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Published by Aaliyah Henry, 2018-01-22 18:58:28

Principles of Design

Principles of Design ppt



 Balance refers to the
arrangements of design
elements within a composition,
how they relate to each other
and the overall composition

 Contrast refers to the
arrangement of opposite
elements in a piece so as to
create visual interest,
excitement and drama.

 Dominance (also known as
emphasis) may seem similar to
proportion but is actually more
to do with the visual weight of
an element.

 Rhythm can create a sense of
movement in a composition by
repeating or alternating

 Proportion (also known as
Proximity) is simply the
comparative size of elements
(usually shapes) relative to
each other or the overall

 Unity refers to the relationship
or connection between the
various parts within a
composition and their
relationship or connection to
the composition as a whole, it
is often achieved by utilizing a
number of the aforementioned

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