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Laguna Beach Police Department 2015 & 2016 Biennial Report

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Police Department 2015 & 2016 Biennial Report

Laguna Beach Police Department 2015 & 2016 Biennial Report

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Laguna Beach
Police Department

2015 & 2016

Biennial Report


Message from the Chief

I am pleased to present the Laguna Beach Police Department's biennial
report for years 2015 & 2016. Over the course of these two years, the men
and women of the Laguna Beach Police Department have accomplished a
significant number of milestones that have furthered our effectiveness and
efficiency in delivering police services. With a residential population of about
24 thousand, and a visitor population of six million, we are continuously
challenged with the best way to serve both the residential and visitor
communities in unique and different ways.

In 2015, I presented a strategic plan, which provided the current state of
the police department and a road map moving forward. Through the
collection of data along with conversations with Department employees and
the community, the strategic plan highlighted our priorities and where

increased police services were needed.
It was also evident Laguna Beach
changed from a summer destination
location to a year-round destination.

To specifically address the needs of
the community, two police officer
positions were added to fill a
dedicated downtown foot patrol, so
that the bars, restaurants and
businesses citywide, could have a
consistent point of contact to help
address issues as they arise. Two full-
time Beach Patrol Officers were added
to address the many calls for
service on the beaches, as well as
assist with traffic control, fire watch,
community outreach, and other
support functions.

Other additions included an additional dispatcher, and a jail supervisor.
Additionally, we partnered with the Orange County Health Care Agency to
have a clinician work alongside our Community Outreach Officer (COO),
providing valuable resources and expertise.

Efforts were made to enhance how we communicate with our
community, We increased our social media presence on various platforms,
and have a dynamic Media Team that not only pushes out information, but
has shaped the way the community sees the police department utilizing
Nixle, Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Instagram along with our City
website. To further enhance our relationship with the community, new
community outreach programs were implemented such as Coffee with a
Cop, Dog Walker Watch, Bike Rodeo, and Living with Wildlife. The Police
Department's Citizens Academy and Community Emergency Response
Team (CERT) programs continued with great support.

2015 & 2016 saw an increase in crime, but at a very low rate. Alcohol crimes,
traffic incidents, thefts and nuisance related issues remain at the forefront
of what drives our workload, and when called, on average, a police officer
arrives in less than 6 minutes!

In November 2016, Measure LL was approved by the Laguna Beach voters,
which supported the need for more services. Measure LL funding added two
additional full-time Beach Patrol Officers and an additional Community
Outreach Police Officer.

I look forward to serving and working in partnership with the Laguna Beach
community in the coming years. In a world of technology, police work will
always be a people business that is best served through face-to-face
interactions. I plan on exploring new ways to enhance our community/police
partnership through personal interaction. This community has an
outstanding police department and I have the utmost appreciation and
respect for the men and women of the Police Department for their
commitment and dedication to Laguna Beach and the community as a

Laura Farinella
Chief of Police

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


Toni Iseman Kelly Boyd Bob Whalen
Mayor Mayor Pro-Tem Councilmember

Steve Dicterow Rob Zur Schmiede John Pietig
Councilmember Councilmember City Manager


Core Values & Mission Statement.......................................5
The Command Staff..................................................................6
Organizational Chart............................................................7
About the Laguna Beach Police Department...................8
Field Services Division...........................................................9
Beat map & sergeants..............................................................12
Support Services Division.....................................................18
Investigative Services Division..........................................22
Civilian Services Division.....................................................26
Special teams............................................................................30
media team.................................................................................33
Community engagement.........................................................36

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


THE COMMANDBiennial Report 2015 & 2016

Captain Jason Kravetz Jim Beres Captain Jeff Calvert
Field Services Civilian Services Administrator Support Services 

Lieutenant Joe Torres Lieutenant Tim Kleiser
Day Shift Commander Night Shift Commander

Laguna Beach Police Department 6

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


7 Laguna Beach Police Department

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


Sworn Members
The department is made up of 127 employees. Of that, 96 are
full-time employees, 52 sworn and 44 professional staff 10%
members. The department also includes approximately 10
police explorers, 15 Citizens on Patrol, 40 animal shelter
volunteers, and over 250 Community Emergency Response
Team volunteers.


The Laguna Beach Police Department believes in a Professional Staff
community-based policing philosophy, which follows the
principle that when communities and law enforcement 73%
engage in transparent communication and mutual
cooperation, the community as a whole is better served. As a 27%
result, personnel from the department are involved in all
aspects of the community, including schools, neighborhoods,
businesses, visitors, and community organizations.

Laguna Beach Police Department 8



52 Sworn The Field Services Division is the City's first line of
Police Officers defense in keeping the community safe. Using a data-
driven approach to identify crime and traffic safety
concerns, or "Intelligence-Led Policing," patrol personnel
are directed to locations and at times where crime is
likely to occur.

One K-9 Officer

One Emergency
 Operations Coordinator

2 Motor Officers By analyzing crime data and identifying emerging crime
and traffic safety trends, officers are better positioned to
2 Community Outreach deter crime, apprehend criminals, and promote public
Officers safety. The Field Services Division takes a proactive
approach to providing a high level of service to the
2 Downtown residents, visitors and businesses in the City of Laguna
Foot Patrol Officers Beach.
The Field Services Division is comprised of a Day Shift
and a Night Shift which includes the Traffic Bureau, the
Community Outreach Officer team, the Downtown
Foot Patrol team, the K-9 Officer, the Bicycle team, the
ATV & UTV details, and Emergency Operations.

Laguna Beach Police Department

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


29 Year History of Part One Crime Statistics

*Stats began in 1988 following the annexation of South Laguna 10

Laguna Beach Police Department

Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

The Laguna Beach patrol beats are divided into three
Priority One Calls geographical areas: Beat One, Beat Two, and Beat Three.
The Field Services Division Commander is Captain Jason
 Imminent danger to life or Kravetz. Lieutenant Joe Torres serves as the day Shift
property Commander and Lieutenant Tim Kleiser serves as the
evening Shift Commander. There are currently six sergeants
Priority Two Calls and 36 police officers assigned to Field Services.
Each sergeant is responsible for an assigned beat as a
In progress call with no community liaison officer.
 known threat to life or


Priority Three Calls

Calls for service where no
suspects are present and a

report is required. 

Response Time Goals:

Priority 1: 5 Minutes or less
Priority 2: 20 Minutes or less
Priority 3: 30 Minutes or less

6 minute average
response time
for all calls

11 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Sergeant Rebecca White Sergeant David McGill Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016 BEAT MAP & 
Beat Two Sergeant Jesse Schmidt Beat
Laguna Beach Police Department One 

Sergeant George Ramos


12 Sergeant Eric Lee Sergeant William Downing

Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

Motor Officers

The Traffic Bureau consists of one sergeant and

two motor officers. The goal is to reduce traffic

collisions. This may be achieved through

techniques such as geographic assignment of

personnel and equipment and the establishment of

preventive patrols to deal with specific categories of

unlawful driving behavior. This includes driving

under the influence enforcement, seat-belt

enforcement, distracted driver enforcement, and

primary collision factor enforcement. These

programs are funded and planned in cooperation

with the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS).

Traffic Enforcement techniques are based on

accident data , enforcement activity records, traffic

volume, and traffic conditions. K-9 Officer

The K-9 Unit consists of Corporal Zach Fillers and his partner,

K-9 Ranger. Corporal Fillers and Ranger have been in service

since January 2015. The primary purpose of the K-9 unit is to

locate hidden suspects, evidence, and narcotics. Additionally,

the K-9 unit responds to burglary alarms and crimes in

progress. Ranger's mere presence at scenes help keep

officers safe. Ranger has saved the department 133 staff

hours utilizing his superior sense of smell between 2015 &

2016. Ranger has also assisted in taking 25 felony suspects

into custody. Ranger was responsible for locating a discarded

firearm as well as over 10 ounces of methamphetamine

hidden inside of a vehicle. Corporal Fillers and Ranger also

perform many presentations for various community events.

13 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Downtown Foot Patrol Team (DTFP) is staffed by Average 6 miles walked
two officers. The team has direct contact with the  per night
"Entertainment District" and "Hip District" restaurants,
bars, and shops. The team walks an average of six miles
a night interacting with restaurant and bar management,
and the community to ensure everyone has a safe and
enjoyable experience.

In 2016, reported assaults dropped 31% with the Assaults Down
assistance of the DTFP. The DTFP has conducted  31% in 2016
operations to intercept minors with counterfeit ID's
attempting to enter the bars in Downtown Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Police Department 14

Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The department has two full-time Community
Outreach Officers (COO), Corporal Jason
Farris and Officer Zach Martinez, in addition
to an Orange County Health Clinician, Will
Crittiden. In December 2015, the Department
partnered with the Orange County Health
Care Agency to help provide dual services to
individuals in need. Through this partnership,
individuals can receive assistance offered by
the City or County.
In addition to the homeless community, this unique team also works with residents in
the City who may need mental health assistance through follow-up appointments. The
COO has assisted almost 30 people with Project Homecoming, which is a program
assisting homeless persons with returning back to their hometown. Some places
include Florida, New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, and more. The average bus or plane
ticket is approximately $130.00 which cost less than a single arrest.

15 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Field Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The jail is capable of housing up to 15 people. In 2016, over
2,100 arrestees were booked into the facility. The staff focuses
on maintaining the most secure environment possible while still
treating every inmate with the utmost dignity and respect.

Average 139 Inmates
per month

Our jailers search, photograph, and fingerprint each inmate. 265 more Arrests
The jailers ensure the health and well-being of the inmates in 2016 than 2015
through a series of medical questions and continued
observation. Three meals are served daily. The jailers also Night Shift has over double
handle the release or transport of inmates to Orange County the amount of
Jail. By processing the arrestees promptly, the jailers can free a
uniformed officer to return to his/her field duties in as little as 10 arrests than Day Shift

Inspections of our facility are completed annually by the Board
of State and Community Corrections, State Fire Marshal,
Orange County Health Care Agency, and the Juvenile Justice
Commission. In 2016, the jail was found to be in full
compliance and exceeded standards with all inspections.

Laguna Beach Police Department 16

Field Services Division - 2015 & 2016 Biennial Report 


1993 Firestorm The Office of Emergency Management is managed by the
2005 Bluebird Landslide Emergency Operations Coordinator who is responsible for
coordinating the training, planning, and management of major
emergencies. The Emergency Operations Coordinator is the
staff liaison to the Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Committee and also manages the volunteer Community
Emergency Response Team (CERT), AlertOC, WebEOC,
Nixle, and the Emergency Operations Center as well as grants
and event planning for the police department.

2010 Downtown Flooding The City of Laguna Beach strives to be the most resilient
community in Orange County and actively participates local,
county, state, and federal exercises utilizing highly trained staff
and state of the art technology. Staff follows the four phases of
emergency management; Preparedness, Mitigation, Response,
and Recovery, in order to better prepare our community.

17 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Support Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

The Public Safety Communications Center is staffed by
11 full-time public safety dispatchers and two part- 97% of
time dispatchers. These professional civilian personnel 9-1-1 calls answered
answer most incoming calls to the police department,
including all 9-1-1 calls. Dispatchers must attend a three- within 10 seconds
week Public Safety Dispatcher course presented by the
California POST within a year of employment.
The training program is approximately nine months of
extensive training with a Senior Dispatcher.

The public safety dispatchers are responsible for
receiving calls for service, assessing the priority of the
calls, and allocating the necessary resources for the
Police Department, Fire Department, Marine Safety, and
after-hours Public Works.

70,488 calls dispatched in
2015 & 2016

Laguna Beach Police Department 18

Support Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

The Records Division is comprised of four full-time records
Accident Reports specialists and two part-time police aides.They work closely
11% with the sworn and professional staff to ensure timely
processing of the reports and ensuring that service
2015 standards are met. They are responsible for reviewing
reports, compiling the necessary documents and uploading
Crime Reports the cases via the secure Electronic Direct Complaint system
89% to the courts. The department's cases are handled by the
Orange County District Attorney's office at the Harbor
Justice Center in Newport Beach.

330 Public Records Act
 requests between
2015 & 2016

Accident Reports Records personnel process electronic citations (e-
12% cites) which are also electronically submitted to the court.
The Records Division assists with answering non-
2016 emergency phone calls and entering the calls into the
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for the
Crime Reports Communications Center to process accordingly. The front
88% counter is open between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. daily.
Reports can be obtained during these business hours.

19 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Support Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The department operates a fleet of 41 vehicles, which include patrol, detective,
animal control and parking services vehicles. In addition, the department maintains
a mobile command trailer which is used for DUI checkpoints and also as a
command center for events occurring in the city. The department also utilizes
numerous message boards that are strategically placed around the city to
communicate information about traffic, safety and city events. In addition to our
motorized vehicles, the department utilizes a fleet of mountain bikes which are
primarily deployed in the summer to supplement patrol. We also have two electric
vehicles that are often used by our downtown foot patrol team. During the summer
months our officers can also be seen patrolling the beaches on an ATV and the
wilderness area in an UTV. These two vehicles allow officers to drive in areas that
would be challenging for traditional vehicles.

Laguna Beach Police Department 20

Support Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Information Technology Team (I.T.) is tasked with
91 stolen vehicles maintaining several software programs which are
recovered through ALPR integral to the department’s day to day operations. Some
of these programs include the mobile computers in the
(Automated License police vehicles, the jail audio/video system, booking
Plate Reader) software, and the records management system which
allows for a paperless reporting environment. The team
85 also maintains and operates all of the computer
hardware, and servers, for the proper storage of
ARRESTS government records.
USING ALPR Recently, the department began a data driven policing
initiative which required the implementation of a
statistical mapping and crime data software program.
This platform allows the staff to interpret crime data on a
real-time basis while also predicting future events based
upon previous histories. The I.T. staff loaded ten years’
worth of information into the program prior to “going live.”
The team is most proud of their accomplishments with
the installation of citywide camera systems in 2015 and
2016. With 32 additional cameras covering the city from
all three entry points, the patrol and investigations
divisions have been able to monitor traffic and criminal
activity and solve important cases. Prior to the
installation of these cameras, officers would have been
unaware of this criminal element coming into the
community with intentions of possibly committing
additional crimes.

21 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Investigative Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

The Detective Team is comprised of a sergeant and five
detectives. Cases Assigned

The Detectives are divided into the following units:

Crimes Against Crimes Against Persons 2016 617 611 2015
Property Homicide 49% 51%
Sexual Assault
Burglary Domestic Violence
Theft Robbery
Vandalism Battery
Auto Theft

Fraud & Economic Juvenile Crimes
Crimes Juvenile as a Suspect
Crimes on School Grounds
Identity Theft Child Molestations
Internet Fraud

Cases Cleared

2016 592



Laguna Beach Police Department 22

Investigative Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


May 30, 2016 Child Endangerment: An officer stopped a vehicle to investigate a
possible missing juvenile. Through the course of the initial investigation it was
discovered the vehicle was reported stolen, the two juveniles were reported as
runaways, and a female juvenile had been sexually assaulted. Additionally, officers
located various drugs and an unloaded firearm in the vehicle. Detectives responded
to assist and learned the female juvenile had been sexually assaulted by the adult
male and her mother. Both adults were arrested for several felony and
misdemeanor crimes and the two juveniles were taken to a group home for their

November 18, 2016 Alternative Sleeping Location
(ASL) Fire: Fire crews responded to the ASL for a brush
fire that burned over an acre. Nearby video footage was
used to identify the person who started the fire. He was
arrested by detectives for the arson on December 14,

October 27, 2016 Bank Robbery: An employee reported that the bank had just been
robbed. The employee said the suspect had entered the bank armed with a handgun and
wearing a full face mask. He pointed the handgun at a teller and demanded money. After
being provided with an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect fled towards Broadway
Street. Approximately an hour later, the same suspect reportedly robbed a Chase Bank on

Coast Highway in Seal Beach. Laguna Beach Detectives immedia2te4ly located video of the

suspect leaving the area and were able to piece together a sequence of events by reviewing
footage from several of the City cameras. Detectives from all of the effected cities worked
together to share information which eventually lead to the suspect's arrest

23 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Investigative Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

Property & Evidence is staffed by one full-time
Community Service Officer (CSO). The CSO is 5496 Items Booked in 2015
responsible for the safe-keeping, control and proper 5295 Items Booked in 2016
documentation of all items placed into evidence by
patrol officers and detectives. The CSO prepares
evidence for court cases. Evidence is held until the
cases are cleared through the courts.

Drugs Destroyed

720.17 lbs in 2015
974 lbs in 2016

The Property & Evidence facility has five commercial 201 Items Auctioned in 2015
freezers used to store biological evidence, including a 159 Items Auctioned in 2016
large amount of DNA evidence which proves to be
very valuable in solving serious crimes. The unit also
has a refrigerator that is used to store additional
evidence which requires storage just above freezing.
For additional storage of items, Property &
Evidence also maintains a secure off-site warehouse.

Laguna Beach Police Department 24

Investigative Services Divisions - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Department goal is to provide the City
with quality individuals who are trained to
provide the highest level of service to our
residents, visitors, and businesses. To
accomplish this goal, we look for employees
who characterize the department's core
values which are integrity, responsibility,
loyalty, commitment, mutual respect, and
morale. To find these type of individuals, we
administer a thorough hiring process.

The hiring process is comprised of many
steps which can take up to six months to
complete. This includes the application,
written test, writing exercise, physical
ability test, oral panel interview, polygraph
examination, background investigation,
Command Staff interviews, psychological
evaluation, and a medical examination.

After an individual is successfully hired, they complete an extensive training program
and probationary period. The department's practice is to provide continual training to
all of our employees throughout their career to ensure they stay current, update, and
able to provide the highest level of service to the community.

If interested in applying for the Police Department, please visit our website at or contact Corporal Darrel Short at (949) 497-0374 or

25 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Civilian Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Parking Services Unit is an essential
part of the City’s parking and traffic control
program. The City employs four full-
time parking services officers and one full-
time senior parking services officer who
provide service seven days a week.

Parking services officers patrol assigned
areas on foot, on a bike, or in a vehicle to
enforce various state and city parking
regulations. Parking services officers also
respond to complaints about abandoned
vehicles, assist with traffic control, help find
missing children, and assist with road

Parking services officers also assist with
special events, such as the 4th of July,
Patriot’s Day Parade, Hospitality Night, and
assist with DUI checkpoints and any other
events related to traffic safety.

Number of parking citations issued in:
2015: 35,207
2016: 33,018

Laguna Beach Police Department 26

Civilian Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

Animal Shelter
The Animal Shelter was started in 1975 by a group of
150 dedicated volunteers, The Pet Responsibility Committee
100 (now PUP Laguna Beach), who lobbied the City to
purchase the old Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
50 Animals building on Laguna Canyon Road for use as a
0 shelter. Today, the shelter serves the residents of Laguna
Beach and Laguna Woods by providing temporary care of
DCoatgDDCssCooaIIatgtgssssmmppAACCoolldduuaaiioonnppttmmddeeeeeedddddd sick, injured, and stray or abandoned animals rescued by
the animal services officers in Laguna Beach and Laguna

2016 Animal Control

150DCoatgDDCCssooaIIatgtgssssmmppAACCoolldduuaaiioonnppmmttddeeeeeeddddddThe City employs three full-time animal services officers
100 who provide animal control services seven days a week.
Their job is to enforce animal related laws, rules, and
50 regulations in the Cities of Laguna Beach and Laguna
0 Woods. They also oversee the City's dog park,
affectionately known as the "Bark Park," and assist with
27 the rehabilitation of injured wild animals and
birds. Animal services officers also assist with incidents
involving coyotes, marine mammals, rattlesnakes, and a
variety of other animal related matters.

Laguna Beach Police Department

Civilian Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Police Department employs four full-time beach patrol officers that work
throughout the year, and several part-time beach patrol officers that assist during the
busy summer season. Beach patrol officers can be seen patrolling the beaches,
parks, and wilderness areas on foot, in golf carts or UTV's. These types of vehicles
allow for both emergency response and easy access and interaction with the public.

Under the supervision of the Civilian Services Administrator, the Beach Patrol Officer,
working with a partner, interacts with City residents and visitors at beaches and parks
in a summer-style City uniform to enforce various City and State codes, rules, and
regulations in a professional and courteous manner.

The Beach Patrol Unit works hand-in-hand with city and county lifeguards, county
park rangers, and city staff from Marine Safety, Community Services, Public Works,
and the Police Department in order to provide a safe environment for our residents
and our visitors.

Laguna Beach Police Department 28

Civilian Services Division - Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The police aides and cadets perform a variety of duties within the department such as:
Performing traffic and pedestrian control during
the weekends from April through September.
Assisting with parking enforcement including the
Quiet Zone permit parking district
Handling fire and flood watch details
Working special events held by the city and
the department
Assisting in the Records and
Investigations Divisions
Handling special projects assigned by
other staff members

29 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

SPECIALBiennial Report 2015 & 2016 30


The Department deploys police officers on bicycles as needed
throughout the year and during the summer months. The
benefits of having police officers on bikes are high visibility and
greater mobility. With this visibility also comes an increase in
contact with the community. In fact, it is much like the old "Beat
Officers" who used to walk the streets. On a bicycle, an officer
is much more approachable than in a car and can help in
building new contacts and community trust. Bicycle patrol is
also fantastic for public events such as the 4th of July and busy
summer days. An officer can move quickly through a crowd
while on a bike where a patrol car may have diminished mobility
due to the summer traffic.
In addition to our bike patrol, the department also utilizes the
use of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Utility Terrain Vehicle
(UTV). The landscape of Laguna is unique in that it is bordered
by cliffs and beaches near the ocean and it is surrounded by a
beautiful wilderness area filled with biking, hiking and walking
trails. With our ATV and UTV we are able to patrol areas that
would otherwise be difficult to access. The main difference
between an ATV and a UTV is that an ATV or quad is a type of
vehicle that only one person can ride, whereas a UTV can
accommodate multiple passengers. We utilize our ATV and
UTV for general patrol of beaches, parks and wilderness areas
as well as for searching for lost or missing persons. Each of our
vehicles are equipped with emergency lights, headlights, and
can be ridden in low light conditions. All of the officers who ride
or drive these vehicles go through specialized training to ensure
their safe operation.

Laguna Beach Police Department

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016



The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC) was
formed in 2007 to meet the need for information sharing among federal,
state, and local law enforcement agencies and other public safety
disciplines. Under this structure, the Orange County Chiefs and
Sheriff's Association assumed the role of providing oversight and
guidance for the OCIAC fusion center. OCIAC is a certified U.S.
Department of Homeland Security-designated local fusion center that
adheres to the policies and procedures of federal, state, and local
regulators. The mission of OCIAC is to provide an integrated,
multidisciplined information and intelligence sharing network to collect,
analyze, and disseminate information on all criminal risks and safety
threats to law enforcement, fire, health, and private sector and public
sector stakeholders in a timely manner in order to protect the residents,
visitors, and critical infrastructure of Orange County.

Orange County Auto Theft

 Task Force (OCATT)

Every year thousands of cars are stolen in Orange County
(approximately 18,000 thefts in 2015 and 2016 combined).
OCATT operates under the oversight of the Orange County
District Attorney's Office and is currently comprised of
investigators from the California Highway Patrol, Orange
County Sheriff's Department, Department of Motor Vehicles,
and the Tustin, Placentia, Brea, Buena Park, Fullerton, Newport
Beach, and Laguna Beach Police Departments. The Laguna
Beach Police Department has been a member of OCATT for
the past ten years, and Corporal Andy Peck is currently
assigned to the task force. Operating out of an office and
working in an undercover capacity, these detectives attempt to
identify and arrest auto thieves.

31 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


Honor Guard

The Honor Guard was formed in 2013 and serves as the
official ceremonial unit of the Police Department. Its purpose
is to represent the department and act as a goodwill
ambassador by attending, participating in, and planning for
the presentation of National Colors during community events
and memorial services. The Honor Guard consists of eight
sworn personnel and one Laguna Beach Firefighter
(Bagpiper). The Honor Guard participates in the annual
Orange County Peace Officer Memorial Services held in
Santa Ana, the California Memorial Services in Sacramento,
and Police Week in Washington D.C. These services are held for peace officers killed in the line of
duty from the previous year. The Honor Guard also presents the colors of the United Sates, State of
California, and City of Laguna Beach at many events within the City, State, and Country.

Maritime Team

The Maritime Team was created in 2015 and is comprised of 13 officers working in partnership with
Orange County Sheriff's Department Harbor Patrol and SWAT team, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol,
and the U.S. Coast Guard. The Maritime Team is an ancillary duty but the team devotes countless hours
to its function. The mission of the Maritime Team is to work in partnership with the maritime community
in finding creative ways to protect and preserve the California coast from terrorism, drug smuggling, and
human trafficking. Since its inception, the team has participated in approximately 30 missions. These
missions are not only on the water ways, but also in the harbors to provide surveillance on known or
suspected drug and human traffickers. The Maritime Team follows the standards in training, equipment,
and service set forth by the Orange County Sheriff's Department which sets the standard in Maritime
Operations throughout the State of California. Officers assigned to the team must pass a rigorous test
and attend a training course in maritime safety and basic boat operations.

Laguna Beach Police Department 32

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

The Media Team was established in 2016 by the Chief of
@LagunaBeachPD Police to increase engagement with our community
through multiple social media platforms. The team is a
5,000 followers special assignment and consists of eight sworn and
#SurfandProtect civilian employees. The Media Team developed,
produced, and created the Laguna Beach Police
recruitment video which has been viewed thousands of
times since its release in October 2016.



NEXTDOOR LAGUNA BEACH Media Platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
7,000 Members, website news articles, and Public Service
Announcement (PSA) videos.
Text 92651 to 888-777
2016 PSAs – Halloween Safety, Coyote Awareness, &
Holiday Safety.

33 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

Community Emergency  Response Team (CERT)

The Community Emergency Response Team
(CERT) is an organized and trained group of
approximately 250 volunteers ready to
assist the city in case of a disaster. CERT
provides training to its residents and
businesses periodically throughout the year.
The program covers: disaster preparedness,
fire safety, disaster medical operations, light
search and rescue, CERT organization,
disaster psychology, CERT and terrorism,
traffic control and scene management.
In 2015 CERT volunteers provided 2,771 hours of service, and in 2016 they provided
2,950 hours of service.

Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.)

C.O.P. volunteers supplement the Police Department's
workforce with patrols on foot, on bikes, and by vehicle.
Citizen volunteers issue citations for parking violations,
provide vacation home checks for residents, and
interact with the public as ambassadors for the
department. C.O.P. volunteers work in every area of
the department including Records, Property, and
Investigations. In 2015 the volunteers provided 4,055
hours of service, and in 2016 they provided 2,746
hours of service. Since the volunteer program’s
inception in 1994, the volunteers have provided over
131,593 hours of service.

Laguna Beach Police Department 34

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


The Explorers are made up of young adults
between the ages of 14 and 21 years old.
They learn about all aspects of law
enforcement, such as crime scene
investigation, tactics, DUI, gun safety, radio
codes, and more. They also provide
hundreds of hours of community service a
year. This is a volunteer position and
service hours may be used toward required
volunteer hours with their respective
educational institutions.

The department has two volunteer
chaplains that provide emotional support
and counseling to victims of crimes and
their families, as well as department
personnel and their families. The
department's two chaplains are George
Sabolick and Kurt Shonheinz.

35 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


Dog Walker Watch

The Dog Walker Watch Program encourages
recreational dog walkers to be an extra set of
eyes and ears for the department. Dog walkers
know their routes and can easily observe “what
is normal” and “what is out of place.” The
department offers periodic Dog Walker
Watch training sessions for dog owners. With
just a few tips, dog walkers can learn to
heighten their senses and recognize suspicious
behaviors when things look out of place.
Training also includes instructions about what to
do if something does seem suspicious.

Coffee with a Cop

Coffee with a Cop brings the department, and
the members of the community they serve,
together to discuss issues and learn more
about each other over a cup of coffee.The
mission of Coffee with a Cop is to break down
the barriers between police officers and the
citizens they serve. This program is designed
to take place in a casual atmosphere to get to
know each other and discover mutual goals
for the communities they live in and serve.

Laguna Beach Police Department 36

COMMUNITYBiennial Report 2015 & 2016

Citizen's Academy

Our Citizen Academy provides a great way

for the Laguna Beach Community to learn

more about the police department and get

engaged in their community. The academy

is a twelve-week course designed to foster

better communications between

police personnel and citizens. The course

also includes a tour of the police station and

patrol vehicles, plus a hands-on look at

equipment used by the department.

Students also tour the Orange County

Jail. Academy members have an

opportunity to shoot a weapon at the police

firing range and participate in mock

Bike Rodeo scenarios.

The Bike Rodeo & Road Safety Expo is a free event held

annually to encompass safety information for all roadway

users including cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists. The

event is intended to promote the safe and legal operation

of bicycles within our community, especially for young

children and teens, and includes tips for parents.

Participants have their bicycles and helmets inspected,

and practice safe riding techniques by navigating through

an obstacle course with a member of the Laguna Beach

Police bike patrol team.

37 L a g u n a B e a c h P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016

2015 Civilian & Officer of the Year

Matt Meyer Beckie White
Civilian of the Year Officer of the Year

2016 Civilian & Officer of the Year

Jenna Moore Cornelius Ashton
Civilian of the Year Officer of the Year

Laguna Beach Police Department 38

Biennial Report 2015 & 2016


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