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deluxe marketing plan

deluxe marketing plan

phase one

phase two Deluxe Nails & Spa


phase three

table of contents

a marketing roadmap

Page 3  The Checklist

phase one Brand Development

Page 4 The Logo / Colors /  Tone
Page 5 The Tagline
Page 6 The Mission Statement

Marketing Infrastructure

phase two Page 7 Website
Page 8 Imagery
Page 9 Email Marketing

Active Marketing

phase three Page 10 On-line Ads
Page 11 Networking Group
Attend Events
Page 12

The Checklist

A comprehensive plan to drive business and develop loyalty

Brand Development:  Active Marketing:

☐ High Impact Logo & color concept ☐ Relevant Ads (Facebook / Google / LinkedIn)

☐ Mission statement, Purpose Commitment ☐ Email Automation Analysis & Tuning

☐ Unique Value Proposition        ☐ List buys & List serv

☐ Tagline ☐ Geofencing (targeted mobile ads)

☐ Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing Infrastructure:        ☐ Tradeshows & other events

☐ Marketing Focused Website ☐ Webinars with experts

    ☐ Mobile Optimized ☐ Networking Group (i.e. BNI)

    ☐ Search Engine Optimization ☐ Industry publication contributions/ADs

    ☐ Email Subscription ☐ Corporate program (reflexology)

    ☐ Pop-up offers ☐ Polling Clients 

    ☐ High Resolution Photography & Pro Pics

    ☐ Landing Pages In-Store Marketing:

    ☐ Premium Content ☐ Exchange WiFi access for Subscribe

☐ Pricing Strategy & Competition Shop ☐ Physical Magazine

☐ Company Story (video) ☐ Brand commercial(s)

☐ Testimonials (Video) ☐ POS Material

☐ Brochure & Digital Magazine ☐ Branded Apparel 

    ☐ Sell Advertising Space 

☐ Blog & Content development/curation Cross Marketing:

☐ Event calendar ☐ Recommendation list of reference partners

☐ Social Media with management platform ☐ Cross link website exchange (SEO increase)

☐ Web application w/ push notification  ☐ Co-sponsored events

☐ Analytics (Pixel/Google) ☐ Realtors (New package reference discount)

☐ CRM set-up & management

☐ Monthly email newsletter/Specials/News Cause Marketing: 

☐ Online Store with Pro-Motion ☐ Develop brand connection with cause

☐ Forms integration (contact info/check-in) ☐ Become known as proponents for it

☐ Business Cards/Marketing Collateral ☐ Create awareness through social media

☐ 360 degree Virtual Tour of Facility ☐ Create avenue for contribution for others

☐ Thought Leadership ☐ Create podcast/Vlog for activism

☐ Branded Apparel & Swag for events ☐ PR & Earned Media like local newspapers

☐ YouTube Channel Development

Brand Development

Why Develop A Brand
Your marketing communicates "what you do" and  your brand communicates "who you are".
The brand must be purposeful, meaningful and consistent across all lines of communication. The tone
must reflect the organizational attitude. The look must reflect the quality of service. The tagline must be

memorable and immediately make the company purpose clear. 
Current Brand Evaluation
Logo: There is currently no logo on the website. The
name of the spa is in a mixed font typography.

Colors: The colors are brown, kaki & olive green text.  
Women traditionally prefer soft colors over dark. Brown is the 2nd least favorite color for women.  Gold
symbolizes elegance where brown is traditionally used in rustic situations. 
Example of Brown Logo: UPS

Brand Development

A tagline can be as memorable (or more even) than a logo and contribute to long-term feelings of
loyalty toward a company. It should reveal the service and the purpose in a clear, concise,
memorable way!

Current Tagline Evaluation

Tagline: The current tagline is buried deep in the webpage just above the call-to-action (CTC). It is
a play on the word stand (physically/metaphorically) and a homophone using SOLE (as in the
shoe and the metaphysical soul). It consists of 11 words and aims to communicate "trust and

Evaluation: The most effective tagline are short and sweet! Like Christian Radio
KSBJ's tagline "God Listens". It's a dual meaning: God listens to you, and God listens to
the station.

Another example of a great tagline is MD Anderson's "Making Cancer History".
Another dual meaning: Beating Cancer, Doing unprecedented things. 

These two tagline have 2 & 3 words respectively and are highly impactful. 

Suggestions: We would need to work together and a lot of these happen organically,
however it's worth doing while revamping the brand. 

Idea Submissions:
Inner beauty revealed
Confidence. Inspired

Whatever the Tagline we land on, it should be located near the brand to create an

Brand Development
Mission Statement

Companies that operate with a focused purpose tend to be more successful at
developing brand loyalty. Most companies allow the public to develop their brand
because they never take the time to determine who they are and what impact they

want to achieve [and how].

Current Brand Evaluation

Mission Statement: The biggest, most successful organizations put their purpose and
mission in plain sight for their public as well as a reminder and north star for their
organization. Example: Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty
objective; to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for
socially-conscious businesses. 

There isn't a direct Mission Statement listed on the website here, but the subtext inference
drawn is, "Our mission is to empower with confidence our community by providing first
class beauty services". 

There is also little in the way of a company story or how we were formed. Brand Loyalty
grows when a company can connect emotionally with its clients which can be done
through story-telling. It's why AirBnB always shares their struggle starting-up and how they
created a BnB in their apartment using 3 air mattresses! It's endearing and emotional.

Recommendation: You may have a mission statement (or statement of purpose)
that you share internally. I would recommend we put that in public view. If you
don't have one created, we can work to develop it together with your executive

Idea Submission
We believe beauty is more than a look, it's a feeling to which we are all entitled



A key to building a proper marketing strategy Our website will be more than an online
requires a flexible website. It is the foundation brochure, it will allow the user to develop a
for which all marketing ties back. Even relationship with the company and engage. It
outbound marketing campaigns will lead back will provide valuable content like an online
to the site, even if a landing page.  digital magazine and education. It will provide
scheduling and shopping. 
The site must be consistent, flow properly,
provide user utility, easy to manage and of The website will have a consistent them
course beautiful.  throughout and walk the prospect through a
simple process which leads to conversion.





Allow clients to get comfortable with the
Just like in online dating, customers office by providing a full 360 virtual tour of
decide within 15 seconds whether they the spa. 
"would" buy from you. It's critical that we
always put our best foot forward. Current STORE P.O.S. MATERIALS
pics online are nice but low res. If we have Creating a consistent theme from a color,
the high-res versions, we can use those. I tone to the message both online and on
would take them of the team and the location is important for brand
locations and edit them. recognizability. I'll create in-store POS along
with any event poster we require. 
Video content is king! There's a lot of Drive the brand with promotional items and
opportunities to use video: Client apparel with the company logo and message.
Testimonials, a company video, a product
demonstration, an education, live streaming
events, speaking engagements, etc. 



Manually send out beautifully wire- The Auto Drip Campaign will automatically Announcements & Offers are random emails
framed monthly newsletters to our initiated upon a new conversion (CTA event) (off schedule) that are aimed to drive traffic
growing subscriber database to particularly during slow seasonality.
increase conversion rate, build loyalty for the purposes of getting them in for an
and grow the referral network. appointment.

Emails with a purpose
Too many emails and we get unsubscribed. Too few and we miss opportunities and mindshare. A single poorly crafted
email will get us unsubscribed. Great emails may never even bee seen! There's more of a likelihood that the email is
never seen or paid little attention to than converted upon. This means they MUST be more meaningful, valuable and

Giving offers, running give-aways, telling stories, introducing a new technology is infinitely more effective than a
company announcement or product/service pitch. Attaching our efforts to a social cause is even more brand building!

All of our emails will be thoughtful and measured. We will use technology to SPAM score them, monitor bounce rates,
analyze clicks and of course unsubscribes and opens.



on-line advertisements

On-line advertising can be targeted to our client profile and highly strategic. We can achieve great ROI from
even modest ad investments. A break-even ad is justified because you acquired a new client list for no costs

which gives us the opportunity to re-target a proven buyer segment.


Facebook allows detailed targeting and
remarking with pixel for analytics. 


Target other industry professionals for
collaboration and advertising in our magazine


Use Google's powerful PPC engine to drive
direct sales. 


We can create objective-based campaigns and
reach a very broad audience with Twitter.


YouTube advertising can provide a platform
for creating video ad content.

1 1A C T I V E M A R K E T I N G E N G A G E M E N T

Networking Groups:  EVENTS
Local professional networking groups are a nice way to
organically build clientele. Groups like BNI (Business LIVE & ONLINE
Networking International) take only one trade per
industry and meet on a weekly basis. Live Streaming:
Create excitement by interviewing live clients while
In-House Events: they get their nails done on social media.
Client appreciation or Lunch & Learns are good Co-Sponsored Events
opportunities to generate loyalty for both B2B as well as Team up with a hair salon to cross promote events.
consumer bases.

Corporate Wellness Program:
Work with local businesses on an event that's sponsored
by them for corporate wellness. They can send their
employees in for a spa treatment

12 A N A L Y S I S

Benchmark Initial Run Re-Marketing

Benchmarking is a way The initial run is just that. Re-marketing is the
to determine where we Marketing requires process by which we
are today so that we can constant course target only those that
determine how far we correction and have shown interest but
have gone. We will evaluation. Just like the not yet converted. This is
review SEO/page-ranking space shuttle is only on a group that most likely
against competitors, web its initial flight path 2% of want our
hits, conversion rates and the time, the rest of the products/services but
sales. Where are we on flight is a series of small need a little more
the sales side and where course corrections to convincing. It's a highly
do we want to be? If it account for unforeseen efficient way to market
can't be measured, it variables. since it's a rifle method
doesn't exist. and not a shotgun.

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