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GoEP2 Edgewater Drive Phase 2 Improvements 2017

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GoEP2 Edgewater Drive Phase 2 Improvements 2017

GoEP2 Edgewater Drive Phase 2 Improvements 2017


Edgewater Drive congestion advanced the need for • The ponds located at Sunrise Park were
widening the roadway and provided an opportunity designed to “fit” into the park setting rather
to transform the existing two-lane minor arterial into than be rectangular shapes.
a four-lane residential boulevard.
The project also replaced three bridges that were
The design team solicited input from the Board of at the end of their useful life. Constructed in 1968,
County Commissioners, who required the design none of the bridges had sidewalks, and their barrier
retain the “residential feel” of the area. As a result, walls did not meet current standards. All of the
the Edgewater Drive Phase 2 Road Improvements bridges have a wider horizontal clearance at 32 feet,
project incorporates a number of elements: 6 inches, and we were able to raise the Spring Lake
Bridge 6 inches and the Sunrise Bridge 18 inches.
• Decorative roadway lighting.
The project also allowed Charlotte County Utilities
• Irrigated landscaped medians, which ended up the opportunity for a number of infrastructure
being only 1% of the total cost of the project improvements:
• All of the existing water mains and force mains
• Decorative Texas Classic barrier wall, which were replaced and/or upgraded.
resulted in no guard rails.
• The new lift station at Altoona Street will
• Continuous multiuse pathways that allow service the entire residential neighborhood.
pedestrians and bicyclists to share 8-foot wide
sidewalks that connect three County • Sanitary sewers were incorporated as part
recreational facilities: Spring Lake Park, Sunrise of CCU’s overall plan to provide service to the
Park, Beach Complex and Bayshore Park. surrounding area.

• Four roundabouts that move traffic safely and • A reclaimed water main was installed to serve
efficiently through intersections. According to the area and provide irrigation water to the
the Florida Department of Transportation, project.
benefits of roundabouts include slower speeds
and a reduction in the severity of accidents Edgewater Drive is designated as a Secondary
since drivers have more time to judge and react Evacuation route, which required raising the
to other vehicles and pedestrians. roadway to a minimum of five feet above sea level.

• The stormwater ponds required by Southwest With the dedication of the project team and the
Florida Water Management District for the cooperation and patience of residents, Edgewater
project permit were designed so they would not Drive Phase 2 Improvements are complete.
require fencing.


Roadway: Southwest Engineering & Design
Bridges: American Consulting
Started: October 14, 2009
Completed: May 18, 2017
Contractor: Owen-Ames-Kimball
Contract amount: $25,601,610.58
Started: January 5, 2015
Completed: May 18, 2017
Road and Bridges: $20,491,108.45
Utility: $5,110,502.13
Edgewater Drive Phase 2 Improvements were funded by
the 1-percent local option sales tax referendum approved
by Charlotte County voters in 2008.

County Project Engineer-Chuck Koons;
American Consulting Bridge Engineer,
Leahann Powell; Charlotte County
Commissioners Ken Doherty, Stephen R.
Deutsch, Christopher Constance and Bill
Truex; Assistant County Administrator-
Kelly Shoemaker; Southwest Engineering
and Design President, Gary Bayne;
Commissioner Joe Tiseo; Owen-Ames-
Kimball Company President, Dave Dale;
and County Engineer Joanne Vernon at the
June 2017 Edgewater Drive ribbon-cutting


West Spring Lake 13,600 tons of asphalt
180’ long, 72.5’ wide 2.7 miles of drainage pipe
72 tons of reinforcing steel 12 miles of pavement stripes
180’ long, 72.5’ wide 3.8 miles
72 tons of reinforcing steel 8’ wide
Sunrise Waterway
108’ long, 72.5’ wide
52 tons of reinforcing steel

5.4 miles of pipe 152 poles
113 valves 17.7 miles of wire

Charlotte County Public Works –
Engineering Division
410 Taylor Street, Unit 104
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950-5798

To see project highlights and progress from start to finish, watch CC-TV’s
YouTube video “New and Improved Edgewater Drive.”

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