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Special Feature 与众不同
04 Remembering the Past, Preparing for the Future 回眸过去,展望未来
In the News 众点新闻
09 Writing a New Urban Resilience
UrbanWrite,重展新篇 12 Just a Click Away
14 A Click in Three Languages 轻轻点击三语通
17 Man-fei the Dancer 舞者曼菲
Write On 众心出版
20 Mummy’s Secret to Losing Weight
In the Know 博采众长
23 Luna Plaza’s eslite: A Yilan Story
popularnews 116 [email protected]
Pop Corner 众的声音
27 The POPULAR Caption Writing Contest is Here!
28 Parents' Day Writing Contest Winners 双亲节征文比赛得奖作品
31 Running Master Kathy Chan 赛跑达人陈家仪
34 Understand and Love Thy Elderly 懂老,更要爱老
36 Volunteering in Happy Valley 快乐谷 • 义工行
38 Not Your Typical Refugee Kitchen 非一般难民厨房
40 Where the Sea Meets the Sky 邦咯岛:碧海连天
Book Column 众里寻他 42 Three Takes on Translation
46 Publishing Showcase 悦读大众
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POPULAR N-ewspiospauplaurbnleicwatsio1n1f6or the management and sta of POPULAR. Its objective is to
2 《大众资讯》是专为大众职员出版的官方刊物,旨于有效地传扬大众的精神和特质。
be the o cial communications medium for the POPULAR family. All feedback from POPULAR sta is welcome. Editorial o ce reserves the right to make amendments prior to publication.

Dear POPULAR family members,
Preparing for the future is the hallmark of a great organisation like POPULAR. In this issue, read how Popular Holdings’ Independent Director Professor Christopher Chia plans to bring POPULAR into the future in our Special Feature (p.4).
Getting ready for the future also means making the current situation better. Since Popular Malaysia started its online book retail portal in 2015, it has brought much convenience and our excellent customer service to the internet-savvy booklovers in Singapore and Malaysia (p.12). This year, Popular Malaysia went a step further to offer the website in Malay (p.14)!
Meanwhile, UrbanWrite celebrated the opening of their second standalone store in Singapore to showcase their resilience in the challenging consumer lifestyle market (p.9). We then hike to the small hilly township of Taiwan’s Yilan to learn how the iconic eslite Bookstore gives a whole new meaning to reading space (p.23).
Let us also not forget the sacrifices that our parents have made for us. Join our winners for the Parents’ Day Writing Contest as they share their personal stories with the POPULAR family (p.28). Then, we head back to Taiwan to learn how New Taipei City is preparing for an ageing population (p.34).
Determination and passion are one of the same. Join us as we relive Man-fei’s short but brilliant life as a dancer (p.17), and see how Popular Hong Kong’s Kathy Chan has made running a part of her healthy lifestyle in “POPULAR’s Got Talent!” (p.31). If you know of any hidden talent in your office, write to Popular News now!
Popular News belongs to each and every one of the POPULAR family. That is why we are launching the new “Caption Writing Contest” to encourage more POPULAR staff to share their thoughts and creativity (p.27). Just snap a photo and send it to Popular News with an attention-grabbing caption! The theme for this inaugural edition is “City Life”.
As a chiefly bilingual publication, translation plays a major role in ensuring every bit of information in Popular News is available in two languages – sometimes even three languages! We take a look at the various aspects of translation through perspectives from three books (p.42).
Our dedication and perseverance will make our dreams come true!
The Editorial Team 编辑室 [email protected]
One family, one vision. 大众一家,众人一心
The future belongs to those who believe in the
beauty of their dreams.
—— Eleanor Roosevelt (American diplomat and former First Lady of the United States, 1884 - 1962)
—— 埃莉诺•罗斯福(前美国第一夫人、美国驻联合国大使,1884 - 1962)
一个集团的成功与否,关键在于“人”。本期《大众资讯》 的“与众不同”,刊载了大众新任独立董事谢德谦教授的专 访。管理经验丰富的他,与我们分享了“三管齐下”的业务 发展策略(页4)。
若要为未来做好准备,必得改进现状。马来西亚大众自 2015年开设网络书店以来,一直为新马客户带来卓越便利的 购书体验和服务(页12),今年继续跨前一步,设立马来文 版的大众网络书店(页14)。
与此同时,UrbanWrite在新加坡庆祝第二家独立店面的 开业,在竞争激烈的时尚生活商品市场中,这在在展示了其 韧性(页9)。接下来,我们前往台湾的丘陵小镇宜兰,了 解诚品书店如何为阅读空间赋予新意(页23)。
为人勿忘父母恩,本期刊登了两篇“双亲节征文比赛” 的得奖作品,故事动人(页28)。然后,我们回到台湾,了 解新北市如何应对人口老化课题(页34)。
决心与热情是息息相关的。与我们一同重温台湾已故舞 蹈家罗曼菲,短暂而绚丽的一生(页17);并看看本期“大 众达人”陈家仪,如何通过跑步强身健心(页31)!办公室 里往往卧虎藏龙,深藏不露,如果您知道周围有哪些才艺出 众的大众同仁,别犹豫,欢迎投稿给《大众资讯》!
《大众资讯》属于大众家庭成员,为此我们推出“美图 美文比赛”,鼓励更多同仁以图文方式轻松分享巧思创意, 首次征稿的主题为“城市生活”(页27)。
作为以中英双语为主的刊物,翻译在《大众资讯》更是 举足轻重,每篇文章均以双语,有时甚至加上马来文,三语 呈现!翻译课题博大精深,我们不妨从三本入门书一探翻译 玄妙的各方各面(页42)。
大众潜力无限。当我们回首过去,展望未来,真诚的奉 献与毅力必将使梦想成真!
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Head o ce: POPULAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360. Homepage:

By Sim Yi Wen (Singapore) 文:沈毅文(新加坡)

Popular Holdings’ new Independent Director Professor Christopher Chia shares his three-pronged strategy to future-proof the company and our businesses.
大众集团的新任独立董事谢德谦教授,分享公司展望与 三管齐下的发展策略。
IIn 2017, Popular Holdings welcomed a new member to its Board. With 30 years of experience in the public sector
under his belt, Professor Christopher Chia was a senior advisor to the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the national confederation of trade unions that also boasts a network of professional associations and partners across all sectors in Singapore. Currently, he is a Professor (Practice) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. Together with Chairman Mr Desmond Wee, who hails from the legal sector, Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee Mr David Chia from the business and nance sector, and Mrs Lim Soon Tze from the education sector, Prof Chia’s public sector background in leadership, management and organisational excellence has truly enhanced the well-roundedness of Popular Holdings’ Board by adding to its diversity and wealth of expertise.
Prof Chia’s introduction to the Board was the nal cog that would put into motion an elaborate scheme of changes to future- proof POPULAR and create a sustainable system for the business. Speaking to Popular News, he generously shares the insights gleaned from his long and illustrious career, while also asking important questions for the future. It is no wonder that he would be the person to put forth these challenging but crucial questions – for his career in the public sector is one that is grounded in many pivotal moments of change for the nation.
Furthermore, his versatility in manoeuvring the connection between the past and the future will be vital as POPULAR crosses over to a new era.
A Past for Remembrance
After completing his Bachelors in Business Operations and Control, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Computation in the United Kingdom, Prof Chia returned to Singapore in 1983 and started his career in the public sector at the National Computer Board (NCB), the predecessor to the Info- communications Media Development Authority (IMDA). It was a time when o ce workers were still working with typewriters and few employers understood what a computer was or how it could help make the workplace more e cient. Prof Chia was part of the team that kick-started the adoption of computers in the workplace, and prepared our workforce for the nascent technologies that would eventually transform the way we work. “We asked ourselves how we could prepare a future population to be ready to face and adopt change, and the realisation was that we can’t just do it and hope that people would catch up. We have to do it through the training and development of people, not just in skills, but also in the awareness and application of these skills.”
After 12 years in the NCB, Prof Chia joined the National Library Board Singapore (NLB). “When I joined the NLB in 1995, the

challenge was how do you transform a much-loved public institution in the country with roots that trace back over 100 years? How do you continue to make it relevant to future generations?” One area Prof Chia targeted was enhancing e ciency. With manned counters handling the borrowing and returning of books in the libraries, many would wait in long queues that would sometimes take up to an hour. This sparked the idea to invent technology for self-service check-out counters. The second area was keeping the libraries relevant to a new generation of readers and users. The demographics revealed that visitors to the library tended to be very young children or senior citizens, and there was a huge gap in the middle in the groups for teenagers, working adults and professionals. Thus, they collaborated with the private and public sector to develop initiatives that encouraged reading and visitorship. Within ve years, library membership gures grew from 20% of the population to 50% of the population, along with a six-fold increase in visitors.
Prof Chia’s subsequent work in the Media Development Authority (MDA) had similarities and di erences from the two ful lling phases of his career that preceded it. While the role had more to do with regulating the industry from the broadcast to the publishing sector, from the gaming to the lm sectors, the key driving force for much of his work was also in preparing the media industries for the interactive digital era. This involved getting the lm industry to go from analogue lms to digital lms, preparing the print medium for the internet age, and more. Through these years, he has become well-versed in dealing with
6 - popularnews 116
a disruptive landscape and in initiating changes that would have an impact in the future – in short, the art of future-proo ng.
A Future for the Ages
Today, POPULAR is in a landscape that is even more disruptive than those that Prof Chia has left behind. The book industry is ushering in the internet era, while the retail scene sees a wave of e-commerce ecosystems. So, when asked about future- proo ng POPULAR’s businesses, Prof Chia shared the three-pronged strategy of “Purpose”, “Process”, and “People” which would take us into the future. On “Purpose”, Prof Chia notes: “From my observations, I would say that the organisations that have the best chance of success are those with a very strong purpose. They know why they are in the business and the role they play.” With a history of 94 years, POPULAR has been a part of people’s lives across generations. Even as we develop from a bookstore to a one-stop retail concept, Prof Chia believes that our advantage and competency continues to lie in our passion to preserve languages and learning.
In terms of “Process”, Prof Chia refers to “collectively erasing the pain points in the processes of the organisation, both from the customer’s perspective and from our perspective”. It is about continual improvement, understanding that a customer’s journey to us can be loaded with many hurdles and creating the best customer experience by eradicating these hurdles. One example of removing a deterrence is POPULAR’s diversi cation from books into the periphery business – products that support the sale of books and
learning – from stationery to enrichment books, to Gadgets & IT products as we move into the digital world. Creating a one-stop retail concept has enhanced POPULAR’s service to the people and helped meet their needs. In the same vein, our e orts to grow our retail presence ensure greater convenience for customers accessing our products and services.
Hidden in “Process” is one other crucial factor, the “People”. “To truly improve the process, you have to do it at every level of the organisation, and that means up to the point where the counter sta meets the customer. Because that sta has an equal opportunity of delighting or disappointing a customer.” Recounting a recent incident, Prof Chia spoke of his mother-in-law, who asked the counter sta if she could rest on one of their chairs for a while when she visited POPULAR Thomson Plaza. This was met with kindness from the sta , who promptly gave her a chair and told her to take her time to rest. Indeed, it is the people who embody the values and spirit that POPULAR holds close to its heart. By engaging with our people, we will make a di erence in the way our customers experience POPULAR.
A Philosophy for Excellence
While we strive to empower our sta and create a satisfying experience for our customers, it can be challenging to channel the e orts of close to 4,000 employees in POPULAR alone towards the same precise goal and to e ect the same change in the company.
Although Prof Chia has led thousands
Prof Chia (left) and Mr David Chia (Popular Holdings’ Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee) o ciated the Opening Ceremony of [email protected] 2017 with an IT twist – using Memory Cards, an IT Smart Shelf, Arti cial Intelligence Robots and a remote-control drone
谢德谦教授(左)及谢天民先生(大众集团独立董 事及审计委员会主席)以资讯技术元素,使用存储 卡、IT智能架、人工智能机器人和遥控无人机,为 2017年新加坡海外华文书市主持开幕仪式

of employees over his career, it was an incident from his days as a junior sta that he speaks of rst when asked about his leadership philosophy. “When I was a junior manager at the beginning of my career, there was a conversation I had with a mentor that I remember to this day. I was complaining about some of the problems I faced at work, as many junior sta might. But I was taken aback by his response. He said, ‘Did you not consider that they actually hired you so that you can solve these problems?’ After that, I stopped complaining. And it is a philosophy that serves me to this day – that is, to take it upon yourself to be responsible for the outcome you want to see. Don’t blame or attribute it to anybody else.”
However, his idea of good leadership does not stop at individual responsibility. “For a leader, it is not just about what you are responsible to accomplish, it is also about how you enable your colleagues to do what needs to be done.” To him, empowerment is necessary for impeccable teamwork. Alongside empowerment, the issue of “Trust” also comes into play. “When you entrust someone with a responsibility, you have to trust that they will do it well and deliver a solid e ort.” As Prof Chia puts it, it is not about whether a person is trustworthy, but it is about starting each relationship with trust rst.
Prof Chia’s formula for future-proo ng POPULAR is purpose-driven, process- focussed, and people-centric. With this three-pronged approach, he sets his sights on the future development of POPULAR and steers the revolution that will follow as we continue to stay at the top of our game in this dynamic landscape.
2017年,谢德谦教授加入大众董事 会。谢教授在政府部门任职30年, 经验丰富。他曾在全国职工总会——新
加坡连结各专业协会及各合作伙伴的全 国工会联盟担任高级顾问;目前为新加 坡国立大学商学院实务教授。大众董事 会汇聚各方英才:来自法律界的主席黄 源伟先生、来自商业与金融界的独立董 事兼审计委员会主席谢天民先生,来 自教育领域的林陈舜芝女士,以及在政 府部门领导、管理和组织上有卓越经验 的谢德谦教授,结合多元丰富的专业知 识,群策群力,增强大众的实力,全面 发展。
谢教授加入董事会,与大众董事 会成员精心策划,面向未来,为业务创 造一个可永续发展的系统。他向《大众 资讯》分享驰骋职场多年,积年累月收 获的见解,为未来提出了至关紧要的问 题。毋庸置疑,谢教授在政府部门服务 的生涯中,为国家作出了许多关键的变 革。他能灵活结合今昔时代特点,有助 于引领大众昂首跨进新时代。
谢教授在英国完成商业运营与管 理学士、计算学硕士及博士学位后,于 1983年返回新加坡,在政府部门国家电 脑局,也就是新加坡资讯通信媒体发展 局的前身,展开了职业生涯。当时的上 班族仍然以打字机工作,只有少数雇主 知道电脑为何物、该如何运用电脑提升 工作效率。谢教授高瞻远瞩,他是最早 在职场上操作电脑的其中一员,为部门 员工准备了新技术,改变他们的工作方 式。“我们自问,该如何让未来人口面 对和适应这些改变,并有所准备;我们 意识到不能即兴落实一项改革,指望人 们迎头赶上。我们必须通过培训和发展
来达到这一点,且不仅是技能方面,还 包括对这些技能的认识和应用。”
在国家电脑局任职12年后,谢教授 于1995年加入新加坡国家图书馆管理 局。如何领导这个在我国已根植100多 年、深受欢迎的公共机构,是一项艰巨 的挑战。该如何让它与新世纪一代密切 相连呢?谢教授强调,其中一个要点是 提高效率。当时的图书馆,无论借书、 还书,都由柜台服务人员处理,人们必 须排队,有时甚至得等上一小时。这引 发了开发自助服务柜台技术的想法。第 二个重点是确保图书馆与新一代读者和 用户不脱节。统计数据显示,图书馆的 访客以幼童和长者居多。为了吸引更多 青少年、工作人士和专业人士,他们让 私营机构和政府部门合作,积极提倡阅 读,鼓励大家造访图书馆。在短短五年 内,图书馆会员人数由国民人口的20% 增长至50%,造访人数亦增加了六倍。
谢教授之后任职于媒体发展管理 局,这与他之前的职业生涯有异同之 处。虽然角色更多地从广播转到出版 业,从电玩到影视业,但关键还是在于 协助媒体行业迎接互动数码时代。他的 工作包括设法领导电影业从模拟信号电 影转向数码信号电影,以及领导印刷媒 体迎向互联网时代等。这些年来,面对 推陈出新、与传统同步展开变革,他早 已驾轻就熟——简而言之,面向未来的 技艺,难不倒他。
Prof Chia (2nd from right) getting a sneak preview from the Educational Publishing House team of the new Augmented Reality technology incorporated into its supplementary titles, in the company of (from left) Mr Chou Cheng Ngok (Popular Holdings’ Group Chief Executive O cer), and Mr David Chia (Popular Holdings’ Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee)
谢德谦教授(右二)在(左起)周曾锷先生(大众集 团执行总裁)及谢天民先生的陪同下,视察教育出版 社团队的数码化项目
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Prof Chia (2nd from right), with (from left) Ms Tracy Kwan (Popular Singapore’s Director of Retail Business), Mr Chou Cheng Ngok (Popular Holdings’ Group Chief Executive O cer), Mr David Chia (Popular Holdings’ Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee), and Mr Peter Lee (Popular Holdings’ Chief Financial O cer) at [email protected] 2017
谢德谦教授(右二)以及(左起)关慧明女士(新加坡大众零售总监)、周曾锷先生、谢天民先生及李怀吉先生(新加坡大众 首席财务长)在2017年新加坡海外华文书市合影
势。书业迎来了网络时代,而零售业则 涌现电子商务生态系统的浪潮。于是, 被询及大众业务如何面向未来时,谢教 授表示,“三管齐下”的策略会带领我 们稳健地走向未来,而其中第一个秘诀 就是“宗旨”。“据我的观察,目标明 确的组织,往往成功率最高。他们了解 自己在业界的目的,也清楚自己扮演的 角色。”拥有94年历史的大众书局,已 成为一代代人生活的一部分。尽管书局 发展成一站式商业概念,谢教授坚信, 大众的优势和竞争力在于:我们对语言 和学习的维护始终坚定不移。
第二个秘诀是“过程”中持续的 进步,也就是谢教授所说的“在组织的 过程中,从顾客及我们的角度,共同消 除难题。”我们的服务也许让顾客面对 一些障碍,只需把障碍消除就能创造最 佳的客户体验。比如迈入数码世界, 大众从书籍零售迈向多元化外围业务拓 展,从文具到丰富的书籍、电子和数码 产品,提供与书籍销售和阅读相关的产 品。创建一站式的零售概念使大众的服 务更多元、全面,达到客户的需求。同 样的,我们扩大零售业务,方便客户。
8 - popularnews 116
隐藏在“过程”中的另一个关键因 素是“人”。“要真正改善这个过程, 你必须在组织的每一个部门和单位上做 到这一点,这意味着柜台员工会见客 户,也包括在内。因为任何一员,都有 平等的机会,使顾客愉悦或失望。”谢 教授以他的岳母为例,最近她光顾汤申 购物中心的大众书局,走走看看,感到 疲累,便询问起柜台人员,可否让她坐 下休息。工作人员热心地挪出一把椅子 给她,还劝她好好休息,别着急。可见 体现大众价值和精神核心的是人,通过 与员工互动,我们能够改变大众客户的 体验方式。
尽管我们努力赋权,让员工为客户创造 满意的体验,但是大众集团要同时引导 近4000名员工实现统一、精确的目标, 并在公司实现相同的变化,还是极具挑 战性的。
谢教授在职业生涯中,带领过数以 千计的员工。当被问及他的领导哲学 时,他首先提到的,却是他入职不久发
生的一件事。“从前我初任经理时,曾 与一名前辈对话。记得当时我抱怨工作 中遇到的一些问题。他的回应令我大吃 一惊:“你有没有考虑到公司请你,不 就是要你解决这些问题吗?”那次以 后,我停止投诉。这席话我铭记至今, 也成为我的服务哲学—— 也就是说,为 我们想看到的结果负责,别归咎于其他 人。”
尽管如此,他对好领导的概念并不 止于个人责任。“身为领导,这不仅关 乎我们要完成的事情,也关于如何让我 们的同事,完成任务。”对他而言,授 权是完美的团队合作必要的条件。除了 授权,信任也至关重要。当我们委托任 务,就必须相信他们会做得很好,且愿 意付出坚实的努力。正如谢教授所说, 这不是一个人是否值得信赖,而是要以 信任来开始每一段新的关系。
谢教授引领大众面向未来的公式是 目标导向的,过程集中,以人为本。在 三管齐下的方针下,他把目光投向大众 未来的发展,引导革新,让我们在充满 挑战的环境中,持续领先。

Writing a New Urban Resilience
UrbanWrite opened two new stores in 2018!
By Liyana Nurhuda (Singapore) 文:莉雅娜•努尔胡达(新加坡)
Since March 2017, UrbanWrite has moved on from standalone stores, to the “store-in-store” concept within
various POPULAR bookstores. With 11 such stores distributed across Singapore, UrbanWrite continues to be the go-to destination for our customers’ lifestyle and fancy stationery needs.
UrbanWrite made waves again in January 2018 when they launched a standalone store in the equally new Northpoint City! As the largest UrbanWrite store to date, serving our customers in this brand new mega mall in the north, UrbanWrite Northpoint City is a force to be reckoned with. But of course, one standalone store is simply not enough
and UrbanWrite is determined to expand further!
Two Are Better Than One
Fast forward to four months later and white hoardings bearing the “UrbanWrite” name were seen barricading an area at the basement level of United Square Shopping Mall. Behind the hoardings, the UrbanWrite team were hard at work. Alongside the shopping mall’s management and facilities teams, they were diligently preparing for the imminent official launch.
Two weeks prior to the launch event, UrbanWrite organised a contest on Facebook to let the public guess the
location of the new UrbanWrite store by offering them a glimpse of the hoardings, along with a few other simple clues. The public’s response was overwhelming, and the first 100 respondents who guessed the location correctly won attractive prizes.
After months of planning and preparation, the brightly lit interiors behind the black-framed glass doors greeted the Saturday morning crowd at the United Square Shopping Mall basement on 28 April 2018. Many curious shoppers tried peeking through the glass doors to learn more about this new establishment, with a handful even knocking on the doors to try to get the staff ’s attention.
Just before the doors were opened 116 popularnews - 9

The huge range of scrapbooking papers and accessories in UrbanWrite United Square (left) is enhanced by the personalisation options at the entrance (right)
to the waiting shoppers, the staff swiftly gathered in front of the store to take a celebratory group photograph. Beaming with pride, the staff made sure that their group portrait included the modern 3D cut-out UrbanWrite logo hanging at the top of the entrance.
A Signature Product Mix with Character
When the clock struck 10.30am, UrbanWrite UnitedSquareo ciallyopenedforbusiness! Playing in the background was a catchy jingle that not only attracted the attention of the passing shoppers, it also welcomed them into the store by setting the right tone – literally. Towards the left side of the store, you will nd rows of titbits on display around the pillar near the entrance, together with a large display showing attention-grabbing animations introducing those trending titbits.
A whole row of eye-catching merchandise of popular animated characters lines the wall, stretching all the way to the back of the store with all your favourite characters, from Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty, to newer additions like Coronya and Marumofubiyori. These adorable characters welcome you to venture further into a wonderland that is not reserved for
just the younger ones!
Shoppers can nd bags in the trendiest designs, and the huge range of scrapbooking papers and accessories is sure to appeal to enthusiasts and crafters alike! Those looking for a perfect gift for a special occasion will nd plenty of practical gift ideas, like travelling accessories, jewellery boxes, and cool cups and mugs.
Apart from our signature product mix consisting of character items, fancy stationery,scrapbooking,bags&casesand lifestyle gifts, unique to this new store is a brand new section devoted to trending titbits! You can nd popular snacks like seaweed, chips and even ice cream at the Titbits Corner in the store. Furthermore, fashion patches and fancy ribbons are also exclusively available at the UrbanWrite standalone stores!
Your Own Personalised Purchases
Personalisation is another key theme in the new UrbanWrite store. A large feature wall located on the extreme left of the entrance sports the striking headline of “Make Your Own Personalised Stickers”, along with the personalisation terminals decked out in the hottest cartoon characters from series such as We Bare Bears and KouKou.
What is even better than being able to get your hands on all the characters’ merchandise in UrbanWrite, is to be able to personalise all your new purchases to prove your ownership with these name- based character stickers that are retailing at an affordable price tag of $2!
Just like the store at Northpoint City, UrbanWrite United Square exudes a chic and lively vibe with its warm lighting, cosy birch ooring and furnishings. The colourful and enticing merchandise complements the surroundings perfectly to create a comfortable and relaxing ambience for our customers. To meet their changing tastes and needs, the UrbanWrite sta will continue to source for more interesting and quirky products.
The opening of UrbanWrite United Square does not signal the end of our journey, plans to open more stand-alone stores are already in place. UrbanWrite will continue to show our resilience in the challenging consumer market!
自2017年3月开始,UrbanWrite以 “店中店”概念在各大众书局内 营业,在新加坡共有11家店面,成为
追求生活风格和精品文具爱好者的好去 处。
10 - popularnews 116

The sta of UrbanWrite United Square gathered for a group photo before the new store was o cially opened 赶在正式开业的前一刻,大华广场 UrbanWrite工作人员齐聚合影
2018年1月,UrbanWrite在义顺新 近开业的纳福城,推出了耳目一新的 独立文具精品店!这也是至今最大的 UrbanWrite文具精品店,其力量不容小 觑!UrbanWrite雄心勃勃,准备进一步 扩展业务!
四个月后,在大华广场地下一层,冒 出了写着“UrbanWrite”名称的白色围 板。在店里,UrbanWrite的团队正努力 不懈;与购物中心的管理层和设施团队 一样,为开业做好准备。
开业前两周,UrbanWrite在面书上 举办了一项比赛,让公众通过围板和简 单线索,猜测UrbanWrite的新店地点。 公众反应热烈,前100名答对者皆赢取 奖品。
经过数个月的规划和筹备,2018年 4月28日,大华广场地下一层的黑框玻 璃门背后,室内空间以明亮的灯光迎接 周六早上蜂拥而至的人群。许多好奇的 购物者试图通过玻璃门往内里窥望,想 对这家新设立的文具精品店先睹为快。
在为购物者打开大门的前一刻,工 作人员迅速聚集在店门前拍摄庆祝大 合照。工作人员确保大合照将悬挂在入
口处顶部的“UrbanWrite”时尚标志入 镜。
当时针指向上午10时30分,大华广场的 UrbanWrite正式开业!背景那欢乐的叮 当声吸引了路过的购物者瞩目,欢迎他 们光顾。在文具精品店的左边,入口的 柱子附近,摆着成排的零食;还有一个 大屏幕,以吸睛的动画介绍零食。
醒目的流行动画角色商品排列在墙 上,一直延伸到文具精品店后头。在这 里,您可以找到心爱的卡通人物,从松 弛小熊、吉蒂猫,到较新近的面包猫和 拖把熊公仔,应有尽有。
购物者可以找到设计最时尚的手提 袋以及多款剪贴簿纸和配件,手艺爱 好者肯定流连忘返!送礼佳品如旅行配 件、首饰盒子及独特杯子等,也在店里 供大家选购。
除了提供全面的商品,个性化是 UrbanWrite文具精品店的另一个特点。 入口处左处,设立着一面大型功能墙, 以显眼的标题写着“自制个性贴纸”, 并贴上最热门的卡通角色如“熊熊三贱 客”及“口口”。除了能够亲密接触这 些可爱角色的商品,更棒的是,您只需 以两元就能把这些角色的贴纸带回家!
就像UrbanWrite在纳福城的文具精 品店一样,其位于大华广场的文具精品 店以柔和的灯光、舒适的桦木地板和 家具,营造出别致活泼的氛围。丰富多 彩、令人爱不释手的商品与四周环境完 美结合,为客户创建一个舒适轻松的气 氛。为了满足客户日新月异的品味和需 求,UrbanWrite员工将持续寻找更多有 趣、古灵精怪的产品。
大华广场的UrbanWrite门市是我们 今年开设的第二家独立文具精品店,我 们也计划开设更多店面。凭借大众家庭 管理层指引良好的业务导向和不懈的支 持,UrbanWrite会继续展示在充满挑战 的消费市场中,爆表的战斗力!
花式丝带也可以在店内找得到! (翻译:叶欢玲)
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Just a Click Away
Popular Malaysia’s online book retail portal brings convenience and our excellent customer service to our customers.
12 - popularnews 116
Have you ever searched high and low for a certain book that you are just not able to nd in bookstores? If you
have, we share your frustration. In fact, this was why Popular Malaysia did something about it!
Enter Popular Malaysia’s online book retail portal, POPULAR Online (www. Launched in July 2015, the portal started o with the bestselling Chinese books of various genres. In two and a half years, it has evolved to become a safe, reliable and convenient alternative for our customers to purchase the books that they want, anytime, anywhere.
By Tan Khoon Wooi (Malaysia) 文:陈勤伟(马来西亚)

Moving Beyond Physical Constraints
There were various concerns when an online book retail portal was proposed, including the predicted repercussions on the sales at POPULAR’s physical bookstores. However, POPULAR has always prioritised customer service and convenience for our customers rst. Hence, the decision to forge ahead could not have come at a better time.
Moving beyond the space constraints of physical bookstores, POPULAR Online has allowed us to reach an even wider customer base with an expanded range of books. In 2017 alone, the high volume of books retailed through POPULAR Online proved that growth has not only been steady, it has also been increasing signi cantly.
POPULAR Online started with the retail of Chinese books sourced primarily from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, in addition to those published in Malaysia. The online book retail portal quickly captured the attention of many booklovers, simply by virtue of POPULAR’s strong reputation. By November 2017, we were serving online customers in both Malaysia and Singapore. Popular Malaysia is fully committed to adding Malay books to our o erings by the end of 2018, given the tremendous growth opportunity in this segment. Meanwhile, English books and other products will be made available in 2019.
您是否曾在书局中,遍寻不获某本 书而沮丧失望?
只要输入POPULAR Online (www.,烦恼秒消!在 2015年七月推出的马来西亚大众网络书 店,首推各类华文畅销书。紧接着的两 年半内,它已发展成为顾客随时提供安 全、可靠又便捷的购书选项。
最初提出设立网络书店时,存在着各种 担忧,例如影响大众实体书店的销售量 等。但是,大众一直以客户的便利为 先,而且向前迈进的决定,更待何时。
超越实体书的空间限制,大众网络 书店让我们扩大书籍范围,吸引更广泛 的客户群。仅在2017年,大众网络书店 销售的大量书籍,就证实了我们的增长
Moving in Sync with the Times
Not to be confused with the corporate website of Popular Malaysia (www., POPULAR Online is an innovative and interactive online bookstore that is tailor-made to provide our online customers with an easy and convenient shopping experience, and is a way for us to keep abreast of the evolving reading habits and buying preferences of modern consumers.
Managed by Popular Malaysia’s e-Commerce Department, the team has gone through a steep learning curve in the early days to open up a plethora of opportunities for POPULAR. The learning never stops as we continue to improve all aspects of the online business to provide the high-quality service that our customers have come to expect from a reputable retailer like POPULAR. With the increasing use of smartphones for online shopping, POPULAR Online is currently being customised to make it more mobile- friendly.
It has been 34 years since we opened our rst bookstore in Malaysia. By late 2018, Popular Malaysia will be the proud operator of some 93 stores across Peninsular and East Malaysia. Seizing the opportunity, Popular Malaysia chose to harness the power of the Internet to move Malaysia’s preferred trilingual bookstore chain online. This will ensure that POPULAR continues to move in sync with the times!
除了马来西亚出版的书籍,大众网 络书店也开始售卖主要引进自中国大 陆、香港、台湾和新加坡的华文书籍。 凭着大众良好的声誉,网络书店迅速吸 引了大量读者的关注。截至2017年11 月,我们在马来西亚和新加坡皆提供在 线客服。考虑到巨大的发展潜力,马来 西亚大众书局目前正致力于在2018年年 底之前,将马来文书籍添加在产品中。 与此同时,英文书籍与其他产品,也将 于2019年上线。
大众网络书店是一家创新互动的线上书 店,专门为线上顾客提供简单便捷的 购物体验,可别将它与马来西亚大众 (的企业网站混
POPULAR Online even made an appearance at [email protected] when it was launched in 2015
自2015年七月启动的大众网络书店,“现身”马来 西亚海外华文书市
(From left) Malaysian travel journalist Chok Yen Hao, Popular Malaysia’s Executive Director Lim Lee Ngoh, and Taiwanese author Yu Wo, at POPULAR Online’s launch in 2015
2015年大众网络书店推介礼(左起:马来西亚旅游 作家卓衍豪、马来西亚大众执行董事林利娥女士、 台湾作家御我)
淆。它使我们跟上现代消费者不断变化 的阅读习惯以及购物偏好。
在马来西亚大众电子商务管理部管 理之下,该团队为开拓大量机会,在早 期步履艰辛。我们不断学习,持续改善 在线服务的各个方面,为顾客提供优质 的服务,以达到顾客对信誉良好的零售 商如大众所寄予的期望。随着越来越多 的智能手机用户在线上购物,大众网络 书店目前正制定能更方便手机用户使用 的程式。
自大众在马来西亚开设第一家书 局,至今已34年!截至2018年年底,马 来西亚大众书局将于东、西马运营一共 93家分店,我们引以为傲。抓紧良机, 马来西亚大众选择利用互联网的力量, 将马来西亚首选的三语连锁书店,转移 至网上,确保大众与时并进!
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A Click in Three Languages
Introducing the Malay version of POPULAR Online is
another step in making Popular Malaysia a truly trilingual bookstore.
马来西亚大众再进一步,推介马来文版的大众网路 书店,成为真正的三语书店。
As Malaysia’s largest bookstore chain, POPULAR has always been active in promoting reading
in three languages, providing quality reading materials in English, Chinese, and Malay. Participating in the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF) was a logical step in reaching out to more Malay booklovers in our quest to become a truly trilingual bookstore.
14 - popularnews 116
By Tan Khoon Wooi (Malaysia) 文:陈勤伟(马来西亚)

Signature Malay Literature Book Fair
A major event in the annual global publishing calendar, the KLIBF is organised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s National Book Council of Malaysia, together with the six Malaysian book industry associations. From its humble beginnings in 1981, the KLIBF has grown to become the biggest event with a whole range of predominantly Malay-language titles. The popularity and charm of the KLIBF is clearly evident: an average of two million visitors attended each of the ve most recent editions of the KLIBF.
This year’s edition, which ran from 27 April 2018 to 6 May 2018 at the Putra World Trade Centre, boasted some 750 booths that showcased books both from the specially invited countries from abroad, like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, and locally, where the focus was on the publications from the northern Malaysian state of Kedah. A whole host of activities was also organised, including the Indonesian Pavilion, “KL Baca” (Read KL) Pavilion, “Rehat dan Baca” (Relax and Read), “Baca World” (Reading World) 2018, and a Writing Convention that featured authors from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
POPULAR Online in Malay!
This year, the 37th edition of KLIBF also
marked yet another milestone for Popular Malaysia. On 1 May 2018, Popular Malaysia launched the Malay version of our online book retail portal, POPULAR Online ( With the introduction of the Malay version of the online book retail portal, Popular Malaysia taps into the tremendous growth opportunity in the Malay books segment in Malaysia with our strong repertoire of titles.
The launch event began with a welcome speech by Popular Malaysia’s Operations Manager, Edward Liang. The audience was then treated to a series of video presentations that Popular Malaysia had prepared to provide a visual introduction to POPULAR Online. Subsequently, the VIP guests, including Malaysian National Book Council’s Secretariat Director Abdul Wahab Ibrahim, Grup Buku’s Chief Operating Officer Firdaus Hussamuddin, Malaysian comic artist Keith and authors, Siti Rosmizah and Bonda Norand, were invited onstage to join Liang and Popular Malaysia’s E-Commerce Manager Lim Yew Tat for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
the help of the VIP guests and their smartphones, the emcee guided everyone in signing up as POPULAR Online’s members, before demonstrating our portal’s versatility and user-friendliness. The guests and audience also got to witness the launch of the new POPULAR-exclusive cookbooks by Chefs Zubaidah Che Pa, Zalina Yahaya, and Noor Suraya.
Now with a Malay version to match its Chinese counterpart, POPULAR Online continues to o er our customers in Malaysia and Singapore an enjoyable and ful lling online book shopping experience in our extensive selection of titles. Not only can customers order books through the new Malay version, the full spectrum of supplementary services, including pre- order and other features, is also available in Malay.
As Popular Malaysia continues to customise POPULAR Online to make it even more mobile friendly, meeting our customers’ expectations of our products and value-added services remain our priorities. With focus and determination, Popular Malaysia looks forward to reaching more milestones as we strive to make Popular Online the top choice for shoppers looking for books online or on their mobile devices!
Bringing the Buying Online
The highlight of the launch event was the interactive live demonstration of POPULAR Online’s Malay-language features. Enlisting
The o cial launch of POPULAR Online’s Malay-language version at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018, (from left) Malaysian comic artist Keith, Malaysian National Book Council’s Secretariat Director Abdul Wahab Ibrahim, Popular Malaysia’s E-Commerce Manager Lim Yew Tat, Popular Malaysia’s Operations Manager Edward Liang, Grup Buku’s Chief Operating O cer Firdaus Hussamuddin, and Malaysian authors Siti Rosmizah and Bonda Nor
大众马来文版网路书店在2018吉隆坡国际书展举行推介礼,(左起)马来西亚漫画家张家辉、马来西亚国家图书协会秘书处主任阿都华合•依布拉欣、马来西亚大 众电子商务经理林佑达先生、马来西亚大众运营经理龙仕富先生、书籍出版集团“Grup Buku”首席运营员菲尔道丝•胡桑慕丁、马来西亚作家西蒂•罗思美嘉及柏恩 妲•诺然
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The Malay version of POPULAR Online also o ers the full spectrum of supplementary services
介,凭借我们强大的马来文书目,马来 西亚大众在马来西亚马来文书籍市场的 发展,进入了白热化阶段。
马来西亚大众运营经理龙仕富先生 首先致欢迎辞,为推介礼掀开序幕。马 来西亚大众随后利用一系列视频,介绍 大众网路书店。接着,特别嘉宾包括 马来西亚国家图书协会秘书处主任阿都 华合•依布拉欣、书籍出版集团“Grup Buku”首席运营员菲尔道丝•胡桑慕 丁、马来西亚漫画家张家辉和作者西 蒂•罗思美嘉及柏恩妲•诺然,受邀上 台与龙先生和马来西亚大众电子商务经 理林佑达先生,一同主持剪彩仪式。
推介礼的焦点之一,是大众网路书店马 来语功能的互动式现场演示。在展示我 们网路书店的多功能与便捷性之前,司 仪借助特别嘉宾与他们的智能手机,引 导大家登记为大众网路书店会员。嘉宾 与观众亦共同见证了大众最新推出的食 谱,分别由朱拜达•车琶、再丽娜•雅 哈亚和诺•苏拉亚三位厨师所著。
大众网路书店的马来文版已与中文 版合并,继续为马来西亚及新加坡客户 提供优质的在线购物体验。客户不仅可 以通过马来版订购书籍,也可使用含预 订等补充性功能在内的全套服务。
满足客户对产品和增值服务的期 望,仍然是我们的优先考量。为此,马 来西亚大众持续努力让大众网路书店更 人性化,并便于在移动设备使用。众志 成城,我们期待马来西亚大众能达到更 多的里程碑,使大众网路书店成为购物 者在线觅书的首选!
作为马来西亚最大的连锁书店,大 众一直积极推广三语阅读,也致 力于提供优质的英文、华文及马来文读 物。因此,我们理所当然地参与了吉隆 坡国际书展(KLIBF),以期能触及更多 马来书迷,成为真正的三语书店。
由隶属马来西亚教育部的马来西亚国家 图书委员会以及六个马来西亚书业公会 联办的吉隆坡国际书展,是年度全球 出版的主要活动。以展出一系列马来文 书籍为主的书展从1981年低调起步, 如今已成长为最大型的活动。其受欢迎 程度及魅力显而易见:在最近五次的 活动中,平均每一届都有大约200万名 访客。
今年的书展于2018年4月27日至5月6 日在吉隆坡太子世界贸易中心举行,共 有约750个摊位展出受邀国如印尼和沙地 乌阿拉伯的出版品,以及以马来西亚北 部吉打州为主的出版品。此外,现场也 举办了一系列活动,包括印尼馆、“阅 读吉隆坡”馆、“放松与阅读”、2018 “阅读世界”和一场以马来西亚、新加 坡及印尼作家为主的写作研讨会。
今年步入第37届的书展也标志着马来西 亚大众书局的又一个里程碑。在2018 年5月1日,马来西亚大众推出了马来文 版的大众网路书店(www.popularonline.。随着马来文版网路书店的推
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(Photo by Christopher Doyle, courtesy of Cloud Gate Culture and Arts Foundation 杜可风摄,云门基金会提供)
Man-fei the Dancer
Directed by En Chen, Manfei is an exquisite documentary lm
about the life of the late dancer.
陈怀恩执导的纪录片《曼菲》, 细腻刻画出已故台湾舞蹈家
Against the black backdrop, the spinning Lo Man-fei (1955 – 2006) transformed into poem that
encapsulated life, and a powerful symbol that remains in the mind of the audience long after the lm ended.
Renowned choreographer, and founder of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Lin Hwai-min once remarked: “She was born to dance.” When choreographing Requiem for her, he noted: “She would put her soul into doing anything you asked of her. Not only would she master every action, she understood their meaning.” Hence, Manfei opens with one of her solo dance performances.
The camera pans, towards the breeze, the reeds, the sun, the ripples in the water, and then to close-ups of dancers, allowing the audience to nd a moment’s calm in the restless world. Quietly, it follows Man- fei’s elder sisters to Yilan, heading toward the railway station, as they speak of this place where the three sisters had spent their childhood.
Man-fei was their little sister. A young girl with large and bright eyes, began dancing at the age of ve...
By Yap Huan Lin 文:叶欢玲
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Teaching students at the Taipei National University of the Arts (Photo by Liu Chen-hsiang, courtesy of Lo Yi-fei)
Poster for the lm Manfei (Photo by Liu Chen-hsiang, courtesy of Lo Yi-fei)
1987首次个人舞展“罗曼菲舞展”的照片,用作 《曼菲》电影海报(刘振祥摄)
Identifying with the Students
This poetic documentary about life, farewells, and those we miss, was the opening lm of the 2018 Singapore Chinese Film Festival.
In one scene, a butter y its out of the window into the distance. Is that Man-fei’s soul?
Determined to pursue a dancing career after school, Man-fei’s time in her university’s Department of Foreign Languages broadened her horizons and inspired her future creative work. She learnt dancing in an American dance company, and earned a master’s degree in dance at New York University. She then taught dancing at the National Institute of the Arts (now the Taipei National University of the Arts). In 1994, together with rst-generation Cloud Gate dancers Wu Su-chun, Cheng Shu-gi, and Yeh Tai-chu, she formed Taipei Crossover Dance Company. After returning to the States to complete her doctorate, she matured as both a person and a dancer.
Man-fei’s passion for dancing led her to cultivate the next generation of dancers. She also created several large-scale performances, enabling young dancers to take the stage. As the artistic director of a
Statue of Man-fei in the garden of Cloud Gate Theatre (Courtesy of Lo Yi-fei)
new troupe Cloud Gate 2, she insisted that the young dancers should choreograph their performances. Cloud Gate 2’s TANTALUS turned out to be both refreshing and avant-garde, justifying the faith that she has placed in these young dancers.
Man-fei also had a distinctive approach when teaching. When a student overslept on his rst lesson, she rang him and told him to relax by making and nishing a cup of co ee before coming to school. When another student was swearing for not performing well, Man-fei slowly walked to her and repeated the profanity before turning to leave. When a student was raising money for a photography exhibition, she handed some money to the student and said that she intended to buy a few prints.
She was gentle but rm, passionate and straightforward. Director En Chen combines the sentiments and gratitude of the students with footage of performances, rehearsals, and the recollections of her good friends, painting a rich and genuine picture of Man-fei’s life in dance.
Many people go through their entire lives not knowing what they seek. Some insist on their ideals, but the road is long and lonesome. Man-fei had an enviable life, in which she had a group of like-minded friends who did not shy away from the struggle in pursuit of dance.
Unwavering Determination
She once said: “Dancing is a very simple matter; all that matters is that the dancer is happy.”In dancing, she found happiness, and she brought that happiness to her friends.
Man-fei was close to director Ang Lee and his wife Jane Lin. The latter recalls that in the year they got married, they were out cruising on the highway one day
when Man-fei – with no regard for her own safety – dashed out to pick a large bunch of owers for them. The lm truly brings her vibrant character to life. Yet, the image of her with owers in her hands, her eyes twinkling, somehow also brings to mind the transience of life.
An optimistic person, when she learnt that she had Stage 3 Lung Cancer, she followed the doctor’s instructions down to the letter, from working out diligently to doing breathing exercises. When her condition improved, she decided to choreograph a full dance, and Spring in the Hospital was born.
Eventually, the pain overtook her, and her days became bitter and agonising. Still, she wiped away her tears and continued to rehearse. Her dance partner recalls that Man-fei was wracked by pains in her joints and body while performing After the Wedding Banquet. Yet, through this wedding scene, he felt not only her pain and agony, but also her unwavering spirit in the pursuit of beauty in her dancing in her every move.
In her steadfast pursuit of dancing, Man-fei was larger than life.
Travelling to a dance that she had choreographed on an ambulance, she was seated in a wheelchair, with tubes still attached. While she was in good spirits, she looked slender and physically weak, a sight which left her friends in tears. And there in the theatre, the audience too was overcome with emotion.
At 51 years of age, Man-fei left us. However, that gure of beauty and fortitude remains in the hearts of the lives she has touched. Her family and friends established a dance grant in her name, keeping her memory and uncompromising spirit alive.
(Translated by Daryl Li)
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Notes from the hospital ward (Courtesy of Ethos Original Co)
罗曼菲(1955-2006),一袭舞衣, 甩着清爽短发,在黑色背景衬托 下,无休无止地旋转,转成一首饱含生
命的诗,转成一个强而有力的符号,在 影片结束后,犹回旋于观众脑海中。
云门舞集创办人、知名编舞家林 怀民称,“她就是天生的舞者”,为她 编独舞《挽歌》时,“叫她做什么,她 都努力把它做出来,不只知道每一个动 作,而且知道动作后面的意念,掌握得 很好。”陈怀恩执导的纪录片《曼菲》 就以此独舞为影片拉开序幕。
接着镜头转向清风、芦苇、阳光、 涟漪等景色,以及后背、汗珠等舞者的 局部特写,让观众躁动在浮华世界的心 沉静下来,轻悄悄地跟着曼菲两个姐姐 走向宜兰,走向火车站,走向三姐妹曾 经在此度过的童年,听她们娓娓道来。
曼菲是她们的小妹。小时候,她有 一双大大的眼睛,五岁开始跳舞......
这是一部有关思念,有关生命,有关道 别,以诗的元素组成的纪录片,作为 2018年第六届新加坡华语电影节开幕影 片,首度在狮城上映。
影片中,花蝴蝶,翩翩飞;飞向窗 外,飘向远方。那是曼菲的灵魂吗?
大学期间,曼菲早就坚定了日后要 从事舞蹈艺术的志向。外文系开拓了她 的视野,激发她往后的创作。她曾于美 国舞蹈团习舞,也考获纽约大学舞蹈硕 士学位,并在国立艺术学院(今台北艺 术大学)舞蹈系执教。1994年,她与云 门第一代舞者吴素君、郑淑姬和叶台竹
(From left) Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan, Man-fei’s elder sister Lo Yi-fei, and director En Chen at the 2018 Singapore Chinese Film Festival (Courtesy of Singapore University of Social Sciences)
2018新加坡华语电影节映后交流环节(左起:符诗专副教授、曼菲的大姐伊 菲、陈怀恩导演)(新跃社科大学提供)
共同创立了“台北越界舞团”。第二次 去美国读博士课程后,她越来越成熟, 舞越跳越好。
曼菲对舞蹈怀着满腔热情,栽培 下一代舞者,也非常热心。她创作了许 多大型表演,让年轻的舞蹈员能继续跳 舞。身为“云门2”艺术总监,她坚持云 门2是年轻的,该由年轻的舞者编舞。云 门2所编的《TANTALUS》现代前卫,令 人耳目一新,曼菲的坚持不无道理。
教学上,曼菲也有自己的一套。 学员第一堂课起不了床,她致电叫他别 紧张,冲杯咖啡,喝完了再来学校。学 员动作做不好,吐一句粗口,她慢悠悠 地走到她身边,也重复了一句,然后走 开。学员办摄影展筹款,她把钱塞给学 员,说自己要买下哪几帧......
她温柔坚毅,热情率直。导演结合 了学员对她的感念与追恩,交错她昔日 演出的录影、舞团的排练、至亲好友的 追忆等,拼凑出曼菲舞蹈生命真实而饱 满的面貌。
多少人终其一生,不知道自己追寻 些什么;有的人坚持理想,道路却独孤 漫长。曼菲有一群志同道合、为舞蹈奋 斗的朋友,令人艳羡。
曼菲说过:“其实跳舞很简单,只要跳 得开心就好了。”跳舞的曼菲是快乐 的,快乐的曼菲亦把美好的感觉,带给 朋友们。
她和李安导演夫妇感情甚笃。林 惠嘉提起她,不由得想起结婚那年,李 安的室友开着休闲车,在高速公路上,
曼菲冒着生命危险冲下去,摘了一大 把野花给他们。影片播放至此,曼菲 活泼兮兮的形象,仿佛从屏幕上蹦了 出来!只见到她手捧鲜花,眼瞳闪呀 闪的——啊,生命再动人,不终有尽头 么?
一个乐观的人,获悉自己患上肺癌 第三期,那生死直接带来的冲击时,曼 菲如何面对?
她按照医生的指示做所有的事情, 努力地运动,做呼吸训练等。恢复到比 较好的时候,她就说要编比较完整的故 事,诚恳的舞《医院里的春天》由此诞 生。
后来身体的痛,已经支配了她; 她不曾给苦涩的日子折磨倒地,而是抹 干眼泪,继续排练。其舞伴追忆,在做 化疗之前,跳《喜宴过后》,曼菲的关 节和身体各处都痛,但那是一个婚礼场 面,他可以感觉到曼菲身体的疼痛,同 时也感觉到她精神层面对美、对舞蹈的 追求。在两种非常极端的状态下,跳双 人舞的后半段——推、托、抛、接、旋 转等高难度动作,其舞伴“可以感觉到 她所有关节,每一个角落都是巨大的疼 痛”!舞情至此,曼菲的生命,比死亡
更强。坐 着 救 护 车 , 她 去 看 一 场 自 己 编 的 舞;她插着管子,坐在轮椅上,精神看 上去很好,瘦弱的身影,却让朋友黯然 落泪。窸窸窣窣,现场的观众,也一片 泪海了。
51岁,曼菲走了,然而她旋转的 身影,美丽坚毅的印记,依然舞在人们 的心底。她的家人及朋友成立了“罗曼 菲舞蹈奖助金”,让曼菲的精神,永生 不息!
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Mummy’s Secret to Losing Weight
A dietitian teaches mummies to enjoy their food whilst losing weight.
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By Jennie Wu (Hong Kong) 文:吴舒雯(香港)

Katrina Chim
Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest joys, but brings many challenges to the mother’s body. Energy is stored
in the mother’s body during pregnancy to provide nutrition to the foetus. Many mothers prefer to breastfeed their babies, and after nursing stops, they adjust their diet to shed those extra kilogrammes.
Losing Weight and Enjoying Healthy Food
Many slimming methods promise results in a ash, but are they really bene cial to our health?
The right way to lose weight is to reduce fatty food intake whilst incorporating appropriate amounts of exercise. Mother to a pair of cute twin girls, Katrina Chim is a dietitian registered in the United States and accredited by the Hong Kong Dietitians Association, who also authored BB’s First Cookbook – 100 Recipes for Babies. Many of her clients are mothers who want to lose weight after stopping breastfeeding, and Katrina teaches them not only how to reduce their body fat, but how to look more radiant with better complexion.
Katrina’s latest book Slimming Recipes for Mummies provides healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and suitable for the entire family. Just because Mummy is on diet does not mean the entire family has to eat only boiled vegetables and salads. Instead, the whole family can enjoy healthier versions of stir-fried beef ho fun, spicy claypot chicken, fried noodles with beansprouts and shredded meat, budae-
jjigae, Yangzhou fried rice, and desserts like cheesecakes, ice cream and fruit juice.
Dieting Wisely to See Results
A dietitian will not tell you to avoid eating everything, but teaches you to substitute fatty food with healthier options instead. Using various spices and herbs to cook up delicious meals that use less oil and salt. Unlike frying, baking food in the oven greatly reduces the oil required, exempli ed by the spring rolls recipe in the book. If you
fancy a fruit juice, pomegranate juice alone contains high calories but when paired with grapefruit, the calories are halved!
This book includes many handy tips. For instance, to avoid pouring too much cooking oil because of the large bottle opening, Katrina suggests poking a small hole on the cap of a new bottle instead of just opening the cap.
Losing weight is a lifelong journey for many, but by taking a smart approach, the results can be sustained for a long time!
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
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生宝宝是极大的喜悦,但是对妈妈 的妈妈,她与停止授乳的妈妈们分享营 荽、胡椒等,加上少量调味料,就可以
的身体却是巨大的挑战。怀孕期 间,妈妈的身体储存能量,为胎儿提供 营养。生产以后,很多妈妈选择授以 母乳。当宝宝断奶、开始转食固体食物 后,妈妈可以调整饮食瘦身。
坊间有很多减肥法,声称可以在短期内 见效,但是这些方法会否影响健康,或 适得其反呢?
要减肥,就要减得其法,减少吸收 致胖食物,并做适量运动。美国注册营 养师、香港营养师协会认可营养师、 《BB的第一本食谱——100个婴幼儿食 谱》作者詹佩凤(营孖妈),有一对可 爱的双生女。她的客户有很多是想减重
养瘦身方法,不仅减少脂肪,人也变得 精神,肤质获得改善。
佩凤的新书《靓妈修身食谱》,为 读者提供数十款健康食谱,简单易做, 适合全家人食用。妈妈要减肥,并非只 能吃焯菜或沙拉,而是可以一家人共享 健康版的干炒牛河、辛辣鸡煲、银芽肉 丝炒面......甚至是部队锅、扬州炒饭, 还可以吃甜品如芝士蛋糕、雪糕和喝果 汁呢。只要慎选,瘦身也可以吃得好。
营养师教减重,不是叫你什么也不吃, 而是以“交换”的方法,用低脂的选 择,取代高脂食物。例如多以各式香料 和香草,如韭葱、蒜头、洋蔥、姜、芫
制作出少油少盐,但味道香浓的瘦身菜 式,取代坊间多油多汁的浓味版美食。 又例如爱吃香口炸物的朋友,只须改以 烤炉烹制,用油量就能锐减,如书中的 春卷便是一例。又如想喝果汁,纯红石 榴汁的卡路里较高,若以红石榴搭配西 柚,卡路里立即减半!
书内还有很多实用的提示,例如常 出现的“本来想倒少许油到鍋中,却失 手倒多了”的情况,这大多是因为瓶口 过大的缘故,所以佩凤建议大家在用新 油时,别揭开瓶盖,而是取利器在盖上 刺个小洞。
瘦身是很多人的“终身事业”,但 必须“智减”,才能持久有效!
Dieting means eating only the chicken breast?
Many people think that the fat content of chicken thighs is higher, but it can be eaten during dieting as it is low in fat. According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Data Laboratory, 100 grammes of chicken breast meat has the approximate calories as 100 grammes of chicken thigh meat.
一般人以为鸡腿肉脂肪含量较高(因为口感较软滑),其 实鸡腿肉属于“低脂肉类”,减重期间是可以食用的。根 据美国农业部辖下的营养素资料实验室,同为100克的去皮 鸡胸肉与去皮鸡腿肉的热量大同小异,前者含120卡路里, 后者含116至121卡路里。
Dieting means no fruit juice?
Fruit juice is suitable for most who are trying to lose weight, but the recommended daily intake is only one cup of fruit juice, using a medium-sized fruit as reference. If you want more, just add low-calorie drinks like vegetable or coconut juice. Keep the pulp in and you will feel full!
一般减重人士其实可以适量饮用果汁,但要注意分 量,建议每次只限一个中型水果的分量,而且每天饮 用不超过一杯蔬果汁。如想增加饮用量,可以一个水 果的分量作基础,配合蔬菜榨汁或加入椰子水等低热 量饮料。连果渣一起吃,还能增加饱足感!
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By Grace Kao (Taiwan) 文:高家玮(台湾)
Luna Plaza’s eslite: A Yilan’s Story
新月 :叙说宜兰故事
Moving into the small hilly township of Yilan, eslite Bookstore gives a whole new meaning to reading space.
进驻小山城宜兰的诚品,赋予了阅读空间 另一层新意。
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Yilan’s eslite Bookstore integrates nature’s various shades of green with traditional Yilan architecture
Entering the 21st century, eslite Bookstore’s core values remain prominently expressed through their
business philosophy of dividing their merchandise into books and non-books. O ering more than 9.2 million titles in 310,000 categories, the bookstore also incorporates various other artistic elements like arts and craft, and Chinese creative writing. Working with more than 100 local brands, more than 40 local designers, and featuring more than 1,300 local food ingredients, the bookstore aims to let the public enjoy life’s ner side.
Robert Wu Ching-yu
Robert Wu Ching-yu, the founder of eslite Bookstore, was born and grew up in Tainan’s Masago, a small shing village in southwestern Taiwan. After undergoing a heart surgery in 1988, he established a small bookstore that focused on humanities and arts on the Ren Ai Roundabout in 1989. From there, eslite became a corporation of 41 bookstores in Taiwan, three in Hong Kong, and three in Mainland China. It went beyond retailing books to transform into a lecture hall, an arts theatre, café, gallery, library, sowing the seeds of “Humanities, the Arts, Creativity and Life” in Taiwan.
Wu passed away on 18 July 2017 due 24 - popularnews 116
to his chronic heart condition, two days before the launch of his biography. In the preface, Wu wrote: “I am fortunate that my calling in life resonated with many, as eslite became a collective social creation. Its brilliance is entirely built on the readers and the city’s culture.” He expressed his gratitude for being lucky to have eslite to enrich his life, bringing romance, reality, the good, the bitter, the naive, and the surprise that awareness brings to his life.
Memories of a Hearth
At the same time as we remember Wu and his bookstore, let us step into the only “green” eslite Bookstore in Yilan, in northeast Taiwan. Despite being hidden on the third oor of Luna Plaza, near the train station, the bookstore’s presence in the mall is no secret.
Most eslite Bookstores are decorated in earthy colours but the Yilan outlet is di erent. The entire bookstore’s main theme is the refreshing integration of nature’s various shades of green and traditional Yilan architecture.
The bookstore utilises red bricks everywhere, giving a welcoming sense of nostalgia. The red brick base for the bookshelves usually remind the older customers of their old brick hearths of the
yesteryears. There is an old saying that a hearth can feed the entire family, and while the hearths of eslite Bookstore contain no re, they are enough to ll every customer’s mind.
Steadfast Love for the Land
Symbolising the meandering Yilan River, the green column-like bookshelves in the bookstore are just like the pillars supporting the structure in buildings. Located all over the bookstore, these vertical bookshelves create a unique silhouette that gives a lively ambience. They also provide a unique display space for the bookstore’s books and stationery.
In the biography by Lin Jing-yi, Wu is noted to have once said that though everyone has a di erent interpretation of eslite, which changes with their feelings, he hoped eslite would be an inclusive space for everyone, providing a wonderful time and experience to all regardless of their activities and state of mind. This re ects Wu’s insistence that entrepreneurs should love their homeland more.
Aesthetically, the architect’s thoughtful design allows the plentiful sunlight to light up the bookstore. With reading areas designed around the full-length windows,

Readers in Yilan have a unique eslite Bookstore thanks to the design team led by architect Huang Sheng-yuan
the customers can also take in the scenic view outside, which despite being that of a carpark, o ers a representative sight of Yilan - the omnipresent view of the blue sky and white clouds.
Books in the Leading Role
Yilan’s eslite is a composite bookstore. Besides books, there are stationery products, cultural and creative goods, and food and beverages. Having such a recreational space makessenseinabookstore,asitmakesfora comfortable place to read. However, many of my friends have told me that one of eslite Bookstore’s most appealing features was the display of their merchandise. Arranged around the core book o erings, the bookstore highlights its primary role as a bookseller.
Though creativity has become part of eslite’s corporate DNA, Wu said that creativity is not just for the sake of having to meet an objective. It is the building block of life, a lifelong pursuit. “Everything has an n+1 creativity, managing eslite itself is a manifestation of life’s creativity.” Wu would oftensitinthecaféobservinghiscustomers. Seeing their calm and warm expressions was all the positive encouragement that he needed.
The “Story of Yilan’s eslite” is found at
the entrance of the bookstore. Through the design work of architect Huang Sheng- yuan and Fieldo ce Architects, I saw an eslite Bookstore unique to Yilan telling its story, full of the rich Lanyang Plain customs, yet possessing the tenacious eslite spirit in promoting culture. But this story has no ending, as the bookstore will continue to create wonderful experience for its customers to enjoy.
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
从20世纪跨越21世纪,诚品以“书 与非书”的经营形式展现品牌的 核心价值,提供多达31万种书目、920 万册书籍的阅读选择,从工艺、生活艺 术,到华文创作,多元艺术相互加乘, 连结上百个台湾文创品牌和40位台湾设 计师、超过1300种在地食材,让大家 感受在地生活的美好。
生长在台湾西南沿海纯朴的小渔村—— 台南乡下马沙沟的已故诚品创办人、 董事长吴清友在经历1988年心脏手术 后,1989年把诚品从仁爱路上的一家 小型艺术人文专门书店,拓展至全台41 家、香港三家、中国大陆三家分店的连
锁规模。诚品跳脱书店格局,化身为 讲堂、艺术电影院、咖啡厅、画廊、图 书馆,为台湾撒下了“人文、艺术、创 意”的种子。
令人遗憾的是,就在2017年7月18 日其自传《诚品时光》新书发表会的 前两天,他因心脏病旧疾猝逝。他在序 中提到:“我对生命的倾诉,有幸引起 共鸣,诚品成为社会集体创作,诚品假 使有任何的精采,那完全因为是读者 与城市文化的共同造就。”他感恩地认 为:“我是幸运的!因诚品充实了生 命,过程中,有浪漫、有现实、有美 好、也有苦涩、有天真、但也带来觉知 的惊喜......”
缅怀诚品创办人吴清友的同时,与大家 到台湾东北部宜兰仅有的一家绿色诚品 书店走一趟,共同回味吴清友时期的诚 品时光。藏身于火车站附近的新月广场 三楼,共地理位置并不难找,独树一格 的外观,更让人很快就能在购物商场内 发现它的存在。
诚品书店大多以大地、咖啡人文书 系等颜色作设计,宜兰诚品的独特之处 在于,整家书店都以自然草木的绿色 系和宜兰传统建筑中的红砖块为主体设
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The green column-like bookshelves symbolise the meandering Yilan River
The full-length windows invite Yilan’s blue sky into the bookstore
内光线充足明亮,同时也开放落地窗 区域作为顾客阅览室。站在落地窗前眺 望,能看到远方迷人的景致,尽管下 方是停车场,但也反映了宜兰的一种 现象——不管在何处,都有蓝天白云为 衬,让宜兰景色总是宜人。
宜兰诚品是复合式书店,店里也有不少 文具、文创商品及餐饮。对许多人来 说,在干净舒适的阅读环境里,保留一 些休闲空间,是很不错的选择。然而同 行友人却跟我说,他喜欢这家店的陈列 方式:文具、文创及餐饮的摆设全置于 周围,环绕着中间的书籍,就像告诉我 这家店的初衷仍旧是以书香事业为主。
创意在诚品已内化为企业体不可或 缺的基因。吴清友说,创意不是目的性 的,而是生命中必要的基因,是一种 终身学习。“任何物品都有n+1种的创 意,经营诚品本身即是生命创意本质的 呈现”。他经常坐在诚品咖啡馆里望着 顾客,读者满脸从容、温暖,带给他积 极正面的能量。
宜兰诚品门口,有一段文字记录 着“宜兰店的故事”,透过建筑师黄声 远与田中央工作群的设计,我看到了属 于宜兰的诚品,娓娓述说它的故事—— 既拥有浓浓的兰阳平原风情,也拥有诚 品坚持文化的精神。但这是个没有结局 的故事,因为书店里永远保持着最美好 的时光,静候下一位顾客上门细品。
计,将青青草原及宜兰传统建筑物的象 征元素,微妙融入书店装置,令人耳目 一新。
踏入大量运用红砖元素的店内,不 禁勾起一种老旧的、缅怀的、复古的情 感,尤其红砖书架像极了老一辈口里记 忆中乡下三合院里的“灶脚”。长辈常 说:以前一口灶可以养活一家大小;这 里的每一口灶,不开火却足以填满每个 人的脑袋,丰富每个人的思想。
象征了宜兰河蜿蜒的意境。犹如支柱建 筑物的大梁,落在书店中间各处,透过 特色装置和书架独特的线条,替书店增 添不少活泼氛围,也让部分文具及主打 书拥有专属的小平台。
无怪乎《诚品时光》作者林静宜在 书中提到吴清友说:“每个人对诚品自有 定义,也随着心情转换定义,诚品希望 能透过不同的场所,包容千万种人、亿 万种心情,不论阅读时、休闲时或度假 时,都能拥有时光品质”,落实了吴清 友坚持企业家应该爱自己土地的理念。
从光线角度看,更可感受设计师的 用心,多扇窗户让阳光自由洒进,使店
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Caption Writing Contest is Here!
Sharing the great moments of your life has never been easier! Just snap a photo or draw an illustration capturing this great moment, then send it to us with a caption according to the theme that makes your submission stand out from the rest!
The theme for the inaugural POPULAR Caption Writing Contest is city life. There is no limit to the length of your caption – so write away! It can also take any form, even an essay or poem! The most interesting submissions will win a cash prize of SGD 50 and be published in Popular News!
Contest rules and regulations:
1. Send your photo/illustration + caption to us by 31 August 2018 (Friday).
2. Ensure your photo is in high resolution (preferably 300 dpi so that it will look outstanding in print!).
3. There is no limit to the length and format of your caption, but be sure to make it concise and creative!
4. Email your submission to [email protected] with “Caption Writing Contest” as the subject, and include your full name, designation, department, company name, country, email, and contact number.
创作是孤独的,分享是快乐的,如今只要一帧照片(或 一幅画作),配上别出心裁的文字,符合征稿主题,您 就能与大众家庭成员们分享生命中的美好时光了!
《大众资讯》首办“美图美文比赛”,征稿主题是 “城市生活”,欢迎大众同仁们踊跃投稿。文字篇幅与 形式不限,随心而写,无论是句子、散文或短诗都行!
编辑部将从中挑选极富趣味的作品刊登在《大众资 讯》,并送出每份各50新元的现金奖!大众同仁们,还 等什么,赶快备好相机或画笔,以美图美文定格转瞬即 逝的美好时光吧。
1. 征稿截止日期:2018年8月31日(星期五)。
2. 请确保图片像素高清(解析度至少300dpi,这样印在 杂志时才会更出众哦)!
3. 图说(即说明图片的文字)长短与形式不限, 但是须 明确清晰。
4. 请将照片(或画作)与图说电邮至 [email protected],电邮标题为“美图美 文比赛”,并附上您的中英文姓名、职称、部门、 任职单位、任职地点、电邮地址、电话号码。
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Parents’ Day Writing Contest Winners
双亲节征文比赛 得奖作品
Dear POPULAR family members, it’s time to express our gratitude to our parents for all their sacri ces, and all that they have
given to us. Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories about your parents with the rest of the POPULAR family! For this year’s contest, the editorial team has selected two merit prize winners and have published their stories in the next two pages. Congratulations to Fiona Chen from Hong Kong and Daniel Hsu from Taiwan for winning the cash prizes of SGD 100 each!
To all parents, we wish you a Happy Parents’ Day!
亲爱的大众家庭成员们,可以借文字感谢父母伟大付出的时节又到了。谢谢你们把握机会,与大众家庭分享双亲 故事。在今年的“双亲节征文比赛”中,编辑部选了两篇优秀作品(可各获得奖金100新元),在接下来两页与大家 分享。恭喜香港同仁陈瑞芳以及台湾同仁许泰隆!
Editor’snote:Thepublishedstorieshavebeeneditedduetospaceconstraints. 编按:因篇幅所限,文章略作删改。
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| By Fiona Chen (Hong Kong) | 文:陈瑞芳(香港) Always Your Daughter
At work, your dedication and leadership meant that people always looked up to you.
When I was a child, my teacher asked me: “Who is your idol?” I replied: “My father.” From a young age, you always encouraged me to study business. Even before I graduated from university, I was starting a business of my own. All this time, I made it through obstacle after obstacle with your moral and nancial support.
You shielded me from wind and rain, and along with my unremitting e orts, life went smoothly. However, I became aloof. For a time, I was arrogant and stando sh. You wrote a letter to me, saying: “We often have di ering opinions when we meet, and hence, I wrote this letter. I’m not getting any younger, and my health is not what it used to be. You are no longer a child, and you have to pay more attention to the people and matters around you. Money should not be your only goal in life. Remember to take care of your health when you work. As for relationship, it is in your own hands. Make your decisions with no regrets. And remember that communication is the key to a harmonious life together.”
In The School Sayings of Confucius, it is said that children only embrace their wish to take care of their parents when it is too late. Perhaps it was because I missed you too much, but one day, eight months after you had departed, I saw a gure in a restaurant with a head of white hair. He looked just like you from behind. Without the slightest hesitation, I entered the restaurant and picked a spot where I could observe quietly without having to get too close. Of course, it wasn’t you. He didn’t even have your signature dashing smile.
You once said that it was better to treasure those around us than to remember them when they were gone. During those depressing days, I began to re ect on the value of cherishing the present. I had missed my chance to spend time with you, but I still had Mother. She had been quiet
Our family 30 years ago
after your death, keeping to herself each day, unhappy. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, she slipped and fell when o ering incense to you. When the paramedics arrived, Mother was in tears, crying: “Why couldn’t I leave with him!” Sadness and remorse enveloped me. After your death, Mother lost over 10 pounds. Nearly all of her hair turned an ashen white, and her vision grew poorer by the day. Yes, Father was gone, but I still had Mother. We had to pull ourselves together and move on with our lives.
These days, Mother and I spend our free time together hiking in the mountains hand in hand, having breakfast together, or taking seaside photos. She has learnt how to use WeChat and WhatsApp, and how to take photographs and videos with her mobile phone. Hence, her mood has gradually improved. Additionally, I have been learning how to cook from her. Apart from sharing this load with her, I also want to ll the house with the avours that you loved, passing them on through the generations.
Father, may you rest in peace. I will take good care of Mother. Thank you for raising me and teaching me about life. I hope to still be your daughter should there be a next life.
(Translated by Daryl Li)
人称“沙尘超”,您工作时的认真 和领导力,总让身边的人敬畏。
小时候老师问我:“谁是你的偶 像?”我答:“我的爸爸。”从小听您 的建议,选择了商科,大学未毕业,我 开始创业。一路走来,您在精神与金钱 上的支持,使我闯过一次又一次难关。
Mother has learnt how to use a smart phone
努力不懈,所以我的生活一直是顺利 的,这练就了我孤傲的性格。有一段时 间,我自视过高,漠视亲情。就在这个 时候,您写信告诉我:“你我见面时常 有不同意见,特此写信。我老啦,身体 大不如前,你再也不是小孩,以后要多 关注身边的人和事,赚钱不是人生唯一 的目标,工作时,要多注意身体。至于 感情事,你自己把握,我没有意见。自 己决定了,就不要后悔,多沟通,就可 以和睦共处......”
“子欲养而亲不在”,可能思念过 甚,在您离开了八个月的某一天,我远 远见到餐厅里有一位白头老翁,背影 很像您,便毫不犹豫冲了进去,选一 个可以望见但不太靠近的位置,默默 注视——那人当然不是您,您笑得最潇 洒。
在那段忧郁的日子,我记得您说 过“生时对他好,好过死后烧元宝”。 我开始反思“珍惜眼前”,我已错过和 您共聚的时光,但我还有妈妈。您走 后,她每天沉默寡言,郁郁寡欢。中秋 节为您上香时,她摔倒了。当救护人员 来到时,妈妈大哭,“我怎么不能随你 同去!”。心酸、难过、自责,顿时把 我包围。自您走后,妈妈瘦了10几磅, 头发灰白,视线也日渐模糊。是的, 爸爸离开了,还有妈妈。我们要振作起 来,逝者已矣,生者当如斯。
接下来,我和妈妈在空闲时,或携 手行山,或同饮早茶,或一起到海边拍 拍照。这些日子,她学会了如何使用 WeChat和WhatsApp,学会了用手机拍 照、录像,心情逐渐恢复。此外,我开 始向妈妈学习做饭,除了不想让她太操 劳,更希望把家里的味道、爸爸喜欢的 味道,代代相传。
爸爸,您安息吧!我会照顾好妈 妈。感恩您的养育和教导,如果有来 世,让我继续做您的女儿。
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|ByDanielHsu(Taiwan) |文:许泰隆(台湾) My Mother’s Greatness
In life’s journey, our parents accompany us through many important moments. However, in our family, it is undoubtedly my mother who has had it the hardest. In fact, when my mother gave birth to me, a di cult labour put her own life at risk.
My family comes from Changhua, Taiwan. There, my paternal grandparents were simple farmers, while my maternal grandfather practised Chinese medicine. Before my parents got married, the gap in family background and economic status caused my grandmother to dislike my mother from the beginning. She had the preconception that my mother was a spoiled child and would not know how to take care of the home or the children, but a series of events caused her to change her mind gradually.
Once, my grandmother was hospitalised after a tra c accident, my mother took care of her meticulously, staying by her side and barely leaving the house. My grandmother was moved by her sincerity. Another time, when my father was working abroad, I had a high fever. Without a moment’s hesitation, my mother carried me on her back and rode a bicycle to the hospital in the next town. I would never forget how her back was covered in sweat, which soaked the front part of my clothes.
My mother is capable and exempli es the spirit and traditional values of Taiwanese women, quietly supporting my father. They say that there is a great woman behind every successful man. Although my father was not extremely successful career-wise, he still managed to raise all of his children through his hard work.
In recent years, my grandfather has slowly grown senile. Worried, my mother asked me if we would send her to a nursing home if she were to become senile too. I replied: “Of course not! Don’t worry! I will always take care of you. Even if I no longer have the ability to do so, I will persist and nd a way.” Upon hearing this, she smiled contentedly.
With my mother
In Hu Shih’s “Mother’s Teachings”, it is said our mothers teach us how to tell right from wrong, and how to treat others. Our mothers are both taskmasters and kind teachers. The great French writer Victor Hugo also wrote that while women are delicate, mothers are strong. Further, in renowned Chinese writer Lin Yutang’s The Vermillion Gate, it is written: “A father’s love is the product of human civilisation, but a mother’s love comes naturally.” The greatness of maternal love is praised across all these classics of literature.
We only truly understand our parents’ love when we become parents ourselves. My mother would often mention this old saying, and say that no matter how we had changed, we would always be the children that she had carried for 10 months. We would always be a part of her. Not long after, I became a father, and nally came to understand this.
(Translated by Daryl Li)
在人生的旅途中,父亲和母亲都陪伴着 我们度过许多重要时刻。然而在我们 家,最辛苦的莫过于母亲吧!当年母亲 生我的时候,差点难产且有生命之危。
我的籍贯是台湾彰化,爷爷奶奶是 朴实的庄稼人,而外公则是镇上的中医 师。父母未成亲时,家庭背景和经济地 位的差距,让奶奶一开始就不大喜欢母
Our blissful family
亲。她先入为主地认为母亲一定娇生惯 养,不懂得勤俭持家及照顾小孩,直到 后来发生了一连串事情,才渐渐改观。
有一次奶奶因车祸住院,母亲无微 不至地照顾她,大门不出,诚心诚意, 感动了奶奶。另一回我发高烧,恰巧 父亲在外地工作,母亲二话不说,背着 我骑上脚踏车,到隔壁镇上的大医院 就医。母亲背后的汗水,湿透了我的前 胸,让我毕生难忘。
母亲“出得厅堂,入得厨房”,她 表现出台湾女性传统的精神,在父亲背 后默默支持他、力挺他。一个成功男人 的背后,一定有一个伟大的女人,虽然 父亲的事业不是很成功,但至少也辛苦 地拉拔我们长大。
近年,年长的爷爷渐渐失智了。 母亲担心地问我,如果她以后老年失 智,会不会把她送去疗养院?我断然回 答:“不会的!妈妈请您放心!我将永 远照顾您,直到我没有能力了,也会咬 牙撑下去。”母亲听了之后,满足地笑 了。
我想起胡适写的〈母亲的教诲〉, 是母亲教导我们如何分辨是非、待人接 物,母亲是我们的严师,也是我们的慈 母。法国大文豪雨果也说:“女人固然 是脆弱的,但母亲是坚强的。”中国著 名文学家林语堂则在小说《朱门》一书 中提及:“父爱是人类文明的产物,而母 爱却是与生俱来的。”古今中外,都推 崇母爱的伟大。
“养儿方知父母恩”,母亲常提起 这句话。她说不管我们变得如何,终究 是她十月怀胎辛苦生下的,个个都是心 头肉,无法割舍!再过不久,我也即将 为人父,相信更能体会这个道理。
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POPULAR’s Got Talent! 大众达人秀
By Hailey Mak (Hong Kong) 文:麦咏希(香港)
Running master Kathy Chan is a shining example of exercising your way to a healthy life!
赛跑达人陈家仪活出“生命在于运动” 的神采飞扬!
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“Running is part of my life,” Kathy crossing the nish line, not aware that she
Chan said calmly. “I will not give it
up even if I am busy.” Her passion for running could clearly be seen in the eyes of the Popular Hong Kong’s E-Learning Department’s sta .
On Your Mark
It is often said that a good start is half the battle won, but this was not the case with Kathy. Her only form of exercise when she was still young was the occasional trip to the park with family and friends. It was only in primary school that Kathy was exposed to basketball. Still, the exercise bug had not bitten her then. Kathy’s revelation came only in 2011 when she took up tennis.
Compared to team sports, this individual sport required Kathy to overcome challenges on her own and maintain her own mental tenacity, but she enjoyed every moment of it. That was how she fell in love with running. With no xed route or speed, Kathy gets to relax and enjoy wherever she runs to.
About ve years ago, a friend of Kathy asked about the timings of her runs. She had not kept time hitherto, and decided to give it a try. She enjoyed the process and decided to run competitively from then on. The rst time she went onto the podium was in an 8-kilometre race held at Pak Shek Kok Promenade. Kathy left shortly after
Knowing Herself Better Through Injuries
was amongst the top 10 runners. She learnt of this fact eventually, and it spurred her to train harder.
Learning to Compromise
Being tired after work, tied up with
housework, lacking enough time, being
afraid that kids will injure themselves –
these are some of the common excuses
for not exercising, but Kathy has never
used them. “Sometimes before meeting
thought of taking a break once in a while is
tempting, but Kathy has always resisted. “As
I become busier, I treasure my time with my
better runners made Kathy feel that she
needed to train harder. In fact, there was a
period when she pushed herself over the
edge.“It was only when I started training“运动是我生活中的一部分, with friends that I was able to find myself
again, and eventually became my group’s 即使再忙,我也不放弃运
lead runner.”
Kathy’s many years of running have helped her learn to accept compromises. Time and training commitments are necessary for improving – or even just maintaining – her form. “I run to unfamiliar places just to experience the different scenery, and to see a different side of Hong Kong.” This remains one of Kathy’s reasons to continue running.
动。”香港大众电子教学部的陈家仪语 气平淡,眼神中却透露出对运动的热情 与坚定。
人们常说要赢在起跑线上,家仪恰好相 反,小时候她只是偶尔跟着家人和小朋 友到公园玩,上了小学才接受篮球校队 培训,未曾想过会爱上运动。直到2011 年,她才找到最爱的运动——网球。
比起讲求队友合作的团体运动,个 人运动只能靠自己克服困难,心理素质 要求高,家仪却享受其中。后来与跑步 结缘,就是因为跑步可以一个人进行, 且没有固定的路线和速度,随时随地, 只需放松心情向前跑,就能够平静心 灵,释放压力。
家仪大约在五年前第一次参加赛 跑,当时朋友好奇她跑步的速度和成 绩,她却不曾记录,便借此一试实力。 赛后她发现过程轻松享受,从此开始了 比赛生涯。她第一次获得名次,是在白 石角海滨长廊举行的八公里比赛。当时 家仪冲线后,就匆忙离开会场,后来得 知自己排在10名以内,此后她更坚定地 练习,希望更上一层楼。
上班族累,不想运动;家庭主妇忙,没 时间运动;怕孩子受伤,不让他们运 动。现代人有无数借口和理由拒绝运
Many athletes su er injuries as a result of their sport. Kathy is no exception. But injuries allow athletes to know their limits, and Kathy’s injuries have even enabled her to understand her strengths instead. Spurred to aim even higher, she hopes that she can undergo more formal training.
Many people exercise for health reasons, but sustaining an exercise routine requires determination. However, as former Taiwanese Olympian runner Chang Chia- che once said: “Give it your best and you will be happy even if you do not win.” Here’s wishing that everyone can run to their hearts’ content in pursuit of their goals!
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
Kathy Chan 陈家仪
Popular Hong Kong’s E-Learning Department 香港大众电子教学部
Zodiac Sign
Her Achievement?
Running Master
Her Secret?
Kathy sets goals and stays on the path to achieve them, taking both positive and negative outcomes in her stride. 设定目标,保持干 劲。 以平常心面对 得失,顺其自然。
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Kathy (third from left) alongside her supportive POPULAR colleagues
动,家仪并不认同:“有时候,我会在 与朋友聚会前,抽出半至一小时时间跑 步。”就算是有运动习惯的人,有时也 会想放弃。家仪只是平凡的上班族,当 然会在休息与练习中作抉择。“日子愈 忙,愈珍惜穿上跑鞋的时光。接触更多 优秀的跑者,一个没有课表、练习不规 律的我,比下去就变成不努力的跑手。 有一段时间,我经常自责,身心都累 垮。直到有几位朋友向我了解如何开始 运动,我才慢慢找回自己,并成为领跑 员,感染身边朋友。”
多年的运动令她学会取舍,若想 提升或保持状态,就必须投入时间锻 炼。“有时跑去一个不熟悉的地方,见 到的景色会有不同的感觉,能看到香港 的另一面。”这也是她坚持运动的原因 之一。
不少运动员都抱伤在身,家仪亦不例 外。受伤并非乐事,但能令运动员更了
解自己的身体,同时使身体强化。当身 体康复后,会否减少或放弃训练?她表 示,受伤反而令自己知道优胜之处,订 下更高的目标。她希望未来可接受更多 正式训练,提升体能。
人们运动或为了健康,或为了瘦 身,但运动与旅行或品尝美食不同, 需要恒心。台湾前奥运国手张嘉哲说 过:“用尽全力奔跑,即使输了也会很 开心。”愿人生路上,大家都能尽情奔 跑,朝目标前进!
Kathy Chan’s Running Accomplishments 陈家仪赛跑里程碑
Date 日期
Race Results 奖项
January 2016 2016 年一月
Islands District 10K Run: Champion (Category) 离岛区10公里赛:冠军(组际)
March 2016 2016 年三月
Hysan Hike and Run 13K Open: 1st Runner-up (Category), 3rd Runner-up (Overall) Hysan Hike and Run 13公里赛:亚军(组际)、殿军(总项)
October 2016 2016 年 十月
Sha Tin Autumn Day 10K Run (Category) 沙田秋日际10公里赛(组际)
January 2017 2017 年一月
The “Welcoming the Blessed New Year Relay” 10K Challenge: 2nd Runner-up (Category) “辞旧迎新•祝福接力”寻宝网10公里挑战赛 :季军(组际)
April 2017 2017 年四月
2017 Raptors Charity Run: Champion (Category / Overall) 2017太平基业猛龙慈善跑(10公里)冠军(组际/总项)
July 2017 2017 年七月
AQUARIUS Tsuen Wan Athletics Club Chairman Memorial Cup 10K Evening Race 2017: 1st Runner-up (Category) 2017水动乐荃湾田径会主席纪念杯10公里黄昏赛:亚军(组际)
November 2017 2017 年十一月
Taiwan Matsu 21K Marathon: 3rd Runner-up (Overall) 台湾马祖国际马拉松21公里赛:第四名(总项)
December 2017 2017 年十二月
ASICS Tai Po Half Marathon 2017: Champion (Category) ASICS大埔半马:冠军(组际)
January 2018 2018 年一月
Ngong Ping Trail 20K Race: 4th Runner-up (Team) 昂坪栈道四人混合20公里赛:第五名(团队)
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By Emily Chen (Taiwan) 文:陈证仪(台湾)
Understandand Love Thy Elderly 懂老,更要爱老
Taiwan is getting prepared to avoid being overwhelmed by the waves of an ageing population.
With Taiwan’s society ageing fast, how should the elderly adapt in both body and mind?
To provide comprehensive care for the silver generation, New Taipei City o cially launched the “Care for the Elderly” project. Besides hoping to raise awareness of the importance of elderly care, the project also aims to get everyone involved in learning to care for the elderly. With the added bene t of giving the primary caregiver an opportunity to catch their breath while creating a comfortable environment to let the elderly live with ease.
The Elderly Looking After the Elderly
The project involves training younger volunteers and pairing them with experienced and t senior volunteers to provide community care and home service
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to the elderly. Through it all, the younger volunteers get to accumulate experience that will put them in good stead for themselves, their family members or friends in the future.
The volunteers apply the knowledge that they have acquired from their training to assist the elderly in various activities, including accompanying them on walks and exercising, helping them out on their shopping, delivering meals to them, sorting out their paperwork. The younger volunteers are also encouraged to broaden their area of service by o ering assistance to the elderly in the community at large.
Meanwhile, the senior volunteers hope to have more of their peers joining in to care for other elderly. Not only is this likely to be a future trend, the senior volunteers’ empathy makes them better placed to attend to the elderly’s needs. The senior volunteers need to attend an 18-hour training course, which not only covers the essential knowledge required for caring for the elderly, but also includes communication skills, understanding the elderly’s physical and mental needs, common ailments, rst aid, and activities and exercises suitable for the elderly.
Helping the Elderly Live Happily
Consisting of student, corporate and group volunteers, the younger volunteers are divided into smaller teams to visit the elderly who need their assistance. All the volunteers have to undergo a three-hour training that is organised by the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. The training includes companionship skills, knowledge about the elderly’s health, tness and fall prevention exercises. The knowledge that they have acquired from this training will enable the younger volunteers to be more e cient and e ective.
After their training, the teams of younger volunteers are matched by the New Taipei City Volunteer Center to various locations, like seniors’ clubs, seniors learning centres, nursing homes, day care centres, and long-stay care centres.
As more corporations and schools learn about the social challenges brought about by an aging society, their collective response to the government’s young volunteers training initiative will put us in a better position to create a society that understands, respects, and loves our elderly.
( Translated by Shawn Pang )
Creating a comfortable environment to let the elderly live with ease
让银发族安心在地就养,打造出 最贴心的高龄互动平台
Volunteers help the elderly live healthily and happily
台湾迈入高龄化社会后,老年人的 身心该如何调适?
为完善银发族照护的布局,新北市 推出了“高龄照顾存本专案”,呼吁大 家重视老人照护问题的同时,也身体力 行的学习付出,同时还可以给家庭照护 者喘息的机会,并让银发族安心在地就 养,打造出最贴心的高龄互动平台。
在这个专案里,透过训练年轻的“世代 志工”和身体健康、年长的“布老志 工”,提供老人社区与居家服务的同 时,这些志工所累积的照护时数,日后 亦可提领出来给自己或家人使用,作为 自己或亲友未来的照顾资源。
藉助志工的力量,给予懂老和居家 服务训练,能够帮助有需要的老人,包 含陪伴散步、运动、购物、送餐和简易 文书处理,同时鼓励世代志工到社区或 据点服务老人。
布老志工的原意是希望许多长辈的 加入,让老人照顾老人,不但可能是未 来的社会趋势,也会在同理心下更加体 贴老人的需要。志工须接受18小时的课 程训练,内容除了介绍高龄照顾存本专
案外,也有与银发族有关的沟通访视技 巧、身心需求、常见疾病、急救概念及 银发族的活动与运动课程等。
世代志工则是藉由学生志工、企业志 工、团队志工以团队方式到有需要的社 区老人服务据点服务,帮助健康长辈持 续健康乐活,提供服务前需接受卫生局 办理的三小时懂老训练。课程内容为专 案简介、长者陪伴技巧、银发族健康体 适能及防跌健康操等,透过课程对高龄 长者的身心有所掌握,使服务更顺利。
世代志工完成懂老培训后,鼓励各 团队由新北市志愿服务推广中心媒合至 在地的社区照顾关怀据点、银发俱乐 部、老人共餐点、乐龄学习中心、护理 之家、老人日间照顾中心、公共托老中 心、养护中心、长期照顾中心等据点展 开健康促进活动服务。
随着许多企业或学校团体渐意识到 高龄化社会问题,群起响应政府的世代 志工培训和参与,我们离懂老、敬老、 尊老、亲老的友善社会目标更近了。
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Volunteering in Happy Valley
Led by my good friend Hong Quee Wah, our group went on a volunteer mission to an Orang Asli village at Perak’s
Tasik Temenggor from 22 to 25 July 2016. Our objective was to teach the Malaysian aborigines the Chinese language.
Education for Better Lives
Tasik Temenggor, which means Temenggor Lake, was just a place in my Geography textbook hitherto. Four times larger than Singapore, there are 180 Orang Asli villages in the surrounding forests. Happy Valley Aboriginal Tribes is one such village and thanks to Pastor Thoo, its living conditions and quality of life have been improving progressively.
Aini, 36, insisted that she was just a village kid who only became the head of Happy Valley Aboriginal Tribes because she could not bear seeing her people being exploited. Toiling tirelessly for the Orang Asli’s rights, she emphasised that her work was to ensure the preservation of their
heritage whilst keeping up with the times. As I listened to her many anecdotes, I found myself agreeing with her on the urgency of her undertaking.
Once, a pair of sisters from their village went to a nearby town but ended up crying outside a shop as they did not know how to count. Then, there was the “civilised” person who traded with the villagers and o ered them a choice between a hundred-dollar bill in one hand and a stack of 10 one-dollar bills in the other. Shockingly, the villagers chose the latter! These were just a couple of the anecdotes that highlighted the unfortunate disparity between primitive and modern cultures.
Aini’s awakening to the importance of education in changing her people’s fate came 16 years ago. Aini went from door to door to fundraise one ringgit for every child. After gathering tens of ringgit, she bought some stationery and started teaching children in the village to read and write.
A volunteer mission to Happy Valley Aboriginal Tribes opened our
eyes to the Orang Asli’s predicament.
一趟快乐谷部落的义工 行,让我们目睹了原住民 的困境。
Frequent Exploitation of the Vulnerable
Not every Orang Asli child gets to attend school. Perhaps their parents do not realise the importance of education, or the lack of birth certi cates means their children could not register for school. Even for those who attend school, many cannot keep up with their peers. Nobody in Aini’s tribe has attended university yet.
Even if a child made it into university, expenses would be overwhelmingly tough. Subsidies are available but the Orang Asli’s illiteracy and lack of knowledge in this area has allowed them to be used as bargaining chips or tools in the political arena.
Despite having only ve mothers with basic formal education travel tirelessly from village to village to teach, Aini will persevere. If you have the opportunity to visit an Orang Asli tribe, why not give them a hand? We can do more than just helping them materially; eliminating illiteracy should be our next course of action.
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
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By Yee Lai Lan (Malaysia) 文:余丽兰(马来西亚)

Tasik Temenggor’s mesmerising scenery
艳阳高照,在好友黄桂花的热心带 领下,我们一行人在2016年7月 22日至25日到霹雳州天猛公湖的快乐谷
原住民村当了几天义工,教导原住民妇 女及小孩学华语。
天猛公湖,过去在求学时期曾在地理课 本里见过这个地名,但直到现在才知道 它的面积竟有四个新加坡大,而山林里 遍布180个原住民部落。快乐谷,即是 其中一个。在海枫牧师的带领下,这里 的环境设施及生活素质等方面都逐渐获 得改善。
36岁的艾妮是快乐谷的地方领袖, 但她却自谦不过是部落的孩子,因不忍 看见自己的族群被压榨才挺身而出,四 处奔波为原住民争取权益。艾妮不断强 调,这一番努力是要让原住民在保留传 统的同时,能与时并进。我极欣赏她的
观点,听艾妮述说着许多例子,我逐渐 能体会她何以认为这项使命刻不容缓。
曾经有村子里的姐妹到快乐谷外的 小镇,却因不识计算而在商店外哭泣, 不敢入内;也有“文明人”与原住民交 易,左手一张百元大钞,右手10张一 元钞票,任君选择,而原住民竟选了后 者。这些都是原始与发展的鸿沟中出现 了压榨而产生的哀歌。
要从文盲走入文明,唯一的途径就 是教育。艾妮在16年前已有这番醒觉, 认为教育就是扭转命运的驾驶盘。当时 年纪轻轻,只有初中教育程度的她,已 挨家挨户募款,一个小孩一令吉,筹足 数十令吉后,买了一些教材文具,就在 村子里教孩子读书写字。
或因家长不认可教育的重要性,或因没 有报生纸的关系,导致并非所有原住民
Volunteer carrying donated items and books meant for Happy Valley from Gerik
义工将要送至快乐谷的捐赠物资及书本搬到 宜力码头
孩子都能上学;至于有机会受教育的孩 子,则常跟不上课业进度。据艾妮说, 天猛公湖的原住民至今仍未培育出大 学生。
在其他部落里,有原住民成功考上 大学,却无法应付生活费、电脑器材 等开销。曾有一位原住民孩子考进了 本地大学,却足足吃了三个月的快熟 面,最后因受不了经济压力而辍学。虽 说可以申请津贴,但似乎又回到了问题 的根源,即由于文盲与无知,容易被 剥削或沦为污浊政治手段里的筹码或 工具。
目前只有由五位拥有基础教育程度 的原住民妈妈组成的师资团队,马不停 蹄地到邻近部落教学,尽管再疲累,艾 妮也要坚持下去。如果您有机会到原住 民部落,或许可尝试助其一臂之力。我 们能做的,不该只停留在物资的给予, 杜绝文盲是该有的下一个行动。
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Since Malaysia is not a member of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), refugees are
not allowed to work or attend school in Malaysia. How can they earn an income to support themselves, and how can we help them?
In June 2017, I registered immediately when I learnt that the social enterprise The Picha Project was organising an open house during Ramadan. Soon, I was among a group of strangers in a Rohingya refugee family’s living room enjoying the delicious food whilst listening to the refugees’ stories.
No Place for Them
Every dish o ered by our neatly dressed and amiable refugee hosts in their tidy home was top-notch. We learnt that they had no choice but to leave their country.
The mother who cooked our meal, told us that her children were not eligible to attend school, and she had to work illegally for a meagre pay to put food on the table. These refugees have to pay more for rental, and put up with various checks by the police. It was hard not to empathise with them when all they wanted was a means of subsistence.
Bidding farewell to our hosts seemingly untied a knot in my heart – for I had seen people brandishing cards identifying them as refugees begging on the streets. I only realised that they were not recognised in Malaysia when I looked it up on the internet; adults were not allowed to work while their children were not allowed to go to school.
Settling Down Through Food and Beverage
My second exposure came soon after, when I visited an Afghan family. The food that had been laid on the oor looked ordinary, but the Afghan cooking style gave them a markedly di erent avour. What piqued my interest most were the Afghan dumplings Mantu, and the Bolani, pancakes lled with Chinese chives coupled with hot and sour chutney sauce.
This family was much luckier. Their children had attended a refugee school and were uent in English. So was their mother, who had prepared our meal, as she had taken English classes. Forced to leave their home and travel to Malaysia on visitor’s visas, they are currently waiting for a UNHCR interview and have no idea where they will be headed. This is because after a successful
Not Your Typical Refugee Kitchen
Learning about disadvantaged foreigners through a meal together.
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By Chiow Yi Min (Malaysia) 文:赵伊敏(马来西亚)

interview, UNHCR will assign the refugees to a particular country. If the refugees turn down that arrangement, they will have to go through the entire process from scratch.
The Picha Project is a food and beverage social enterprise that works with the refugees. Through sharing their unique cuisine, this arrangement provides the refugees a chance to feed themselves without breaking the law. These refugees not only provide delivery, but also open their homes to diners on speci c dates. The resulting interaction between di erent perspectives gives us an opportunity to understand them better and dispel any fear of their presence in our society.
Besides Rohingya and Afghan refugees, The Picha Project also works with families from Iraq, Syria, Gaza, and Myanmar. Aside from getting to try authentic foreign cuisine, we can also lend a helping hand to the refugees, such that they can live a better life in Malaysia.
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
马来 西 亚 并 非 联 合 国 难 民 署 (UNHCR)的成员国,因此难民 在进入我国后不可工作,也不能接受正
规教育。那他们要如何赚钱养家,而我 们又可以如何帮助他们呢?
2017年六月,当我得知社会企业 The Picha Project在斋戒月举办门户开放 活动时,就第一时间报名了。当时到罗 兴亚难民的家开斋,一票陌生人围坐在 客厅的地板上,地毯就是我们的餐桌, 享用美食之际,听听难民家庭的身世。
难民整洁、有礼貌,家里干净,每一道 食物的味道都很有水准。从他们的口中 了解到,他们无法在自己的国家待下 去,才会选择离乡背井,在马来西亚过 着被歧视的日子。
听厨师兼母亲诉说孩子无法进入正 规学校接受教育、自己为了三餐违规打 工却只能领低廉薪金、被征收比本地人 高的租金、走在路上被执法人员刁难的 点点滴滴,心里不禁同情起这些毫无恶 意、只求安定生活的人们。
当我们吃饱喝足,与难民家庭挥手 说再见的同时,仿佛也解开了心结—— 我曾经见过乞讨的人们,面前摆着自称 是难民的纸卡,在公共场所行乞。当时
Authentic home-cooked Iranian food
Sharing tales of displacement over a ne spread of Rohingya food
的我心里揪了一下,回家上网才发现身 在马来西亚的难民是不受承认的群体, 大人无法工作,小孩无法上学。
有了第一次愉快的经验,很快就有了第 二次,这次我选择的是一个阿富汗家 庭。地板上看似非常普遍的Nasi Briyani、 番茄鸡、蔬菜咖喱、Kebab,却因阿富 汗式的烹调法而被赋予截然不同的风 味。最让我感到新奇的是阿富汗式水饺 Mantu,以及韭菜饼Bolani,配上酸酸辣 辣的Chutney酱,让我一试难忘!
这户家庭较为幸运,孩子有机会在 难民学校上学,说得一口流利的英文, 厨师兼母亲也接受英语课程,因此我们 得以顺利沟通。这户家庭因为种种因素 被迫离开家乡,带着旅游签证滞留在马 来西亚,等待遥遥无期的联合国难民署
面试,不知将来在何方。原来成功通过 面试的难民,只能任由难民署决定将他 们派遣至某一个国家,一旦难民拒绝, 则必须重新排期面试,进入漫长的等待 循环。
The Picha Project是与难民合作的 餐饮社企,由不同国籍的难民烹煮各国 特色佳肴,平时做外卖送餐服务,在特 定日子则会进行门户开放,另有上门自 助餐等,让难民在不违法的情况下养家 糊口。门户开放更能让我们与难民这两 条平行线相交,使我们有机会接触难 民、了解难民,不再害怕他们在我们社 会的存在。
除了罗兴亚及阿富汗家庭,The Picha Project旗下还有伊拉克、叙利亚、加 沙、缅甸家庭,供大家吃到真正从外 国而来的异国料理之余,还可以帮助这 些迷茫的难民在马来西亚过上温饱的 生活。
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Where the Sea Meets the Sky
邦咯岛: 碧海连天
Our trip to the tranquil, greenery- lled
Pangkor Island was full of surprises.
前往绿意环抱的宁静海岛, 处处充满惊喜。
After putting our heart and soul into [email protected] 2017, it was time to recharge and our team decided
on a trip to Pangkor Island, located in the Malaysian state of Perak. Our group of nine met up before sunrise, all ready to go.
A Tour of Fort and Temples
We drove to Bidor where we had the delectable Pun Chun wanton noodles for breakfast. We then continued on to Lumut where we boarded a Pangkor Island-bound ferry. Excited by our maiden ferry ride, everyone gathered at the bow to enjoy sunbathing in the breeze and the sound of the breaking waves. We reached Pangkor Island a short while later. The indistinguishable horizon looked like a massive white fog hovering over the borderless sea. The distant waves appeared to be moving towards us slowly, but transformed into white sprays rushing into the embrace of the sandy beach closer to shore.
Once ashore, a cute pink van took us through a mountainous road. We soaked up the wonderful island ambience amidst
the dense tropical forests on the swaying ride around the island.
The rst stop was Teluk Gedung – The Dutch Fort, where the ruins provided a glimpse of its glorious 300 years of history. We then headed to Teluk Nipah’s Lin Je Kong. Also known as the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy, it is popular with visitors from near and far.
An Unforgettable Sunset
The sunset at Pangkor Island is not to be missed, with the beach’s white sand making the setting sun even more alluring. Taking in the romantic sunset vista whilst strolling on the beach, we watched the setting sun slowly slide towards the sea, projecting a mesmerising golden re ection on the water’s surface. We continued our stroll under the spectacular cloud formations in the twilight, past the silhouette of coconuts trees against the turquoise water, until the sound of the waves formed the sole rhythm in our minds.
We left Pangkor Island and headed north to a shing village called Pantai Remis
Strolling on the beach of white sand
to have their famous seafood for dinner. After lling our stomach, we strolled around for a while before heading back to the hotel and retiring for the night.
The following day, we went to Sitiawan’s century-old temple by the seashore. Home to the Tua Pek Kong Temple, the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy and the Temple of the
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By Ang Sin Chieh (Malaysia) 文:洪欣洁(马来西亚)

Tiger God, the temple has invested some 7.5 million Malaysian ringgit to build the scenic sh and tortoise ponds, a manmade Mount Huaguo, a Tua Pek Kong Memorial, an arti cial waterfall, and a mangrove park. The most eye-catching feature has to be the many deity statues dotting the park, in particular the 48-foot statues of Tua Pek
The Tua Pek Kong Temple at Sitiawan
Kong, the Goddess of Mercy, and Mazu. On the way back, we stopped at Kuala Selangor for a sumptuous seafood meal and went home with packs of prawn crackers.
The swaying coconut trees, the beaches of white sand and the turquoise water made for a wonderful experience that I will treasure.
(Translated by Shawn Pang)
连月筹备2017年马来西亚海外华文 书市后,大伙儿都想远离尘嚣充 电,最终决定到霹雳州西南部的邦咯岛 一游。当天,一行九人在天未亮时就集 合,准时在凌晨五点钟出发。
我们先到美罗品尝品珍云吞面,然后驱 车到红土坎码头,准备乘船到邦咯岛。 初次乘船,大家无比兴奋,纷纷站在船 头享受海风日光和浪滔声。不一会儿, 船靠岸了,无边无际的大海,水天一 色,像笼罩着一层白雾。远处的波浪, 慢慢地向海边卷来;快到岸边时又迅速 化成一波波浪花,扑进沙滩的怀抱。
上岸后,一辆可爱的粉红小货车载 着我们穿越险峻和跌宕的山路,在颠簸 中体验东摇西荡邦咯环岛游,我们欣赏 邦咯岛的奇妙,静静观赏茂密的热带雨 林,海岛风情从眼前一一掠过。
行程里,自然少不了具有300多年 历史的荷兰炮台,纵使经过岁月洗礼, 残垣断瓦仍让人得以一窥其昔日辉煌。
接着,我们来到位于直落尼巴的灵慈 宫,又称观音庙,众多游客慕名而来。
日落是大家都不愿错过的美景,雪白的 海滩让邦咯岛的晚霞更显魅力。漫步在 沙滩上,眼前是浪漫到极致的日落美 景,夕阳从云层中向海面慢慢滑落,在 海中倒映出一条宽大的、颤动的金色倩 影。余晖交融云霭、碧海和椰林,沿着 海滩深一脚浅一脚款款漫步,直到涛声 成为脑海中唯一的旋律。
傍晚时分,我们离开邦咯岛,向 北前行到渔村小镇——班台品尝赫名鼎 鼎的海鲜大餐。祭了五脏庙后到处 逛 逛,接着就返回酒店休息。
第二天,我们到实兆远参观“品仙 祠、大伯公庙及观音堂”。这座拥有百 多年历史的海边庙宇涵盖了大伯公庙、 观音堂及虎爷洞,曾斥资750万令吉增 建风景怡人的鱼池、龟池、假花果山, 大伯公纪念馆、人造瀑布、红树林公园 等。最令人瞩目之处,是许多大大小小 的神像群,尤其是48尺高的全国最大的 大伯公石雕金身、观音菩萨和天后娘娘 (妈祖)。返程中,我们在瓜拉雪兰莪 停驻,吃了一顿丰富的海鲜大餐,还买 了大包小包的虾饼。
椰林树影、白沙碧水,带给我们美 妙的体验,在脑海里深深珍藏起这共同 回忆。
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Three Takes on Translation
What is translation? We look at three books that approach the topic di erently to sketch a picture of this complex subject.
何谓翻译?让我们从三本书折射出的各种面向, 一探这个复杂的课题。
With the recent success of the English translation of South Korean writer Han Kang’s The Vegetarian and the subsequent controversies over the quality of Deborah Smith’s translation, the complexities of translation have been thrust into the limelight. In fact, translated literary books take up a small percentage of the market, as attested to by the oft- cited but perhaps now outdated statistic that only 3% of all books published in the United States are translations, with less than 1% being literary.
Literary translation in Singapore has a limited but meaningful presence. Epigram Books has been particularly active, producing numerous English books by celebrated translators such as Howard Goldblatt, who has translated the work of local writers such as Xi Ni Er and Yeng Pway Ngon. At the same time, translators such as Chan Maw Woh continue to be productive. The Ministry of Communications and Information’s recent Translation Talent Development Scheme also re ects the government’s acknowledgement of the importance of this eld.
Outside of pure production, however, the work of translation itself is commonly
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By Daryl Li 文:李振宏

overlooked. Yet, there is no shortage of commentaries on the subject, from famous essays by literary heavyweights such as Nabokov, Borges, and Simon Leys, to whole books on the topic. Perhaps the challenging nature of the subject means that people tend to shy away from it. However, in a multilingual and multicultural region such as ours – and indeed, in this globalised world – it is imperative that we take a closer look at the complexities of translation.
A Multiplicity of Possibilities
Last year, I revisited a classic book about literary translation. 19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei (Asphodel Press, 1987), by prominent American writer and translator Eliot Weinberger and Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, is a slim volume that is simple in concept, examining numerous translations of Wang Wei’s “Deer Park”, primarily in English. Each translation is presented on the left-hand side, with brief comments by Weinberger and Paz on the facing page.
The succinct, incisive comments go into considerable depth for their length, examining aspects such as word choice, translator background, and context. This presentation and analysis foregrounds the distance between translator and text, particularly pronounced in this case because of the age of and linguistic context associated with Wang Wei’s poem: “It is a scrap of literary Chinese, no longer spoken as its writer spoke it. It is a thing, forever itself, inseparable from its language.”
At its most basic, this book dispels the illusion that translators work towards an ideal version of a text. Instead, they undertake a creative endeavour that produces a multiplicity of possibilities. In other words, it emphasises the presence of translators in each translated work, and the constantly shifting life of a text.
Translation as Social Function
Turning to a more recent book, Is That a Fish in your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything (Faber and Faber, Inc., 2011) by David Bellos is a comprehensive look at the many di erent types and facets of translation. Bellos’s wide-ranging examination of the topic covers ground from dialects to dictionaries. By moving from simultaneous interpretation to subtitling, to international law, to computer translation, Bellos outlines the cultural history of translation and establishes a case for translation as social function.
Is That a Fish in your Ear? distinguishes itself from many other books on the topic by virtue of its broad scope and arguably more approachable tone. In this sense, it is of particular value, for it is able to introduce the topic of translation to a broader audience in a way that other books can fail to. It makes plain the work that translation entails, and also outlines its various limitations.
In all, Bellos’s book serves as a brilliantly comprehensive introduction to translation, a much needed undertaking in a globalised world such as ours.
The Mind of a Translator
Published in the same year, Writing Beckett’s Letters (Sylph Editions, 2011) is by George Craig, the French translator for the series of Samuel Beckett’s letters published by Cambridge University Press. An essay focusing on his work for the series that uses a more introspective and even personal approach to writing about translation, this slim volume takes one into the mind of a translator.
How does a translator engage with the author, whose presence (or absence) looms over the text? How does culture and upbringing play a role in a translator’s work? How does a translator deal with the anxious uncertainty underpinning their work? What leads any person to become a translator? These are just some of the questions that Craig’s illuminating essay tackles.
Writing Beckett’s Letters foregrounds the interpretive act at the heart of every translation, and demonstrates the role of subjectivity in translation. It reveals how a translator’s knowledge, aesthetic sense, cultural background and linguistic prowess all come into play. Through this essay, it becomes clear that a translator is not simply an interpreter of meaning, but a navigator between languages and cultures, and a critical reader who has to chart his or her own course through each text.
What is Translation?
These are but three of the publications that sketch a rudimentary picture of the complex subject of translation. A recent spate of similar publications – including In Translation: Translators on Their Work and What It Means, edited by Esther Allen and Susan Bernofsky (Columbia University Press, 2013); Into English: Poems, Translations, Commentaries, edited by Martha Collins and Kevin Prufer (Graywolf Press, 2017); and The
“The only thing that can ease the discomfort and the guilt [of translation] is the excitement of actually translating: setting up a body of words which, for better or worse, can stand for the original –
and close the circle of
[Writing Beckett’s Letters]
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Little Art by Kate Briggs (Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2017) – suggests that the conversation is growing, which can only bode well for books and literature.
To varying degrees, all acts of translation are oriented towards erasure. That is, at its best, translation is non- intrusive, but this might also render the act of translation invisible to the reader. Naturally, there is the danger that the work of translation becomes taken for granted. These recent books, however, suggest that more attention is being paid to the work of translation, in all its nuances and intricacies.
In his remarkable 1921 essay, “The Task of the Translator”, Walter Benjamin argues for translation as an art that is not merely about reproducing meaning. Indeed, doing away with the simplistic notion of translators as converters of words between languages, perhaps we have to develop an understanding of them as people who inhabit the spaces between cultures, operating in the liminal but vital space in the afterlife of a text.
随着韩国作家韩江的小说 《素食者》英译本——《The Vegeterian》锋芒毕露(例如获颁2016
年英国“曼布克国际文学奖”,使得韩 江成为首位亚洲作家得主),以及针对 该书译者黛博拉·史密斯翻译素质的后 续争议,翻译的复杂性顿时成了众人讨 论的焦点。其实,文学翻译在市场上仅 占极小的比例,根据(常被引用但很可 能已过时的)统计数据,译本只占了美 国出版物的3%,其中文学翻译更是低 于1%。
文学翻译在新加坡属于小众但别 具意义的存在。其中,本地出版社 Epigram Books 特别活跃,出版了世界 著名翻译家如葛浩文的英文著作。他曾 翻译本地华文作家如希尼尔、英培安等 的作品。同时,本地马来文翻译家陈妙 华亦持续多产。新加坡通讯及新闻部最 近颁布的“翻译人才培训计划”,亦反 映出政府对翻译领域重要性的体认。
不过,在书籍出版的过程中,翻译 成品往往为人们所忽略。尽管如此,针 对翻译课题的讨论,从不缺乏,从文学
David Bellos 大卫 · 巴洛斯
Source: Princeton University Sta Pro le Page 来源:普林斯顿大学职员简历网页
“It is translation, more than speech itself, that provides incontrovertible evidence of the human capacity to think and to
communicate thought.
[Is That a Fish in Your Ear?]
就篇幅而言,简洁敏锐的点评可谓 相当深入,检视了译诗的各方面,例如 词语选择、译者背景、语境等。如此 的呈现与分析,突出了译者与文本的距 离,特别是与王维诗创作年代以及语 境有关的关系——“这是文言文的一小 块,今已无人如作者那样说话了。它永 远自足,与它的语言密不可分。”
基本上,此书破除了译者只是负责 照搬原文的迷思,提出译者可以开创各 种可能性。换言之,其强调了译者的存 在,以及文本生命的持续转化。
上述是30多年前的书,让我们看看 一本相对新近的书——大卫•巴洛斯 《你耳朵里的是条鱼吗?:翻译与万 物的意义》(Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything, 伦敦:Faber and Faber, Inc.,2011)。这 是一本全面讨论翻译的读物,分析了各 种翻译类型和面向,课题覆盖面极广, 从方言到词典皆有所述及。巴洛斯的目
巨匠如俄裔美国作家纳博科夫、阿根廷 作家与翻译家博尔赫斯、比利时裔著名 汉学家西蒙莱斯的著名篇章,到翻译专 书,成果丰硕。或许是翻译这个议题本 身的难度,令人们惯于回避。身处多语 及多元文化社会如新加坡,以及全球化 世界的我们,实有必要进一步探究翻译 的复杂性。
去年,我重读了1987年由Asphodel Press出版、有关文学翻译的经典作 《观读王维的十九种方式》(19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei),作者是美 国重量级作家与翻译家艾略特•温 伯格,以及诺贝尔文学奖得主、墨 西哥作家奥克塔维奥•帕斯。薄薄 一册,主题简明,检视了唐代诗人王 维的名诗〈鹿柴〉(“空山不见人, 但闻人语响。返景入深林,复照青苔 上。”)的各种翻译(以英译为主)。 每首译诗皆印在左页,温伯格与帕斯的 点评则印在迎面页。
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“Great poetry
lives in a state of perpetual transformation, perpetual translation:
the poem dies when it has no place to go.
[19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei]
Eliot Weinberger
艾略特•温伯格 Source来源: New Directions Publishing website
光还及至同步口译与字幕、国际法、机 器翻译等,勾勒出翻译的文化史,并强 调翻译的社会功能。
此书与其他翻译书最大的不同在于 其选材甚广,语言平易近人,能将翻译 议题介绍给更多读者。作者深入浅出地 论述翻译工作的必要性,也点明了一些 翻译的局限。翻译在全球化的世界,尤 其是新加坡,格外重要,此书是一本相 当优质的翻译入门读物。
另一本同在2011年由Sylph Editions出版 的《书写贝克特的信》(Writing Beckett’s Letters),由法国翻译家乔治•克雷格 所著,他曾翻译由剑桥大学出版社出版 的一系列活跃于法国的爱尔兰作家塞缪 尔•贝克特的书信。此书篇幅不长,聚 焦于翻译,笔调充满内省与私人观点, 可视作译者思想的映照。
究竟译者如何与在文本中无处不在 (或毫不存在)的作者互动连结?文化 与出生背景如何影响译者的作品?译
者如何面对翻译过程中的不安与不确定 性?什么因素会促使一个人成为译者? 克雷格在此篇富有启发性的文章中,处 理了这些问题。
此外,此书突出每场翻译的阐释 过程,揭示主体性在翻译过程的重要 性——译者的学问知识、美学观、文化 背景、语言能力等,均是影响译作的 因素——读者可从中认清译者并非直译 器,而是语言与文化之间的领航员,更 是读透每个文字、有效规划阅读前程的 批判性读者。
以上只是其中三部将复杂的翻译课题, 初步勾勒给读者的入门书。许多类似作 品的出版仍方兴未艾,包括艾斯特· 艾伦与苏珊·贝尓诺夫斯基主编的 《译作之内:译作中的译者以及其意 味了什么》(In Translation: Translators on Their Work and What It Means,纽约: 哥伦比亚大学出版社,2013)、玛 莎•柯林斯与凯文•普吕弗主编的
《进入英语:诗、翻译、评论》(Into English: Poems, Translations, Commentaries, 明尼苏达:Graywolf Press,2017)、凯 特•布里格斯的《小艺术》(The Little Art,伦敦:Fitzcarraldo Editions,2017), 这意味着对话仍在持续,对书籍出版与 文学而言,当属吉兆。
在不同程度上,所有翻译行为均是 以删除为导向,意即翻译最好是非侵入 性的,无干扰的,不过这也可能造成 翻译行为对读者而言形同透明,自然而 然,译作也就会进入被视为理所当然的 危险境地了。上述这些近著,即鼓励大 家多关注译作,察看里头的千丝万缕。
德国哲学家瓦尔特•本雅明在其 1921年名作〈译者的任务〉(The Task of the Translator)中写道,翻译是一门 艺术,而不只是意义的再生产。诚然如 此,撇开仅将译者视为语言转换者这过 于单纯的想法,或许我们应该将他们 视为栖居于不同文化之间的专才,彳亍 在文本转世后,那一块阈限而重要的空 间。
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Malaysia 马来西亚
生在这物价高涨的时代,赚钱难,存钱更难!然而,健康食品都不便宜。别担心, 本书收录了吕冽芢规划的17种套餐,分享如何用一餐25令吉的预算,让两大两小吃 得饱,又吃得好。每样套餐含有肉、汤、菜,营养丰富。只要一书在手,再也不必 烦恼如何拟订省钱的健康菜单了!
粥、粉、面、饭——亚洲饮食中的这四种主食,无论作为搭配各种菜肴的佐料,还 是与其他食材同煮,都是一日三餐的好选择。李傑生老师的《粥粉面饭》,教我们 如何煮出50道美味的粥、粉、面、饭料理,让菜单增色不少!粥、粉、面、饭都是 味道清寡的食材,但正因如此,才能与其他食材完美融合,变化出各种美味料理。
马来西亚有各种淡水鱼和深海鱼。鱼是主要的蛋白质来源,健康有益。 在本书中, 颜学凤介绍了21种常用鱼类和50款不同的鱼食谱,并展示了料理每种鱼的最佳方 法,为我们带来许多烹鱼新点子。
蛋和豆腐是既可当主角,也可作为配角的常见食材。它们本身并没有太突出的味 道,却因而更具可塑性;加上营养丰富、价格大众化,几乎是我们每周都会吃到的 食材。在本书中,许孙祥老师分别为这两种全民食材示范25道食谱,涵盖常见的蛋 和豆腐种类,教我们利用平凡的食材,煮出精彩的菜式。
烂鬼熊猫搞烂GAG(一日一烂GAG 生活不再BAD)
烂鬼熊猫搞烂GAG 2(1日1烂GAG,人生不会SAD)
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别小看这头烂鬼熊猫,由于他想法古怪、反应快,一年365天,无论被情人抱怨、被 老板臭骂,或被债主追债,都能以烂GAG回敬,爆笑收场。让我们学习他的烂GAG 精神,打破闷蛋的逻辑框框,开心过每一天吧。

Taiwan 台湾
股票操作让人摸不着头绪?躲过近20年来多次股市风暴的投资大师张真卿,教我们 如何利用技术分析趋吉避凶!无论是2000年网路泡沬、2008年次贷风暴乃至2011年 欧债风暴,她都全身而退。在本书中,她带领研究团队为初学者解析技术分析操作 股市的新手要诀,不仅传授最基本的知识,也用图表展示如何综合运用众多指标。
作者:李效朱 译者:马毓玲
本书由韩国挤花蛋糕协会会长亲自示范,完整收录蛋糕体制作、奶油霜调味、调色和配 色技巧、挤花花形诀窍、材料保存法,加上扫码示范教学和500张以上的步骤图解说,是 初学者或专业人士参考的实用书籍。不论高贵的玫瑰、雅致的菊花,还是可爱的多肉植 物,都能在蛋糕体上活灵活现!作者也针对不同年龄层、身份、性别和各种纪念日设计 专属蛋糕。不必花大钱,也能做出养眼蛋糕!
X万兽探险队7: 海怪大猎杀 抹香鲸VS巨乌贼(附学习单)
作者:李国靖 铭 绘者:黑墨工作室 审订:罗文杰
“潜水冠军”抹香鲸 VS“喷墨高手”巨乌贼,天敌之战即将上演!X万兽探险队前往 日本调查领航鲸集体搁浅的神秘事件,却发现这群鲸鱼身上有很多奇怪的伤口,一行 人出海寻找真相,在深海中惊见一双令人不寒而栗的大眼睛!这究竟是不是传说中的 海怪?探险队又能否解开海洋中的重重谜团,平安返陆?
Canada 加拿大
MathPedia is an invaluable Canadian curriculum-based tool to help elementary students build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills. This guide book covers topics including basic operations, fractions and decimals, rate and ratio, unit conversion, geometry, and probability. It provides simple tricks to help students grasp mathematical skills, clear diagrams and pictures to illustrate key areas, step-by-step instructions to explain maths concepts, and innovative strategies to solve real-life problems.
MathPedia is a comprehensive and user-friendly reference book that will surely support and encourage students in their pursuit of success in maths.
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