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The Katonah-Lewisboro Times 10.03.19

VOL. 2 NO. 17 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2019

Katonah Methodist Church KATONAH-LEWISBORO
displays Pride Flag SCHOOL DISTRICT

Congregation breaks from General School board
Conference in LGBTQ acceptance mulls cultural

BY HELU WANG impact of
STAFF WRITER Indian mascot

Rev. Melissa Boyer couldn’t imagine hang- BY TOM BARTLEY
ing a rainbow ag from the tower of Katonah CONTRIBUTING WRITER
United Methodist Church 10 years ago. After
years of e ort, she proudly did so on Sept. 15 For generations, John Jay High School
with over a dozen church members present. teams have proudly carried their Indian
iconography into athletic competition. So
“ e ag is a symbol of gay pride,” Boyer, pas- Andrew Selesnick, the superintendent of
tor of Katonah United Methodist Church, said. Katonah-Lewisboro schools, knows that
“We’re creating a community of support.” even a discussion of scrapping the in-
creasingly controversial symbol will likely
Under the shadow of the United Method- be emotional and potentially divisive.
ist Church’s ban on gay and lesbian clergy and Still, he sees a potential bene t for today’s
same-sex marriages, Katonah United Method- students as the school board, yet again,
ist Church signed Covenant of Conscience, a considers that ashpoint issue.
pledge to o er marriage services to all people
regardless of sexual orientation and gender Yes, it will be “a challenge,” Selesnick
identity. told Board of Education members who
had abruptly tossed him that hot potato
SEE PRIDE FLAG PAGE 2 two weeks ago. But the experience, he
continued, is “also a great opportunity for
PHOTO COURTESY OF MELISSA BOYER our students to see that an adult com-
munity—which will include all of the
students, I hope—can tackle a challenge
like this in...collegial and respectful ways.”


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pg 18



FROM PAGE 1 Planning for Bedford’s future

Although defying the ban poses a risk of suspension of the clergy, BY TOM BARTLEY expertise: architecture or historic preservation for
Boyer said she had a strong sense that she was doing the right thing.
CONTRIBUTING WRITER the hamlet subcommittees, for example, or riding
e same motivation drove her to o ciate a same-sex marriage in
the church four years ago. for the horse farms panel.

“I take the Bible very seriously, but I do not interpret it literally,” In the next update of Bedford’s comprehensive Among the speci c recommendations:
Boyer said. “For me, the answer to the question ‘What would Jesus
do’ was what I did that day.” plan, a handful of Katonah residents will have an Each subcommittee should have either a Plan-

e marriage was signi cant for Tom Pegues and his partner, who opportunity to draft a “mini master plan” for the ning Board member or someone with expertise in
felt blessed at the moment Boyer announced their union in front of
over 250 guests. hamlet. planning.

“It’s an amazing feeling of knowing that we have the same rights as Acting on a proposal last week,the Bedford Town Each hamlet subcommittee should have either a
everyone else and our love is no less than anyone else’s,”Pegues said.
Board created three subcommittees of ve to seven member of the Zoning Board of Appeals or some-
Established in 1837, the church has about 100 members in the
area. Boyer is excited to see how people’s attitudes have changed, members each to focus on the speci c needs and one experienced in zoning codes and variances; an
especially those of members who opposed same-sex marriage years
ago but showed up in support on the day of hanging the rainbow goals of Katonah and the town’s two other hamlets. architect; and someone versed in historic preserva-

ag. Over the years, she has educated people through sermons and All told, the board created a half-dozen specialized tion and/or local history.
discussions to move acceptance forward.
panels recommended by Planning Board Chair At least one member of the horse farms/agricul-
Although the new rules were passed in February, the constitution-
ality of the decision is still being reviewed. A divide of the United Deirdre Courtney-Batson. ture subcommittee should be active in Bedford’s
Methodist Church, which has 7 million members nationwide, ap-
pears imminent. Some pastors are talking about leaving the denomi- In a presentation to the Town Board, Courtney- riding community or have experience on a horse
nation and possibly creating a new alliance.
Batson said, “Part of what is unique about Bedford farm and another member who is on the Wetlands
Boyer said the ban not only brings a sense of urgency to pay atten-
tion to discrimination, but provides an opportunity for the church to is that we have three very di erent hamlets.” Given Commission or has other experience with wetlands
regain its purpose—as a beacon of hope and love in the community.
those di erences, she said, “a solution that’s right issues.
“Whatever restructuring happens in the denomination, we’ll be
aligned with the part of the denomination that is intentionally wel- for Bedford Hills is not necessarily right for Ka- e transportation infrastructure subcommittee
coming to all people,” Boyer said.
tonah; a solution that works for Bedford Village is needs a member with expertise in that area as well
Ellen Rohrer, chair of the Katonah United Methodist Church
council, said the rainbow ag is a rst step in terms of creating a not necessarily the right solution for Katonah.” as someone who is active in the cycling community
long-term goal.
Bedford’s three hamlets “work together very and an engineer.
“It’s much of a conversation starter in terms of embracing people,
particularly in this time of our country when there’s so much divi- well,” Courtney-Batson, a Katonah resident, added. e sustainability subcommittee needs a Bedford
siveness,”Rohrer said.“Doing something to bring people together is
a really positive action.” “But they each have their own unique character 2020 representative, a Conservation Board member

that needs to be protected. So we propose three and someone who is with the Wetlands Commis-

separate committees to do mini master plans for sion or has other experience with wetlands issues.

the individual hamlets.” Anyone interested should e-mail Supervisor

In addition to the hamlet-speci c panels, the Chris Burdick at [email protected] with

Town Board created subcommittees to examine copies to Courtney-Batson ([email protected]

issues of transportation, sustainability and horse and Je rey Osterman, the town’s

farms/agriculture. director of planning ([email protected]).

Bedford is relying on resident volunteers—doz- e Town Board will appoint the subcommittee

ens of them—to sta the committees. Volunteers members. SEE TOWN BOARD PAGE 3
are asked to bring with them speci c skill sets and

bfuPoirrlteasStnchahfeAasofoerrlijei.ecreaspns At RCS,

is a requirement.

Project-based learning creates a
genuine desire to explore the unknown.

Admissions Open House Chiwldelrceonmae!re
439 Cantitoe Street, Bedford NY
Thursday, October 17, 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 26, 9:00 a.m.

Each day, we inspire PreK through Grade 9
students to imagine, create, and innovate.
RSVP for an Admissions Open House at or call (914) 244-1205.


SCHOOL BOARD Meanwhile, individual school boards in a head,” two John Jay graduates pointed out TOWN BOARD
number of states have either moved to less ahead of the 2017 vote, “but remains in at
FROM PAGE 2 controversial symbolism or are consider- least two locations on the front of a score- FROM PAGE 2
ing it. keepers’ table.”
In this forthcoming clash, however, two e Planning Board is charged
sides with diametrically di erent views In addition, Hadlock noted, a number Madeleine O’Neill and Sarah Nus- with overseeing this latest revise of the
seem certain to meet. Opponents of the of New York schools are asking the state baum, members of the Class of 2009, comprehensive plan, last updated in
Native American mascot see it as a racist, Board of Education to ban Native Ameri- were beseeching current students to end 2002. A comprehensive plan provides
divisive and demeaning symbol. Its sup- can mascots or any use of the word Indian. the district’s display of Native American a broad framework against which
porters point to decades of school tradi- symbols. land-use decisions can be made. It
tion and what they deem a proud celebra- “We are an inclusive and welcoming en- guides the Town Board, which enacts
tion of this area’s abundant Indian history vironment,” she said. So John Jay’s display In a letter published in e Journal the land-use statutes; the Planning
and heritage. of an Indian mascot “just seems very out News, they wrote, “As alumnae, we feel Board, which enforces them; and the
of alignment with that. I think we can do shame at our former perpetuation of a Zoning Board of Appeals, which may
Trustee Terrence Cheng put the better, and I’d love to see us do that proac- mascot that is widely and rightfully re- grant exceptions to them.
charged issue into play at the board’s Sept. tively rather than react to some legislation garded as racist.”
19 meeting. that’s being handed down.” THIELKING RETURNS
Not surprisingly, supporters of the Mark ielking, who was Bedford’s
“ e mascot should be the unifying Observing developments elsewhere, school’s revered iconography—and they
force or symbol,” he said, “the one that trustee Elizabeth Gereghty said of the are legion as well as vocal—have a far dif- director of energy from 2008 to 2013
brings us together, that we all can be mascot, “I would hate to think that our ferent perspective. Far from being a bigoted as the town built its reputation for
proud of as a community,”he said.“To me, school district would be forced to change derogation of Native Americans, they in- environmental activism, is returning
the Indian is not that mascot.” it because we didn’t [do it ourselves] for sist, Chief Katonah stands as an abiding as director of energy resources and
some reason. I think it’s pretty clear where salute to the earliest settlers of these lands. sustainability, serving pro bono for six
His fellow trustees, including board the Native American community stands Exuberant fans may cheer “ e Indians” months.
President Marjorie Schi , appeared to on this.” but they have adopted neither the o ensive
agree, expressing varying degrees of sup- chants nor tomahawk chops popularized A climate-action specialist, ielking
port. Schi herself stopped short of imme- Trustee Rory Burke, saying he “would be by teams like baseball’s Atlanta Braves. helped lay the groundwork earlier in
diately endorsing a ban, but said, in part, “I supportive of considering a di erent mas- this decade for Bedford’s dramatic drop
do think it’s hard to square our mascot... cot,” asked whether responsibility for such Still, the young women persisted. “We in greenhouse-gas emissions, reported
with our commitment to inclusivity.” a change lies with the elected board or the are writing,” they said, “to ask John Jay to last spring as a 70 percent reduction. In
district’s professional administrators. look honestly at the culture of the student 2013,with a $2 million federal grant,he
Saying of the Native American displays, take a stand against rac- launched the state’s Energy Improve-
“I certainly support the notion that it’s Selesnick said later that it sounded “like ism and bullying, and to teach students ment Corp. and has served as its execu-
something we should be thinking about,” it’s the will of the board” that he should that “prioritizing a tradition at the expense tive director since 2015.
she called for “a process” to do that. develop a process in which a decision can of a race of people is unacceptable.”
be made on the mascot. In his volunteer role with the town,
But in apparent acknowledgement that Almost immediately, another alum— approved last week by the Town
times are changing, a number of board “It will be important,” he underscored, Bryan Fumagalli, John Jay 2009—took Board, ielking will study how Bed-
members clearly agreed with trustee Scott “that we think about it with our students issue with that position, responding to the ford uses energy and suggest ways to
Posner’s observation, “If you were to pick a in mind and with an educational process newspaper. “To move in a truly progres- improve resiliency and environmental
mascot [today], I don’t think that anyone in mind.” sive fashion into the future,” he wrote, “we sustainability.
would say,‘OK, it’s going to be the Indian.’” must learn from history, not erase it. In
For Selesnick, the superintendent since that spirit, I think that we need to keep VAN LOVEREN TO ZBA
In a probable preview of the uncertain 2015, and most of the board, including the Indian mascot. It is our tradition; it Roger van Loveren was appointed
road ahead, he also warned, “I don’t think Schi , this is familiar terrain. When the unites generations of John Jay students
it’s universally felt within our community issue came up two years ago, students vot- and represents the history of the area.” last week to the Zoning Board of Ap-
that we need to be changing the mascot.” ed overwhelmingly to retain “ e Indians” peals. An architect, the Cornell Uni-
as John Jay’s nickname, along with its as- Rather than expunge the symbol, he versity graduate practices throughout
Popular opinion, of course, can vary sociated arrowheads, depictions of Native suggested the school embrace it as a the tri-state area, primarily doing res-
with the times. Take 1989. at’s when Americans and fans who style themselves teaching tool. idential projects. He’s been a Bedford
a student-dominated Campus Congress “ e Tribe.” resident for 28 years.
voted by a 2-1 margin to expel Chief Ka- “I propose that, moving forward, the
tonah as the school’s mascot. But three de- e vote, 550-399, in December 2017 administration devote at least one full THANKS FOR I 684 HELP
cades later, the 17th century tribal leader followed expressions of concern about the school day each school year to learning Supervisor Chris Burdick thanked
continues to reign, a seemingly indelible mascot by the high school’s representative about our shared Native American his-
symbol of the Katonah-Lewisboro Cen- body, the Campus Congress. tory,” Fumagalli said. Katonah residents Peter Nardone
tral School District. and Geraldine Zikely, engineers with
Almost 30 years earlier, when the par- Heartfelt passion clearly imbues parti- a background in major roadway proj-
Nevertheless, Julia Hadlock, the board’s ents of today’s John Jay students were sans on both sides of the debate. But Sele- ects, for their help on Interstate 684.
vice president, calls the mascot issue themselves nding their way through snick, the school superintendent plotting
something “we should evaluate and work high school, the Campus Congress had a path through a mine eld, believes that ey’ve provided valuable input to
toward changing.” addressed the issue. A representative a civilized discussion in these turbulent the town, he said, on the problems of
54-member body, the congress—with 36 times would represent success. that heavily traveled highway. Pressed
“I’ve been following it on a national lev- students as well as faculty members and by the town, the state is now resurfac-
el,” she told the board, referring to head- other adult employees—urged elimina- “ ere’s actually not a lot of modeling ing a stretch of I-684’s dangerously
lines that suggest a growing uneasiness in tion of the Indian mascot, 33-17. in our country at the moment around pas- worn pavement in the Katonah area
this country with an array of ethnic and sionate disagreement, handled respectfully and asking local o cials to suggest
other symbols. But the three decades separating that and in welcoming and thoughtful ways,” improvements for the interstate from
vote from the school board’s discussion a he told the board at the Sept. 19 meet- Route 35 to its end point near I-84
In May, Maine became the nation’s fortnight ago have witnessed little change ing.“But from what I’ve seen, if there’s any in Putnam.
rst state to outlaw the use of Native in the mascot realm. community that can handle it and is up to
American caricatures in public schools. the challenges, this is one.”
School boards in Wisconsin are expected “ e Native American head painted on
to vote in January on a similar measure. the gym oor was...swapped for an arrow-

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Wednesday, Oct. 9, for children in K-5. 28. Free, no registration required. Co ee
Showcase’ at
e Lewisboro Library is located at 15 Construct Your Own Airship powered and snacks provided. the Lewisboro

Main St.,South Salem.For more informa- by helium balloons, at 3 p.m., Wednesday, Currently on view at Katonah Vil- Library

tion or to RSVP, visit Oct.9,for teens in middle and high school. lage Library is Nancy Hull Kearing Art- e Nightclub at Lewisboro Library is
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Sign up for library card and free swag! It’s the Zombie Apocalypse, 7 p.m., works. the “Hard Headed Comedy Showcase” on
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perform in venues, at festivals and on pod-
Month. If you are new to town, or to the school can enjoy zombie target practice, lages, and works on paper use the lan- casts/streaming services.

Library, sign up for a library card this craft a zombie-protection amulet, make a guage of circle, rectangle, square, and is night of stand-up comedy is hosted
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month and receive a discount coupon for fake bloody scar to wear home and join the trapezoid forms to evoke the spirit of Michelle (SXSW, Hard Headed Comedy)
and featuring Bill Cannon (Police O the
$10 o Library nes. You will also be en- Mummy Wrapping Contest. Costumes music and dance. e exhibit is on the ac- Cu Podcast), Joe Cuomo (Eagle Saloon
Comedy Night), Kaitlyn Murphy (Ama-
tered into a ra e for a Library travel mug optional; prizes will be awarded. Register cessible lower level of the library in the zon Prime), Alex Kollar (Investigation
Discovery, Empire State Stand-up Show-
or other swag. at Garden Room and the Meeting Room down) and Frank Favia (Comic Strip Live).
Reserved seats must be purchased at the
Demystifying Medicare and Health- Katonah Village Library through October 7. Library or online via the Library website,
care Coverage for Seniors. Come nd out As of September 16, a sculpture by General
seating is $30 per person. Wine, beer and
all you need to know about Medicare on Robert Spinazzola will be installed on dessert are included. e show begins at 8
p.m.; doors open at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 5 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. YA Karaoke Party, 3:30 p.m. Sept. 27, the plaza in front of the library’s historic
e Nightclub events are fundraisers to
Paper Flower Craft, for adults on in the judgement-free Meeting Room. entrance. Blue Headed Geeks. will be on bene t the Lewisboro Library operating
fund. e Library is located at 15 Main
ursday, Oct. 1, at 1 p.m. Learn the ba- Middle school and high school students display through November. Spinazzola Street in South Salem.

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blooms. Death Cafe quently outside his studio. Turning these

Download books, movies and more, Death Café Westchester, facilitated by disruptive visitors into subject matter, the

learn how to “Download Books,Movies and local volunteers, o ers an opportunity to sculptor played with their proportion and

More.” Get started on using the Library’s come to a nonjudgmental, friendly gath- balance evoking movement and humor.

downloadable digital media and streaming ering to discuss end of life. e group Spinazzola has pieces in galleries and pri-

services at 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. will meet at the Katonah Village Library, vate collections throughout the North East.

CROSSING raphy, that includes masterpieces and previously-unseen gems
by Elaine de Kooning, Perle Fine, Helen Frankenthaler, Grace
FROM PAGE 4 Hartigan, Guitou Knoop, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Anne
Ryan, Day Schnabel, Sonia Sekula, and Jean Steubing.
brilliant, revolutionary women will be brought together since
the 9th Street show took place 68 years ago. e exhibition Lee and me, ursday, Oct. 24, 6-8 p.m.
presents some 30 works of art, alongside documentary photog- Artist in conversation, Sunday, October 27, 3-5 p.m.

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Ever After

Burritos, barn owls Campus Life
and more!
Last week I started teaching a READING,
Welcome to “News & Notes,” NEWS & new six-week series of writing WRITING &
where we look at the happenings NOTES classes for adults on the campus CHOCOLATE
here in Westchester County… of Norwalk Community College. I
Maybe I should clean our couch more experienced a feeling of déjà vu as I KIM
parked in the way back of the college KOVACH
often…I found more than $2 in change the MARK parking lot and walked a few blocks
other day. I rushed over to the matching JEFFERS to the building entrance on the West On this sunny fall afternoon, I
chair, but had no luck, so after checking all Campus. notice how quiet and clean the cam-
pus looks. Crisp fall leaves and acorns
the other pieces of furniture in our house, I My alma mater, Queens College, scatter along the ground in the breeze.
was a four-year commuter school. I Brightly colored banners stating “NCC
wrote this week’s “Counting my nickels”edi- remember taking two city buses to that Proud” feature smiling students from
sprawling campus from my childhood all di erent backgrounds in front of
tion of “News & Notes.” home in my freshman year. e follow- the East and West Campus buildings.
ing year when my brother joined me A large sign positioned near the cross
October is Breast Cancer Awareness udes pure 1950s rock and roll. I just got my at Queens College, we shared our rst walk proclaims, “Your path to success
car, a Pontiac Grand Prix, coordinating starts here.” Inside the West Campus
Month, a time to raise awareness about the dancing shoes out and am ready to go. our schedules as best as we could. (Nice building, as I navigate the long carpet-
idea but not practical, especially when ed hallways to my classroom, I notice
importance of nding breast cancer early. e Women’s Civic Club of Katonah is I had an 8am class and my brother did boldly painted walls with motivational
not need to be on campus until 10am. phrases – Plan Ahead, Access Resourc-
Make a di erence, spread the word about holding their annual Oktoberfest on Satur- We sold that rst car and each bought es, ink Critically.
our own set of wheels.)
mammograms, and encourage communities, day, Oct. 19 from 4-8 p.m. at the Katonah Students of all ages quietly walk
It’s interesting to see how some down the carpeted hallways, clutch-
organizations, families, and individuals to Memorial House. ere will be Oktoberfest things remain the same, all of these ing their cell phones on the way to
years later. I am still walking along and from classes. ere is a comfort-
get involved. On Saturday, Oct. 19, Houli- brew, brats, wine and soft drinks. We at- college campus sidewalks in jeans and able feeling; an upbeat, positive vibe. I
sneakers. I still have long curly hair. notice the culinary center, the cafeteria,
han Lawrence in Katonah will hold a Bake tended this grand event last year, and it was tutoring center, veterans extended
e di erence this time is that I am studies and workforce education o ces.
Sale to bene t Making Strides Against tons of fun, I bought a giant beer stein that leading the classes and my students are I know that Lifetime Learners (and
all above the age of fty. e Lifetime instructors) can use the campus gym
Breast Cancer. We plan on stopping by. I I’m still sipping from. Learners Institute at NCC began in and library, too.
1992 o ering continuing education
will be wearing my best pink out t, see you As 2019 continues to speed along, let’s courses on a wide range of subjects for My class is over-registered. So many
working and retired adults. adults were excited to take my writing
there! talk ice skating. e Harvey School in Ka- class that some were closed out. By the
Lifetime Learners Institute members time I nd my way to the last class-
e Bedford Hills Neighborhood Associ- tonah registration for the fall session of ice from Fair eld and Westchester coun- room, I wonder if I should have left a
ties can nd many di erent ways to trail of bread crumbs for my students
ation is getting into the Halloween spirit by skating lessons at Evarts Rink is underway continue learning in a vibrant and social to nd their way. But here they are, all
environment on a suburban college prepared with notebooks and pens. We
sponsoring a Trunk or Treat and a Pumpkin and closes on Oct. 16, lessons start up on campus. Besides my ction/ narrative move the chairs into a lop-sided circle.
non ction writing class this fall, adults As I glance around the room, I see ve
Carving/Painting Contest. Come on down Saturday, Oct. 19. over age fty can sign up for courses
including ukulele, world history, water- SEE KOVACH PAGE 10
to the Bedford Hills Train Station on Sat- e Bedford Audubon Society is holding color painting, lm and literature. e
fall session also o ers Cole Porter’s Life
urday, Oct. 26, from 4-8 p.m. where kids can a fun party “Burritos for Barn Owls” at the and Music, e Golden Age of Rock ‘n
Roll and Bad Girls of the Bible.
safely trick-or-treat from decorated vehicles Bedford Truck Restaurant on Monday, Oct.

in the closed parking lot. e event will also 7 from 6-8 p.m., sounds like a good time as

feature a Pumpkin Carving Contest with long the burritos aren’t made from the bird

prizes for painted pumpkins for kids age 9 there are honoring.

and under and carved pumpkins for 10 and On ursday, Oct. 17, “Share Katonah”

up. Carved pumpkins for the contest need to invites you to share what you love about

be dropped o by 3 p.m. For more informa- Katonah with your friends outside of town.

tion and to register for the contest contact Local businesses will be o ering special dis-

Tina Weiss at [email protected] counts, great food, and giveaways when you

Our friends at the Paramount Hudson invite a friend to spend the day with you in

Valley eatre in Peekskill present “Presley, Katonah, Share the Fun, Share the Love,

Perkins, Lewis & Cash” on Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. Share Katonah!

e group pays tribute to and celebrates the My buddy Doug McLaughlin asked me

legendary Sun Records recording artists El- to remind everyone to support our three

vis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis & wonderful libraries that serve the town of

Johnny Cash. From “Blue Suede Shoes”and Bedford, we are very fortunate to have these

“Hound Dog” to “Great Balls of Fire” and outstanding institutions available for all of

“Walk the Line” the show energizes and ex- us to use and enjoy.

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER 2 Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
JODI WEINBERGER, EDITOR TRACKS and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, PRODUCTION MANAGER of Katonah-Lewisboro Times or its affiliates. Submissions must include a
BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S phone number and address for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will
Editorial Office: (914) 302-5830 SOMERS, NY 10589 necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or
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Support for Don Scott Support for Kitley Covill a county ban happen. And it did! FROM PAGE 8
Kitley took the lead on passing a law
To the editor: To the editor: that will eliminate the use and sale of adult students who have taken my writing
As someone who has had an op- I rst met Kitley Covill when she was Styrofoam take-out food containers classes before at other locations. at immedi-
in Westchester County. In addition, ately adds a level of comfort. eir enthusiasm is
portunity to work with Don Scott campaigning in Lewisboro for the 2017 Kitley and her BOL colleagues have soon broadcast around the room.
over the years, I am writing to ask you Election. She attended a community also been working on a comprehen-
to join me in supporting him for re- meeting where I gave a presentation on sive plastic bag law for the county. As my new students introduce themselves,
election to the Bedford Town Board. the harmful e ects of single-use plas- I was convinced that Kitley was not I meet artists, attorneys, dentists, architects,
When Don nished his term on the tic bags and expanded polystyrene just a politician who pays lip service engineers and teachers. Lots of retired teachers
Katonah Lewisboro School board, we (Styrofoam) on the environment. I to environmental issues. Kitley gets with a zest for learning and new experiences.
asked him to consider running for a spoke that day about the e ects on it done! She has also adopted energy
position on the Katonah Board of Fire marine life and human beings who benchmarking policy and procedures e active participation in intentional learning
Commissioners. We have always had a consume the sh who consume the that will allow the county to track experiences keeps minds sharp and personalities
tradition in Katonah of trying to have tiny particles of plastic which never energy use and e ciency in county engaged. Keep learning and trying new experi-
a Commissioner who does not come biodegrade in the oceans. Flooding buildings. Kitley, along with others ences – there is no age limit!
from a re ghter background. We caused by clogged storm drains, glob- on the BOL, authorized the county
were glad he ran for a position on our al warming and giant carbon foot- to sue the manufacturers and users of Kim Kovach also works with high school seniors
Board. print to make this stu was also on in writing their college application essays,
my list of serious concerns. My goal re ghting foam to pay for damages from brainstorming ideas to editing drafts and
Don was a valuable addition to our was to gain local resident’s support related to the clean-up of Poly lluor- making sure their personality shines through on
Board giving us the unique perspective for a local ban on single use plastic alkyl substances (PFAS) left behind the page. Need a writing coach? Please contact
of someone outside the “ re house” bags and EPS in Lewisboro. At the at the County Airport.
bubble. He also helped us sharpen our end of the meeting, she handed me
pencil during budget time working her card and said she was very inter- But the list doesn’t end here. She Letters and Op-Ed Policy
with us to craft responsible budget. ested in what I had discussed and has passed legislation to protect vic- Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions
that something like this needed to be tims of domestic violence, protec- may be edited. The views and opinions
I always have enjoyed participat- done at the County level. tion of animals from tethering in expressed in letters and op-eds are not
ing in the KVIS Town Forum, which yards during freezing temperatures, necessarily those of the Katonah-Lewisboro
Don emcees each year at the Library. I thought this was really exciting improvements to parks across the Times or its affiliates. Submissions must
He always makes sure everyone in the that a politician would take an in- county and criminal justice reforms include a phone number and address for
community has a chance to have their terest but I didn’t think it would go in Albany. verification. Not all letters and op-eds will
questions and concerns heard. He has anywhere. When Kitley was elected necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds
a soft touch delivered with good humor. to the County Legislature for Dis- It is clear that we have a legislator which cannot be verified or are anonymous
trict 2 and took o ce in 2018, she who cares and who gets the job done! will not be published. Please send your
We all bene t from the broad expe- almost immediately got in touch with Re-elect Kitley Covill. submissions to the editor by e-mail at [email protected]
rience and energy he brings to the job me about the Styrofoam and plastic For more information,
on the Town Board. He has earned our bag issue. Kitley had such a pointed Elizabeth Meyer-Gross call the editor at 914-302-5830.
continued support on November 5th. focus and sincere dedication to see
Hank Bergson


I’ve got a lot of ambition. That’s why



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Family & Neighborhood Events


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Admissions Open House: Oct. 26

Now accepting middle and upper school applications.

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Barn D

Alice White, 4

The Gerry family Maria and Gustavo Vega with
Santiago, 10, and Steven, 8

Nel Shapiro
with her son

Charlie, 1

The Valencia family

Prepare for musical vocal group
later, now.

Contact me for
life insurance.

Philip Eifert 9634126 playing an eclec�c mix of favorites, old and new Ruby Garten
200 Katonah Avenue [email protected] 914-248-5135
Katonah, NY
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harmony to your next event!
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Dance John Jay Homestead’s 22nd annual Barn
Dance was on Sept. 14. e event featured
pig races, a pizza truck, music from local
bands and a camp re. e event was a
fundraiser for the Friends of John Jay
Homestead, which supports educational
programs at the Homestead.

Jane Mast,
5, and

her sister
Florence, 3

Eric and Lauren Hayduk and Adam Reuben

Franny The Lopez family Merina
O’Brien, Meineck,
her sister 12, and
Lila, 14 2 Tahlia
Koenig, 12

n, 9, Gracie Eleck, 9 and Clio Slocum, 9 WWhahtaist itshethmeomstocsotmcmomonmon !
myoisummsaeinseam?gtahenadatcygooenuddistcieooenn?dthitaiot n
TThheeItIctchhy yDoDgo!g!
Join us for a Shrub Oak ProfePslesaiosnea JloSinp Ueas ker Series Presentation:
RETSv EVhTavPeihanalWndtueTolIieiovnu mapiIfhedsaToTmaapoot:ruvaepuppmietf8ca rSeneoiTaoepeaadloSnrpsloyalaeu nasr EoonrtanrhT3wenevnnc s. [email protected] ea tushlu usf1o1ahup ak SrIdrocbn7sn5towosmaSoirep1hoSnhpiltf8jaStr:plcsdoToh pnlPooOyre S0pror sciauyrcnhronteaat cuelhbuynu oooeee0aSra,eoisuabcb aytnQs etl fmCbkos eak h SCOdaoloe7OoSogatre&hneofnya r:i rothsoahsIarf0eOlr cAlrcfyet2iniSao rkevusete0kS, eie etit tg e 2aftbatI e d8rlhaCOl.lhodo nytotieesoed re,,dsJ hoeOtrsc fdk:eid Mretro beNi itN2f 3itsaacsP8lausgn wrows,adocpPnlw i0k:let 0dulMbNlerh 3ieaenPea [email protected] utor iiu grhtredoprkio9 ouitoUhsttop aaoen2ooshirg2hrcncre hf .f.enertsor•oe2emas aatng2sema oanSevtnpLna,slStma7a l ppd ta.,esnaasSSns2pll a nup tei–.ykdcd lsh0osw72ad9Ll aheccposia4e1ianv8Syohti1l,hoo0ndoona7k9eyaienN:togc o4ccceclh lal1 3n e hlcYyl o,-ieehNi c oh n8vaQ0N9rw.addhgenaoio&8iaYpivileia lllsActilo 5 uodl tdm caNie ounla-fsullonal0ct rolgsdieNsl 1nu aesgw1dgeileileco xslda7 3ls9
3151Sh Srtuobn eOya Skt Irneteetr,n [email protected] Snc Lhaokoel, NY Light refWirnefeos rhhmmoNapOlee r neTytcoEseup:w 4Tcoialhnlni b stjoeop imnsr oeeuegrstvr taefhomder .stip•hseeOap kfnuuesrrllesi t paleyrnocdign horfaitolhmdrem rcw aaah:rtieiecohnnw daweilelli.lslb . ie n cplurdoev iadne d.
PPrrooggrreesDssr.siAvinevdreAewnAiFnmriisamhml aHanlosHpoistaplital RSVP to [email protected]
or call (914) 885-0110, ext. 739 for more informa7on.
149 Route9D210r.24A&-n2Ldov4reel8l wS-t.6FSor2mise2rhs0,mNYa1n0589
149!rs, NY 10589 Top area neuropsLiyghcth reofreloshgmeisnttss w ildl bee dseircvead,t aendd o ntsoite cehivlda calrue awi4ll bneg pr oivnideddi. viduals with
Note: This program is purely informa7onal.
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Coping with dyscalculia

Dear Dr. Linda, college and transfer into the STRONG If you would like to have Americans with Disabilities
I’m a proud history teacher four-year college. I don’t want LEARNING Parker reevaluated to see if he Act (ADA) for accommoda-
him to do that because his might have a math disorder, tions available for students and
for over 20 years now, and our verbal score is in the high 600s. DR. LINDA you need to nd a quali ed beyond with dyscalculia.
son Parker, an 11th grader, I appreciate any suggestions. SILBERT person who can do an ability
inherited my love of history test and math achievement Where there’s a will—and
and looks forward to majoring Mike Counting money? Telling time tests. If they are quali ed, appropriate information—
in history in college. However, Dear Mike, on an analog clock? they will know what to do. there’s a way to overcome any
and that’s a big however, he Talk to your son’s counselor obstacle.
has to go to college to become It seems as if you and your If this proves to be the case, at school and see what test-
a teacher. e problem we’re son could have dyscalculia, also your son may be eligible for ing can be done at school. It Dr. Linda
encountering is his math referred to as a math disorder. accommodations on the SATs. certainly is not too late. Most
scores. ey’re dreadful, just children who are diagnosed Dr. Linda Silbert is the author
like mine were. ey bring his ink about these questions: e accommodations would with dyscalculia are usually of “Why Bad Grades Happen to
GPA down and ruin his SAT • Did Parker use his ngers probably be extra time. But if he past third grade. Many are rst Good Kids” and “Building Strong
score. Over the years, his teach- to help him with math, way is diagnosed with dyscalculia, diagnosed in middle school. Students.” Submit questions
ers have told us that he rushes beyond third grade? extra time may not raise his And the SATs he’ll take aren’t using the contact form at www.
or he’s careless. We had him • Did Parker have trouble score that much. However, the until spring.
tested in elementary school for recalling basic math facts? colleges would be aware of his
dyscalculia and we were told • Does Parker have trouble diagnoses. During the applica- Similar to the reading disor-
that he does not have it. e sequencing numbers? tion process, you would be able der dyslexia, dyscalculia
bottom line is that math is go- • Does Parker have di culty to discuss the issue with the involves a dysfunc-
ing to keep him from achieving counting backwards? college. For example, I worked tion in the brain and
his goal unless he does what • Does Parker have trouble with a student years ago who there is no magic pill
I did and that was to ignore copying shapes or drawing them had dyscalculia and the college to take it away. Will
the SATs, go to a community from memory? allowed him to take a computer he outgrow it? Prob-
• Did or does Parker have course in place of the required ably not, but he will
trouble with right and left? math course. acquire strategies
to compensate. For
Prime 957 Steakhouse e rst thing you need to example, if he does
do is to have him reevaluated. have dyscalculia,
AMERICAN KITCHEN AND BAR When he was tested in elemen- and is classi ed
tary school, there wasn’t much and receives an
known about dyscalculia. In I.E.P., he may
fact, the research is still ongo- be allowed to use
ing. Most people, including a calculator when
many teachers, still don’t know others are not during
the word “dyscalculia,” much school and the SATs.
less what it is. Many, unfortu- If he is diagnosed with
nately, still look at children who dyscalculia, remember
are su ering with this learning to also apply for ac-
disorder as if they’re lazy. commodations on the
ACTs as well. Research the

Bringing you the
best quality in

Steak, Seafood
& Salads

BRUNCH 11:30am–3pm

2 Hour BOTTOMLESS Mimosa & Bloody Mary's


*Not available Saturdays & Holidays

Wed. All Night Long • Thurs. & Fri. 4–7pm
All Day Sunday

$5 Beer • $5 Well Drinks • $2 Off Wine & Cocktails
$5 Bar Bites (Bar Side Only)

Lobster Roll $14 • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $10 • Deviled Eggs $7
Wings $10 • Filet Tips $8 • Sliders $8 • Poutine $7
Pork Belly w/ Maple Syrup $7 • Fried Oysters $8

All Desserts Made In-House

Domestic Alcohol served • Made in the USA

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More details requested in Mercedes Benz application

BY HELU WANG the necessity of the after-hour A rendering of the proposed expansion to Mercedes Benz
STAFF WRITER lighting and expressed concern
about potential light pollution. PLANNING BOARD sessment Form declaring that the equipment will be built inside.
To mitigate impact on the She said she won’t be able to vote However, board member Greg
neighborhood, Mercedes Benz of unless there is a serious mitigation Earlier in the month, the Lew- project would cause no adverse ef-
Goldens Bridge revised its expan- of lights. She suggested the busi- LaSorsa, who visited in the after-
sion proposal for the Lewisboro ness make some concessions so isboro Planning Board adjourned fects on the environment in July, noon, said he heard “a lot”of noise
Zoning Board of Appeals meeting the town and residents can get on and doesn’t like the look of the
on Sept. 25. However, the plan was board with the application. further discussion about an ex- dozens of verbal and written com- stackers.
still unsatisfactory to nearby resi-
dents,who reiterated their concerns “Based on what you’ve shown pansion proposed by Mercedes ments were submitted. e major To get a better idea about what
about noise, lighting and safety. us and the changes you presented, the stackers would be like, the
I think it’s a much more attractive Benz until more supporting docu- concern is about potential noise board members asked the busi-
Compared to its previous appli- project than what exists there now, ness to provide more information,
cation with more than 20 varianc- which is a total eyesore,” Man- ments are turned in. caused by vehicle stackers near including concept and capacity of
es, Mercedes Benz representatives delker said. stackers, and minimum require-
said the revised plan proposed less e proposal, a 41,200-square- residential properties, which is ments of the corporate so the
intensive variances. e business Sandra Troiani, a neighbor of board can review the case again at
proposed to reduce the number of the dealership, reiterated her con- foot expansion with a showroom planned for external parking lots. its Nov. 19 meeting.
parking spaces and lighting nearby cerns about the scale of the expan-
residential properties. sion and potential impact on her and a service building, has raised To identify areas of concerns, Meanwhile, the board leaves
quality of life. Four other neigh- the public hearing open while
Project engineer Steven Spina bors complained about ongoing concerns about noise, visibility the board members visited a deal- waiting for updates from other
said the parking lot is only used noise and tra c issues. agencies such as Department of
for inventory storage and em- and lighting over the past months. ership site in New Rochelle on Environmental Protection, De-
ployee parking while the appli- Mercedes Benz attorney Mi- partment of Transportation, and
cant removed previously proposed chael Sirignano asked the Zoning Established 50 years ago, the Sept. 14 where identical stackers most importantly, the Lewisboro
lights. Additionally, the amended Board to close the public hearing Zoning Board of Appeals.
proposal looks to add more land- and move the application forward. business plans to renovate its facil- are used outdoors.
scaping screening to shield the
view from neighboring residential “We’re not here asking for vari- ity to accommodate the demand of Janet Andersen, chair of the
properties. ances about noise and use.All of our
uses are permitted as a general busi- customers while complying with board, said she didn’t hear “signi -
“We thought it’s a good im- ness zone,” Sirignano said. “ ere
provement to move potential vi- are residential properties surround- design requirements imposed by cant”noise on the site and the ma-
sual and noise impact further from ing us, but we’ve made every pos-
residential homes,” Spina said. sible e ort to mitigate the impact.” Mercedes Benz USA on all of its jor noise is hum from motor and

At the Sept. 25 meeting, resi- Board member omas Casper dealerships across the country. clank from stackers. But it might
dents and zoning board members’ said the board is still waiting for
concerns focused on inside lighting, the business to submit the de- Planning board member Je- not be an appropriate compari-
equipment noise and tra c safety. sign requirements from Mercedes
Benz USA. rome Kerner said the board looks son to the case in Goldens Bridge
Although Mercedes plans to re-
duce light illumination inside the e board is expected to vote at to nd a line between liability of because the 20-year-old stackers
building, zoning board member the next meeting on Oct. 30 after
Carolyn Mandelker questioned the business submits the corporate business and impact on the com- are outdoors while the proposed
design guidelines and lighting plan.

“We’re trying to nd out what

are the minimum requirements

WHY DO WEthe Mercedes Benz has and to re-

duce the impact on the neighbor-

hood,” Kerner said.

ADVERTISEWhile the Planning Board has

approved an Environmental As-





What steps have you taken to protect your Advertising in Halston
life savings from the cost of long term care? Media is being part of a
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• Guardianships
(Contested/Non-Contested) Contact ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ. Dr. Deborah Hardy
Student Support and Educational Consultant
• Wills, Trusts & Estates Managing Member
Fluent in Italian GuidED Consulting, LLC
914.948.1500 CALL BRETT FREEMAN AT (845) 208-8151



Multi-chamber marketing
workshop set for Oct. 10 and 11

Internationally-renowned speaker will share his
expertise during entertaining 90-minute talk

Four area chambers of com- ed by Halston Media, the parent ness owners and marketing
merce are sponsoring a marketing company of this newspaper, will
workshop for the local business be held at two times to accom- professionals. It will be held
community on Oct. 10 and 11. modate the busy schedules of
small- and medium-sized busi- from noon to 1:30 p.m.
e workshop, which is host-
on ursday, Oct. 10, and

from 8:30 to 10 a.m. on

Friday, Oct. 11. ere will

27th Annual Parade of Homes Oct 10-13 be a lunch served on urs- Mike Blinder will lead an entertaining 90-minute talk about marketing.
day and a breakfast served
Corollato Nags Head
Tickets $10. on Friday, and there will be Marketing workshop
ample time for professionals
Good for All 4 Days to network before and after • Noon to 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10

TOUR 17 Select the event. • 8:30 to 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 11
Outer Banks e chambers of com- • Somers Community Center, 34 Hillandale Road, Yorktown Heights

merce that are sponsoring

this event are: the Greater

Mahopac-Carmel Cham-

Preview: ber of Commerce, the Somers Blinder held a full-time job as a and how to de ne them

Chambers of Commerce, the DJ in Washington, DC, becom- • WHY “niche marketing” is

Yorktown Chamber of Com- ing a station manager within essential to maximize ROI

merce and the Katonah Cham- ve years. From radio, Blinder • WHAT media o ers the

ber of Commerce. e event will moved to TV, and eventually best targeting solutions

be held at e Somers Commu- print, starting one of the rst • WHERE to place your ad-

nity Center at  Crystal Hall,  34 digital newspapers in the United vertising cost e ectively

Hillandale Road, in Yorktown States, where he was nominated • HOW to craft the most ef-

Heights.  by the Newspaper Association of fective ad messages for best re-

e event will be led by in- America as a “Digital Pioneer.” sults

ternationally renowned speaker Today Blinder owns one of the

Mike Blinder. While attending IN JUST 90 MINUTES, LEARN: world’s most respected media

George Washington University, • WHO is your customer base consulting rms, with over 350

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Special teams Joseph
pile on in McCormick runs

49-17 victory a fumble back
to Panas 10-
John Jay improves to yard line.
4-0; Lakeland up next


Led by an explosive o ense Jack O’Reilly (33) makes a tackle. with 10:55 left in the half. Max Miraglia turns the corner. PHOTOS: RICH MONETTI
and a stout defense, the unde- Panas didn’t seem to have an
feated John Jay football team had But Panas did have some ght. maining. But Miraglia was deter- lead. Miraglia’s third touchdown
enjoyed three blowouts coming Quarterback Mark Perez hit answer. But an unsportsmanlike mined to not let the momentum came on another blocked punt in
into last Friday night’s game at Robert Ennis on a cut across the conduct penalty on third-and-15 shift any further. the third, and John Jay could look
Walter Panas. middle, and the Indians were left kept the drive alive, and James ahead to Lakeland.
chasing on a 58-yard touchdown Duren took advantage with a 40- “I was hoping they didn’t on-
But football is a three-dimen- play. yard run to the 10. side kick, because I really wanted “Every game is the biggest
sional game, and Head Coach the ball,” he said. game of the year,” concluded
Jimmy Clark geared his lesson Undeterred, John Jay answered Still, the scamper appeared Clark. “ at’s our approach.”
plan as such. back with an 81-touchdown run to be for naught when Grady Miraglia got his wish and took
by Miraglia. But holding nulli- Halaifonua stepped in for an in- the kicko 80 yards for a 35-10
“We put emphasis on special terception. But the Indians were
teams” leading up to the game, ed the play, and Panas had their
said Clark. e kicking and re- rst stop. agged for roughing the passer.
turn teams were responsible for Will Stein made sure the mo- “Everything is a learning expe-
three touchdowns in the 49-17 mentum swung back with a big rience, but we have to maintain
rout on Sept. 27. sack, and his quarterback made discipline,” Clark asserted.
the most it the other way. On Panas was still forced to settle
e coming-out party took a the changeover, Mercer broke for a 22-yard Michael Ronga
back seat to the defense on the through the line and took the eld goal with eight minutes re-
opening sequence, however. Jon daylight 82 yards for a 28-7 lead
Connelly smothered a fumble on
the second play from scrimmage,
which cued up another Luke
Mercer/Max Miraglia score. is
time, the QB/WR tandem con-
nected for a 25-yard touchdown
with 11:07 to go in the rst quar-

Panas brought out the punt
team after another quick defen-
sive stop. Miraglia broke through
the line, made the block, scooped
up the ball, and ran it in for a

e ensuing kicko screamed
o Panas’ upback and the Indi-
ans’ Joseph McCormick picked it
out of the air, returning it to the
Panas 10-yard line. Mercer was
soon running untouched into the
end zone for another John Jay


Indians top Yorktown,VARSITY SPORTS ROUNDUP (9/23-9/30) force OT with Byram Hills

Volleyball team wins three games, takes down Huskers in ve


Girls Soccer (6-3)

JOHN JAY 3, YORKTOWN 1 Defender John JOHN JAY 3, BREWSTER 0 John Jay’s
Tuesday, Sept. 24 Lauren Munoz McMahon Wednesday, Sept. 25 Annabel
John Jay’s girls soccer team took keeps her heads the John Jay cruised past visiting Brennan
eye on the ball toward
a 2-1 halftime lead and defeated ball against the goal on a Brewster 3-0 (25-6, 25-18, 25-11) looks to clear
host Yorktown 3-1 on Sept. 24. Yorktown. the next day. the ball vs.
corner. Lakeland.
Charlotte Wilmoth tallied 2 Tuesday, Sept. 24 Allie Driesen recorded 23 ser-
goals for John Jay while Katie John Jay trailed just 4-2 in the pressure on the opposing goalie. vice points, including 9 aces. Ma- John McMahon and
LaBriola got John Jay o to the rst half but visiting Lakeland, We need to continue working on digan Flynn registered 7 kills and Josue Giron celebrate
1-0 lead in the rst half. the defending Section 1 Class B solidifying our defensive presence Garcia had 5 kills. with Cole Ferguson after
champion, was able to pull away on the eld. However, this win felt his first-half goal against
“Against Yorktown I feel we for a 7-2 victory on Sept. 24. really good.” JOHN JAY 3, YORKTOWN 2 Ketcham on Sept. 19.
got sucked into a physical battle Ella Blum scored both goals for Friday, Sept. 27
of a game rather than focusing Jay. Samantha Spieler had a busy Melina O’Connor dished out In a ve-set back-and-forth PHOTOS: ROB DIANTONIO
on moving the ball,” said John Jay day in net and made 18 saves. an assist. Ashleigh Brennan made
coach Dave Nuttall. “We should JOHN JAY 4, BREWSTER 1 4 saves. thriller, John Jay defeated host scored the game winner on a pen-
have created many more oppor- Yorktown 3-2 (25-13, 23-25, 25- alty kick in the second overtime to
tunities in that game if we had ursday, Sept. 26 Volleyball (8-1) 22, 18-25, 25-12) on Sept. 27. hand John Jay a crushing 2-1 loss
played smarter.” Blum and Annabel Brennan on Sept. 23.
scored 2 goals each as the Indians JOHN JAY 3, PELHAM 0 Preis tallied 18 kills and 6 aces.
JOHN JAY 3, BREWSTER 0 got back on track with a 4-1 win Tuesday, Sept. 24 Kira McMann notched 12 kills Cole Ferguson put the Indians
ursday, Sept. 26 over visiting Brewster on Sept. 26. Since a loss to Hendrick Hud- and 2 blocks. up 1-0 with a goal in the rst half.
e Indians cruised past vis- “We took advantage of our of- Owen Rabii made 9 saves in net.
fensive corners and Ella Blum son, the Indians have been on a Boys Soccer (4-4) JOHN JAY 4, BREWSTER 0
iting Brewster 3-0 on Sept. 26 had a beautiful reverse sweep that roll and that continued last week
behind two goals from Brynn found the back of the cage,” said with three wins. John Jay defeated LAKELAND 2, JOHN JAY 1 OT Wednesday, Sept. 25
DiGuglielmo. John Jay coach Debbi Walsh.“We host Pelham in straight sets, 25- Monday, Sept. 23
are starting to connect our passes 18, 25-17, 25-7, on Sept. 24. Lakeland’s Bryan Jaramillo Swim and Dive
“Brynn has been doing excel- and have been able to put more (Girls) (4-2)
lent with multiple aspects of her Lily Preis led the way with 10
game,” Nuttall said. “She is caus- kills and 11 digs for the Indians. JOHN JAY/NORTH SALEM 91
ing problems for defenders with Bella Garcia had 4 kills while Ari- URSULINE 79
her dribbling, delivering excellent ana Rugova had 3 aces.
crosses and she is staying com- Monday, Sept. 23 (@ College of
posed in front of goal which is New Rochelle)
helping her score. Her movement JOHN JAY/NORTH SALEM 97
and decision making o the ball SCARSDALE 84
has also been great.”
Wednesday, Sept. 25 (@ Westches-
Mia DiChiara netted one goal ter Community College)
while Kaitlyn Weis notched an as-
sist. Caroline Ettlinger made four
saves in net for the shutout.


Saturday, Sept. 28
John Jay rallied from a 3-0 half-
time de cit to force overtime, but
fell 4-3 to visiting Byram Hills on
Sept. 28. e Bobcats scored the
decisive goal in the rst overtime.
“ e key to the comeback was
just our work rate and expecta-
tions,” Nuttall said. “We know we
did not play our best in the rst
half which put us in a tough situa-
tion at halftime. I said to the girls,
‘We put ourselves in this situation
and now we have no option but
to get out of it.’ And that was the
expectation for the second half, to
bring the game back. We knew
we could play better and create
chances and we had to go for it.”
DiGuglielmo was at it again,
leading the Indians with two
goals. DiChiara also scored.

Field Hockey (3-3-2)



John Jay divers set sights on states


e John Jay/North Salem swim Ines Nix
prepares for
and dive team has jumped out to a dive against
a 4-2 record thanks in part to a White Plains
dominating trio of sophomore div- on Sept. 19.

ers who have earned three times

more points than their opponents.

Because many Section 1 com-

petitors lack a robust diving squad,

their strong performances some-

times mean the di erence between

a win and loss for the Indians.

In a Sept. 19 meet at White Madison Geary Lauren
Plains, for example, the John Jay dives against DeLucia
divers outscored the Tigers by 6 White Plains on
points in a 94-90 win. Sept. 19.

In fact, Lauren DeLucia, Madi-
son Geary and Ines Nix have out-

scored the competition in every PHOTOS: BRIAN
meet so far this season, earning 57 MARSCHHAUSER
total points to their opponents’16.

How have you improved as a

diver this o -season? at Duke University. While at meets. At this past meet, I compet-

Lauren DeLucia: For me, div- Duke, I learned a few new dives, ed with four of my more compli-

ing is year-round. I’m either div- improved my form and worked on cated dives that I didn’t necessarily

ing for high school or for my USA some basics. is prepared me for want to do in front of the judges,

team. When high school ends, I the varsity season by increasing the but it ended up paying o and im-

make sure to work hard during my degree of di culty on some of my proved my overall score.

USA practices and learn new dives dives and making my dives cleaner What makes your trio of divers

to compete for next year’s high all around. special? Do you work out togeth-

school season. Ines Nix: is season I have er? Learn from each other?

Madison Geary: During the worked a lot on getting out of my DeLucia: What makes us spe- since we were very young and SEE DIVERS PAGE 20

o -season, I attended a dive camp comfort zone with my dives at cial is that we all have been diving not only do we dive for the same

We’ll take care of your back. Find a physician today.
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your daily run with friends.
Our Orthopedic and Spine Institute is comprised of
board-certi ed orthopedic surgeons and a support
team of multidisciplinary caregivers.
Helping you live your life to the fullest.

400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549


DIVERS I work harder and harder to reach them. All BRIEFS
three of us have yet to make states but each
FROM PAGE 19 year we work harder to get where we need John Jay 3 p.m.—JV boys soccer vs.
to be. Homecoming Somers
high school, we all belong to the same club
team. We inspire and challenge each other Geary: My aspirations for this season is 3 p.m.—Boys soccer vs.
to try new things and we thrive o of the to make states. Hopefully, all three of us get
friendly competition we give each other. this opportunity. Even if just one of us were Homecoming weekend will Somers
to make it, we would all to the competition
Geary: We are all very close friends and to show our support! be held at John Jay High School 6:30 p.m.—Football vs. Bea-
have been for a long time—even before we
were on the high school team. We all dive at Nix: is season, our biggest goal as a the weekend of Oct. 11-12. con (Homecoming parade at
the same club team (Whirlwind Diving in team is to qualify for state championships.
New Cannan, Conn.), so we support each I remember our rst year we were so ex- In addition to a full slate of halftime)
other all year long. e John Jay swim and cited because we thought it would be easy.
dive team does not have a dedicated dive We were sadly mistaken, but now we have games, there will be food on Free Baseball Clinic
coach, so we all coach each other. We en- worked hard to learn more advanced and Saturday, an alumni military
courage each other and correct each other’s higher-scoring dives in order to achieve our
mistakes. goal. Individually, I hope to continue my recognition ceremony before with Former Pros
diving career into college and compete at the football game, a homecom-
Nix: I think that what makes our trio of the NCAA level.
divers special is that we have all been div- ing parade, and live music on the A free baseball clinic with for-
ing together since we were very young. What do you need to do in order to
Maddie and I met in fth grade at our club reach that goal? high school lawn from 2 to 4:30 mer professional players will be
diving team but the trio o cially began in
eighth grade. at year, we started our var- DeLucia: I need to put 110 percent into p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. held from 9 a.m. to noon Sat-
sity season as the only divers in all the high my practices, stay focused, and learn new
school. is really helped us connect; being dives with higher di culty to score more Homecoming is co-sponsored urday, Oct. 26, at the Carmel
so young and experiencing it all for the rst points when it matters most.
time together. I remember our rst pre- by ArtsAlive and the John Jay Sports Club, 111 Old Route 6,
season practice; we were so excited to be on Geary: We need to reach a total score of
the varsity team. Since there was no coach 440 points. Last year, I got very close to the Boosters Club. Carmel.
watching us, we all helped each other out, 400 mark. In order to get to 440, I need to
took videos of one another’s dives, inspired work on increasing the degree of di culty e clinic, intended for kids
one another to try new dives, and cheered on my dives and focus on high-scoring con-
each other on. sistency with the dives I am best at. Diving FRIDAY, OCT. 11 aged 6-16, is being presented
is a very challenging sport mentally. Keep-
What are your aspirations, both indi- ing calm and focused during competition is 4:30 p.m.—JV volleyball vs. by Family & Children’s Aid
vidually and as a team? key.
John Jay (East Fishkill) (
DeLucia: My aspirations personally are Nix: I need to continue to push myself at
to make the state championships and dive practice and at meets to make myself stron- 6 p.m.—Volleyball vs. John Up to eight former MLB
in college. ese goals are big, but each year ger. More importantly, I need my team there
with me to encourage me to keep on going. Jay (East Fishkill) baseball players will teach kids

baseball and life skills.

SATURDAY, OCT. 12 Some of the players scheduled

11 a.m.—Girls soccer vs. Yor- to appear are: John Doherty,

ktown Fred Cambria, Frank Eufemia,

11 a.m.—Girls tennis vs. Luis Lopez, Mike Porzio, Don-

Somers ovan Mitchell and Damien My-

1 p.m.—JV girls soccer vs. ers.

Yorktown For more information, call

1 p.m.—Field hockey vs. 203-205-2633 or email [email protected]

Hendrick Hudson
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Norm Ave., Mt. Kisco
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Chamber of Commerce



Senior quarterback a star in football, lacrosse

BY ROB DIANTONIO Colorado, because of the views


What is your favorite food to

John Jay senior Luke Mercer eat before or after a game?

is the starting quarterback on the Plain bagel with butter.

varsity football team. e Indians Best place to eat in Katonah-

are o to a 4-0 start after win- Lewisboro?

ning the Class A section title last Empire Bagels.

season. Mercer also plays for the For a young athlete grow-

two-time defending Section 1 ing up in Katonah-Lewisboro,

Class B champion lacrosse team what would you tell them about

and is committed to Penn State. the experience of being part

How old were you when you of the football program and

started playing football and why should they go out for the

how did you get started? team?

I started playing football in the Playing high school football

third grade. Had been playing was easily one of the best choices

ag before so it was a clear choice I’ve ever made. ere’s no other

for me. feeling like playing on Friday

What are the team’s goals for night under the lights. Also, the

the rest of this season? friendships I’ve made through

Right now, our goal is to just football will last a lifetime. Luke Mercer heads for the end zone against Walter Panas on Sept. 27. PHOTO: RICH MONETTI
get better each practice and con-

tinue to grow as a team.

As a senior on the team, how

much do you value being a


is year we have a very young

team so in my opinion leadership

is a huge factor. If we want to go

far this year, we need everyone

to buy in and contribute to the


Who has been your biggest

role model over the years and

what have you learned from


As a kid, I looked up to Jack

Lambert (All-American defen-

semen in lacrosse, Class of 2013).

I would go to all his football and

lacrosse games. He helped me

learn the aspect of working hard.

Tell us one thing about

yourself that not a lot of people


I enjoy ice shing.

Will you continue to play Have your heating system checked now before the cold weather comes!
lacrosse or football in college?
If yes, where are you going and "Service was fast, courteous
why did you pick that school? and professional." Mark C

I will continue my athletic ca- In business for over 35 years!
reer at Penn State for lacrosse. I
loved the campus when I visited (845) 628-2580
and enjoy the coaching sta .
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and why? Oct. 31, 2019
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If you could have one super-
power, what would it be and
To y. Could go wherever you
If you could pick one place
to visit on vacation that you’ve
never been to, where would you
go and why?


CLUES ACROSS 29. Fencing swords 56. Produces 21. Loosely compacted For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Fertile desert spots 31. Oh, heavens! 60. Passage into a mine sediment
6. Married woman 33. Insensitive to changes in 61. __ and cheeses 23. Naturally occurring
9. Some animals travel in one price 62. Semitic fertility god protein
13. Fear 36. Hillsides 63. Dry or withered 25. Woman
14. Hawaiian island 38. Brew 64. Religious ceremony 26. Central Indian city
15. Fit to work 39. Gland secretion 65. __ Winger, actress 27. Volcanic craters
16. Electronic counter- 41. A typical example 66. German river 29.The largest existing
countermeasures 44. Get up 67. Midway between northeast land animals
17. Former Senator Specter 45.You put it on your pasta and east 30. Rumanian city
18. Cambodian currency 46. Expresses surprise 68.Take something or 32. Equal to 10 meters
19. Dave Matthews Band hit 48. News organization somebody somewhere 34. Historic Nevada city
21. Lists ingredients 49. Disorder of the lungs 35. A point of transition
22. Endangered antelope (abbr.) CLUES DOWN 37. Remove
23. Jerry’sTV partner 51. One millionth of a gram 1. Lyric poems 40. Overwatch character
24. Blue grass state 52. Some are of the “suit” 2. Genus of saltwater clams 42. Records electric
25. Obstruct variety 3. Ingroup currents linked to the
28. Luke’s mentor __-Wan 54. Group of organisms 4.Type of lounge chair heart
5. Memory card 43. Settles in calmly
6. Archipelago 47. Partner to his
7. Common Korean 49. Banking giant
surname 50. Slowly disappeared
8. It’s up there 52. End
9. Quantity that 53. Sword with a
helps to define v-shaped blade
10. First month of the 55. Fabric with smooth,
Jewish ecclesiastical shiny surface
year 56. Wild cherry tree
11. Metal-headed golf 57.Traditional Japanese socks
club 58. Make of your hard work
12. A shade of green 59. Stony waste matter
14. Begin 61. Woman (French)
17. A good thing to 65. Unit of loudness
20. Language spoken
in Laos

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

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APARPR Wallace is an outgoing,
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PUBLICITY WITH PERSONALITY had a rough start in life. He
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condition, but he’s all better
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