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Headmasters Newsletter 1.6

Headmasters Newsletter 1.6

The MCE Times

Thursday 1st June 2017

Dear Parents

I have been impressed with the resilience of many of our students as they have
been fasting this week. School has continued as usual and so have they.

May I stress to parents the importance of picking up their children on time
during the Ramadan period. When drivers or parents are late, it has a knock on
effect for staff here who have to remain behind to look after those children, often
resulting in them missing their transport home. In future, late children will be
left with security after a 15 minute grace period.

Ramadan Timings

7 x 40 min lessons (15 min break, 35 min lunch)

Reg P 1 P 2 Break P 3 P 4 P 5 Break P 6 P 7 End

8:15 8:30 9:10 9:50 10:05 10:45 11:25 12:05 12:35 13:15 13:55


0:15 0:40 0:40 0:15 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:30 0:40 0:40 depart by


Ramadan Bags – Final Donations by Thursday 8th June

Thank you to those of you who have already donated the essentials below for
our Ramadan Bags for people less fortunate than ourselves.

Rice – Pasta – Oil – Dates – Tea - Tomato paste – Sugar - Fava beans

Please deliver them to the Primary School entrance or the Secondary School
entrance where there are labeled boxes.

Students and staff from the College will be delivering our Ramadan bags to the
face orphanage in Maadi on June 14th.

MCE Art Exhibition – Grand Opening Tuesday 13th June @ 12:30pm

Malvern college Egypt is proud to invite you to its first Art Exhibition. Please

come and celebrate with us at our Grand Opening. The Art Exhibition is a
celebration of the achievements of our students across the whole school. Please
arrive before 12.30pm at the main reception and enjoy viewing your child’s work
in an art gallery setting. Most children will have something on display.

Ballet Performance with the Cairo Opera Ballet Company - June 13th

This will take place on Tuesday 13th June in the Nursery area from 8.30 – 9.15am.
Please do come and watch our children perform with some of the very best.

Ministry Arabic and Social Studies Examinations

Congratulations to our Year 6 and Year 9 students who all passed their Ministry
Arabic and Social Studies examinations.

Transition Sessions

These will take place on the 4th June and will be a chance for students to meet
teachers and learn about the expectations for their new year groups next year.

Prayer Rooms

I am pleased to announce the openings of our new prayer rooms, which are
located in either corner of the piazza. The ladies’ prayer room is in the right hand
corner (Theater side) and the gentlemen’s prayer room in the left hand corner
(Dining Room side).

Hats on the Playground

Please remember to ensure that your child has a hat with them in school for
breaktimes – it is very hot!

Academic Calendar 2017-18

Our calendar for the next academic year is now on our website. Please note that
some religious holidays may be subject to change due to government alterations.
You can download it here

The Malvern Qualities – Resilience

Another one of our qualities which is appropriate for the month of Ramadan.

Showing persistence and perseverance in the face of difficulty. Having the ability
to face challenges with confidence and with good humour. Being able to respond
positively to setbacks and to see them as an opportunity to learn.

Upcoming Events
Please note that these dates are subject to change.

4 Transition Morning
4 WESC Animal Visit to MCE 12:30
13 Art Exhibition Opening 08:30
13 CCA Ballet Performance Primary School
15 School Leavers Assembly
19 School Reports Issued to Parents
22 Class Parties
Speech & Presentation Day
Last Day of College

May I wish you all a safe weekend with your children.

Duncan Grice
Headmaster, Malvern College Egypt

Primary School News from Johnnie Kittermaster – Head of Primary

Ramadan Kareem! The children have embraced the holy month of Ramadan and
many of them are fasting to a greater or lesser extent depending on their age. For
some it is their first time and for others they are more experienced. The children
have access to the prayer rooms which are in the basement close to the piazza.

Please can I ask that the students wear the correct leather school shoes that can
be polished rather than wearing black trainers or patent leather ankle boots.
Similarly a variety of different socks have been worn of late and I reminded the
students that only black or grey socks can be worn by the boys as per our dress

Erupting Volcanoes in Nursery!

“Wow!” The children exclaimed when we mixed ingredients to make model
erupting volcanoes!

We have been learning about travel around the world, in our summer topic
“Under the Sea”. When we saw pictures of a volcano, Karim explained that
“volcanoes are hot and very dangerous! “The children became very interested in
this. We then decided to make small model volcanoes out of clay. The children
took turns to spoon white soda powder and pour a liquid vinegar mixture, to
make ‘erupting volcanoes’.

Pre Nur M Star of the Week Adrian Pazos
Pre Nur A Dinah Ramoathlodi Year 1 M Lily Salem
Adam Al Saadawi
Year 1 A

Ali El Deeb Year 2 M

Nursery M Omar Geneina Year 2 A Nasr Abou El Abbas
Nursery A Layla Zener Year 3 M Abdelhamid Abdallah
Nursery L Sophia Elzeiny Year 3 A Shahd Abou el Fetouh
Reception M Youssef Hamza Year 4 M Lilya Sidky Asser Ahmed

Reception A Maya el Sallab Year 5 M Layal Fawaz
Reception L Ahmed Ahmed Year 5 A Clara Messiha Aly Abaza

House Points Standings

1st Lewis
2nd Foster
3rd Sanger
4th Elgar

Secondary School News from Wayne Maher – Head of Secondary

Exam Results
With the end of year examinations now complete, teachers have begun the
process of sharing the grades directly with students. They have also encouraged
students to look over the test papers to point out areas of strength and areas for
improvement. I would like to express how proud I am of the vast majority of
students for their conduct during the exams week and even how they have
responded to the teacher feedback. However, I would also like to stress that a
major focus for any exams week is the experience of simply taking so many
exams in a short space of time and not fully on the grades achieved.

As I now begin to look over the grades across the whole of Secondary School my
attention is not drawn solely to students who have attained the highest grades,
but to those students who have shown improvement across a range of subjects.
Even if a student has not scored a particularly high grade they should most
certainly feel proud of themselves if they have put in as much effort as they
could and, most importantly, if their grades have improved (I am far happier to
see a student moving up from an E to a C than someone who has been on a B
grade all year long).

One of the Malvern Qualities is Self-awareness:

Being reflective about the process of learning and what we do. Showing an
awareness of both strengths and weaknesses and taking responsibility for

personal development.
During Life Skills lessons this week students have been asked to begin the
process of reflection on their time so far at MCE. This reflection should
encompass success in exams, participation in CCAs, lessons and subjects they
have enjoyed and even activities that they have been involved in outside of the
College. However, we are also asking all students to look closely at any areas in
which they have not succeeded and why this might be. They are now asked to
create SMART Targets for next academic year. These are targets that are Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed

Sport News from Iain Driscoll – Director of Sport

Music News from Tina Marsh – Director of Music

Since the end of the school production, it seems very quiet here at lunchtimes
now. However already we are looking forward to next year and starting to plan
for the performances next academic year. I am already looking forward to all the
performance opportunities that will be available to students across all year
groups. If your child has been inspired to become the next ‘star’ of MCE, then
please check out the CCA opportunities next year. We will be starting the school
production CCA in September, so please sign up for this opportunity.

Also we are looking to increase our instrumental provision next year to include
brass and drum lessons in addition to our guitar, vocal and piano lessons already
on offer. Students benefit in so many ways by learning an instrument, not just in
music but across the whole curriculum. We offer individual 30 minutes lessons at
very competitive prices. Please talk to your child to see if they would like to
make the most of this opportunity. Can I ask parents of children already taking
instrumental lessons to inform me whether their child will be continuing in
September so that I can inform instrumental staff.

Lunchtime concerts. Just because the school production is over, there are still
opportunities to perform. While Lunchtime concerts will not take place during
Ramadan, they will start again in September. These concerts are to give all
students an opportunity to perform in front of their peers in an informal
setting. If you would like to be part of these in September please let Zeina Hany,
Music Prefect, know so that we can start the new academic year off with a bang!

Co-Curricular Activites News from Sally Madden

Last week marked the end of CCAs for the academic year and I would like to
thank everyone who has been involved in making it a successful year. It has been
a fantastic opportunity for Malvern College to work with so many activity
providers and give the students a choice of a wide variety of activities. I would
like to thank all the companies and individuals we have worked with this year:
JW Marriott, Cairo Opera Ballet Company, Ippon Judo Academy, The Art Café,
Cairo Language School, RoBone, Andromeda-Labs, Dessy (Body Pump, Body
Balance and Body Attack) and Madoka (Yoga). I would also like to say a special
thank you to Susana Romani for taking the Spanish Club and donating all her
fees to the House charities. It has been great to see Susana and many other
parents getting involved in school life and taking part in the parent activities on
offer this year. Thank you also goes to all the talented teachers for their
involvement in the CCA programme.

For some students in Years 1, 3 and 6 Co-curricular activities are still continuing
with ballet rehearsals as they prepare for the Cinderella Ballet show. They have
been given the unique opportunity to perform with dancers from the Cairo
Opera Ballet Company on Tuesday 13th June in the Nursery area from 8.30 –
9.15am. We hope to see you there!

CCA planning for Term 1 will start very soon and if there is an activity next year
your child would like to take part in but has not been offered this year or would
like to feedback about any aspect of the programme this year then please do get
in touch by emailing

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