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Fall 2018

“Experience the Spirit . . . Christ, Creation, Community”

5-K Run / Walk / Basket Raffle

One of our first Biblical commands as human beings is to “till and care for this earth”
(Gen. 2:15). Teaching an appreciation for and understanding of God’s creation is one of the
primary pieces of our mission. Join us to help support this important cause.
Come play an active role in supporting the ACE (Agapé Center for Environmental) Educa-
tion program. Annually, ACE Ed serves over 5,000 children through school field trips, teacher
workshops and more. The program has a strong reputation for excellence across the
state of North Carolina and is recognized nationally as a leader in creation stewardship
among Lutherans.

Details of the day:
When: Saturday, November 17
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Run begins at 10:00
Food: Brunch included with registration served 10:45 to 11:45
Ice Cream Truck present
Awards: Runner Awards & Basket Raffles winners awarded at noon
To register: Go to

Registered runners/walkers – receive a T-shirt, participation medallion, and brunch!

Basket Raffle: bring some cash to buy raffle tickets on your favorite basket.

Can’t make it on the 17th? How about donating as a special sponsor, or donating a themed
basket, or running a virtual race? Contact Christa at or at
919.552.9421. Register to run a virtual 5K at

RUN THE AGAPÉ 5K Want to participate in the Agapé
AND YOUR 5K Trail Run, Walk & Basket Raffle

YOUTH GROUP but live too far away?
Organize / Run a Virtual 5K!
CASH PRIZE! • Wherever you live, arrange to run a 5K

Simply be the youth group with the most right there.
registered participants in the Agapé 5-K Trail Run, Walk • Register on-line to be a participant at $20.00
& Basket Raffle on Saturday, November 17th and you
walk away with $500 for your youth group. (Includes per person. We’ll send every Virtual 5K
virtual races!) registrant a T-shirt and Race Bib to wear at
So start planning now! Recruit & register the most your race. (Registration must be in by
participants and earn CASH! $500 prize is for youth November 1st!)
groups registered by Saturday, November 1st. • Run your race however you’d like. Take &
Thanks to our friends David Calloway & Scott send photos to
Ferguson at Thrivent Financial and the Capitol Office • The Virtual 5K can be done individually or as
who are providing the $500 incentive. a group.*

*Church youth group with the most registered participants
could win $500 from Thrivent Financial.

A place apart for building community

Current Waves Director’s Notebook & Agapé V Kure Beach Ministries’ Staff

Director’s Notebook Agapé V Kure Beach Ministries’ Staff

Who enjoys the first time Full-Time Year-round staff
Kyle Hassler: Registrar & Guest Services
on a roller coaster or a ride Christa Hassler: Program Director
down a new road? Much like Penny Wiard: Marketing & Office Manager
at camp, and in life, those Mir Youngquist-Thurow: Environmental Ed. Director
unexpected rides can be full Randy Youngquist-Thurow: Executive Director
of hills, valleys, turns and
challenges. It is more about Part-Time Year round staff – Agapé Site
how we face and react to those Jessie Drosin: ACE Education Assistant
challenges than simply getting past them. Cheryl Davis: Development Assistant
Life at camp is much like those unexpected rides Nina Lepore: Bookkeeper
loaded with turns, hills, valleys, and the unknown John Griffin: Site Manager
along our route. This fall our route included a trip Adrian Griffin: Site Assistant
with Hurricane Florence. The week was full of the Ann Griffin: Food Service Manager
unexpected. The storm shared less wind, less storm Jonnette Parker: Cook and Housekeeper
surge, and overall less damage than expected. Donna Lanham: Cook
As we got on the Florence ride, all we could do Karen Wilson: Housekeeper
was prepare. We did what we could to secure and Elizabeth Dileva: Housekeeper
prepare at Kure Beach. A group of staff along with a few
local volunteers helped make the Faith Center as ready Part-Time Year Round Staff – Kure Beach
as possible. At Agapé several days of small volunteer Pastor Dan Keck: Ministry Partner
work groups cleaned ditches, emptied rain gut- Lynn Galindo: Registrar
ters, opened drains, cut down suspect trees, staged Peter Yandow: Site Manager
tools, moved vehicles and more to prepare. Even the Nick Stephanos: Housekeeper
volunteers were an unexpected curve that made the
“ride” easier. Summer Camp Blessed by
Another of those unexpected turns involved the NEW Bolick Health Center
number of caring people who called, emailed, texted,
or responded on Facebook, that they were praying for The Bolick Health Center was dedicated on Saturday,
us and our two beautiful sites. Those inquiries and May 19, 2018 as a part of Agapé-Ganza. We were blessed
prayers continue. to have Bishop Leonard and Rita Bolick along with some
We are overwhelmed by the joy of the ride. of their family in attendance. In addition to honoring the
That joy is provided by the many volunteers who Bolicks, spaces within the main structure were dedicat-
continue to surprise us around every corner in our ed in memory of Joy Cook, and for the Jandy Ammons
Florence journey at Camp Agapé and the Kure Beach Foundation.
Faith Center. This summer we invited volunteer nurses to help us
It is all a part of the great ride. Jesus calls us to be staff the health center during our eight one-week resi-
prepared, prepared for the unexpected. With our faith dent camp sessions. Amazingly, even in this first sum-
at the core, God’s love and grace overflows through mer, volunteer nurses stepped up to fill each week.
willing hands and hearts. Together we experience the
joy of a great journey we know as life, lived in the Special thanks to the following volunteers:
assurance of our loving God right beside us through Wk #1 – Tracy Gullickson, Butler, PA
each turn, hill, and valley. Wk #2 & #7 - Judy Munger, Jacksonville, NC
Hands up, with Jesus at our side, the ride is Wk #3 – Kathy Coburn, Raleigh, NC
Wk #4 & #8 – Peggy Hayes, Cary, NC
a blast! Wk #5 & #6 – Jeanne Barcia, Kawkawlen, MI
Wk #8 – Michelle Brake, Cary, NC

These special servants welcomed campers, handled
How can you help Post Hurricane Florence: their health care needs, and took great care in handling
At Kure Beach some crews to come and help clean their medication distribution. Several of them also par-
the rooms. Everything needs to be wiped down to ticipated in programming and became valuable mem-
prevent mildew from taking hold. bers of our staff community.
At Agapé restoring the wood chips on miles of Thank you to all who helped. The program calendar
trails. The cushion base which had been built up for 2019 is set, so if you have interest please contact
over the years has been washed away by over 11 Randy to serve as a nurse next summer.
inches of rain. We will need to purchase loads of We are seeking three small items to equip the Bolick
wood chips along with crews of volunteers to apply Health Center.
it to the trails.
1. Otoscope
2. Bright floor mount lamp – exam lamp
3. Small vacuum cleaner for hard floors and

entrance rugs
Please contact us if you can help.

2 Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships Office: 919.552.9421

ACE Education celebrates 20 years, Notes from the Naturalist Current Waves

Notes from the Naturalist

ACE Education celebrates 20 years!

On Earth Day, 1998, the first school field trip Photosynthesis
group arrived at Agapé to enjoy the opportunity to
learn about God’s creation via the beautiful land Creation is AMAZING
with which we are blessed. Thus launched the Agapé (and Mostly Unnoticed)
Center for Environmental Education! Since that day
over 20 years ago now, ACE Ed has served 108,000 Think about it. Photosynthesis. How crazy is it
students and adults. that plants produce food and oxygen? It’s happening
The primary goals of ACE Education are aware- all around us all the time, yet few take notice. Chem-
ness and appreciation of nature, with the hope that ically speaking, it’s rather complicated. Physically
the seeds planted will lead to caring, and ultimately, speaking, it’s mind-boggling. The conduits making
to responsible and thoughtful decision-making con- up plant tissues are capable of moving materials
cerning care for the earth. The Agapé V Kure Beach throughout even the most gigantic of trees with no
Ministries Board of Directors made caring for creation moving parts!
an important component of the mission statement. Let’s talk trees. Xylem and phloem are pret-
We’re looking forward to continuing fulfilling this ty cool words. We often simplify to say heartwood
mission and the call given to us in Genesis 2:15 for (non-functional xylem), sapwood (functional xy-
many years to come. “The Lord God put the man in lem), inner bark (functional phloem), and outer bark
the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (non-functional phloem). The xylem is responsible
Gen. 2:15 (NIV). for transporting water and minerals from the roots
Following are some comments we’ve received upward throughout the tree via pipe-like cells called
from teachers: tracheids, vessels, and fibers. The phloem trans-
ports food manufactured by the leaves to all parts of
“Fantastic!” Douglas Elementary the tree in all directions via cells dubbed sieve-tube
members, companion cells, fibers, and parenchyma.
“For many students it was their first time hiking and And then there are the leaves. This is where the
experiencing nature. I knew it would be fun, hands- action takes place: that amazing transformation
on and educational. Teachers told me it was the best taking sunlight + water + carbon dioxide to produce
environmental field trip they had been on. I would food for the plant and oxygen for us. If you want to
rate it a 10. We all had a wonderful time.” Four Oaks know the chemistry behind this miraculous process
Elementary (it IS a miracle!), Google is readily available.
Everything in God’s creation is interconnected.
“The whole trip was fantastic. The instructors were Simplistically speaking, plants live because we pro-
very knowledgeable, organized, and thorough.” duce carbon dioxide, and animals (including us) live
Oakview Elementary because plants produce oxygen. It’s all amazing and
should not go unnoticed!
“Kids loved it! Great day! They’ll remember this!” West Breathe deeply and thank the plants!
Lake Middle
Mir Youngquist-Thurow
“It was wonderful, an excellent opportunity to further Environmental Education Director
our learning.” Coats Elementary

“One of our all-time favorites.” LaFayette Elementary

“They (the students) wrote stories about how “phenom-
enal” the trip was!” Oakview Elementary

“We all agreed that the entire staff was great.
Outstanding!” JR Ingram Elementary

Play an active role in supporting the ACE (Agapé Center for Environmental) Education program by registering to
participate in our 5K Trail Run, Walk & Raffle! on Saturday, November 17. Special Incentive: Be the youth
group with the most race participants (at camp or virtually) and win $500! Thank you again to Thrivent Financial
(David Calloway & Scott Ferguson). Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships 3

Current Waves 2018 Summer Camp, This Changes Everything!

This Changes Everything!

“For it is by GRACE you have been saved through faith, and this is not your doing; it is a gift from God.”
Ephesians 2:8 God’s grace is a miraculous gift of love that calls and enables every one of us to live as children
of God. As campers and staff hiked, sang, worshipped and played in the woods of camp as well as on Day Camp
we daily found new signs of God’s grace. We had BURNING hearts as we talked of the disciples coming face to
face with God’s gift of grace in Jesus’ resurrection on the road to Emmaus. Through Saul’s conversion to Paul
we saw that our true I.D. is in God as followers of Jesus. The parable of the sheep and the goats reminds us that
grace gives us PURPOSE sharing that gift with other people. We had a shift in PERSPECTIVE when we tried seeing
the story of the prodigal son in a new way. Prodigal is a word that means reckless and extravagant, so how much
more wonderful is to see the son the way God sees us - through a lens of reckless and extravagant love! The final
thing we encountered was a lesson in community. The faith of the Canaanite woman shows that God’s GRACE is
truly for all people. God’s free gift of grace changes everything!

“For it is by GRACE you have been saved through faith, and

Counselor Quotes

“We had a program this summer that was attended by a smaller group of youth, so the staff got to spend a

lot of time with them. They grew very close as a group, and witnessing them during the affirmation service was

a grace moment for everyone there. As they finished receiving an affirmation from their counselors each camper

came over to join the affirmation choir in singing songs. I truly felt God at camp as I watched them laugh, cry

and sing praises together. In those moments I could see what camp was all about.”

“I sat with a group of boys during affirmations on Thursday night to make sure they weren’t distracting

other groups. This was the most quiet they had been all week as they had lots of joy for camp. As I sat with

them one camper came to sit next to me after he received his affirmation. After sitting in silence for a few

moments he said, “Wow, that felt good.” I wasn’t even sure that

he was talking to me, but I asked him about what he said anyway.

He told me about his affirmation- how nice it was to sit with just

him and his counselor, how good it felt to hear such important

things about himself, how his counselor took the time to make a

special craft just for him, and how his counselor prayed with and

for him. After all of that he said, “I used to think prayers were

like wishes. If you tell someone else they don’t come true, but

that’s not how it works at all. Prayers and camp are something

you should share with everyone!” This camper showed me how big

Chillin’ at the pool store. God’s grace really is.”

4 Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships Office: 919.552.9421

Summer Camp Offering, Grace Moments & A REACH 100 Blessing Current Waves

Summer Camp Offering

This year our summer staff selected two recipients for our summer
offering. We chose both an international and a domestic cause. Staff
shared information about these two causes with campers and parents
during every week of both our resident camp programs and state-wide day camp programs.
Our international cause was Lutheran World Relief whose mission is, “Empowered by God’s unconditional
love in Jesus Christ, we envision a world in which each person, every community, and all generations live in
justice, dignity, and love.” They seek to bring change and relief to countries affected by disaster, and to help
countries develop more sustainable farming practices, among many other things.
The domestic cause chosen for this year was Backpack Buddies through the Interfaith Food Shuttle. They
work locally to end hunger in our community through many endeavors.
Backpack Buddies sends students home from school on the weekends
with backpacks full of groceries, so they have food when school meals
aren’t provided. Last year they sent out 80,000 backpacks, and the gifts
of our campers will help them continue this year!
Our wonderful campers and their families, both resident and day campers, gave a total of $3,800 this sum-
mer! This gracious gift has been divided evenly in half, and both causes will be using 100% of this donation
directly for programs and projects.

Grace Moment “Out on Day Camp I had a cabin of middle schoolers, and we did service projects throughout

the week. One of those projects was working at a soup kitchen. We started by making placemats for everyone and
then served a meal. One woman was especially grateful for her placemat because the camper that made it had
drawn a cross with a reminder that she was loved. It showed me that God shares grace and love in the simplest
ways, and he works through campers in amazing ways.”

d this is not your doing; it is a gift from God.” Ephesians 2:8

A REACH 100! Blessing We love hearing how our former summer staff live
out the Seven Major Goals in their lives. Below is an
~ Randy Youngquist-Thurow wonderful example of Goal #5. . . Building Leaders.

After the end of the summer camp season, I stopped
to get gas at one of our local stations. While I was at the
pump a young boy ran up to me – pointed at me and
said, “Camp … Agapé – you were there this summer.”
I said “Yes I was, it is great to see you again.” He excit-
edly talked about his week at camp, how that was the
only time this summer he got to go swimming, how he
loved to play the games and how nice everyone was. He
told me about the fun things his cabin group did with
his counselor and new friends. His dad came over also,
shook my hand with tears in his eyes and said “Thank
you.” “Time to go” he mumbled to his son. I watched as
they crawled into the car with two other siblings. I could
see the sleeping bag, given to him as a part of the “Reach
100” program packed in the back seat with him.
I am not sure, but I believe that car also served as
the family home.
What great moments of hope and God’s grace that
we get to share through the “Reach 100” program. Thank
you to all who shared gifts of clothing, backpacks, water
bottles, sleeping bags, and gifts of cash to make a week
of faith-based camp possible for so many! Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships 5

Current Waves River of Hope Member Listing

River of Hope Luncheon Celebrates Special People of Faith

On Saturday, August 4th, we hosted the River of Hope Luncheon at Camp
Agapé. Over 130 people who believe in the power of the Gospel message came to
celebrate our ministry.
All “River of Hope” members are invited for this great day of celebra-
tion. We start with a delicious lunch prepared by our Food Service staff.
Following lunch fellowship, and a report of our ministry, everyone gathers in
Castor Chapel where our staff share a skit, songs, testimonials about the summer
experience and the joy of life. This summer’s theme was all about God’s grace.
The summer staff reflects that grace and love.
Annually we recognize some of the significant supporters of our ministry
over the past year. Betty Huggins was honored for her years of service on our
Board of Directors. Laura White, was recognized with the Eagle Award for outstanding volunteer service at Camp
Agapé. Brittney Perry received the Director’s Award. The David L. Castor Award for commitment and service to our
ministry was proudly shared with Bob and Pat Barker, Fuquay-Varina. Bob owns and runs Bob Barker Company, the
world’s largest provider of prison supplies. This local business, which focuses on living out a commitment to strong
Christian values, has become a valuable partner in ministry. Bob and Pat have a commitment to build strong character
in our community. They faithfully supported our “Reach 100” program and encouraged their employees to send their
children to camp with full scholarships.
Thank you Bob & Pat for making this ministry a part of your faith journey.
Join us at the River of Hope Luncheon next year on August 3rd. Become a River of Hope Member or increase your
participation level today.

J New or Renewing Member River of Hope Member Listing * Charter Member

MESSENGER $100-$249 Rev. Ron & Swannetta Fink Conor & Stayce Key Revs. Kimberly & Ryan Ray
Don & Marguerite Fleenor David & Diane Kluttz Art & Kathie Raymond
Harry Albert  Jr. Alex & Marilyn Knittel Susan Rhyne
Mark Albing J Kim Flowers J Ron & Cinde Rinn
Timothy & Carol Allen Michael & Claudia Forde J Angela Kolander Jayne Rusincovitch
Jim & Barb Babcock Charles Korte
Heidi & George Baer Gary & Margaret Francis Frances Lamb Rev. Stephen & Mrs. Joy Rust
Tom & Dolores Banks Mark & Sharon Freeze Rev. & Mrs. Ted Rust
Bill & Linda Behrendt James & Sandra Fretz J Tom & Jany Leiser Paul Sachtleben J
Jean Berkstresser John Frye Todd & Tamara Lewis Barbara Sappenfield J
Dennis & Sandra Bollinger Nicole Saunders
Louise Bouknight Dan Gaugert & Terry Harper Larry & Sybil Mack
Rev. David & Sharon Brooks Thomas Gebbia Jr. Rev. Mary Mappus Finklea S.J. & Gloria Schaberg J
Mabel Brown Barbara Gerhard Julie Schmidt
Andrew Buck & Naomi Washetko Elizabeth Marquardt
William & Laura Bunte J Jim & Sharon Gibbons & Mark Johanson Kevin & Susan Schneider
Mark & Louise Burkhardt Nancy Glenham J Carol Marshall Virgil & Denise Sealy
Sarah Burkhardt Lida Goodhart Robert & Karin Sedivy
Shannon & Ellen Mathis J Mark & Kim Sherwin
Dana Butler William & Karla Green William & Jeanette McCullough Leslie Smith
Jane & Joe Cadwallader Ed Greenawald Beth Melcher & Walt Chmelewski Robert & Jan Sowers
Irene Stewart J
Daina Caldwell J Eric & Shirley Griggs Rich & Lori Mielke Jim Story J
Katharine & Evan Cameron Michael Hager J Christopher Miller  Alan & Linda Sullivan
Tim & Lori Haley & Helena Wallin-Miller Timothy & Marika 
John & Patricia Carriker Rev. & Mrs. Joseph Miller Suominen-Yeh
Paul & Kathy Casadonte Carol Anne Harrell Scott & Jane Miller J Kelsey Surak
Judy & Tom Childress J Charles & Joan Harris J
David & Frances Clayton James Minor Steven & Jennifer Swanchara J
Raymond & Catherine Coltrain Susan Hatch Jeff & Kari Moncrief J Gary & Eloise Thomas
Gerald & Joyce Havenstein
Kay Conrad Frank & Lisa Moore Rev. & Mrs. Philip Tonnesen
Eyelyn Costello Don & Julie Helmey Thomas & Jen Moses Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Howard Cunningham Mary Herion
Frances Daily Todd Herman Betty Murray J & Jacqueline Trickel
Schuyler Darstein Floyd & Joann Nesbitt Colleen & Ed Vitek J
Lula & Andrew Davis Tim & Lynn Hess Gary & Susan Norris J
Patsy Dellinger Stan & Sherry Hill Michelle Waltz
Mike Hix & Jerry Crosby Tammy Norton J Terri & Joe Waters J
James Dicke Kathleen Hopson Rev. Alissa Oleson
Betty J. Dixon William & Carol Howard J Carl & Barbara Olson Sharon Watson J
Ned & Dianne Hudson Megan Opalinski Jon & Brenda Wehling
Annie Early Arthur & Virginia Hultquist James J. Pappalardo Bill & Debra Weinel  III
Eric Eisenstein J Rev. & Dr. Pam & Joseph Isley Jonnette & Robert Parker J Barry & Kathy Whisnant
Kenneth & Merrilee Jacobson Gabrielle & Andrew Wiens
Lisa Eklund Larry & Phyllis Jenkins Jennifer Pelling
Glenn Elam J Mrs. Willie Johnson Bruce Petersen J Vivian Willard
CM & Bertha Erickson Eric L. & Jenny Jones Harriett & Randy Wilson J
Mr. John Fetzer Shirley & Gary Jones Dennis Petrich
Rev. David & Nina Keck  Jr.   & Lori Niedfelt-Petrich Larry & Frances Wilson
Robert & Deborah Kenny
Kevin Potter J
Phyllis & Eddie Radford
James & Terry Ramseur

6 Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships Office: 919.552.9421

Thank you to all of our River of Hope and Legacy Gift Members! Current Waves

Witness $250-$499 Disciple $1000-$2499
Robert & Ruth Allbert Rev. Daniel & Christina Keck Peter Benson Bill & Sharon Heckman

Rev. Scott & Brett & Lisa Koceja Rev. Harvey & Susanne Blume * Thomas & Ethelyn Hegele

Kathryn Anderson Paul Lester & Kathy Blum Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Bolick Rev. Charlie & June Hoyle

Craig & Faith Ashton John & Deanna Leuenberger David & Jordi Calloway  Daniel & Betty Huggins

Revs. Michael & Lisa Beery Michael Llamas J Ronnie Carroll Rev. Dr. David &

Rev. John & Nancy Bollinger Philip & Linda Martin Faye Castor * Diana Keck, Sr. *

Ron & Carol Bostick Andy & Amy McIntosh Dr. Mark Castor, DMD, PA Robert & Joretta Klepfer *

Neil & Christine Brennecke BGen Joel & Carol McKean & Victoria Castor Geoff & Julie Monsees

Steven Buch Michael & Melinda Menz Andrew & Sheri Chamberlin Knowles & Phyllis Parker

Bradley & Ann Buff Betty Monsees John & Brenda Chaplinsky David & Mary Patterson

Rev. Daniel & Mark & Judy Munger Rev. Paul & Shirley Christ Kelvin & Sue Ann Peacock

Elizabeth Burris Chris & Sonja Neiger Tim & Rita Clark Saville & Linda Riesz

Spencer & Ann Curtis J Catherine Nichols Ned & Linda Cline Brent & Murney Rinholm

Rev. Mark & Brandon Oxford Kathy Coburn Ty Rinholm

Elizabeth Drengler Jeffrey & Brenda Paschal Rebecca Crosson Bishop & Mrs. Timothy Smith

Ed & Patty Dressen Allison & Simon  Ellen & Allan Dickson Mary Jo Snipes

Mitch & Jessie Drosin Peacock-Weschle Michael & Wendy Elder * Frances Heckman Stevens

Michael & Michelle Duclos Grant & Brenda Peterson Kevin & Karen Feezor * Marjorie Streck

Jennifer & Brian Eggiman Rev. C. Henry & John & Linda Foreman Clem & Audrey Surak

Norm Eitrheim J Susan Rendleman Kristi & Mike Gilley Revs. Sharon & Timothy Taylor

Glenn & Dorothy Faurot Edward Roehling Mark & Tara Glaspey Rev. Eldon & Donna Thurow

Ruth & Chris Fonville David & Dottie Ruehle Mauricio & Beth Gonzalez Rev. Charles & Kay Zimmerman

Steve & Jeanne Ford Loucia & Carol Saraiva Charles & Sylvia Harris

Michael & Kathryn Barry & Linda Schmidt

Robenstine Gentry Mary Jane Selgrade

Sarah Goodman Robert Sepe

Rev. Randy & Jerome & Cheryl Smith

Tracy Gullickson Margaret Smith

John Guran Tom & Peg Staley

Tom & Alecia Harrison Ronald & Jennifer Stirrat

Dr. Peter & Helen Hauser William & Christina Thatcher

Chris Hegele Kyra Thurow

Michael & Megan Heitzman Melvin & Anna Tolliver

Josh & Michelle Higgin Steven M. Wagner

Jonathan & Ashley Huddle Linda Weant

David Hyman Penny Wiard

Rev. Jeffrey & Sarah Ingold Nancy Wilfong

Ned & Martha Jarrett Troy & Barbie Windom

Diane Jowers Prophet $2500 and up

Servant $500-$999 Hank Albing Rev. John & Lanie Nagle

Bill & Virginia Albing  Frank & Donna Kretschmer  II  David & Margaret Alsobrooks Wayne & Jill Nelson

Nina & Jonathan Allen  Dr. George Kroncke  MD  Robert & Patricia Barker Larry & Carole Ostrowski

Paula Atwood  David & Laura Ladrie  Fred & Sylvia Black Jim & Patty Peeples

Ronald & Terri Blake  Monica Lavery  James & Shirley Blackorby Joe & Leigh Pittman

William & Trudy Blake  Lyle & Susanne Malotky  George & Betty Burfeind Brenda Plassman &

Bill & Jan Boyer  Nancy McNitt  Mr. & Mrs. David Carlson Warren Jewett

Eric & Ann Brady  Andy & Deborah Mitchum  Mark & Renee Dowell Dr. Rebecca & Mr. John Riley J

Christopher Castor  Ronald & Karin Mullen  John & Cheryl Fleming, Jr. Richard & Susan Rohrbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Crisafulli John & Katie Neuhauser  Gregory & Ann Gooch Gary & Judy Stivland

Kathe Schwab & Jeffery Osborne J Ann & John Griffin Dr. Daniel &

Charlie Deibert J Kristopher & Missy Paal  Warren & Pam Harrell, Jr. Sally Turnbull, DDS

Romania Cline  Chase & Megan Perry  Dr. Allen & Cathryn Hewett Dorothea Ann Wilckens

Sandra R. Cline  Hilton & Dalen Petway  Rev. David & Pat Huddle Tom & Carol Wood

Gregg & Marianne Cockroft  Mr. & Mrs. Shane Richardson Aaron & Sylvia King Randy & Mir 

Earl & Cindy Crumpler  Jr.  Bruce & Shirley Rickert  Ellen Koester Youngquist-Thurow*

James & Phyllis Dewar  Rev. William Rose  III  James & Karen Muse

Mary & Bruce Franck  Rick Scott J

Danny Garrett William & Rita Sears 

Shirley Green  David & Debby Seibert 

Tom Hahl & Bari Lawhorn Rev. & Mrs. Robert Shoffner 

Robert & Lisa Hammond  Steve & Linda Swanson J

Mark & Sherry Hartman  Tim & Kim Sweet J

Tom & Debbie Helfrich  Roger & Bunny Thompson 

Rev. Louise & Larry Hilbert  Kai & Lauren Thurow 

Rudy & Phyllis Hoch  Kathi Tichansky 

Joe & Melba Isley  Rev. Paul Wagoner 

Tom Karkutt J Tammy & Eric West 

Revs. Doug & Beth Kearney  Seth & Andrea Wynands 

Steven & Karyn Kline J Rose Youngquist 

Ashley Knoy Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships 7

Current Waves REACH 100! Legacy Club Members

“Reach 100”

WOW! What a great program of community outreach, partnership and
proclaiming the Gospel! “Reach 100” is the most dynamic program we have ever
had the privilege of sharing in our partnership with people like you. We set a
goal of serving 75 homeless or severely financially challenged children through
a FREE week of Christian summer camp, and together we did it. We served exact-
ly 75 children this past summer, up from 52 in 2017. We are ready to make the
goal and reach 100 children in the summer of 2019. Join us to make it happen!
In the fall of 2017 “Reach 100” was recognized with a national award for
the most innovative outreach program in the country at the National Outdoor
Ministries Conference. This past July the nationally distributed magazine “Living
Lutheran” ran a two-page article about “Reach 100.”
We thank our business partners in the community: Bob Barker, KB Johnson,
Fox Printing, Johnson Optometric, OS Institute, Yoga on Main, FACES, Fuquay -
Varina Lions Club, and the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce for their part-
nership in giving to bring kids to camp. Read about a REACH 100! blessing on

page 5!

Legacy Club Members

Bill & Margaret Alsobrooks * Rev. Dr. David & Diana Keck, Sr. *

George & Betty Burfeind Dr. George Kroncke, MD *

Sandra R. Cline William R. & Imogene Myers

Richard & Joy Cook Rev. John & Lanie Nagle

Mary & Bruce Franck J Jim & Patty Peeples

Thomas & Ethelyn Hegele Gary & Judy Stivland

Rev. David & Pat Huddle Bruce Wehrle

Dr. Angela Hutzenbuhler Dorothea Wilckens

David Hutzenbuhler Randy & Mir Youngquist-Thurow *

Donations generously given by the following congregations and organizations

Apex Sunrise Rotary Club J  V Grace, Raleigh Old North State Catering J

Apple, Koceja & Associates, PA  Greer and Associates, Inc.  OS Institute

Becky Medlin Realty  Hallan Construction V Our Redeemer Greenville 

Bob Barker Company, Inc.  Company  V Our Savior, Durham 

Breathing Space Yoga  V Holy Cross, Clayton  Performance FoodService J

C-12 Group Durham Chapter J V Holy Trinity WELCA, Raleigh  V Resurrection, Cary 

Carolina Custom Surfaces J V Holy Trinity, Gastonia  Schleter Painting & Drywall, LTD J

V Charlotte Area Lutheran Men  V Holy Trinity, Raleigh  SearStone Retirement Community 

V Christ The King, Cary  Hutzenbuhler, CPA  Senter, Stephenson and Johnson, PA 

Dean Interior Trim, Inc. J.F. Wilkerson Contracting Co., Inc.  Sew Blessed

Design Line Studios, PLLC J JF Builders & Associates  V Shiloh, Lewisville 

Dewar’s Antiques, Interiors & Florist  Johnson Optometric Associates, P.A.  Southern Stone Supply 

Dewar’s Body Shop  K. B. Johnson Oil & Gas Co.  Speco National, Inc 

Dolphin Communications  V Kimball Lutheran Men  V St. James, Rockwell 

Duncan Junction  V Kure Memorial, Kure Beach V St. John’s, Salisbury 

Eco Turf, Inc  LawnMaster, Inc. J V St. Paul’s, Durham 

Enhanced Renovations  Lochmere Golf Club  V St. Peter’s, Salisbury 

Events 2 America, LLC  V Lord of Life, Garner  V St. Philip, Raleigh 

V First Lutheran, Greensboro  V Lord of Life Men  Stonewall Flowers, LLC 

V First Lutheran, Albemarle  VLutheran Chapel WELCA, China Grove  Sylvan Heights Bird Park 

Forestry Services, Inc.  V Our Savior, Jacksonville Techniques, Inc. 

Foster’s Automotive Group, Inc.  V Reconciliation, Wilmington The Curry Engineering Group, PLLC 

V Friedens, Gibsonville V Macedonia, Burlington  Thrivent Financial 

Fuquay Varina Lions Club  Merchandising Concepts, Inc.  Tony Williard Construction, Inc. J

V Good Shepherd, Raleigh  Merrill Lynch  V Trinity, Sanford 

V Good Shepherd, Goldsboro  Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.  United Community Bank

V Good Shepherd, Mt. Holly  V North Carolina Synod ELCA  V Water of Life, Wilmington 

Goodwins Glam-O-Rama  V North Carolina Women of the ELCA  Wild Birds Unlimited

8 Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships Office: 919.552.9421

Volunteer Appreciation, Wish List! Current Waves

Eagles & Pelicans Camp Agapé & Kure Beach Volunteers who have volunteered 10 hours or more!

Annie Adams Jessie Drosin Arin Liles Richard Rohrbaugh
Eddie Adams Mitch Drosin Jim Linn Endy Saraiva
Max Adams Alan Eckard Stan Lowe
Dr. Kevin Ahlstrom Michael Lynch Macayla Saraiva
Lizzie Akins Katie Elkin Daniel Lynn Kelli Schneider
Rev. Scott Anderson Julie Franck Bob Maiz
Barb & Jim Babcock Mary Franck Lyle Malotky Bob Sepe
Andrew Ballard Glenn Faurot Diane Mason Bob Shimmell
Ethan Barry Cal Garvey Sherri Mathis Mike Schleter
Lori Bartels Jean Graff Fred McGraw Scott Simerly, Jr.
Maddie Bass Jill Greene Andy McIntosh Kristin Slaybaugh
Adrian Griffin Hanna McKeithan
Paul Biel Ann & John Griffin Melinda Menz Andy Smith
Fred Black Jeremy Hans Erica Michalson Terri Smith
Ricky Boyretigh Randy & Ann Hanson Emily Mitchum Tommy Smith
Ron Bostick Warren Harrell Jordan Moore Mike Spain
Bill &Jan Boyer Charles Harris Jenna Munger Tom Staley
Neil Brennecke Dave Hash Karen Muse Dave Steffenauer
Kerstin Brown Gerald Havenstein Wayne Nelson Pete Stewart
Mycheala Brown Molly Heffner Katie Neuhauser Gary & Judy Stivland
Andrew Buck Chris Hegele Gesine Noonan Samuel Strader
Todd Burns Tom Hegele Nancy O’Donnell Rachel Stringer
Tyler Burns Tim Hiteshaw Larry O’Neal Audrey Surak
Rev. Dan Burris Kevin Hobson Brandon Oxford John Swanson
Greg Cash Betty Huggins Nathan Overton Rev. Sharon Taylor
John Chaplinsky David Hutzenbuhler Julie Padilla Ray Thaxton
David Clapp Mark Johns Jim Parish Kyra Thurow
Tim Clark Gordon Johnson Jonnette, Richard & Julia Parker
Evan Clayton Allison Jones Elizabeth Peacock Melvin Tolliver
Frances Clayton Matthew Jones Brittany Perry Rev. Phil Tonnesen
Teresa Coleman Robert Kelsey Brenda Peterson
Maureen Colwell Kevin Potter Chris Van Gorder
Spencer Curtis Liz Kerr Ray Prill Lucas Welch
Cheryl Davis Alex & Marilyn Knittel David Prince Laura White
Jessica Daniel Cockroft Raymond Quinn Jeffrey White
Grant Delphey Abby Kolb Wanda Quinn Penny Wiard
Michael Dickson Tim Krauss David Rauscher Karen Wilson
Mark & Renee Dowell Gordon Kremo Hunter Reed
Jeff Dozier Teri Kusztyb Murney Rinholm Laura Windom
Tracey Dranttell Ken Kutner Gus Rodrigues Chris Wrenn
Rev. Mark Drengler Michael Leiser Ron Rogers Tom Wood
Dan Dresher Nina Lepore
Bryan Lester Shane Wosniak
John Leuenberger Randy Youngquist-Thurow

Mir Youngquist-Thurow
William Zima

Rev. Charlie Zimmerman

Wish List! Be Part of
Making a Difference
“Gifts in kind” or cash toward the purchase of items are always graciously
received. Thank you for helping our ministry to grow. Become a
“River of Hope Giving
Club Member”
Dehumidifiers (3) Brick Work – Re-tuck
We need your help. Do you
Commercial Grade Riding Mower – zero turn New Bissel Vacuums want to make a positive differ-
ence in the world and in the lives
$ to purchase Solar Lighting – (outside) LCD Projector God’s people? Then we invite
you to share a gift with us.
Flowers and Bushes (outside) Labor for room upgrades Join the “River of Hope” Giving
Club. An annual gift truly does
Archery Targets New kitchen Pots and Pans make a difference in our ability
to pass on the Faith and teach
EZ-up Tents Ice Machine, under counter positive values. A minimum
annual gift of $100.00 or a
Reams of White & Color Paper Gas Grill gift up to $10,000 can put you
in the company of 350 plus
Money to Purchase Wood Chips – individuals, families, congrega-
tions and organizations who are
Labor to spread woodchips - Hurricane Florence scrubbed our trails clean “River of Hope” members.

People willing to serve on our Energy Stewards Task Force
Gardeners – help plant and maintain flower beds, herb & vegetable gardens

Used Minivans – for Day Camp Program

Special Needs: Used Mini-Vans

We need to replace at vans in our fleet before next summer. These vans
deliver our staff teams to each of our 25 Day Camp sites. What a great second
life for your van! Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships 9

Current Waves Kure Beach Room Remodel, Brick Patio Addition at Camp Agapé

Kure Beach Room Remodel – Needs Your Help!

• We have four rooms at Kure Beach completed. Thank you!
• We are seeking gifts of $5,000 each to complete the remaining four rooms this winter!
• Can you or your congregation help???
• We need cash gifts and groups of people willing to provide some labor.
• These photos show the finished four rooms.

If interested, please contact Randy, Executive Director, to get connected to the project.
Email: or call the camp office at 919.552.9421.

Brick Patio Addition! Leaving a Legacy

We are seeking volunteers to help us lay bricks!!
Thanks to two designated gifts (Rebecca Swanson and the Men’s group at Lord
of Life Lutheran, Garner, and a Grant from Macedonia Lutheran, Burlington) we have
a great fund to expand the legacy brick walkway at the entrance to the Woodlands
Center. What a great way to make a gift to our ministry and leave a lasting tribute to
someone you love.
The current walkway is approaching the point of being full. We have a vision for a patio expansion.
We will be looking for some teams to lay the brick patio and donors to make gifts toward the benches, plant-
ings and picnic table to make this all possible.
Additionally, we ask you to consider a brick gift to add to the new patio. It would be great to lay 50 inscribed
gifts as we build the new space. 4” X 8” bricks can be purchased for $150.00, an 8” x 8” brick for $300.00, or a
16”x16” brick for $500.00. Have your brick inscribed with your name, or customize a message to memorialize or
honor someone else, or propose to your girlfriend like Brendan Braaten! Leave a lifetime legacy with this special
gift to your camp. Contact camp at 919.552.9421 or click the “Buy a Brick” tab at the top of any of the pages on
our website.

10 Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships Office: 919.552.9421

Father~Son Retreat, O’ Holy Night, IGNITE & more! Current Waves

Father~Son Retreat
Nov. 30 - Dec. 1

Fathers, sons, grandfathers ~ this retreat offers a TOPICS:
great opportunity to connect! Gather around the o Time for rest, renewal, laughter together
campfire, tell stories, fish, shoot an arrow, or explore o Time to share challenges and hear others ideas
the woods of Agapé.
Cost: Under 3 = Free o How to build a structure of continuity for program
3 - 12 yrs = $60.00 leadership.
13 and up = $90.00 o How to nurture a culture of leadership.
o Open sharing about ideas, road blocks and
Includes 2 meals, one night lodging, retreat staff, and successes ~ learning from each other.
program activities. Register online or contact Christa
at or 919.552.9421. COST:
o Great Deal! $75 per person for:
It’sFRaElmE!ost 2 nights, 6 meals, program & Zipline ride
o Reg. price $160 ~ thanks to a Building Leaders
Grant that’s an $85 savings for YOU!

Register at
Contact Christa at or
at 919.552.9421.

O’ Holy Night

December 14 & 15
6:00 and 7:15pm
shows each night

IGNITE RETREAT Make plans to visit
Dec. 12-13, 2018
Camp Agapé for a fun
We have a commitment at AVKB Ministries to evening of fellow-
build leaders for the future of the church and the ship, light holiday
world. This two-day retreat at Camp Agapé includes
four meals, lodging and a chance to explore some fare, and a unique
ideas about what’s next in life. Discover a bit about
those things in your life that IGNITE a passion in presentation of the
you. How do you take that passion into the world as
Christians? How can your personal God-given gifts Christmas story.
be used in daily life to help build the kingdom of God
no matter what your choice of vocation? We will fo- Sample delicious hol-
cus time for discussion with peers as we look at faith, iday foods, decorate
life, and the call to use our gifts to make a difference a Christmas cookie,
in the world.
Who should attend: Anyone age 18 to 28 who or step into our pho-
wants to make a difference or is seeking answers to to booth for a friends
what is life all about! or family holday por-
Cost $5.00 to register. At the end of the event your
$5.00 is refunded with a challenge to use it to build trait. Afterwards you will walk along a beautifully
the Kingdom of God. See you Dec. 12-13, 2018. lit camp trail, sing Christmas carols and watch the
“greatest story ever told” unfold, all under the night

sky. Start a new Christmas tradition at Agapé! Save the
date, mark your calendar, or go ahead and register as
time slots fill quickly! Contact Kyle at 919.552.9421

or for more information.

Note: For Nativity presentation, must be able to walk over
uneven terrain in low light. Building Leaders through Christ-centered relationships 11

Nov. 3 2018 Upcoming Events Camp Agapé Spring Golf Outing
Nov. 17 Saturday Safari Camp Agapé
Nov. 26-28 Camp Agapé April 8, 2019
Nov. 30 - Agapé 5K Run & Raffle
Dec. 1 Youth Leaders Retreat Camp Agapé Put the date on your calendar now! We are
Dec. 12 -13 scheduled to play at the Lochmere Golf Club, Cary.
Dec. 14 & Father ~ Son Retreat Camp Agapé Registration will be at 8:00 a.m. with a shotgun start
at 8:45 a.m. Lunch, snacks on the course, and great
15 IGNITE! Camp Agapé fellowship provided. Bring a team or come as an
O’ Holy Night individual. Can’t play that day? Be a TEE, PIN or Event
Jan. 11-13 (2 shows each night) Camp Agapé Sponsor. This is our largest annual fund raiser and
2019 Upcoming Events is vital to us providing a quality camp program for
Jan. 18-21 BYG-er (Grades 6-8) Camp Agapé children and youth. Save the Date: Monday, April 8!

Feb. 1-3 TEC Camp Agapé
Feb. 8-10 (Teens Encounter Christ) Camp Agapé
Mar. 1-3 Camp Agapé
Mar. 16 BYG-est (Grades 9-12) Camp Agapé
Mar. 15-17 BYG (Grades 3-5) Camp Agapé
Mar. 29-31 BYG (Grades 3-5) Camp Agapé
April 5-7 Work Day Camp Agapé

April 5-7 BYG-er (Grades 6-8) Camp Agapé
BYG (Grades 3-5)
April 22-24 BYG (Grades 3-5) Kure Beach
May 10-11 NC Lutheran Camp Agapé
Scout Camporee
Clergy Crash

Non-Profit Agapé Kure Beach Ministries
1369 Tyler Dewar Lane
US PostagePAID Fuquay-Varina NC 27526

Permit No. 1910 Have you heard of
Raleigh, NC #GivingTuesday? #Giving
Tuesday is celebrated on
the Tuesday following
Thanksgiving and is a
special time of year when people can give to organi-
zations that mean something special to them.
This year Agapé  Kure Beach Ministries is
seeking to raise $8,400.00 on #GivingTuesday,
November 27. This $8,400.00 will go directly to
repairing uninsured Hurricane Florence damage at
our Kure Beach ocean front site.
Help us to provide quality facilities as we restore
after damages from Hurricane Florence with your
GivingTuesday gift.
After a day of Thanksgiving, feasting, family, and
maybe shopping til you drop, please consider mak-
ing a difference on #GivingTuesday.
Keep and eye on our Facebook page and website
for more info!


If your address has changed, please contact us with

your new address by calling 919.552.9421, emailing or by sending your new
address to Camp Agapé, 1369 Tyler Dewar Lane,
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526.

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