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Published by Innovative, 2017-04-24 11:46:10

Innovative Solutions Guide 2017

Innovative Solutions Guide 2017

Keywords: Innovative Solutions Guide 2017

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If you’re just looking for another vendor for your
professional screening business, the choices are
many. But if you’re searching for a true partner, you’ve
found us.

Welcome to Innovative.

When’s the last time your vendor built a product just
for you? Or went out and gathered the high value data
set you needed to close a deal? Or answered your late
night phone call when you were putting the finishing
touches on that RFP that was due in the morning?

At Innovative we do things differently. And that’s no
accident. By focusing on the things that are important
to helping you grow your business, you help us to
grow ours.

Innovative isn’t just our name. It’s who we are.

Table of Contents Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit

1 Our Values 13 I-MED™
7 Fastest Data 15 DataDirect™
9 NCIS™ 17 ACE™

11 FACT™ 19 AssuredTenant™

Trust us.

Trust Us Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


Don’t fund your Visit

Would you write a check to your
competitor to help cover their
marketing budget?
Many so-called wholesale providers
have a retail alter ego that’s under
the same ownership.

Integrity matters.

Screening professionals partner
with us in confidence knowing that
they’re not in competition with their
You won’t see us competing
against you on your next RFP. In
fact, we’ll help you write it.

We never sell to
your end user

Trust Us

Experience matters.

Since 1996, we’ve helped many of
the nation’s largest and most
reputable professional screening
firms build safer workplaces and
communities using our industry
leading, best in class data
Uniquely active in our industry,
Innovative remains the only
company to have had three of its
senior executives serve on the
National Association of
Professional Background Screeners
board of directors.

Founding Member Visit

Depend Upon Us


upon us.

Depend Upon Us Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit

with us.

Grow With Us Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


When you win, we win.

The 100/100/100 Rule:
We’re 100% focused on the
screening industry. We’re 100%
wholesale. We’re 100% committed
to your success.
Businesses running on our
solutions experience growth at a
rate that far outpaces industry
averages every single year.
Simply put, our success is a
testament to your own.

Grow With Us Visit

Only Innovative
updates records
within 24 hours.

Near Time Data Insertion™ technology brings you new
records up to 60 days faster than competing solutions.
And you can only get it from Innovative.

Fastest Data Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


See new records faster. Visit

Other data providers get their
updates once a month from a third
party bulk data provider. Not
We own and operate our own
in-house, multi-million dollar data
aggregation shop. By skipping the
middleman and going straight to
the source, we build best-in-class
data solutions that other data
providers simply can’t provide.

Beat your competition.

We’ve eliminated the monthly
refresh cycle on more than 2,500
datasets. That means we’re adding
new data within 24 hours of
receiving it, up to 60 days faster
than others can.
You’ll be able to provide your
customers with actionable insight
far in advance of your competition.
And that helps us both to win.

Fastest Data

National Criminal
Information Scan®

The gold standard in multi-jurisdictional
database solutions.

NCIS™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


Direct Sources Visit

Hundreds of millions of records
from thousands of direct sources.
Unlike our competitors, we do not
rely on a third party to aggregate
our data.

Superior Search Logic

Infinitely configurable search logic
allows you to dial in deeper,
choosing the exact records you
want to return with - or exclude
from - your results.

24/7/365 Refresh Cycle

Near Time Data Insertion™
technology eliminates the monthly
refresh cycle. Newly acquired
records are inserted continuously
into our data, another differentiator
unique to Innovative.



Uncover possible name variants,
present and past addresses and
movement patterns.

FACT™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


The Industry Standard Visit

FACT™ is rapidly becoming the
industry standard for professionals
seeking to delve deeper into
possible previous name and
address history.

Unmatched Depth

Billions of records across hundreds
of unique sources. FACT™ is the
most complete compilation of
current and historical data of its

Uniquely Yours

As with all Innovative solutions,
FACT™ is customizable based upon
your preferences. You choose what
types of records you want to see, as
well as the degree of precision or
variation that your unique business
rules require.



The industry’s largest collection
of fully documented healthcare
sanctions, exclusions, debarments
and board actions from
all 50 states.

I-MED™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


1,700+ Fully Documented Visit
Direct Primary Sources

We don’t lease a third party’s
solution. Our industry leading data
team acquires, normalizes and
updates our data in-house. And,
we’re happy to share our complete
source list with you.

The freshest data

Newly acquired information is
added into I-MED™ within 24 hours.
You’ll be up to 60 days ahead of
competing solutions, positioning
you to deliver significant added

Stop funding your

If you’re buying your solution from a
vendor that also sells directly to
healthcare providers, you’re
funding your own competition.
Innovative does not sell to your



Superior aggregated source
government record data delivering
hundreds of millions of directly
obtained unique records.

DataDirect™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


The data that Visit
powers the databases

DataDirect™ is designed for
professional firms who deliver
products and services from their
own in-house criminal, sex offender
and watchlist records databases.

Nobody does it better

In side by side comparisons against
traditional providers of similar
datasets, DataDirect™ stands alone
on depth and breadth of data.

Doing business is easy

We’ve untangled the complications.
If you’re already buying compiled
data from someone else, you’ll find
it infinitely easier to do business
with us.



Advanced Criminal Extraction™
delivers automated searching
of county criminal courts and
more than 1,000 other sources.

ACE™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


Advanced technology Visit
meets court research

ACE™ leverages more than two
decades of court research expertise
to automate more than 1,000
search types, including county
criminal and federal courts.

Better by design

We don’t lease another provider’s
solution. ACE™ was built from the
ground up on rock solid, fully
redundant technology that scales
to ensure high availability, even
during times of peak demand.

Unmatched precision

Peer deeper into records than ever
before. Fully customizable options
let you look inside of first and last
names, DOBs and more to
determine the desired level of
precision, right down to a single
character or digit.



The largest collection of
landlord-tenant records of
its kind, delivering critical
information not available
through credit reports alone.

AssuredTenant™ Call 1.888.777.9435 | Visit


Unmatched depth Visit

Tens of millions of landlord-tenant
records, the largest compilation of
its kind, backed by billions of
current and historical name and
address records.

Credit reports only tell
half of the story

AssuredTenant™ examines
historical residential leasing
behaviors, past court actions,
unlawful detainers, monetary
judgments, court-ordered
possession and property damage
claims, far exceeding what’s
possible through credit reports

Fully customizable

As with all Innovative solutions, you
choose the integration method and
search options most convenient for



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