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Published by CKSD Outsourcing Solutions, 2018-05-08 12:27:52

90 day CKSD ebook

90 day CKSD ebook

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions

9 things you can expect in the first 90 days of Consulting
partnering with CKSD Outsourcing Solutions Sales


Making Outsourcing Work for You

CKSD Solutions at work for you

Here’s a rough outline of 9 things you can expect in the first
90 days of partnering with CKSD Outsourcing Solutions
with some tips to help you make it a success.

About the Author

My name is Jonathan Oaten. I have worked in 1.The CKSD team works with you (the client) to gather all
the outsourcing community for the last 3 years requirements and create a custom project plan.
helping SME’s across the globe venture into the
exciting world of BPO. Mostly my clients come This is where the good stuff begins. You, the client, are responsi-
from Australia and New Zealand but as our ble for detailing all your needs, wants, must-haves, like-to-haves,
reputation expands I now find myself with a pipe dreams and deal-breakers. This is the nitty-gritty numbers-
host of American companies, but the story is sharing stage, where you need to lay out all your cards. CKSD
always the same but rarely the solutions. Outsourcing Solutions is responsible for gathering the infor-
mation, confirming understanding and synthesizing a plan to
My strengths are garnered from 20 years of make your expectations a reality (and setting expectations if they
working in the financial markets across many are not reality).
different roles from forex, commodities to ven-
ture capital. 2. An assigned CKSD Manager is your main point of contact
As I grew in my career it bought me in contact during the launch process and will communicate depend-
with many different financial solutions from encies, timelines, risks and overall project status. 2.
forex with IFX in Prague venture capital for the
oil industry in sunny Spain and ending in Gene- Make sure you like this person, because you will be in close
va Switzerland working with brokers, banks contact for at least three months. This is your person, your
IFA’s and independent traders guide, your advisor through the process. Ask questions and be
sure you understand and are satisfied with progress. If not,
This has taught me one thing how to deal with speak up!
companies and understand their individual
needs & to date have helped over 100 compa-
nies successfully steer through the muddy wa-
ters of the early stages of outsourcing.

Hence this quick book on how to navigate the
all important first 90 days

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions


CKSD has offered consulting services
for companies in different sectors,
adopting strategies according to the
world market challenges. We visualize
your problems as our challenge to de-
sign a cutting edge solution with our
multidisciplinary team.

WEB SOLUTIONS 3.The Agent Acquisition team will find the right agents
with the necessary skills for your program either within
Level-up and transform your website its existing independent agent community or externally
with the help of our highly skilled web using its sourcing website.
designers who will develop a website
design and structure that will help you Be clear about what you want and don’t want in the agents who
get higher conversion rate and gener- will be interacting with your customers. They will be the face of
ate more leads. your brand and potentially the only person a customer inter-
acts with…so set your standards high.
4.Using your historical and projected business statistics,
Our customer service specialists are the CKSD Management team will analyze the data and
competent in providing your specific determine the number of agents needed to ensure ser-
business solutions. Our people under- vice levels are met and that there is a ramp plan in place
go quality training of the tools, infor- to help you scale your business. levels are met and that
mation systems, and business process- there is a ramp plan in place to help you scale your busi-
es in order to ensure effective commu- ness.
nication and competency at all levels.
This is an important step. Your initial discussions and plan in-
cluded required service levels and growth projections—this is
where the “rubber meets the road,” as it were, to staff up. One
of the biggest benefits of working with a contractor is the abil-
ity to quickly and easily adjust your staffing when there is a
surge in business or (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen) a
dip. Contractors can quickly call upon additional resources,
train them and get them working for you to ensure consistent,
quality service for all your customers.

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions

Inbound and outbound sales 5.The CKSD team will work closely with your Training re-
source or Subject Matter Expert, review your current training
We provide assistance in delivering materials and recommend an approach that engages agents
target earnings through both out-
bound and inbound sales. Our in- Training is a big factor in success and another area where contrac-
bound/outbound customer contact tors offer an advantage. The depth and breadth of experience in
center caters to calls, telemarketing, creating and implementing training programs likely far surpasses
help desk, market research- all in ac- your experience—which means it will be much more effective and
cordance with your strategic business more efficient. Virtual learning is an effective training tool and
needs. We deliver expert solutions to makes for streamlined assessment—leading to faster recognition
help you even more. and implementation of additional training requirements.

Collection agents 6.CKSD will partner with you to define technical require-
ments for your program
We have competent debt collectors There are many moving parts on CKSD’s side to ensure suc-
and collection agents. Our agents han- cess Again, listen, ask questions, provide input and feedback
dle a variety of credit and collection and help shape your successful program.
functions from commercial debt col-
lection, consumer debt collection to
Account Receivables management.

Online chat consultants

We provide online chat support to ca-
ter to your business needs.

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions

CUSTOM REPORTING 7.CKSD Management and Onboarding will shepherd agents
through the process and assist with agent readiness
We provide customized bookkeeping
and accounting reports around the Another big benefit CKSD offers is role-playing with live feedback,
unique needs and requirements of the giving agents “real-world” In addition to the training they re-
business. Do more with less expense ceived, putting those skills to work in a low-risk environment
and make your team more efficient by build confidence and helps improve the customer experience
taking things to the next level. With when agents interact with customers.
our custom reporting services, you can
easily manage your business operation 8.Starting on day 1 the CKSD team will begin gathering
while we report your operation growth agent data that is the foundation for performance-based
and development. agent and program optimization.

AUDIT At the end of the first 90 days, the program is only just begin-
ning! Your involvement with the program will lessen but still
Fill in the gaps on your internal audit be important as refinements are made to ensure KPIs are met,
processing and have them all done by and ultimately, that customers are satisfied with the service
our team. We give objective assurance they are receiving. Ongoing optimization will ensure contin-
and consulting activity designed to add ued success.
value and improve an organization’s
operations. 9.Up and running, customers are receiving the infor-
mation they need, and you are back to doing what you
PAYROLL set out to do.

CKSD team of qualified specialists has Congratulations! A smooth and successful outsourced pro-
advance experience in providing quali- gram is set-up this is no small feat—it takes time, effort, en-
ty payroll processing services. We will ergy and commitment. Now that it is established, expect reg-
take care of your processing, maintain- ular check-ins and updates along with more time to do what
ing the payroll system. business’ pay- you love. Good luck and happy BPO-ing!
roll processing, regular summary re-
ports, timesheet processing, a creation
of pay slips,

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions


CKSD will help you gain an understanding of the vari-
ous outsourcing options and models to best fit your
company, Our recommendations balance both long-
term strategic goals and short-term tactical priorities
grounded in a comprehensive understanding of our
clients’ vision, key business drivers, and constraints.

Contact Jonathan or visit our website at

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions

Unit B, DMC Building
Don Pepe Henson Avenue
Angeles City, Pampanga 2009

AUS: +61 386691576
UK: +44 2031292495
US:+1 3109294027

Email: [email protected]

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