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Realigning with your true value in a commodity driven culture

Kristilynn rose starwell


1. timeless over time (lead)
2. truth over compromise (tin)
3. oneness over otherness (iron)
4. beauty over beast (copper)
5. faith over fear (mercury)
6. giving over getting (silver)

7. love over loss (gold)

1. timeless over time

The program of our culture asserts that
time is money, and suggests that we contrive

a life based on this motto.
We give our time and receive money. Our
value is our time and what we can produce

in that time.
We may choose to give our life to this idea.
Within the model of a 40 hour work week,

we may find that there is burn out, as
people are running as time, and never really


When we are ready to entertain that our
value is greater than time, the alchemy of

Saturn is introduced into our lives.

Saturn is father time, as well as the reaper.

Through this imagery he is connected to
both time, and cycles which end only to

begin anew, and so are timeless.

When we enter the invisible gates of
alchemy, Saturn is our first teacher. He

asks that we offer our heavy, dark,
ignorant lead to undergo a process that

will result in that darkness shining.

To accomplish this, we must encounter how
the human ideas of time & death are
illusory, and that there is an eternal

golden strand that lies at the core of all
living things, including us.

Saturn will reep us, literally. This is like a
beheading, where all we hold as precious,
but erroneous and limited, will be severed
in order that the inner golden flower may
emerge anew.

This golden flower, requires a pure light
seed. This seed is spiritual, not bound by

time, but timeless and eternal.

When Saturn is done with us, the shadow
which has been cast upon our inner golden

light seed will be cracked open. This
cracking gives us access to our own seed of
inner truth, but of course we must learn to

let go of the outer shell first. this will
probably be uncomfortable.

Through saturn’s alchemy within us we
learn that we are more than time. We are

eternal, and nothing can truly harm us.

If we can honor that we are more than
time & what that time can earn in material

wealth, we enter the realm of being &

What we are is a vibration of energy,
either in truth or in compromise, defined as

concealing our truth.

Our truth is the highest value, and when
we sacrifice it for a non-truth we are not

aligned with ourselves but in a cycle of
selling out.

Our material culture suggests that we
leave our truth at the door, and become
programmed robots to serve a job, and get

our hourly pay.

Once we have completed our work with
Saturn it is possible to trade in our

identification with time is money, time ending,
not having enough time, and the illusion of


How much suffering do humans undergo at
the expense of these ideas?

Saturn teaches us that life is eternal. What
is reaped will be re-sown at the proper

time, because life is a seed. It is in time, but
is not time.

2. truth over
compromise (tin)

In alchemy, tin is associated with Jupiter. It
is lighter than Saturn, maybe even a little
air headed or superficial, as it is a huge gas

Within our cultural programming, tin
symbolizes the directive to be completely
malleable, and devoid of a noticeable core.
Tin can be hammered into nearly any form
imaginable, which is how our materialistic
culture would like us to be so that we can

buy into whatever program they would like
to sell us.

As we work in the world we will learn
about what it feels like to hold our truth

and to sacrifice it. We will learn how it
feels to allow ourselves to be molded and

punched by programs that do not have
truth at their core, but illusion. Any
program that is driven only by material
gain is not in truth, because it is sacrificing
the higher to create the lower, human time
into money. Humans are more valuable than

money, and so this is not in truth.

On the other hand, a system that has
humans as the end, rather than merely the
means may move closer into truth. When we

offer ourselves to participate in such a
system, we align with our truth as a human

in priceless value. We are supporting a
truthful mission, and not being used as
mindless producers. We are joining an
energy, and aligning to a mission that is in
truth. We give our time (lower) to a truth

(higher), rather than giving our truth
(higher) to be used as a commodity of time


Systems that do not allow humans to
express their truth are saying that the
human has no value, aside from the time
that they produce in. these systems are
disempowering and demeaning, because they

value money over people.

Jupiter teaches us the difference between
sacrificing our truth or inner core, which is
small and hidden within, to be superficial or

pleasing to others.

When we offer ourselves to work with
systems that honor money & quantity over
life & quality we are compromised, because
we are aligning to the illusion that money

is more valuable than life.

3. oneness over
otherness (iron)

Our alchemical iron is ruled by mars. This
energy is aggressive and combative. There
are times when it is useful, and others when

it is not.
Culturally, we are programmed to believe
that it’s a competitive world and it is us

against them. All wars are found on this
illusion, and people generally buy it.

This energy creates fear & insecurity which
causes people to be aggressive, and to hoard
for the proverbial rainy day. This takes the

living energy from the now moment and
displaces it into the fear of the future.

This energy helps people to align with the
system that they have to survive, and that

there is not enough to go around. It is
completely ego-centric, and everyone else is

the other or the enemy, that we must
defend ourselves from.

In such a world people are disconnected
from others. They do not feel they can
depend on others because everyone is out
for themselves in a world of fear & lack.

Through this story of separation, we learn
that this is armoring & not truth. We begin

to feel the difference between the outer
iron and the inner core of the heart. We

learn to distinguish which one holds the
truth, and which one holds the program.

When we follow the us vs. them model, we
are disempowered to mistrust the world and
to trust only our fear, money, and material

accumulations that we use to distinguish
ourselves from others.

The program creates victims who are
supporting the world of the power of

commodities. This is an illusion.

we are all in this together, having a similar
experience of what it is like to live in a
world driven by programs of falsity, and

having to navigate between those programs
and our own inner truth. It looks different
for each person, but we are all essentially
doing the same thing: sometimes buying into

false programs or viruses to learn the
difference between the false and our inner
truth, so that we can honor that again, no
matter who approves. We become sovereign.

4. beauty over beast

After we have experienced the ferocity and
otherness of mars we move toward the
grace and love of venus.

Sometimes it takes the sword of separation
to remind us of the unwavering power of


When we align with truth we are beauty.
When we align with illusion we are beast.

We can tell what we are aligning with by
noticing how we feel. Beauty is priceless,
and comes from within as we honor our

truth and share it with the world.

If we follow the social conventions, females
are given the message to achieve femininity
through superficial & artificial means of

outer beautification, while being often
expected to adhere to male values of

competition and domination (mars).

At the same time, culturally speaking, men
are expected to compete & dominate without

much regard for feeling or emotion.

Both models fail at providing us with an
accurate idea of feminine beauty/power and

masculine beauty/power. Both are
disempowered and based in external show of

illusion. For the female, it is pretending to
be beautiful, and for the male it is
pretending to be strong.

Until we move inward and discover that the
beauty of both resides within, we may feel
that we don’t match up to the others
wearing the masks.

The beauty of the male & the female is
within their coherence to their inner heart’s
truth. This is priceless, and should never be

compromised for social conventions or
approval. It is also eternal, available in
every moment in as much as the individual is
aligning to their truth and not selling out

their inner beauty for outer social
programs that conceal one’s inner beauty.

You are perfect. You are already beautiful.
It is our false coverings that conceal our
perfect beauty from the world because we
don’t believe that they will accept us, and
socially this is sometimes right. Everyone
that is following the social programming of
focus on externals may not see our beauty,

but some will, and more importantly we
will see it by being it.

The more we stand in our inner
truth/beauty the better we will come to

know it, until eventually we will
rediscover how to become this at all times,

and abandon all situations which require
that we conceal or compromise this, that

we conceal & compromise ourselves.

5. faith over fear

As we reclaim our willingness to own our
truth/beauty by standing in it regardless of
the social inconveniences, we love ourselves

through this state of acceptance.

As we accept/love ourselves as we are, we
are able to do the same for others. As long

as we compromise ourselves, we are liable
to expect others to lack inner integrity as


As we love ourselves, and others we begin
to feel comfortable in the world because

we can take off the mask and stop
pretending in order to survive.

What we truly are is already enough, and
the mask will never be.

As we learn to love and feel more
comfortable about showing up as ourselves
we will begin to explore our willingness to
enter the world of the unknown or faith,

to transform our fears.

Through the love we now know, our heart
is made stronger and more courageous to
confront the fears that have been holding

us back.

We are limitless, while in lesson. That means
we are limitless, but have things that we

are learning about to regain our personal
sovereignty. What we often do is attach to
the negative lessons and create constrictions
on our limitlessness, until we are in bondage

to our personal baggage.

We have to, as yoda said… unlearn what we
have learned. The lessons do not define, but

refine us, so that we do not confine
ourselves any longer.

We are often binding ourselves within the
constraints of non-truth, because of social
programming, and then we are uncomfortable

and don’t always know why.

As we move more into faith, we enter into
our willingness to allow ourselves to be
guided to dismantle what no longer serves
us. We need faith because this will require
that we enter into situations that provide
us with the opportunity to experience and

therefore overcome our patterns of
limitation. They will rouse fear, in order
that we may learn how to convert that

fear (falsity) into truth.

As we are more aligned with our




we surrender our willingness to show up
for anything less than this truth.

We are no longer willing to let others put
a lower price on us. We will uncover how
to be in our truth & serve others through

it, and be

compensated without


6. giving over

As we enter into love & faith we begin to
learn how to receive everything that was

always being shared with us, but we were
too closed to let it in.

With the entire universe feeding us as
needed, and understanding that all we need

we already are, if we can align back to
truth, we enter into abundance.

Abundance means that the entire universe is
supporting us, and in our truth we can

allow that. As supported and provided for,
as long as we are in truth, we are no

longer needing to profit from others as our
primary directive.

Instead, we are serving. We are coming from
a place of perfect completion, and offering

that perfection to the world.

As we do this, we will learn how to thrive
through this sharing of truth. As we are in
our truth, we inspire others to do the same.
This gesture is priceless, and assists others

to move out of fear & lack and to
encounter their truth in a way that does
not require that they sell out to survive.

As more of us are liberated to live in our
truth, we stop conforming to the low
standards of the material world, that

considers us a commodity derived from the
time we produce in.

We are transcending this notion and saying
that we are priceless, and not a material
commodity, but in order to experience our
pricelessness we must choose to surrender

our alignment to falsity. as long as we
align to it, we will wear its mask, and be
at some level unknown to ourselves because

we are not aligned to truth, but to

Giving to others requires that we suspend
the program of needing to get, based on the

model of scarcity.

When we need to get, others may feel used.
When we start with giving, we will receive.

7. love over loss

As we learn to receive in faith, and to give
our truth to the world, our wounds heal.
The losses that we have endured take on a

different light, and no longer define us.
They were just passages we took in order
to remember who & what we truly are as

limitless bounty & beauty.

As we surrender our story of loss, there is
more space in the heart for the golden

flower of spirit to bloom and take hold. It
cannot survive in a soil that is hostile,
competitive, and always concerned with
getting what we think we lack.

As we understand our priceless truth, we
will see our challenges in life as a way to
re-encounter our pricelessness, and to move

out of lesser, compromising vibrations.

Like the sun, we will share our light with
the world, knowing that there is enough
fuel to light our fire for millions of years

to come.

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