much continued success!
information about their company. I?m all about building, networking,
and making better relationships with people I work with so we all can ER:Follow @earlii_red on FB, IG & Twitter. Thank you all and most
achieve success in this crazy world we live in today. So why not do importantly MJfor this awesome interview! ~ Red
something you love to do? The time is NOW! If anyone is interested in
submitting to my show you can more Follow MJ@MJsHipHopConnex
inf ormat ion.

Earlii_Red Promotions is a thriving Independent Company based out of New Jersey. Earlii_Red
who is the CEO and Founder of ERP is well known in the Communities and Entertainment World
as a Hip Hop and Arts Activist, Publicist, Event Planner, Booking Agent, A&R Scout, and Host.
Earlii_Red is not only a phenomenal woman but has earned title of successful Entrepreneur!

Se s s ily

M J Int er v iew s MJ:Let?s talk about your latest single ?3000?produced by Young Lord.
It is most definitely a club banger! ?3000?is that track you can bump
Lu c a B r a ssy in the car, in the gym, prepping for a date, etc.! Give us the who,
what, why, when, where, and how of ?3000?!
MJhere with London Le?Blanc Magazine. Tonight I?d like to introduce
former professional wrestler, now model and Hip Hop Artist from Luca Brassy:?3000?came about through meeting Young Lord and
upstate New York Luca Brassy! Brassy?s latest single ?3000?produced by needing new material. He sent me a few beats and that's the one I
P Diddy?s Young Lord is hitting the clubs, globally by storm! chose due to the fast paced tempo and upbeat vibe. I wrote it over
the course of a couple days and went to ATL to lay it down. The video
MJ:I?m very curious to hear about your time spent as professional was shot in PA and was released a few months later. People love it!
wrestler! How did you get into that field and how did that transform into
music and modeling? You definitely hold title to Entertainer! MJ:You have your own style, you are incredibly talented, and unique
in delivery. Tell us what separates you from other artists.
Luca Brassy:I started in pro-wrestling at 13. I was always into it as a kid
and when I had the opportunity to get involved in it, I didn't really knock Luca Brassy:I feel what separates me from other artists is number
on the door...I kind of kicked it down and did whatever I could to learn. one, my work ethic. I can think of 5 guys off the top from upstate NY
Eventually, it led me to open my own school at age 15-17. It's a lot to go alone that I think are more talented than I am. But they don't have
through, but let's just say in the wrestling industry (like a lot of the drive I do. Therefore, I've gone beyond because I believe hard
entertainment), people would rather hurt your career than help it. Once I work will beat talent if talent doesn't work hard. With my music I like
got out, I knew I had to find something for a release of my aggression to connect a lot of syllables within lines and do a lot of run on with
and that I had to love it as much or more than I did wrestling. That's very little time to breathe. It's always been that way. But I can also
when I found music which, in turn, led to modeling and acting and spit bars, not just EDM and pop type music. But I think I've found my
everything else I do. own niche that fits the mainstream, but you still know it's a Brassy
record. Just like Bruno Mars!
MJ:Let?s take it back a bit. Tell us about growing up in upstate New York.
Is music in the genes? What is the music scene like out there? I?ve heard MJ:Talk about some upcoming projects you are working on. What
both ?lit?and non-existent. does 2018 have in store for Luca Brassy?

Luca Brassy:There's not a lot of action upstate. We are about 2 hours Luca Brassy:Right now, I'm in the midst of my first feature film role in
from NYC, which is good, but the music scene in both areas couldn't be the upcoming Indie film "Dollmaker ". I'm also providing music for the
more day and night. Growing up here wasn't bad, but the music scene soundtrack. I am also starting an online dating site called
has never been great. It's NYC where you want to go. As far as music LLC. That's due the beginning of the year. Within
being in my genes, I come from a very musically inclined family, but no music, I plan to drop a new EP in 2018 and am always doing
one has ever wanted to take it as far as I do. collaborations with people from various parts of the world (Miami,
London, South Africa, Israel to name a few).
MJ:What do you find most challenging as an artist and model? What are
some successes of both that you can share? MJ:Talk about the importance of investing in yourself and
networking! Obviously, based on your resume the investment is
Luca Brassy:Some challenges are, the time it takes to care for all the paying off in more ways than monetary. SXSW is a prime example of
aspects of what I do, and definitely finding a balance of making money, investing in one?s career. Talk about that experience as well.
doing what I love, and having some kind of social life. I'm also a personal
trainer and take fitness on as a full time gig so time is tough to manage Luca Brassy:If an artist doesn't invest in themselves first, no one else
sometimes. As an artist, I was signed to Tate Music Group in 2014 and will. Believe me, I didn't think I needed anyone else either, but any
Sony RED in 2015. I have also opened for Lil Kim and Rakim and worked serious artist comes to a point that they need help and investors
with a producer in ATL who does P Diddy's work. Modeling kind of ties unless you're independently wealthy. I was supposed to be at SXSW
into this as I'm always in front of a camera for a video or photo shoot. a couple years ago, but as fate would have it, it wasn't meant to be
as my flight got delayed and missed my slot. I did perform at the A3C
MJ:Because you are also an established model do you find that you are festival in ATL though, which was great? Always invest in yourself!
held in a different light from fans? Are you fully embraced in the music
industry as an artist? MJ:I?m curious, who is in your personal playlist? Who, musically, has
an impact on your career?
Luca Brassy:Modeling is second to music. I do a lot more in film and
music than I do modeling. Getting accepted as a model was a lot easier Luca Brassy:I love all forms of music. I actually don't listen to a lot of
than music, especially being white in a predominantly black genre of Hip Hop anymore. I love the old school, but not a huge fan of current
m u sic. trends in Hip Hop. Some of my inspirations and favorites you can
find on my personal playlist are...Johnny Clegg, Michael Jackson,
MJ:Your resume is quiet impressive! How did you link up with Young Lord Meatloaf, Metallica, ACDC, Huey Lewis and the News, Matisyahu,
and other notable industry heavy hitters? Eminem, Nas, Big Pun, Rakim, to name some.

Luca Brassy:I came in touch with some of the "big wigs" in the industry MJ:As we wrap up, is there anything else you want the world to know
through hard work and never giving up. I started in my bedroom with a about Luca Brassy?
pad and pen and ended up in a multimillion dollar studio several times.
Some of my former "management" (I use that term loosely) pulled a few Luca Brassy:If it's one thing that you shouldn't do...don't ever listen
strings and got me linked with Young Lord, but that's really all I can thank to the naysayers. People will tell you that you're not good enough, or
them for. it can't be done, or just shoot to be normal. The last thing I want to
be is like everyone else...I'd hate that. POW!

h t t p s:/ / w w w.f aceb / lu cab r assyf an s/

h t t p s:/ / w w st agr am .com / b r assylu ca/

h t t p s:/ / t w it t er .com / lu cab r assy

h t t p :/ / lu cab r /

Meet J ess Blaze, NY?s MJ:Let?s talk about the very first time you were live on the air. What emotions
Own Ambassador of were running through you? Fast forward to the present, share the level of
Hip Hop and the success No Filter Radio Show is receiving in such a short period of time
Airwaves throughout the U.S. and internationally!

MJhere with one of NY?s top entrepreneurs making some JB:I was nervous as all hell! See I?ve always been shy, until one day I woke up
heavy hitting power moves across the globe! I have the and said ?F* * * what people think?! (Snapple fact) I kept thinking, ?I?m going to
pleasure to chop it up with Jes Blaze, who is Hip Hop run out of things to say?, or ?I?m going to stutter ?. But as time passed I started
devotee, radio owner & host, event planner & host, and to become one with the mic! it?s sort of became second nature to me and I felt
manager! First and foremost, thank you for taking time so comfortable and somewhat powerful that I have a platform and people are
away from your upcoming showcases for this interview. listening to me. I look forward to every Sunday to jump on the mic and share
For those that might not be familiar, tell everyone who Jes my thoughts with others. I?m beyond humbled at the success I have received.
Blaze is?
MJ:I admire you, praise you, support you, and have the upmost respect for
JB:Jes Blaze is just a simple around the way girl that?s just you. Not only have you taken the airwaves by storm by providing a platform
been molded differently due to early life experiences. I?m for up and coming Indie Artists to be recognized, but you continue to discuss
a Biker (been riding for 10yrs), Mother and Wife. I?m controversial topics and news the world would rather sweep under the rug
extremely outspoken and a multi tasker. I always aim to and close eyes and ears to. That takes courage, confidence, and stamina! Why
help others, sometimes more than myself. I?m has it become a mission of yours to bring such topics to light? Have you
compassionate but don?t f* * * with me or f* * * me over! experienced negative reactions because of that?

MJ:I want to take it back and give the fans a little history. JB:Thank you so much for that! I appreciate you! Society keeps living with this
Tell us a little bit about your upbringing. I know that you blanket over their faces and unfortunately over their kids as well. I feel like so
are very family orientated, as well as a true New Yorker! I many things need to be addressed rather than forgotten about. that?s what
bet you get that a lot. What comes to mind when people ?awareness?is about. So I figured with my show I?d take full advantage. Also I
tell you that? How do you define a true New Yorker? speak about things people only think about because they?re afraid to speak on
it. so you can say I?m like a breath of fresh air for them. I?ve had some negative
JB:I?m the youngest of 5; 3 sisters and 1 brother. My feedback, but opinions are like a* * holes, everyone?s got them so I can only
brother tried his hardest to make me a boy. He wanted a respect it and keep it pushing. See people need to understand that everyone
little brother, got me and said I?m still going to treat you isn?t going to like what you do or say and that?s ok. you just can?t allow that to
like a boy, hence my mental way of thinking. I have the define who you are. I stand firm by everything I say. My pops always told me
mentality of a Man, yet always a lady. I was and still am ?If you?re 100% certain about something fight to the death when it comes to
spoiled being the youngest I always get my way. Family is explaining but if you aren?t, shut the hell up!?
everything to me! Whenever I leave New York to another
state my New York accent, as they say gives it away. I?m MJ:Would you consider yourself a role model to young women and to women
Street Smart NY, survival of the fittest! New York is a grind who are pursuing a career in a male dominated industry?
state and everyone is always on the go so you have to
keep up. They say if you can survive living in New York JB:I?d like to think so. there?s that saying, ?Someone is always watching?. I tell
you can survive anywhere, and I survived leaving home at young girls to be confident at all times! Stand by what you believe in and don?t
15 when I thought I was grown. I was working by 15, and let anyone tell you, you can?t do it. There are some men who are intimidated
had a car and a crib at 16. It wasn?t easy but it built me by strong intelligent women, I?m not one for proving to others but in this sense
Ford tough! you have to go a little harder because you will be tested. Don?t fold!

MJ:When would you say music became a key element in MJ:Take this time to let everyone know about the independent showcases and
your life? Is there someone you credit that to? What point contests you put on monthly for artists. You are doing so much more than
did you declare to pursue the music industry as a career? providing an opportunity for artists to be heard, you are also providing them
with the knowhow and confidence to progress in the music industry. Talk
JB:My brother, I have 3 sisters but was always with my about that.
brother. He would always play rap from the legends and
make me recite the lyrics! From Slick Rick?s ?Children?s JB:My monthly showcases thankfully have been successful for about a year
Story?, to Rob Base?s ?Joy and Pain?I loved it! I loved the now. Again I love helping people and given my platform I wanted to give
energy, the beats, and the lyrics, I was amazed at how artists an opportunity to show what they?re really about. However, they
creative someone can be by telling a story. About 2 years perform not only to show their skills on the mic but for chances to win either a
ago I was asked to be a host for an online radio show. I article write up, studio time, or Interview. So it pushes them to
did it for a few months and things went south. I decided it go a little harder. I tend to develop a relationship with most artists.
was best that I part ways but then I thought to myself Constructive criticism is important! I tell them if you can?t take critique from
?what now?? ?Do I just stop doing radio, that?s it, it?s just me and are trying to make it up top, they?ll eat you alive! I?m honest about
temporary??My husband told me to continue perusing it their music no sugar coating. if it?s bad I?ll let you know! I?m proud to say I
that I was on a good wave and people liked me. I agreed broke an artist, Wyen Solo, into the U.S. from the United Kingdom. I opened
and said I think I can do this myself. I always push myself up many doors for her and that alone lets me know that I?m doing what I
and challenge myself to new feats. So I went ahead and should be doing.
did extensive research about radio and just started my
show. Of course there were many bumps along the road MJ:Can you share with fans what?s coming up in the new year that we can
but I saw it as a test of my strength of whether I can do expect and look at for?
this or not!!
JB:Blaze is always on the move and always cooking up a new idea or new way
to help Indie artists. In 2018 you can expect some workshop events for artists
to help themselves as far as presentation, speech and overall artist
development. There will be more showcases, and a special event for DJs,
because people forget who the life of the party is.

MJ:I used entrepreneur to describe you because you have your name and
hands dabbled everywhere from modeling, fashion, the biker life, and if I
remember correctly you were interested in a cooking show as well! You are also
a wife and mother. How do you find a balance? What is the secret to a healthy
relationship? Some think a relationship while in the music industry is taboo.

JB:Well my husband supports me 100% and also may be managing me. He?s
going to be honest at all times and I would never have to question his opinion
or loyalty. It?s about communication, it?s so important! It?s the common ground! I
know I?m always dealing with men and men will attempt to come on to me
because it?s a predominantly male environment, but that?s where trust factors
in. My Son is extremely supportive; I actually have him listen to music that is
sent to me for his opinion. So in essence I involve my family in my business, and
they are my biggest supporters. My will Family always come first. My husband
and I ride so that is a plus! Whether I go out alone or with him he understands
the passion for it. I kind of gave up a little on the modeling because every gig I
was offered they wanted me to be half naked. I?m a married woman and even if
I wasn?t I don?t feel I need to show my a* * to make it, my mind and face do
enough? . The secret is sex, communication, and trust (and yes notice I put sex
f ir st )!

MJ:Tell me, in about a year or two when I come back to interview you, what will
we be catching up? What is next on the list of accomplishments for Jes Blaze?

JB:Having my own studio for my show and having other shows and hosts. I want
artists to come and drop some bars and create dope music? Shade 45 has been
my end goal and I?m working hard towards that? More showcases in bigger
venues and other states? Expanding No Filter Radio Brand out of New York,
(already in the works) and to become rich not so much famous, but rich.

MJ:Is there anything else you would like the world to know about Jes Blaze?

JB:I?m just a humble chick that tries to do good at all times. I feel if you do
without expecting anything in return it will come back 10 times fold. My motto is
#PayItForward. I always look to help someone else out because some people
really have it bad. I?m a go getter and I?ll never allow anything or anyone to stop
what I wholeheartedly have a passion for. I just hope to continue inspiring
others and being a positive force in this screwed up society we live in.
# Ever yM oveIzCr it ical


d iosh Jesb laze7@gm

S O U R C E: M J S a v ino

Get t o Kn ow MJ:Now I?m not sure if everyone out there knows the story on how
t he Hi st or y you linked up with Digable Planets. But it was not you that did the
of Leg en da r y reaching out! Tell everyone about that connection that ultimately
DJ Sou l bu ck led to a tour.

n.MJ:MJhere with London Le?Blanc Magazine, and joining me is DJSoulbuck:I was attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia at
Jersey?s, East Coast, United States, and worldwide legend DJ the time majoring in TV/Video. I didn?t want to put deejaying on
Soulbuck! Salute, and thank you for your time. You have shared the back burner. I knew a group named Fine Arts show invited me
that music, Hip Hop, and the art of deejaying stem back to early down to their studio session at Sigma Studios and that?s where I
on as a child. Your father a DJand heavy into Disco, and your met Doodlebug. He was recording and I showed up for a scratch
uncle also a DJbut more into the Hip Hop scene. Early on you and just to hang out. But I pulled him aside and told him I make
were mesmerized and fascinated with turntables and mixing. Talk beats and wanted to work on something. He gave me his info and
about the very first experience for you when your father and the rest is history!
uncle introduced you into that world.
MJ:Although tour life is an important element for fan base,
DJSoulbuck:Well my dad of course was heavy into disco at the growth, and success in the industry, it is not as glamorous as it is
time after he stopped his singing career. But memories I have of portrayed. What was tour life like for you? Do you think you were
him is sitting in the room with me while he played music and prepared for it?
would sometimes tape himself or show me records he was
playing. I was always fascinated just by looking at the albums. My DJSoulbuck:I wasn?t, but I adjusted. It?s fun when you are on stage
uncle would play tapes around me when I was about nine. I heard but the politics of the business can be stressful. Also the traveling
?Rappers Delight?but didn?t care too much for it but I heard a and if you have a kid like I do you get to missing your kid.
tape he was playing of Grandmaster Flash and he acted out what
he was exactly doing and I was hooked instantly! MJ:Take some time now to let everyone know about DJSoulbuck?s
services! It goes beyond only radio and showcases.
MJ:Besides the genes, why else do you think your father took you
under his wing and allowed you to deejay a family party at the DJSoulbuck:I do mixtape hosting, scratch features, deejay sets at
age of 10? venues, deejay for artists, production, private parties, and tours.

DJSoulbuck:Well I was a fast learner. I tried to scratch on his MJ:You are a veteran in this industry of music! You have
turntables and broke a few needles and got my a* * whooped for experienced different things, seen different trends, heard
that lol. But one day he asked me if I wanted to try it. I said yeah hundreds of one hit wonders, etc. From a DJ?s point of view what
and he showed me how to cue up records and bring them in. He are the major key factors for an artist to make a name for
even taped me so after that he was amazed I picked up so quickly t h em selves?
and asked me did I want to help him deejay my aunt?s wedding.
DJSoulbuck:Every day is a day to move up in the ranks, there?s no
MJ:Talk about your teenage years when deejaying became serious days off. Be humble and build relationships with DJ?s even if they
for you and you began practicing religiously day in and day out. don?t jump on your record right away, somebody will and people
will catch on. You need to have plenty of media for people to see,
DJSoulbuck:Well I didn?t have my real first dj set until my early hit these streets, and perform anywhere. Of course have
20?s. But my teen years I would practice on a record player and someone smart who can represent you. It?s a lot of hard work, no
make pause cassette tapes religiously. I would tell people I knew sleep, sacrifice, and dedication! It won?t happen by just tagging
how to deejay and people would laugh it off. One of my uncle?s people on Facebook to share your music.
was bragging about me one time to his friend who deejayed and
brought me to his house. When he saw what I could do he MJ:I want to know your do?s and don?ts. Every DJhas them when it
remained very quiet while my uncle said I told you my nephew comes to artists and fans or listeners.
was nice!
DJSoulbuck:My don?ts is simple, if you come with an arrogant
MJ:Share with us at what point in your life did the realization hit approach it?s a big turnoff. If your presentation doesn?t look
you that this was no longer a hobby for you? Talk about that believable I can?t see the hunger in you. Another don?t is telling
moment when you knew this was now a career? me how to play at a spot when I?ve been hired to dj, and lastly
don?t overload me with requests, I like requests but timing is
DJSoulbuck:When my son was born in 2005. I had always everything with each song. The do?s is definitely display good
deejayed clubs and bars but I didn?t have any business sense. I energy everywhere you go and make sure people remember you!
was on some look fly sh* t and make money and rock the crowd.
But then I met Doodlebug with Digable Planets and he dropped a MJ:Besides being incredibly knowledgeable in the world of Hip
lot of jewels on me plus I showed him my hard work ethic. Hop and the culture, being extremely talented, and a master on
the wheels of steel, the one word that comes to mind when I
think of DJSoulbuck is humble! After decades and decades of
working in the industry, touring, and deejaying for major artists
what keeps you so grounded?

DJSoulbuck:My son keeps me from doing something really crazy
and out of pocket. I was raised to be humble and modest.

MJ:Lets shift a bit now. You are first and foremost a father, not a weekend dad but a father
co-parenting and raising his son. Salute! What are some of those challenges? Also how do
you balance family and your career?

DJSoulbuck:Very challenging! But I?ve managed to juggle it all for years now. I always tell my
family this what I know and how to provide for everyone. It comes with its ups and downs
but this is all i know. It?s rough but I manage to keep it moving.

MJ:You have traveled across the globe and receive love from all over! Do you have a favorite
place you have toured? In your opinion what areas show the most love, energy, and
su p p o r t ?

DJSoulbuck:Toronto and Calmore in Canada, the love they showed me was amazing, from
autographs to pictures. A lot of places I?ve been outside the tri state has showed so much
love and it?s always different from home base.

MJ:Try to put in words and describe that feeling of having so much control at the tip of your
fingers! How does it feel knowing you are a platform for so many up and coming artists?
How does it feel to be the first to spin an exclusive track or album cuts from an established
or major artist?

DJSoulbuck:It?s a good feeling. But I also want the artist to feel good about themselves
when I do play their music.

MJ:I know you appreciate lyricism carried over a strong beat. Tell us some artists in your
personal play list.

DJSoulbuck:Conway, Westside Gunn, Benny, Drama Sinatra, Stevie Franks just to name a

MJ:In the eyes and mind of DJSoulbuck, what is defined as Hip Hop? Why is it important to
you to live a lifestyle true to the culture?

DJSoulbuck:Because Hip Hop is a culture and people have it confused. It?s a lifestyle, not
just rapping. Rapping is just one of the elements. You have to live, sleep, breathe, and eat
t h is!

MJ:Let?s talk radio shows form UTM Radio to BeatMinerz Radio. When and where can
listeners tune in? Also do you have a preference between spinning at a live show or in a
radio studio?

DJSoulbuck:It doesn?t matter as long as people enjoy the music. I?m on UTM Radio every
Monday night from 9pm-12am on the syndicated show IIour Show Uncut. On Thursday?s
you can find me on Beatminerz Radio from 4-6pm. Occasionally on Side B Radio with Phil
Jackson on WPRB 103.3FM, Princeton NJ.

MJ:How different would your life be without music, without turntables, and without vinyl?

DJSoulbuck:I don?t even know I?d probably be an artist because I used to love to draw.

MJ:What knowledge can you pass along to those practicing the craft of deejaying?

DJSoulbuck:Study the essence of it even if you are doing it your own way you need to do
your research on the pioneers who paved the way. Respect it! That?s what I did. Also study
all genres of music because it will make you very well rounded and versatile.

MJ:I?m curious about the influences in your life, personally and in your career.

DJSoulbuck:Well my dad and uncles. We got Grandmaster Flash, DJCash Money, DJJazzy
Jeff, DJScratch of EPMD, Jam Master Jay, Red Alert, Marley Marl, and two of my closest DJ
friends Kid Swift and DJDoodles.

MJ:As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like the world to know about DJ

DJSoulbuck:That I am a DJthat represents the art form of deejaying, no gimmicks, no
follower bullshi* , and no trendy nonsense, just me!

MJ:Thank you again for taking the time out for MJand London Le?Blanc Magazine, salute!

DJSo u lb u ck:Salu t e

Hip Hop Duo Rel eas es MMJ:Speaking of fans, many of them tend to get caught up
Excl us ive Pr oj ect ?Dead in the glamour and glitz of the music industry. Reality is
Pl anet s and Dwar f St ar s ? there is an enormous amount of pressure, especially
between producers and artists. One can?t outshine the
MJhere with London Le?Blanc Magazine! Joining me with brand other, the flow and tempo and lyrics need to be in sync, and
new music and a tell all is Hip Hop Duo producer Nextwon, and the business relationship has to be built on trust and
MC Trauma known as DS9. respect. Most importantly the chemistry has to be there!
Talk about that and share some of your challenges and
MJ:Before we jump right in with the release of ?Dead Planets some of the successes as duo.
and Dwarf Stars?give us some history of how you two linked up
with each other to create DS9. MC Trauma:I don't have a reason not to trust Nextwon. It's a
fair exchange of respect that comes from the give and take.
MC Trauma:We met through a mutual friend and did a couple When I ask for a beat I get it ASAP. When he sends a beat he
of dope joints. After that Nextwon asked me if I was interested gets the song back ASAP. Our chemistry just works!
in doing a project I said, and we took it from there.
Nextwon:Trauma has a way of bringing my beats to life with
Nextwon:Trauma and I linked up a few years ago through a his clever lyrics and smooth delivery. Although we have
mutual associate, and we hit it off right away! We started never been able to work in the studio together (since we
collaborating and had been kicking around tracks for the past reside in different parts of the country) our creative visions
couple of years. But It wasn?t until about a year ago that DS9 and ideas have blended together seamlessly. Thanks to
was officially formed. social media, I have been able to connect with some of the
dopest underground artists around the globe, with Trauma
MJ:How long was producing and emceeing a hobby before the being one of them.
epiphany hit to pursue it as a career?
MJ:For those that might not be familiar with DS9 describe
Nextwon:I had started making mixed tapes and beats about 20 your style. As a Hip Hop duo what would coin as your
years ago as a hobby with my crew Mentillstate. We would sit contribution to Hip Hop?
and make beats and tracks in my basement. Then I helped
produce my first album Matrameru?s ?Sandglass?. It wasn?t until Nextwon:I feel like this remains to be seen. Our musical
then that I really started collaborating with other artists and journey together has just begun and I hope when all is said
creating music for the public to hear. and done that our unique style has made a mark in the
gam e.
MC Trauma:For me it goes way back to 1985. I never been
interested in anything else really. MC Trauma:We bring thatreal Hip Hop! We make Hip Hop
great again, like for real!
MJ:I first listened to DS9 when Nextwon reached out to me with
the new release of ?Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars?. I was MJ:Take us into the studio, a day in the life of Nextwon and
fascinated and mesmerized by both the lyrics and the MC Trauma! Give us three words to describe the end result.
production and the precision of it all! Tell the listeners all about
the new release, from beginning to end! We want to know the Nextwon:Beats. Rhymes. Life.
who, what, where, when, why, and how of ?Death Planets and
Dwarf Stars?. MC Trauma:Weed. No distractions. Good vibes.I usually
listen to music right before I record and not Hip Hop.
MC Trauma:It wasn't just a bang-bang creation. It took a while
to finish, but it just came together real crazy like a drawn out MJ:I?m always curious about a few things when I interview
b lu ep r in t . artists? Who is in your playlist? What genres of music do you
listen to? If it wasn?t music where would you be today?
Nextwon:We had a handful of tracks finished but really weren?t Lastly, the name! For some choosing a group or artist name
sure what direction the project was going. Trauma sent me the is like a movie title and there is a story behind it. What is
lyrics to ?100 Eyes?and I knew right then and there that we had yo u r s?
something. Once Trauma finished recording ?End of the Day?,
we knew the potential was there for this to be a really dope MC Trauma:Wu-Tang, RTJ, Jimmy Cliff, Bad Brains, and
p r o ject . Hendrix, are a few artists in my playlist. I listen to the blues,
funk, punk, old school r&b, and old school rock. I got my
MJ:How do you think listeners and fans will react to the project? name after I was battling a rapper. I remember someone in
the audience saying I traumatized the other emcee, Trauma
Nextwon:We really tried to create an album that would appeal stuck ever since then.
to the masses. You got that old school boom bap vibe paired
with a modern twist in the way Trauma delivers his lyrics. I think Nextwon:Right now I have Thundercat and Run the Jewels in
heads will feel our energy. heavy rotation. I Can?t get enough of either. I?m all over the
map, good music is good music. Whatever grabs me is what
MC Trauma:I think the audience we're going for will feel it's I listen to, well except for country. I?m a family man and still
different and spacy. But I think if they like that boom bap work a 9-5. But music is my love and my creative outlet. No
backpack, they will definitely dig it! matter what I do or where I am in life, music will always be a
part of it. Trauma is responsible for the group name, he
pitched it and we ran with it!

MJ:Give us an inside peak on what?s coming up for DS9 in 2018. D
Nextwon:The Follow up to DP & DS is already in the works. While 9
this album is infused with cuts from what I believe to be some of
the dopest DJ?s in the world like RenROK (L.A), Memory Loss
(Germany), & SuggieSugindabuilding (N.J.), our next album we
hope to have appearances by some of the underground emcees
that we know and have worked with individually. It?s going to be

MC Trauma:More stories, more lyrics, and more Hip Hop is always
on the horizon.

MJ:Before we wrap up, please let the readers, supports, and fans
know where they can get their hands on ?Dead Planets and Dwarf
St ar s?.

MC Trauma:I'LL let Nextwon answer that one but s/o collective

Nextwon:Check us out on bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music,
google play, amazon and most major platforms. We are just one
click away at

MJ:Is there anything else you would like the world and ?universe?
to know about DS9?

Nextwon:Peep the album! Big thanks to Collective Resonance, be
sure to check them out

MC Trauma:We are the Resistance!

I want to thank you both for taking time out for this interview, and
I want to thank you for creating timeless music, Salute!

Next w o n :

h t t p s:/ / w w w.f aceb / n ext w on ch icago/

h t t p s:/ / w w st agr am .com / n ext w on _ch icago/

sou n d clou d .com / n ext w on

t w it t er .com / n ext w on 8141

MC Trauma:

h t t p s:/ / w w w.f aceb / r yesh on .d ixon

Dead Planets and Dwarf Stars Album

h t t p s:/ / f an lin k.t o / d ead p lan et san d d w ar f st ar s
So ur c e: MJ Savino

CHICA GO ?S GR OWIN G ICO N MJ:Define Hip Hop for me? Define Hip Hop
P R ECISE TA LKS HIP HO P , Culture for me? Why is it important for Precise
YO UTH, MILLIO N MA N to create music for longevity, music for the fans,
MA R CH, & MO R E and music that recognizes the foundation built
by our fathering pioneers of Hip Hop?
MJhere with London Le?Blanc Magazine! If you are not familiar with
Chicago?s own Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Writer, and Motivational Speaker Precise:I get asked that question a lot. I?m happy
Precise, sit back and tune in? that this happens because I always want be to
make the clear distinction that Hip-Hop is the
MJ:I had the pleasure of interviewing you a few years back and since culture and rap is one of the things unique to
then there has been a tremendous amount of success and the culture. The way I walk, talk, and present
accomplishments in your career. All of which I?m eager to touch upon! myself is Hip Hop. Creating music that adds
But first tell everyone what it was like growing up in a Haitian household value and is essential to any true growth in our
surrounded by music? Do you think your career path would have been culture. Doing this will always honor those that
different if music was not involved? have come before us.

Precise:Growing up in a Haitian household was beautiful, traditional, and MJ:I?m sure you can recall countless memories,
sometimes strict. Having music as an intricate backdrop in my life has but can you share one memorable and
definitely influenced my life. Being Haitian adds to this experience nostalgic moment in your career thus far that
because of the rhythms, moods, and vibes. I think I would have always continues to impact?
gravitated towards music because it?s my heartbeat.
Precise:There was one time when I went to an
MJ:Many artists also take on role of Engineer or Producer. However, you event called Pheature created by P1. I went to
have evolved into a growing icon not only as artist but as Motivational watch the acts perform and P1 asked if I would
Speaker, Actor, and Writer. Talk about those roles in your life. How do perform. I agreed. My song came on and I
you find balance? Without balance a career in the music and zoned out and by the time I was done I couldn?t
entertainment industry can quickly crash. remember what happened. The crowd was
going crazy. It felt like I experienced some out of
Precise:I love to do all of those things. I guess his is why time does not body experience. I loved that feeling. The ability
factor in as a constraint. It does in a sense because I actually have a job to just become one with the music is amazing.
now. However, as the doors continue to fly open and welcome
opportunity the time continues to present itself. I?m grateful for this. MJ:Briefly touch upon your experience at The
Million Man March. I can only imagine it can be
MJ:I?m also curious to know what keeps you grounded and humble. It noted as a phenomenal, life changing
almost appears to be a growing trend for artists or individuals in any exp er ien ce.
spotlight to shine arrogance instead of gratitude.
Precise:The Million Man March is an important
Precise:Knowing that life is such a valuable gift keeps me focused and part of me truly growing into manhood.
driven. The world is changing every day and the ability to be able to Minister Farrakhan was able to get one million
control one?s destiny is becoming more apparent. This trend you black men to come together and discuss the
mention are the growing pains of a new sensibility. Change starts with state of our people and how we must take
yourself, however in order to really move the bar we have to move as a control of our lives and families. I learned about
unit. The arrogance and desire to have the spotlight will dissipate once atonement and forgiving. Forgiving is the most
we start recognizing our power as one. powerful thing we can do for ourselves. It
releases a burden from your heart and allows
MJ:Let?talk about your anthem ?That Ol?Boom Bap?! That track is you to move forward. The March was truly life
receiving large amounts of momentum and buzz across the globe! Talk changing and I am so happy I went.
about the creation, the message, and what that track means to you
p er so n ally. MJ:I want to take a moment for the fans, let?s
give them a chance to get to know Precise! Who
Precise:DJTekwun from NY created ?The Boom Bap Project?a few years continues, and not just musically, to influence
ago. My manager Redell Drakeford linked us up and Tek sent me the both your personal life and career? What are
track. When I heard it, it immediately put me in the mind of the essence your favorite 3 genres of music? Give the fans
of what this culture represents. Peace, love, unity, and having fun is what three words to describe your stage presence.
this is about. Rap music provides the rhythm and the kick drum and the Where are some places you would like to tour?
snare make us move. They motivate us. It?s important to acknowledge
our origins in a way that is unashamed and deliberate. ?That Ol?Boom Precise:Hmm three genres.... I really love all
Bap?is a reminder of where we come from an Ode to the culture in its music, but if I had to be pinned down to three I
past, present, and future. would say rap, r&b, and jazz? My stage
presence is arresting, electrifying, and
deliberate? I would like to tour Europe, Africa,
and the Caribbean.

P r eci se

MJ:Can you give us an inside peek on some upcoming projects
you are working on?

Precise:I?m working on my latest project ?Man of the Ages?. If
you want a sample of what it?s going to sound like listen to my
song ?Speak Lifez?. I?m really approaching this from a very
focused and driven perspective. I?m all about raising the
vib r at io n .

h t t p s:/ / sou n d clou d .com / p r ecise/ sp


r o d u ced -by-b en -car t er

MJ:As we wrap up, is there anythin

g else you want the world to know about Precise?

Precise:Precise loves his family and wants all of us to be free
and pursue our dreams unencumbered.

MJ:I want to thank you again for the interview, and thank you
for creating incredible music! Sky?s the limit for Precise, salute!

Sou r ce: M J Sav i n o

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