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Published by Kesgrave High School, 2017-10-17 04:58:17

Highlights - October 2017

Highlights - October 2017


HIGHLIGHTSIssue 07 • Oct 2017


NNeewwSScchhoool lYYeeaarrEEdditiitoionnAVEHIGHSCHO

In association with


THE brought to you by our students

Journalism and stories by:

TEAM Regan Arun Lushan Kitty-Boo
Maudhoo Maudhoo Capey

Finley Kareem Abbie Megan Mazen Johnathan
Read Haggag Finch Powles Haggag Durston

Photography by:

Sophie Holly Leo Josh Keeley Ella
Tibble Baldock Vincent Reavell Battle Wendon-

Words from the Head

Art, photography, music, drama and media flourish at Kesgrave
High School- it is fabulous to see so many past students working very
successfully in the fields of Film and Journalism for instance. The
front cover picture is taken by a year 7 student and captures a squirrel
in our woods, whilst this magazine contains articles by the talented
student journalists and photographers in the school.

Nigel Burgoyne “

Head teacher

Welcome To Highlights

Welcome to the autumn edition of Highlights, kick starting the new school year!

Since putting out the call in September for a new group of reporters and photographers to help produce
Highlights, we have had an influx of eager students from across all year groups who have been busy
interviewing teachers and sourcing news stories of what has been happening in school this half term. It has been
fantastic to see these students working together to write the articles, take photos of events and above all be keen
and enthusiastic in their contributions to the magazine. We hope that you enjoy reading about the variety of
events and projects that are taking place within the school – and this only covers six weeks of the term so far!

Our reports on the progress of the school musical ‘The Spelling Bee’ will be a regular feature this year in the run
up to the final performances in February. Also, we are looking to make the Student Success feature a regular
occurrence to celebrate students from Kesgrave who have achieved great accomplishments in the wider world
after they have left us.

Finally, we have had great success in collaborating a partnership with local Ipswich magazine Waterfront Life
when their editor Richard Stewart approached us to get some of our sixth form students writing a new segment
in the Student Life magazine about various issues that face sixth form students of today; such as mental health,
wellbeing and finance. We are really excited about this new partnership and giving our sixth form students
the opportunity to get their writing published to a wider audience and gain professional experience within the
industry. Keep an eye out for some interesting stories that will be coming your way exclusively in Sixth Form
Life, featured inside Highlights.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved and as ever please continue to feed back to the team on all topics.

Best wishes,
Miss Hunwicks

Editor Design Editor Sports Editor
Miss Hunwicks Mr Barber Miss Wright


NEW SCHOOL BUILD........................................................ 4 - 5
TOUR OF BRITAIN............................................................. 6
ARKWRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP............................................ 7
SPELLING BEE INTERVIEW.............................................. 8 - 9
STEM AT KESGRAVE HIGH............................................... 10 - 11
MATHS INSPIRATION......................................................... 12
SIXTH FORM life................................................................. 13 - 18
STRESS.............................................................................. 19
SUCCESS AFTER KHS....................................................... 20
ZAMBIA EXPEDITION......................................................... 22 - 24
LANGUAGES NEWS........................................................... 26 - 27
YEAR 9 WOLSEY THEATRE PRODUCTION..................... 28 - 29
SPORTS NEWS.................................................................. 30 - 32


SCHOOL years) comprising of four classrooms, a
EXPANSION resource area, toilets and an office space.
IN PROGRESS The building will have plenty of windows
allowing for natural air flow throughout
KHS students Mazen and Kareem Haggag the classrooms and lots of natural light.
met up with Mr Burgoyne and Ms Breckell The open area in the building will house
a few computers but is not specifically a
to find out about the new build. computer area, and is designed to be used
for ‘break out’ moments for small group
WRITTEN BY work within lesson time. Ms Breckell
Kareem & Mazen Haggag told us that they had deliberately planned
not to put in a lot of computers as in the
There is a lot of activity going on at the future computer rooms may become
front of the school site and some of you obsolete due to the increased use of
may be wondering what is being built mobile devices and tablets for education.
near the café, so we caught up with Mr The classrooms should be bright, spacious
Burgoyne and Ms Breckell to get all of the and airy to allow more creativity and
important information from the very top! flexibility in lessons in comparison to
the older classrooms in some areas of the
The new building which started being school, such as the maths block which is
built in June this year is planned to be currently the oldest block in the school
finished next March. It will have one floor dating to 1931.
(although Mr Burgoyne told us there are Whilst the Gallery Café was being built
‘future proof ’ plans with the opportunity last year, the outside was deliberately
to build another level if needed in later left unfinished with the plans that the
new classrooms would be added on
quite quickly. Now that the building

is complete, the outside area will be a every year. The plans for this building
communal space with lots of trees, plants have been in the pipeline since 2010 as
and possibly even a herb garden. Kesgrave has been fully aware of the
As to what subjects will be taught in the increasing numbers over the past seven
new building, that is still in discussion years and the squeeze on space that this
and will be announced in December but creates around the school site.
it will not be solely for one subject. Mr
Burgoyne and Ms Breckell said this was There are currently no other building
top secret for the time being! works planned, but there are several
The new classrooms will be for all year renovation projects taking place in and
groups, but the Gallery Café will still around the older parts of the school
remain for Year 11 and Sixth Form only. building to keep everything up to date and
This latest extension to the school site will in good working order.
allow plans for all year groups to have an When asked if the building will house his
eleven form intake to go ahead; meaning new office Mr Burgyone replied jokingly
Kesgrave High School will be the largest with “No, but I consider the Gallery Café
school in Suffolk for age 11-16 education as my second office!”
– the more the merrier we say!
The funding for this project has come A fun fact about the
from the local authority after the school’s history of the school:
bids to the Condition Improvement Fund
(CIF) for academies were unsuccessful in • During World War II, there was a ‘dummy
previous years. Finally, the local authority runway’ across the back of the school site
have recognised our need for expansion, (by the woods) planned as a decoy for
as last year Kesgrave had 700 applications German bombers who might attack local
for 280 places and numbers are rising RAF bases at Martlesham, Woodbridge and

TOUR OF Photo by Mr Vincent

BRITAIN by the Police was incredible! The police
motor bikes raced to close the roads, then
WRITTEN BY MR BARBER encouraged the crowds and highfived
students as they went past. The whole
On Friday 8th September students at event was televised on ITV4 and it was
Kesgrave witnessed part of the Tour of great to look back and see the Kesgrave
Britain cycling race seeing the racers pass students cheering on the talented athletes.
down Main Road with the Sprint Stage Even non cycling enthusiasts agreed the
outside Kesgrave High School. Hundreds of event was really impressive to watch and
students and members of the community experience.
flocked to see the 120 premier cyclists
compete in Britain’s elite cycling race. The Tour of Britain hopes to encourage
Stage Six of the race started at Newmarket people to take up cycling at any level as
and finished at Aldeburgh covering a a great way to keep fit and commute to
distance of 187KM (116 Miles), eventually school or work. We are lucky at Kesgrave
being won by the Australian 23 year old having just over 60% of our students cycle
sprinter Caleb Ewan from Team Orica- to school making Kesgrave High School
Scott. Unfortunatly Ewan had to retire from the most cycled to school in Europe! It was
the event and the overall win went to the only fitting that a sprint stage took place
Dutch rider Lars Boom of Team LottoNL- outside the school gates.
Jumbo. British riders who whizzed past
the school included World Champions and “The enthusiasm
Olympians such as Mark Cavendish MBE, from the side
Geraint Thomas MBE and many more. of the road was
The enthusiasm from the side of the road electric”
was electric and made the whole event
amazing to watch. The logistical operation

6 • October 2017 • Highlights Magazine


WRITTEN BY MR CORKER which included a detailed application
form with references, a challenging two
Every student has a talent that they can hour exam and finally an interview with
put to good effect, whether it is one’s an expert panel. Megan impressed with
ability to excel in sport, creative writing her ability to identify manufacturing
or engineering amongst other skill sets. processes on everyday products and
Sometimes these talents shine through the success of a security device that she
at an early stage allowing experts and engineered and programmed at home.
those in industry to become quickly As part of her scholarship, Megan
impressed. Megan Henderson is one is being supported for the next two
such student who from a very early age years of her studies by world leading
has shown tremendous aptitude in the intelligence architects Arm. An exciting
fields of Engineering and Computer world of engineering awaits for Megan.
Science and has clearly demonstrated
her potential to be a future leader
in engineering by being awarded a
prestigious Arkwright Scholarship.
Megan is one of only 400 students
nationally to have gained this award
following a rigorous application process

Spelling Bee

The Musical

INTERVIEW The musical of the 25th annual Putnam
WITH MISS County Spelling Bee shows how a group
PRESCOTT of students disclose their hilarious and
touching stories from their home lives
WRITTEN BY and how they cope under the pressure
KITTY-BOO CAPEY of a spelling competition. Some children
spell weirdly, for example they have
PHOTOS BY random trances of spelling or they spell
SOPHIE TIBBLE with their foot. It’s the story of their seven
journeys and who wins.
Although the final performance The Kesgrave musical auditions saw over
dates aren’t until next year, the drama one hundred pupils audition for a part in
department are already busy behind the musical from Year 7 right up A-level
the scenes preparing this year’s school students. There is a big cast of eighty plus
musical production. I interviewed Miss students working hard with the drama
Prescott in Drama about this year’s department to bring the production to
production ‘The Spelling Bee’. life.
This musical stands out from others
The Spelling Bee is a Tony award winning because it’s a comedy and it’s all very
musical based on a book by Rachel silly and over the top and uses lots of big
Sheinkin with a score by William Fin. It gestures. Another special thing about
is an off Broadway production and has the musical is that it tells seven different
seen huge success in fringe theatres stories in one production. Because of this,
across the world! there is actually no lead role in the play

8 • October 2017 • Highlights Magazine

but there are seven main characters in “Over one hundred
each story. Every one of the seven main pupils auditioned
roles has a solo to sing. Mrs Prescott
revealed that these main roles have gone for a part”
to GCSE and A Level students, but many
students from years 7, 8 and 9 will be
performing in the ensemble cast.
Interestingly, the costumes are made and
provided by the school and sometimes
made by parents - that’s a lot of costumes
to make this year as every member of
the cast needs one! No doubt the Drama
department will be working tirelessly on
sewing costumes, making scenery and
organising the event; this is one of the
reasons that preparations have to start in
September, a full five months before the
curtain comes up on opening night! The
Music department will once again be
performing the score on the night and
are already rehearsing and working with
students to ensure the musical comes to
life. The hours that go into making a
production of this scale is enormous and
is a testament to the staff, students and
parents of Kesgrave High School.
The final performances are on 7th and
8th February 2018. Keep a look out in
the next edition of Highlights where we
will give you updates on the rehearsal
progress and a final review of the whole



Science, Technology, walked away with first prize in the Biology
Engineering and senior category (well done Laura!) and a
Maths commendation for Yan and Ellie’s math’s
WRITTEN BY MR GREEN The science department is going to
expand the very successful CREST Award
The Science department has been running opportunity we give year 9 and 10’s this
several STEM events and activities recently. year to include the Bronze Award for year
We ran a ‘PhysiXfactor’ competition 7 and 8 students with a new science club
for Year 7 and 8 students to design, being run by Mr Harris and hope lots of
present information, model or present an students take the opportunity to gain this
experiment that demonstrated a physics prestigious award.
principle. The best groups then went on Finally, using a combination of an ex
to the PhysiXfactor final at the University science technician's husband and a KHS
of Suffolk in June against other schools. alumnus (my son, an RAF officer), we
We showed three projects: how planes fly, presented a talk on how army engineers
fruit powered batteries and how chemical and technicians keep the Apache helicopter
rockets work. The rockets project won flying that included our own personal
second prize overall. Well done to Abbi visit of an Apache helicopter to the top
Finch and Megan Powles - the rocket girls! field at KHS. Seeing the military aircraft
landing was an exciting event attended by
At the end of June we took four of our best many students. The talks were incredibly
Year 10 British Science Association Silver informative and we hope they show the
CREST Award projects to the Eastern variety of job opportunities within the
Region Big Bang Fair in Chelmsford and STEM field.

10 • October 2017 • Highlights Magazine

Kesgrave High School is proud to have HIGHLIGHTS EXCLUSIVE
such exciting STEM activities both in the
curriculum and after school clubs. The I am pleased to announce that
popular Space Club run by Mr Green KHS has made the Guinness
sees guest speakers come and speak with Book of Records!
the students about careers in STEM. The
students and staff witnessed the launch “The 2018 copy has an entry
and descent of the WORLD’S HIGHEST for Space Club’s paper plane
paper plane launch as part of the club’s launch. The highest altitude
experiment. The on-board footage showed plane launch is 35,043 meters
the plane reaching the outer atmosphere and was achieved in Elsworth,
of the earth before it descended back to UK on 24th June 2015. The
earth. The footage that can be viewed on paper plane was launched as
YouTube is an amazing viewing experience part of a high school science
and gives you an example of how high the club activity.”
plane actually was. You can clearly see the
UK and East Anglia! Kesgrave High School
now have a historic claim in the Guiness
Book of Records!


WRITTEN BY JONNY DURSTON out to be a staggering 1 in 45,057,474
chance!). They were then given the
On 19th September, Kesgrave High School opportunity to make a set of non-transitive
played host to Katie Steckles. Based in dice. This is a set of three special dice: if
Manchester, she is a well-known speaker on you pick two of them and roll them side by
all things mathematical, and has appeared side, one dice is more likely to roll a higher
on numerous different platforms such as number than the other!
BBC radio and YouTube. She had arrived To the Sixth Formers, she gave two talks.
to give talks to the Year 10s/Year 11s, Year The first was all about fractals, which
8s/Year 9s, and to Sixth Formers about concerns a branch of mathematics related
some of her favourite areas of the subject, to patterns which repeat infinitely. This can
and to inspire those attending to pursue lead to all sorts of mesmerising images, from
mathematics further. the “dragon curve” seen in the Jurassic Park
First of all, the Year 10s and Year 11s were novels to the 3D Sierpinski tetrahedron.
wooed by some interesting maths problems, These images have many interesting
which led Katie to speak about some of the properties, and can crop up in extremely
greatest unsolved problems in mathematics. weird places! The second talk was about the
The highlights of this included “The Pancake maths behind magic tricks, and involved
Theorem”: How many flips are required to learning how to perform some simple tricks
get a jumbled stack of pancakes back into and how they work; revealing that to be a
the correct order? good magician the only thing you need to be
To the Year 8s and 9s, she gave a talk about skilled at is maths!
probability. This fascinating branch of Overall, the talks were extremely insightful,
mathematics is related to the likelihood and everyone came away from the day
of certain events and outcomes occurring. having learnt something new. Hopefully,
Students learned how to make money many students from Kesgrave High School
through bets; by playing a game which will now feel inspired and have had an idea
appears fair but the odds are actually shifted of some of the ways in which maths is both
in your favour. They also worked out the omnipresent and beautiful.
chance of winning the lottery (which turned


Lifestyle Magazine for the Students of Ipswich

Photo from Student Life IMAGE LIBRARY Proud supporter of


“Kesgrave Sixth Form is incredibly excited about WELCOME
teaming up with Student Life Magazine. The
idea that students will have the opportunity “
to get firsthand experience of writing, editing,
publishing and the many other tasks needed
to produce a magazine, seemed too good an
opportunity to miss. Employers and university
admissions departments always ask for evidence
and experience that students can write about in
CVs & personal statements and this provides that
in abundance. The topics that the steering groups
have chosen to cover, which include Beauty,
Fashion, Finance, Health (physical, sexual and
mental), Technology and Travel, are those most
pertinent to students at sixth form and many of
our students have already been able to utilise
their talent in a really creative and empowering

Sarah Wheatley
Head of 6th Form

Here, Student Life editor Richard DEMOGRAPHIC &
Stewart explains the correlation GEOGRAPHICAL REACH,
between Student Life and IMPACT TO DATE AND EXTRA
SixthForm Life and what the CURRICULAR & WHOLE

Having spent many weeks painstakingly We are fortunate to live in a culturally
putting together our student steering diverse county and this is highlighted by
groups, staging the first meetings and the many cultures represented by local
developing Student Life, it made absolute students.
sense to collaborate with the School over
content for its newly conceived HIGHlights Our steering groups have united students
supplement, specific to the 6th Form. We across three of Ipswich’s educational
were already developing content driven facilities. These students’ articles have
by and written by the students of KHS’ appeared in print and online and with the
6th Form, so why not include this in the support of their families, these students
popular, existing school magazine. So, have been able to write about their
with Student Life going from strength to experiences in core topics.
strength, we will now feature the students’
content in SixthForm Life……perfect! Students have readily given up their
valuable, spare time to become involved in
STUDENT LIFE – a project seen by all as having an impact
THE MAGAZINE, THE WEBSITE on their lives. Whether this impact is
& SOCIAL MEDIA expressive writing, bringing design ideas
to life, or whether the involvement simply
PRINT MAGAZINE looks great on a future CV, there is no
(up to 10,000 copies printed & distributed doubting the effort shown to date. The
locally) future looks very bright indeed and we look
Students attending our three steering forward to sharing our future progress with
groups have all agreed that they would like you.
to work towards a ‘go-to’ handbook being
available to their peers.

An interactive and user-friendly digital
platform, replicating all print content and
evolving into an advice centre

An area that every organisation knows they
must embrace, but few get right.

Geraldine McLaughlin is Head Every place we stayed was unique; ranging
of Year 12 and became involved from a Victorian home in San Francisco,
with Student Life because it was a a ski lodge in Yosemeti, to a cottage with a
fabulous opportunity for members Japanese sunken hot tub in Monteray Bay.
of the Sixth Form to become This gave us a taste of California that we
involved in the production of a would never have got if we had stayed in
magazine. hotels.

I loved the BBC1 Big Blue programme, In San Francisco we experienced beautiful
in which the presenters tried to spot an beaches, buzzing bars and seafood
endangered Blue Whale off the coast restaurants and I decided that I could
of California on live TV. I decided that I indeed live there. The boys loved the
wanted to go with my family to Monteray baseball, the sea lions at the end of Pier
Bay and see if we could see a Blue Whale 39 and, of course, the obligatory cycle over
too. The four of us decided to do a road trip Golden Gate Bridge.
from San Francisco to the national park
Yosemite and finally on to Monteray Bay. After leaving San Francisco we travelled
This was going to be an expensive, once in on to Yosemite. This was an incredible
a lifetime trip, so we booked Airbnb houses. experience where every walk, which was
often quite isolated, had the possibility of
meeting a black bear. We stumbled across
a Lynx stalking prey, which luckily, had not
the slightest interest in us. But still no bear.
Not until the final day when an adolescent
bear tumbled down the mountain in front
of our car and off in to the distance at top

Finally we got to Monteray Bay. We avoided
the overcrowded tourist boats and went
out on a fishing boat. After an hour of
ploughing through bumpy waves we were
surrounded by humpback whales. They
breached and tail fluked around us which
was incredible. We turned and carried
on searching until the moment when we
saw the majestic back of a Blue Whale;
the biggest creature on the planet. This
was one of the most incredible moments
I have ever experienced. Where is David
Attenborough when you need him?




WRITTEN BY ROSIE MAY UCAS Track is designed to enable you to
see whether universities have offered you
Rosie is 18 years old and an interview or a place on your course.
applied for a ‘Child Nursing’ Unconditional offers are the best you can
place at 4 different Universities. get, as this means that the university is
Rosie decided to get involved offering you a place regardless of what
with Student Life because she grades you get at the end of sixth form or
understands how relieving it can college. However, these seem fairly rare
be to know about other people’s and are mostly based on your grades from
experiences in the application the previous year. Most courses may ask
process. for interviews beforehand, and I have
been invited to three so far and within a
At first, the thought of applying to month of sending off my application. The
University seemed daunting and stressful. interviews seem nerve-racking but from
Personal statements, choosing Universities hearing other people’s experiences, I don’t
and trying to figure out the new UCAS tariff think they will be as bad as they seem.
points system was all a bit confusing. My When reading through some itineraries
biggest struggle was whittling down my for the interview days, I was met with a
personal statement to only 4,000 characters. lot of revision and preparation. Some of
As many as that may sound, when having to these involved reading up on recent issues
include everything that you need within the regarding my chosen course, revising for
statement, I found it rather difficult trying Literacy and Numeracy tests and trying to
to cut certain parts out. find my GCSE certificates to take with me!

The actual process of applying took a fair Overall, my experience of applying to
amount of time. After adding in all of my UCAS has been fairly straightforward, but
personal details, previous employment definitely made easier with the help of
information, student finance and unique teachers and the UCAS help twitter page.
learner codes, I was met with the task of
picking 5 universities to apply to. You can
apply for just 1, or up to 5; however with
having to pay £23 to apply for 2 or more, I
decided to go for the full 5. After that, the
rest of the process has been pretty straight

MY Life



Early in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa script is currently being discussed at weekly
May announced a comprehensive package meetings of our newly formed Production
of measures to transform mental health Group at the School.
support in schools, workplaces and
communities. The PM wanted to employ The film will feature students discussing
the power of government as a force for their mental health stories and will
good, to transform the way that mental empower viewers – namely the students’
health problems are dealt with, right peers – to open up about their own feelings
across society. Furthermore, the vision and past & current experiences. Student
was a comprehensive package of reforms Life has already been fortunate enough
to improve mental health support at every to publish some powerful content on this
stage of a person’s life – with an emphasis subject and some extracts from student
on early intervention for children and stories are featured below:
young people.
“I had just rung the doctors to book an
Student Life & SixthForm Life appointment with my GP for feelings of
will share, promote and, most sickness, dizziness, and disassociation; my
importantly, act on this Vision. personal manifestation of anxiety. I had
been experiencing this for several weeks now
We all have mental health, in just the same and had decided that I really should
way that we all have physical health and we address the situation.”
are already working with students across
our three educational facilities, to reduce “This outlines everything the perfectionist
the stigma of discussing mental health. fears: perfection does not equate to
We encourage 6th form students who positivity. By setting myself small targets,
have experienced a mental health issue, to this has decreased my anxiety levels.
consider writing an article for publication. Just by speaking to someone, breaking
We are also producing a film with the my work into manageable pieces, and
School’s media studies students, addressing allowing myself time to relax has been
the issue of speaking up about emotional highly effective in re-evaluating how I view
wellbeing. perfection.”

‘Out of the Dark & In to the Light’ is the
working title of the short film and the draft


FINCH, MEGAN sometimes taking a walk can help
POWELS & you to slow down and appreciate
KEELEY BATTLE life, and has been shown to actually
help put your brain into a meditative
It’s something everyone has to state and gives your brain a chance
deal with; whether it’s dealing with to switch off and reflect. Walking
exams or things at home, stress is in green spaces outside can be
one of the annoying things in our especially beneficial – as well as
lives and affects all of us at some good exercise!
point. We have a few pieces of
advice that could help when dealing SPENDING TIME WITH A PET
with stressful times. Here are our one way to release stress is to stroke
top three stress busting tips: a pet as it creates positive emotions,
takes away feelings of isolation and
STRESS BALLS can help encourage communication.
these are little foam balls that So if you are ever talking to your
you can get from gift shops and pet – you are not going mad, you
newsagents. Repeatedly squeezing are stress relieving! Sometimes pets
the ball helps reduce tension as can sense when things are getting to
when we are stressed our bodies you and will try to comfort you.
naturally tense up and you might
even find yourself physically Thank you for reading our
clenching your fists. Using a stress guide to stress and remember
ball releases some of the pent up things will get better!
energy and helps your relax.

LIFE AFTER other markets beckon. Since the launch,
KESGRAVE major manufacturers have expressed
HIGH SCHOOL great interest and already there are large
numbers of orders for the vehicle. Ross is
WRITTEN BY MR PEARSON not alone, though.
We know that countless students from
“Ross’ journey has taken KHS have gone on to achieve their dreams
him from KHS to NYC; courtesy of the combined determination
from student designer to and sheer hard work of themselves and
designer of the future” staff – not just teachers, but all staff –
technicians, teaching assistants, trainee
The vast majority of our students leave teachers, admin staff etc., have all played
KHS and go on to lead very successful their part in the education of our students.
lives. We know that, and so does the
government, yet sometimes this success
can be forgotten as we focus head down
towards the next government target. So I
thought I’d share the fantastic success of
one of our ex-students, Ross Compton.

Ross’ dream has always been to become
a motor vehicle designer and, at the age
of 26, he has achieved that with some
distinction with the unveiling of an
electric four-wheel drive car at a launch
show in New York. The vehicle is destined,
initially, for the American market, but

Don’t sit in the cold! Come
and enjoy our fantastic café

on the KHS grounds


Open Weekdays 8am to 8:30pm
Open Saturdays 9am - 1pm




Zambia is a large country at the heart of
Africa and the only place in the world
where four countries meet. With huge open
plains and barren rolling hills separated by
a network of rivers, the wildlife is abundant,
scenery is stunning and it offers any visitor
an amazing African experience...

But a typical African adventure is not what dust that simply collapses around our feet.
we do at Kesgrave High School. Our teams Sand for building must be dug out of the
go well off the beaten track and in July 2017 ground from over 500m away and then
our team of 22 spent time in rural Siansowa, carried by hand to our building site along
camping in semi-desert and working on with clay bricks and any other items that
sustainable projects designed to make an we need. No mechanical aids here, and all
impact and lasting difference to one of the concrete/mortar is mixed by hand by our
poorest communities in the world. willing team.

Building work First aid training

In an area that receives no school funding Siansowa village is home to several
at all and where basic commodities such hundred people, living in a scattered
as food are in very short supply, our focus assortment of houses that have remained
project of building a chicken coop was at the largely unchanged for hundreds of years.
heart of our stay. It all sounded so simple; The traditional wood and mud huts are
dig some foundations, add a bit of concrete, still the predominant housing types. Life
build a few walls, add a roof, and there it is, a is exceptionally hard and with access to
chicken coop ready to supply the community medicine often involving prohibitively
with eggs, a vital source of food and potential expensive trips by bus lasting four hours
income for the school. But life “on project” or more, even serious injuries often go
doesn’t always go according to plan. The untreated. Our expedition teams always
ground has been baking for months in the
hot sun and is either hard as concrete or like

travel with trained first aiders and Community life
through donations from Manningtree
First Responders, we were able to travel From the moment we first arrived in
out with large quantities of basic first aid Siansowa we were made to feel especially
supplies to donate to the community. But welcome and our every action was often
we were able to do so much more, and by followed by an eager crowd of children
using the expertise of our team we were that were curious about us and our work.
able to provide basic lifesaving training to The phrase “Hello, how are you?” is
key members of the community so that everywhere and any and every reply brings
the equipment could be used appropriately laughter. Our team soon felt at home and
in the future. encouraged our new friends to join in,
whether it was building work, playing
No luxuries here! games or painting; it was truly a joint
Our project site is located in the grounds
of the local middle school and facilities Being Flexible
are sparse. Our campsite consists of an
assortment of tents that tentatively seek One of the joys of travelling with a diverse
shade from the few trees that have group of students is that everyone has
retained their leaves in the baking sun, but skills that can be applied at some time and
keep a respectable distance to avoid the everyone does what they can to make our
scorpions and snakes that also like the time in Zambia have impact. Whether it
shade of the loose bark. One water tap is project management, manual labour or
serves us for everything and we soon learn any other of the vital roles, our students
to appreciate the cool water from the seek out tasks that will help and work
borehole (it’s either that or water from together to make our trips successful,
Lake Kariba that has a distinctive odour memorable and a true learning experience.
and taste since it is unfiltered). No
electricity, no showers, long drop toilets,
and no mobile phones. Cooking over the
wood fire is simple – source any food we
can get (including crocodile), put it in the
pot, stir it up and serve!

Our trips are exhausting and at times
stressful, but are not intended to be easy -
we all learnt from our experiences and all
returned home somehow different inside.
In July 2017, Kesgrave High School Sixth
Form made a real difference.

KHS Expeditions - communities we visit and our mantra of
Background “we can make a difference, even if we are
no longer here” is at the heart of what we
Our purpose do.

Kesgrave High School Sixth Form has a You may have seen our team at school
proud record of encouraging our students events within Kesgrave High School, such
to “look beyond” their academic studies as concerts and other major events, where
and since 2009 has provided opportunities we are invited to provide refreshments or
for teams of students to travel to South sell our keyrings and bookmarks etc. Your
Africa, Greece and Zambia to participate support makes these expeditions possible
in conservation and community based and we would like to thank everyone for
projects. their help and advice over the past years.
These educational visits have always had However, we also operate in the wider
a profound impact on the students and school community and through the
have promoted resilience, communication, “easyfundraising” system we are able to
team work and leadership skills and gain donations from anyone who shops
provided them with a unique opportunity on-line at no additional cost. If you shop
to develop these skills further whilst on on-line and would like to help us with our
expedition in an unfamiliar environment. project fundraising then please take a look
Skills that we believe will help them here :
through their remaining studies and in
later life. uk/causes/khsexpeditions/

Funding? Sign-up is easy and even the smallest
contributions soon add up to a useful sum
Parents are not expected or even allowed that is always put to very good use.
to pay for our trips and all costs incurred If you would like to know more about
should be met by the students’ own efforts our work or forthcoming expeditions
during fundraising events – typically in then please contact : M. Stapleton,
the region of £2500. In addition to each (
student’s own fundraising we also raise
funds as a group so that we can buy items
such as teaching aids and project materials
that are impossible for the people of our
visited communities to purchase or have
access to. Our projects aim to be the
start of sustainable development in the



WE GO!!! Simon Wright Racing developments is the
current Iame Cadet champion and has
Do we have moved up to Iame X30 class, a huge jump
the next Lewis in engine power and chassis size.
Hamilton at In his first year in junior karting he has
managed to finish in the top 10 at each
round – no mean feat in a very competitive

Kesgrave? Ben recently gained a third place in a
very competitive field of 27 drivers over
Ben Cochran in Year 8 has two days taking a pole position in one
been hitting the news headlines final. Despite being the youngest driver in
with his success on the karting the class, he has shown real potential by
track. Mike Bacon from the East being a front runner even though he is the
Anglian Daily Times reported youngest driver by almost two years.
on Ben’s success as a karting
champion. Currently leading the mini x 30
championship at Hunts Kart Club, he
Ben Cochran continues to impress in the is also lying sixth in the LGM National
world of karting. The Year 8 driver for championship with three rounds to go.

Next season Ben is taking his skills to
Europe where he will compete in the World
Karting championship in Italy.



WRITTEN BY ARUN We asked some pupils for their opinion
MAUDHOO, LUSHAN about the setup and their favourite
MAUDHOO & REAGAN TUCK challenges. Jake Foreman, Thomas Lewis
and Finley Ashley, all in HA7 said: “Our
The week commencing on the 25th – favourite tables were Chinese and Spanish.
29th September was The European Week It’s not crowded and it’s easy to find your
of Languages. The MFL department had way around.”
a variety of events on to promote this
exciting week. On Tuesday, the actual On that same week, the school canteen
European Day of Languages, in the chefs kindly offered to make a themed
Thomas Theatre there was a big event menu about five countries. There was a
for Year 7s. Each student took a passport different food from a different country
and completed the challenges at different every day in the canteen.
tables representing different countries
to collect a stamp from France, Turkey, As well as themed food, there were
China, Romania, Poland, Spain, Russia, French and German films being shown
Italy & Arabia. in the Library at lunchtimes for Year 7s
To get a certificate from Mrs Gwilliam, as they had just started learning these
the host, you had to get 8-10 stamps in languages. The French film was ‘Ma Vie
your passport! de Courgette’ and the German film was
‘Der Ganz Grosse Traum’ Many people
went and enjoyed it.

24 • July 2017 • Highlights Magazine



Year 7 German pupils learnt about Alfie Bywater, Emma Drake, Katherine
the German cultural tradition of the French, Luca Gentile, Amalia
Schultüte. This is a cone full of sweets, Grigorincinc, Morgan Hagger-Child,
toys and school equipment given to Phoebe Hammond, Phys Hope, Marley
children on their first day at school. To Hunt, Kieron Jonas, Isi Klotz, Hannah
celebrate our pupils’ first day in German Nilsson, Noyel John, Maddie Sennett,
school (our German lessons!) they were Lonni Dundure, Tarek El-Husseiny,
given the opportunity to make their own Katherine Kershaw, Ben Batho, Oscar
Schultüte. These were then filled with Munday, Hannah Burman, Lauren
treats and handed back to the pupils. We Squirrell, Molly Nicholson, Carmen
were blown away by how beautiful and Giner, Callum Hood
intricate their designs were. We hope
that this exciting activity starts a love of
learning German over the next few years.

Well done Year 7s!

Bold, brave and schools. The steering group, made up of
challenging new representatives from Suffolk high schools,
theatre production Suffolk Constabulary and Turning Point
about risk taking and drug agency, originally met in September
responsibility shown 2016 and decided that a theatre
to Year 9 students production would be the best way to get
the message across to students. The New
WRITTEN BY MISS HUNWICKS Wolsey Theatre then held workshops with
Year 8 and Year 12 students from Kesgrave
On Tuesday 3rd October, the entire Year last year talking to students about their
9 cohort at Kesgrave were part of an existing knowledge of drug abuse and
interactive audience seeing a new drama what more could be done to help students
production being brought to schools who face risk taking experiences. From
across the Ipswich area by the New these workshops, the pacy and interactive
Wolsey Theatre. This has been a project a production being shown over the past
long time in the making, with Mrs Rush, three weeks in schools across Ipswich was
a Student Support Officer at Kesgrave, a born.
member of the original steering group Jack Lang, a member of the Creative
who identified a need for more education Learning Department from the
about drug abuse and the risks associated New Wolsey said there had been an
with this to be produced for high “overwhelmingly positive reaction” to the
production as it is braver and bolder in
statement than previous productions that
normally rely on ‘scare tactics’ to present
the effects and dangers of drug taking,
which many students already know about.

What is different about this production
is that it focuses more about bettering
students’ understanding of the impact of
risks and how to actually risk assess their
own behaviour when faced with difficult
The whole production is interactive for
the students as they are split into four
groups who rotate around different
locations, each one with a new character
to meet. Ash Palmisciano, a freelance
actor who has specifically been brought
on board by the New Wolsey to host
this production, believes that the
‘promenade’ production of these four
differing encounters with drugs allows
students to find at least one character
they can identify with. The starting piece
permits the students in the audience to
actually interact with each other as the
actors ‘plant conversations’ to ‘break the
barrier’ of not talking about risk taking
behaviour, before they move on to hear
the individual four stories.
One of the most interesting aspects of
this production is the split narrative that
veers away from the normal story arc of
someone going from high to low based
on drug abuse – when in reality our lives
are made of many highs and lows based
on the multitude of decisions we make
on a daily basis. The four characters
are connected across time to show how
“we can become different people” to
emphasise to students how there is the
opportunity to redeem bad choices in the
past and promote the idea that proper
understanding of risk assessment behind
decisions can have positive outcomes.




The U12 boys won in their St Albans
Football Tournament with back to
back wins last Thursday and played
some exceptional football.

The final scores for their YEAR 10 FOOTBALL
games were:
Kesgrave vs Westbourne Won 4-1 Yr 10 beat Copleston
Kesgrave vs Claydon Won 10-1
Kesgrave vs St Albans Won 1-0 3 -2 in the ESFA Cup Round 1

Player of the Tournament: Player of the match: Jacob
Tarek el Husseiny Thomas

Table Tennis

Congratulations to These four Year 9 students represented
Hal Cooper, Marcelo the school in the U16 Table Tennis
Flores, Ethan competition at St Joseph’s on Friday. The
Goodchild and boys did exceptionally well considering
Jack Steward they were competing against students
who were two years older and managed
to finish in 3rd place in their league.



Ruby Hunt in K8
participates in
karate fighting -
here is some of her
recent progress

Ruby trains intensively 4-5 times a week A HUGE WELL
and is away competing most weekends DONE RUBY
around the country and abroad. AND KEEP US
She was selected to represent the England UPDATED WITH
Midland Region and competed in the YOUR SUCCESS.
Inter-Regional Clash in Leicester in July.
Ruby was in a team of three 10-11 year
old girls fighting a team from each of the
other three regions- South West, South
East and North. She won all her fights
without dropping a single point, ensuring
that her team won their category and
scored maximum points for our Midland
Region which went on to win overall.

More recently she competed in the
Luxembourg International representing
England Midland Region and won a
silver medal in the girls under 14 years
category. She is also the current Belgian
international open champion and has
dreams of representing England when she
turns 14.

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Photographers Kesgrave High School
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