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NCPAL Gala Journal 2018

NCPAL Gala Journal 2018

4th Annual NCPAL

MAY 17, 2018


Volunteer of the Year Award Class of 2018
Special Needs Unit Special Award

"Outstanding Community Partner Award"

Table Of Contents

Nassau County PAL President Frank DiVittorio Letter.............................................Pg. 4

Nassau County PAL Commanding Officer Sgt. Robert Kiesel..................................Pg. 5

Nassau County PAL Executive Board.......................................................................Pg. 6

Nassau County PAL Officers.....................................................................................Pg. 6

Nassau County PAL Special Honorees Bob Adorno.................................................Pg. 7

Nassau County PAL Special Honorees Margaret Reed.............................................Pg. 8

Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree Dennis Jording..................................................Pg. 9

Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree Ralph Morales ..................................................Pg. 10

Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree Victoria Domingo.............................................Pg. 11

Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree Kathy Hemberger .............................................Pg. 12

Community Partner Award.........................................................................................Pg. 13

Sponsors.....................................................................................................................Pg. 16

N CPAL History

In 1940, under the direction of Nassau County’s first Police Commissioner
Abraham Skidmore, the Nassau County Police Boys Club was formed. Since that time
there have been several changes including changing the name of the organization in
1987 to the Nassau County Police Activity League (NCPAL). While the name may
have changed, the mission of the organization remains the same today as it was back
in 1940. Our mission is to prevent juvenile delinquency and aid in development of
good citizenship through positive interaction of youths and police officers.
The NCPAL is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization that is operated by
an executive board, a board of trustees, and with the tireless help of hundreds of
volunteers. Presently there are twenty-eight (28) units, which cover over forty (40)
different communities. The Nassau County Police Department provides officers to
oversee these units and to interact with the youths of these communities. Activities
that are offered include sports, crafts, educational, and other programs. These
activities vary from unit to unit and are based on the local community’s needs and

N CPAL Mission Statement

The mission of the Nassau County Police Activity League, Inc. is to operate
youth clubs and provide sports, crafts, educational and other programs of a team or
individual nature for all boys and girls in Nassau County, New York, regardless of
race, religion, income or handicap. The intent of the activities is to prevent juvenile
delinquency and aid in the development of good citizenship through the positive
interaction of police officers and youths.


Gala Program

Opening Remarks
Guest Speakers

County / Town Representative
Nassau County Police Department


Special Recognition of PAL Hero Honorees
Kathy Hemberger - Baldwin Unit
Ralph Morales - Farmingdale Unit
Margaret Reed - Merrick Unit
Victoria Domingo - Uniondale Unit

Dennis Jording - Valley Stream / 5 Towns Unit
Bob Adorno - Wantagh / Seaford Unit

Special Recognition for 2018
Community Partner Award
Nassau County Special Needs Unit
Dinner / Dancing / Raffles
Auction closes at 9:30 p.m.

Nassau County Police Activity League
167 Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801

[email protected]
Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved


Nassau County Police Activity League

Established 1940

Frank DiVittorio Welcome to Our Fourth Annual Nassau County PAL Gala
NCPAL President
Every past dinner dance and now Gala that I have been a part of has been a great

To participate in honoring individual’s accomplishments that go beyond basic support
proving their dedication to the organization and their community has been moving.

This year is a little different. To be able to recognize the Special Needs Unit and its
volunteers is indeed a privilege. The first such unit of its kind in the country, it is now
the benchmark by which others are measured. To be viewed that way speaks volumes.

At this year’s national PAL conference we had, one of our own special needs volunteer
recognized and receive an award. Joan Crader received the Co- Volunteer of the
Year. Joan and her tireless work ethic are well deserved of this honor. Thank you for
your dedication and introducing additional organizations to the Special Needs Unit
on a national level. As a parent of a special needs young adult I see firsthand how
important all the volunteers of this unit are to us all.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Police Commissioner Pat Ryder for
his awesome support, not only personnel wise but financially as well. He was able
to find us a sponsor to help with our March Madness tournament and our upcoming
National PAL- NBA Basketball Clinic on June 30th.

In closing, I would like to thank Donna Irwin and the entire Gala committee for all
their work in making this event a success. A special thanks to my Executive Board
whose dedication may go unnoticed at times, but not by me. Lastly, thanks to the
Police Officers assigned to PAL. A group as of now is a credit to the department and
the youth of Nassau County.

Enjoy the Gala!

Frank DiVittorio

NCPAL President


Nassau County Police Activity League

Established 1940

Dear Friends of PAL,

The past two years have gone by so quickly it seems like it was only yesterday that I
had been given the privilege of being assigned to PAL.

Sgt. Robert Kiesel During these years I have enjoyed working with the staff of PAL as well as all of the
Commanding Officer dedicated volunteers. One of the most significant changes that has taken place during
this time is the addition of our newly assigned Police Officers, Nick Alvarado and
Chris Innace who have been a tremendous addition to our unit. I would like to give a
special thank you to our Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder for sending us our new
officers as well as for his constant and unwavering support of PAL. Thank you to
all of the volunteers who give their time and energy to PAL each and every day and
to those who were able to take time out of their busy schedules to be here tonight.
I’d also like to commend our PAL Police Officers and PAL headquarters staff for
their daily effort and professionalism throughout the year, always going above and
beyond expectations.

Congratulations to the PAL Special Needs Unit for earning the 2018 Outstanding
Community Partner Award and also to our PAL Volunteer of the year honorees.
Congratulations and thank you to our Special Needs Unit treasurer Joan Crader
who was named the co-volunteer of the year by National PAL, an honor which not
only recognizes Joan’s outstanding accomplishments, but also brings nationwide
recognition to the NCPAL.

Thank you to all of the donors who support this organization. Without your
generosity, the NCPAL would not be able to support the youth of Nassau County and
achieve our mission.

Enjoy your evening,

Sgt. Robert Kiesel

Commanding Officer


NCPAL EXECUTIVE Frank DiVittorio Arnold Palleschi Michele Walker
BOARD President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President

Chris Kyriacou Alex Ipiotis Rich Lopos
Treasurer Board Member Board Member

NCPAL OFFICERS Commanding Officer Police Officer Police Officer Police Officer

Sgt. Robert Kiesel Gary Biggers Jethro Cardona Matt Perlungher

Police Officer Police Officer Police Officer Police Officer Police Officer

Edwin Philip Jack Volpe Anthony Kiser Nick Alvarado Chris Innace


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Bob Adorno has been involved with the Wantagh / Seaford PAL Unit
for over 20 years. Starting in soccer as a coach for his son, he also
volunteered to direct one of our younger leagues. While involved in
Soccer Bob assisted in registrations and team allocations. Bob’s kids
went on to play PAL Basketball, which fortunately for us it included Bob
coaching basketball . It wasn’t long before he became director of the
basketball division.

One of his greatest memories when asked was, “10 years ago overseeing a
good group of 7th-8th grade boys in basketball, playing in their first PAL
Martin Luther King Jr. Tournament and in the first round having to play a
talented team from Roosevelt. A large crowd watching, the lead went back
and forth, it came down to the last minute where our team was victorious.
A great classic matchup then to wind up competing again in the finals,
there too our team won. It was fun.”

Bob Adorno

When Wantagh / Seaford PAL started a lacrosse program Bob coached and most recently, for the
past 5 years was on the lacrosse unit board as a director. During this time, Bob assisted in running
the Mike Glazer LAX Tournament, which was a special tournament for a PAL member that lost his
life the year prior. Bob was instrumental in its success.

Over the years Bob has stepped up to help wherever he was asked and for that, our Unit is very
grateful. His personality and love of the PAL culture is exactly why we nominate Bob Adorno.

A quote from Bob:
“A child who does not receive positive reinforcement and encouragement in a sport when they are
young, is not likely to continue playing the sport, and that is what PAL promotes. Even play rules
give kids a fair shot. As they get older, PAL provides a league where, even if they are not the most
athletic, they can still compete and have fun with their friends. “


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Margaret Reed Margaret Reed has been a member of the Merrick PAL since 2006.
She began volunteering as a soccer coach and then later transitioned
to becoming Vice President of Merrick PAL. Being a V.P. of any unit
comes with its own duties and responsibilities, but she still cannot detach
from being out there on the field with the kids. In addition to being
V.P., she is also the director of the soccer program, which has grown
tremendously under her watch. Margaret also took the initiative with
keeping the baseball program going after the passing of Roy Vasile,
Margaret took the program a step further by starting the “All –County”
Baseball program in Roy’s memory. Margaret believes, as did Roy in
“PAL’s philosophy that when established to be a safe and fun place for
our kids to enjoy sports and activities. We stress the fact that we are
RECREATIONAL, allowing kids to be kids and to enjoy sports without
the pressure of constant winning.”

Intelligent, hard work ethic, positive attitude and teamwork mentality she
is well respected throughout the organization and she is the go to person
to get things done. From the time Officer Kiser met her he said, “She has
demonstrated such positivity and is such a motivated leader to the kids
as well as her peers.” Margaret’s thumbprint is all across the unit, in
coaching, mentoring and even constructing and maintaining the Merrick
PAL website and online registration process. She is always lending a
helping hand to other program directors throughout the organization.
With all of these qualities, her positive infectious attitude and dedication,
Merrick PAL is proud and thankful to have Margaret Reed be a recipient
of the Volunteer of the Year Hero Award.

How does she do it?? “As a working
mom, quality time was so limited with
my 2 young sons. I realized by being
involved in the sport was the best way
to enjoy and maximize the time spent on
the field with my kids.”

“Fast forward 12yrs later, I found
fulfillment in working with the PAL
members in making a difference in
helping organize and shaping the way
sports is played and perceived for the
young kids of our community.”


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Dennis Jording Congratulations, Dennis Jording, this marks your 50th year of service
with NCPAL. Actually, we know you have been involved longer than that
while volunteering as a teenager. Starting out at eight years old joining
Hewlett – Woodmere PBC with Officer Harrold “Sam: Sammis you grew
up with PBC and PAL. Playing basketball, dodgeball, boxing, wrestling
and every other sport. Back then, PBC also went on trips to museums, the
Bronx Zoo, amusement parks, naval bases, marched in parades and went
on picnics and camping trips. Dennis states “PBC kept us out of trouble
and off the streets at night. For me PBC did exactly what it was set up
to do.” In the 60’s Dennis stuck around to help out with some activities,
helping run open gym night and in 1963 when officer Sam introduced a
rifle program Dennis joined. After a short time, he then started to teach
the younger athletes. Dennis became a NRA Certified Assistant Rifle
Instructor. From 1971 until 1992, Dennis ran the rifle program in Hewlett.
That year in ’92, Dennis assisted Valley Stream PAL with their program,
eventually took over the program, and is still coaching today. We are
proud of Dennis and his dedication to the kids and the rifle program, which
has, lead Athletes to compete in Olympic competitions as well as received
College Scholarships. In additions to coaching, Dennis serves as the PAL
Trustee for the Valley Stream/ 5 Towns / East Rockaway Unit. Dennis
plans to stay involved with PAL for many years to come.

When we asked Dennis about bringing people into PAL to volunteer he said, “It’s
all about our children and your community. We need to keep PAL going and make it
bigger and better. We need to get more parents and volunteers involved so that we
can continue to do the job we have done since PAL and PBC has existed. PAL has
a purpose and that is to keep our kids safe and out of trouble and develop a good
relationship with the Police and its Officers. Get involved and GET IN THE GAME!”


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Ralph Morales currently holds the position of Farmingdale PAL Vice
President. Ralph has been a dedicated member of the Unit for the past
fourteen years. He joined the Unit when he and his wife, Joanne moved
here with their young family. He started coaching baseball and flag football
and soon became the director in both activities. He has and continues to
coach several different grade levels, as he is the father of five to Mark,
Luke, Rebecca, Gianna & Mateo who rage from college down to fourth
grade. On any Sunday, from the opening day of flag football you will
find Ralph at the fields in Farmingdale coaching or walking around. He
is continuously checking on everyone to make sure things are running

Ralph Morales In the spring of 2014, Ralph started up our Dek Hockey Program. It started
as a spring program and quickly became extremely popular. In 2016, Ralph
added a winter season to the program and we now have over two hundred
children from pre-k through 12th grade playing in both seasons. Ralph is
not only the Director of the program he is coaching two teams as well. He
spends countless hours holding registrations, drafts, ordering equipment,
packing up hockey bags as well as replying to endless emails. Ralph has
an overflowing plate; he is an outstanding family man and Trial Attorney.
Committed to the Farmingdale Community, Ralph has been a past President
and current Vice President on the Farmingdale School Board. He is truly all
about helping the children in Farmingdale. On behalf of Farmingdale PAL
and Community, Thank you for your dedication and commitment, you are
truly an asset.

Ralph was humbled by the honor and says this is not an award celebrated for him alone.
His wife and family are a huge part of his success and their support of him allows him
the opportunity to lend his time to the kids and programs of Farmingdale PAL.


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Victoria Domingo Victoria Domingo has been with the Uniondale PAL since 2005. She
started with enrolling her boys in the track and football programs
soon becoming involved herself. Victoria became a track coach and
team mom to the football team. Since 2011, she has been the track
commissioner. Not only does she serve as the track commission for
Uniondale, she has been instrumental in helping the countywide PAL
track program held at Mitchel Field for many years. Dedicated to the
youth and Uniondale community when the football program left PAL she
took over the Uniondale Knights becoming the president and making it a
successful and prosperous program. Her dedication and devotion to the
youth of the Uniondale community has been demonstrated repeatedly
in helping at award ceremonies, registrations and assisting parents and
children personally to get involved with different activities. Since her
involvement, she brought a lacrosse program to Uniondale PAL and we
are pleased that in 2018 Uniondale will have a team participating in the
County PAL LAX program. Victoria had a vision in bridging the gap
between the Uniondale SD and PAL, which she achieved. She connected
the school’s LAX coach with PAL and has even introduced the programs
to the Districts AD, Principal and Superintendent. Her vision has certainly
helped PAL prosper in the Uniondale community.

“I grew up in Westbury; the PAL always had wonderful opportunities for the kids. I think it was
successful because it is a fixture in the community and has provided solid stability for children and
families. Kids are able to participate in a safe environment regardless of athletic abilities.” “My
parents did not support activities I participated in, they were not encouraging, I saw other parents at
the PAL track and softball games and I knew from that young age, I would do things differently. I get
an abundance of joy helping young children do their best. Cheering them on, having faith in them,
teaching them to be stronger and confident. – It is my duty to reach as many young lives as possible.
Who knows about their home life, some parents
may not be able to come out and support them,
which is why I treat them as family. PAL is

Encouraging others to volunteer, “Programs
can’t thrive without their help. Do not be shy.
You do not have to be an ex athlete or have
experience. All you need is a kind heart and
a little time” My sons have watched me give
my time for 20 years and that dedication has
become a part of their lives and they look
forward to volunteering in the years to come.
This is how we keep the program going.”


Nassau County PAL Hero Honoree

Kathy Hemberger Kathy Hemberger started in Baldwin PAL in 1981 with her husband Bob.
Together they have coached the pee/wee soccer program as well as the volleyball
and softball programs. Kathy became commissioner for softball and to this day,
is the only umpire to officiate a softball game in heels when an umpire did not
show for a game. – Talk about commitment! - Kathy is an elected member of
the Baldwin PAL Executive Board since 1994 as Baldwin PAL secretary and
trustee. She remains active in all Baldwin PAL community activities. She has
served as Baldwin’s PAL scholarship committee chairperson since 1998. She
attends school award ceremonies and presents scholarships for the graduating
children who volunteered with PAL. Since 1997, she has put together an awards
ceremony for Baldwin PAL twice a year. These events bring over 300 people
from the community together for a special night. In fact, when asked about her
favorite moment she states the Award ceremony. “I am so proud and excited
when I hear kids say they want to win because they get to go to the Awards
Dinner at the Coral House. Since I have been running the dinners 2 times a
year for the past 22 years, I take great pride in knowing that my hard work is
appreciated and everyone says they have a great time and enjoy themselves.
Music has been a big part of my life and I incorporate it into the dinners. The
kids love getting up to dance and I feel like the Pied Piper as I instruct the kids to
follow my steps so even kids that never danced get up and have a good time.”

Kathy’s dedication is unparalleled in that she has given her time unselfishly to
the Baldwin PAL. – Thank you does not seem enough, but the smile on all of
the children’s faces says it all.

“My kids used to help in whatever Bob & I volunteered in and now they volunteer in
their communities so I feel like we’ve set a great example for them to follow in their

To other parents I say: Don’t think about it…JUST DO IT. The rewards are great and
show your kids the right way of doing things” is what Kathy said, when asked about


NCPAL PRESENTS In 1945, the Nassau County Police Department created
THE 2018 COMMUNITY a program to help keep youth off the streets by engaging
PARTNER AWARD TO NCPAL them in after-school and weekend sports and activities,
SPECIAL NEEDS UNIT thus creating the Nassau County Police Boys Club,
known today as Nassau County Police Activity League.

Parents who had their children in program soon began
to request the creation of a similar program for children
with special needs. And so, in 1986 the NCPAL
Handicapped Unit was created. The program was
thriving in the ‘90’s there were as many as 300 children
with various special needs participating in over 30
programs. Barbara Wojukiewics, president of the unit at
the time endured cutbacks to the program due to police
budget cuts, but overtime and with continued persistence
in 2005 was informed of a new Officer joining the squad,
Officer Darlene Capobianco. Darlene was intrigued
when she learned there was an opening in the NCPAL
Special Needs Unit. She mentioned in an article back
in 2006, “Once I found out there was an opening, I
immediately expressed my interest in joining.” When
Officer Capobianco came into the Unit, it was down in
registrations and was only offering a few programs. With
the new energy and dedication the program started to
flourish again.

NCPAL was the one of the first in the Nation to provide
a program for the Special Needs Population, and we
are certainly the largest. Congratulations to all of you
for achieving such a feat. Your Unit presented at the
National PAL convention in 2013, providing guidance to
other PAL’s across the nation. You have hosted a Special
Olympics Basketball Tournament for 7 years, offered
numerous activities, dances, computer classes and have
formed friendships and bonds with kids and parents
throughout. Everyone who comes in contact with your
programs are immediately embraced and is made to feel
welcomed and at home. The challenges the athlete may
face and the concerns a parent or guardian may have are
eased as soon as they become involved.

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the
attempt.” The motto of Special Olympics is about finding
the courage to give it all you’ve got.

Many, Many volunteers past and present have given their
time and commitment to the kids, the programs and to
PAL. Thank you all for opening our eyes and hearts.
Inclusion, integration and understanding are still lessons
we are working on, but with your help, certainly we are
all on the right path.






PO Box 32, Uniondale, NY 11553 Tel: (516) 668-0958

ACTIVITIES Congratulations to all the 2018 Honorees

Your time and efforts are well appreciated

for your years of service to the
COMPETITIVE Uniondale PAL TRACK program.
SWIM We appreciate all you have done for the

Uniondale Community

President Michele Walker

KARATE Vice President Michele Newell
Secretary Ann-Marie Blackwood-Harrilal

SOCCER Treasurer Ashia Thomson
Trustee Selene Inman

TRACK Trustee Cheryl Foran
P.O./Director Edwin Philip

Online Registration:



William O’Hagan

Merrill Zorn
Steven Lippsett
La Fitness - Valley Stream
Central Florist
Yudelka Valdez, Mary Kay
Papandrew Jewelers, Inc.
Downstream Outfitters
Pioneer Sports
Milligan Muller


Helping Make Sense of a Complex World


Income Taxes Income Taxes Federal & State
Sales Taxes Estates & Trusts Reporting
Payroll Taxes
Financial Statement Audits Quicken Audits of Financials
Bookkeeping Income Tax Planning Management Consulting
Management Consulting Estate Planning Bookkeeping

Tel: (516) 365-9200 Maurice J. Kalaygian, CPA
Fax: (516) 676-0966 6 Birch Hill Road
e-mail: [email protected] Locust Valley, NY 11560




Bob Adorno

On receiving the
“Lifetime Volunteer Award”

from Nassau County PAL

On behalf of the Wantagh/ Seaford PAL Unit, and board members, we wish to thank you for all
of your rears of dedication to the kids in our community. Our programs have become
successful mostly from the dedication of our volunteers and you in particular leading the way.
This award is well deserved. Thank you and congratulations.


Proudly Supports

The Nassau County PAL

With Best Wishes For Continued Success
& Congratulations to This Year’s
Community Volunteers

Automated External Defibrillators & Accessories

Sales & Public Access Defibrillation Program Assistance From A-Z

CPR Training Equipment, M a n i k i n s & Supplies

Sales & Service

Emergency Medical Equipment & Supplies


263 Glen Cove Avenue - Sea Cliff - NY 11579


Football Congratulations to PAL’S
Cheerleading 2018 Volunteer Honorees
Floor Hockey
Lacrosse The Special Needs Unit with the
Outstanding Community
Karate Partner Award
Tennis Congratulations to
Hockey Nassau County Police Activity
Travel Teams League on its
Camps & Clinics 4th Annual NCPAL GALA


Executive Board

Executive Board
Jack Young

Chris Kyriacou
David Buchbinder

Jeff Berson
Doug Leo
P.O. Director Chris Innace



and to All the
Honored Volunteers.


d o w n s t r e a mTM

manufacturing & outfitters

heat transfer embroidery silk screen sublimation team store


( Guaranteed best price on items listed below )



w w w.d s ou t f i t t er


The Manhasset Unit
of the NCPAL
salutes the

NCPAL President,
Board and Staff

for their
dedication and


We Proudly Support & Appreciate the
Nassau County PAL

We Thank All of The P.A.L Volunteers
Congratulations to This Year’s Honorees


Murphy’s Sport Shack would like to
congratulate all of the recipients for the

Volunteer of the Year Award


Special Congratulations to Past and Present

of the Special Needs Unit.
On receiving the 2018

Outstanding Community Partner Award.
Your dedication and commitment are

Murphy’s Sports Shack has been serving the community for more than 30 years. We have
been providing uniforms and accessories to leagues and individuals from Montauk to
Manhattan. We are proud to be accepted as the place to go by so many communities and are
grateful for their continued support.


Congratulating- Margaret for her
dedication and commitment to
Merrick PAL

We Proudly Support & Appreciate the

We Thank All of The P.A.L.

Congratulate Tonight’s
Award Winners


Why I Volunteer

It’s not for the money, nor for the fame,
It’s not for any personal gain.

It’s just for the love of fellow man,
It’s just to lend a helping hand.
It’s just to give a little of self,

That’s something you can’t buy with wealth.
It’s not for the medals won with pride,
It’s just for the feeling deep inside.
It’s that reward deep in your heart,
It’s the feeling you have been a part
Of helping others far and near
That makes you be a volunteer.



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