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How to Wish Upon Your Star

How to Wish Upon Your Star

How to Wish Upon
Your Star

A Cosmic Guide to Manifesting Through Your Spiritual Light

Kristilynn Starwell

Copyright © 2016 by Kristilynn Starwell

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any
means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written
permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other
noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Table of Contents

1. Know Thy Self
2. Enter the Field
3. Prying Open Space-Time
4. Communing with Light
5. Letting it Cook
6. Look, Listen, Do
7. Cosmic Delivery


This book is the result of inspiration that was received through meditation and
occurred as I struggled to learn how to manifest a life true to my heart.

As a spiritual seeker, models of “positive thinking” did not seem to speak to me.
From where I stand now, it seems that part of the reason for this, is that my path
was requiring me to look deeper than what “I wanted”, and to consider a path and

paradigm uniquely mine, but ordered by my higher Self.

I began to feel that I really did not “want” anything, and wondered if this would
pose a problem in my finding my true path in this world. At the same time, I was not

satisfied with what I had, and did not feel it reflected the utilization of my unique
gifts. I felt stuck.

Then, I was told to enter into surrender. At first, this required that I let go of my 1
dream of practicing as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, which allowed me to function

as a light channel, and to return to my job as a classroom teacher, where I felt
imprisoned in the world of the collective brain.

I felt that I had been abandoned by the Universe, and that my life was a miserable
waste. After 2 years of forcing myself through it, I believe I hit my inner core, or
rock bottom. From here, it seems that in this place, I found a sort of inner seed of

light, that I had to learn to decipher. From here, it seems that in that journey
inward, all of “me” was incinerated so that I could be the still, silent, invisible

witness to this inner seed.

During the summer of my second year returning to the classroom, I surrendered
“forcing” myself to try to make life “happen”. This seemed like the paradigm of

others, and I did not feel that my relationship with life was to “make” things happen.

Throughout my life, I was given instruction and inspiration and followed that. This
is how life manifested through me. It instructed, I listened. When I tried to reverse
that equation, I seemed to run in circles. This meant too that between periods of

instruction I was asked to endure dark, silent periods of oblivion, the natural
preparation for future growth.

During that summer, I vowed to spend my summer working artistically, and found
that the universe always provided for me abundantly at this level, and so we spent

months dancing together in this way. It instructed and inspired, I listened and
translated the light into word and color.

I let go of trying to force the universe to help me build my acupuncture practice
and accepted the way in which it was willing to feed me. That summer, we created 2
works of art, and 5 books, and I began to see that in this way, I was still a channel

of light, translating into form.

My work as a teacher instructed me on the topics of my way of translating this
light, typically from spiritual light into scientific theory. It seemed it wanted to use

me to bridge the worlds of science and spirit.

At the end of that summer, I had a vision of sorts that provided the seed for the
book you hold here. It was a picture of the process of creation, given as instruction
for a spiritually scientifically minded being, or what might be called an alchemist,

for in that world science and spirit are still in union.

Therefore, this book is written for those who seek to embody a paradigm of
manifesting through the heart, the will of the divine, by following as the alchemists

do, the laws of nature.

The Inspiration & Instruction

Let me first explain in full, the guidance I received. It seemed that I was being initiated into a
new level on my path, involving the ability to co-create with the universe. I also noticed that
every part of the “vision” embodied something that I had already learned to do. So, it seems,
all the times of “silence”, when nothing in my life seemed to “happen”, I was doing the inner
preparatory work, which had to be in place for me to partake in the program that the universe

was introducing me to.

What I “saw” in this inner picture was my guide and I in outer space at a star. It seemed that
the stars were to be considered analogous to human neurons. The stars were like the

neurons of divine consciousness. As we access certain thoughts, beliefs and ideas within our
miniature divine mind, we align with these ideas in the divine mind as well, which are like

Any and all, divine thoughts are manifest as stars, and as we have particular thoughts, we
align with the archetype or that divine star or neuron.

I saw that there are invisible tunnels that connect all the stars or thoughts, just like our
neurons connect with others to form networks. So, we get constellations, and they form
stories out of the ideas held in the stars. When we have certain thoughts, they are easily
connected to other related thoughts, and create certain archetypal stories that humans

frequently create.

As we have a thought, we enter the divine star/ neuron, and then when we enter the invisible
tunnel, sort of like a wormhole to manifest a story and experience the reality of this idea,

through our own personal lens. If we are not conscious, we will stay in the wormhole tunnel
until we are. When we are ready to stop this thought, and the resulting story, we move out of
the tunnel of reality, and explore different ideas/stars and wormholes/stories. Like a healthy

brain, we are healthy when we try new thoughts and play inside of different wormhole
realities, for in this process we are exploring the infinite divine mind as our own infinite

possible realities.

The way I saw how I needed to practice manifesting was interesting. It involved standing at a
star, which was like having an idea or intention or belief. That’s the beginning of the doing.
Then, my guide took a staff and seemed to peel space time apart which revealed a sort of light
cocoon. The space time peeling was happening not at the star but at the wormhole. Within
this, I was supposed to insert the idea into the wormhole, kind of like fertilizing space. Then
the space time was zipped back up. I imagined this as a cosmic burrito. Space time is the
matrix we have to create within, our tortilla. We put our heart’s dream inside of it, and fold it,

to create a cosmic womb.

Of course, folding space time would actually mean that we can begin to break the laws of
physics in space time as well.

With our dreams seeded, we wait for instruction on how to proceed. The image was again the
star shaped neuron.

Image by BruceBlaus is licensed under CC BY 3.0

After seeding the space time with thought and zipping, it seemed the human neurons were
now linked in with the divine neurons and we entering into “streaming”. So, we pay attention,

and will discover that our dendrites are serving as a conduit, and we will be told how to
proceed and what to do, in order to bring our vision into reality.

If we are running interference, and our junk is coming up, which it will, our streaming is
interrupted, and we have to do the work to make corrections to realign with the intention and
to remove all obstructions. This feedback loop is how we know when we are on or off track.

Once that interference is gone, we can transmit again. We will continue to receive hints
regarding how to work on ourselves, or actions to actually perform in the world, in order to

manifest our vision.

So, it is as if our idea/neuron is connected to the divine version of this and that they “stream”
together until they are equal. If we have blockages, they have to be burned off and cleared in

order that all the dendrites are free to transmit.

Once they are equal, there should be no barrier in creating our dream. Though for me, it
seemed that first, the intention had to come from the higher Self, or the Universe was not

interested in working through me.

This explains why when we form an intention or decide to make our dreams happen, we are
often met with the most serious challenges. They arise to be cleared, for we cannot create our
dreams through our doubts. For me, it helped to have a paradigm to understand that within.

We have the challenges, which represent our blockages, to the dream manifesting into our
life. We have to clear the dendrite channels in order to co-create.

Since this picture of co-creating was formed for me in the cosmos, I got to thinking about the
Big Bang and how science understands the evolution of cosmic creation. We will use their
discoveries as our model to understand how nature manifests. We are nature, and so too
must follow her law.

Image by Yinweichen is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

1. Know Thy Self as the Ground of Being

What is nearly always overlooked in creation science and the re-telling of creation myths is
that before the light, there was a ground or field for the light to come into being.

In our material driven world, we neglect this field as the ground of all that is. The Big Bang
tells us there was a bang, but they do not know what banged or why it banged. We lack that

scientific understanding, but that does not mean it does not exist.

Perhaps, this is because our material lens cannot “see” the immaterial ground of the material
world. But, if we neglect it, we cannot get the full picture.

For this reason, I cannot imagine working on co-creating without first having an inner
ground upon which to stand. We all have a social self and we all have a divine Self. For me,

the inner ground was the place where my Self intersected with the divine. Until I hit that
ground, I was pulling at straws, and trying to follow the outer pattern of others to “start my
business”. It left me empty handed. I had to sort of trim all the weeds, in order to rediscover
my inner golden flower. I experience that as the place where I and the divine are connected.

When we think of the ground of being, it is female, receptive, yielding, and obedient, so that
manifest being has a solid home or ground. Just as space time is the ground or field that

molds and supports matter, we must have a solid ground that is in obedience to support our
unique form of life or destiny.

For me, I see that I had to reconnect at the deepest level, and find the inner divine spark, in
order to have a ground that I could constantly refer back to. For me, this ground had more to
do with aligning with what the divine wanted for me (Self) than pushing my personal agenda

(self). Though plenty of people around me were having “success” pushing their personal
agenda, this was not my way.

This is precisely what the connection with Self reveals. It reveals our uniqueness within the
universal light. We have to surrender the desire to clone others, and show up as our own
unique freak of nature. This means that our DNA, which is housed within each neuron, has a
truly unique quality. It has been burned with our personal story, and this causes small often
invisible “mutations” which give us a unique way of experiencing reality. These “mutations”
should make us really great at what we were seeded to do during this lifetime. This is how our
pains turn into our prize. The bleeding makes the brightness, which we need to shine in a
certain light, to live our purpose. We must bring this to bear on manifesting our light. We

must bring our true unique light to the surface. Even if we are an outcast, our destiny
requires that we let this light shine through into the world. It is the offering we are asked to

make to the world.

I am sure that great manifestors can create whatever they want. For me, I was being asked to
surrender all smaller self-manifesting, and learn to manifest aligned with Self. I was not
interested in creating realities out of sync with my divinity.

To initiate the process of co-creation, we must first establish our “inner ground”. This ground
is what we return to through all of the ups and downs, on the way to bringing our dream into

life, or bringing heaven to earth.

I imagine my inner ground as an inner garden, where I find myself in the presence of animal
and spirit guides as well as the light of source. No matter how turned around I get, I can

return to this inner garden and receive guidance, as long as I am not too closed/blocked to

This ground is where all things receive their power, and in my experience, without a
connection to the life-giving ground, we will burn out. For me, this manifested as all my
“trying” leading nowhere, and an endless cycle of trial and error which left me utterly

disheartened and empty.

For me, this emptiness was my way of reconnecting with the ground of being, or what science
calls the unified field.

They believe that before the Big Bang, the 4 forces of nature (gravity, electromagnetism, weak
force, strong force) were all merged together in what they call Grand Unification. Our ground
of being is a place where all forces are 1. In the manifest world, they have become separated

so that we can know about them. In the heart of the inner world, all force are still unified.

Therefore, in this paradigm of cosmic creation, our first step is to find our own inner ground
of being, where we find the unwavering truth, reconnect with the divine, and enter back into

Grand Unification.

This may sound romantic, but like the real work of the heart, it requires surrender. It could be
said that this is the hardest step, for we must sacrifice the self for the Self. The self we know
does not know unification, and resists surrender. We cannot manifest our heart’s dreams
through this personal self, after all it only knows smallness, and so its creations will never be

true to our divine size.

As we become our true size, the former walls of the self must be shattered. We can no longer
fit into the molds that we have cut ourselves into because of our personal stories of pain. We
have to shatter to re-experience that we are the “field” and not just a piece of matter upon it.

Alchemically, this process is reflected in calcination. Here, we are burned in order to return
to a more egoless state of being. This idea of burning, led me to include the Big Bang itself

into this first stage of manifesting our inner light.

It is useful to consider that this is more than a mere explosion. It is a release of energy, from
an unknown source, that coincides with the stretching of space.

I like to think that the Big Bang was birthed through a singularity, and within that singularity
all is unified. As unified, it cannot be “known”. So, in order for it to be known, it had to break
out of unification and birth the universe. This will to be known, was consciousness emerging

out of the singularity, and sort of burning or igniting the field to create life.

Therefore, we enter within our own darkness or singularity, when we start this process. In
that darkness, we know ourselves as united with all that is, but that darkness has been willed
to be known and therefore must come into the manifest light of consciousness. Therefore, we

must take this inner unity as our place of origin, and bring that into the light of the world.

So far, we are the Unified Field birthed from within the singularity, and have been lit a-fire, in
order to carry the torch of light from the inner to the outer. This requires that we experience

“reality” as the light emerging and synonymous with the stretching of space time.

In my vision, this step allowed me to be initiated into grand unification, and to have the light
of consciousness to see into the darkness. For, while the universe is, during the Big Bang,
coming into being, it is still shrouded in darkness, as space is filled with a sort of fog, that

though filled with light, cannot yet be seen.

Step 1 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big Bang Model


1 Calcination Know Thy Stepping into Grand

Self as the Space and Unification
Ground of Harnessing Singularity

Being the Star Big Bang

Movement of Stretching

Inner Truth Space Time

into Outer
Space Time

2. Entering the Field

In step 1, we were asked to know thy Self. This happens inside. Now, we have to allow this
small certain thing, to expand into the fabric of space time, or reality. This might seem easy,
for me it was not. It seemed that holding the ground of the truth, was harder and harder as I

was expanded more and more into the outside world.

It is one thing to be “in the light” while you are meditating, and another to bring that
awareness into the outer world. During inflation, space time goes through an incredible
stretching, and so too are we. We are stretched into a field, in which it may be challenging to
even remember who or what we are. This is why it is connected to the alchemical process of
dissolution, or dissolving. We have our truth, as represented by the Big Bang. We have the
awareness, but now this has conjured space time to sort of scatter through rapid expansion.

It may seem that to keep grounded, we have to venture more deeply inward, just to be
reminded of what we became conscious of as “the truth”. So, here we simultaneously and

paradoxically contract and expand.

The universe has never been more densely packed and more rapidly expanding at the same
time. We are the extremes of that duality, contracted expansion. Our solidified consciousness

is seeding the universe.

In my vision, this is related to connecting the star (Big Bang, consciousness, light, idea) to
the invisible wormhole, which created reality. The galactic network of stars and wormholes,
or divine idea and manifested story / reality is being fired up or downloaded into the field of

space time as the mother board.

We merge thinking energy (Big Bang) with feeling energy (field of space time). We weave them
together, and move like a superconducting fluid between the 2. Space time is being
enlightened/impregnated with consciousness. We are playing with our godliness.

Step 2 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big
Vision Bang

2 Dissolution Entering One with Inflation
the Field the Field

3. Prying Open Space-Time

On the cosmic scale, it is time to use the force of separation, in order to learn and create. In
the cosmos, the 4 universal forces which were once equal and united in Grand Unification,
must now undergo separation/individualization in order that the world of matter be made


As these forces seemingly act independently, the results of their powers are put into form.
Gravity is thought to have separated first. Without this counter balance to our incredible
stretching expansion into the field, the universe could never have come into being. Gravity is
the balance that keeps things from expanding so fast that they sort of disappear out of the
frame of the human telescope. Gravity will also be responsible for the later formation of stars

and galaxies.

The strong force allows for the creation of protons, as elementary particles, which will later
go into making atoms. The weak force will govern nuclear decay and allow for nuclear

radiation, and stars. Electromagnetism will allow for visible radiation, and eventually allows
for humans to observe the universe through light. Manifestation is well under way.

According to science, the strong force was the second force to become distinct. It is
responsible for keeping together the nucleus of atoms, as well as its protons. So, it is here
that we find the creation of the proton as an elementary particle. It is thought that matter and

anti-matter were also common at this point of cosmic creation, and that their union would
have generated an incredible amount of radiant energy.

As we use separation to clarify our intentions or dreams, we are distinguishing between our
self and Self. We are really seeking to bring out the divine intention and to manifest it. Each
time that we use the discriminatory power of separation and realize the difference between
the self and Self, we allow them to meet like matter and anti-matter and for great energy to be
released. Gradually, our personal, small self- motivations will become increasingly colored
by the divine Self motivations until our personal motives seem non-existent. Their energies

have been assimilated into Self.

In my manifesting vision, separation was represented by peeling space time. This revealed to
me that inside of space time is a hidden network of light. Maybe this is like the exotic matter
that physics tells us would keep a worm hole open for it to possibly be traversable. I think
this light is consciousness. We keep a wormhole or portal of reality open with our mind and
close it when we no longer entertain the meaning that it conveys into our life. Through our
mind, we are able to navigate anywhere, and manifest anything that exists in both our mind

and the divine mind.

This peeling of space time is quite mysterious, and was not something I did in the vision, but
something my guide did with the use of a staff. My feeling is that this was just a way to make
the parting visible to me, and that through consciousness or mind we already do this all the

time, though since science does not yet understand it we do it unconsciously.

Through separation, we are now able to have a specific, individuated thought, idea, dream,
desire that we are conscious of. It has light, and is like the star, neuron, Big Bang.

Now we must unite that light (personal mind), with the more invisible light (universal mind)
that is hidden in the ground of space time. Space time is like the mother board and has to
process our intention. Our dreams are what we are programming the mother board to do.

By placing our dream into the fabric of space time, we are creating a certain program that
will be an interface between ourselves and the world, in order to manifest our dream. Our
dream is being broadcast into the field, and will generate a “neural” network around our
dream which we will have to participate in for our dream to be made manifest. We have to

“stream” it into reality.

While “streaming”, we are bound to get caught on the cosmic hook, and have to release our
old patterns in order to flow freely with the field as we learn to navigate toward our dreams.

In free flow or streaming, I feel love, gratitude and liberation, and am greeted with creative
inspiration and instruction. Out of flow, I am tired, disconnected, negative, the victim,

uninspired, and looking for the way out. As I decrease my judgment of this, I learn to pry
myself back into a more receptive state of surrender, those blockages all disappear, and I am

in the moment again, doing my work rather than waiting for myself to release the garbage
blocking the neural network.

It seemed for me, the more I moved forward, the more I was rewarded with a release of the old
patterns. It is a blessing, but releasing for me was quite visceral. The universe is always

sending us gifts of power, but power has great charge, and can burn. Its intention is to aid us

in transformation, but the more we hold onto constrictive patterns, the more we will have to
be broken open by force.

Step 3 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big Bang
Vision Model

3 Separation Stating Opening Separation

Your Space Time of Forces

Intention Creation of


Matter and


4. Communing with Light

In order to understand the difficulties I faced along my spiritual path, I had to sort of re-
educate myself in the laws of nature. I had to put down the materialistic lens which was only

willing to validate the existence of that which was matter.

Eastern philosophies grant the primal existence to the realm of non- matter. Our culture is
young, and given time will arrive at the same conclusion. We can already see this shift
happening in the world of science.

Astrophysics is a fabulous place to explore this interface between the material and the
immaterial. We often hear that without the darkness there could be no light.

I have always been drawn to stars, and through my work as a science educator, was
introduced to the fantastic forces at work in some of the most powerful beings in the
universe. Gravity has also been a long-time fascination for me. I know this is partly due to the
fact that I had this freak experience as a child in which I remember being able to fly. I have
had friends with similar memories. This event left me with the feeling that “gravity” is not what
we think, and can be surmounted. Science in fact knows very little about this amazingly
mysterious force. I felt that humans have the memory of flight, and can do so, but our

collective consciousness does not embrace this, so it is not common.

The amazing thing for me in learning about the life and death of stars is that it starts in the
dark, the cold, and with the collapse of gravity. We seem to overlook the darkness that stars

and people have to undergo in order to one day endure the shine. Once ignited, a star is a
constant feedback loop balancing gravity and radiation, and all of its light is created from the

transfer of energy from heavy material elements, like iron.

In the cosmic creation story, we now begin to have the possibility of nuclear fusion. To merge
particles together under heat and pressure, and to forge the transformation of dark atomic
matter into radiant light.

So too as human stars, we must learn to combust our patterns and our stories in order to
ignite as radiant beings into the universe, and to be seen.

Conjunction requires the union of opposites. We see this as heavy atomic matter is
transformed into radiant light. This requires us to monitor that the levels of gravity and
radiation are in balance. The universe does not yet have stars, but it seems a universal law
that the force, power, field must exist before the matter can take shape. We must learn to
master the force first, and as this pertains to stars, we must learn to feed our dark/self to the
light/Self, and to listen to the feedback we receive in keeping the forces of gravity and

radiation in harmony.

Too much gravity, and the star will collapse. Too much radiation, and it will burn out.

Step 4 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big
Vision Bang
4 Conjunction Model
Using Darkness to The space time field
Radiate Light processes our Nuclear
intention into the Starts
field. This creates a

program of
interaction between

our mind and the
universal mind.

We receive

to keep forces

5. Letting it Cook

Like I mentioned earlier, for me, life has been a cycle of being called to action, and waiting to
be called. Actions taken by me without the initial “invitation” were not productive and just
resulted in frustration.

I mention this here, because as modern humans, we seem to want things to be all on, all the
time. We have been conditioned to think that if this is not the case, we are doing something

“wrong”, and don’t have a life.

This is of course, not the way of nature, and so we are not natural when we try to take on this
artificial model of over-doing life. Nature is a balance of 4 diverse seasons, as well as day
and night. How would we like it if it were always day light and summer time? Why would we

think that we would ever want this? How does our society drain our power when we believe in
over-doing? Who benefits from this delusion?

Sometimes in the cauldron of life, we are just being cooked. We will obsessively ask the chef,
“How much longer?”, until eventually we sink into it and endure the cooking.

Whether we are making babies, stars, or dreams, there is a time when it is absolutely hands
off, and nature takes its course.

After we have impregnated space time with our intention, we have to step back, and allow it to
call us when our order is cooked and ready, when it is time to “act”.

Our inner world has to be just so, so that what we have asked for can be formed and received
by us when it is ready to come our way.

During the alchemical process of fermentation, we rot and ripen. Out of the manure, life will
be fashioned. For this to be so, we must spend time “tilling the soil”. In this process, we hit

stones, which must be weeded out if we hope that our seeds will be able to fashion both
beautiful and sustainable life.

In the cosmos at this time, nuclear fusion ends, and atoms are formed. We are assembling our
toolbox of manifestation. At this phase, the cosmic microwave background, a sort of radiant
orgasmic afterglow, was formed. This radiation has allowed scientists to discover the story of
the creation of the universe. It’s sort of a smoking gun. All events leave their mark, sort of a

trail of breadcrumbs, so that these events can become know.

Cosmic Background Radiation

So too, the events of our lives have left their marks as well. Sometimes, we wish they hadn’t,
but I believe the function is the same. Matter (events) leave an energetic imprint (story), so
that the laws of nature can be known. These laws are at work in the universe and as we are

part of that, they are reflected in our personal lives as well.

Even though it is human nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain, we must look into the
energetic trail that our experiences have left behind, in order to receive the energetic lessons
that they were there to transfer to us through matter. Matter is just the messenger. It is a tool

in order to see our reflection “out there”. Matter lets us know “where we are”. If it is
unpleasant, change is required.

The analogy here to the cosmic background radiation, is that the events which have left their
marks on us are those from which we will learn, grow, and become who we are to be which
ignites a glow. We can always reference the energetic imprint if we consider going down the
same old path, hoping for a different outcome.

In our paradigm, there are as many possible worlds as there are stars in the universe. Isn’t it
silly that we choose to often repeat the pain of the past in such a universe where anything is

possible? I think we are so afraid of “nothing” that we hold onto pain instead of trying to
understand how to surrender. Meanwhile as we refuse to surrender, the story gets so

miserable, that we are forced to learn to surrender. The path we chose is made hard, but that
gift is priceless. The struggle is the price we pay to learn, and in effect to reclaim our Self.

Our Cosmic Microwave Background is our personal history, the story that we will use to
learn about how we were created and how to re- create our Selves. This cosmic afterglow
also determined the locations in which stars and galaxies would be formed. So too, our
stories leave their marks, and will create an imprint upon which our life will unfold into our

unique brand of perfection.

Step 5 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big Bang

5 Vision Model

Fermentation Letting Go Waiting Nuclear





from Free




6. Look, Listen, Do

Distillation unites the above and below or the Self with the Universe. For things to become
known by humans, we experience mirroring. We call the “projection” “other”, but in time learn

that this projection is a mirror of an aspect of the self.
Distillation will cook matter, and collect the refined essence in a vessel. Through the
application of heat, the worlds of space and matter become interwoven, until they are again 1.
You can break this mirroring down symbolically into 2 triangles pointed in opposite
directions encountering each other. You can find these triangular images used to describe
how the perceived image is formed in the visual field. It’s between the outer field of light and

the inner field of vision, still 2 worlds meeting.

Image by Szőcs Tamás is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Again, we find this image in a Light Cone, a schematic used to map the path of a particle
through space time.

Image by K. Aainsqatsi is licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

We also find this image in alchemy, and could speak in terms of uniting lead with gold or
psychologically as unconscious and consciousness.

The point being, that through distillation, we have won the gift of mirroring, reflection,
feedback. This is our connection to the cosmic neural network. Now, that stars are coming

into being, we can say that we have the ability to get the program “online”.

This means that our neural network is streaming with the divine/universal neural network,
and the lights/power just got turned on to connect the networks and for us to make
observations, in order to learn and grow within our intended program.

Our program has penetrated into the fabric of space time, and now we have a program that
runs between the Self and the universe. When we are “spot on” we get “positive feedback”.
When we are off the mark, in regards to manifesting we get “negative feedback”. We have to
constantly monitor our forces to make sure that the forces are balanced. Our “order” has
been cosmically cooked and we are ready to take a bite, in order to make needed adjustments

along the way, until what the universe sends as a mirror is exactly what our Self ordered in
order to be most fully nourished, realized and satisfied.

If we are not quite there, we may have to tweak the order, or realize that we are not able to
“receive” what we ordered and need to do more inner work.

Now that we are able to receive mirroring and can see, this is the time of look, listen, do. This
means that we are paying attention and listening to the feedback from life, and our feelings,

to know what to do and adjust.

The personal and universal grids are flowing as a field, but we continue to learn where the
blockages are and work to continue clearing the pathways, in order to perfectly mirror our

dream in the manifest world.

Step 6 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big
Vision Bang

6 Distillation Mirroring Connecting Stars
Following to the Galaxies
Feedback Cosmic Plasma

7. Cosmic Delivery

Once we have removed the obstructions and reality is an accurate mirroring of our true
dream, then we are ready to become stars and manifest our inner light into the material


We do this by communicating between our personal mind as Self and the Universal mind. We
have danced back and forth. We have balanced between initiating and receiving, in order to

bring our intention into the world.

It is a process, we repeat over and over, like ordering food at a restaurant. It’s so common, we
could do it in our sleep, and for this reason it can become dangerously unconscious, so that
we are ordering thoughts that are really not the desires of Self, but the nightmares of self, and

our lives are made of misery. This is when we have to excavate, in order to eradicate the
beliefs that we took on at an earlier time to solve a problem or protect ourselves from a
threat. If we can realize when and why, we can usher these demons away back into the light.

We are born to be masters of creation, which is why our creative forces are so often
overlooked, taken for granted, and we easily end up in the terrain of nightmares.

Cosmic delivery means that we are ready to be born as masters of divine manifestation. We
have arrived. We can birth what we truly want, as long as we are conscious in the process to

avoid ordering our “bad thoughts”.

This book was intended to share a visual picture of manifesting, so that we may work under
greater awareness and responsibility within the universe, which is always taking orders from
our thoughts and beliefs, in order to deliver our current flavor of reality. This delivery is our

mirroring, and we learn where we are in the spectrum between dream and nightmare. If we
order our “bad thoughts” then that is what we will be fed, and it will be quite distasteful.

Cosmic delivery means that we are reborn back through the cosmic womb. All forces are
again one within the Unified Field that we are. We realize we receive all life and nourishment

through this connection to the divine. There is no enduring life without it.

It means that we have sacrificed the obstructions which would have sabotaged our ability to
co-create, and are now able to manifest our dreams as heaven on earth.

Step 7 Summary

Step Alchemy Psychology Manifesting Big Bang
Vision Model

Coagulation Transparency One with Return to

the Cosmic Inner
Neural Grand

Network Unification

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