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Enhance Magazine A/W 2018

Enhance Magazine A/W 2018

e n h a n c eAutumn/Winter 2018 brought to you by The Anti Ageing Clinic

v Beat the winter blues
Your personalised Feel-good hormone therapies
skincare regime
v A face-lift without surgery?
BANISH THOSE Our revolutionary new treatment
DARK CIRCLES v It's magic!
Our fabulous new skincare range
Get that


It’s been a really busy summer, but now Welcome to the team
autumn is here, we're really looking We’re delighted to
forward to getting everyone’s skin in welcome new
great condition for the colder weather. therapist Aina Stapley
to the team!
This issue is jam-packed with some
exciting product launches and I look Aina specialises
forward to sharing our new treatments in CACI Non Surgical
with you. Face-lifting and the
Sculpting Lifting Facial,
Carolina Brennan a fabulous treatment which
Clinic Director regenerates facial muscles for a
youthful, glowing complexion.

New arrival!
A heart-felt
to Kelly, our Clinic
Manager, on the birth
of her beautiful baby
boy. While Kelly was
away, Georgia did a
fantastic job looking
after all of Kelly’s clients. We’re thrilled
that Kelly is now back at work on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

GET SOCIAL The Anti-Ageing Clinic
For all the latest news follow 101 Park Street Lane,
us: TheAntiAgeingClinic Park Street,
St Albans, AL2 SJA
+44(0) 1727 874507
[email protected]

Kgeoergpetohuast glow!

Why the Youth Renew Hydra-Glow Peel is this
season's must-have skincare treatment

Wouldn’t you like to turn back the clock and The ground-breaking YouthRenew™
restore that gorgeous youthful glow? With the Hydra-Glow Facial Peel is a completely
YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow Facial Peel, you can unique treatment which uses lactic acid
reveal your natural glow, while smoothing, to exfoliate the skin and dissolve those
lightening, and hydrating the skin. This quick nasty dead surface cells. This has a total
and easy treatment is perfect for those on-the- renewing effect and restores your natural
go, it’s so speedy, you can even fit it into your healthy glow, while also pampering and
lunch break! moisturising the skin.

YouthRenew™ Hydra-Glow This antimicrobial treatment works to
Facial Peel provides skin regulate your skin’s sensitive PH balance,
with amazing benefits: ensuring happy healthy skin. It also
gently lightens the skin by suppressing
v Exfoliating for a smooth and the formation of Tyrosinase (an enzyme
even complexion which aids melanin production), ideal
for reducing the appearance of dark
v Rejuvenating and deeply and age spots.
The treatment duration is one-hour.
v Providing radiance and an To learn more and book your treatment,
immediate glowing effect please contact the clinic.

v Lightening skin tone,
dark spots, and age spots


Aina loves...

Sculpting Facial Lifting

Skin expert and aesthetic specialist Aina shares
our best-kept secret, the treatment that gives you a
facelift without the surgery!

When choosing an anti-ageing therapy, So, how does it work?
people always ask the same question: ‘will this
harm me?’. Plastic surgery is, and always will First of all, our facial expert conducts the
be, a surgical procedure with all of the risks massage on the three sculptural lines of the
of surgery, and the botulinum toxin used in face, restoring the clear contours of the face,
the procedure will always be a harmful toxin, as well as diminishing puffiness under the
however you look at it. But, there is now an eyes and restoring sagging skin. Our expert
incredible natural solution which delivers then "sculpts" the face from scratch with a
amazing results without the need for surgery deep facial massage, which improves facial
and all done with an expert’s skilful fingertips! posture and lifts and restores its youthful
Find out why royalty, celebrities and politicians look. The results achieved get double-
are all raving about this innovative deep tissue proofed for lasting impact, and every single
face lift… facial muscle gets thoroughly worked
to ensure the whole face is lifted, firmed
and revitalised. The massage is always
conducted with our expert wearing sterile
gloves, because the inner facial muscles can
only be reached through the oral cavity.

BEFORE This miracle massage achieves the same
AFTER effect as plastic surgery, but in a natural,
4 healthy and relaxing way. The complete
facial workout trains all of your facial
muscles, something which cannot be
achieved any other way. This restorative
process leaves the skin smooth, refreshed
and rejuvenated. Our clients tend to smile
more after this treatment as it has deeply
relaxing anti-stress effects and makes
muscle blocks disappear! It also has a
therapeutic effect on sinusitis and rhinitis
and for those that grind their teeth.

How can I book?

Choose either a deeply relaxing
Sculpting Massage Facial for
one hour or, for the ultimate
experience, try The Deluxe
Sculpting Massage Facial which
includes exfoliation, a Hyaluronic
Acid mask and rejuvenating red
light therapy for 90 minutes.
A course of ten treatments
are recommended for long-
lasting effects. Please book a
consultation with Aina in the
clinic to find out more.



Banish those unwanted age spots
with just a flick of the CyroPen!

Smooth skin tone and restore your
natural youthful complexion with
this miracle treatment.

The treatment

The pen harnesses the power of pressurised nitrous
oxide to eradicate those unwanted signs of ageing. The
pen is set to a chilly -89ºC and applied to the unwanted
lesions, which are frozen and destroyed in a matter of
seconds! The exact duration of the treatment varies
slightly depending on the size of the lesion, but it’s
always over in just a few seconds, and you’ll see results
almost instantly. Often a‘freeze-thaw’approach is used,
where the lesion is frozen, thawed and immediately
frozen again, for doubly effective results.


It’s best to leave the treated area uncovered, but you
can apply a simple dressing if the area may rub and
become aggravated. Directly after the treatment, a
scab will form and the lesion may become a little red
and angry looking, but don’t worry, this is completely
normal! Remember, don't pick the scabs as this can
lead to scarring. This stage will usually take around
1-4 weeks, during which time the lesions will vanish,
although there may be a small area of scarring or
slight change in skin tone on the treated area. Lesions
on the legs can take a little bit longer to heal. A follow-
up visit is recommended after 2-4 weeks to assess
response and see if further application is required.


Pevonia’s EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment is your
miracle cure for dull, tired eyes

Reboot your eyecare regime with Pevonia’s This wonder cure for tired eyes has a secret
EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment. ingredient – plankton extract! This natural
Acting as an all-in-one concealer and skin repair marine ingredient is found in Tenerife and
agent, this self-adjusting, oil-free mineral tint is works to repair the three main eye contour
everything you need to restore bright, beautiful concerns: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
and youthful-looking eyes. The treatment works Other key youth reviving ingredients include
to simultaneously conceal dark circles and marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.
diminish signs of redness, while also smoothing
lines and wrinkles – and you’ll see amazing Perfect for on-the-go, Pevonia’s EyeRenew™
results with just one application! Conceal & De-Age Treatment is small enough
to be packed in a purse or clutch. It’s a super
Modern life really takes a toll on our eyes: from quick fix for whenever your eyes need a
sitting in front of a screen all day to the general pick-me-up. Had a long night with no sleep?
signs of ageing, from the effects of using harsh Instantly look refreshed with a squeeze or add
beauty products or makeup wipes over the more as desired. Tired after a long day at work
years, to the general everyday stresses and on the computer? Quickly apply for a day to
strains of life. That’s why your eyes deserve night energiser.
some TLC! With the EyeRenew™ Conceal &
De-Age Treatment, tired skin around the eyes Pevonia’s NEW EyeRenew™ Conceal
will repair itself from the inside out, leaving skin & De-Age Treatment flawlessly
looking and feeling gorgeously refreshed. reawakens and refreshes your eyes
for the ultimate eye envy.
Pop into the clinic to find out more.



Introducing the fabulous new range from our very
own Carolina Brennan. It’s so good, it’s magic!

Carolina has cast a spell over the skincare world with her gorgeous new range of Elixirs, lip balms and
luxuriously moisturising hand and foot creams, which are designed to sprinkle some magic into your
daily skincare regime.

Magic Elixirs Luxury lip balms

Our Elixirs are expertly blended to hydrate, tone Our nourishing lip balms are available in
and restore your skin’s natural healthy glow! orange, peppermint and spearmint. Not only
do they smell delicious, they give lips the
Our divine Facial Elixir has a base of jojoba perfect subtle shine, make them super soft, and
and rosehip, with tones of rose and geranium are also packed with hydrating oils and rich
to stimulate collagen production and restore moisturising butters.
a gorgeous youthful glow. It's excellent for
dehydrated sensitive skin and can be used Rich, moisturising hand and
on its own or added to your night cream for a foot creams
luxurious night-time treat.
Our peppermint foot cream will revitalise and
Our Anti-Ageing Elixir has a decadent base of nourish tired feet. Enriched with lavender,
rosehip, Vitamin E and frankincense, and has Vitamin E, arnica, and calendula and mixed with
been formulated to firm and tighten loose shea butter and hydrating oils, this rich cream
skin in those areas that lose elasticity as we get will sooth dry skin and cracked heels and keep
older: the neck, décolleté, back of the hands, the skin soft, supple and rejuvenated.
tops of the arms and insides of the thighs.
Our gorgeous Neroli and Mandarin cream
The Eye and Lip Elixir is a blend of extra-special is the perfect way to inject some luxurious
ingredients, including argan, Vitamin E, rosehip hydration into your everyday skincare routine.
and refreshing watermelon and cucumber. This Mixed with shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula
magic potion will reduce puffiness and dark and Vitamin E, this essential hand cream will
circles and diminish fine lines around the eyes keep your hands beautifully soft all year round.
and lips. Comforting and protective in winter and
delightfully fresh in summer, it's ideal for hard
8 working hands that deserve a little love.



Dr Elaine McQuade explains how bio-identical
hormones can help you live your best life

Sometimes we all need a little self-care. Dr McQuade’s innovative hormone treatments can help you
rebalance, renew and find your best, happiest self.

In this bespoke treatment, Dr Elaine will sit with you for a thorough 60-minute consultation session,
where you will work together to identify your needs, what you’re looking to get out of the treatment,
and how the plan can best work for you. Dr McQuade will then put together a comprehensive
personalised treatment plan for you, which will help you achieve the best possible results through a
variety of hormonal treatments that will be tailored to your specific needs.

Who is this treatment for? Meet Dr Elaine McQuade

Both men and women can benefit from bio- We’re delighted to welcome Dr Elaine
identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). McQuade to the clinic! Dr McQuade studied
This ground-breaking treatment provides relief medicine at Queen's University in Belfast
from a wide range of symptoms experienced and specialised in palliative care, before
during the menopause, andropause and completing her GP Training. She has worked
other hormone-related conditions, such as as a GP in Hertfordshire since 2008 and has
premenstrual syndrome (PMS), postnatal since put this experience to amazing use
depression, endometriosis and menstrual as an Associate Trainer, where she uses her
problems and thyroid dysfunction. well-earned wisdom to train new GPs.
Dr McQuade practises functional medicine
How do I get started? – a holistic approach to healthcare – as
a complement to her speciality of bio-
If you’re ready to begin your journey to a identical hormone replacement therapy
better, healthier and happier you, please get in (BHRT). She approaches health from the
touch with our reception team who can book perspective of diet, nutrition and lifestyle.
your appointment with Dr McQuade, who is Promoting health and wellbeing, as well as
available on Thursday mornings. self-care, is very important to her.


Joanna Loves…

Endymed Skin Tightening
and FSR Skin Rejuvenation

Look forward to smoother, brighter and naturally tighter
skin with this revolutionary skin rejuvenation and body
contouring system!

Our skin goes through a lot over time. As we Clinically proven, Endymed FSR rejuvenates
get older, our skin’s processes become less your skin from the inside out, delivering the
effective, which is when we begin to show ultimate treatment for deep lines and skin
signs of ageing. The skin produces less elastic laxity, while remodelling the skin’s underlying
and collagen, which keeps your skin smooth structure and restoring its vitality and radiance.
and firm, while skin cell renewal also beings to
slow down. How does it work?

As these natural rejuvenation processes During the treatment, radiofrequency is
become less effective, your skin’s healthy cells delivered three layers deep into the skin
and proteins become susceptible to lasting using unique, non-insulated gold needles
damage. This can result in your skin tone and fractional pulse technology. This micro-
becoming less vibrant, and the forming of fine resurfacing process smooths fine lines and
lines and wrinkles. wrinkles and brightens your complexion,
while the dermal heating gets to work deeper
The natural anti-oxidants in your skin are in the skin, encouraging the production of
also significantly reduced, leaving your skin new collagen, which makes our skin firmer,
vulnerable to photo-damage, which is caused smoother and brighter. This revolutionary
by exposure to the harmful UV rays and treatment can even be carried out on scars and
unhealthy activities, such as smoking, only stretch marks!
accelerate your skin’s natural decline.
A topical aesthetic cream is applied beforehand,
EndyMed FSR is the ideal treatment for: so you will remain comfortable throughout the
treatment – you can simply lie back and look
• Fine lines, deep lines and wrinkles forward to outstanding, long-lasting results.

• Lax and sagging skin around the Each treatment lasts for an hour and it is
eyes, mouth, neck and lower jowls recommended that you have at least 3- 6
treatments for FSR and 6-12 for Skin Tightening.
• Impaired skin texture, tone and To learn more and book your treatment please
luminosity arrange a consultation with Joanna.


Wake up

Carolina uncovers the secret weapon that keeps
your makeup permanently fresh, full and fabulous

Wouldn’t you love to leave the house every day knowing that, your eyeliner will stay in place,
your lips will keep their full colour and shine, and your eyebrows will stay perfectly shaped and
defined? Well, miracles can happen! The Gloss And Go and Indelible Liner ranges, created by
Tracie Giles, will keep you looking at your best 24/7, helping you achieve a more confident, more
beautiful you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Luscious lips 2. Beautiful brows 3. Eyeliner envy

Achieve fabulous full lips Get full and perfectly shaped We all know the pain of trying
without fillers with the brows without the hassle! This to apply eyeliner smoothly,
revolutionary Gloss And fabulous treatment uses long- evenly and with that perfect
Go method. This amazing lasting eyebrow pigments, precise flick at the end.
treatment will define your with added warm gold to Wouldn’t it be incredible to
lips to create the ideal lip combat grey tones, to achieve wake up every morning with
shape, then add gorgeous natural full brows that stay in gorgeous eyeliner already
colour pigment. The effect is place whatever the weather. in place and ready to go?
a finish so perfect that all you The Indelible Liner uses the
need to do is add Gloss… finest medical grade mineral
And Go! pigments to achieve that
ultra-precise ‘liquid liner look’,
so you can have perfectly
framed eyes with none of
the effort.


Our semi-permanent makeup
solutions are ideal for people
living busy or sporty lifestyles, as
the makeup stays looking perfect
in all weather conditions and will
never smear or run.

It’s also a perfect solution for
people with alopecia, allergies
to traditional makeup or those
who find it challenging to apply
makeup everyday due to poor
eyesight or a disability.

The treatment follows the basic
principles as tattooing, in which
natural iron oxide pigment is
applied to the skin in a colour of
your choice. This hypoallergenic,
emollient-free and non-reactive
makeup uses state-of-the-art
technologies to enhance your
natural beauty, and it’s no
more painful that having your
eyebrows plucked!

While it is almost permanent,
colours do tend to fade over time
based on your age, skin condition
and exposure to UV rays, so you’ll
need to revisit us for ‘top-up’
treatments at any time between
12 months and three years after
the original application.

Please book a consultation with
Carolina in the clinic to find
out more.



Kelly gives us the lowdown on Epionce, the
award-winning skincare that delivers bespoke
skincare solutions for even the most sensitive skin

Clinical dermatologist Dr Carl Thornfeldt, put his 30+ years of skin research experience into
practice to create this outstanding range of cosmeceutical products. Paraben and fragrance free,
Epionce was formulated with active botanical ingredients to address your unique skincare needs
in a highly effective, irritant-free way that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Whatever
your skincare concern, from problem skin to reducing the visible signs of ageing, Epionce has a
regimen to suit you.

Epionce works to ensure the best possible Epionce products have been clinically tested
end-product through its extensive testing against leading products to provide a visible
process and has set the bar for the highest improvement of:
clinical study standards in the skincare market.
All of Epionce’s testing is performed by • Fine lines and wrinkles
nationally recognised independent research • Dark spots and discoloration
organisations and adheres to the highest • Rough and uneven texture
standards of clinical studies, using only the • Dry and scaly skin
finished market-ready products. • Blemished and problem skin
• Clarity and radiance
The Epionce philosophy is simple: healthy
skin is beautiful skin. That’s why they offer a
bespoke approach that is specifically designed
to meet your unique skincare needs. Epiconce
starts with your skin type and then builds a
customised regimen around this to suit you
and your skin requirements. Whether you’re
just looking for clearer more beautiful skin, or
need a solution for a specific skin condition,
such as acne or psoriasis, Epionce leverages
years of scientific research to help build the
perfect skincare solution for you.


Heidi loves…


You can achieve firm, toned and beautifully smooth
skin, no matter your age, explains Dr Heidi Miller

Profhilo is a revolutionary new treatment that will transform skin tone, improve firmness and
increase elasticity. This restorative treatment will also hydrate your skin for a radiant, youthful glow.
This exclusive skin remodelling treatment is perfect for those looking to combat visible signs of
ageing, or who just want to rejuvenate dull or tired-looking skin that has lost some of its facial
volume. Even better, this innovative treatment will give you fabulous results in just two visits!

Patient 1 ages: 43

10 things you didn’t know about Profhilo Baseline 1 month after
2nd treatment
1. Profhilo is a revolutionary new hyaluronic acid filler
that actively hydrates the skin Please book a consultation
with Dr Heidi Miller to
2. It has just been voted Europe’s best injectable assess your suitability for
product at the Aesthetic Industry Awards! this treatment.

3. Profhilo works on two levels; it hydrates and
stimulates the skin, as well as supporting and
lifting it

4. It requires two sessions, one month apart, and
then lasts for six months

5. Each treatments takes just 30 minutes!

6. It involves five small injection points on each side
of the face

7. It is suitable for patients of all ages

8. As well as being a fabulous facial treatment,
Profhilo can also be used to revitalise the neck
and hands

9. It can be used together with Botox and filler to
achieve the best possible results

10. The cost of the course of two treatments is £550



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