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Occopodian 2018


College ofPodiatric Medicine

Kent State Univeristy Class
College of Podiatric Medicine
of 2018


Dr. Edweana Robinson

Dr. Alan Boike

_ _' - - - - -D-r. -M-ichael Landers ___,.

I do solemnly swear to my God, on my honor, to those
who have taught me, and by all things that I hold sacred,
that as a practioner of Podiatric Medicine, I should abide
by the following precepts:

I shall, above all, hold paramount the wealth fare of my
patient, regardless of fee or favor, and I shall neither
prescribe nor give any treatment or drug which will be
detrimental to his wellbeing.

I shall endeavor to uphold the dignity of the professional
way of life, the aims of which are to render public service.

I shall cherish those who have taught me, holding high
their principles and precepts and I pledge that I shall do
everything that I am able to do to promote and protect the
profession of Podiatric Medicine and to aid my fellow

In swearing to this oath, I hereby dedicate myself in
service to the health of humanity, and I hold as my goal
the relief of pain and suffering. If I keep this oath, may I
receive God's guidance in the practice of my art, and may
I enjoy my life in the respect of all men.

Ahmed M. Abo-Mahmood Matthew Lee Abrell Julien D. Adicho Ivana Olasunbo Akinyeye
Residency: Withheld By Residency:Central Ml Residency: Wyckoff Residency: Univ of Texas
University Med Educ Partners
Request Heights Med Ctr Hlth Science Ctr

Spencer Lynn Alexander Raed W. Al-Gharib Weston Charles Angermeier
Residency: UH Regional Residency: Detroit Medical Residency: MetroWest
Medical Center
Hospitals- Kent State Center

Modupe Debbie Apetuje Vineela M. Ayyagari Vanatius Nketi llblla Stewn K. Bateh
Residency: UH Regional Residency: OVA-Maryland Residency: Mercy Health Aelldenty: St. Vincent"s

Hospitals- Kent State Health Care System Regional Medical Center Medial Center-FL

Morgan A. Baxter Danelle Jean Joane
Residency: Heritage
Residene,: UH R---
Valley Beaver
Hospllla- tc.ltState

Ben G. Brannick Patricia Joy Brazis Dana M. Brimmer Michael John Brown
Residency: St. Barnabas Residency: TriHealth- Residency: CathoUc Hlth/ Residency: Providence-
Bethesda North Hospital
Hospital-NY Sisters of Charity Providence Park

Jacob C. Carmichael Philip John CaroUn Eugene M. Cheng
Residency: Withheld By Residency: West Penn Residency: Penn

Request Hospital Presbyterian Medical Ctr

Thomas Salvatore Ciresi JR Rory N. Cocks
Residency: UH Regional Residency: St. John
Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Hospitals Kent State

Matthew Eric Edington Bennett L Evans Morgan J. Faanes Amanda Michelle Figliuzzi
Residency: Mercy St. Residency: Womack Army Residency: St. Joseph Reg Residency: Tucson Medical
Vincent Medical Ctr
Medical Ctr Med Ctr-IN Center/Midwestern

Joseph R. Fleck Emlyn K Forsung Mina Ghassemi
Residency: St. Francis Residency: UH Regional
Hospital & Med Ctr-CT Residency: Northside
Hospitals- Kent State
Medical Center (WRHE)

Emily S. Graves John C. Haight Jacob S. Hamad
Residency: Westchester Residency: DeKalb
Residency: Beaumont
General Hospital Medical Ctr

Brian D. Haselsberger

Residency: Rochester

General Hospital

Alexander Coleman lcardi Arash JaUl Amanda I. Johnson
Residency: Withheld By Residency: Withheld By Residency: Christ Hospital

Request Request Hyun Young Kho
Residency: Catholic Hlth/
Selina Christina Kaminski George Kanlous
Residency: Kennedy Residency: Genesys Regional Sisters of Charity
University Hospital
Medical Center James C.Mohtis

Liang- Chieh Ko Carl Bernard Bunker Kurzel R~:OVl(C.Cleva&and
Residency: Withheld by Residency: OVA -Dayton
(Louis Stokes)

Sai Lahiri Narra Nickil N. Nayee Michael A. Nelson Brett M.Nielsen
Residency: Mercy Health Residency: DVA- Atlanta Residency: Palmetto General Residency: OVA-Tampa (J.A.
Regional Medical Center
Hospital Haley)

Jeffrey T. Novak Christopher R. Ofeldt Charles B. Penvose
Residency: Bridgeport Hosp/ Residency: Aria Jefferson Residency: DeKalb Med"acal

Yale New HAven Health Health Center

Stephanie Lee Petrofski Kristen Ann Profeta Reyna Ra, Seth P. Rogers
Residency: Jewish Hospital Residency: Mercy Health Residency: Alliance ne1identy1DVA- Central
Regional Medical Center Community Hospital
Alabama Hielllhan system

Milton A. Rosario
Relldency:DVA- Cleveland

(Louis Stokes)

Anne O'Malley Shaffer Mena 5. Shafiek Danniyal Shahid Shana Shetty
Residency: lntennountain Residency: Ohio State University Residency: UH Regional Residency: Beaumant
Hospital- Farmington Hills
Medical Center Wexner Medical Center Hospitals-KSUCPM

Thomas Bullock Simon Sarah EUzabeth Sitek WiWam Kent Stephens
Residency: Kingwood Residency: Baeumont
Hospital- Farmington Hills Residency: Withheld by
Medical Center

Steven L Stuto Henry Joe Taylor
Residency: Yale New Haven
Residency: Univeristy

M.-ia Nicole Vaslto

Resic:lency: Mer:crf111lth
Regtonal Medical Clnter

Matthew 0. Weber Andrew T. Wilson Joseph R. Wolf Jason Clark Wright
Residency: Hennepin County Residency: OVA - Maryland Residency: Beaumonth Residency: Beaumont
Hospital- Farmington Hills
Medical Center Health Care System Hospital- Wayne

UUan Youkhana Gina A. ZigerelU Emily EUzabeth Zulauf
Residency: Mt Sinai Residency: Univeristy of Residency: Grant Medical
Hospital /OVA- North Pittsburgh Med Ctr Mercy

Not Pictured

Zachariah John Seelman
Residency: St. Vincent's

Medical Center- FL


P.eriiernce o~e e

ueni nee
.i t at

omieY.e1:. tlie
ibgenc o~m~

-~-· ~=
~ -~J?. .I:Q: Who'would~'.~tj :s·a_y 1hfs~bf[~_e Q.~~a .you tt5~

; --.=, •

A: For me the answer is simple·- my ch~t~ . .I could turn to
members of my church for guidance, support. and


counseling when the going got tough

Q: What do you hope for the future of podiatry?

A: I would like to reiterate what I mentioned in my nomination-
Contempt for the DPM degree will be defeated by strong work ethic and efficient medical practice. And fortunately.
I won't be alone in that regard.
At the end of the day I don't just want to be a specialist- I want to be a professional. The future of Podiatry has room
for growth, and that will require physicians with guts and strong academia.

0: If you could say one thing to your class, what would it be?

A: I have this habit of making friends for life, so I don· t think Graduation is goodbye. [ like to think we are each
others' greatest resource, and we have each others' backs. Thanks for the memories. and good luck with your


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