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Summer 2017

“Experience the Spirit . . . Christ, Creation, Community”

Thank you to our REACH 100!

community partners for Impacting the lives of children in need
through a summer camp experience!
their generous support!
Our faith calls us into action; to care for and share our many blessings with others
to strengthen the body of Christ. We often talk about how we can help others and
share opportunities with all people. “Reach 100” is putting that calling into action.

In 2016, this two-year community based initiative brought 25 children in financial
need to camp. In 2017, we hope to increase that number by 75 and provide full schol-
arships to many in our community who experience financial barriers (many being
homeless) to Agapé for a positive Christian growth experience through a week of
residential summer camp.

The key to our success lies in our community partners, church families and individ-
ual donors. Our first community partnership was with local school guidance counsel-
ors; who worked diligently to match children in need with “Reach 100.” Local school
staff continue to identify children and guide families through our registration

Church families, individuals and local business partners, along with Fuquay -
Varina Chamber members are providing needed funds to give a positive, exciting and
fun week for these children through their gifts of support.

Why is this program important? “Reach 100” gives kids hope and shares God’s love
with them. Our camp programs nurture campers through the positive Christian role
modeling of our staff; it builds their self-value, and gives children a chance to be
creative and have fun in a safe environment.

Please go to our website to see a four page feature article in the Fuquay - Varina and
Holly Springs Suburban Magazines with more details about this great outreach
program and partnership seeking to strengthen our children and our community.

Yoga on Main
@ Breathing Space

The full cost of a camp week is $600.00. A gift of $600.00 sends a camper to a full
week of resident camp and provides for all their camp needs. A gift of $300.00 pays
for a ½ of a camper’s week. $150.00 covers 25%, and a gift of any size will help us
bring some deserving children to camp for the best week of their summer.

If you would like to join us in our effort to impact the lives of children in need,
make checks out to: Camp Agapé “Reach 100” Send to: Camp Agapé  1369 Tyler
Dewar Lane  Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 Or go to our web site and click on the “Reach
100” icon to make an on-line gift.

A place apart for building community

Current Waves Director’s Notebook and Staff Changes

Director’s Notebook Staff Changes:

The abundant gift of God’s grace may be Change is a part of life and can provide great
something we struggle to understand and opportunities for growth, renewal, and
often fail to appreciate. The gift keeps on responding to God’s call. Again this spring
giving and impacting us each and every day. we will be saying farewell to some wonderful
staff who have positively impacted our staff
I often hear people say that their kids team and ministry.
came to a summer camp week already, or
attended confirmation camp, or they have Melissa Smith, Registrar &
already ‘done’ camp in a previous year; as if Guest Services Coordinator
that one time is all the time they are allowed
Melissa did a great job of encour-
to be at camp, or the only time they need. aging groups and building our
I am writing this sitting in an airport. Much of what I see group rentals at Camp Agapé.
Melissa is moving on to a new
people doing in the terminal is looking for direction: reading challenge as an office manager,
signs, checking their phones, asking for help to get where they which puts her closer to her
are going. To find our way we need direction, guidance, and family, children’s school, and community. We
reassurance. will miss her and wish her well in her new
position. She says she plans to come back to
To live the life we have been called to live by God, each of us help out at camp when needed, as she loves
needs direction, guidance, and reassurance. We need those Camp Agapé.
important instructional pieces in our lives. Reading of the Word
of God, being a part of a faith community, Bible study, prayer, Brandon Oxford &
devotional times and a chance to play and grow in a safe place, Danielle Coffee Langenberg,
all guide us on our faith journey and daily life. Temporary Registrar &
Guest Services Coordinators
A week of camp, a retreat weekend, or time away in a special Many thanks to Brandon
place apart are experiences that can guide campers in daily life Oxford and Danielle Coffee
and faith. Events like Via de Cristo, TEC (Teens Encounter Langenberg for the won-
Christ), Walk to Emmaus and other spiritual renewal retreats; derful jobs they have done
congregational retreats, BYG (Building Youth Groups), summer as temporary Registrar & Guest Services Coor-
camp, environmental education field trips, scouts in the camp- dinators. Brandon accepted the position in
ground, service opportunities, and our outreach to those in need mid-March and turned the position over to
are all directional opportunities that can help us to find our way Danielle on May 26 in order to serve as a team
in life and in our faith journey. leader for summer camp. Danielle plans to
stay in the position until mid-August.
Like a map or sign that gives direction, camp experiences can
and should be used over and over. So I invite you to make sure Kure Beach
your children come to camp every summer. Being exposed to a
community of faith, great positive Christian role models, strong Meredith Mulford, Registrar
values, the stories of our God, and the joy of being gathered in a Meredith joined our staff in
beautiful place apart all come together in unique camp experi- November as our new Registrar.
ences to strengthen campers in self-confidence. She and her family live at the
beach and have a great under-
Please join us as we share the Good News and a positive mes- standing of beach hospitality.
sage. Send your children to camp, or encourage others you know Meredith has great enthusiasm
to attend! If you don’t have children to send, help us make camp for the job and has already been hosting some
possible for others by becoming a “River of Hope” giving club open house events to help the Faith Center
member ($100.00 or more annually), or support our “Reach 100” connect with the surrounding community.
initiative shared in the cover story of this newsletter. The Beach is a wonderful place to relax and
renew. Contact her today at 910.458.0783 or
Thank you for your support in passing on the faith and build- at
ing leaders for the future of the church and the world.

~ Randy Youngquist-Thurow, AIM, Executive Director, CCD Camp Agapé Can
Special Needs:
Has Your Email or Mailing Make sure you have the YOU
Address Changed? correct Kure Beach Address! Used 4X4
Pick-up Truck Help?
Please contact us with your Kure Beach Faith Center
new address at: P.O. Box 611 This has become a critical camp need.
Do you have a good used truck
919.552.9421 Kure Beach, NC 28449 you can donate?

2 Office: 919.552.9421

Notes from the Naturalist, Enviro-Venture Current Waves

Notes from the Slugs – Not just
slime machines

Agapé Center for Environmental Education How much do you know
about slugs? Sure, the slime
After the success (and some dandy suggestions) of produces a numbing effect,
the inaugural Enviro-Venture last fall, we’re pleased as proud “slug-lickers” will
to be hosting Enviro-Venture again on November 5th. attest (I don’t recommend actually licking the slug, by
That’s right, we’re moving to Sunday afternoon. the way), but is there more to this lowly mollusk? Indeed,
Enviro-Venture is taking on the flavor of a huge festival there is! Check out these fun facts about slugs.
big time!
They have different kinds of mucus:
When: SUNDAY, November 5, 2017 – 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Where: Camp Agapé  Slimy mucus covers their bodies to keep them from
drying out.
These excellent adventures await:
14th Annual Hike-a-Thon  Mucus excreted from their “foot” aids in locomotion.
Nature Experts Amazingly, there are tiny fibers in this mucus to keep
Basket Raffle
Ice Cream the critter from falling from vertical surfaces.
Musicians  Another kind of mucus is secreted to make a cord that
Archery is used to lower the gastropod to the ground.
Pumpkin Trebuchet (can’t forget that!)
 If conditions are too dry, the slug encases itself in
Who: EVERYONE! Families, individuals, youth slime until conditions improve; could be weeks,
groups, senior groups – come one, come all! Spread months, or even years! This critter is built for survival!
the word!
As the slug moves across the ground, it leaves a slime
Watch for more information this fall… but don’t trail, which has multiple functions:
delay - put November 5, Enviro-Venture at Agapé on
your calendar. (Seriously. Do it now. You don’t want  The slime trail serves a path to known food sources.
to miss this!)  Pheromones are left in the slime trail; effectively

ACE Ed needs list communicating with other slugs and snails.

 Funds for equipment/supplies (things wear out). Sensory organs, for the most part, are on their tentacles:
If you’d like to designate or make an order yourself,
please contact us for the product details.  The larger upper tentacles have optic nerves, but sight
(We have specific requirements.) is not good.

 Water Quality test reagents  Lower tentacles are for taste and touch.
 Soil Test reagent refills  Both sets of tentacles are used for smelling.
 Air Thermometers Slugs have teeth… sort of:
 Soil Thermometers
 Sling Psychrometers  The ‘radula’ is a ribbon of small very sharp teeth used
 Hygrometers to scrape food into its mouth.
 Barometers (dial and liquid)
 Bug Boxes (2”)  When the front row of teeth are worn down, they are
 Magnifying lenses replaced by new teeth from the back row…and then
 Basters (turkey basters) more teeth are grown.
 Cool Whip containers
 Yogurt cups – wide top (not Yoplait); if lids are Most slugs are plant eaters:

available, that’s a bonus  Some prefer live plants (the bane of gardeners).
 Frosting containers with lids  Some prefer dead plants.
 Gently used raincoats  Mushrooms are a favorite.
 Half a million dollars (give or take) Slugs are on the menu for a variety of critters (so please
avoid pesticides – keep those out of the food chain!):

 Frogs
 Toads
 Turtles
 Salamanders
 Birds
Or maybe you? Slug recipes can be found online. Deep
fried slugs, anyone?

Mir Youngquist-Thurow
Environmental Education Director 3

Current Waves 2017 Summer Camp! “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you . . .”

Our Summer Bible Study theme
for this year is "Water of Life.”
With Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass
through the waters, I will be with
you” as our guiding verse, we will
explore God’s presence in our
lives through water. Our stories
focus on the creation in Genesis,
baptism of Jesus, the gift of Living
Water to the woman at the well,
the healing of a blind man, and
Psalm 23 where we are led to rest
in God.

Games! Nature

“When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you . . . “ Isaiah 43:2

Campfires! Pool Time!

Office: 919.552.9421

Father/Son Retreat  Good News ~ Good Brews  O’ Holy Night Current Waves

Programs & Retreats

Father ~ Son

November 3-4

2017 Spring Golf Outing Fathers, sons, grandfathers ~ this retreat offers a
great opportunity to connect! Gather around the
Special thank you to our sponsors, golfers, campfire, tell stories, fish, shoot an arrow, or
business partners, and volunteers for helping us explore the woods of Agapé.
raise a record amount for our summer campership
fund. We played on a make-up date, May 8th, due Cost:
to a rain-out on April 24. Together in partnership 13 and up = $90.00 ea.
we grossed over $18,000.00, toward camperships. 3 -12 yrs = $60.00 ea.
We are set for April 23, 2018. Come and join us for Under 3 = Free
some great fellowship as you make a difference in Includes 2 meals, one night lodging, retreat
the lives of campers. staff, and program activities. Register online at

Good News, Good Brews

October 13-15

Relax at the Kure Beach Faith Center as you ferment your faith while exploring
the Bible, enjoying the beach and sampling craft beer. Participants of this adult
retreat will gather for worship, Bible study, and of course, good beer. For more
information, ideas or questions, give us a call at 919.552.9421 or email us at

Make plans now to come to Camp Agapé for a fun evening of O’ Holy
fellowship, light holiday fare, and a unique presentation of the Christ- Night
mas story. Sample delicious holiday foods, decorate a Christmas
cookie, or step into our photo booth for a friends or family holiday December
portrait. Afterwards you will walk along a beautifully lit camp trail, 15 & 16
sing Christmas carols and watch the “greatest story ever told” unfold, 2 shows
all under the night sky.
each night
Start a new Christmas tradition at Agapé!
Save the date, mark your calendar, and register
early, because time slots fill quickly! Contact
us at 919.552.9421 or at
Hope to see you there! 5

Current Waves The Kure Beach Faith Center is a beautiful place apart to worship or to serve!

Kure Beach Faith Center Update

The sun is higher in the sky, the warm breezes are blowing, the beaches are getting

more and more crowded. That can mean only one thing . . . It’s summer at Kure Beach!

Spring, summer and fall are great times to visit us down at the beach! Whether you are

planning a youth retreat, an adult ministry retreat, a senior adult get-a-way, or a family

retreat, we are here to provide a great place to stay and offer ministry opportunities to

help facilitate your time with us. Bible studies, group building activities, worship experi-

ences, opportunities to serve in our community and in the Wilmington area are all areas

we can assist in your retreat time with us. We can also help you schedule a fun and enrich-

ing programing for your midweek senior adult groups, including presentations

on the history of the area along with tours of historical sites or talks about our

sea turtle project that helps hundreds of baby sea turtles make it from their

New crosses nests along our shores to their ocean home every summer. There are many
are up at the opportunities. Give us a call to find out more!
Kure Beach
Faith Center! Also remember, if you plan to be in town over a Wednesday, don’t miss our
Wednesday evening Beach Worship out on the beach outside the Kure Beach
Faith Center. We begin every Wednesday at 7pm and we look forward to you

joining us! Bring a beach chair or a blanket and enjoy the evening with us.

Be sure to mark down our third Good News, Good Brews retreat on your

calendar! It’s coming up the weekend of October 13-15. It is always a great time

to reflect on the blessing of being crafted by God, as we sip good, local craft beer. It’s a great combination! In

the past we have toured some local breweries and attended a homebrew demonstration. Come and experience

what we have in store for you this year! We look forward to hosting you!

Surfin’ on God’s Grace ~ Pastor Dan

Did you know that Agapé  Kure Beach Ministries offers reduced rates for
the Kure Beach Faith Center from November to February?

Why not celebrate Thanksgiving at the beach this year?

Bolick Cabin Construction
Ready to Begin at Camp Agapé!

One of the goals for our newly revised master
site plan at Camp Agapé is to enhance the health
and safety on our site by providing a dedicated
space to take care of our guests’ health
care needs.

To fulfill the site plan and honor retired
Bishop Leonard Bolick and his wife Rita for their
many years of ministry to North Carolina Synod,
along with their support of our ministry, the
board has embarked on a project of building a
health center in honor of the Bolick’s.

Would you like to help us move this project
forward? We broke ground and plan to begin
construction soon. NOW WE NEED HELP!
We are attempting to build the Bolick Health Center with as much volunteer help as possible (Habitat Build
style). Do you have a group of workers who would be willing to share time in the construction process?
The permits are in hand and we are ready for your help. Footings, foundation floor, framing, roofing, electri-
cal and plumbing are first up. Can you help with any of these phases? Contact Randy at 919.552.9421 or by email
Can’t help with labor? What about a gift to keep us moving forward? Join us with a gift or contact us about
workers as together we honor Bishop Leonard and Rita Bolick.

6 Office: 919.552.9421

Agapé  Kure Beach Ministries is Building Leaders and Forming Faith Current Waves

Former Staff ~ Where Are They Now?

Brendan “Brendo” Braaten Nina (Conrad) Allen

Brendan works at The Ohio Nina (Conrad) Allen has two boys,
State University Alumni Associa- Macon Parks Allen and Marcus
tion where he plans fun events, James Allen. Marcus just turned
visits Buckeyes in the South, and two and Macon is about to turn 4.
creates volunteer opportunities Nina and her husband, Jonathan,
for alumni. A huge Star Wars fan, also just became godparents to a
Brendan also goes to bi-annual four year old named Connor. Nina
Star Wars Celebration events. is currently serving as an AIG
This photo combines his love for Star Wars with his teacher for Davidson County and
career at Ohio State ("O-H!"). her husband, works for Pugh funer-
Brendan met his wife and best friend, Bailey, in the al home in Asheboro. Nina started
summer of 2009 while they were both on staff (Brendan serving at Kure Beach in the fall
later proposed to Bailey at camp!). Some of his closest when she started at UNCW in 2002
friends, and those in his wedding party, are former camp and served in 2003 thru 2006.
staff members. Years served at camp: 2008-2010.
An Agapé Life Application
An Agapé Life Application “Camp provides a foundation of faith and an under-
Brendan applies many of the lessons he learned at
standing of Christ's love for us that is easily shared with the
camp daily in his career including choosing his attitude next generation.”
when challenges come up, and having a servant mindset
when working with volunteers. Rev. Alissa Oleson

Eric Roehling According to Alissa, it took her
awhile, but after three years of
Eric Roehling is working as the Harvard Divinity School, a year in
Chicago, a year kicking cancer's
Site Manager at Camp Lutherlyn in butt, and a year of internship,
she’s finally a pastor at a small
Pennsylvania. “Lots of changes in congregation: Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church in Quincy, Massa-
my life over the last few years. Left chusetts. Alissa says she gets to
love, lead, and preach to a quirky
Lutherlyn at the end of 2008 to go but lovable bunch of people who
care deeply about each other. She’s
back to school. Graduated from enjoying exploring New England and trying to work on her
Boston accent. Alissa’s next goal is to create a campfire
Belmont College, in St. Clairsville, ring in her backyard, so she can bring a bit of camp, joy,
and s'mores to the parsonage!
OH, with an associate’s degree in Years served at camp: 2004-2007 Summer Staff,
2008-2010 Program Director.
Building Preservation and Restoration, in 2010. Worked for
An Agapé Life Application
two different companies in that field, and was lucky to “Camp kindled my deepest friendships, my call to be a

work in some interesting buildings during that time. Those pastor, and a desire to ground ministry in the affirmation
of gifts.
jobs both involved a lot of travel. Got married in August of

2011 to Missy! My mom died suddenly in July of 2014, and

I decided I couldn't be on the road so much for work. At that

time my old job at Lutherlyn as Site Manager opened back

up, so I started back on September 1, 2014. We moved to

camp not long after I started. Then on February 24, 2016,

Missy and I welcomed our son, Joshua, into our family!”

Years served at camp: 1997-1998.

Be a part of making a difference;
Become a “River of Hope Giving Club Member”

We need your help. Do you want to make a positive difference in the world
and in the lives God’s people? Then we invite you to share a gift with us.
Join the “River of Hope” giving club. An annual gift from you truly does
make a difference in our ability to pass on the faith and teach positive
values. A minimum annual gift of $100.00 or a gift up to $10,000.00 can
put you in the company of 350 plus individuals and families who are
“River of Hope” members. 7

Agapé  Kure Beach Ministries Non-Profit Org.
1369 Tyler Dewar Lane
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 US Postage

Energy Stewards PAID
Permit No. 1910
We need your help! Raleigh, NC

As we continue to live out
God’s call to care for the earth
and its resources, AKB Ministries has com-
mitted to a new national program involving
camps, congregations and institutions of the
church. Energy Stewards is an ecumenical
program designed to help reduce our carbon
footprint, educate about caring for God’s
creation, and help organizations save money
through responsible energy usage.
We are currently seeking a small task
team to help monitor energy usage, and
advocate for green solutions to some of the
challenges we face at Agapé. This task team
would gather three times a year to help moni-
tor plans to reduce our energy draw. Please
contact Randy if you are interested. What a
great way to share your passion, learn more
and make your outdoor ministry site even

June 18 2017 Upcoming Events Camp Agapé Wish List
July 2-5 Camp Agapé
July 14 Summer Camp Schedule Began Camp Agapé “Gifts in kind” or cash toward the purchase
August 5 Family Camp! Camp Agapé of items are always graciously received.
August 19 Camp Agapé Thank you for helping our ministry to grow.
August 26 43 Anniversary of Agapé Camp Agapé
Sept. 1- 4 rd Camp Agapé Camp Agapé
Sept. 5-8 River of Hope Luncheon Camp Agapé Used Minivans for Day Camp Program
Sept. 8-9 Project WET Workshop Camp Agapé Flowers & bushes (outside)
Sept 14-17 Camp Agapé Portable generator
Sept 21-24 Project Learning Tree Workshop Camp Agapé Commercial grade string trimmer
Sept. 22-23 Teens Encounter Christ Kure Beach $ to purchase solar lighting
Sept. 27- Oct. 1 ACE Ed Training Camp Agapé Archery targets
Oct. 12-15 Synod Council Retreat Camp Agapé EZ-up tents
Oct. 14 Via de Cristo Camp Agapé Summer camp 4 person tents
Oct. 13-15 Kure Beach Reams of color paper
Oct. 20-22 Heart of Carolina Walk to Emmaus Camp Agapé New highway signs
Oct. 21 Board Retreat Camp Agapé People willing to serve on our
Nov. 3-4 Camp Agapé Energy Stewards Task Force
Nov. 5 Environmental Ed. of NC Conference Camp Agapé Gardeners – help plant and maintain
Nov. 9-12 Heart of Carolina Walk to Emmaus Camp Agapé
Nov. 17-19 Saturday Safari Camp Agapé flower beds, herb & vegetable gardens
Nov. 18 Good News Good Brews Camp Agapé
Dec. 15 & 16 BYG Retreat (Grades 3-5) Camp Agapé KURE BEACH
Agapé Work Day Gifts for room upgrades
Father / Son Retreat Brick work - retuck
Enviro-Venture New Bissell vacuums
Via de Cristo LCD projector
BYG (Grades 3-5) New kitchen pots & pans
Saturday Safari New pillows (24)
O’ Holy Night Labor for room upgrades
Gas grill
Beach sand toys

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