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The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

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Published by Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, 2019-06-14 14:06:41

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The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

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Education for a better world



Since 1968, The Baldwin School has been a unique educational institution in Puerto Rico. Situated Our Mission is to
within the expanse of 23 acres in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Baldwin offers a private English-language offer a challenging
college preparatory curriculum for children from 3 years old through twelfth grade. Our unique and diverse learning
multicultural setting, coupled with our determination to motivate students, creates an ideal environment that
educational atmosphere for students to learn and grow. fosters independent
and ethical thinking
From their earliest years, Baldwin students are provided with a challenging, yet carefully balanced through critical inquiry,
curriculum that promotes their intellectual, social, and physical development. Through their honest reflection,
participation in sports, clubs, and community service activities, Baldwin students become leaders in and positive action.
the classroom, in the school and in the community. Upon graduation, Baldwin seniors are accepted
at top universities in Puerto Rico, the continental United States, and Europe. The educational VISION
experience at Baldwin plays a key role in helping students succeed in college and in their careers.
The Baldwin School
Our school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, by the of Puerto Rico is a
Department of Education of Puerto Rico, and we are a member of numerous other local and state- non-profit, non-
side associations. Baldwin is a member of the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools and sectarian, international,
the National Association of Independent Schools. Baldwin is a fully authorized IB Continuum School college preparatory
in the Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programs of the International Baccalaureate. school. We are leaders
in independent English
language education

in Puerto Rico,
providing innovative
programs in a nurturing
environment on an
exceptional campus.
Our faculty and staff
inspire and empower
our students to be
creative, balanced,

open-minded and
culturally aware
thinkers, with fervor
to learn critically and
act compassionately.
Our community
fosters international
mindedness and
in the arts, service,

and athletics.
We are committed to
diversity, inclusion,

and social justice.

AN EXCEPTIONAL CAMPUS Baldwin students have the
opportunity to thrive within
Baldwin is well known for its beautiful, spacious, and well-developed 23 acre campus. our outstanding facilities:
Our campus is in a constant state of evolution in order to maintain an optimal learning
environment for an ever-changing world. Baldwin is home to a state-of-the-art, 500 seat, Campus-wide High Speed Wifi
Visual and Performing Arts Center; top-notch athletics fieldhouse and exterior courts; a Tablet and Apple TV Systems
contemporary elementary playground; and leading edge elementary music and recording Collaborative Learning Classrooms
studio, an ideation lab, science labs, and art rooms. Visual & Performing Arts Center
Dance Studios
Baldwin is committed to the continuous integration of educational technologies that facilitate Art Studios
classroom instruction including a high speed internet system, ipad and AppleTV units, Google Music Studios
Education, and contemporary classroom design to facilitate collaborative learning. Science Labs
Computer Centers
The Baldwin campus is a Recording Studio
Certified National Wildlife Library
Ideation Lab
Federation Habitat, Indoor Fieldhouse
boasting a large variety Volleyball & Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
of mature trees, Soccer Field
green space and several Fitness Center
Swimming Pool
species of birds. Playground Areas
Fully secured & guarded campus


Learning at Baldwin extends beyond the walls of the classroom.
Activities such as Model UN competitions, Space Camp, Science
Bowls, Spring Play, Art Week, Soirée Français, and the 3rd Grade
Opera are just a few of the special programs that we offer. Most
students belong to more than one club at Baldwin, including:
National Honor Societies, Arts Clubs, Drama Clubs, Red Cross,
Environmental Club, Financial Club and Student Council.

The academic programs are also complemented by educational
trips around Puerto Rico and further destinations such as France,
Spain, Ireland, Hawaii, New Zealand, Iceland and more. The wide
variety of activities that are offered at Baldwin give students the
opportunity to engage in active learning and to build a strong
bond with everyone in this wonderful vibrant community.

The heart of Baldwin is its community. We believe in the dignity PROGRAM
and worth of our students and recognize the importance of
their responsibilities to their peers as well as the world beyond. Baldwin School is the first IB Continuum World
Baldwin teachers, like our students are passionate and dedicated, School in Puerto Rico, fully authorized in the
and parents lend their support in serving our greater community. Primary Years Program (PPK-5th grade); the Middle
Years Program (grades 6-10), and the Diploma
We search for opportunities to reach out and share our Program (grades 11 and 12). IB World Schools share
strengths with the community at large. The Scholarship a common philosophy - a commitment to improve
Program provides full tuition coverage and academic support the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive
for students with high potential and limited economic means. community of students by delivering challenging,
School-wide community service projects serve efforts such as high quality programs of international education
cancer foundations, natural disaster relief, animal shelters, and that share a powerful vision.
environmental clean-ups are examples of our commitment to
the community. The International Baccalaureate is considered
the world’s premier college preparatory program,
especially by colleges and universities in Europe
and North America. The IB uses the inquiry method
(teaching kids how to ask the right questions in
support of their own learning) and is student-
centered in focus. While content is important within
the IB, it is viewed as one of the means available to
grow key skills such as critical thinking (the ability to
reason deeply and with complexity) and divergent
thinking (the ability to see more than one solution
to a problem, or to frame a question in more than
one way), not as an end unto itself. The IB stresses
the importance of conceptual understanding.


Baldwin students take pride in their artistic endeavors as both
creators and performers. The goal of the Fine Arts program is
to inspire the development of each student’s natural talents,
creating an ideal environment for artistic expression. The
Preschool and Elementary curriculums are enhanced by music
and art courses, allowing the student to begin developing an
aesthetic appreciation for the fine arts. In the Middle and Upper
School, students are able to explore in more depth the area of
their interest. Through the various facets of the Baldwin Fine Arts
program, our students develop sensitivity, imagination, creativity,
and personal expression.


The Baldwin School’s athletic program is designed to promote
health, camaraderie, and school spirit. Whether flying a kite
in an elementary physical education class or playing on the
Varsity soccer team, students have fun while developing athletic
abilities. Students are encouraged to participate in the School’s
interscholastic athletic program, which offers a wide variety of
competitive sports teams to students in elementary, middle and
upper schools. Many of Baldwin’s sports teams are top-ranked in
their leagues. We are proud of our competitive student athletes
and commend them for their discipline in balancing academic
responsibilities and athletic commitments.

Athletes often participate in multiple sports over the course of the
year. Their fellow classmates and teachers cheer them on from
bleachers, benches and sidelines. Parents consistently support
sports events as well, donating time and resources for the teams.


Cross Country


Track & Field
Flag Football

PPK to 5th Grade

Social Studies
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Physical Education

The Preschool education program at Baldwin’s OECC is based on the belief that the interaction PRIMARY YEARS
between children’s own innate interests and their learning environment result in healthy
personal growth. We believe each child’s self-esteem is a precious asset that must be nurtured. PROGRAM
Our curriculum fosters children’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth through
developmentally appropiate activities within a safe, supportive and playful environment. PPK - 5th grade

To complement the core curriculum – language (English and Spanish), math, science, and social PYP Curricular
studies – we also integrate music, art, physical education, cooking, computer classes and lots framework:
of time to learn while playing. Student life at the OECC is full of music, movement, and play. Our Constructivist
greatest gift is an abundance of love! approach


Student centered
Inquiry driven
Concept based


Who we are
How we express

How we organize

How the world works

Where we are in
place and time
Sharing the planet


Art Exhibit
Back to School Night
Cooking Classes
Día Puertorriqueño
Field Trips
Fun Day (Field Day)
Grandparents’ Day
Helping Fridays
Holiday Program
Kindergarten Advancement

Night @ the Museum – MAC
Pet Day
Spirit Week
Story Telling
Students ‘Day
Thanksgiving Luncheon
Turkey Run

Throughout the elementary years, students strengthen their own abilities as learners. They explore
and experiment. They read, write and perform. They research, create and present individually and in 3rd Grade Opera
teams. Baldwin’s elementary program supports each student’s learning process while encouraging Arts and Crafts
the development of academic and inter-personal skills. Audio/Visual Club
Board Games
Emphasis is placed on writing skills, reading comprehension, and mathematical proficiency. Although Community Service
the core curriculum is taught in English, our Spanish department develops a solid mastery of the Cooking
Spanish language, and as a result, students love to read in both English and Spanish. Teacher’s high Dance
expectations and support for all students result in enthusiastic learners who are empowered to Día Puertorriqueño
establish their own goals and engaged in the process of learning. French
Fun Field Day
The academic curriculum is complemented by activities that foster a sense of belonging to our Glee Club
Baldwin community. Annual activities such as Spirit Week, Fun Day, and Family Day bring the school Holiday Program
together and encourage family involvement. Students are active participants in the life of the school: Jewelry Making
they share classroom responsibilities, get involved in student council, participate on athletic teams, Library Helpers
and express themselves creatively in a variety of ways. Mini Sports Teams
Mixed Media
Modeling Clay
Puerto Rican Games
Puzzle Making
Spirit Week
Student Council
Talent Show
Town Hall Meetings
Turkey Run

Baldwin’s Middle/Upper School program fosters independent MYP English 5 Extended
thinking, questioning, and reflection skills as life-long processes. 6th Grade MYP 4 and 5 Journalism
With the support of a nurturing, passionate and experienced MYP English 1 MYP Math 5
faculty, we provide a strong college-preparatory curriculum, MYP Math 1 MYP Math 5 Extended
advanced placement and honor courses, and a variety of extra- MYP Math 1 Extended MYP French 5
curricular and athletic activities. At Baldwin, we take pride in MYP French 1 MYP 5 Physical & Health Education
promoting the growth and development of the whole student. MYP 1 Physical & Health Education MYP Integrated Sciences 5
MYP Integrated Sciences 1 MYP Integrated Sciences 5
Our school offers a highly demanding curriculum and our teachers MYP Spanish 1
use a variety of educational methods and techniques to develop Spanish Language and Expression Extended
our students’ creative talents, teamwork abilities, critical thinking Spanish as Second Language MYP 5 Human Development
skills and potential strengths while striving to improve basic skills MYP World History 1 MYP Spanish 5
in English language, arts, mathematics, science and technology, MYP 1 Exploratory MYP Spanish 5 Extended
Spanish, and Spanish as a second language, and the social sciences. MYP 4 and 5 Cine y Literatura
(Visual Arts, Drama, Music) Spanish as a Second Language
Students feel confident, assertive, MYP 1 Design Skills MYP 5 PR History
and prepared to actively engage in MYP 5 PR History Extended
their world. Upon graduation from 7th Grade MYP 4 and 5 International Relations
the Baldwin School, our students MYP English 2 MYP 5 Visual Arts
successfully take their place among MYP Math 2 MYP 4 and 5 Design:
the finest students at the college MYP Math 2 Extended
or university of their choice. They MYP French 2 Video Production 2
aspire to achieve their fullest MYP 2 Physical & Health Education MYP 5 Dance
human potential and to leave their MYP Integrated Sciences 2
individual marks upon the world. MYP Spanish 2 11th Grade
Spanish Language and Expression (Year 1 Diploma Program)
Spanish as a Second Language
MYP World History 2 IB Language & Literature SL/HL
MYP 2 Exploratory Spanish and English

(Visual Arts, Drama, Music) IB Language B
MYP 2 Design French SL/HL
Spanish SL
8th Grade Spanish ab initio
MYP English 3
MYP Math 3 IB Psychology SL
MYP Math 3 Extended IB Economics SL
MYP French 3 IB History HL/SL
MYP 3 Physical & Health Education IB Biology HL/SL
MYP Integrated Sciences 3 IB Physics SL
MYP Spanish 3 IB Chemistry SL
Spanish Language and Expression IB Environmental Systems
Spanish as a Second Language
MYP World History 3 and Societies SL
MYP 3 Visual Arts IB Math Analysis and Approaches
MYP 3 Design: Video Production 1 IB Math Applications and
MYP 3 Design
MYP 3 Dance Interpretations
IB Visual Arts SL/HL
UPPER SCHOOL Theory of Knowledge
CURRICULUM Pamoja IB courses

9th Grade 12th Grade
MYP English 4 (Year 2 Diploma Program)
MYP English 4 Extended
MYP 4 and 5 Journalism IB Language & Literature SL/HL
MYP Math 4 Spanish and English
MYP Math 4 Extended
MYP French 4 IB Language B
MYP 4 Physical & Health Education French SL/HL
MYP Integrated Sciences 4 Spanish SL
MYP Integrated Sciences 4 Spanish ab initio

Extended IB Psychology SL
MYP Spanish 4 IB Economics SL
MYP Spanish 4 Extended IB History HL/SL
Spanish Language and Expression IB Biology HL/SL
MYP 4 and 5 Cine y Literatura IB Physics SL
Spanish as a Second Language IB Chemistry SL
MYP 4 US History IB Environmental Systems
MYP 4 US History Extended
MYP 4 European History and Societies SL
MYP 4 and 5 International Relations IB Math Studies
MYP 4 Visual Arts IB Math SL/HL
MYP 4 and 5 Design: IB Visual Arts SL/HL
Theory of Knowledge
Video Production 2 Pamoja IB courses
MYP 4 Design
MYP 4 Dance


Art Club
Audio/Visual Club
Big Brother/Big Sister
Cine Club
Community Service Club
Dance Club
Drama Club
Environmental Club
Forensics Club
French Club
Glee Club
Golden Key Club
Journalism Club
Library Club
Math Club
Model United Nations
National Honor Society
National Junior Honor Society
Oratoria Club (Spanish)
Recycling Club
Science Club
Student Council


8th Grade Advancement Ceremony Knowledgeable and Principled
12th Grade Graduation
Athletic Awards Ceremony Baldwin graduates have mastered the academic, technical and personal skills that
Art Week will help them thrive at university and beyond. They apply what they have learned
Awards Assembly in meaningful, insightful and ethical ways. Our graduates have had numerous
Club Fair opportunities to engage in collaborative learning and principled action.
College Fairs
Community Service Projects Passionate Learners and Critical Thinkers
Día Puertorriqueño
Field Trips Baldwin graduates value learning as a life-long endeavor. They have the breadth and
Holiday Bazaar depth of vocabularies to articulate ideas clearly through oral, written, and visual
Language Week expression. They have developed the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that
Math Bowl enhance their ability to make sound decisions and reach logical conclusions.
Music Fest
NHS Induction Ceremony Resilient and Courageous
Next Generation Activity Day
Pep Rallies Baldwin graduates are aware of their academic, personal, and communal strengths
Ring Ceremony and limitations. They muster the focus, determination, and confidence to succeed in
Senior Prom spite of challenges, while demonstrating resilience and optimism in the process.
Shakespeare Festival
Soirée Française Compassionate and Globally Aware
Space Camp
Spirit Week Baldwin graduates understand the importance of
Sports Fest demonstrating kindness, empathy, and service to
Sports Tournaments others. They seek ways to contribute in positive
Spring Play ways to their communities, at home and abroad.
Student’s Day Baldwin graduates recognize the importance
Town Hall Meetings of taking care of their environment, promoting
peace, respecting the dignity and rights of every
individual, and helping humanity advance in a
positive way.

Balanced and Reflective

Baldwin graduates have the self-discipline and
desire to pursue physical, mental, and emotional
health. They reflect on their choices and seek
opportunities for personal growth.

A COMMITTED FACULTY You are invited to join us
in the Baldwin Experience!
The strength of Baldwin School is its dedicated
adults. Baldwin boasts a highly qualified and Attending Baldwin School means more than learning
dynamic faculty and support staff. Led by forward lessons, excelling in the arts and sports or giving
thinking administrators, this group has no back to the community. Baldwin also means finding
bounds. Quality relationships are forged between mentors who believe in you, making close friends and
caring adults and amazing students each day. creating long lasting relationships.

We are committed to making Baldwin’s admission
process informative and productive. We look forward
to introducing you to our students, to our teachers
and to our extended community. Deciding on a school
is no easy choice until you visit our amazing campus.

For information or to schedule an appointment,
please contact our Admissions Office at 787.720.2421
ext. 224/239 or [email protected]

Please visit our website at to
learn more about Baldwin and to obtain application
requirements and related documents.

The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico is a member of the Caribbean Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the National
Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges.

The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico is a not for profit organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue
Code. Donations to The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Puerto Rico income tax
purposes as permissible by law.

The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, in accordance with national and federal laws, does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, religion, gender, age, disability, national or ethnic origin in its administration of admissions or educational policies,
athletics, or other school sponsored extracurricular programs, financial aid program, or employment practices.

PHONE: 787.720.2421 FAX: 787.790.0619


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