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Kesgrave High School Highlights Magazine

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Published by Kesgrave High School, 2017-12-15 05:14:20

Highlights - December 2017

Kesgrave High School Highlights Magazine

Keywords: Education



December Edition

Cover Photo by Sophie Wendon-Blixford Yr7

In association with

1 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

HIGHLIGHTS Magazine is

MEET brought to you by our students
Journalism and Photography by:


Regan Arun Lushan Kitty-Boo
Tuck Maudhoo Maudhoo Capey

Sophie Fraser Ellie Tom Rosie Josh
Tibble Girling Hart Allen Wedge Hodgkin
“ WORDS FROM THE Deputy HEADAnother busy term draws to a close and it is almost Christmas. It has been an exciting term
at Kesgrave High School with so much to celebrate. Our new classroom building at the front

of the school is all on track to open on schedule in March and it will be another really exciting

21st Century Learning Space.

Sporting achievements have been strong again and we are delighted to have two football

teams through to the last 32 in the National Football Competition. School trips for Music,

Geography, Art, Photography, Textiles and Economics have enriched the curriculum for our

students and the Year 10 and 11 Ethics and Philosophy Conference last week enabled our

students to explore a variety of challenging and interesting themes. They were a real credit to

themselves and the school in the mature and articulate way they engaged in the Conference.

Community spirit at Kesgrave is always strong. Christmas Parcels are wrapped and ready

to go out to members of the Kesgrave Community delivered with festive spirit by our Year

7 students. Year 12 and 13 Rag Week was a tremendous success with students raising lots

of money for charity (shame about their defeat to the staff in the dodgeball – although “

admittedly the staff team was propped up by a few wonderful student volunteers!)

Have a very Merry Christmas a happy new year.

Miss Breckell
Deputy Headteacher

2 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Welcome To


Welcome to the Christmas edition of
Highlights, a packed, festive edition.

Since taking on the new and updated version of Josh Hodgkin & Mr Barber
Highlights it has been a real learning curve for all
of us involved, both students and staff. Although As a publication we are going from strength to
I come from a design background ,I have had to strength and with StudentLife, we hope to have a
relearn so many skills that I had forgotten or that sponsor onboard soon making this publication able
have totally changed since I left the industry nearly to continue.
8 years ago! It has been a chance to reflect and put
myself in the position of what the students have to On behalf of all of the Highlights team we wish you
do every day! Come to school and learn. a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018.

The Highlights mission when we started was Best wishes,
always to get the students involved and making this Mr Barber
magazine and the response has been overwhelming. Design Editor
Many industries could learn a lot from the youth of
today. The divergent, out of the box thinking that
allows creative work such as this to happen. That’s
why I feel working in education is one of the best
jobs as I get to work with creative talent everyday!

Contents... Editor
Grace Mason
BAKING FOR CANCER .................................................... 4 Sports Editor
OPERATION SHOEBOX APPEAL .................................... 5 Miss Wright
HELLO YELLOW ........................................................... 6 - 7
MUSIC NEWS ................................................................... 8
FILM REVIEW ................................................................... 9
STUDENTS SHINE............................................................ 10
REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR ..................................... 11
TRIED AND TESTED ........................................................ 12
SIXTH FORM LIFE ............................................................ 13 - 18
ANNA AIRY AWARD ......................................................... 19
LIFE IN YEAR 7................................................................. 21
LIFE AT KESGRAVE SIXTH FORM.................................... 22 - 23
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? .................................................24 - 25
SPORTS NEWS ................................................................ 26 - 29

3 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Student News

Baking for

Best friends Joe McNiel,
Alex Swain and Leo Gaeta
raise money for charity.

Written By Joe McNiel close to our hearts and we wanted to make a
contribution to not only help fight cancer but
My friends and I decided to do a cake sale to also thank all those people involved with
because our best friend lost his Dad to cancer supporting and helping cancer sufferers. We
so we are trying to help stop it. We thought would like to thank all those who supported
about ways to raise money and awareness us and purchased a cake. With your
and decided that baking cakes was a great generosity we raised £100 for St Elizabeth
idea as everyone loves cakes (including us)! Hospice and £100 for Cancer Reasearch.
We wanted to donate all the proceeds to both
Cancer research and St Elizabeth Hospice.
Like many others, this is a cause that is

4 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Operation as hats, gloves, scarfs and wind-up torches.
shoebox appeal The boxes are then packed and sent to
deprived children all over the world, in order
Written By Miss Button to give them a box of Christmas joy and put a
smile on their faces at Christmas.
Kesgrave Students show It took students about 3 weeks to organise
their festive charity in and make 60 shoeboxes and a lot of hard
the Operation Christmas work went in to it! Nevertheless, they
Child Shoebox Appeal thoroughly enjoyed this event and hope to
do it again next year. Kesgrave Students were
Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal able to make 60 shoeboxes in total. They hope
is part of the Samaritan’s Purse charity. It that they can continue with their success and
is an international relief and development make even more next year - possibly 100+?
organisation that has been working to The student’s favourite part was packing all
help deprived areas of the globe. With the the boxes and seeing them be collected and
generosity of people such as our students, sent to people who need it; really warmed our
they are able to bring joy to children who hearts.
have next to nothing. Kesgrave students
are very passionate about helping those
in desperate need, having previously been
involved in the donation of shoeboxes at their
time in Primary School. We are proud to
continue this tradition at Kesgrave and have
done so for many years.

The Charity’s aim is to make up Shoebox
parcels of toys, school supplies, hygiene
products such as toothpaste and soap as well

5 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine



“KESGRAVE HIGH UK. Young Minds helps children and young
RAISE OVER £1500 people with mental health to cope and talk
FOR MENTAL HEALTH about their emotions and offer support and
AWARNESS WEEK” guidance. Young Minds are determined to
eradicate the stigma of mental health and get
us to talk about it openly like we would any
other health issue. Their statement reads:

Written By Aurn Maudhoo - Yr 7 “We champion children
and young people’s mental
On Tuesday 10th October 2017 Kesgrave health and wellbeing across
High School participated in raising money
for World Mental Health Day. It was all the UK. Driven by their
organised by Mrs Cutting (MFL teacher). experience we create change
All students were asked if they’d like to come so that children and young
dressed in something yellow such as: yellow people can cope with life’s
socks, t-shirt, hairbands or even a yellow adversities, find help when
onesie! The colour Yellow and #HelloYellow needed and succeed in life”
represents the UK’s leading mental health
charity Young Minds. Young Minds aim to To help children and young people with
raise awareness of mental health, promote mental health, everyone at Kesgrave High
good mental health, allow children to talk School contributed £1. In total, we raised
about it openly and inspire us all to be open £1,523.63 – maybe the most money ever
about our mental wellbeing. By promoting raised on a non-uniform day. However
this awareness in schools, it is hoped we can it wasn’t just donating £1 and coming in
be proactive in dealing with mental health wearing yellow. In the school canteen, the
issues. chefs had kindly offered to do a special
Recent reports have shown nearly 850,000
children and young people have a clinically
significant mental health problem in the

6 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

menu of yellow food throughout the day. The
Ipswich Star Newspaper ran a huge article
about what we were doing and came into the
school to take pictures and write an article all
about what the staff and students were doing.
We were delighted to see we made the front
page of the Ipswich Star. Many local residents
saw how Kesgrave High School took part
in this important day and how committed
we are to mental health as a school and the
welfare and success of it’s students. The day
also highlighted the amazing work they do at
Young Minds.

“We were delighted to see we
made the front page of the

Ipswich Star”!

Many year groups had assemblies specifically
around the effects of mental health and the
support networks there are available to the
students of Kesgrave High School. Form
tutors also ran activities in form time to
highlight the importance of mental health.

Lushan Maudhoo, HO7 commented, “It
was very well organised and I’m glad that
we managed to raise such a high amount of
money for the amazing charity that is Young
Minds. It was brilliant that people put an
effort in to donate and #HelloYellow”!

Across the school it was clear that people
were really appreciative of the fact that the
school is actively promoting a positive stand
towards mental health. We are lucky that we
have fantastic teachers and support staff who
work everyday to ensure we are coping and
handling the pressures of school. We also
have a fantastic network of Student Support
Officers and Heads of year that are always on
hand from a simple chat to helping us seek
the right advice and guidance.

7 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Music News After having such a great time playing along
with the professional orchestra, they then
Suffolk Philharmonic treated us further to at lunchtime where
Orchestra come to they played to some Kesgrave High School
Kesgrave students in the Thomas Theatre. The students
found the whole experience incredible and it
Written By Kitty-Boo Capey Yr 7 was really popular.
After lunch, the school were visited
Before the half term the string quartet from from one of our feeder primary schools,
the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra visited Heath Primary. Along with the Suffolk
our school. In this quartet there were four Philharmonic Orchestra we played the songs
people a first violinist, a second violinist, a we had learnt together to the primary school
violist and a cellist. We were really lucky that students.
the string quartet tutored our string orchestra The day was a fantastic success and a real
and we played along with the professionals. privilege to be part of. Having the chance to
At 10:30 we met with the Suffolk play with Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra
Philharmonic Orchestra in the Thomas and learn from professional orchestral
Theatre. The orchestra started the day by musicians was amazing. The Kesgrave music
playing some fantastic music to us. The string department did a great job in organising the
quartet then listened to our string orchestra whole event and giving us such a rare and
as we played them a rendition of ‘La La Land’. important opportunity, and we sincerely hope
The string quartet taught us to play the song that they come back again.
“You’ve got a friend in me” which is featured To see the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra,
in the film Toy Story. play as a complete orchestra they have a
concert taking place at the Ipswich Corn
Exchange in December.
To see Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra play
live visit their website:

8 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine


Written By Regan Tuck Yr 7 Throughout the film there is talk of the
neighbour next door, who is said to
Reviewing a classic have murdered his family years ago. So
Christmas film when Kevin’s luck eventually runs out
surprisingly who should save him but the
I wanted to review a Christmas film neighbour next door, hitting the burglars
and I had never seen this film before so with his snow shovel and saving Kevin
sat down to watch what has become a from his inevitable fate?
Christmas classic. Obviously throughout the film it switches
‘Home Alone’ is a hilarious comedy to his family who are desperate to get
about an 8 year old boy at Christmas back to Kevin at home. His mum has to
time who literally gets left home alone, go on a road trip back as it’s Christmas
when his whole family flies to France and and the flights are booked.
leaves Kevin in the attic! At first Kevin is The film at times made me laugh out
overwhelmed by the sudden loss of his loud. It’s also emotional about the old
family but quickly realises being on his neighbour next door who hasn’t spoken
own doesn’t just mean eating ice cream to his son in years.
and watching TV all day. As the film I would definitely recommend this film
goes on, Kevin realises that two burglars as a good Christmas time watch because
are watching his neighbourhood and of its great spirit and hilarious scenes.
overhears them saying they are going Set at Christmas time with the snow and
to burgle his house that night. Kevin is Christmas lights it really puts you in the
quick to set traps including nails, oil, Christmas mood.
feathers and hot handles to stop them.

9 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

wStituhdeinntdsusshtirnye experts

Students shine with restrict damage to the environment. Students
industry experts had less than a day to produce their solution
which included in-depth research, detailed
Written by Mr Corker reports, CAD drawings and a presentation
to a panel which included industry experts
Recently Kesgrave held an industry based from Ingleton Wood and TJ Evers as well as
workshop day for students in Year 9 studying Mr Burgoyne and Mr Rowley. A real ‘dragons
Design Engineer Construct. The day itself den’ experience. The panel were genuinely
involved students working in teams to delighted with the quality of work produced
produce a coherent design for a sustainable with two teams in particular producing near
new classroom building. With so much faultless presentations. All students who
construction work taking place at Kesgrave participated in the event should be proud of
High School this year and previous years, their work and the maturity they displayed
the students weren’t short of inspiration! As on the day. This will stand them in good stead
part of this challenge, each member of the for a future in the built environment industry.
team took on a different role whether it was
Architect, Landscape Surveyor, Sustainability Many congratulations to the
Officer or even Company Director. It was winning team:
vital that individuals took responsibility
for their area whilst liaising with others in Aaron Robb, Sam Collins, James Boyle, Josh
the team to produce a workable solution. Howlett, Lewis Oldman, Amy Cole, Larna
Central to this work was the focus on limiting
environmental impact - new buildings should Gayfer, Tanaz Padiyath
maximise use of renewable energy and

10 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Student News


Written By Beth Shave - B12

Year twelve students give to collect together items to help those who
a present for advent may be struggling this Christmas. Many
people find Christmas quite a difficult time
This December, year 12 have decided of year with financial pressures and being
to give back to the community by being alone. The reverse advent calender idea is a
involved in something called, “reverse great way for us as a school help out others in
advent calendars”. You may be wondering, our community. It’s fantastic to see our year
‘what is a reverse advent calendar?’ The idea group helping out to make Christmas better
is, instead of getting something every day for those in need and we sincerely hope that
up until Christmas like you would with an it will inspire all to give something back this
advent calendar, you give something every Christmas.
day. Each form will have decided where they
want to donate the things collected in their To get involved or donate please visit:
‘reverse advent calendars’ which include local
food banks. Everyone will bring in an item
and put it in their form’s box (which can be
found under the Christmas tree in the Sixth
Form meeting room). These boxes have been
decorated and look very festive to say the
least! This is a really simple and easy way of
working together as a form to do good for the
community. It’s very similar to the Christmas
boxes made by year 7 and 8 for the elderly.

I love how active each form has been with
this task and everyone is working very hard

11 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Tried and tested

Reviewed By Ellie Hart - Year 12

Reviewing the Bean with everything being decently priced.
House in Kesgrave The Bean House was opened in spring last
year which allowed students of the local high
The Bean House is easily located by the school to grab a coffee or fit in some last
Tesco Metro on Ropes Drive thanks to its minute revision before going to their exams,
clear signage and advertising board. The myself included, making it popular with the
building is bright, aesthetically pleasing and younger residents of Kesgrave. It is still a
the interior reflects this by being not only popular place for students to meet with their
bright, but also fun and modern. Everything friends to either chat or work – sometimes
is presented cleanly and orderly with many both!
clear chalkboards showing items from the However, it is not just used by the younger
extensive menu. members of the community. Mums and Dads
on the school run pop in for a quick drink or
A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is created to pick up a treat or two for the kids, people
by the staff greeting customers with a smile pop in to grab a quick bite on their lunch
and being infallibly polite. Not only do they break or on their way home and the older
greet you, I was thanked for my custom generations relax while enjoying a coffee in
cheerfully as I left. The service was excellent, this cosy little café.
efficient and is part of the reason I have In my opinion, the only thing that could
gone back. It’s a nice place to eat or grab a improve the establishment is I would prefer
convenient drink while on the go. some background music but apart from that,
Both the food and the drinks are tasty and there is nothing to fault.
prepared swiftly. They have a wide range too,
covering sweet and savoury, snacks and meals
as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks,

12 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine


Lifestyle Magazine for the Students of Ipswich

Cover photo by MOLLY SMITH using a Canon EOS 400D Proud supporter of

SIXTHFORM Life13 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Hello and welcome to our second edition of WELCOME
SIXTHFORM life. I’m so pleased to have seen
the contribution of sixth formers to the last “
magazine features, showing off our photographic
and journalistic talent.

Much has happened since the last edition: UCAS
applications for yr13 are well underway and the
highly successful charity rag week for yr12 are
just a couple of the highlights, with a celebration
karaoke on the last Friday of term still to come.
Staff and students have already raised £255 for
teenage cancer trust and the sixth form team
thank everyone for their generous contributions
of time, commitment and money. As well as this,
yr12 forms are donating reverse advent calendars
to support local foodbanks.

With the festive holiday fast approaching, I’d
like to wish students and their families a very
happy Christmas. May 2018 bring success and

Sarah Wheatley
Head of 6th Form

14 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Now make those amounts stand out on
BUDGETING the page, it’ll help you later! Use your
highlighters! Now pop these numbers into
WRITTEN BY JOSH HODGKIN a spreadsheet alongside the dates they
leave your account every month. This way,
Let’s face it, being a student is you won’t be shocked when they go out!
tough. With all the deadlines,
coursework and revision to USE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED!
crack on with, we could really Now that you’ve planned when your
do without money stress on top. payments go out, make doubly sure you
Unfortunately, the reality is that never ever spend close to the total in a
dealing with our finances is given month. For example, say you have
inevitable. It can be very difficult £500 in outgoings every month. Try to keep
– especially when your friends £550 aside so you can be safe if things are
are going out and you genuinely slightly more expensive than you’d hoped.
cannot afford to. Now I don’t We’ve all experienced getting to the end
profess to be any sort of expert, of our data and having to pony up £8 for
I struggle just like you! But here more!
are my top tips for staying in
control. HOW TO SAVE!
Saving is very important, too. If you’re
USE YOUR BANK STATEMENTS! in sixth form, saving any penny you can
One of the key strategies I use to keep is vital for university. Whenever you get
control, is to read my bank statement. By paid, decide on a percentage of your wage
analysing your statement (and pushing (minus your monthly payments from
aside your cinema tickets, drinks and earlier) that you want to save. Then, give
payday shopping splurges for now) you can your savings account a nickname on the
see the things that are constant month to Internet Bank – preferably something
month. Pay particular attention to direct like ‘SUPER IMPORTANT FUND’ so you’re
debits (like your phone bill), ‘recurring discouraged from spending it!
card transactions’ (e.g. your Spotify I hope this advice has helped you, and that
subscription) and anything else you know you’ll be able to manage your money just
has to go out every month (e.g. rent, food, that little bit more successfully. Good luck!
petrol, train/bus tickets).

15 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine



‘Why should we take their lives at the mere age of several hours, just so
for our own pleasure?’ ‘Is all that that we can drink their milk. Yet we do
torture really worth it?’ nothing about it. We look down on animal
testing when we are confronted with it, yet
These were the questions I started asking we purchase deodorants, shampoos and
myself in February 2016. Why should toothpaste without a moment’s hesitation,
innocent cows, pigs, sheep and so many as to where it came from. I cut dairy,
more gentle creatures have their lives eggs and honey out of my diet over a year
taken from them just so that we can eat? ago, and cannot see a time where I would
They too are living creatures. They feel consider bringing them back into my diet.
pain like we do, they feel love like we do, I never did it for the benefit of weight-loss,
yet they are subjected to endless amounts or to lower my chances of fatal diseases
of mistreatment for our benefit. Soon after (that being said, pretty good bonus if you
vegetarianism, having asked myself similar ask me!), but because I wanted to live with
questions regarding the production of milk compassion. I didn’t want to use products
and eggs, I converted to ethical veganism; - or eat meals - knowing that another life
and it’s a choice I will never go back on. had suffered, just so for 10 minutes, I
Ethical veganism refers to the lifestyle could enjoy a snack. That’s a whole life in
choice in which no animal products are exchange for 10 minutes. Many people use
consumed or used - out of ethical concern. the response ‘We need meat’ or ‘Cows don’t
need their milk’ when I explain my choice;
Many of us are aware of what mistreatment unfortunately, in many cases out of lack
animals go through, and are fully aware of education on the subject, not realising
of the truth behind “free range eggs” that these reasons are false. The industry
(Spoiler: they aren’t free range!) and young keeps so much under cover because they
calves being stolen from their mothers know the truth is horrific, yet the truth is
also simple; all lives matter, and all lives
deserve compassion.

16 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

MY Life that chat, I managed to get counselling;
which led to therapy and medication, and
SPEAKING OUT more support within school. If I hadn’t
spoken out in the first place, I might not be

One of our 6th formers discusses It doesn’t have to be through school;
why it is important to talk about it can be your closest friend or family
member. Talking to your parents is a
mental health, the benefits of common fear among people with mental
doing so and how it can help you health issues. Perhaps you are afraid they
won’t understand or they will get annoyed.
personally. They definitely won’t, they have your best
interests at heart and even if they get
It takes a lot of courage to speak out upset, it’s probably because they don’t want
about your feelings and mental health. you to feel that way – for your sake.
Too many people stay quiet due to a fear
of judgement or humiliation. But, mental Talking about your feelings with someone
health issues are nothing to be ashamed can help you understand what you feel
of. Admitting you need some help or just yourself. Talking about it and putting it into
discussing your situation could be a life words may seem less messy than if you
saver. Mental health issues ARE real and keep your feelings all jumbled up in your
we all need to do everything we can to help head. You can even write it down in a diary
people who may be suffering. if you feel like you can’t voice it. This can
make your feelings make a lot more sense
Understandably, you may be feeling instead of them constantly going round in
apprehensive about telling someone about your head. Raising awareness about your
the way you feel, but in the long run, it own mental health can also encourage
is the best thing you can do. I started off others to talk about it. So many people
by telling my student support officer at suffer in some way from poor mental
school. This felt like a huge step for me, health that if you mentioned it to someone,
but because I’ve done it, I can see how that they would understand how you feel. I know
10 minutes alone has benefitted me. From when I started telling my friends about
how I was feeling, they opened up about
problems they had in the past/their current
mental state.

There is always someone around to talk to.

17 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine




If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a If you have a story to tell, then look no
writer, then look no further. We are further. We are looking for former 6th
looking for writers to join us and Form Students, to tell us their story
cover topics as diverse as as part of our ‘Where Are They Now’
• Tech
• Fashion The series showcases former students
• Travel who have gone on to live a life-story
• Finance that will help/inspire others. We are
• Physical, Sexual & Mental Health also keen to hear stories of advice that
• Beauty you would give to your younger-self!

So, if you fancy your name ‘in lights’ Please email:
and want to build a great CV or UCAS
application, then please email: Mr Barber
Mr Barber or email
or email * No closing date set

* No closing date set

Replies please to

18 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Anna Airy

Written by Mrs Maitland in the public setting of a gallery. The Society
has continued the tradition by arranging
Two students take home independent exhibitions of students’ work
prizes at the Anna Airy in association with schools, colleges and the
Awards. We are delighted to announce that this year
2 of our A-level students won prizes! Ami
The Anna Airy Award Exhibition is organised Zhang was awarded the Anna Airy runner-up
by Ipswich Art Society and features a huge prize of £150 for her fantastic self-portrait
selection of work by young artists aged 16 – painting and Madeleine Pearson was awarded
20 from schools and colleges in the Ipswich the Key Arts Award for innovation with a
area. The annual exhibition was on display prize of £100 for her amazing “Church doors”
this year, at the University in the Waterfront 3D photographic series.
Building during November.

The Award Fund was set up in 1965 in
memory of Anna Airy (1882-1964). She was
one of the most distinguished painters of her
generation with work represented in many
major national collections. During the First
World War she was appointed an official
war artist. For 19 years she was President
of Ipswich Art Club (as the Ipswich Art
Society was then called). Anna Airy was
also regarded as a brilliant and inspirational
teacher by her students at Ipswich School of
Art and, in the Art Club’s Annual Exhibition,
she always included a ‘student section’ to give
younger artists a chance to exhibit their work

19 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Can you help?


Kesgrave High School Sixth Form has a then please consider making a donation. Your
proud record of encouraging our students dusty old laptop that has been consigned
to “look beyond” their academic studies and to the loft could make a huge difference to
provides annual opportunities for teams people on the other side of the world who
to participate in wildlife conservation and don’t have access to the simple things that we
community based projects in countries such take for granted – and we can get it there!
as South Africa and Zambia. Please be assured that we have technical staff
During our previous visit to South Africa in school who can securely erase any existing
in 2016 we were able to take 15 unwanted operating system, software and personal data
laptops with us to donate to schools, (without accessing it) if you don’t know how
communities and aspiring entrepreneurs to to do this yourself.
help with IT training, business start-ups and Thank you for taking the time to read this
simple tasks that we take for granted, such as message, I do hope you’ll be able to help. Any
writing a letter. suitable items can be taken to the Reception
These laptops were out of date by our of Kesgrave High School, or we are happy to
standards, running old operating systems come and collect items directly from your
and open source software - most of them home / premises if you prefer.
didn’t even have working batteries. But to Please contact : Assistant Head and School
developing communities they are much Expedition Leader, Mr M Stapleton for
prized administration and learning tools, further details.
helping local people to improve their own
lives or those of others.
We will be visiting South Africa once again Yours sincerely
in July 2018 and we would very much like
to repeat this initiative if we can, and this is Mr Stapleton
where you may be able to help.
Do you - or anyone else in your family or (on behalf of the Expedition Team 2018)
workplace - have an old laptop that is no
longer required? If so, we would gladly take
it off your hands and make sure it gets to
someone who can use and appreciate it.
If you have anything that you think may be
suitable, no matter how old or out of date,

20 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Life in year 7

Written By Fraiser Girling

How are the Year 7 I asked Tati Flores in T7 the same question:
students settling into a “What has been your best achievement been
so far?”
new school...
Tati replied: “Being top 8 students with HP &
Since only starting Kesgrave High School in PR in the year and getting good CTL’s.
September, I decided to look back and reflect I again asked Tati: “What’s your favourite
on how much me and my friends are settling lesson?”
into our new school.
Tati replied: “P.E”
I first spoke with three students from HA7 to
ask how they are finding school. I was interested to find out what are the
Finley Ashley, Thomas Lewis and Jake main differences between High School and
Foreman where all keen for me to interview Primary School so I asked Tati for her take on
them. the difference:

I first asked all three: “What has been your Tati replied: “In Primary we had one teacher
best achievement so far?” for most subjects whereas in High School you
have many different specialist teachers. Mainly
They all said: “they enjoyed getting their High school is so much bigger and although
CTL levels and look at the progress they are that may seem daunting, you have more
making”. independence than Primary School”.

Next I asked them: “What is your favourite I feel that the transition from Primary to
lesson?” Secondary school has been an enormous
success and a great place to learn. This is
Finley: “History” down to the Heads of year, the Student
Thomas: “P.E” Support officers, the TA’s, Support staff and
Jake: “Science” importantly the teachers. Kesgrave is a great
place to be and a fun, exciting place to learn.
I asked if: “There where any particular
teachers who had made an impact on their

Finley: “Mr Cane”
Jake: “Mr Cane”
Thomas: “Miss Harrison”

21 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine


Written by Josh HoDgkin-Year13 you’ll love while you’re here are the excellent
staff and the student community. Students
As I’m sure you’ll agree, Kesgrave High are encouraged to take ownership over the
School is a wonderful place. We’ve got sixth form. With the opportunity to join the
excellent facilities like the well-equipped committee, students can put on fundraising
Design and Technology department, our events which are fun for everyone, as well
three-hundred seat theatre, the spectacular as making decisions about the sixth form’s
media department with all the latest gear operation, things which affect daily life. And
and of course our modern, airy classrooms. when it comes to people who know what
Not only that, but the teachers really are they’re talking about, Mrs Wheatley, Mr
excellent! Maybe you’re reaching the tail end Robinson and Mrs McLaughlin definitely
of Year 10, maybe you’re in Year 11, or maybe qualify. If you need help with your studies,
you’re even in another year group. No matter your future or anything else then they’re the
where you see yourself in ten years, I’m sure ones to turn to.
that, just like it is doing for me, Kesgrave’s
fabulous sixth form can help you get there. “Sixth form is a great place to be,
You might be looking at an apprenticeship or full of wacky antics while still
another Sixth Form College. You might also being an amazing learning envi-
be looking at Suffolk New College. Whilst ronment for everyone” -Marshall
choosing my next steps I also looked further
afield, but these are a few reasons why I Roderick, Year 13.
stayed at Kesgrave.
1) The sense of community and support. 2) Our facilities are second to none. Here at
There’s no doubt that A-levels are full-on, Kesgrave, we have areas exclusive to the sixth
high-pressure and certainly not easy. Don’t form. If you study photography, you’ll be able
let that put you off! The reward of being able to make use of our two photography studios
to go to university and into a well-paying and two dark rooms for developing film.
career is well worth the effort. One thing Musicians will love our recording studios,

22 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

music technology suites and extensive to people’s lives. You can take on extra
practice facilities. Let’s not forget the qualification which can help your university
Thomas Theatre, the Mac-equipped media application, like the EPQ or the Baccalaureate
department with high-tech cameras and also (extended projects into a subject of your
the stunning technology department with choice which give you skills for university
new 3D printers. study). The elective programme is something
that Kesgrave prides itself on. We offer clubs
“The student support and such as Couch to 5K running, use of the
wellbeing services are brilliant, school’s gym, Rock School for musicians,
I always feel comfortable going Web Design, Gardening and Crochet. Of
to a teacher with a problem” – course, you can also use this time to ‘adopt’
a teacher (being a teaching assistant in their
Lauren Pipe, Year 13 lessons) or do work experience with an
employer relevant to your future. Because
3) Plenty of other things to do besides that’s what all this is about. Your future.
studying. From expeditions to Africa, to
Couch to 5K, there’s plenty to do here. Apply Well, we hope to see you at KHS
to be a team member on the expedition to Sixth Form in the coming years,
Africa, help communities, animals and get with a twenty-first century
your hands dirty to make a real difference approach to A-level study
and friendly faces to help you
through, you’ll really value your

Upcoming Events

Post 16 Taster Day

Friday, 19th January 2018

Open Morning

Friday, 26th January 2018
(or arrange a tour if these
dates are not convenient)

To attend either of these events,
contact Mrs Smith

Tel: 01473 618993

23 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Where are they

Past Student Joe Allen’s
story on becoming
a Senior Cardio

Written by Rosie Wedge-Year13 sciences is what initially interested him
Photos by Tom Allen -Year13 in something health-related, particularly
Having studied Biology, Chemistry, Maths,
Statistics and English Lang/Lit at Kesgrave “looking back at his graduation
Sixth Form, and gone on to several years as his proudest moment,
experience at Ipswich Hospital as part of his
University’s course placement, former student ‘standing on that stage knowing
Joe Allen is now working as a senior cardio “I did it” is a great feeling’, he
physiologist. still looks back on Kesgrave Sixth
form and High School with fond
His day to day activity involves carrying out
all test-work on patients relating to the heart; memories”.
‘testing pacemakers, cardio-rhythm, then
reporting it all back to the doctors so they However, despite having gone on to huge
can make a diagnosis, Joe’s job is a key feature amounts of success, looking back at his
in the welfare of many patients. graduation as his proudest moment, ‘standing
on that stage knowing “I did it” is a great
Joe said he had always wanted to work feeling’, he still looks back on Kesgrave Sixth
in a hospital but he had never been sure form and High School with fond memories.
which area. He tried out in several other From the laughs over the Nativity play at
departments, such as neurology and Christmas to the social free periods and
respiratory, but his interest was grabbed by amazing prom, Joe says that Kesgrave Sixth
cardio, as he ‘loved the amount of patient Form was something he really loved, even
contact [he gets], and that its not too invasive’.
His A level studies helped equip him for
the job, and said that his enjoyment of the

24 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

if that feeling of the last day was a relief! We’d love to hear about your
The teachers too stuck with him in his fond success after Kesgrave High School.
memories, with Mr Finch as his Head of Year If you’d like to help inspire our
and Mrs McGregor’s English lessons, the students please contact us at:
people at Kesgrave really helped make it an
enjoyable experience.

“Kesgrave really helped make it
an enjoyable experience”.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys his football
and exercise, as well as going to the cinema
and meals out with his friends and partner,
however work of course keeps him super
busy all week! For him, the best bit of his job
is working with patients, ‘even the grumpy
ones’, because working with others makes it
all worthwhile.
Our final question for Joe was, did he have
any advice for people wanting to follow a
similar path to him? ‘Get experience. Go to
the careers desk and get all the information
you can. Experience is the most important bit
to set you up for any job’.

25 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine



SWIMMING Results We are delighted to announce the
outcomes of the Grade 4 Contemporary
Under 14’S
Dance exam with the NATD (National
Congratulations to Grace King, Abbie Association of Teachers of Dancing) that
Duffield, Helena Hall, Laura Snelham many KHS students recently took under
and Karys-Rose Bunn who represented the guidance and support of Miss Louise
the school in the South East Swimming - Louise Kate Dance. All students passed
League at Ipswich Girls School. The 5 with over 70% which is pretty awesome
girls took on a number of schools from
Suffolk, competing against both male and some even gained a distinction.
and female students from years 7 to Millie Batho – Merit, Lizzie Hodge –
9. They finished a very credible 3rd Merit, Katie Lawrence – Merit, Tamira
place and have qualified for the finals in Nakato – Merit, Beth Parker – Merit,
Laury Peck – Merit, Elizabeth Warren –
December. Merit, Kiera Wells – Merit, Lisa Winfield

– Merit, Mollie Wright – Merit

OVER 14’S Evie Barker – Distinction, Emily
Burrows – Distinction, Sophie Chalmers
Once again the team travelled to
Ipswich High School to compete in the – Distinction, Olivia Churchyard –
Distinction, Natasha Jarvis – Distinction,
South East Swimming League. The Jessica Jay – Distinction, Jessica Price
gala provided an excellent opportunity – Distinction, Molly Soames – Distinction,
for the GCSE and A-Level students to
complete vital film evidence for their Emily Strudwick - Distinction
If you would like to get involved,
qualifications. The team just missed Contemporary Dance Club is on
out on qualifying for the finals for this Thursday morning at 8.15am. Lyrical
year. Well done to: Hannah Moore, Fin Dance is also available on Friday
Parnell, Lewis Moore, Nicole Chandler, mornings at 8.15am. £1.50 per class.
Cameron Baigrie, Harvey Hall and Erin
Just turn up!

26 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Netball Results The girls have qualified for the next
round of the Suffolk Schools competition

to be played in January.

Under 7 Girls Under 16 Boys

Kesgrave B lost 18-2 against St Albans. Kesgrave 32 – 18 Felixstowe Academy
Player of the match – Daisy Linassi – for Kesgrave 55 – 27 Holbrook
Kesgrave 56 – 58 Farlingaye
excellent leadership as a captain.
Susannah Rafiu – Year 9 has been
Under 10 Girls selected to attend the England U15/U16

Kesgrave lost 6-4 to St.Albans. basketball Camp in December at the
Players of match...Rhoda Oyebade and National Basketball Performance Centre
in Manchester. She will be training and
Athena Brook playing with players 2 years older than

Under 11 Girls her. Well Done Susannah.

Kesgrave won 22-10 against BADMINTON Results
Player of match...Jasmine Shackleton
2 teams represented Kesgrave in the
Kesgrave won 10-6 against Claydon. area schools Badminton tournament.
Player of match...Abbie Pelling
KHS A = 3rd, KHS B = 4th
Under 16’s tournament Well done to:

Kesgrave finished in 3rd place narrowly Henry Booth, Kian Howard, Rob
missing out on the runners up spot. It Saunders, Matthew Johnson, Josh
was great to see so many girls ready to Sawyer, Matt Cassey, Muaaz Sand
play in their last tournament as a team.
Player of match...Daisy Coope Under 16’s GIRLS BADMINTON

Basketball The team finished second in their pool
Results in the U16 Girls Badminton tournament,
narrowly missing out on a place in the
Under 14 Girls
final to the eventual winners of the
KHS 61 – 20 Northgate tournament.
KHS 44 – 31 Copleston Well done to:
KHS 57 – 21 Farlingaye
Morgan Frost, Daisy Cooper, Megan
Cowan and Aeryn Buttolph

27 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Football Results Year 7 Boys

Under 13 Girls Kesgrave 0 – 0 Copleston
AET (5-3 on penalties)
Thomas Mills 0 – 8 Kesgrave (ESFA (County CUP)
Written by Calum Brooks
Kesgrave 4 - 3 Westbourne
(ESFA Cup R2) Kesgrave High School’s Year 7 boys football
team triumphed against Copleston High
Sir John Leman 1 – 6 Kesgrave (ESFA School Year 7s football team in the county
Cup R3)
cup knockout stages. The match was a tight
Scorers: Brooke Moreland x 1, Tatiana game for most of it until the penalty stages.
Flores x 5
Goal scorers were very effective as it was
Pakefield 2 – 5 Kesgrave extremely tight. Penalties ended up with
(County Cup) the score being 5.3 with the goalkeeper for
Kesgrave Calum Brooks saving one penalty.
Scorers: Tataina Flores x 3, Emma Drake Overall the victory was good as Kesgrave
x 1, Emma King x 1
progress into the next match.
Kesgrave 3 - 2 Notre Dame High
(ESFA Cup R4) Man of the Match: Reuben Swann

Full Time Score 2 -2 , Kesgrave 6 – 1 Northgate
Kesgrave 3 - 2 winners AET (ESFA CUP R1)
Scorers: Tatiana Flores x 3
Player of the Match: Tatiana Flores Player of the Match – Aaron Okpolokpo

We’re now in the last 32 teams in Kesgrave 4 – 1 Lynn Grove Academy
the country and have drawn a home (ESFA CUP R2)

fixture against St Ivo High School Player of the Match – James Markham
from Huntingdon.
Kesgrave 9 – 1 Copleston
U16 Girls (ESFA CUP R3)

KHS 1 – 1 Coplestson FT, Kesgrave Player of the Match: Sam Gillings
won 2 – 1 after extra time (County
Year 8 Boys
Kesgrave 9 – 2 Stowupland
Scorers: J. Williams 3, B. Syrett 3, L.

Boyd 2, T. Dean 1
Player of the Match – C. Youngs

28 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

KHS 4 – 4 Stowupland Year 10 Boys
Scorers: J. Olby, C. Evans, R. Boother 2
KHS 5 – 1 Holbrook
Players of match – J. McNeil & R. Scorers: Patrick Ashton, Joe Winder,
Boother Ben Hunt, Mason Sinclair, Ronnie Harris
Player of the match: Mason Sinclair
Year 9 Boys
Year 11 Boys
Kesgrave 3 – 0 East Bergholt
(ESFA CUPR2) Kesgrave 2-0 Copleston
Scorer Jaryd Challis x 2
Kesgrave High 11 - 0 Ormiston Stoke Player of the match Tom Fitzgerald
(County Cup)
Kesgrave 5 – 2 Ormiston Endeavour
Scorers: Sidney Barnsley-Sadasivan x (County Cup)
4, Owen Boyd x 3, Elliott Karaalp x 1,
Charlie Little x 1, Sam Donnelly x 1, Matt Scorers: Miles x2, Joe Hunt x 2, Tom
Hayes x 1
Player of the match – Joe Hunt
Harwich & Dovercourt 0 – 8 Kesgrave
High School Cross Country
(ESFA Cup R3)
Scorers: Marcelo Flores x 2, Sidney Results from the County Cross country
Barnsley-Sadasivan x 2, Matt Williams x ‘A’ race at Culford School
1, Owen Boyd x 1, Jack Kelly x 1, Harry
Senior boys - Matthew Snowdon 2nd
Haste x 1 Inter girls - Jasmine Cant 9th
Junior girls - Chloe Gilbert 10th
Kesgrave 2 – 1 Stowupland Minor boys - Ryan Grady 2nd
(after Extra Time)
(ESFA Cup R4) A huge well done to these runners who
have qualified to race at the County
Scorers: Marcelo Flores x 1, Sidney finals event at Woodbridge school in
Barnsley-Sadasivan x 1 January.

City of Norwich School 1 – 3 Kesgrave Mr Roberts
(ESFA Cup R5)

Scorers: Marcelo Flores x 2 Sidney

Player of the Match: Matt Williams

KHS are now in the last 32
schools in the country!

29 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine



During October half term, together with In September I completed my first Olympic
my great friend and climbing partner, we Triathlon at Hever Castle in Kent.
completed a lifelong ambition to climb in It was an amazing event. I am not a great
the Verdon Gorge in France. We successfully swimmer so the biggest part of the challenge
climbed a handful of classic climbs which was to complete the 1500m open water swim,
require you to abseil up to 300m down into which is the furthest I have ever swum! Very
the gorge with the only way out, up! Each proud of myself!
climb took around 5 hours to complete with
each of us alternating leads as we scaled up
to 11 pitches of climbing on the vertical faces
of the gorge. The setting and scenery are
stunning and to be in a place of such natural
beauty really was a dream realised.

30 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine


I took up running in 2009 and I really When I’m not running I like to be on my
caught the running bug. After my first 10k bike and have done two endurance mountain
in Woodbridge I started to build up the biking expeditions. One was in 2010 – we
distances and really enjoy the atmosphere took 10 days and cycled from La Paz in
and the challenge of race events. Bolivia to Cusco in Peru across the Andes
I have done 42 half marathons since 2009 - (750 km in total) including the infamous 40
including Barcelona, Lisbon and Berlin. mile long ‘Death Road’ with a highest point
And I have also completed 6 marathons of more than 15,000 feet above sea level –
since 2010: Edinburgh 2010, Nottingham more than 4 times the height of Snowdon!
2011, Brighton 2012 (this was my fastest On this trip we cycled around Lake Titicaca,
time of 4.02), London 2014, Dublin 2015, the highest navigable lake in the world. It
Amsterdam 2017 was an amazing place – the lake is huge – the
size of Switzerland and it took us two days to
I particularly enjoy seeing a new country get around it. Once the expedition was over
and sharing in their event – Amsterdam was we headed over to Ecuador and recovered by
the latest marathon I have run and that was chilling on the beaches and swimming with
just before October half term. It was such a the turtles and whales.
wonderful city and a brilliant atmosphere. The other bike trip was in 2012 - from Chaing
Running the London Marathon in 2014 was Mai in Thailand following the course of the
another highlight – there is something special Mekong River to Vientiene in Laos. (800 km)
about that race after watching it so many Some of you will remember Mr Chadha who
times on TV as a child growing up. was one of the group that went with me. This
was totally different terrain to South America
and we didn’t have to cope with altitude
sickness this time (not fun!) lots of hills and
wet paddy fields but another great challenge
and an incredible chance to get to know those
countries, their people and culture after being
high up the comparative loneliness of the
South American Andes!

31 • Christmas Edition • Highlights Magazine

Photographer RUNNERS UP

Leo Vincent Molly Smith

CALLING ALL • You must be a student of

Photographers Kesgrave High School
• You can’t use any filters
• One photo to be sent only

• Photos MUST be in

“Are you a keen photographer? before the deadline!
Would you like to have your photo
on the FRONT COVER of the next • You must not photograph any faces of
edition of Highlights Magazine?”
students or members of the public

• Photos must be portrait


KHS Highlights are running a competition All images must be brought in
every edition for the best image for the digital form to Mr Barber in the
front cover. We don’t mind what you use

to photograph with, only that the image Media Office

dipicts Kesgrave as a community and it

can be as abstract as you like! DEADLINE: MARCH 16TH

Terms Design and Layout by W Barber - KHS Media
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